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/AARY Or^^HA^\ B
H i corra ont ri ?rnnui NtrvtfSu
"Hello, Hickory Tree," ?nid the e!d
North Wind.
"Hello, Hickory Tree." said the
Breeze Brothers.
"Hello," said the Hickory Tree.
"You're not very friendly," said the
old North Wind. "You won't play
nicely at ali."
"No," said the Breeze Brothers, "you
won't play at all the wuy we like to
have the trees play."
"At least you won't play according
to my rides of the game," said tho old
North Wind. .
"Ah," said the Hickory Tree, "that
ls because I am known as Strong
Hickory, and all my family have been
known by that name. That ls, the
name of Strong Hickory is not a fam
ily name. Our family name Is simply
that of Hickory.
"But Just the same we have always
been strong and so we call ourselves
the Strong Hickory family.
"You, old N'orth Wind, Uko to havo
the trees do just as you soy."
"Of course," said the old North
Wind, "those are my rules of play
"But you should let me have my
rules, too," said the Hickory Tree.
"Perhaps he should," chuckled the
Breeze Brothers, "but he doesn't like
"You Wont Play.
to let any one els? jnake the rules.
Ho likes to do it all himself. We're
not like that. We don't think you're
as friendly as you alight be. but still
we do not mind If you want to play
according to your own rules. We're
more gentle than old North Wind ls."
"Ah," said the Hickory Tree, "old
North Wind ls used to making the
trees blow wildly. Those are what ha
calls his rules-wild and rough play
"He likes to raise a grest wind
storm and have us do Just as he says.
"But th? hickory trees have their
own rules, too, and they are very de
cided and very firm.
"They do not blow about as others
may do. They do not blow with every
wind or any wind.
"You've heard the old expression of
someon? who will blow away with
every wind that comes. The oxpres
ston is something like that. And lt
means that creatures have no will of
their own. They will always do what
any one else suggests doing whether
tt is wrong or right.
"A person who will he blown hy any
wind ls a person who hasn't much
mind of his own, and very little will
"Now I do not mean that creature*
have to be stubborn. But creatures
mustn't let every one Influence them
or change their opinions and their
ways. If they're gftod opinions and good
"When there ls a storm or a wild
wind the old hickory tree never lets
tts branches fall to the ground the
way some trees do.
"The hickory tree ls strong. We
have strong wood. We have been used
for wagons and for making articles
whtch must be very strong.
"We also make fin? wood for fires.
We have something else to do besides
being blown about as old Mr. North
Wind pleases, though I am sure I do
not wish to be rude.
"I simply wnnt to tell you, old North
Wind, that I cannot play with you ac
cording to your rulos.
"I will blow a little but I will not
let you do with me Just as you choose.
"The Hickory family never have let
the wind do tbnt with them and I am
sure I cannot go bac? on the ways of
the Hickory family."
"Well, we admire you, we must say,"
the Breeze Brothers remarked.
"Maybe I admire you, too," said the
old North Wind, "but that doesn't
mean that I'm not sorry you won't
play according to my rules.
"Often creatures admire other crea
tures who won't be easily Influenced,
but they don't always like to say so.
"Weih good-by, Hickory Tree; it ls
useless to mako you give In I"
To Be Sure.
For a quarter of an hour the master
had boon giving examples of the
names of rivers which in Oreek were
feminine, when he noticed one boy,
blissfully unconscious of the mental
td I flea don he was missing, contem
plating the beauties of nature through
the classroom window.
"Jones I" he roared, "give me a fem
inine river!"
Tho dreamer stirred, and tn a flash
af inspiration answered: "SirI the
tho-Mississippi, slr!"
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Fourth Class Postmasters Must Take
Examination--Some Exceptions.
Washington, May 26.-In regard
to innumerable petitions addressed
to members o? Congress from South
ern States by postmasters of fourth
class offices recently elevated to the
Presidential class, Will Hayes, the
new Postmaster General, made it
known to-day that all such post
masters would be subject to the civil
service examination. The postmas
ters in question secured their Jobs
as a result of examinations, but their
claims will not be recognized. In
n few instances, Mr. Hoyes said, in
cumbents would bo promoted with
out examination if tho President so
It is understood, howevor, that
those promoted will be Republicans,
inasmuch ns the President has tho
option of selecting his appointees
from Hie three scoring tho highest
marks in examinations, it is not
regardod as likely that any of the
Democratic incumbents will bo reap
pointed. Congressmen are writing
thoir inquirers to-day that they aro
full of regret, but powerless to cir
cumvent tho inevitable. Practically
all tho incumbents by arduous toil
increased business sufficiently to
warrant the elevation of their offices
to tl?e Presidential class. Their re
ward will be decapitation.
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Wall Street Hoinb Man Identified.
Jersey City, X. j" May 25.-Giu
seppe de Filippo, charged with com
plicity in tlie Wall street explosion,
was formally identified to-day before
United States Commissioner Hen
rickson as one of the three mon seen
standing beside tho "death wagon"
immediately before the blast.
The Identification was made by
Thos. J. 'Smith, a New York insur
ance inspector, at a hearing of the
charge against Filippo.
.Smith testified to-day that he iden
tified Tito Ligi several weeks ago at
Scranton, Pa., as a person he saw
wrangling with tho driver.
Commissioner Henrlckson hold de
Filippo for action by New York au
thorities, but said he would order the
prisoner's release unless application
for extradition -were made within 30
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Admiral Fletcher Dead.
Norfolk, Va., May 2G.-After a pe
riod of ill health covering several
months, which reached its climax in
an acute attack of heart trouble a
few days ago, Rear Admiral A. F.
Fletcher, commandant of the Fifth
Naval District, died early this morn
ing at the naval base. Heart trouble
caused his death. Admiral Fletcher
was in his 64 th year. Ho was born
In Prussia on Sept. 1, 1857, and had
hoon in the naval service since June
fl, 1873.
Died on OOth Day of Fast.
Selma, iowa, May 25. -"Walter
Oliver, son of a wealthy farmer, died
yesterday on the 6 0th day of a self
imposed fast. Oliver was a consci
entious objector, and was sent to
the Federal penitentiary when ho
refused to don a uniform at Camp
Dodge. Upon his return to his homo
I hero be became a recluse and lator
entered into a fast, declaring, "I will
not take food until tho Lord blosses
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Tnko Sudden and Unexpected Turu
For Early Completion.
(Farm and Factory, 26 th.)
Unexpected developments came to
the board of commissioners last
Wednesday afternoon, and that night
the bonds, recently authorized by
Seneca people, were sold and the con
tracts for both the water and sewer
age plants let. Work is to begin im
mediately, and it is expected that
before the new year the town will
celebrate the completion of both
.Both plants are to cost $149,000.
The bonds woro sold at par, which
means a very neat saving for tho
tax-payers. The engineer who pre
pared tho plans gives the Informa
tion that the water and sewerage
plants will be the best In any town
this size in the State.
J. B. MCCrary Engineering Co.,
Atlanta, Ga., are the successful bid
The work to be done under the
waterworks specifications consists of
the complete installation of the wa
terworks system. The contractors are
to furnish all equipment, materials
and labor to construct and install in
accordance with the plans and speci
fications, tho following:
Force pump station, tho pipe Uno
distribution system within the city
limits; ono pumping station build
ing, one clear water reservoir, one
flltor, one coagulant tank and build
ing, ono dam across the creek at raw
water intake, concrete foundations
for the throe pumps In the pumping
station building and for the tower
and tank, to be located within the
city limits, and two transmission
Unes from a point near the city
limits to tho pumping station. Thc
contractors aro to haul and install
all the above equipment for tho
pumping station; and all this work
was considered as ono item in the
bid accepted.
Tile plans indicate that over 39,
000 feet of piping will bo used lu tho
main distribution system. From the
station noar town ton-Inch pipes will
como down Fair Play street, and at
tho Southern crossing on Fair Play
stroot the piping will be reduced to
six indies in ono direction and eight
in another direction. Fifty hydrants
for fire protection are to bo on tho
Unes, all fed with six-inch mains and
having a pressure sufficient to reach
to tho top of any building In town.
To bo specific, they aro to stand SOO
pounds hydrostatic pressure. Tho
commissioners bavo selected tho Co
lumbia lato model hydrant.
Two f>00 horse-power motors will
bo Installed at the plant. They will
be capable of pumping r>0 0 gallons
por minute against a 4f)0-foot head.
Tho location of the 100,000-gallon
reservoir for the wator systom has
not been definitely decided by tho
commissioners. Wo understand that
sevoral suitable points have boon
found. It will probably bo built
south of the Southern Railway. The
bottom of the tank is to be not near
er than 7 5 feet from ?.he earth sur
face, and it is estimated that this
elevation will give all the water pres
sure needed here for years to come.
The waterworks and sewerage sys
tems will reach every part of town,
with the exception of two sections,
whe? there are no houses.
Tie sower system will be of 8, IO
and 12-inoh tile piping. Thia work
will be carried on at the same time
with the water system. The plans
show that in some parts of the town
the piping will be 16 feet under
ground. Piping will be laid both in
the alloy between Main and First
North streets and along the two
C. H. Ellison. Dr, E. C. Doyle and
Dr. W. P. Austin are of tho opinion
that the price at which the work is
to be done is thc host that possibly
could be had now.
New York attorneys are now en
gaged In reviewing the election and
manner in which the bonds were au
thorized, but since tho entire pro
ceeding? were validated ny the last
Legislature, no hitch is anticipated.
Tho buyers are to pay for printing
bonds and pay the commissioners
accrued interest. The contract calls
for completion of both plants in 180
days after the attorneys approve tho
Jumps Two Stories; Hits Running.
Florence, S. C., May 24.-Fearing
imprisonment on the charge of
breaking an alleged labor contract,
a negro who had boen brought be
fore Hie magistrate here, jumped
from a second story window of tho
Masonic Temple Saturday afternoon
last. In the fall tho negro's body blt
a network of tolephono and electric
light wlros, and it is thought this ac
counts for tho fact that bc was not
hurt. The negro practically struck
Die concroto sidewalk running and
has not boon seen since.
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other Fever Tonic on tho market.
but no ono wants imitations.- adv.
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Rufflod grouse, born in captivity,
seem to crave human companionship
llHOd Net? that Completely Obstruct
Stream-(aught soo Pounds.
Spartnnburg, May 25. - A dozon
farmers wore arrested yesterday by
Rural Policeman J. B. Cooksey on a
charge of violating tho fish laws.
They were Edward Ray, G. P. Mills,
J. W. Smith, Irving Jackson, Will
Belton, Jack Blanton, W. B. Scruggs,
S. P. Mills, Z. B. Jenkins and Ray
mond Harris.
'Mr. Cooksey had beon laying for
them for some time, and yesterday,
ho says, caught thom red-handed.
The men were fishing with a bal
loon-like net in what Is known as
Cowpens Lake. The net, with the
wings to it, completely obstructed
the stream, the officer states. It had
been reported to Rural Policeman
Cooksey that these men had caught
eight hundred pounds of fish recent
ly at one catch. Several days ago
five men wero arrostod in tho vicin
ity charged with violating the fish
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Juno .Marriage Announced.
(Tugaloo Tribune, 24tb.)
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Henry Law
rence announce tho engagement of
their daughtre, Ellen Virginia, to
Miles Aldine Reardon, tho wedding
to occur in the Baptist church of
Pendleton on Thursday evening, 9th
of June, at half-past 6 o'clock.
Miss Lawrence is a charming and
cultured lady and has been teacher
of the first grade in the Westminster
school for tho past two sessions. She
has greatly endeared herself to all
slnco coming into our midst.
Mr. Beardeu is one of our worthy
young men, tho oldest son of Mr. and
Mrs. J. M. Boarden. Ho has been
book-keeper in tho office of the Oco
nee Mills Company for a number of
years. His many friends congratu
late him in winning such a fair
young lady for his bride.
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er. Relieves pain and soreness,
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sprains, ?tv.
$100,000 for Con verso College.
Spn.rtanburg, May 26.-Dr. R. I*.
Poll, president of Converso College,
has announced that during the past
month Converso has received gifts
amounting to $100,000. A gift of
$2.r>,000 from tho Cameglo fund for
tho advancement of education was
followed by a gift of $7 5,000 from
another sourse, the gift hoing made
with tho understanding that tho do
nor's nanto should not bo divulged.
Dr. Poll stated that these gifts havo
added appreciably to tho endowment
fund of Converse College
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Arrive from Overseas-That of San
ford Cain Was Among Thom.
(The State, May 2?.)
The remains ot 22 heroes from
overseas roached Columbia early
yesterday afternoon to bo taken to
their homos in tho Carolinas, Goor
gia and Florida,
Among tho fallon heroes who ar
rived yesterday was Socond 'Lieut.
W. Bratten DoLoach, of Camdon, a
former student of tho University of
South Carolina, who dlod of pneu
monia In Franco oftor tho armistice.
Ho wa8 with Company H, 109th In
Tho Hst also Includes tho first
members of tho 81st Division to bo
returnod from foreign graves with
tho exception of ono soldlor, who
died at Tours.
Following is tho list of tho do
parted horoes, natives of South Car
olina, with their organizations and
homo addresses:
Prvt. Edgar S. Enkln, Co. F, 31 Gili
Infantry, Abbovlllo.
Prvt. John Jenkins, Battalion E.
349th Field Artillory, Dale Station.
Prvt. Frank P. Burns, 300th Sani
tary Train, Greonvlllo.
'Prvt. Prank C. Baker, Army Sorv
ico Corps, labor bureau, McCormick.
Prvt. Ernest C. Colomnn, Head
quarters Company, 53d 'Plonoor In
fantry, Nlnety-JSIx.
Prvt. Jamos N. McClolllon, Com
pany M, 53d Plonoor Infantry, Poi
ze r.
Corpl. Sanford Cain, Battalion C,
21st Field?Artillery, Westminster.
Prvt. Henry L. Brown, Company
F, 324th Infantry, Marlon.
Second Lieut. Wm. B. DoLoach,
Company H, 109th Infantry, Camdon
Prvt. John L. 'Railings, Company
E, 53d Plonoor Tnfnniry, Pagoland.
Cook Richard McMlchaol, Co. H,
3 23d Infantry. North.
Judgo Waddill succeeds Prichard.
Washington, May 26.-Judgo Ed
mund Waddill, Jr., now on tho bondi
of the Eastern Virginia United States
District Court, was nominated by
'President Harding to-day to succeed
the lalo Judgo Joter ?. Prichard, of
Asheville, N. C., as United States
'Judg? of tho Fourth Judicial'Circuit.
Tho President named D. Lawronce
Groner, of Norfolk, Va., to succeed
Judgo Waddill on tho district bench.
Two other Unltod States district
Judges nominated by tho President
were J, W. Ross, for the Western
district of Tennessee, and Charles
Kerr, of Kentucky, for the Canal
lkinib Exploded In Children's Parado.
Sofia, Bulgaria, May 2 6.-King
Boris, standing on tho balcony of tho
Royal Palace, was In close proximity
to tho bomb-throwing incident that
caused eighteen casualties during tho
national holldoy parado yostorday.
The king was watching tho throngs
of people parading In celebration of
tho feast of St. Cyril when tho bomb
burst in the midst of them, In front
of the palace.
The source of tho.explosive ls still
unknown, but a numbor of commun
ist , leaders have been arrested
on suspicion of complicity in tho
Some of the school boys, severely
wounded, are expected to die.
Pastor Shoots Assailant.
Detroit, 'Mich., May 25.-Andrew
Kulick, 37 years old, was shot
through the lung by Rev. John Ko
valsky early to-day, when, with throe
other men, ho ls alleged to haCo at
tempted to break Into the rectory In
I-Iamtramok, a suburb. Father Ko
valsky was roleased following his
statoment to the prosecuting attor
ney. He said bis objection to a cer
tain dance hall in tho vicinity of his
parish bad led to threats against his
lifo. Ho fired at tho intruders this
morning, he said, only after they
had thrown flower pots through tho
roctory windows and shouted that
thoy intondod to kill him. At tho
hospital it was said Kulick may dio.
Evidently He Wanted to Die.
'Rochester, Minn.. May 27.-Tho
city of Rochester to-day will pay tho
bill of a physician for saving a man's
lifo after Jim patient had rofusod to
pay lt. Ed Arnold was plckod up ill
a local park last fall blinded from
tho effects of drinking liojUor con
taining wood alcohol. Yesterday tho
doctor, who attended him informed
tho city council that Arnold had re
fused to pay bis bill of $10. He said
tho man would havo died without
troatment. Tho council allowed the
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