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(Established 1849.)
Published Every Wednesday Morning
Ono Year .'.$1.00
Six Month?.55
Throo Months.80
Advertising Hutes Reasonable.
By Stock, Sbelor, Hughs & Sholor.
Communications ut a personal
character charged for as advertise
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
and tributes of respect, either by
Individuals, lodges or churches, are
charged for as for advertisements at
rate of one cent a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will bo marked "Adv." in
conformity with Federal ruling on
such mutters.
WA Ul I AIJ?\, S. C.
\V<*)I>\ESI>AY, JUN 10 I, lf?21.
j The Story of \
\ Our States \
* *
' Sf^*^?^ .PUK STORY *
J ^^?gg^r il en ry Hud- ?j
0 son's voyago in his lilli?? boal, ,
* the Half Moon, up the river *
t which now bears his name, for *
J at (hat early date an (tullun J
t navigator, Verruzano, exploring *
J for France, sailed into New J
t York buy. Thia Hist visit to #
J New York made little stir and *
* was soon forgotten, and it was *
' Hudson's rediscovery which t
J templed the Dutch to send over J
0 colonists und obtain for tho *
*f Dutch West India company a J
t monopoly of the Dutch fur trade $
J In America. The new colony J
0 which was started in lOii.'I called 0
\ Its territory New Netherlands, '
* after Its mother country, and *
* their principal city New Anster* '
J dam. It ls Interesting to reflect J
0 that Manhattan Island, which is J
J now New York city, was pur- *
0 chased from tito Indians for $24 ?
' worth of heads and ribbons. *
* Even In Its earliest days the set- *
1 t lenient on Manhattan Island J
' was cosmopolitan. lu 1043 it is 0
0 reported that eighteen different J I
' languages were spoken there. 4
0 In 1004 tho English captured J
J New Netherlands, and King .?
/ Charita II presented the colony J
J to his brother, the duke of York, *
0 who was later Klug Jumes II, t
\ and Its name was then changed *
* I?? New York. 4
0 N(*v York played a leading J
J lia rt in the formation of the *
0 United States. It was Alezan- ?
J der Hamilton who was New *
0 York's representative tn framing \
*t the Constitution and it was New J
0 York city which was selected as 4
J the lirai capital of tho new J
?. Union, when? Washington was 4
0 Inaugurated the first president, j
* Ever since the Empire state, as 4
t New York ls some)lines called, J
J has held the deciding voice In '
0 presidential elections. Though '
J Us size ia only 40,204 square J
0 miles, not quite half way in tho 4
* Hs? of states according to area, ?
* its great population gives Now 4
0 York forty-live presidential elec- J
J tors, thc largest number of any 4
0 of (he states. J
1 <<cl hy McClurn Nt?wH|t?.|i<*r Syndicate.) ?
Prisoner Sav?M Officer's Lifo.
York. S. C., May 25. Alex Chil
ders, serving a Jail sentence follow
ing conviction in the Culled States
Court for distilling, probably saved
lh?? life of Deputy Sheriff Tom Quinn
ai the county Jail lo ?lay when the
officer was attacked by John Hud
son, alleged burglar, while he was
feeding th?1 prisoners. The deputy
?hierin was shot in Hie stomach and
left thigh in the scuttle over his own
pistol. The bullet, however, barely
grazed the Mesh. Childers, seeing the
officer about ovorpowored, knockel
Hudson down and helped him until
another officor arrived.
Wc are proud of tho confidence
doctors, druggists and (ho public
lui ve in (IOU Chill and Fever Tonic.
Franklin Karo Company Sohl.
Richmond, Va., May 20. . The
Franklin Karo Company, which re
cently weal into bankruptcy, was
sold at auction here Wednesday for
the price of $40,000, lo A. F. Kratz.
Tho company manufactured syrups
and chewing gum and had an oxton
sive business, but tho depressed Sou
thern trade forced bankruptcy. Tho
sale will have to ho confirmed by the
United Slates Court.
Subscribo for Tho Courior. (Rest.)
Grund Ijodge lukins an Activo Cam
paign Agninwt Illiteracy.
Greenwood, Muy 25.-South Caro
lina Pythians brushed aside old-time
customs hore to-day and launched a
vigorous campaign against illiteracy
and for activity in community af
fairs when the Grand Lodge grasped
a roal vision of Pythianism. George
C. Cabell, Supreme Vico Chancello?*,
brought a wonderful mossago to tho
Knights, and enthusiasm knew no
bounds following tho oratorical dis
play by the distinguished visitor and
members of the Grand Lodge.
Henry 0. Tillman, of Greenwood,
was elected Grand Chancellor, and
he started a demonstrtaion during
the discussion of educational affairs
when he exclaimed, "Lay on, Mc Db ff,
and damned bo ho who ll rsl cries,
' I lold ! {{Dough ! ' "
C. I). Brown, Grand Keeper of Re
cords and Seal, brought members of
ibo lodge to iholr foot amid a thun
dering roar when he read a telegram
from President Harding. The chief
of thc nation is an ardent Pythian,
and he encouraged the Carolinians
with cheering words.
Ills brief message was as follows:
"Please extend lo the Grand Do
main of South Carolina my expres
sion of good will and fraterna) inter
est. Warren G. Harding."
Tho Grand Lodge created a coin
mission on Pythian service, and moro
activity in community affairs will he
the slogan of the latest movement
in Pythian circles. The commission
will survey the Held and otter such j
suggestions as will promote the In
terests of the order and L li o welfare
of the communities.
Made lOloquont Appeals.
W. II. Morton, Past Grand Chan-;
cellor, and an Instructor at Converse)
College, stood before the Grand j
Lodge of Pythians and related a lew j
details of illiteracy so prevalent in I
South Carolina. Alva M. dunkin, of'
Columbia, also took tho Moor and :
made an eloquent appeal for Pyth- |
ians to arise to the occasion and
light the foe. He said South Caro
lina stood in an outrageous position
in educational affairs, and he de
clared that Bolshevism caine from
benighted classes.
Sitting In tho assombly was Goo.
Cabell, a brilliant typo of Southern
chivalry. Ile heard the statements
about ignorance In the State, and ho
arose to his feet and delivered ono j
of the ablest addresses ever heard
by a body of Pythians. He said the
ordor should blaze tho trail in the
eiTort to wipo out illiteracy. He lold
tho delegates to go to their homes
and stand for the church and tho
school, these being the community's
best assets. He said that every lodgo
should have committees to urge law
makers to do things and not talk all
day long. Everybody loves a doer,
the Supreme Vice Chancellor said-?
and "damn a good-for-nothing fellow
in a community," he shouted. Mr.
Cabell urged Pythians to bo politi
cians in the best sense of thc word
and make the most of it. Real poli
ticians are long on promises and are
short on action, he declared, and he
appealed for talk plus action.
Henry C. Tillman, who was then
Just a few minutes from the chief
position in the order, joined in tho
demonstration for better school facil
ities, and offered a resolution to the
effect that the Grund Chancellor ap
point a committee of three to attend
tho Spartanburg Educational Con
vention in .Inly, The resolution was
adopted amid enthusiasm, and W. H.
Morton, A. G. Rein bert and W. F.
Robertson were appointed to repre
sent the Pythians.
Ibo Pythians1 I ii tile Ward.
Carolina Pythians are watching
over little Harriet Causey, who was
seriously and painfully injured by
swallowing concentrated lye. Three
oporatlons have boen performed in
an effort to restore the power lo
swallow. The Knights are sparing
neither time nor expense to bring tho
Kill to a healthy condition, and favor
able reports encouraged tho Grand
Lodge to-day. The little sufferer is
a patient at the Pryor Hospital nt
Grand Chancellor Tillman in a
brief inaugural address asked for
co-operation and best endeavors. Ile
ur god I ho Pythians to catch the vis
ion and grasp opportunities lo up
lift communities in social, educa
tional and religious affairs.
Supreme Vice Chancellor Cabell
bade the Grand Lodge an affection
ate farewell. He declared that his
visit to South Carolina had given him
inspiration. He said hr was wonder
fully surprised at lin- type of men
who composed the Grand Lodgo, and
that if spared he would again visit
the State
? Meet Next In Spartanburg.
Tho next meeting of tho Grand
Lodge will be held in Spartanburg in
May, 10 22.
Now ('rand I<odgo Ofilcors.
Tho following ofUcors wore olocled
and tho installation coromonios wore
conducted by A. G. Rombort, assist
ed by Rev. Louis J. Bristow and I?\
S. Evans, Past Graud Chancellors:
Henry C. Tillman, of Greenwood,
Grand Chancellor.
.). C. Guilds, of Columbia, Grand
Vice Chancellor.
J. II, Craig, of Anderson, Grand
C. I). Brown, of Abbeville, Grand
Keeper of Records and Seal.
Wilson G. Harvey, of Charleston,
Grand Master of Exchequer.
'Rev. S. W. DU'Bose, of Wasley.
Grand Master-at-Arms.
IO. p. Lemacks, of Walterboro.
Grand Inner Guard.
W. I). Morph, of Spartunlmrg.
Grand Outer Guard.
Herbert B. Gyles, of Aiken. Su
preme Representativo; p. Kinlay
Henderson, of Aiken, alternate rep
Deputies for (bo Districts.
Tho following district donn tics
wore named by tho Grand Chancel
First District-Geo. Wachsaruih.
Second District-Rev. E. V. Baldy.
Third District- Ernest L. Allen.
Fourth District-James F. WU-I
Hums, Columbia.
Fifth District-C.H. Matthis.'.Man
Sixth District-W. L. Murphy, of j
('hosier. j
Seventh Dsitrlct-AV. p. Jacobs, j
Eighth District-E. M. Moffclt.
Retiring Grand Chnncollor Hen
derson was complimented by the
committee on thc state of the order, j
He was given credit for tho gain in
mum hersh ip and activity of lodges'
in all parts of tho Stato. Thc com- j
millee examined tho reports of tho
Grand Lodge officers and offered sev- '
eral recommendations, which were
The nuance committee recommend
ed appropriations amounting to $11,
02S.90. The orphans were remem
bered in tito distribution of thc fund.
Tho por capita tax will romain tho
same as last year.
Tho payroll for the Greenwood
convention amounted to $1.700.
John A. Flkin, of Columbia, was ?
tho oldest Pythian at the conven
tion. He is a charter member of
Myrtle Lodge and was created a
Knight on March 30, 1872.
Charleston delegates created in
terest in the Pythian Sisters, and as
soon as ten temples are organized
tho women will Institut! a Stato
temple. Charleston, Columbia and
NTew Brookland have their temples. :
The next time
you buy calomel
ask for
The purified and refined
calomel tablets that are
nausealess, safe and sure.
Medicinal virtues retain
ed and improved. Sold
only in sealed packages.
Price 35c.
den. Aguilar is Released.
Washington, May 26.-Immigra
tion authorities Thursday ordered
the release from prison of Gen. Can
dido Aguilar, son-in-law of former
President Carranza, who was ar
rested near Marta, Texas, for enter
ing the United Slates without a pass
port. Gen Aguilar crossed the bor
der In great haste, just ahead of
some Obrogon bayonets.
Tho United States immigration au
thorities arrested him for entoring
without a passport, and he was put
in Jail. Tho state Department Thurs
day ordered thal he br- given a sta
tus of ti political refugee and releas
ed from prison, lt is understood that
Aguilar ls endeavoring to got safe
passage to Cuba or South America.
Calomel ls quicksilver, It attacks
tho hones and paralyzes tho liver
Your dealer ?sells each bottle of
pleasant, harmless "Dodson's Liver
Tono" under an ironclad, money
back guarantee that lt will rogulato
tho livor, stomach and bowels bettor
than calomel, without sickening or
salivating you-15 million bottles
The Treasurer
Extension Department. Moody
Dlble Institute, Chicago.
TEXT.-Judaa alBO know the place
John 18:2.
Keeping good company ls v.ell, but
lt cannot guarantee that one ls good. ;
Judas is with the |
other eleven I
apostles, and with
Jesus too. He :
knows the Oar- j
den of Ucthsem- J
une ns a place
where Jesus oft- :
en visits. He has
been there with
him, nevertheless j
be ls a betrayor. !
Like the foolish
virgins in the par- ;
able, he has had
enough of the oil of tho Holy Spirit's
Influence on his soul to make him ac
cept our Lord's company In such a
pince, but lie will not accept of eternal
life as a gift. Outwardly he bas
Joined the Apostles'Band, but, Inward- ,
ly he is a thief. Good company, but
a thief's heart !
His choosing to "Join" before ho I
had "received" may have cost him his |
soul. If he had humbly insisted upon j
not Joining until he had accepted our
Lord Jesus Christ as the one who
would fulfill all sacrificial types for
sinners, then he might have ranked
with John or Paul.
Ho know the place. Those trees
could talk to him. Ho could gather
messages from the footprints and
paths there. Tho very air was elo
quent, to him. Oh. there are records
which do not Ht Into music boxes or
conform to machinery. They are
heard at most unexpected times. As
If started by unseen hands, lu the
dark of tho night, they compel us to
listen, .lust aa some who read this
can hardly help thinking of the path
up to the old schoolhouse, where, In
the winter revival, they sang, "Como
yo sinners poor and needy," or of tho
old kitchen In tho old farmhouse
whero family prayers were conducted
once a dny. How often the Spirit of j
God whlspors, "Forget not all his ben
efits." But Judas had a sinful heart
and would not yield that to Jesus the
Bin-bearer. The place was outside the
man, the heart of sin was close with- i
In. Croon over tho place, he might, |
but like a soldier on guard, he would
light Jesus away from that citadel of
the heart. .
And why should Judas be one of
the twelve? To be sure, he ls later j
substituted by Matthias, but why was j
he ever admitted? "I have chosen ;
you twelve and one of you ls a devil," j
are the words so startling. And that 1
one the treasurer I Yes, for when God '
ls manifested fighting sin, he asks for
no favors or quarter. He fights lt j
on Its own ground and out la the
open. Tho apostles are In the thick
of the centuries-old conflict with hu- j
men sin. So far as the record states i
there could not have been much money i
for Judas to handle anyway. But he
can be allowed to add and subtract
nod have first-hand Information,
where, if there had been any trick
?ry advised, ho would have known :
about lt.
Now this ls the mon who sells Jesus
for a few cents moro than five dollars. I
Yes, but this ls thc man who through- .
out tho wholo known record novor
states that ho finds any traco of docep- |
tlon or trickery on Jesus' patt. This j
"son of perdition" on thc Inside, with
first-hand Information, this "devil"
cannot find a daw or a fleck In all the
' structure of Jesus' conduct. He ob
jects to Mary anointing him. but re
member, he nowhere culls him
Do we not see that today men and
women, wayward and guilty, will any
that they do uot critlcizo Jesus? Illa
enemies admit, bj tho ten thousand,
that they "find no fault In him." Yet
they refuse bim their henrts. How
could Josus Christ be such a true
teacher, leader of men and oxnmple
If bis repeated declaration of hi?
Savior-ship wero falso? How can a
mon properly appreciate his teaching
and his wonder works and at the same
moment rejoct his shod blood? You
odmlre him, but you do not receive
him ; boware lest, for a price, you soil
There Is another "ploce" mentioned
lu tho nccount. Judas went to "his
own place." Ho had heard of that
place from Jesus himself. "To bo
cast Into hell" had doubtless rung In
his ears more than once. No garden
with olive trees thero. No Jesus to
teach ono thero. The salo Judas made
and that placo aro closely associated.
If he will hear him tench and even
endorse bis greatnoss, but yet hnve
the heart to sell him, that ono place
ls his destiny. Soul, do not reject tho
Lord J?sus aa Saviour today, lest, to
morrow tho heart that so rejects
proves to bo tho heart that sells, and
you enter that-"place." Like a garden I
whose trees and flowers all speak of I
blesslvg, so is his grace today, but, j
If you reject that, I would that you
might realize that you turn toward
Judas* place. Judas had, as lt were,
. deed in hand to that placo when he
was right In tho company of Jesus.
He had fully realized lt, doubtless the
very possession of lt would have been
to him like fire.
Tho surface of the body of a com
mon angle worm ls covered with tiny
Charleston, Miss.-Mrs
says: "J have never had t
because if I felt headache, c
in the mouth, which come:
take a dose or more of Bl
straighten me out and mak
We have used in our family
and it certainly is the best
It has not only saved me m<
system in shape, and has
many physics do, I recomri
glad to do so." Black-Drai
medicine which you have d
When you feel badly all o
taste in your mouth, biliou;
Thedford's Black-Draught.
Always Insist o
Cull Drags Child to Death;
(Picketts Sentinel.)
ittle Prances Chapman, tho eight
year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S.
C.Chapman, of the Lennard! section,
met a horrible and almost instant
death about 7 o'clock Wednesday
evening, being dragged by a calf at
the end of a rope for more than two
hundred yards. Anally hitting a tree,
the force of the blow breaking the
rope. 'Her father and brothers ran
to her rescue and picked her up. but
life wns almost gonn. She lingered ?
until about 11 o'clock, when death
relioved her of her suffering. Her
neck was broken.
Tho little girl was helping her
father and brother with the chores
about the house and was watering
the calf. She had wrapped the rope
around her wrist and when tho calf
became frightened and began to run
she was unable to free herself.
Funeral services were held Thurs
day afternoon at 4 o'clock at Tabor
church. Tho many friends of tl"*
family sympathize with them in the
tragic leath of their child.
The Advice of This. Walhalla Woman
ls of Certain Value.
Many a woman's back has many
a eh es and pains.
Ofttimes 'tis tho kidneys' fault.
That's why Doan's Kidney Pills are
tao effective. Ask your neighbor!
Meny Walhalla women know ..his.
Road what one has to say about lt:
Mrs. 3 B. Powell Walhalla, says:
"Sovoroi years ugo kidnoy trouble
came on me and my back ached a
good deal. When I bent over, sharp
pains would shoot through mo and
specks appeared before my oyo?.
Mornings I was as tired as when I
wont to bod and ! wns nervous. My
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Groat Separatist is Dead.
Pons, France, May 2 5.-Senator
Emile Combes, French premier from
100 2 to 1905, died hero yesterday,
aged 8G years. White premier and
minister of the interior, Mr. Combes
devoted his energies to securing sep
aration of tho church and State, and
tinder his guidance Prance, In 100 1,
took the first definite steps toward
this end. When the law separating
thc church and State Anally was
adopted, all tho loaders of the radi
cal party openly recognized M.
Combes as the real originator of the
Subscribo for Tho Courier. (Rost)
Sapphire is sometimes found em
bedded in gneiss, but more often in
clay soils.
Be Sure to Keep
Nature intended all creatures to
withstand tho normal changes of
tho seasons. You nover saw a wild
animal collapse from heat, (\U\ you ?
People wouldn't got "knocked out"
either, if they had the
vitality animals ' -tm
their blood.
Rich, wholesome blood
gives bodily vigor, and if
hot weather lays you low,
start now to fortify your
vitality with a good tonic
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? from torpid liver, I would
ack-Draught, and it would
e me feel as good as new.
for years
liver medicine I ever saw.
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never weakened me as so
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ight is the old, reliable liver
oubtless heard much about,
ver, stomach not right, bad
s, or have a headache, try
At all Druggists.
n the Genuine!
Hody of Wealthy Woman Kouml.
Los Angeles, Cal., .May 2G.-Tho
body of an elderly woman, found at
Santa Monica, near here, Sunday,was
Identified to-day as thal of Mrs.
Catherine Fiels, a wealthy retired
business woman of Chicago.
Tho police expressed the belief
that she had been murdered, and an
autopsy showed death apparently
had been caused by blows on the
head. Mrs. Fiels was said to have
carried a large sum of money sewed
in bor clothes. She disappeared last
Friday from a hotel.
ibo Oulnina That Does Not Affect tba Head
Because of its tonic and laxative effect, LAXA
TIVE BROMO QUININK?9beUerthan ordinary
Quinine and docs not cause ncr vous nen nor
ringing in head. Remember the full name nnd
look for the signature oi H. W. GROVS. 30c.
Try putting a teaspoonful of cam
phor into a quart of soft water to
kill tile worms in your house plants.
Apply this only when the plants aro
r\j ?J? ? ?J? *|? ?J? ?J? ?J. -.J? ?J? ?J? *!?
?J? ?J? ?|? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?|? ?J? ?J? ?J?
?2? DR. W. R. CRAIG, .{*
??? Dental Surgeon, .{?
4t o il ic o Over O. W. Pitchford'a ?g.
.J? Storo. ?J.
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.J? J. R. EARLE, 4.
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4? WALHALLA, 8. C. sf*,
.|? PHONE NO. Ol. *
.J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J?
4? J. P. Carey, J. W. Shelor, 4.
.J* PIckens, S. C. W. C. Hughs, .f.
.f* Attorneys nnd Counsellors,
.J. WALHALLA, S. C. .{?
?J? State & Federal Court Practice.
.|? ?|J 4? *|? ?J? .J? ?J. ?J? 4? ?J? ?J
Surveyor mid Civil Engineer,
Farm Loan Act Decided Constitu
tional. Got a Govern
ment Loan.
High Class
Guttering a Specialty,
Walhalla, S. C.
All persons indebted to tho Es
tate of J. N. Watkins, Docoascd,
are hereby notified to make pay
ment to tho undersigned, and all
persons having claims against said
estato will present tho same, duly at
tested, within the timo prescribed by
law, or bo barred.
Administratrix of the Estato of J. N.
Watkins, Deceased.
May ll, 1921. 19-2 2
Blood Pure
In Summer
that will drive tho impurities out
and leave your blood stream nour
ishing and robust.
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aT&SM dividual case,

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