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(Established 1S49.)
Published Every Wednesday Morning 1
Ono Year .$1.00
Six MonUlN.55
Three Months. . .80
Advertising RtitOH Reasonable.
Ry Stock, Sholor, I i uglis & Sliolor.
Communications ot a personal
character charged for aa advertise
Obituary notices, curds of thanks
and tributes of respoct, oltber by
individuals, lodges or churches, aro
ohargod for as for advertisements at
rate of ono cont a word, ('ash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will bo marked "Adv." in
conformity with Federal ruling on
such mutters.
WAIdlAIiliA, S. C.
WE ONES RAY, JUNE 1, 11)1! I.
Wo want to congratulate Walhalla
and community for having the best
ho ha ved hoy; and young men that
can be boasted of by any community
in any section. During the live days
of Chautauqua there was not, so far
?is we have heard of, even one inci
dent that occurred to mar a most,
pleasant and delightful occasion or
spoil for any one the enjoyment of
ll single feature id tho ideal program
of the entire live days. We are moro
than ordinarily pleased to bo able lo
make Hus assertion because Wal
halla is "our town" to a greater do
rree and to a fuller measure than
many might suspect.
Within tho recollection of Hie edi-!
tor of The Courier he has attended
some largo gatherings in somewhat
larger localities, and lie can truth
fully say that he has never Wintessod
more, admirable conduct, on tile in
side and on the outside, than has
characterized tho whole tone and
tenor of the 1921 Chautauqua season
hi 'Walhalla. Tho people have be
haved lil n most excellent manner
hy instinct and intuitively and ga:
Uiitously, The officers have been ob
Horvod to move about tho Chautau
qua premises with a degree of dig-j
tilly thal at once inspired confidence'
on the part of the public that all
would lie well, and an equal confi
dence on the part of any one-If
such an one were present-who may
have felt inclined to "break the rules
of decorum/' that no such procedure
would be tolerated for a moment.
Everything went ?off without a
marring word or act, so far as wo
were able to judge, and so far as we
have been able to hear.
We are glad to commend this ex
cellent spirit that has been so ad
mirably exemplified, lt ls a mighty
healthy sign. Wo feel prouder of
Walhalla than ever before. Walhalla'
Iso town to be proud of, and her peo
ple constitute in the aggregate a cit
izenship than which there is none
belter to he found.
Ac Sunday School Convention, Rock
Hill, .lune 8, I) and 10.
Sparlanburg, May 30. -.Reports
received front all over tho 'State, it
is said, point to a record-breaking
attendance nt tho State Sunday
School Association Convention at
Winthrop College. Hock Hill, .lune
8th, 9th and 10th.
lt is said that the program is the
strongest and most attractive in the
history of tho organization, and with
the added a 11 rac ti veness of Winthrop
College tis the placcof mooting. Hie
at tendance is expected to go beyond
all provious records.
A thorough organisation has been
perfected hy Ibo convention promo
tion committee In nearly every coun
ty in tho State, and hundreds of tuen
and women are busy working up a
large delegation from their respec
tivo communities.
Especial attention is called to the
rael thal the special railroad tales
of one and a half faro for the round
trip are on the eortitleato plan, con
ditional upon ;i"iO certificates being
presented for signature at the con
vention. Consequently, everyone go
lng to the con von lion is urged to get
his perlif?cate when he buys his
ticket, ns he cannot otherwise get
tho benefit of half faro returning.
Very Respectable old Gentleman.
liol Springs. Ark., May 26.-Tho
grand jury to-day refused to Indict
R. M. Drink. SI years old. who re
cently shot George May, 10 years of
age, for alleged attentiveness to Mrs.
Drink, who ls 7T> years old. May
since lins recovered.
Thc prosent national colors of tho
United Sta los wero not adopted by
Congress until 1777.
.J* .J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ol' ?I? ?J? ?|* ?J, ?J? ?J? 4?
?J. ?J? ?J. .J? ?J? ?J? ?J. ?J? ?|? ?J? .]* ?J? ?J?
--At tho closing of tho Walhalla
High School tho scholarship modal
for 1 ?21 was .twardod to Miss Lillie
Hall, of tho graduating class. Four
others received honorable mention,
those hoing Caroline Darby, Eliza
beth Thodo, Anna Probst and Ethel
Hunt. These young ladles have the
hearty congratulations of many
friends on having won this distinc
tion In tho school room.
-'Invitations bavo been received
by us to the graduating oxercises of
Columbia University and Davidson
College (North Carolina.) Wil'bur
1). White's nanto appears among the
young men to grad?alo from the law
department of the University of
South Carolina this year, and Robert
Lee Rogers is among those who will
graduate from Davidson College at
tho present timo. Those young men
are well known hy the people of Wal
halla, and have many friends hero
who will Join with us In congratu
lating them on attaining tho last
round of the ladder in their respec
tivo institutions and becoming tho
possessors of the coveted sheepskins.
Wilbur White is a son of Kev. and
Mrs. J. A. White, of Rtdgevllle, this
Stale, and a nephew of It . T.
.laynes. Esq., of Walhalla. In whose
ellice he has read law for several
summers. Robert Rogers is the son
of Mrs. R. L.'Rogers, of Walhalla.
-At tho trial held before Magis
trate P. Ans. Brown last Monday
Marvin Drowning, who had hoon ar
rested on suspicion as being connec
ted with the entry and robbery of
thc store of W. M. Murphrce, of tho
Oconee Creek section, Mr. drowning
was dismissed, thora being no evi
dence to hold him in connection and
nothing upon which even suspicion
could rest. In making mention of
the case last week we sLltod lhat
officers had traced steps from the
Murphrce store to the. home of Mar
vin Drowning, but we are informed
that this information was incorrect.
Mr. Murphrce. assisted by citizens
ot the community, wo are now in
formed, followed the tracks from
the stoiv lo within about three hun
dred yards of tho Browning home,
and when the officers arrived 'he
Drowning home was sea rob od, with
ibo result \n given last we? k. nenr-'y
the Unding of only some loose, flour
in the Browning house. The acquit
tal before the magistrate, according
to our informants, ls what every
body in the neighborhood expected.
Mr. Browning bears a good reputa
tion in the community, where he has
lived for several years.
-John Holden, of the Salem sec
tion of Oconee, was brought to Wal
halla the latter parts of last week for
medical and suigicai attention, he
having been shot and seriously hurt
about ten days ago. It was hard to
get doctors to bim for attention at
times needed, and hence the moving
of Ibo wounded man closer to the
doctors, lie was shot in the hip,
tho bullet ranging downward and
coining out In the fleshy part of tho
log. It is said that some time ago
Mr. Holden and W. H. Alexander,
a neighbor, had some trouble, and
it is thought that the shooting is tho
outcome of this trouble. Tho shoot
ing occurred at tho barn of Mr. Hol
den on the evening of May 18th,
Just before dark, as Mr. Holden was
engaged In feeding his stock. He
was shot from ambush, and lay, it
is said, In a serious condition for
quite a while before he was found
and taken to his homo. Alexander
was later arrested, charged with hav
ing done the shooting. He gave bond
for appearance for a lr>\ring before
Magistrate Talley, of Salem, on the
10th of June, lt is said'thal the con
dition of Mr. Holden is considered
quite serious, though he ls not in a
critical condition.
-Several weeks ago a series of
robberies took place In tho Fair Play
section of Oconee county and just
across the river In Georgia. Thc
store house of Larry Marett at Fair
Play and that of Kirby Smith, near
Knox's Bridge, were both broken in
to. On the Georgia side, between tho
river and Lavonla, Sim Thomas's
store was entered and quite a quan
tity of goods taken from each of
them. No trace of the thieves could
be found, but one day last week tho
officers were making search of the
premises of one Golden, Just abovo
Knox's Hrulge, and while thus en
gaged things began lo happen. They
discovered the man who had stolen
a Buick automobile from n party at
Newry some months ago and arrest
ed him on thal chaine. Ile then
"spilled the beans" on others of the
little party. In le s than 18 hours
the officers had (anded Matthew
Sheriff, Drack Golden. Doh Edmonds
and Otis Stnndrldge in the Oconeo
Jail. All of thom but Sheriff wero
found with stolen goods in their pos
session, and lt is understood* that
they have ether strong evidence
against sheriff. Sheriff made bond
for Ins appearance at Court in July,
bul all the ethers are in jail await
ing their trial,
Tlier?. are many in this section
who will learn with regret of tho
?lea I h of Miss Dora Wiebens, who
passed away on Monday evening last
.May :l0tll, at 2.38 o'clock. She lias
?eon called to reap her reward.which
s sure and unmistakable. Miss Wie
bens suffered from cancer for eleven
wooka, bul bore it with patience
Amid ber intense suffering she al
ways had a kind word for all who
visited her. She bad been doing
mission work through the niue
Ridge mountains for thc past twen
ty years, she was a member Of Wes
leyan church of Westminster and
was true and faithful to her church
and to the work of her Master She
was 65 years old on April 21 at past.
Miss Wiebens leaves to mourn her
death a son. J, A. Wiebens, of Roch
ester. N\ Y.. two sisters, Miss Mona
Wiebens and Mrs. J. ?. Duncan, of
Wost Union, and one brother. Fred
Wiebens, of California. Funoral sor
vicos will be held at the Wesloyan
church at Westminster this (Wod
nosday) afternoon at 1.30. Thoro
will also bo other services at Wei
Several Case? of Typhoid Fever 1?
Community--Personal items.
?Bounty Lund, May 3f>..-Special:
Miss Annie Hugh Alexander, of 101
herton, On., ia visiting at the lionio
of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Marett.
Miss Lura Perritt, who has been
teaching In the graded school "f
North Augusta, Ga., returned Satur
day to spend a vacation with lier oa
ronts, Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Perrin.
Mrs. Edington and Mrs. Thomas,
of Seneca, were In tho community a
while Sunday afternon.
Mrs. Julia D. saan kiln and son,
Edgar, attended tho commencement |
exorcises of Andetson High School
the latter part of the week. Miss
Mary Julia Shanklin, her grand
daughter, was a member of the grad
uating class.
Miss Susan Doyle returned to Au
gusta, Ga., Thursday after a ten-day
visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs
Jasper Doyle.
Miss Sarah Davis, of the Corinth
section, was in the community for a
short while Sunday. Miss Davis and
Miss Sallie Davis will leave Wed
nesday for a visit of some length to
relatives in l-l an ford, Cal.
Kev. I). T. Hays, of Westminster,
was a lato Ruest of Frank Williams.
The many friends of Jim Merry,
of Statesvile, X. C., are anticipating
an early visit from him.
.Miss Clara Korr, of Wost Union,
visited Miss Eula Rankin the week
John V. Strihling, of Anderson, is
visiting his sister, Mrs. T. 13. Wyley,
and other relatives at Richland.
W. D. Wright has developed a case
of mumps. Other members of the
Wright family have been afflicted
with the same contagion. All aro
doing fairly well.
The many friends of Grover Hub
bard will regret to learn that he is
a victim of typhoid fever. Ho is
getting along ;n well as could be
expectod, although the crisis has not
been reached. There are also two
typhoid cases among the tenants of
J. H. Alley. We Join In the hope of
an early extermination of the ty
phoid germ.
Sam Ballenger and family and
John Davis, of Greenville, were tho
guests for the week-end at the home
of J. A. Dendy.
Miss Olive Lynch is receiving the
congratulations of her many friends
upon having won tho sdiolarship
medal offered by G. W. Gigntlllat
in the Seneca High Schiol. Miss
"Lynch is. one of our most brilliant
young ladies, and this distinction is
a merited compliment to hor ability
In the high school work.
(Miss Frances Blackwell ls visiting
her uncle, /fl. R. McDonald, of Wal
halla, and taking in the Chautauqua
Mrs. Mattie McDonald and Mrs.
J. P. Blackwell attended tho pro
tracted meeting in the Seneca Meth
odist church last week.
Mrs. W. H. Hughs has been in
Walhalla for several days and is
being entertained by a newly arrived
granddaughter at the homo of Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Hughs.
Mrs. Will Berry, who nos been
visiting relatives in IMckens, re
turned a few days ago to the home
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Miss Grace Vernor has been sp -lid
ing a few days with Mr and Mrs,
.Furman Burns, of Fountain Inn, Mr.
and Mrs. Burns accompanying her
home for a week-end visit.
Stiles C. Strihling and sister, Misri
Belle Strihling, of Gaffney, are guests
of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P.
Strihling. .Miss Strihling has been
teaching in the Gaffney school.
Jack and Ruby Lumpkin. of West
minster, have boen visiting their
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
Miss Mattie Sue Marett is in
Greenville as a guest of her sister,
Mrs. Ben Ellison.
Mrs. Herbert La ttl moro and baby
daughter, Eveline, who have boon
boarding with Mrs. Jasper Doylo foi
the past ten weeks, left Sundny foi
Whiterock. Lexington county, where
her husband ls engaged as foreman
In road construction. Mrs. Latti
more won many friends during hoi
short stay in this community whe
regret her departure.
Dean Davis has been quite indis
posed, but ls able to be out again.
Marion Hughs, who has recentl>
completed a business courso in At
lauta, will begin work lo-day as ar
employee of thc Western Union Tel
egraph Co. in Atlantr..
Miss Cary Doyle returned Tues
day from a delightful visit to Mr
and Mrs. R. H. Smithson noar Plod
Subscribo for Tho Courier. (Dost)
como on Hie same date at 4 p. m.
after which the body will bo laid tc
rest and to await tho resurrection
morn. Thoro aro many who will
Join with us In extending to tho be
reaved ones sympathy In their bout
of sorrow.
Brief Local Notes from Seneca.
Seneca, May 30.-Special: Miss
Thelma Verner, a member of tho
freshman class of Winthrop College,
has returned home for the vacation.
Miss Frances Alexander has re
turned homo from Flora McDonald
College, Hod Springs, N. C. She has
hoon a mombor of the freshman class
of that institution during the past
Misses Lola Thompson and Wini
fred Adams will attend the summer
school at Winthrop College this sum
Miss Margie Holland will leave
for Charlottesville, Va., to-morrow
(Tuesday), where sho will attend
summer school at the University of
T)r. E. A. Hines will deliver an ad
dress this week at Chester to tho
District Medical Association, and
will also attend Winthrop College
com moncoment.
R. A. Bowen, of Bickens, visited at
tho home of his son, C. M. Bowen,
last week.
Tho Once-a-Week Club met at the !
home of Mrs. J. P. Coates Thursday I
afternoon, May 2fi. After the pro-1
gram had been carried out a deli
cious ice course was served.
The Senior Christian Endeavor of
the Presbyterian church enjoyed a
picnic at Lowell Smith's farm Fri
day, May 27th.
In Attractive Case.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or
Money Refunded.
This offer for a limited
time only.
Remit by money order or
cash-(no stamps)
Frai Razor Co,
Tho State of South Carolina,
County of Oconee.
'W. Frank Sheldon, Plaintiff,
O, C. Williams and Ceorgo Perry,
plaint Not Served.)
To tho Defendants above named:
You are hereby summoned and re
quired to answer tho Complaint In
this action, which was filed in the
o?llco of the Clerk of tho Court of
Common Pleas for tho said County,
on the 18th day of May, 1921, and to
serve n copy of your Answer to the
said Complaint on the subscribers, at|
their office, on the Public Square, at
Walhalla Court House, South Caro
lina, within twenty days after tho
service hereof, exclusive of Hie day
of such service; and if you fail to
answor tho Complaint within tho
Hmo aforesaid, the Plaintiff In this
action will apply to the Court for tho
rcliof demanded in the Complaint.
Dated this 18th day of May. A. D.
1021. S HELOR & HUGHS,
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
(Seal.) W. J. SCHRODER,
C. C. P.
May 25, 1021. 2 1-2.1
Tho State of South Carolina,
County of Oconee.
11 To the Qualified Electors and Resi
dential Freeholders of Legal Vot
ing Ago in Return School Dis
trict, No. i : -
11 Election will be held at 'Return
School Houso on WEDNESDAY, thc
8th day of June, 1021, between the
hours of 7 A. M. and I P. M.. for tho I
purposo of voting upon tho question
of levying a Special Tax of Two
Mills on all taxablo property of said
District, to be used for school par
posos in said District, In accordance
with Section 1712, Civil Code of
South Carolina, 1012.
Trustees of Return School District,
No. 4.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
Tax Books for the collection of Mu
nicipal Taxes for tho year 1021 aro
now opon nt tho office of tho Clork
and Treasurer, In tho City Hall, first
floor, In tho roar.
'Pay your taxes carly and avoid tho
penalty. T. A. Git ANT,
Clerk and Treasurer,
Town of Walhalla, S. C.
Juno 1, 1921. 22-tf
Side-Dressing Cotton
Some people have planted cotton without fertilizing
it and a great many have fertilized it lightly. Cotton is
late and needs stimulating. We are making a goods
that will give it just what it needs.
It should be applied as early as possible. Just as
soon as it is cleaned out and thinned out. It will pay
you three or four times as much as it costs you.
The goods are ready for you.
Anderson Phosphate
and Oil Co.,
W. F. FARMER, Secretary.
.See Our Agents:
Senecca, S. C. West Union, S. C.
C. P. WALKER, Walhalla, S. C.
Make Every Reid Hog-Tight
Good Fencing protects your live stock and growing crops.
After harvest you can pasture fields as desired. From year
to year you can rotate crops scientifically. In fact, good fenc
ing is essential to modern, profitable farming.
"Pittsburgh Perfect"
Electrically Welded Farm Fencing
helps put farming on a business basis. It puts fields
entirely under your control, enabling you to farm
them most profitably.
, There ore heights and designs of "Pittsburgh Perfect" fencing
t for every farm purpose. It is a perfected fence of uniform
\ high quality, and every rod guaran teed. The electrical .weld
% makes it a one-piece steel fabric of great strength and dura
K; bili ty. See us for your fencing, barbed wire, staples, etc
:)C W. Pitchford,
< Walhalla, S. C.
In the District Court of tho United
States-For tho Western District
of South Carolina.
'In the Matter of Frederick Charles
Ayer. Bankrupt.-No. B-223, in
To tho Creditors of thc above named
Bankrupt: -
Take Notice that on May 20, 1021,
tho above namod bankrupt filed his
petition In said Court praying that
he may bo decreed by tho Court to
have a full dlcsharge from all debts
provable against his estate, except
such debts as aro excepted from such
discharge, and a hearing was there
upon ordered and will bo had upon
said petition on JUNE 21, 1921, be
fore said Court, at Greonvllle, in
said District, at 11 o'clock in tho
forenoon, at which timo and place
all known creditors and other per
sons in interest may appoar and
show causo, if any thoy have, why
tho prayer of said petition should
not bo granted.
D. C .DURHAM, Clerk.
Dated at Greenville, S. C.. May 20,
1921. 21-21
In tho District Court of the United
States--For Hie Western District
of South Carolina.
In the Matter of J. W. DOOLEY,
Bankrupt.-No. B-19?, in Bank
To tho Creditors of tho above namod
Take notice that on May 20, 1021,
the above named bankrupt filed his
petition in said Court praying that
ho may be decreed by the Court lo
have a full discharge from all debts
provable against bis estate, oxcept
such debts as are excepted by law
from such discharge, and a hearing
was thereupon ordered, and will be
had upon said petition, on JUNE
21, 1021, ooforo said Court, at
C.reenville, In said District, at 1 1
o'clock in tho forenoon, at which
Hmo and place all known creditors
and other persons in interest may
appear and show cause, If any they
have, why Hie prayer of sold poli
tl?n should not be granted.
D. C. DURHAM, Clerk.
Dated at Greenville, S. C., May 20,
1021. 21-21
All persons lndobted to the Estate
of Mrs. Sallio C. Goodman, Decoased.
are horeby notified to make payment
to tho undersigned, and all per
sons having claims against said ca
tato will present the same, ditly At
tested, within tho time proscribed by
law, or ho 1?
Administratrix of the Estate of Mrs.
Sallio C. Goodman, Doceased.
May 25, 1921. 21-24
By authority contained in certain
Tax Executions to me directed by
R. H. Alexander, Treasurer o? Oco
neo county, South Carolina, I here
by offer for sale, on MONDAY, the
6th day of JUNE, 1921, at public
outcry, In front of the Court House
door, in Walhalla, S. C., the follow
ing described property, to wit:
One lot of land situated in Sen
eca Township, containing half acre,
adjoining lands of T. \. Harbin and
others. Levied on as proporty of W.
F. Hunnicutt at suit or tho State for
Eleven acres of land in White
water Township, adjoining lands of
W. M. Brown and others, on Toxa
way river. Levied on as tho proper
ty of Mrs. H. M. Blackshear at suit
.of tho State for taxes.
Ton acres of land in Whitewater
Township, adjoining lands of Dr. C.
'Oriinshawo and others, on White
water river. Levied on as property
of Mrs. H. 'M. Blackshear at suit of
tho State for taxes.
Sheriff Oconee County, S. C.
May 18, 1921. 20-22
To the Trustoos and Patrons of Oco
nee County-Take Notice:
You will meet at the various school
houses on Saturday, Juno 4th, for
tho purpose of nominating a man to
servo as Trustee for throe yoars.
Under the law one Trustee's com
mission expires July 1st, 1921, in
each School District.
Polls will open at 1 o'clock P. M.
and closo at :i o'clock P. 'M. All
I white patrons will be allowed to vote.
I Trustees will act as Manngors of
Election. Ii. C. SPEARES,
I Supt. of Education, Oconee County.
May 18, 1921. 20-22
You are hereby notified to bo at
Walhalla Court House on SATUR
j DAY morning. June 4th, 1921, at ll
j o'clock, if you aro interested in of
fering bids on buildings to be orect
ed, as follows:
At Tamassoe,
At Tugaloo, and
At South Union.
Plans and specifications can bo
soon at my office. It is likoly that
other contracts will be lot also.
Supt. of Education, Oconeo Co.
May 25, 1921. 21-22
Tho first newspaper advertisement
appoarod in 1652.
The oxact duration of tho World
War was four years, throe months
and elovon days.

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