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(Established 184V.)
Published Evory Wednesday Morning
Ono Your .$1.00
Blx Months .55
Three Months.30
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
By Sloth, Sholor, Hughs & Shelor.
Communications or a personal
character charged for as advertise
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
and tributes of respect, either by
Individuals, lodges or churches, are
charged for as for advertisements at
rate of one cent a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will be marked "Adv." ill
conformity with Federal ruling on
such matters.
j The Story of j
I Our States I
j ^^^^^^^ ^^^^ j
' used by the Algonquins to deslg- J
\ nate the tribe living near Blue ,
* Hill in Milton, now a slate roser- J
; vatlon near Boston and the high- *
* est hill In the eastern part of the J
t state. This name was later ap- *
J plied to the great bay which 4
* Blue hill overlooks. It was from *
' this bay that the slate was t
* named. lu fuct, until 1082 the J
4 colony was called the Mussaehu- t
* setts Ray colony, and after that J
i the Province of Massachusetts *
{ Ray until the Revolution mude \
* lt a commonwealth, Even today *
t lt ls often called the Ray state. J
i lt was Capt. John Smith who *
* first made a map of the New t
*t * England coast and named the '
* Charles river lu honor of "Raby t
' Charles," who afterward became \
* King Charles I. Other captains j
, visited the coast from time to *
J time, but lt was not until the J
' fall of 1020 that the Mayflower *
J brought the tlrst permanent set- J
t tiers to the Massachusetts shore. *
*t The landing of the Pilgrims at J
4 Provincetown and Plymouth *
% three hundred years ago was re- t
* cent ly celebrated, Of the origi- *
4 nal one hundred passengers on t
* the Mayflower more than half J
t died during the tlrst winter. Rut *
J the sturdy survivors, with In- J
i domltable courage, soon became *
*. firmly established and from t
t their beginning, augmented by J
I the Puritan settlements of Salera ?
* and tin? towns around Boston, '
, grew the state of Massachusetts, '
* which now extends over 8,288 *
4 square miles. In proportion to t
* Ita area Massachusetts ls second J
t only to Rhode Island in popula- *
J Mon and has eighteen presiden- J
* tial electoral votes. This makes t
0 Massachusetts one of the six t
* in >st important slates from a po- *
0 lltlcal point of view. t
0 C? by Mi ' ? mro Newspaper Syndionte.) t
M. ii. McDonald, Esq., has a very,
interesting article ill this week's ls-1
sue. winch appears on tho second
page. Mr. McDonald shows some in
teresting features regarding our
county financial system, and he also
shows where, according to his view !
of the matter, where Mr. Shockley
was in error in paying off past in
debtedness willi the money he nor-'
rowed for curren'. I'.iji running ex
penses. This is as we thought it
would prove lo bo. The 1920 tax
money should have taken care of
the 1020 Indebtedness, and money
borrowed for ll>21 expenditure, and
for which I '.il! I taxes WOl'O pledged
as security, should have been loft
in hand for the purpose for which it
was borrowed. The question, there
fore, is. Why did Mr. Shockley pay
Miis old debt out of Iiis 1021 funds?
Mr. McDonald's letter also shows
another tiling that WO have been
desirous of bringing out that we
nocd a revision of our county gov
ernment system that will do away
willi this endless chain borrowing
and paying interest. Wo do not know
what stuns have annually been paid
fer yearly loans and short-term bor
rowings to meet tho demands of tho
operation of the county government.
It will amount, to somewhere In the
neighborhood of $ io,ooo a year,
however. We might say, for a safe
estimate, that $8,000 annually goos
out In the form or Interest on loans
negotiated for tho purpose of pay
ing cash when the county govorn
mont is on a credit basis. This has
boen going on for many years-cor
tainly for as long ns twenty yours.
In that time, thou, wo havo paid out,
basing calculations on an $8,000 in
terest bill oncb year at 8 por cent
tntorest, about $100,000, which is
amply sufficient to operate tho
county government for one full year
and leave a big balance on hand for
road-making and road-repairing.
There is a problem here that may
woll be given careful study, und that
is the devising of ways and means
to wipe out this expensive annual
borrowing by taking care of this old
debt bugaboo oithor through extra
levy of tax or by an issue of bonds,
if bonds can be issued to a sufficient
extent to cover it. The direct levy
would increase Ute taxes largely, it
is true; lt would doubtless provo a
hardship to most of us, but a God
send in the end. Tho bond Issue to
cover tho indebtedness would but
slightly increase our taxes, but would
materially reduce tho annual ex
pense by cutting the interest bill
very nearly in half. County bonds
can be sold, wo believe, with an in
terest rate far below eight per cent.
These are matters that may with
profil to all he given very careful
Mr. Shockley is not "too big for
his breeches." in thc generally ac
cepted moaning of the term, but If
our friend. Mr. McDonald, is cor
rect in his deductions, wo need to
send moro cloth to tho tailors the
next time we have a pair of breeches
made for him.
Mr. amt .Mrs. Holder Enjoyed Long
Visit to Xcw Mexico.
Dacoma, Okla., April IS, 1921.
Dear llomefolks and Friends:
How are all? We are both as well
as usual, and just back from New
Mexico. We drove through in our j
car and had a line trip. We left home,
on Thanksgiving Day and came hack ,
on the ?list of March. We spent tho
winter with our son, Hill Holder.
There aro six families we knew, and
we visited all of them while there.
New Mexico is certainly a fine coun
try for corn, wheat, beans, cattle,
hogs and horses. It will be fitier In
a few years when the homesteaders
get their lands improved.
Our son has ISO acres of line land, 1
with a nice six-room rock house. Our j
friends out there are all getting on j
nicely, especially for being in a new '
country. We had a fine trip and I
surely enjoyed ourselves. Every ono j
was so nice to us and seemed so glad
to see us. ;
We hope all of our relatives and
friends back In South Carolina are |
getting along nicely. We hope to see j
all our friends again some time. With '?
love and best wishes to all.
Very truly.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Holder.
Deputy Promoteil to Sheri IT.
Columbia, April 20.-Governor,
Cooper has appointed Joseph E. Wat-j
kins as sheriff of Cherokee county, ;
to succeed the late W.W. Thomas,:
who died several days ago after hav- j
lng served the county since its ere-j
?ition. Mr. Watkins was deputy sher
iff and was highly recommended to
the Governor by prominent officials
ind citizens.
The appointment ends the flood of
telegrams and letters coming in each
mail to tho Governor recommending
sortait) men. The three men under
consideration were Mr. Watkins and
Charles M. Robbs and J. R. Reason.
Qrove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores .
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching thc Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, see how
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Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
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pleasant even children like it. The blood
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Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening. Invigor
ating Effect. 60c.
Their Bill of Karo.
(Ilongton Cost.)
Tho little girl watched her mother
sprinkle her furs with naphtha pow
der and placo (hem away in safeay.
"What do you do that for,, mo
ther?" she asked.
"To kee]) the moths away, dear."
" Why?"
"Because moths oat clothes, dear."
"Were there moths in tho Carden
of Kdon whoa Adam lived there, mo
"Of course, dear."
"Well, what, did they oat?"
- -. .- ......
Colds Cause Grip and Influenza
cause. There ls only one "Bromo Qulolne." E.W.
GROVE'S signature on the box. 30c.
Liquid air, when pure, has a bluish
Oregon has re-established capital
punishment after having abolished
It for several years.
And Finance Questions-Statement
Throws Light on Situation.
Editor Keoweo Courior:
I have no porsonai desire to "ap
pear in print" at this time, but since
there has boen so much said and
written about tho financial condition
of Oconeo recently, and since I wu?
clerk to the Supervisor for six years
prior to the time Shockley took
charge, l bolieve l am in a position
to throw more light on Tho subject.
You and others .want to know tho
truth of the situation and thc per
son responsible, yet I doubt if any of
you thai have been writing so much,
save perhaps the Suporvisor, have
taken pains to examine tho record.
You do not do Oconeo county nor
the ox-Supervisor justice when yon
load tho public to beliovo that Shock
ley had to take all of his money that
tho Legislature appropriated and re
tire a debt of :m ex-Supervisor. Ho
d'.l nol have to take one penny ol'
his appropriation to pay back last
year's indebtedness. I'll tell you
why: This county is run just like
a landlord has to run a tenant that
has nothing. The tenant rents from
his landlord and goes in possession,
say. January I. Ile goes to his land
lord and tells him he has nothing to
run t/n and wants supplies. They
both go to a merchant and make a
contract with him to furnish Hie ten
ant in supplies, and as security tin1
merchant takes a mortgage lovel)
his crop. due. say, in tho fall or Jan
uary following. The tenant gathers
hhs crop ard sells it, pays his rent,
and what he has left pays oil' tho
A Supervisor goes Into office thc
first Tuesday in January. He goes
in, say, with a clean sheet, as Shock
ley did this time, which I will show
further on. When the Supervisor
goos In olTlce, on this second Tues
day, he finds no money on hand and
a lot of work tP do. Ile docs not!
know what he has or will have until
the Legislature meets and makes an
appropriation for him, Tho Legisla
treu does not meet until the second
Tuesday in January and does not
complete the Supervisor's appropri
ation until near the close of tho ses
sion-generally about March 1. Tho
mistake Mr. Shockley made was
spending over nineteen thousand
dollars in January and about ten
thousand dollars In February-bc-?
fore he had any to spend and before j
tho Legislature appropriated him i
any. The money he actually spent
in Jnnuary and February was not
really his to spend. It should have
boen lot alone so as to apply to thc
debts made hy Supervisor Foster In
1020, because the taxes that are paid
for the year 1020 belonged to thc
Supervisor for the year 1020, and
all that Shockley could have for 1021
was what the Legislature appropri
ated for him for the year 1921. In
other words, all Shockley has any
right to for 1021 ls what he Is en
titled to borrow in anticipation of
the collection of taxes next fall and
winter. If he is entitled to borrow
eighty-five thousand dollars now,
and his taxes this fall and winter
will amount to one hundred thous
and dollars, then he will have fifteen
thousand dollars available after the
faxes are paid.
Another mistake Mr. Shockley
made was to pay off the note of llfty
thousand dollars and interest at tho
time be did it. Of course, the note
fell due March 1st, but he should
have left it unpaid until the time
for paying taxes expires, which is
May 15th this year, because the taxes
for 10'JO lind been pledged to pay
that noto, and the taxes now being
paid in is tho security for that note.
Right here I shall explain how
Supervisor Foster gave Supervisor
Shockley a clean sheet. The total
amount of Income for the year 1 020,
when all the taxes shall havo boon
collected, including tho income from
tho poor farm, finos and forfeitures
and other sources, will not approxi
mately ninety thousand dollars.
What Foster spent in 1020 was the
amount he actually borrowed. He
borrowed seventy-five thousand dol
lars, and with this amount ho spent
seven thousatid dollars more. In
other words, his income for 1920 was
ninety thousand dollars, whllo ho
spent only eighty-two thousand dol
lars (in round numbers.) 'There
fore, If Mr. Shockley had let. the tax
money alone and had not spout any
of the 1920 taxes for his work, thore
would havo been enough of the taxes
when it ls all in. to pay off this oft
spoken-of fifty-two thousand dollars.
It has always hoon managed this
way, and will alway; be managod
this way in tho future unless this
county ls put on a c:i> i basis. This
answers all the questions regarding
the financial conditions of Oconeo
county: lt ls not run on a cash basis,
but ls run on a credit baili?. Even
tho State government in Columbia ls
run on a credit basis. The authori
ties In Columbia have lo go with hal
In hand to Now York, or elsewhere,
and borrow money to run on, and
pledge tnxes to pay lt \a the futuro.
Every year, In this county, the Su
pervlsor has to borrow money to rm
on, und to make the note, due tin
next spring, and pay lt off, includ
heavy interest, when all the taxe:
aro lu. Tho whole trouble lies in tin
fact that tho county is alwaws \\
debt. Money is borrowod, the taxe:
aro paid in, and then tho note i:
paid. When that is clone, tho sann
transaction ls repeated ovory year
When Mr. Shockley goes out of of
lice he will leave a noto to bo pah
by his successor, just like all tho Su
pervisors have been doing since th?
county was created in 1868.
No one doubts the fact that Mr
Shockley is trying to make a goo(
Supervisor, lie has done Qxcellonl
work and will still do excellent work
Ills only trouble lies Iii the fact thal
ho is ambitious to make good roadt
out of fourteen hundred miles ol
had roads without sufficient mone.v
to do it with. Mr. Shockley has al
ready spent $38,738.68 on roads and
bridges and chalti gang this year,
The Legislature appropriated forty
thousand dollars this year for roads,
bridges and chain gang, lt lakes
about twenty-five thousand dollars to
run the chain gang alone. That does
not leave much money for tho hun
dreds of bridges and other roads tho
chain gang cannot reach. Taxes are
higher this year than they were last
year. The present delegation raised
the levy two and one-half mills
higher than it was last year. When
it is all totalled up. Shockley will
have about fifty thousand dollars to
spend on roads, bridges and chain
gang for the year 1921. To do what
Mr. Shockley wants to do, and ought
to do, would take at least one hun
dred and fifty thousand dollars on
tho fourteen hundred milos of road
in Oconee county. The Legislature
makes the breeches for the Super
visor, and it is bis duty to wear
them-even though they be too small
and ugly. 1 don't blame Mr. Shock
ley for objecting to wearing the
breeches that have been made for
him, because he is a good-looking
man and a good Supervisor, and ho
wants to make a good appearance.
Tho situation, as I view it. can't
bc remedied this year. The money is
practically all gone.
M. R. McDonald.
Walhalla. April 2 0, 1921.
Renew your health
by purifying your
system with
Quick and delightful re
lief for biliousness, colds,
constipation, headaches,
and stomach, liver and
blood troubles.
The genuine are sold
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Avoid imitations.
Paper Won't Accept <'bange.
York. S. C., April 20.-Six ycart
ago, following a political fight, thc
name of this town, established in
1781), was changed from Yorkvillo tc
York. The Yorkvillo Enquirer, thc
county newspaper, opposed thc
change and refused to accept it. Thc
staff was given instructions to usc
"Yorkvillo" in the news columns ol
tho paper. As a result "Yorkville'
gets more publicity than "York."
The management of tao newspapei
also refuses to accept checks made
in favor of the "Yorkville Enquirer,"
as sometimes occurs.
The custom of having distinguish?
od men as pallbearers comes from
thc Homans. In the Latin, "pallium"
was a piece of cloth used to cover
tho shoulders. When a groat man
died his "pallium" was laid over his
body and held off the ground hy his
friends, or nobles who wished lo do
liiin posthumous honor.
Half Mad With 1
That flaming1, torturous itch tba
drives you to scratch yourself vtu
nnd bleeding ls generally caused b;
impuro, disordered blood. You cn:
relieve it thoroughly only
by getting the impurities
Enrich your blood and
keep it wholesome. Then
such troubles as aro duo
to it will leave you. For
tffls work famous old
In Columbia by Cutting Throat-Re
mains to Charleston for Ituriul.
s] Columbia, April 20.-William H
1 ! Roso, Sr., widely known business
*! man of Columbia, ended his lifo Mon?
??day by cutting bis throat with a ro
3 j zor. Ills body was found soon after
. : 7 o'clock by a member of tho tam
-; Hy. Mr. Hose was In poor hoaltb, and
I ! business depression is supposed to
- have Intensified his despondency. Tho
' remains wore taken lo-day to Ch?r
' lesion for interment.
. ! Mr. Rose was for a long limo 011
l gaged In cotton manufacturing, hav
t lng been one of the organizers of the
old Whaley mills. Ile lived in Oreen?
villo soveral years as an oillcial in
tho Tarkor Cotton Mills Company.
After tho death of Lewis W. Harker
and tho dissolution of the Harker in
terests he returned to Columbia. At
tho time of his death ho was a mem
ber of the brm of tho Hose-Sims
Waste Company. Ho was secretary
and treasurer of the Combnh.ee Com
' pally, of Wilmington, Del.
! Besides a son and daughter ho ls
. survived by ono brother, Alexander
j Hose, of Greenville, and another bro
ther here.
--* . #
A Rat That Didn't Smell After
Being Dead for Thrco Months
"I swear lt WOS(lend threemondis." writes Mr. J.
Sykes iN'. J.). "I ?nw this>ral every rl.iy: i>ut sonto
Rat-Snap behind :i barrel. Months afterwards, my
wife looked behind the barrel. There it was-dead."
Rat-Snap selb in three si/as for >5c. 65c. ?1.25.
Sold and guaranteed by
Barton's Drug Store,
Whitniiro-Morctt Ilarduaro Co.
O. (?. Thompson Writes of Trip.
lOditor Keoweo Courier:
Blouse allow mo space to make
brief mention of my visit to my bro
ther, Knight Thompson, near your
town, reference to which was made
by you in your issue of April 6th.
The former visit roferred to was
six years ago, at which time I found
my brother, with his good family, on
his farm (not a large one, but every
blt of it in good shape.) We found
things still that way, with barn, crib,
moat bouse and cellar well stored
with all sorts of supplies-corn,
provender, hams, potatoes, etc-and
his good wife still on duty at her
All of the children aro married,
and all but one living In a stono's
throw, so to speak, of the parents.
All are industrious and happy.
Not only were we happy to find
them in the enjoyment of all those
things that go to make up for com
fort and pleasure, as things go in
this life, but above all to find thom
with dutiful Christian children, and
all attednapts upon church and Sun
day school.
Knight was always a good boy.
Somehow he avoided the wild gaits
that some of us older ones had gone.
Ho never, in his boyhood, indulged
In drink or other vices of the grosser
sort. Ho and Mary came to see us
once, and we aro expecting them
again In thc summer.
O. G. Thompson.
Laurens, S. C., April ISlSi.
Piles Cured In 6 to 14 Days
Druggists refund money If PAZO OINTMENT falls
to cure Itching, Dlind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles.
Instantly relieves Itching Piles, and you caa get
restful bleep after the first auDllcatioa. Price COc.
Haskell Marett Hurl.
(Anderson Mail, April 20.)
A painful accident happened to
Haskell Marett, 15-year-old son of
B. J. Marett, of near Fair Blay, last
Friday. Tho Marott homo ls on tho
Knox Brldgo road at the concroto
spring. As young Marett was com
ing into the road at a small brldgo
noar the roadside, his automobile
ran into a ditch, turning lt complete
ly over and catching him under lt.
lt was foundt hat he was hurt in the
stomach and a vound Inflicted on
ono of his thighs. He was taken to
the Anderson Hospital and lils
wounds dressed. He was very pain
fully, but not seriously, hurt, and
his escape was rather miraculous.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
stops the Cough and Headache and works off the
Cold. E. W. GROVE'S signature on each box. 30c
The geographical mile is one and
one-fifteenth of a statute mlle.
Tho Tartars since ancient times
have prepared a beverage called kou
miss by fermenting mare's milk.
i Out Your Blood
S.8.S., tho vegetable blood remedy,
is excellent. Thousands hnve de
pended on it for half a century.
Your druggist will supply you
with S.S.S., and if you
will write UH a history of
you:? trouble, wo will givo
you export medical nd
vico fr.-e. Adrirc'tf Chief
Medical Adv ?soi-, 812
Swift Laboratory, At
lanta. Onorffin.
Suffer? Sd
Carani "Did
Wonders for Me,"
Declares This Lady.
"I suffered for a long
time with womanly weak
ness," says Mrs. J. R
Simpson, of 57 Spruce
St., Asheville, N. C. "I
finally got to the place
where it was an effort for
me to go. I would have
bcarlng-down pains In
my side and back - es
pecially severe across my
back, and down in my
side there was a great
deal of soreness. I was
nervous and easily tip
The Woman's Tonic
"I heard ot Cardul and
decided to use it," con
tinues Mrs. Simpson. "I
saw shortly lt was bene
fiting me, so I kept it up
and it did wonders for
me. And since then I
have been glad to praise
Cardul. It ?8 the best
woman's tonic made/'
Weak vromen need a
tonic. Thousands and
thousands, like Mrs.
Simpson, have found
Cardul of benefit torthem.
Try Cardui for your trou
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4? DR. W. R. CRAIG, .J.
Dental Surgeon, .{.
4- OlTlce Over C. W. Pitchford'! 4?
Store. ?!?
?J? ?J? ?J? ?|. ?J? ?J? ?J. ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? t|i
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J, Attorncy-nt-Law, ?J*
.J. WALU A LIiA, S. C. 4?
?f. State & Federal Court Practice. *|*
.?4, FARM LOANS. 4?
4? .j. ?j? 4* 4" 4* 4* 4* 4? 4? 4*
4, E. L. 11ERNDOV 4?
.!? A ttoiiu-y-at-Law 44
.I? WALKALLA, S. L. 4?
4. PHONE NO. Ol r.\
?J? ?J? ?J. ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?I? ?|? ?|? ?J? ?J?
.{.J. P. Carey, J. W. Sholor. 4?
4? Plckons, S. C. W. C. HughB, 4*
Attorneys and Counsellors, ?J.
.J. WA Ml AI Ai A, SC. ?*.
*J. Stnte & Fedornl Court Practice. ?J.
.J. ?|? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J- ?J? ?J. ?J? ?J*
Surveyor and Civil Engineer,
Farm lioan Act Decided Constitu
tional. Get a Govern
ment Loan.
Hign Class
Glittering a Specialty,
Walhalla, S. C.
All persons indebted to tho Estato
of CYRUS COLES (alias St. Elmore
0. Coles,) Deceased, aro hereby no
tified to make payment to the under
signed, and all persons having claims
against said Estato will prosont tho
same, duly attested, within tho tl m o
prescribed by law, or be hnrrod.
FiXocutrix of the Estato of Cyrus
Coles (alias St. El moro C. Coles, De
March i'.O. 1021. 13-10
The public will plcaso take notlco
that I will bo in my ofuoo only on
Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays of
each week during April and May.
Suporlntondent of Education.

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