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(Small ad ve rt lae men te under
thia beading Inserted at rate of
one cent a word per Insertion.
Four Insertions for price of
(NOTICE.-No advert J HOU tun t ac
cepted tor thia column for lxss than
15 cents, ono Insertion.)
FOR SALE-Ono Ftosh Milk Cow.
Seo J. C. EDWARDS. Walhalla, S.
C., Rt. 2. 22-23*
FOR SAMS-Ono nico Milch Cow;
18 nice Pigs. W. I). MOSS, Walhalla,
8. C._ 22-tf
or see DEAN DAVIS, Seneca, S. C.,
Route 1. _20-?_
j/OtW-?Pair of Fy o Glasses, on
the sheets of Walhalla. Kinder re
turn to Koo WOO Courier Office, or to
C. K. RROWN. West Union, S. C. *
FOR SA HF-."..ono.OOO Porto Rico
Sweet Potato Plants; $1.2.". per
I OOO. Prompt shipment. DORRIS
PDA NT CO., Valdosta. tia. 22-23*
FOR SA lili-flood Corn at $1.00
per bushel; also Fodder at $3.00 per
hundred. W. F. Ill'(MIS, Walhalla.
S. C. 22-tf
HENS Wv. Pound; Frys 32c. lb.,
for this week. See me or KY. CRRN
SH'A'W, Down-Town, by old Hotel
ci Main street. Don't sell for less.
POR SAUF-Nancy H?ll and Por
to Rico Potato Plants for May und
.lune delivery ?it $'.30 per 1,000, by
express; by parcel post. $1.00 por
1,000. .1. lt. MCCLELLAN, Rocking
ham, ca. is-!?:;*
greed, from flinn Lady Fluff IV. A.
K. c. :;OT.I"7. sire Carolina Duke ll,
A. li. C. 307,111. formerly Penilly:
isl St. Phillp St.. Charleston, S. C.
LISTEN!- Why pay for some
thing you don't got? Have your
Clothes made and you get what you
hov. Coats, Dresses, Shirtwaists. We
make them all. ADELINE ARM
STRONO. 108 Main St.. Walhalla. S.
WANTFD-'Farmer for year 1 0 22.
Will build new house and buildings,
on good land, near schools and town.
Want man who will get results. Plan
now for next year. Call to see and
plan between June (Uh and 18th. J.
D. CRBN&HAIW, West Union. S. C.
NOTICE.-Warning.-Tho public
1s hereby notilied that my daughter,
ELMA LOWE, has loft my home
against my wishes and without my
consent. All persons are hereby
warned and notilied not. to harbor
the said ELMA LOWE, under pain
of full penalty of the law. M. C.
LOWE, Salem, S. C., Rt. t. 10-22*
some very attractive prices to offer
you for Chickens Chickens of all
kinds, lt will pay you to see me be
fore you sell, regardless of what you
are offered by others. If you haven't
limo lo bring thom lo me, write me
and I will come to your house and
got what you have large or small
lois. I am nt the same nhl place-Up
Town, 2 blocks above Court House,
on Main street. Money saved ls
money made. R. D. OP.lvKF.KS. Wal
halla. S. CC. 2 1 -If
Duroc Jersey.
Rill No. I sr.?:.!? : sire Cardinal
Orion No. I 1 I2f>0. Young and vigor
ous. Heady for service.
Walhalla, S. C.
Mauldln Street, Walhalla, S. C.
Sacrament of Penance. . . .0.30 a. m.
Mass and Sermon.10.po a. m.
Reverend Thomas J. Mackin.
P. O. Pox 82, Anderson, S. C.
A Special Communication of Hine
rW3jg??W| Ridge Lodge, No. 02, A. F.
M., will be held Friday
night, .1 uno 3d, I 0 _' I.
a ! v . I! o o'clock.
Work in 1st Degree. Visiting
brothers welcome.
J. P. S. DENDY, W. M.
W. 0. WHITE. Secretary. (adv)
*t* *I* *!* .!* *I* * I" *l* 'I . *I* .!* *I* *I* *I* .j" ?I? ?I* ?J"!*
Mr. and Mrs. .1. A. Cook and
Mr. and Mrs. j. \v. Reynolds, of
Madison, were visitors al Ibo home
of Rev. und Mrs. L, M. Lyda in Wal
halla last Monday.
We aro selling a storage Hat
tory for Ford cats. Absolutely guar
anteed. Price $2.">.00. J, ll. Alley,
West (inion, s. C. adv.-"j:;*
-The new filling station. Just
completed, at Hie corner of Main
and College streets, is quite a hand
some affair, and as soon as Improve
ments contemplated about the prem
ises have been made, will provo in
deed an addition to that section of
town. The niling station is being
operated by the Citizens' Oil Co., of
Seneca, one of the members of this
company being Whit llolleman, of
Seneca, who ls well known here and
bas many friends among our people.
The completion of Ibis filling station
gives Walhalla two of tho hand
somest Riling stations ia this sec
tion of the State, that of Jack Darby,
well known as tho Issaquena Pilling
Station, on Main street, being rec
ognized as one of Hie best appointed
;md handsomest in the up-country,
-For Sale -1*1016 and cement.
See Ja?. H. Darby, Walhalla, 8. C.
->Lewl8 C. Harrison spent the
pust week-end In Spartanburg with
-Col. J. \V. Quattlebaum, of Con
way, is visiting his daughter, Mrs.
L. W. Lnagston.
-Horn, unto Mr. and Mrs. T.
'Henry Hughs, on Wednesday, May
25th, a daughter.
-Miss Pauline 'Ballenger, of
i Fountain 'nn, is visiting Mr. and
Mrs. E. L. Herndon this week.
-Tho best is the cheapest, and
that is the Willard. Hughs Garage,
-.Hov. IJ, W. Langston and Post
master N. Pant spent last '.Monday at
.Whitewater on a fishing trip.
- Miss Isabel Macaulay, of Ander
son, spent the past week-end willi
lier mother, iMrs. Hettie Macaulay,
and family.
- Dr. and Mrs. Taylor and chil
dren, of Halesburg. are visiting at
the home of the former's parents,
Hov. and Mrs. E. P. Taylor.
- Miss'.Mary Cornelia Barton, who
has been teaching at Cope. S. C., is
with her parents, Dr. ?ind Mrs. ll. M.
Barton, and among friends tor tin
vacation period.
-If you want to buy a second
hand buggy, worth Hie money, see
W. M. Brown, Walhalla.-adv.
Dr. and Mrs. .1. \V. Bell return
ed from Mobile, Ala., last week, (o
which city Dr. Hell went to aMond
a meeting of the Southern Ballway
- Miss Celeste Wickliffe, who has
been attending Limestone College.
Gaffney, is spending the vacation
period willi her parents, Dr. and .Mrs
.1. W. Wickliffe, of West Union.
-Misses Alice Strong and Eliza
beth Strihling. members of the fac
ulty of Elora McDonald College. Red
Springs, X. C., are at their respec
tive homos for the vacation period.
-Miss 'Tabitha Strihling who has
been engaged in teaching in the
Westminster High School, is spend
ing the summer with her parents,
Major and Mrs. Wm. .1. Strihling,
near town.
-W. A. Grant was a visitor to
Greenwood Monday and Tuesday of
last week, attending as representa
tive of Walhalla Lodge No. 67, K. ol
P.. the Grand Lodge meeting of the
.Pythian Domain of South Carolina.
-You have had trouble with your
battery, but it was not a Willard. One
WBlard will end your battery trou
bles. Hughs Garage, Walhalla.-adv
-Mr. and Mrs. .lack M. Strothe]
and children, of-Woodbury, (?a.. art
visiting Mrs. Siro tiler's parents. Mr
and Mrs. .lohn I). Vernor. They have
many friends here in (bc old bonn
town ol' both who are always glad
to welcome them to Walhalla.
.Married, at Salem, on May L".'
by Magistrate \V. II. Talley, Mis>
Lila Heaton and W. A. Sloan. Bo'l
the bride and groom are of lite Sa
lem section, are prom i nen! ly kn o wt
and li;.ve hosts of friends who wil
join with ns in extending congram
la lions and good wishes.
-We wore pleased lo see our ol:
friend, John llunsinger, of Green
ville, in Walhalla last Monday, ll?
is looking remarkably well and ex
hibits few. if any signs, of beinf
older Utan he was when last we sav
him some eight or len yearn ago. IB
was over lo assist in the selling o
an nutomlblle that had been coulls
cated hy the Federal authorities fo
carrying contraband liquor. The ca
brought only $150. lt was a Kort
touring car, in fair shape, operatini
under a Georgia license.
All makes standard sowing ma
chine needles at Moss & Ansel's.Wal
. The following young ladies hav
returned to Walhalla from the differ
etti colleges and will spend the va
cation period with their parents
Misses Eunice White, Caro Probsl
Edith and Frances Carter, France
Kaufmann and Nell Wickliffe, Win
throp College. Bock Hill; Miss Kath
leen Ba-lnn. Bander College, Green
wood; Misses Margaret Wick
lille and Chilli Belle Burley. Andel
son College; Misses Carrie Darb
Harrison and Carolyn Bogers, c
Queens College. Charlotte, X. C.
On Tuesday afternoon of las
week Miss Julia Kaufmann gave,
lovely rook party in honor of Mis
Ituth lt bodes, music teacher in lb
Walhalla High School during th
past year. At the close of the game
the guest of honor was presented
lovely pink linen handkerchief. Th
hostess, assisted by Miss Elsie Kaili
man: served delicious cream an
cake. Those present were 'Misse
Emmie Ansel, Bulli Brown. Eth<
Counts. 'Frances Earle. Carrie Darb
Harrison, Alice Belle McLccs, Sar
Moss, Elsie Kaufmann, Bulb Rhode
and Lucile While, and Mrs. W.
-Others have been tried an
found wanting. Thc Willard hatter
never falls. Hughs Garage, Walha
-?- ' "i "?
-Miss Eloise Strother, was a vis
itor in Anderson last week.
-This is the year to buy an In
ternational riding cultivator. W. M.
Brown, Walhalla, sells them at re
duced prices.-adv.
-Frank Harper, of Columbia,
spent a few days In Walhalla last
week with lils wife and baby, at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo: L. Wil
-Mrs. Julian Dendy and little
son left Thursday last for Texas,
where they will be for six or eight
weeks visiting Mrs. Dendy's parents
at Cranbury and among other rela
tives in other parts of the Lone Star
- Mr. and Mrs. Keith Pr?vost, Mr.
and Mrs. C. H. Miller, Joe Evans.
.Sam Prince and iG. B. Green, of An
derson, passed through Walhalla
Monday on their way to the Tri
state Country Club, at Whitewater,
to enjoy a few days' fishing.
-Charles M. Mayhew, of Atlanta.
ls in Walhalla among friends for a
few days. Mr. Mayhew is placing a
concrete coping around the lot of
thc late Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Byrd
in Westview cemetery, which will
stdd greatly to the appearance of the
lot and cemetery, making the former
susceptible of being otherwise im
J. N. Breodlove, of Salem, was
in Walhalla for a short while Mon
day. Hi' brought lo The Courier of
llco a stalk of vorn on which there
were two fairly good ears and two
"nubbins** of corn. This growth, h<
said, was one of four "shoots" di
rect from the ground, and was tin
first thal ho had ever seen of tin
kind bearing so prolifically.
- -For Sale - Limo and cement
See .las. H. Darby, Walhalla, S. C
-adv.-21-2 i.
-An enjoyable meeting of thc
'Ilayne Circle was held on Friday
.May 2Dili, with Mrs. Bauknlght a:
hostess. The program consisted ol
readings -"American Citizenship,'
by Miss Daisy Stiong; "Nations
Government," by Mrs. Hotrick
"Types of Government," by Mrs
Dendy-and a victrola selection. /
great deal of business was attendee
to, after which the Circle adjourncc
and enjoyed a delightful social hour
during which a dainty repast wa
served. The next meeting will bi
with Mrs. "lletrlck, on June 3, at :
-'G. Croft Williams, secretary o
the Stale Welfare Board, wa?, i
Walhalla for a brief stay last weet
Mr. Williams bas in his charge all c
the public charitable and penal in
stltutions, in tito matter of thei
conduct and condition, and his rc
ports each year are very interostin
and instructive, and have in the pas
accomplished great good. His vis!
last week was to make certain i.
quirics concerning the Oconcc Ol
phannge, which Institution is seeP
ing permission to solicit aid an
funds outsde of Oconeo county, thi
privilege being denied any instit!
tion of a charitable nature wbic
may not have reached certain stain
ards of efficiency. The Oconcc Ot
phannge has, we believe, n ceo ir
plisbed good in tho past, and ther
are many friends of the institutio
who would be glad to see it ovei
come the handicaps that prevent il
being recognized in the State fl
-We have a very interesting an
gratifying letter from our youn
friend. Will F. Hotrick, now of A'
worth. Ga., in which he takes occt
sion to say, after requesting chant
Of his address from Marietta. Ga
to Ac wort h. Ga.: "I nm glad to sa
that I am again started in husinei
?md still hold my interests in tl
several cotton and hosiery mill
With the assistance of my first bus
ness partner. 'D.H. Merck, of Caine
ville, Ga., 1 hope to recover every il
terest that I held. Thc charg*
against mo were never substantiate
and I was prosecuted and found
be guilty of only a misdemeano
My friends in tho several towns i
Aoworth, Marietta. Gainesville. Co
nelia and Moreland. Ca., give n
every opportunity in the world
assure me of their confidence,
state the above because so much pu
liclty was given me at Christin)
time, the nature of which hurt n
very much. However, those wi
have reason to know the tacts all
know practically all the news pu
llshed In tho Atlanta papers wi
greatly exaggerated, so it does n
matter much." There are mai
friends of young 'Mr. Hotrick wi
will be glad to learn of ! is re-e
tebllshmont in business mn] of h
acquittal of the. serious charges th
were made against him at the tin
when the great slump in prices mat
many In the various branches of tl
textile industry tremble for the. ou
come of their ventures. Mr, Hetrh
is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Hotrick, of Walhalla, and was for
number of years one of the ovc
seers of Ibo Hotrick Hosiery Mil
here. His operations in the (inane!
and textile circles of Georgia tot
him rapidly Into, prominence In that
, state, and at the close of the war
! reverse conditions brought down on
j him a crash from the effects of which
it seemed nothing could extricate
! him. We are indeed clad to learn
of the happy outcome of our young
friend's embarrassment.
I -Best choico timothy hay $2.00
per 100 pounds or $35.00 in ton lots.
?.I. II. Alley, West Union, S. C.-adv.
-We aro requested to announce
that there will bo no preaching at
Kooky Knoll church next Sunday, as
I Ibo pastor, Rev. L. M. Lyda, is in
North Carolina on a short visit to
his mother, who ls now past 84 years
of age.
- Wo are req tested to announce
that ll. I. Keaie, president of tho
! Carolina Conference of the Seventh
I Day Adventists, will speak at the
Adventist church on Friday night,
.lune 3d, and Saturday at ll o'clock,
and on Sunday morning at 11.00
o'clock and Sunday night at 8.00
o'clock. The public ls cordially in
vited to attend all services at this
- Married, at tho home of Mrs.
Calhoun, in the Victor-Monaghan
Mill village, on Saturday last. May
L'S th, at 3 o'clock, Miss Hazel Fox
?ind Ernest Potts, both of Highlands,
' N. C. Tho ceremony was performed
by Rev. L. H. Norton in the presence
of a few intimate friends. The young
couple have numerous friends In this
? section (who extend good wishes and
i congratulations. Mr. and Mrs. Potts,
t we understand, will make their home
in North Carolina.
I -Jos c. .Neville, ol' Atlanta, has
boon spending some days in Wal
lialla and West Union visiting anion/:
his relatives, tho Neville, Ansel anil
I IM tel? ford families. Mr. Neville it
! '.?.", years ol" ago, yet appears lo bc
j at least 20 years younger. Ile is bah
and hearty, moving about among old
friends in snell manner as to sur
prise all when his age is known. Wi
?ire always glad to welcome our aged
friend "hack home." for he is ont
of Ibo "old-timers" of Walhalla.
-'Miss Mamie Crooks, who ha:
luring the past several years heel
on the faculty of the Walhalla Higl
School, loft yesterday for Newberry
where she has recently built a nev
home. Miss Crooks contracted will
Mr. Hayes, who built the J.P. Hutch
ison cottage, on Main street, tor tin
erection of her home in Newberry
There are many who will regret ti
learn that Miss Crooks will not lu
among the teachers in the Walhalli
High School next year, she havini
tendered her resignation before go
lng to her Newberry home.
-?Invitations are ont for the wed
ding of .Miss Frances lsbeil am
Henry Dietrich Biemann, the mai
riage to be solemnized on Wednes
day, the 8th of June, at 0 o'cloc
in the evening, at St. John's Luth
eran church. The bride-lo-bo ls
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James T.
Isbell and is one of Walhalla's mos
popular young ladies. Mr. Bieman
is a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Il
D. A. Biemann, and is a promisln
young business man of our towi
They have a host of friends here an
elsewhere who will join with' us i
extending, in advance, hearty goo
wishes and congratulations.
--In answer lo the many inqu
rios thal have been made, wo ai
requested *o say thal the body c
Private William C. Littleton, wh
was killed in France on Aug. :'.<
1018, will arrive in New York abor
Juno 2d, and will be shipped I mm?
dintely lo Walhalla. Private Li Hie to
was with Company H. 128th I li fa i
try, and was the first Oconee ho
to make the supreme sacrifice. Il
was a son of Elijah and Dora Li
tinton, of Salem. Ho was 24 yeal
old at the time he was killed. Tl
funeral arrangements will he mad
as soon as the body reaches Wa
--On May 2lst the Salvation Arni
was to have made an appeal to tl
people of Walhalla and vicinity f<
funds to carry on their work, hu
owing to that being a bad. rail
day, the date was changed and tl
appeal will be made next Saturdo
June 4th. The Courier has airead
outlined the work of the Salvatic
Army, and il s needless to say tin
this is a mos! wor'hy cause, (loser
ing of the whole-hearted support i
ibis entire community. When tl
appeal is made let each of us do
full part in contributing to the sn
port of tho Salvation Army's nob
-Sanford Cain, son of Mr. ai
Mrs. J. C. Cain, of Oak way. volo
leered his services lo his country
10 18. and was sent overseas in tl
month of March, that year. He w
killed in action in September of tl
same year. Ile was a mern lier
the Thirtieth Division. His body fl
rived in Westminster last Thursdi
night and was carried to tho hon
of his brother-in-law. Mr. Carro
near Oakway. On last Sunday l
body was taken to the Center M.
church, where at.4 p. m.. tho fun
ral was conducted by Rev. L.
Lyda, of Walhalla, the American I.
gion of West minster, participait)
in the last sad rites at the grave
their deceased comrade, lt is sa
that Hie large crowd attending t
funeral service numbered about o
-When you can't lind what y
want, remember we have a full li
of everything for everybody. J,
Alley, West Union, S. C.-adv.-2:5
- We regret very much lo lea
of the death of H. C. Du Pre, whi
occurred at his home in Coln ml
last Saturday. Mr. Du Pre was o
of the best known printers in tl
State, and few there are of the 1.
U. members who engaged in UK
occupation in the Capital City w
do not recall pleasantly tho gen
and honest Clark Du Pre, who for
many years served as secretary a
treasurer of Columbia Typography
Union. IIo was every Inch a man
and a gentleman, a Christian,
whom honor and honesty mot
more than money and wealth,
which he did no! possess over-mm
though ho accumulated considonil
Saturday and Monday.
When you arc in town next Saturday or Monday, visit
our store, where you always get the most for your money, and
where you will find a few Real Bargains for your Saturday
and Monday shopping.
Wash Middy Suits for Grown Girls, made of heavy Twill,
collar and cuffs trimmed with fast color galletea and with em
blems on the sleeves. Sold at $7.50. Especially priced
Ladies' Georgette and Crepc-de-Chinc Waists, . _ ^0
Values up to $6.50. A Bargain ...... $2.9t>
A new lot of Men's Felt Hats,
in different colors. A real bar
gain at
For Men. Heavy Shirts made
for service. A splendid value
One Lot of
PERS for Children. Sizes up to 2, Sold up to $2.50.
A well known make for its
quality, wear and comfort.
Values up to $4.50. A real
bargain at only
Made of a good quality Mus
lin trimmed in embroidery, at
a sacrificed price of
Sheeting.8 l-2c.
Sea Island Sheeting, a real fine count, very smooth finish,
heavy weight. It's the best grade sheeting and worth J4c. a
yard. Very Special at only.8 1-2c. yd?
L. Blumenthal,
Oil Cook Stoves and Ovens
FOY Dplirtnm Fnnd ~Flufly biscuits, juicy roasts,
i UT L/WCIUUS rOOO. flaky-crusted p?cs - thc New
Perfection bakes and cooks everything perfectly. It's thc
popular oil stove you've read about so much in your maga
zines-the stove with the quick-lighting Long Blue Chim
ney Bumer. Come in-we'll demonstrate to you what clean,
ititense cooking heat really is.
Whitmire-Marett Hardware Co
Westminster, - Walhalla,
South Carolina.
property and lived well and com
fortably In bis adopted city. Tho
passing of Clark DtlPre takes from
Columbia a worthy citizen, and one
whom everybody who knew him
well was del i Killed to honor during
his life, and who will genuinely sor
row at lils (loath. Mr. DtlPre was
about 7 5 years of ago and leaves
several mombers of his family to
mourn his (loath. Ile was a native
of Abbeville county. Among the rel
atives in thc upper part of the Slate
is 10. M. OuPre. of Walhalla, who is
a nephew of the deceased. Funeral
services were held from tho Du Pre
home In Columbia on Sunday after
noon last at 5 o'clock.
Other I,oca Is on Fourth Pago.
An Old Folks* Singing.
'lhere will be an old folks' sing
ing at Salem Baptist church next
Sunday, .lune 5th. Hooks to be used
will be tho Christian Harmony and
other books with which most every
body is familiar. A cordial invita
tion is extended to all. Como and
bring song books and well-filled bas
kets and enjoy the day togetlter with
tho old folks.
(Hov.) W. II. Nicholson.
Exports of American farm pro
ducts wero $118.r.OO,000 less in tho
month of April, 1021, than in April

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