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30x3h Standard Non-Skid Tire
Th is new low price
is made possible
by strictest econ
omies and special
ized production.
Plant No. 2 was
erected for the sole
purpose of making
30x3>2-inch Non
Skid fabric tires.
With a daily ca
pacity of 1 6,000 tires and 20,000 tubes, thia plant permits refined pro
duction on a quantity basis.
All materials vised ere the bsst ob:::?nable. Thc quality is uniform.
lt is the liest fabric tire ever offeree' to thc car owner at any price.
_M_ ?ns_s ?nrr?_ ?
Firestone Cor
Tire repairmen, who judge values rest, class these tires ac having the
8turdie.it carcass made. Forty-seven high-grade car manufacturers use
them as standard equipment. They are the quality choice of cord users.
30x3^-inch Cord - - New Price $24.50
32x4 " " - - " " 46.30
34x4^ " " - - " " 54.90
(Si Seneca.
In oklahoma-!2R Whites Known to
ho I >(*<.?' wt Tulsa-HO Negroes.
Tulsa. i > ( In 1 a no i Tho toll ot ;
(ho wo itt j moo plot in ii doendo, OH ti
ll::? Ral lut4 VVednesdh) ?W th? ' llS.'vl
World, placed the white dead at ap
proximately 2?> and negro dead at
over 60, lt is roported that most of
lite negroes wore found dead in a
cornllehi near tho edge of the negro
Groups of soldiers and deputy
Kheri ff s searched the hlackoned ruins
o? thc negro quarter for additional
dead. Two scores of bodies have al-I
ready been gathered at the county
morgue to bo Iden ti lied later, lt is
feared that a number of negro dead
were incinerated in the lire-swept
negro area.
Looting in the negro quarter be
gan just after noon. Troops were Im
mediately ordered ont lo guard the
ruined homes. A number of negro
residences, untouched hy the Maines,
hut wrecked by thc mobs, wer?; said
lo have been pillaged by looters.
(?overnor Robertson is expected to
como hore lo take active charge of
thc stille troops Elaborate plans aro
being laid to guard the thousand ne
groes under detention in the Tulsa
baseball park and In tin; city's con
vention hall.
Thousands are homeless, for tho
neuro district is a smoking mass of
ashes and blackened ruins. Two
thousand who (lcd from thc City are
horded in panic-stricken bands in
thc country several miles from tho
Scones in the Tulsa ball park beg
gared description. Whole families
of negroes had become separated in
the rioting and subsequent round-up
by tho troops. Mothers wailed pit
eously as the soldiers searched for
missing (diildren. Nearly ??very fam
ily had managed to save some house
hold off Cid s, and these were piled J
around each negro family by troops.
Col icc and troops were disarming
whites lo prevent further outbreaks.
Authorities predicted thal there svill
be no fa ri her trouble.
Woman Pleads ('(lilly of .Murder.
Bridgeport, Conn.. .Inno L'. 'Mrs.
Ct liol ll ut c'nins Nott, on trial here,
charged with the murder of her hu.i
band. Ceorge R. Nott, today plcadod
guilty io murder in Ibo second de
gree. .Indge w. M. Mallbie sontencod
he- '> life Imprisonment.
Nott ?hanged her plea after
counsel for the State introduced let
ters alleged to have been written by
her to Kl wood R. Wade, who was re
cently hanged for murdering Nott.
Tho loiters were said to have boon
written while Mrs. Nott and Wade
were in Jail awaiting trial.
A Beloschlstan physician is ro
il aired to take a dose of whatever
medicine be prescribes.
For tho South Hus Ileon Named-lt.
Kulwiler, of Staunton, Va.
Washington June 3 -Robert A.
Fulwilor, of Staunton, Vu., waa np
no luted euporvislng Fp'deyiil prohilii
tion agent for tho Southern Depart
ment to-day hy Internal Revenue
Commissioner Blair. At the same
time .Mr. Dlair announced the ap
pointment of Charles Pendleton, of
Onto City. Va., as Federal prohibi
tion director for the Slate of Vir
.Mr. Fulwller succeeds S. lt. Drain?'
willi headquarters at Richmond. Tho
southern Department includes the
States of Virginia. North Carolina,
South Carolina, Tennessee and Ken
tucky. Ile will take office Oil the I 0 til
ol' June.
Mr. Pendleton succeeds Louis M.
Machen, his appointment being ef
fective on taking oath of office, and
his headquarters are also at Rich
Commissioner Dlair stated yester
day thal all Held appointments made
at present would he subject to the
general reorganization of the prohi
bition unit. Tho general plan of (he
reorganization, lt was said, contem
plates Hie discontinuance of prohi
litton departments and establishment
of a supervising agent for each of
the different States.
To De a Night inure-Now Says Com
munism is in Itankruptcy.
Riga. Russia. May ile. According
to a dil'CCl Moscow dispatch, receiv
ed to-day from Independent sources.
Nikolai I.eiiine, Soviel-Russia pre
mier, declared to day thal Commun
ism was in complete bankruptcy and
asked I he presiding officers of the
All-Russian Central lOxccutivc Com
mittee io approve the unlimited re
turn of Capitalism and Ibo recall lo
Russia of the constitutional demo
crats and other parties io aid in re
building tho State. The statements
contained ni the dispatch have nit
been carried in any official Bolshevik
advices, nor has anything lending lo
Confirm them been received from any
other source,
Tile origin of this day of practical
joking is supposed lo lie with Noah.
Tradition says thal it was on April
I thal li" sent v. :t thc dove on Its
first fruitless errand to discover land,
lu memory of the grenl navigator it
was supposed to be (ho casi om to
send out people who had forgotten
the significance of the date, on some
fruitless errand, so thal, by being
made fools of they would remember
and honor Noah and his family.
0(1(1 cures Malaria, ( lillis and Fe
ver, Bilious Fever, Colds and Lu
Orippe, or money refunded,-adv.
April Fools' Day.
Report of Florida Peoners Says Evi
dence of Corruption Found.
Tallahassee, Pla. Juno Sr^rj?tate
Senator Wells? chairman of -ie. spe
cial committee Investigating rhymer
Governor 8. J. Its ?'.?spite the
closing days of the Leglslature.'Wed
nosdny bled the results of his com
mittee's investigations. The report
"The principal evidence against
the ex-Governor was given by j. j.
Mcndenhnll, notorious murder pris
oner from South Florida, Menden
liitll swore he carried $2,200 from
inmates tit the prison farm and gave
thc money to Calls about Dec. IS,
11)20, for pardons, and thai ?ill were
given pardons. It was said Ihc par
done were given before the money
was transferred to Cat ts.
"G. J. Coleman, a Hay county
white man, who was pardoned, said
he gave .Mendenhall $700. for which
the ex-Governor pardoned him. Cole
man was sentenced for life for kill
ing a deputy sheriff. Mendenhall
said that Ca tts was in front of Su
perintendent ?lltch's home when the
money was turned over to him. lt
was in greenbacks--large denomina
tions mostly-the witness said. v
"He testified that on another oc
casion he gave Cit I ts $500 for par
doning Ambrosio Martinez. This was
given several months after .Martinez
had been pardoned. Rd Wiggins, of
Green Cove Springs, said ho gave
Jerry Carter '$300 and a new dou
ble-barrelled shotgun to gel him a
pardon. Wiggins had been sentenced
to serve iii) days and to pay a (lue of
$2mi for having whiskey in his pos
session. Carter is the State Hotel
Cults Hillie Concerned,
Defuniak, Fla., .hine L'. Cx-Gov
ernor S. J. Catts, who lives h. te, was
dient Wednesday when notified that
tho Clorida Legislature investiga
tors had presented a report bristling
with sensational disclosures. Ile
takes Hie position that it is "perse
cution on the part of my political
enemies," and that when the time
comos he will he able to disprove
many of the allegations contained in
the I lil typewritten pages of the re
port and testimony submitted to the
Legislature by the. Investigating com
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching thc Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, seo how
it brings color to the checks and how
it improves tito appetite, you will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So'
pleasant even children Uko it. The blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, invigor
ating Effect. COc.
Will Never Again Piro a Gun-Ne
Vitae Except for Defense.
Annnpo"s. Md., June 2.-A hope |
that our nation would never again j
he called upon to ure a gun in wari
was expressed by President Harding
in presenting diplomas to the grad
uating classes at tho naval academy.
The President added a promise that
while he is President thc young men
graduating to-day never would have
to go to war except In a causo that
squared with with the great Ameri
can conscience.
"A good deal ls said nowadays,"
said Mr. Harding, "about preparing
for defense. I know nothing nobler
In the world than the defense of one's j
own country. That is an inherent j
thing In man, planted in the human |
breast by God Almighty. There
wouldn't be any elvi liza ton to-day if
men weren't willing to give their all j
for its preservation.
"Hut. the preservation of the es-;
tablished order is one Hiing, and it j
is a high essential, while crusading j
for a new order is quite another
filing, sometimes mos! nobly inspir
ed, sometimes most ill advised. I j
eau believe the ideal for our country ?
is a sensible blend of tho mainte-!
rance of the established order and ?
lin? enthusiasm of the crusader.
"I want to say to you. young men. ?
thal 1 hope thal you'll never bc call
ed upon lo draw a sword nor lire a
gun excepl in the expression of the
customary amity and respect. And I
promse you thal while I nm Presi
dent you'll never be called upon to i
lire a gun except you can do it with j
tho American conscience with which 1
you can answer to God.
"I do not want to be misunder
stood. 1 want America unafraid, but j
1 want you to help make a republic j
of conscience, a republic of sympa
thy and a republic of high ideals."
t - J
J During the first season of in- J
* festatlon in clover or alfalfa. *
J dodder usually occurs In small \
i scattered areas. Such Infested *
i areas should be either mowed \
* and removed before the dodder J
J matures seed or else burned in * ,
* the field. If sec?', ba:- formed, J
i burning 1? the only remedy, '?
* since lt kills not only the plants J ;
t hut also' tb? Seeds bf dodder ?>
J. which ''.i;, be lying 01) till ?Oil *
t surface. 0
* *
Primary Object of Invention I? to
Prevent Bee6 From Leaving
In Large Numbers.
The Scientific American In descrlb- :
ing an automatic beehive trap, the in
vention of D. S. Rowe of Marseilles, I
III., says:
"The invention relates more partie- !
ularly to an automatic bee trap. The
primary object is to provide means
whereby ?the entrance and exit open- j
lugs of a beehive may be automatical- |
ly closed by the weight of the occu
pants to prevent the bees from leav
A Perspective View of a Hive, With
Invention Attached.
lng the hive in large numbers, which '
IR commonly known as 'swanning.' It
ls a further object to provide a means
by which the ordinary passage of the
bee* in their performance of gathering
honey ls unobstructed.
Another German Wai- Griminal,
Liopslg, .lune ::. The high court.
In session hero trying Germans who
are charged with offenses committed
during tho war, to-day sentenced
Sorgt. Neumann, accused of ill-treat
ing British prisoners, to six months
$700,000 Lumber Eire.
'.Monroe, La., June 1. Two largo
lumber plants owned by the H nip ll
Saw Mill Company at K?ttig, Ark.,
and lumber stored on the yards of
the company, were destroyed Ly lire
which originated in Ibo dry kiln last
night. Tho loss is estimated tit $"">(i,
Bryan to Practice with Carolinians,
(Greenville Piedmont. May 80.1
William Jennings Bryan has asso
ciated himself with the law firm of
Douglas. O'Boar and Douglas In tho
city of Washington. Chas. A. Doug
las, the senior member of the firm,
is a native of Winnsboro. S. C., and
Mr. 0''Bear is also from litis State.
The Willard was first,
The Willard is better built,
The Willard lives longer,
The Willard is used most.
THEREFORE, You want and must have
The Willard Battery
in Your Car.
We have a complete linc on hand. The name Willard
is a guarantee of perfection in the battery world. Our personal
guarantee goes with every battery.
Hughs Garage,
Main Street, l-l Walhalla, S. C
"Satisfied Customers" is Our Motto.
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty $r
Here's Y<>"r Chance
Progressive Farmer,
$1.00 year,
The Keowee Courier,
$1.00 year,
Either paper well worth Combination
Price of Both. Order youri} iiow.
For 12 Months
(inivvci's-.Join with Others in Call
ing on Federal Government.
Now York. ?June 1.-American cot
ton growers, manufacturers and af
filiated interests, at their national
conference yesterday, called upon
tho F?deral govornment lo aid in
tho r?habilitation of the cotton in
dustry. The government was urged
in resolution
To authorize and grant a more lib
eral expansion of credits on farm
To lower the Federal Reserve
Hank rediscount rate without delay,
to a figure not in excess of 5 per
cent on the rediscounts of farm pro
ducts and all commercial paper.
To instruct the War Finance Cor
port? lion and Department of Com
merce to render ?ill possible aid In
opening up exports for cotton and
other American raw products, so as
to stimulate tho movement and con
sumption of such commodities as
rapidly as possible.
Restriction of credits and high
rate of rediscount charged on farm
loans, the resolution said, had ren
dered it impossible for farmers to
plant and cultivate a normal cotton
crop in 1921, and indications were
that the cotton acreage would he
thc smallest planted in the past 2?
years. *
"The cotton growing industry and
the entire agriculture of the nation."
the resolution added, "are suffering
from unspeakable losses in price val
ues and stagnated markets in Amer
ica, and restricted exports.
Della I ion in farm values, which
was so unexpectedly precipitated up
on the country in August, 1!)20,
found the cotton growers with their
crops ready for harvest and without
power to protect themselves from
tho dcbaclo of constantly lowering
"The crop was produced at tho
peak of high cost and Ibo growers
found themselves facing bankruptcy
values. From an expectancy of $2.
500,000,000 for tho cotton crop in
Inly of li?2 0, when cultivation ceas
ed, the growers of that crop sustain
ed n loss of $1,500,000^000 net, pari
?f which was profit, hut represented
n net loss deducted frojm the actual
cost of production."
lt is proposed to hav'.e the Gover
nors of cotton-growing^ Stales ap
point a commission lo ?work out a
plan of co-operation in stabilizing
cotton prices.
President Harding's message to
tile convention extending tho co-op
eration of tile administration in im
proving conditions in tile cotton in
dustry was declared to be one of
statesmanship and true American
A message was sent to tho i'res
ident thanking him for ins interest.
'All departments of the industry
were asked to "co-operate along
sound and conservative business
lines for the speedy enactment of
those economic and elllcient reforms
In the production, handling and mar
keting and distribution of the cot
ton crop which are essential to the
future success of the industry."
The American delegate to the
world's cotton conference, to bo held
in Liverpool and Manchester from
.lune 12 to 23. were instructed lo
urge the adoption of the Toiled
States standard of cotton grades In
the international marketing of Ame
rican cotton between American ex
porters and foreign purchasers of the
About 300 representatives of the
industry sailed to-day to attend the
London conference.
Name "Bayer" on Genuine v
Take Aspirin only as told in each
package of genuine Hayer Tablets of
Aspirin. Thon you will be following
tho directions and dosage worked out
by physicians during 21 years, and
proved safe by millions. Take no
chances with substitutes, if you seo
the bayer Cross on tablets, you can
take thom without fear for colds,
headache, neuralgia, rheumatism,
earache, toothache, lumbago and for
pain. Handy tin boxes of twolve tab
lots cost fow conts. Druggists also
sell larger packages. Aspirin ls tho
trado mark of Hayer Mnnufncturo of
Monoacoticacidester of Salicylicacid.
The celebrated Tyrian purplo-was
obtained from a species of shellfish.
John Wesley, founder of tho Meth
odist church, particularly objected lo
the name Methodist.
/XF llb

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