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"That's lt."
, ccrrii?Mi n visiHM mvi/uuUNMM I ?. ?
"Well," enid little Mother Gossip to>
the Kiri who was adventuring with
the boy to the
house of Secrets,
what have you to
tell us?" Mother
Gossip had been
the latest persou
for them to meet.
Her lips were
curled and they
didn't seem to
move or change
even as she ate,
for they were now
all eating supper
as fast us they
could, except Mr.
Wood Elf and the
boy and the girl.
All of Mother
Gossip's family
were eating."
Mr. Wood Kif had just whispered to
Hie boy and girl that he had a deli
cious picnic supper ready for them ut
the top of the hill, so that they needn't
eat here. It was entirely too disagree
able a place.
"Well," said the girl, "we've met so
many nice people ulong tho rond."
"Nice?" screamed Mother Gossip.
"You mean you thought they were nice
and then found out how horrid they
were? That's lt, eh?"
All tills Urne the Tattle-Tale Twins
kept Interrupting to tell on the other
while Mother Gossip smiled In her ugly
way every time they did so. The boy
and the girl thought the Tattle-Tale
Twins were quite the most horrid crea
tures they had ever met. In fact, they
thought tho twins would never get
Uirough trying to get out of things
themselves and blaming each other
and their relatives and telling on
The dull brown suits of the twins
were so ugly, too. They looked ns If
they were never brushed or cleaned.
"No," said Um girl, "they didn't tum
out to be horrid in the least. In
fact we've met some delightful peo
ple, quite delightful," said the girl.
"Didn't you bear any stories about
them which made you think differ
ently?" asked Motlier Gossip.
"None," said the girl.
"Well," she sold, turning to the
boy disappointedly, "what have you
to tell me?"
"Nothing but about our adventures,
if you'd like to hear ubout them. I
thought I had a lot to tell you, as the
girl thought, too. We are so full of
stories of our adventures and the in
teresting people we've met, but your
kind of new?-we liaven't any."
"You haven't any I" screamed Moth
?er Gossip. "How perfectly horrible.
Well, I'll tell you, that you can be
pretty sure tlmt most of those people
you met, whom you thought were so
?lice, had something queer about them.
Maybe they'd eaten their neighbor's
cherries which hung over In tbeir back
yard, and pretended to their neigh
bors that the birds had eaten them, or
maybe some of them pretended they
sent their clothes to the laundry, and
.actually washed them themselves In a
tub behind the house.
"I've no doubt that you went along
.with your eyes shut, yes, that ls what
you must luive done, for If you had
had your eyes opened you would have
thought it was very peculiar the way
the lady who lived In th?! white house
with green blinds had two blinds
Closed und two open in the right hand
room in front of her house. That
looked very strange to me. She ts
without a doubt making herself a wig
behind those closed blinds. Her hnlr
has been growing veiy thin of late, and
she doesn't want anyone to know lt.
"But oh, dear, I'm so disappointed
in you. You won't bo nice to my
dear twins, and
you've brought me
no news. I'm glad
I don't belong to
your family. Why,
you're both so
pleasant and kind
and charitable. All
those things don't
get along with
"I wanted to
hear of queer
things, und of how
you would tell a
story on the boy,
and he one on
"They don't do
such things," said
Mr. Wood Elf.
'So Disappointed.''
"They agree with me Huit the tattle
tale Is alwnys worse than the one
who has done the thing which ls ho
ing tattled about. They are very de
cided on that point-Just as I am.
Mercy, In my opinion, the person who
has done the thing which ls being
tattled about ls only a little wee scrap
bad. but the person who tattles,whew I
"You are so strange," said Mother
Pushed for Time.
Father (to Sammy, coming home In
bedraggled condition)-Great Scotti
How you do look !
"Yes, pa, I fell In a mud hole."
"What: And with your new pants
on, t<tcV*
"Yes. I didn't have time to take
them off."-Houston Post,
Subscribo for Tho Courier. (Dost)
A pipe's a
Seven days out <
joy and real smoke
to a jimmy pipe! 3
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tizing smokeslant y
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And, you'll get t
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cause it's crimp cut
the na
Hally Will bo Hold at Mountain View
Wesleyan Church, Near Salem.
On the second Sunday night in
May thero will be a Y. M. W. H. rally
at Mountain View Wesleyan church,
near Salem,beginning at 7.30 o'clock,
when the following program will be
carried out:
Song, "We'll Work Till Jesus
Comes," by all.
Prayer by the pastor, Rev. M. It.
Welcome address by Cleo Hogers.
Recitation by Esslo Crow.
Greetings, by Annio Moore.
Recitation, "A New Year's Prob
lem," by Alma Rogers.
Recitation, "The Cry." by Bernice
Recitation, "God is Always Near
Me," by Jeffie Wnrd.
Instrumental music.
Recitation, "Choosing a Trade,"
by Elmer Whitten.
Prayer by Mao Rogers.
Recitation by L. V. Hughes.
Dialogue by seven little girls.
Recitation, "A Child's Prayer," by
Margie Rogers.
Recitation, "Two Little Friends,"
by Jessie Crow. i
Recitation, "The Wall of the Hea
then Nations," by Dora Rogers.
Recitation by Dexle Edney.
Song, "Bring Them In," by several
little girls.
Recitation, "Jesus Wants' a Sun
beam," by Bird Rogers.
Recitation, "Little Soldiers," by
Olga Ward.
I Recitation, "Folks and Me," by
'?Alma Whitten.
Recitation by Gonella Rogers.
Recitation by Blanche Hughes.
Recitation, "Harry's Report," by
Drayton Rogers. #
Recitation, "Tho Little Mission
ary." by Cleo Childress.
Recitation by Ola Moore.
Song, by Cleo Rogers and Edith
R?citation by Sallie Sloan.
Recitation, "The Missionaries," hy
Mildred Moroney.
Recitation, "The 'Master is Com
ing." hy Lona Rogers.
Recitation. "Let Us Help Each
Other." by Edith Whitten.
Recitation, "The Lady Hilde
garde," by Jessie May Ward.
Song by Alice Whitten, Mildred
Moroney and Frances Jackson.
Recitation by Joyce Hughes.
Recitation by Lexlo Edney.
Recitation, "Walking In tho
Light." by Viola Sloan.
Recitation, "Jesus, Wo Bring You
Gifts." by Frankie Ward.
Recitation. "Tho Perishing," by
Margie Edney.
Dialogue by six young girls.
Recitation, "Jesus, Load Mo," by
George Moore.
Rocltatlon, "A Llttlo Prayer," by
Frances Jackson.
Recitation, "Showing Lovje," by
Lavada Nichols,
pal packed i
>f every week you'll get real i
contentment-if you'll get cl?
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treat, the happiest and most
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ince Albert is free from bit
)y our exclusive patented pro
)f P. A. makes you want two
bullseye harder and truer tb
sist such delight!
he smokesurprise of your life
tte with Prince Albert! Such
. did know ! And, P. A. stays p
-and it's a cinch to roll ! You 1
tional joy smoke
Recitation, "Heathen Lauds," by
Alice Whitten.
Recitation by Eunice .Manley.
Recitation by Lenora Edney.
Recitation, "The Wide World for
Jesus," by Eugenia Wood.
Song, "My Shepherd Lead," by
four young girls.
Recitation, "Our Duty," by Gracie
Recitation, "Your 'Pennies," by
Erastus Nichols.
Recitation, "China's Call," by Dora
Song, "Rock of Ages," by Rossie
Crow, Lona Rogers.
Recitation by Pearl Rogers.
Recitation, "Which Loves Best?"
by John Sloan.
Instrumental music.
Recitation, "The Spider and the
Fly," by .Milton Lusk.
Song, "Daddy Long," by Mildred
Recitation, "A Baby Reflection,"
by Cleo Rogers.
Recitation, "Do Missions Pay?"
by Cleo Childrens.
?Recitation, "Little Sowers," by
Altino Rochester.
Recitation, "Baby's Disappoint
ment," by Alma Whitten.
Recitation by Artie Manley.
.Instrumental music.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you foci its
strengthening, invigorating effect, seo how
lt brings color to the cheeks and how
it improves the appetite, you will then
appreciate its truo tonic va' .e.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. The blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c.
Center-'Many Are Idle and Wages
Have Hoon Decreased.
Newport News, Va., April 28.
?Editor Keowee Courier: Just a few
lines from the Old Dominion State.
Business ls rather dull around tho
coast these days-so many ships tied
up awaiting orders.
1 have visited some of historic
America hero in Virginia, such ns
Jamestown and Yorktown, the latter
lying on tho York river. 35 milos
from Newport News. I went In tho
cave at Yorktown where T ord Corn
wallis surrendered lo George Wash
ington. There is a beautiful monu
ment overlooking the Cornwallis
Cave, but lt has been recently taken
over by the Daughters of tho Ameri
can Revolution. Tho Thirteen Origi
nal States are carved on tho monu
ment, tho people of which fought
for our nation and made her what
she ls to-day. I also visited tho Na
tional Cemetery at Yorktown, where
our bravo heroes fell In defense of
our country, and lt ls a most beauti
ful spot. Yorktown ls a very unlquo
little town. I saw ono old brick
with P. Ao!
irself I
jert, a
e and
in the
ut be
try it!
Prineo Albert it
told in toppy red
ba.-v, tidy red tin?.
fiuiij&ome pound
and halt pound tin
humidors und in thc
pound crystal glass
humidor wit h
sponge moistener
Copyright 1021
by H. J. Reynold?.
Tobacco Co.
Wins ton-Sale ru,.
building that was erected in 17H?.. j
1 have also visited Claremont. Va., I
known as tho "Shipping Board's j
Uonoyard," where GOO ships are any \
chored. Some will go back into com-'
mission as soon as they receive or- ,
ders; others will be salvaged and 1
stripped of their valuables and be .
stored away in Uncle Sum's ware- !
houses at Norfolk. ;
Wages here in Newport News have j
been cut from ten to twelve and a j
half per cent, on the hour, and the i
first of May will go on tho 45-hour!
week basis. About 3,000 mon or,
more have been thrown out of em
ployment in the past three months. I
Repair work on ships here is very !
dull at present.
The huge battleship Maryland,'
known as one of Uncle Sam's fight- j
lng bulldogs, will take her trial trip j
in about seven weeks. A tentative I
date for the trial has been submitted i
to the Navy Department, but it has j
not as yet been ratified. The Mary
land is one of Uncle Sam's most mod- |
ern and powerful war craft. She is}
a twin screw, G24 feet long and 07
feet ?>\<> inches wide, and has a mean
draft of 30 feet of water, and has a
normal displacement of 32,(TOO tons.
She was launched 13 months ago.
She is designed to make 12 knots
per hour and ls equipped with two
military cage masts. She is an oil
burner. She will carry eight 16-fnch
50-cnlibre guns, fourteen 5-inch 51
calibre secondary guns, four 3-inch
?O-calibro secondary guns and four
anti-aircraft guns, four G-pounders
and two 21-Inch submerged torpedo
tubes. The Maryland ls capable of
holding her own with anything in
tho world.
As news ls scarce, will close. Rest
wishes to the editor and readers of
Thc Keoweo Courier.
Very truly.
Augustus L. Harrison.
P. S.-Tho mosquitoes here meet
ali trains and boats.
A Sequel to the Killing of American
Naval Officer.
Tokio. Japan, April 2 7.----Lieut.
(icu. Saito, commander-in-chief of
tho Kl even th Japanese division at
Vladivostok, committed suicide on
Monday, his death being a sequel to
the shooting of Naval Lieut. W. II.
Langdon, in that city in January,
mys Hie Hoch! Shlmhun, of this eily.
Cen. Saito is said to have either held
himself responsible for the death of
Lieut. Langdon or to have been lr
ritated by what he believed was Ibo
weakness of thc Japanese govern
ment In dealing with the incident.
Lieut. Langdon was shot and kill
ed by Toshigoro Ogasawara, a son
try, who was later tried before the
court martial and was found not
guilty, lie was, however, sentenced
to one month's Imprisonment for
making falso statements, and his su
perior ofTleors wore connu red for fail
ing to Instruct him properly ?8 to
his duties.
[j Tho Savior of *
li Samers
KxiMi?ion Deiuirtmont, Moody
Itlblo lllslllulo, Chicano.
TEXT-Thia man rccolvoth ?Innern anti
eau>tli with them.-Luke 15:2.
Those words ore spoken by tho
Pnom los of the Loni! Little did they
know that they
were tolling the
very story o u r
God loyes most to
tell, and that we
would he listen
ing today wUl.
o V e r tl o wing
hearts to their
complaint against
the S a v1 o r1
"Surely." sang
the Loni's min
strel of old, "tho
w rath o ? tn a n
shall praise Thee; che remainder of
wrath shalt Thou restrain." And thus
the Spirit ol' Cod sel/.es upon their
words and writes (hom down as a part
of Holy Script ure. Oil, blessed news
they are (oiling: This Man recelveth
sinners !
Self-righteousness has no need for
grace; will not, Indeed, have lt ; and
these upright, religious Pharisees re
sent the grace (bat ls Hewing out of
Christ to ntl the world and that opens
the Father's house to the very out
casts ol' earth. Tho Lord Jesus will
permit no testimony to Himself from
demons, though full well they know
und own His deity and Snviorhood, but
He will permit this proclamation by
His foes, so well does Ile love to have
lt known that Ile recelveth sinners.
It ls nowhere said that Ile receives
others. Nowhere do we lind Ulm do
ing so. When the best man of his day
came to Him by night, expecting to bo
taught something that would maka
him still better than he was, be
learned in a moment that ho had not
yet begun to-live, and that he must be
born again to enter the kingdom of
When a lawyer of blameless Ufo
tempted Him wffch his question:
"What shall I do to Inherit eternal
life?" the Lord referred him to the law
with Its impossible standard to show
him that he ls a sinner.
Are there, then, others than sin?
ners? There ore- not, for thus it Is
writtten : "All Have sinned and como
short of the glory of God." And
whether these self-righteous enemies
of the Lord are able to appreclato lt
or not, they are compelled to listen to
Ills holy sarcasm: "I am not como to
call the' righteous, but sinners." It is
He who has pronounced upon this
world' of sin, and His estimate of men
shall abide in spite of their good oplu?
tons of themselves. "Sinners," He calls
them, and such they aro.
Hut oh, to think that this ls what
gives them a claim upon Him 1 Yen,
ft ls the only claim they have or cam
have! This man recelveth slnnera
And net only dees Ile receive them:
He seeks them out, knocks nt their
door and pleads with them to let Him.
tn. "The Son of Man ls come to seek
and to save I" "Behold, I stand nt tile
door and knock !" "All day long I
have stretched forth my hands."
And how does He receive theroT'
Are there conditions to be met first?
Are we to make ourselves flt for Him?'
No! And so eager ls He to have us
know this that Ho lias written it down
In a hundred tales and portrayed'lt In
ti hundred1 types and shadows;
In r'ic same Instant that Isaiah con
fessed the need that the light: of God's
throne had revealed, he found that
need fully met without condition of'
any sort. "Woe ls me!" "Then flow
one of the seraphim"-"flew," Uko tho?
lightning, with the provision of the?
altar that puts away discovered sim.
What sn ld Jesus to the "woman of
the city which was a sinner" as she'
"stood nt Ills feet behind'Him?" "Thy
sine are forgiven .thy faith
hath saved thee!"
What said He to the? woman all1 sin
as He sat by Jacob'* well? "I* glvo
thee living water !"
What said He to the adulteress
brought to Him In the temple?
"Neither do I condemn thee!" Ills
enemies have brought this poor shiner
to Him without knowing that they
were doing the host possible thing fo*r
her. and that the only safe place fw
any sinner Is tho presence' of Oft?'
What said liv? to the malefactor, but
now railing upon him In blasphemy,
as he hung upon a felon's cross?
"Verily, I say ?into thee, today shalt
thou be wirb me in paradise."
And our question l's answered': He
recelveth sinners without an upbraid
ing word or a syllable of reproach
without a question or a condition ?t
any kind.
And" to what does He receive sin
ners? To Ills own level, to n phire at
His Side, for they sit at table with
Him; to the dearest Intimacy; to un
broken I Howship, and thus to the
sweet foretaste of heaven's bliss: HE
tlnn lifo, In all Its elements and nc
ttvltlos, one continual feast with th
Lord of life and glory, the heart once
desolate because of sin now satisfied
and at rest forevermore. "And Ho
went In to tarry with them . . .
And . . . as He sat nt ment with
them, He took bread, and blessed, and
brake, and gave to them. . . . And
(hey faid one to nnother, did not our
heart hum within us?" This man re
celvoth sinners and eateth with them
To Liberate Negro- One Killed
Deputy Sherill* Wounded.
Htnniugham, Ala., April 28.-Ouo
mombor of a party of ilvo negroes
willoh stormed tho Fairfield city jail
last night is dead and another ls in
jail, while Deputy Sheriff (loo. Alex
ander Hes seriously woundod in a
hospital. Tho attacking party mado
an effort to liberate a negro who
was being held on a charge of light
ing. Tho prisoners had previously
boen removed to the county Jail at
Aftor docoylt.g every officer In tho
(own oxcept two to a point a milo
from police headquarters by turning
in a riot call, tho negroes, heavily
armed, marched on Hie ll I He prison,
which was guarded by Dick Pate, a
Tho negroes held up tho officer
and demanded the release of the pris
oner. Deputy Alexander hoard the
commotion and wont, to Pato's as
sistance. The negroes fired on Alex
ander, shooting him throe timos. Tho
ofllcor returned the fire nnd ono ne
gro dropped dead. The others lied,
but one of the number was captured
lalor In the night. Neither Hie negro
killed nor the ono under arrest has
been Identified.
Fairfield policemen and county of
ficers are conducting a wldo soarch
to-day for the three other mouthers
of the attacking party.
Renew your health
by purifying your
system with
Quick and delightful re
lief for biliousness, colds,
constipation, headaches,
and stomach, liver ana
blood troubles.
The genuine are told
only in 35c package?.
Avoid: imitations*
cannot he- Hold I dable- fov Errors ta.
the Draft ?vadter lasts.
Washington, April 27.-Neither
the government nor any individual
officer of the government could be
held liable at law tor the erroneous
inclusion' of naine? in tho slacker
draft lists prepared for tho War De
partment for publication, Attorney
General Dougherty holds, in an opin
ion sent to-day to. Secretary Weeks.
Mr. Dougherty said tho opinion
[lid not pass on tho question of the
liability of newspapers for publish
ing such names, but that he did not
bolieve they could be- held liable
lince tho lists; would be official ones
previously published" by the govern
The draft slacker lists have been
prepared for some weeks, but their
publication has boort held up by Sec
retary Weeks pending receipt of Mr.
Dougherty's; opinion.
At ijuig-loy Field, Va.-Sorg?. Noble
C. Bryant K i t UM I.
Hampton, Va., April 28.-Sorgt.
Noble-C. Bryant was killed and Lieut
Thoa. H. Ward probably fatally In
jured yesterday 'at Langley Field
when their machine crashed to tho
earth while emerging from a low
hanging cloud bank. Tho machino
was completely demolished, the en
gine being driven frito the earth by
tho force of tho fall.
Bryant was piloting tho craft,
which had gone up to take radio
tests in connection with preparation
for tho army attack on tho naval
ships, which will take place in Ches
apeake Bay. Ward is adjutant at
the post and was making the radio
Bryant*? home ls In Mayfield, Ky.,
where his mother, Mrs. W.T. Hooves,
now fives. Bryant was regarded as
one of the most expert non-commis
sioned airmen al tho post, and had
made long flights lo various parts of
Hie country. Ward's home ls also in
.Major Hensley, commanding of
ficer at tho post, believes that Bry
ant lost his bearings in tho cloud
bank, which spread low toward tho
earth aftor tho machine ascended,
and lost control of tho craft In at
tempting to reach a higher lovel.
This was tho first nlr fatality at
tho flold in nearly a year.
Subscribo for The Courier. (Beat.i

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