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The Jinest 'Tire, for Small Cars
Goodrich 30x3i
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20% Price Reduction which
went into effect Mav 2nd
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longer mileai
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comfort and
Like all other Goodrich tires
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Q/lkroH, Ohio
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tive May 2nd, 1
nein,IN ces TOM iioese, HCIIXICD
Important Documents Delating (o
Ireland Destroyed-.Many Killed.
Dublin, May 2.*?. Thc Dublin eus
ton? house is in ruins lo-llight and
all the most important documents
of tho government relating to Ire
land, with papers and records, the
value of which cannot bc estimated,
have been destroyed.
This. Dublin Castle oilicially an
nounces, is thc work of Sinn Foin
forces, which, at an early hour this
afternoon, made the most formida
ble alt, ck against government pro
perty that has been engineered since
the present rebellion began.
The employees of tho various de
partments housed in Ihc building
were made prisoners, vast quantities
of petrol were poured over tho inter
ior of the building ami tho light was
applied. Soon military lorries crowd
ed with soldiers appeared end a
pitched battle ensued. The Stun
Kolliers occupied the custom house,
and from the windows met the sol
diers with a heavy lire. Machine
guns and lilli's responded and fl
strong cordon was thrown around
the building.
When the Hames became loo liol
the raiders attempted lo make their
escape through the various doors,
but several were shot down ami kill
ed, and many were wounded, Ac
cording IO the Oitlcial statement 7
civilians were hilled. I 1 were wound
ed and 111 ca pill red. Four of I he
auxiliaries were wounded.
crown forces in a sortie entered
the building and made many cap
tures. Some of the raiders were sat
urated with petrol, and il is believed
that several met their deaths in the
raging Hames.
Deport or Irish Ollice.
farndon. May 2?, The Irish office
to-night issued thc following oitlcial
report on the custom house lire at
".Three tenders carrying auxiliary
cadets and acconipnaeid by an arm
ored car. approached the Dublin cus
tom house shortly after 1 o'clock
this afternoon. As they approached
tho building a number of bombs
were thrown at the lenders from the
railway bridge, while revolver fire,
was opened on them from the win
dows of the custom house, which was i
occupied by a large force of Sinn
"The cadets dismounted under a j
heavy lire and surrounded Hie cus
tom house, which was seen to he
hunting. Five from the auxiliaries
and the machine gun on the armored
car was poured into the windows of
the custom house, from which the
rebels replied vigorously, and a se
rios of desperate conilicis followed
between the Crown forces and seven
or eight parties of robots, who rush
ed from different doors of the build
ing, making dashes for liberty and
firing as they ran. The lirst party
to emerge consisted of three men,
one of whom was killed and the oth
er two wounded.
"By this time smoke and Hames
were pouring from the building and
the official staff, including many
women, who had been held prison
ers by the rebels, came Mocking out
with hands above their heads, wav
ing white handkerchiefs. While the
staff was making its exit the rebels
made a last sortie, consisting of sev
en men. only one of whom escaped,
tho rest being killed or wounded.
"Some of tho auxiliaries then
stormed the blazing building, where
many of tho rebels surrendered.
Some of them were found to be sat
urated with petrol, and several were
probably burned to death before the
Crown forces entered.
"The firemen were held up at tho
lire station by rebels, so that the lire
engines did not arrive until 2 o'clock,
ny which lime (he lire had taken
hold of the entire building. Al the
conclusion of the light dead and
wounded rob?is lay about on all
sides of the building. while the
ground was strewn with broken glass
and empty cartridge cases.
"Four auxiliaries were wounded;
seven civilians wore killed: (deven
wounded and abottt 1 1 1 captured.
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Curei
by tocal applications, as tbey cannot
react) ttio diseased portion of tho oar,
Catnrrhal Deafness requires constitu
tional treatment. IIADI/S CATARRH
MEDICINE ls a constitutional remedy.
Catarrhal Deafness ts caused by an In
flamed condition of tbc mucous lining of
tho Eustachian Tube. When ibis tubo ls
Inflamed you have ii rumbling sound or
Imperfect hearing, and when lt is entire
ly closed Deafness is the result. Unless
the Inflammation can bo reduced, your
hearing nm y be ?lest roved forovcr.
through the blood on tbe mucous sur
faces of thc system, thus reducing tho In
flammation and restoring normal condi
Circulars free. AU Druggists.
I<\ J. Cheney & Co., Tole?!o, Ohio.
Edison learned telegraphy from a
station master whose child's life he
had saved.
Suicide by Throwing Self in Front
of Moving Truin.
Macon, Ga., May 2 ?. - Reeves
Brown, prominent Macon business
man, and vice president of tho YY.
A. Dooly Company, was instantly
killed by a switch engine in the Ma
con railroad yards this morning
Mr. Drown was standing beside
the Southern Railway tracks, about
00 feet east of tho Walnut street
crossing, when he stepped on the
tracks, took off his hal and laid
down when the engine was within
ten feet of him, according to the of
ficial report of M. K. Madden, super
intendent of the Georgi Southern
and Florida Railroad Coi mi y. to
higher officials. The report of Mr.
Madden is based on reports made to
him by the yard train crew.
Those in touch with Mr. Brown's
personal and business affairs say
that he met his death accidentally,
and that they can ascribe no reason
for suicide.
Grove's Tasteless eli MI Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, see how
it brings color to the checks and bow
it improves the appetite, you will then
appreciate its true tonie value,
drove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. Tho blood
needs QUININE to Purify it und IRON to
Keridi it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. GOc.
Hobo Proves Escapeo Convict.
Sparlanburg, May 15. - Clyde
Scade, an 18-ycar-old white boy.was
arrested Sunday at Bas! Spartan
hurg by a rural policeman for hobo
ing, When searched Scade was
found to he carrying shackles on
each leg. Ho had succeeded, officers
stated, in filing the shackles apart,
but being unable to get them from
around his legs, had fastened them
to his thighs In order that his trou
sers legs would conceal thom from
Officers staled later that upon a
close questioning Sende admitted
j that ho was an escaped convict, he
j having made his get-away from Sa
vannah. Ga., where, ho said, he was
serving a sen lenee on the chain-gang
for car robbery.
Was First Sentenced to ll Years,
Rut Judge Reduced Time.
(Anderson Mail, May 26.)
Ernest Ashley was sentenced to
serve ten years for the killing of
Arthur II uglies, this afternoon at
o'clock, by Judge George IS.
Prince. The Court first sentenceu
Ashley to eleven years, but upon ap
peal of counsel reduced the sentence
to ten years.
To the crowded court room Judge
Prince addressed a few remarks be
fore passing tho sentence. He told
of the appeal of many to be lenient,
and that in all his experience he
found it seldom the case that he
could sentence a man to be punish
ed without inflicting an almost like
punishment upon the innocent wife
and children of the man.
Ho referred to the act of friends
of Ashley in disarming Chief of Po
lice Page, and said that it was the
most high-handed act that has come
before him in Iiis judicial career.
Immediately following the pass
ing of Hie sentence of eleven years,
counsel ipr the defense began orgu
ment, u?j??ng Judge Prince to recall
the sentence and make it len years
instead of eleven. I nder the South
Carolina law a ma. sentenced to
more than ten years must appear
bet?re the Chief Justice of the Su
preme, ('our: for bail. Attorneys
pleaded that the eleventh year would
looked like a pointed act on the part ;
of the presiding Judge to provent
the condemned man securing ball.
Judge ''rince dually recalled the sen
! tetter and rosenloncod Ashley to ten ?
yea rs.
Notice of appeal was at once bled
and ball was asked for Ashley. The j
Court lixed the bond at $10,000.'
The Aselhy caso has been one of
the hardest fought cases in Ander
son county in a long time. The trial
began Monday morning, when a jury
was empanelled, and many witnesses
for the prosecution were examined
during the afternoon session and
Tuesday morning.
Croat. Northern Curtails in Shops.
St. Paul, Minn., May 20.-.Head
quarters of the 'Great Northern Rail
way here to-day announced that
every shop on its system except two
will be closed from May 27 to July
j ;>. -More thou 3,000 men will be ftt-i
footed, flight tra Uh waa given as the i
-?>ason fbi thc shnt-doWn.
-,..\Kr A Iso Reduces.
San Bernardino, Cal., May 26.- j
An order for a reduction of employ- |
ces in the Santa Fe mechanical de-j
pertinent at all points on the coast j
lines was issued to-day. Continued
decrease of traffic was said to be the j
ROO quickly relieves Constipation,
Biliousness, Loas of Appel to and
Headaches duo to Torpid laver.-adv
In Yo Bygone Hays.
Good Old Lady-"Here's ten cents,
my good man; but 1 hope that I do
not encourage you to drink?"
Wandering Willie-"Don't worry,
kind lady; I don't need ?'.ny encour
In Court of Common Pleas.
Pursuant to decrees of tho afore
said Court.in the cases named below,
I will olfer for sale, to the highest
bidder, in front of the Court House
door, at Walhalla, South Carolina, on
MONDAY, tho Cth day of JUNE,
1921, between the legal hours of
sale, the tracts of land below de
scribed :
George Seaborn, as (executor of the
Last Will and Testament of .James
Seaborn, Deceased, Plaintiff,
Merial McDonald and C. B. Palmer,
All that certain piece, parcel or
tract of land situate, lying and being
in the county and state aforesaid, on
Ramsay's Creek, adjoining lands of
j Estate of A. M. Kholelter. William
1. Dickson and others, containing
?forty-two and 27-100 acres, more or
I less, being the same land conveyed
Ito Merial McDonald by C. W. Evie
lon 7th day of December. IliiS.
j Terms ol' Sale.-CASH on day of
I sale. That in event of failure of
; the purchaser, or purchasers,.to com
ply with the terms of sale within
five days from day of sale, tho Mas
! tor do re-advertise and re-sell the
j said premises on the following Sales
i day, or ?.onie convenient Salcsday
i Hier?';: fier, at the same place and on
? the same terms as heretofore set out,
nt the risk of the former purchaser,
I or purchasers, and thal he do con
! tinue so to do until ho has found a
j purchaser, or purchasers, who com
j ply with the terms of sale,
i Purchaser to pay extra for papers
! and stamp. W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oconee County, S. C.
May 18, 1921. 20-22
? The Westminster Oil and Fertilizer
I Company, a Corporation Created
and Existing Under the Daws of
I South Carolina. Plaintiff,
Jerry Perry. Defendant,
All of Hie undivided interest of
Jerry Perry in that certain piece,
parcel or tract of land situate, lying
and being in Slate and county afore
mm mmmm mm mmmm mmm mmmmmm mm mmmm mm*
The Willard was first,
The Willard is bettor built,
The Willard lives longer,
The Willard is used most.
THEREFORE, You want and must have
The Willard Battery
in Your Car.
Wc have a complete linc on hand. The name Willard
is a guarantee of perfection in the battery world. Our perscnal
guarantee goes with every battery,
Hughs Garage,
Main Street, Walhalla, S. C
"Satisfied Customers" is Our Motto.
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Here's Your Chance
Progressive Farmer,
$1.00 year,
The Keowee Courier,
$1.00 year,
Either paper well worth Combination
Price of Both. Order yours aow.
For 12 Months
said, and containing thirty-four (34) |
acres, more or less. This land being
lands of August Perry, Deceased,who
is the father of Jerry Perry, and ad
joining lands of Tom Silencer, Henry
Duke and Riley S wa ff ord, and lies
on waters of Tuga loo River.
Terms of Sale.-CASU on day of
sale. That in event of failure of
the purchaser, or purchasers, to com
ply with tho terms of sale forthwith,
that Hie .Master do re-sell the said
premises on the same day, o?
do re-advertise and re-sell the
said premises on the following Sales
day, or some convenient Salcsday
thereafter, at the same place and on
the same terms as heretofore set out,
at the risk of the former purchaser,
or purchasers, and that he do con
tinue so to do until he has found a
purchaser, or purchasers, who shall
comply with the terms of tlie sale.
Purchaser to pay extra for papers
and stamp. W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oconec County, S^C.
May IS, 1921. 20-22
W. C. Hughs, Plain iff,
Landern Johnson, Luther Mickens,
W. B. Jenkins, Odessa Mickens,
Mack Jenkins, Lucius .Mickens,
Elias Jenkins, Puller Jenkins,
Mickie Simpson. Arready Mickens
and Mandy Jenkins,
Def en dan ts.
All that certain piece, parcel or
tract of land situate, lying and be
ing in the State and emin ty above
named, in or near Old Pickens. con
taining ono acre, more or loss, be
ing the same land deeded to Landern
Johnson and his wife. Josie Johnson,
by W. M. Jenkins, as shown hy rec
ord in Deed Pook "3-E," page 2?I??,
in tho office < (he Clerk of Cou ri of
Oconec County, situate on thc north
side of the road leading from Old
Pickens bridge to the old Norton
Prick House, via the Klrksoy place,
now Ed. Cantt. and adjoining Puller
Jenkins lot, (formerly Old Pickens
Jail Lot.) and Ed. Gantt.
Terms of Sale-CASH on day of
sale. That in event of failure of the
purchaser, or purchasers, lo com
ply with the (erins of their bid with
in five days after the day of salo, that
the Master do re-advertise and
re-sell the said premises, and con
tinue so to do until he shall have
found a purchaser who will comply
with tho terms of sale, nt the risk of
former purchaser.
Purchaser to pay extra for pipers
and slump. W. O. Will TE,
Master for Oconee County, s. C.
May 18, 1921. 20-22
John T. Lay and J. D. Ilnrkins, j
Plaintiffs, ?
C. C. Kelley, T. M. Kelley. Lillian S.
Kelley, Mrs. Marion K. Tait, T. R ?
Kelley, Anna I. Kelley.
The undivided Interests af the Do-J
fendnnt8, T. B. Kelle. Mrs. Marion I
K. Tait and Miss Lillian S. Kelley,'
of, in and to all thal certain piece,
parcel or (rael of land situate, lying
and being in Kee we,. Township,
county and Slate aforesaid on Little
River, said tract containing about
C;?0 acres, and being tho Estate of
Mrs. Anna I). Kelley, mother of C. C.
Kelley, and formerly a part of the
Christopher Jones tract of land.
Terms o? Salo.-CASU on day of
sale. That in event of failure of
the purchaser, or purchasers, to com
I ply with the terms of sale forthwith,
i the .Master do re-sell the said premi
ses on the same day, or do re-adver
tise and re-sell the said premises on
j the following Salesday, or on some
j convenient Salesday thereafter at
j tho same place and on the
j same terms as heretofore set out,
I at thc risk of the former purchaser,
j or purchasers, and that he dp con
tinue so to do until he has found a
purchaser, or purchasers, who com
ply with the terms of sale.
Purchaser to pay extra for papers
and stamp. W. O. WHITE,
Master for Goonoo County, S. C.
May IS, 1 021. 20-22
John Robinson, Willie Robinson,
Nancy Wayman, Josephine Robin
son, and Mamie Robinson, hy her
Guardian Ad Litcm, H. P. Holle
man, Plaintiffs,
Hager Maxwell. Defendant.
The undivided one-half interest of
the Plaintiffs. John Robinson, Willie
Robinson, Nancy Wayman, Joseph
ine Robinson and Mamie Robinson,
of, in and to all that piece, pa cr el
or tract of land situate. In the County
of Oconce, State aforesaid, contaiu
j lng thirty acres, more or loss, lying
j on Hie east side of public road, ad
joining lands of Col. Norton Mill
?Tract, Poor House Parin, the samo
j being cut off from tho trac; of land
j conveyed by Samuel Frazier Maxwell
I to his daughters. Linda Maxwell, Sue
j Maxwell and Martha Maxwell, on
17th day of September, IXS?, .
j Terms of Sale.-CASH. That in
event the purchaser, or purchasers,
! refuse or fail lo comply with the
1 terms of sale within live days, tito
. Master then shall re-advertise and
I re-sol I, on some subsequent Sales
day, In tho same form and manner,
Ibo above described premises, nt the
risk of the former purchaser, or pur
chasers, and that he continue so to
Ido until he shall have found a pur
j chaser thal will comply,
j Purchaser to pay extra for papers
.and Stamp. W. O. WHITE,
. 'faster for Coonee County, S. C.
j May 18, 1021. 20-22
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned will mako application to
V. F. Martin, Judge of Probate. lor
Ocoiice County, in Ute Stato of South
Carolina, at his omeo at Walhalla
Court House on Tuesday, tho 14th
day of JUNE, 1921, al ll o'clock
in tho foronoon, or ns soon there
after ns said application can be
heard, for loavo lo mako Anal settle
ment of the Estate of J. N. Watkins,
Deceased, and obtain Final Discharge
as Administratrix of said Estate.
Administratrix of the Estate of J. N.
Watkins. Deceased.
May ll, 1021, '?-22

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