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(EstebUshe? 1949.)
Pu blahed io vcr y Wednesday Morning
Ono Year .81.00
Hlx Months.55
Throo Months.80
Advertising Untes Reasonable.
Ry Stuck, sh olor, Hughs ?i Sholor.
Communications or a personal
character charged for aa advortiso
mou tu.
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
and tri hu tos of respect, either by
Individuals, lodges o<- churchos, uro
charged for as for advertisements at
rate of one cont a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
noticos will bo markud "Adv." in
conformity with Federal ruling on
such mutters.
WEDNESDAY, .irMO H, 1021.
j The Story of j
I Our States \
: XII. \
*t /WT/?Y? ft \SV NorUl Unroll- J
' lal I/BBW 7 A ri nu ls very ai>- t
Wp r o p r lately J
named It a- *
was Slr Wal- '
J ter Raleigh who was respon- J
* sible for North Carolina's first i
0 settlement. It was In l.r>84 thut ,
J Raleigh ohtulued permission *
t from Queen Elizubcth to pluut 4
' an English colony In America, J
* and the expcdltlouH which ho *
4 sent established a little colony J
' on Roanoke island. There In *
4 1587 was born tho llrst Amerl- 4
* can child of Kugllsh parents. *
1 She was named Virginia Dare, 4
{ after the virgin queen. This col- *
1 ony, due to England'? war with 4
J Spain, could not bo properly sup- t
* ported, und ufter a few years 4
4 perished. It was not until over ?
' a century later that permanent *
4 settlements were tunde. During 4
* pioneers from Virginia pressed t
4 south Into tho new territory, and 4
*. these, augmented by a large J
4 company of Huguenots from 0
J France and a greater number of 4
* Germans from the Palatinate, *
t founded the first North Carolina 4
* town of Nowburn in 1710. Ry '
/ the time of the Revolution thc 4
4 population in North Carolina '
4 had Increased to such an extent, *
*. with an influx of Scotch-Irish '
4 ami Scotch Highlanders who *
\ settled chiefly In tho western \
t counties, that lt ranked fourth j
4 muong the original thirteen col- 4
* onles. Today Its population en- J
4 titles it to twelve electoral votes 4
4 for president. In area it stands *
*. about half way among the states t
t with 52,420 square miles. North J
J Carolina was the twelfth state t
t to adopt the Constitution, tho J
4 formal ratification taking place *
J In November, 1780. The deriva- \
4 tlon of the name Carolina, as in '
4 Hie case of South Carolina, came 1
4 from the Latin Carolus, mean- J
J ing Chnrles, and was given orig- 1
t Inally In honor of King Charles J
' IX of France and retained by t
t King Charles II of Fngland. {
4 North Carolina ls also known '
t as the Old North ?tate. J
^ (?byMcClur* Novr?pa)?rr Nyn.Uo.it?.) ?
Warn) Weather In tho Cotton Bell Is
Improving South's Staple Crop.
Washington, Juno 1. Warm sun
shiny weather which prevailed
throughout most of thc cotton bel'
enabled tho crop to make satisfac
tory progress during the week, al
though in some localities it was re
ported lo be only in poor to fair
condition, according to the national
weather and crop report, issued to
day. The crop showed greater im
provement in the Southeast, notably
in Georgia, where late replanted cot
ton has germinated very well, and in
North Carolina, where the plants
have shown up in hotter color and
stand, after much replanting. In the
northwestern portion of the heit, ac
cording to this report, planting is
abott I finished and germination satis
factory, while good advance was re
pelled from the central sections.
Considerable weevil activity was
reporte;', in Alabama, Georgia and
South Carolina.
Habitual Constipation Cured
hi I 4 to 21 Days
.LAX-F?S WITH PEPSIN" ls a spccially
prop *ed Syrup Tonic-Laxative for Habitual
Con., potion. Il relieves promptly hut
should he tnken regularly for 14 to ?.l days
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulates. Very Pleasant to Take. 60c
per IxUlle.
lt costs about $3,000 a day to
keep an ocean liner in dock.
Hoy?,? Anxious to Servo, Have Dono
Splendid Work Whitewashing.
10(11 tor Koowee Courier:
Will you allow mo space In the
columns of your good paper in which,
in a small way, to express to the boys
of the American Logion my apprecia
tion of tile work they have hoon and
are doing in our town'.'
Some days ago Harry H. ll uglis
came to mo and offered his ?ind the
services of tho Walhalla Division of
the Amreican Legion in the doing
of Hie much-needed work of white
washing all the trees, telephone and
electric light poles, saying that the
Legion wished to offer their s?rveos
for the good of the town, and that
Ihey would do the work if It would
he acceptable to Hie Mayor and Coun
cil, '"rills," said he, "is not doing
any very great thing, but we aro
anxious to help i ti the small things
as well as in tilt* greater things of
life. That is. and will he, the motto
of Ibo American Legion Service'- -
and if wo can render any service at
any time, command us."
This word "Service" is not a new
word by any means, and lo tho boys
of the American Legion it is not an
unknown quantity. They know what
sorviee is; they know how to serve,
for when called to the service of our
country a few years ago it was these
very boys who "made the world safe
for democracy."
Of course. Mr. Kditor. I at once
accepted the offer, and now that the
joh is almost dono I wish to Like this
opportunity, in tho name of the
Council and good people of Walhalla,
to thank you, one and nil. Hoys, lt
will always be a pleasure to me,
while I am acting in the capacity of
your executive, to consider with you
any problems that may come up. or
to take from you any suggestions for
the uplift or betterment of our town
and community. There are problems
to solve in the civic life of Wal
halla, and it will be a pleasure to
have you make any suggestions.
And in this connection 1 wish to
call (he attention, not only of tho
boys of the Americium L?gion, but
of tho ladies of the Civic League as
well, and to the Council and every
citizen of the town of Walhalla, to
tho necessity of a park for Walhalla
- some jilace where Ibo children and
tho people in general can resort for
a little rest and recreation. And it
is easily within our possibilities to
have a splendid playground In the
beautiful little city of Walhalla-if
wo will all pull together.
Let's PULL!
W. M. Drown. Mayor.
Walhalla, June I, 1021.
Don't sicken or salivate yoursolf
or paralyze your sensitive livor by
taking calomel, which is quicksilver.
Your dealer solis each bottle of pleas
ant, harmless "Dodson's Liver Tone"
under an ironclad, money-back guar
antee that it regulates the liver,
stomach and bowels hotter than cal
omel, without ni.iking you sick-15
million bottles sold.-adv.
.Man and Wife Are Slain.
Salisbury, X. C., .lune 1.-With a
bullet hole through the head of
each, tho dead bodies of John Wright
Davis, hook-keeper in a local bank,
and his wife, were discovered on a
bed in their home here late yester
day, the hand of the husband still
gripping a .38 calibre pistol.
In the opinion of Solicitor Hayden
Clement, who was a neighbor of tho
Da vises, and other officers, who In
vestigated the premises, the double
tragedy occurred Monday afternoon.
Tho officers pronounced it a case ot
homicide and suicide, and announced
that they deemed an inquest unneces
sary. The officers, after investiga
tion, expressed the opinion that Da
vis shot lils wife and then himself
during a period of Insanity brought
about by worry over Mrs. Davis's
increasing poor health. No other
motive was suggested by the officers.
Rio Quinine That Does Not Affect the Head
neciuiiie of 1(9 tonic ?nd laxative effect, LAXA
TIVE UKOMO OUININ1? is better than ordinary
Quinine nnd doea not cause nervousnes nor
rintritiK In head. Remember the lull name and
look for the signature of l?. W. OKOVI?. 30c.
Hank Hobbed Near I ?ol ice Station.
Minneapolis, Minn., June 2.- Five
mon in an automobile held up two
messengers of tho Millers' and Trad
ers' Hank here to-day and escaped
willi $11!,(M)0 in currency. The bank
is located just across lite street from
police headquarters.
The messengers had driven In an
automobile from tho North western
National Rank, and just as they
roached the .Millers' and Traders'
Dank tho two hold-up mon stopped
from a machine, pressed pistols
against them and forced them to
hand ovor the bags containing the
Is Oroat Xeod of Soutlv--Writes Join?
L. Mclaurin on Cotton. Situation.
Washington, Juno 1.-'Formal ex
pression by Secretary Hoover of the
belief that extended credit facilities
aro vitally needed in Southern cot
ton States, and that Federal Reserve
systom credit curtailments, having
served their purpose,"aro now bring
ing great hardship," is contained In
a letter from Mr. Hoover, made pub
lic to-day hy former Senator John I?.
Mclaurin, of south Carolina, who
conferred with Hie secretary hist
week regarding the cotton situation
at tho suggestion of President Hard
Confirming views ho had express
ed verbally at the interview. Mr.
Hoover outlined a policy toward cot
ton, embracing four phases:
First. Credit extension through
co-operation of reserve and member
Second. Hotter organized export
credit machinery to get American
cotton Into American-controlled wave
houses abroad.
Third. Improved warehousing
methods to make cotton certificates
a basis of mobile credit, and a No ac
ceptable as actual delivery of Ibo
colton: and,
Fourth. Expression of the opinion
that reduced acreage would contrib
ute toward stabilizing tho situation
over the next year.
Kub-My-Tism is n powerful Anti
septic. Cums Infected cuts, old ?orr:?,
tetter, otc.-adv.
Turks Publicly Hang British Spy.
A dispatch from Angora, Turkey,
Mustapha Cachir, a British Indian
subject, who was formerly a member
of the Turkish delegation in London,
was publicly hanged as a spy in Par
liament Square here to-day. after
conviction at a trial that lasted IS
days. He was the first individual of
Allied nationality thus condemned
in Turkey in many years.
Mustapha Cachir came to Constan
tinople and then immediately pro
ceeded to Angora, where he was dis
covered, lt is alleged, to have been
sending letters written in invisible
ink to the British. Special efforts
were made to obtain his release with
that of 22 officials and civilians now
being detained In Angora by tho
Turkish Nationals, notwithstanding
the release of 30 Turks ?whom the
British were holding prisoners at
Malta. . v.,
Poles and Germans Fight Fiercely.
Annaberg, Silesia, June 1,-'Fifty
Poles and sixteen Germans wore
killed and a total of 175 were wound
od when Polish insurgents attempted
yesterday to take Annaberg, after a
brief shelling by small field pieces.
Tho Poles were repulsed and lied
tr Kalinow, whither the Germans
pursued and drove them out.
Soven hundred rebels marched on
Annaberg and engaged the German
garrison of 300 with rifles and ma
chine guns. The Germans replied
with steady volleys for two hours and
then countro-attacked.
The fighting became hand-to-hand,
rifles being clubbed and gronados
and knives brought Into action. Af
ter an hour of street fighting tho
Poles broke and fled, leaving their
dead and wounded In the streets.
Wc aro proud of tho confidence
doctors, druggists and tho public
have in 00? Chill and Fever Tonic.
Abboville Treasurer suicides.
Abbeville, June 1.-Joe E. Jones,
appointed treasurer of Abbeville
county to succeed the late James
Chalmers, and a brother of State Tax
Commissioner A. W. Joues, shot him
self boro to-day about noon. Death
was Instantaneous, ill health was
the cause of his deed, he having boen
a great sufferer for many years with
rheumatism. Ho leaves a wife and
several children.
500 Liquor Cases.
Anderson, June I. -Federal Court
for the Western District of South
Carolina began here Monday for a
three weeks' session. There are ."> 1
cases docketed, and of these about
.">00 tire liquor cases.
Those who are itt a "run down" con
dition will notice (hat Catarrh bothers
them much more than when they nre
in good health. This fad proves that
while Catarrh ls a local disease, it is
greatly Influenced by constitutional
conditions. HALL'S CATARRH
MEDICINE is a Tonic and Blood Puri
fier, and nets through the blood upon
(he mucous surfaces of ibo body, thus
reducing Hie Inflammation and restor
ing normal conditions.
AH druggists. Circulars free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
$25,000,000 CASH
J^-l-Li ..
Report? to 8outhorn Baptist Conven
tion at Chattanooga Show Marked
Progress Along Every Line
of Organized Work.
Baptist Commissioner For Europa.
Collections In cash totaling $25,103,
424.64 have boon made for general
causea fostered by the Baptist 75 Mil
lion Campaign since thu campaign
was launched in 1919, according to a
report to the Southorn Baptist Con
vention, which has Just adjourned its
Chattanooga session, by Dr. L. R.
Scarborough, general director of tho
campaign, and chairman of tho Con
servation Commission. The fact that
$12,924,943.60 of this amount was col
lected during the past year, under the
most depressing conditions known in
years, is very encouraging to the de
nominational loaders, they say.
Will Seek th? Unsaved.
Feeling the ueed of conserving the
spiritual interests of thc people as
well as the financial aspects of the
campaign, the convention asked tho
Conservation Commission to seek to
onllst, through tho state and associa
tional organisations, all the 27,000 lo
cal Baptist churches in the South in a
larger evangelistic effort during the
next twelve months, the aim being to
induce as many individual members of
the churches as possible to win at least
one soul to Christ during tho now year.
Reports to the convention showed that
there wero 173,595 persons received
Into the local Baptist churches by bap
tism during the past year, and a much
larger number will be sought during
the year ahead. j
Would Evangelize Europe.
Ono of the interesting action? of the
convention was tho decision to baok
up fully the Foreign Mission Board In
it? program for the evangelisation of
the new European territory of Spain,
Jugoslavia, Hungary, Roumania, the
Ukraine and Southern Russia. Dr. J.
H. Rushbrooke, of Ixmdon, Baptist
Commissioner for Europe, addressed
th? convention, telling how ho had dis
tributed the relief funds contributed
by Baptists for the needy families of
thone countries and h?w the giving of
this relief had opened wide the door
of mlsplonary opportunity.
Work on the older foreign fields
during the past year was unusually
successful, the board reporting re
ceipts of $2,404,988 for Hs missionary
operations and $278,000 for relief
work, a? well a? $100,000 worth ol
clothing; 6,998 baptisms on the for
eign fields; 187 of the 611 churches
.elf-supporting, with a total of 405 for
eign missionaries and 978 native work*
?rs employed.
Hom? Mission Beard Active.
The Home Mission Board reported
77,072 additions to the churches
through Ita Instrumentalities, church
extension operations of $1,243,000, and
M8 patients treated at the Tubercular
Sanatorium at El Paso.
During the yoar the receipts of the
Sunday School Board reached $1,147,
721.73. and the board tnrnod back Into
general work of tho denomination the
?um of $135,000.
Although only three years of aga,
tho Relief and Annuity Board, whtoh
seeks to supply tho needs of aged, de*
pendent ministers and their families,
has doubled the number of beneficiar
le* recolvlng aid from the denomina
tion as well as tho amount of relief
given. Tt now has permanent re
sources In excess of $900,000.
There aro 119 Baptist educational"
Institutions In tho South, with a total
enrollment of 40,000 pupils, tho report
of thc Education Board showed, and
2,18* of Ihoso pupils are preparing for
special Christian service, auch as the
ministry, missionary and othor special
religions work.
Tho Woman's Missionary Union,
reprosentlng the organized women of
tho South, reports a total of 19,485 or
ganized societies of women and yoting
peoplo, while the cash contribution*
hy tho women to the various causee
foitored by tho denomination during
the year amounted to $S. 115,4.1V
Subscribe for Tho Courier. (Dost.)
Interesting Experience of a Texas
Women Knew About Card
Much Sicknesi
Navasota, Texas.-Mrs. W. M. Peden,
of this place, relates the following interest
ing account of how she recovered her
strength, having realized that she was
actually losing her health:
"Health is the greatest thing in the
world, and when you feel that gradually
slipping away from you, you certainly sit
up and take notice. That is what I did
some time ago when 1 found myself in a
very nervous, run-down condition of
health. I was so tired and felt so lifeless
1 could hardly go at all.
"I was just no account for work. I
would get a bucket of waler and would
feel so weak I would have to set it down
before I felt like I could lift it to the shelf.
In this condition, of course, to do even
my housework was a task almost Im
possible to accomplish.
"I was . . . nervous and easily upset.
2,800 voi/r wm to PHOVIOS FATAL
To Lineman, Who Was Working for
Greenville I'tillties Company.
(Daily Piedmont, .May 81.)
Grady Threadglll, aged about 25,
a lineman employed by the Southern
Public Utilities Company, was killed
about noon yesterday when he touch
ed a live wire carrying 2,;i00 volts,
lt took some 15 minutes for other
linemen to get tho unconscious man
down from the pole on which he was
working, and ho was rushed to the
City Hospital, where he died within
an hour. Threadglll did not regain
consciousness from tho moment that
lie touched the wire until he died.
Young Threadglll had been em
ployed by the Southern Public Util
ities Company for about two years,
and was said hy his fellow-workers
To have been a model employee. He
is survived by ti wife and one child,
and lived on Park place.
Threadglll was working on tho
wires In company with another line
man, Roy Jackson, when the acci
dent occurred. Jackson told a Pied
mont representative that young
Threadglll was standing on a green,
wet polo, and that the powerful cur
rent grounded through his body to
the polo. Other workmen who wore
nearby helped Jackson to lower tho
unconscious body to the ground with
a rope, and the injured man was
rushed as speedily as possible to the
hospital, where medical attention
was given.
A large crowd gathered at the
scene of the accident, where several
linemen worked frantically to get
tho unconscious body of their fel
low-worker from the pole. Thread
gill's body was hanging across the
wires and In such a position that it
would have been extremely danger
ous for any one to touch him, mak
ing it necessary to fasten a rope
about his waist. As soon as the rope
was seen rod the body was lowered to
the ground, and a citizen took the
injured man to the hospital in an au
1 OOO hns moro imitations than any
other Fever Tonic on the market
hut no ono wants imitations.-adv.
Nitrate Plant Dani Completion Urged
Washington, May 31-Completion
of tho Wilson dam, as part of the
Muscle 'Shoals (Alabama) nitrate
plant project, is urged in a report
I to-day by a special committee of tho
American Farm Bureau Federation
ns a means of producing commercial
fertilizer for American farmers.
After an exhaustive study and in
. spec tl on of the property, the commit
tee, composed of W. C. Jamison, Col.
John G. Drown, of Indiana, and Ches
ter H. Gray, of Missouri, president
of State Farm Pureau Federations.
I was unanimously of thc opinion that
this step should be taken hy tho gov
ernment, at once.
I Subscribo for Tho Courier. (Rest)
Oh How Glorious
From Rheim
Just suppose you could bo free
from your deepscated, agonizing
rheumatic aches and pains, your
stiff joints and unsightly swellingsl
Wouldn't you give anything to get
rid of them ?
You have doubtless
rubbed on outsido treat
ments; most rheumatism
sufferers havo. Some of
the80 take tho edge off
the terrible pains for a
few hours, but they do
not strike at tho cause,
which nearly always lies
Lady Who Declares That if Mora
ui They Would Be Spared
i and Worry.
I couldn't rest well at night and was . . . j
Just lifeless.
"I heard of Cardui and after reading ! .
decided I had some female trouble that
was pulling me down. I sent for Cardui
and began it. . .
"In a very short while after I began the
Cardui Home Treatment 1 saw an im- ;
provement and It wasn't long until 1 was
all right-good appetite, splendid rest, ?
and much stronger so that I easily did my i
house work.
"Later I took a bottle of Cardui as a
tonic. I can recommend Cardui and glad- j
ly do so, for if more women knew, it
would save a great deal of worry and
The enthusiastic praise of thousands ol
other women who have found Cardui
helpful should convince you that it ta
worth trying. All druggists sell lt.
??. ?j. ?j? .j- .j? ?2* 4* .I* 4* "lr 4*
*2? ?2* v *I* *!* *i* *I* .!* *!. *I* .!* *I*
.J? OR. W. R. CRAIG, 4?
Dontal Surgeon, .$.
?J* Ofllco Over C. W. Pitchford's .?.
.J. Storo. ?J?
* * * * * * * * * * * *
.J? J. R. EA ULF,
.J? Attornoy-at-Law, *|.
4* WALHALLA, S. C. .J.
?I* Slate & Federal Court Practice.
?J? 4? ?J? ?2? 4? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?I? ?J? 4? 4?
.j. E. L. HERNDON, .J
?2? A ttorney-at-Law .{?
.2? WA FHA FDA, S. C.. *?*
4- PHONE NO. 61. 4.
.j? ?j* "J* 4* 4* ?2* .!* .!* *i* Hf* .!* *r*
.2? J. P. Carey. J. W. She?or, 4s
.2- PIckons, S. C. W. C. Hughs, -fr
?2* Attorneys nnd Counsellors, ?j?
?2? state & Federal Court Practice.
Surveyor and Civil Engineer,
Farm Loan Act Decided Constitu
tional. Got a Govern
ment Loan.
BAN Ul? G????>m9
High Class
Guttering a. Specialty?
Walhalla, S. C.
The State of South Carolina,
County of Oconee.
W. Frank Sheldon, Plaintiff,
O. C. Williams and Gcorgo Perry,
plaint Not Served.)
To tito Defendants above named:
You aro hereby summoned and re
quired to answer the Complaint in
this action, which was filed In the
olllco of the Clerk of thc Court of
Common Pleas for the said County,
on the IS th day of May, 1921, and to
servo a copy of your Answer to the
said Complaint on the subscribers, at
their office, on the Public Square, at
Walhalla Court House. South Caro
lina, within twenty days after the
service hereof, exclusive of tho day
of such service; and if you fail to
answer tho Complaint within tho
time aforesaid, tho Plaintiff in this
action will apply to the Court for the
relief demanded in the Complaint.
Dated this 18th day of May, A. I).
1921. SHKLOIt ft HUGHS,
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
(Seal.) W. J. SCHRODER,
C. C. P.
May 2">, 1921. 21-23
Colds Cause Grip and Influenza
cause. T?tere la only one "Bromo Quinine." E.W.
GROVE'S signature on the box. 30c.
In hospitals itt and around Lon
don there are now li),Uf>t) wounded
British soldiers. Out-patients in tho
same vicinity number lil,OOO.
to Be Free
?atism's Tortures !
in tho poisoned, impoverished blood.
When this is so, you need an in
ternal remedy, ono that will tako
out the impurities that aro tortur
ing you, ono liko famous S.S.S.,
which has relieved thousands or
casca of rheumatism all over tho
country just this way.
Get S.S.S. from your
druggist today, and after
starting with it write us
a history of your caso,
addressing Chiof Medical
Advisor, 877 Swift Lab
oratory, Atlanta, Geor
\7 1:1: 1

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