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(Established 1840.)
Published livery Wednesday Morning
Ono Your .$1.00
Blx Month?.55
Threo Months.ttO
Advertising Kntos Konsonublo.
By Stock, sholor, Hughs & Sholor.
Communications or ii personal
ohnractor charged for as advorttse
monts. *
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
and tributos of respect, either by
individuals, lodges or churches, aro
charged ior as for advertisements tit
rato of one cont a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will ho marked "Adv." in
conformity with Federal ruling on
ouch malters.
WK H.VHS HAY, MAY 18, l?!2l.
All Denominations Show Increases
Over >lar<li and April Figures,
Following is the record of attend
ance and increase in attendance foi"
last Sunday as compared with the
average attendance for Mareil and
A prit :
First Raptist Attendance lin:', :
nain over March and April, ?Rl.fi per
cen I.
Second Raplisl Attendance 1-12:
Kain over March and April. ?50.0 per
Flrsl Methodist Attendance |27;
gain over March and April. ?12.2 per
st. John's Lutheran Attendance
125; gain over Mandi and April. 12
por cent.
Second Methodist - Attendance,
II' 0; gain over March and April,
32.fi per cent.
Presbyterian - Attendance 10-1;
gain over March and April, tl.5 pel
een t.
Wesleyan Methodist Atendanoe
fi I ; gain over March and April, 15.8
por cent.
Total attendance May 15 th, ST J:
gain 25.S por cent.
Total attendance May 8th, 870;
gain 25.? per cent.
Total attendance May 1st. 785;
gain 1 7.."i per cent.
The above ligures constitute a verv
encouraging report for the Sunday
schools of our town.
Will Meet in Annual Session ut the
Cou H House on .May BOtll.
The annual meeting of the R. F.
D. Carriers' Association of Oconeo
County will be held at the Court
House in Walhalla on Monday, May
30 th, 1921.
The meeting will be called to or
der at 1 ti o'clock a . ni.
All carriers are earnestly urged
to attend, as there is business of
vital i ni lier ta nee lo every carrier to
come before the meeting. The wives
of the carriers are cordially invited
to be present al the meeting, as well
as all Mili-carriers who are willing
lo join with us In furthering tho
cause and bettering the conditions
Of the carriers.
An interesting program will he
carried out. Special attraction in the
Let's make Oconeo 100 per cent
strong! W. M. Lemmons.
lt. W. t; ru hhs. Sec'y and Treas.
N orris-Watt Wedding.
(Twiggs County, tia., Citizen, .Joffer
sonville. (?a.. April JU.)
On Tuesday morning at IO o'clock,
nt tho home of the bride's parent-,
Mr. and Mrs. K. R. Norris, occurred
tho wedding of Miss Fd i a/.helli Nor
ris and William Carl Watt, the i-u
press)ve ceremony hoing performed
>>y Kev I!. I). Nicholson, pastor >t'
iiie First Raptist church. Tho deco
rations in thc reception hall nnd Hie
front parlor wore especially lovely,
being fashioned in white and green
The bride was given in marriage by
her fallu r. 1?. IL Norris, and was at
tended by her young sister, Miss
Mary Reid Norris, who was girlishly
beautiful iii white organdies, and
carried au ann bouquet of ?tinsel
The bride, ?in attractive and bOiiU
: ifni .voue. ' woman of tho brunette
type, wort: a handsome suit of blue
with gray accessories, and her cor
sage was of bride'.-; roses and lilies
of Ho valley. The wedding music
was furn ?siled by Mrs. J, G. Rock
more at the piano and 'Mrs. C. L.
Nense, who sang "Rid Mo lo Love."
by B. Barnard.
On Monday evening Mr. and Mrs.
Norris entertained the bridal party
and a few friends at an informal re
The out-of-town guests were Cliff
Watt, Anderson, S. C.; Mrs. Kate
Cudworth, Charleston, S. C.; Mrs. |
Mlors, Macon, (ia.; Mended Miers.
.Macon; Mr. and Mrs. R, n. Norris,
.Jr., Charlotte, N. C.; Miss (J. IC
VanDiviere. Walhalla, B.C., and Miss
Ruth Callcmore, of Macon. .
There are many friends of the
bride, who is well and pleasantly
known in Walha Uti, wlto will Join
willi The Courier in extending to her
and the fortunate groom sincere
good wishes for a long life of happi
ness and prosperity, Mr. and Mrs.
Norris, parents of Ibo bride, are well
known here, Mrs. Norris hoing a na
tive of Walhalla, a daughter of thc
late Col. II. S. and Mrs. Rose Van
Diviere. Mr. Norris was for a num
ber of years engaged in railway work
Notes from HboilOZOr Section.
Khonozer. May Ml. Special: We
will have preaching at this place on
the first Sunday in each month al I I
o'clock. Kev. lt. I-'. Jones, of Salem,
is Ibo pastor.
We have Sunday school every Sun
day morning, and il is hoped thal all
the children of the community will
attend regularly. I,et the parents
make an extra effort lo have the lit
tle ones ready in ample time lo at
tend punctually.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L, Owens and
son Waller visited relatives in ibo
Shiloh section recently.
J. lt. Pea y losl two milk cows re
cen I ly.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. H. Reardon, of
('entrai, visited relatives here dur
ing the recen I past.
Horn, unto Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Pony, on May I Ith, a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Reardon and
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Harton visited
relativos near Sandy Springs a short
time ago.
Miss Maude Cheek, of near Wal
halla, spent some time last week
with her sister, Mrs. Beulah Gibson.
Mr. and Mrs. Demuel Leroy, of
Newry, visited relatives in this com
munity Saturday and Sunday.
Children encouraged to Save.
Washington, May 16.-Endorse
ment of the nation-wide plan to in
struct children in sound businoss
principles by incorporating the study
of thrift and savings into the public
school curriculum was voted at the
National Congress of the Mothers
and Parent-Teacher Association re
cenly in session herc. The associa
tion further recommended that pre
paration for teaching tho thrift prin
ciples of etneiency. self-control and
self-reliance, wise spending and safe
investment bc given teachers in nor
mal schools and teachers' institutes,
and that tho school thrift bank idea
bo encouraged.
Card of Thanks.
ISditor Keowee Courier:
Will you please allow us space
in your paper lo offer our thanks
and appreciation of thc much-needed
help the good people of Wolf Stake
and surrounding community gave us
after our home was burned down
on Monday. May 2(1? I want to say
that the people have surely been
good to ns in the way of furnishing
work, clothing, furniture, canned
fruits, groceries, kitchen utensils,
and money in cash.
Our home was burned May "Jd and
the people rebuilt our home and we
moved in on May 10th. My faintly
and I aro not able to express in
words our thanks and appreciation
for all that has been done for us, hut
we believe and trust that the Lord
will repay and bless many fold, as is
His will to do, all thal had in any
way anything to do in helping us,
and our prayer is that we may so live
and act as to give nobody any room
to regret anything they have done
for us. We appreciate ve y much
all that has been done for us, but we
appreciate our friends much more.
What a blessing it is to live in a com
munity and county like ours! Our
prayer is that Cod's richest blessings
may rest upon all. H. A. Wood
' adv.* i and Family.
Rainfall and Temperature.
Rolow ls a record of meteorological
observations taken hy ll.'NV. Brandt,
co-operative obsorvor of the Weather
Hurcau of tho ll. S. Department of
Agriculture, during tho week ending
May loth, 1021, at 7 p. m. (Tho
Inst ru men tal readings aro from gov
ernment standard instruments ox
posed in Die manner rocommonded
by the. chioi' of tho Weather Bnroau):
Charactor of
!? Oloar .. .
1 I -Cloudy
I 2-Cloudy
13- Cloudy
14- Clear .
15- Cloudy
Total rainfall
841 17
74 ii 2
78 r>7
ir. r?2
In Court of Common Pleas.
Pursuant to decrees of the afore-!
said Court,in the cases named below,
i will offer for salo, to tho highest'
bidder, In trout of tho Court House
door, at Walhalla, South Carolina, on ;
M ON DAY, the 6 th day of JUNE,
1921, between tho logai hours of,
sale, tho tracts of land below dor I
scribed: i
Ceorgo Seaborn, tts Executor of tho j
Last Will and Testament ot .lames1
Seaborn. Deceased, Plaintiff, j
Mortal McDonald and C. B. Palmer.:
All that certain piece, parcel or
tract of land situate, lying and being;
lu the county and State aforesaid, on
Itamsay's Creek, adjoining lands of
Estate of A. M. Itholotter, William
I. Dickson and others, containing
forty-two and 27-100 acres, more or
loss, being tho same land conveyed
to Murial McDonald hy C. W. Lylo
on 7th ?lay of December, 10 18.
Terms of S ile.-'CASH on day of
sale. Thal in event of failure of
tho purchaser, or purchasers, to com
ply with the terms of salo within
five days from day of sale, the Mas
ter do re-advertise and re-sell Ihe
said premises on the following Sales
day, or some convenient Snlesuny
thereafter, nt the same place ami on
the same terms as heretofore se' out,
at the risk of the former purchaser,
or purchasers, and that he do con
tinue so lo do until he has found a
purchaser, or purchasers, who com
ply with Hie terms of sale.
Purchaser to pay extra for papers
and stamp. W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oconee County, S. C
May IS, 1921. 20-22
The Westminster Oil and Fertilizer
Company, a Corporation Created
and Kxisting Pudor the Laws of
South Carolina, Plaintiff,
.leny perry. Defendant.
All of the undivided interest of
.lorry Perry in that certain piece,
parcel or tract of land situate, lying
and being in State and county afore
said, and containing thirty-four Ch
acres, more or less. This land being
lands of August Perry, Decease !.who
is the father of Jerry Perry, and ad
joining lands of Tom Spencer. Henry
Duke and Riley S waff ord, and Hos
on waters of Tugaloo River.
Ternis of Salo.-CASH on day of
sale. That in event of failure of
tho purchaser, or purchasers, to com
ply with the terms of salo forthwith,
that the Master do re-sell the said
premises on the same day. ni
do re-advertise and re-sell the
said premises on the following Sales
day, or some convenient Salosday
thereafter, at ?he same place and on
the same tenus as heretofore set out,
at the risk of the former purchaser,
or purchasers, and that ho do con
tinue so to do until he has found a
purchaser, or purchasers, who shall
comply with the terms of tho sale.
Purchaser to pay extra for napers
and stamp. W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oconee County, S. C.
May IS, 1021. 20-22
W. C. Hughs. Plaintiff,
Lnndom Johnson, Luther Mickens,
W. H. Jenkins, Odessa Mickens,
Mack Jenkins, Lucius Mickens,
Elias Jenkins, Puller Jenkins,
Mickie Simpson. Ar.eady Mickens
and Mandy Jenkins,
All that certain piece, parcel or
tract of land situate, lying and be
ing in the State and county above
named, in or near Old Pickens, con
taining one acre, more or less, be
ing the same land deeded to Landern
Johnson and his wife. Josie Johnson,
by W. H. Jenkins, as shown hy rec
ord in Deed Book "3-E." page 200.
in the office of the Clerk of Court of
Oconee County, situate on the north
side of Hie road leading from Old
Pickens bridge to the. old Norton
Brick House, via the Klrksey place,
now Ed. danit, and adjoining Fuller
Jenkins lot, (formerly Old Pickens
Jail Lot. i and Ed. Gantt.
Terms of Sale-CASH on day of
sale. That in event of failure of tho
pun baser, or purchasers, to com
ply with the terms of their bid with
in five days after the day of sale, that
the Master do re-advortlso and
re-sell Hie said premisos, and con
tinue so to do until ho shall have
found ti purchaser who will comply
with the terms of sale, at the risk of
former purchaser.
Purchaser to pay extra for papers
and stamp. W. O. WHITE,
Mastor for Oconee County, S. C.
May IS, 1021. L'0-22
John T Lay and J. D. (larkins,
C. C. Kelley. T. M. Kelley. Lillian S.
Kelley. Mrs. Marion K. Tait, T. H.
Kelley, Anna 1. Kolloy,
I defendants.
The undivided interests nf the D?
fendants, T. H. Kelley, Mrs Marion
K. Tait and Miss Lillian S. Kelley,
of, in and to all that certain piece,
parcel or tract of land situate, lying
lind being in Koo woo Township,
county and State aforesaid, on Little
River, said tract containing about
(?30 acres, and being tho Rsl atc of
Mrs. Anna D. Kelley, mother of CC
Kelley, and formerly a part of the
Christopher Jones tract (.i land.
Terms of Salo.-CASH nn day of
sale. Thal 111 event of failure of
the purchaser, or purchasers, m com
ply with the terms of .^il<' forthwith,
the Master do re sell the sahl premi
ses 011 the same day. or do iv adver
tise and re-sell the said promises on
the following Salesda.v. or fin some
convenient Salosday I hereafter ?t
Ibo same place and on the
same terms as heretofore set out,
at the risk of the former purchaser,
or purchasers, and that bc <|0 con
tinue so lo do until be bas found a
purchaser, or purchasers, who com
ply with the terms of sab
Purchaser to pay extra for papers
and stamp. W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oconee County s' C.
May IS. 1021. 20-22
John Robinson, Willie Uoldnson.
Nancy Wayman, Josephine Robin
son, and Mamie Robinson, by hor
Guardian Ad Lltom, II. P. Holle
man, Plaintiffs,
Hager Maxwell, Defendant.
Tho undivided one-half interest of
tho Plaintiffs, John Robinson, Willie
Robinson, Nancy Wayman, Joseph
ine Robinson and 'Mamie Robinson,
of, in and to all that piece, pacrel
or tract of land situate in tho County
of Oconee, State aforesaid, contain
ing thirty acres, more or less, lying
on the east side of public road, ad
joining lands of Col. Norton Mill
Tract, Poor House Parin, the same
being cut off from the tract of land
convoyed by Samuel Frazier Maxwell
to his daughters, hinda Maxwell, Sue
Maxwoll end Martha Maxwell, on
17th day of September, 1885.
Terms of Kale.-CASH. That in
event the purchaser, or purchasers,
refuse or fall to comply with the
terms of salo within live days, tho
Master thou shall re-advertise and
re-sell, on some subsequent Sales
day, in the same form and manner,
the above described premises, at tho
risk of the former purchaser, or pur
chasers, and that he continue so to
do until he shall have found a pur
chaser that will comply.
Purchaser to pay extra Tor papers
and stamp. W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oconee County, S. C.
May 18, 1921. 20-22
IN PURSUANCE to an Order j
granted by His Honor, C. E. Cooley,
Referee in Bankruptcy, Western Dis
trict. South Carolina, on May llth,
1921 -
Will sell, at public outcry, to tho
highest bidder, COR CASI 1, at Sen
eca, S. C., on MAY 2Gth, 1021. at 2
o'clock P. M.. In the store room for
merly occupied by Frederick Charles
Ayer. Bankrupt, tho Stock of doods,
Store Fixtures, Notes and Accounts
formerly belonging to Frodorick
Charles Ayer. Bankrupt.
Said stock of goods, store fixtures,
notes and accounts can be inspected
by applying to (he undersigned.
Sale to be made subject to confir
mation of the Court.
The property will be offered sepa
rately, or in groups, and as a whole,
as for best interest of the Estate,
and each bidder will be required to
accompany his hld with cash or a
certified check for ten per cent there
Seneca, S. C. May 13, 1021.
20-2 1
By authority contained in certain
Tax Executions lo mo directed by
R. H. Alexander. Treasurer of Oco
nee county, South Carolina. 1 here
by offer for salo, on MONDAY, the
6th day of JUNE, 1921, at public
outcry, In front of the Court House
door, in Walhalla, S. C., the follow
ing described property, to wit:
Two lots of land situated in Sen
eca Township, containing ono-half
acre, adjoining lands of E. C. Doyle
and others. levied on ?is property of
Zeronia Jenkins at suit of the State
for taxes.
One lot of land situated in Sen
eca Township, containing half acre,
adjoining lands of F. \. Harbin and
others. Levied on as property of W.
F. Hunnicutt at suit or the State for
Eleven acres of land in White
water Township, adjoining lands of
W. M. Brown and others, on Toxa
way river. Levied on as the proper
ty of Mrs. H. M. Blackshear at suit
of the State for taxes.
Ten acres of land in Whitewater
Township, adjoining lands of Dr. C.
Orimshawe and others, on White
water river. Levied on as property
of Mrs. H. 'M. Blackshear at suit of
the State for taxes.
Sheriff Oconee County, S. C.
May 18, 1021. 20-22
To the Trustees and Patrons of Oco
nee County -Take Notice:
You will meet at the various school
houses on Saturday, June 4th, for
the purpose of nominating a man to
sorve as Trustee for three years.
Under the law one Trustee's com
mission expires July 1st, 1021, in
each School District.
Polls will open at 1 o'clock P. M.
and close at :i o'clock P. M. All
white patrons will be allowed to vote.
Trustees will act as Managers of
Election. L. C. SPEARES,
Supt. of Education, Oconee County.
May 18, 1021. 20-22
The Military College of South
( 'andina,
Charleston, S. C.
Ranked as "Distinguished Military
College" hy the War Department.
Offers a four-year course In Lib
eral Arts, with oleclives in Civil En
gineering, Sciences and Modern Lan
Vacant Scholarships.
One Scholarship in Oconee county
will bo lilied by Competitivo Exami
nation July Sib. 1021.
For application blanks apply io
May IS, 1021. 20-2:.
?.et New Buds Puch Porth.
Leaver, fall because their hold on the
stem ls loosened by thc new bud un
derneath pushing forward. So should
lt be with class plans. New Ideas,
new enthusiasms, new growth should
ever be pushing the worn and out
grocvn off the calendar to make room
for ?OTi?!thlng frosh and attractive.
Don't get set; like the loaves, let gol
-Girl's Companion.
Whale 8aus?ge and Steak.
Delicados made from the flesh of
whales are now hoing pat on the mar
ket by Newfoundland whaler?. Among
them ?re sausages, meat extra*,
canned steaks and tongue.
^ Summer-Time Necessities*
Refrigerators ??* Ice Cream Freezers ^ Fly Screens
Water Coolers jfi Glassware Galvanized and
Enameled Ware ?fi Perfection Oil Stoves ?* Paints
Oils Varnishes, Etc ??* Cultivators J* Sweeps.
Fishing and Base Ball Supplies.
Ballenger Hardware and Furniture Co.,
.Seneca, S. C.
/Hay 26 to 31st, Inclusive
I NCI jl JI )I NX?
Band and Male Chorus.
Sparkling American Comedy.
BEULAH BUCK,. Entertainer.
Master Cartoonist-Humorist Extraordinary in
"Joy Night" Program.
Notable Lectures on Timely Themes
1 i IC f DAYS
Redpath Chautauqua,
Season Tickets $2.50 Plus \0% Tax.
In a recent issue of tT/>e Progressive
Farmer we find where a farmer writes
something liKe this:
''In thc your 1010 I bulli II now house
on my 40 ncivs of land. I did not build
the vornados or PAINT tho house be
cause ol' the pri?es of paint mid lumber,
thinking it would be better lo wail
until prices caine down, I beti do the
work. Hut now my WINDOW'S and
DOOKS are nearly ruined by tim
weather, and the house is badly dam
aged; so it would have PAID nu' to
have built the vornndes and PAINTED
the house in spite of high prices."
FRIEND, you will make thc same MISTAKE if you
have property that needs Painting and don't Paint it.
We carry good assortments of Sherwin-Williams
Paints and Pcaslee-Gaulberts. There's none better than
the lines wc carry.
You can paint your houses, barns, etc., now and pay
us for the paint next October 1st.
Whitmire-Marett Hardware Co.
Westminster, Walhalla,
South Carolina.

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