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(Small advertisements under
this beading Inserted at rate of
one cent a word per Insertion.
Four Insertions for price of
(NOTICE).-No advertisement nc*
ceptcd for this column for ljss than
16 cents, ono Insertion.)
FRESH MILK for Salo. MUS. I.
li. BURLEY, Faculty Hill._24*
FOR SAI,IO - My Farm of MO
acres, on Keowee River. Apply to I),
WA NTH I)-Position as Principal
of Kural Cruded School. MmIF.lt
L. DAVIS, Fair Play. S. C. 24-25?
FOIt SA 1,10-Ono nice Milch Cow;
IS nice Pigs. W. I). MOSS, Walhalla,
S. C. 22-tf
or see I) IO AN DAVIS, Seneca, S. C.,
Route l. 20-tf
WANTED-Position as Teacher
for Summer 'renn. Second grade cer
tificate. Satisfactory references. .IAS.
lt. WELDON, Westminster, S. C. 27*
FOR SAMO-flood Corn al $1.00
per bushel; also Fodder ul $8.00 por
hundred. W. F. IllKMIS, Walhalla,
S. C. 22-lf
CMOIIKS- (Moil, Women.) over
17. for Postal Mail Service; $120
month ; experience unnecessary. For
free particulars of examinations
write J. MOONAKD, (former Civil
Service Examiner), ".I ! Equitable
Bldg. Washington, DC 2 1-28 *
greed, from dam Cady Fluff IV. A,
K. c. :107,I07, sire Carolina Duke ll,
A. K. C. 307,1*1 I. formerly Beauty:
ISI SI. Philip SC, Charleston, S. c.
I WA XT ALL tho Chickens I eau
get. so if you can't bring lo town,
write mo. 1 will como after I hem and
give you best market prices. Don't
forget to write me, I'll ?onie fi miles
or 20 miles for Chickens. BROWN
COW OELKEKS, 109 Main Street. *
LISTEN! - Why pay for some
thing you don't gel? llave your
Clothes mudo and you get what yon
buy. Coats, Dresses, Shirtwaists. We
make (hem all. ADELINE ARM
STRONG, 108 Main St., Walhalla, S.
C. 2 2-2.".
- -Open, cc m pell ti vo examination un
der Civil Service, will be held for po
sitions of Cost master. Mei,, women,
IS to fi"?, eligible. For free particu
lars write .1. C. LEONARD (former
Civil Service Examiner), 330 'Equi
table Bldg. Washington, D. C. 2",*
WANTED-Farmer toe year 10 2 2.
Will build new house and buildings,
on good land, near schools and town.
Want man who will get results. Plan
now for next year. Call to see and
plan between .lune (Dh and 18th. .1.
D. CBENSIIAW, West Union, S. C.
L'L'-L' I
FOUND - One Dine Serge.Coat.
Owner can get same by calling al
Mes- ?. Ansel's Store, Walhalla. S C..
lind describing same. Was fourni in
my Ford Wednesday morning and is
supposed to have been placed lhere
Tuesday night al the Chautauqua l?v
mistake. Owner lo pay for this ad
vertisement. W. D. MOSS. I
Mauldin and Tugaloo Streets,
Seven-room House, 3 Porches,
2 Halls; Electric Lights; Eight
Stall Barn and Garage; Good
* J. I J. MOSER,
tf Walhalla. S. C.
Violin Lessons
will give Violin Lessons lu Walhalla
on Tuesday and Friday ol' euch week
at (be Baptist ( burch, beginning on
.lune 21st.
Mr. Martin bas tool several ,vcar
ot experience playing in orchestras in
Caris, Franc?', his native eily, He
bas bad tor live molli hs a large ami
successful elliss in Seneca.
Ml persons Interested in Violin
Lessons will please address Mi?, Mar
lin ai Sen? ?Ni, S. C., or s?-?' bim in
.Mauldin Street, Walhalla, S. C.
??icrnmcnl of Penance. . . .9.MO a. m.
Mass and Sermon.10.00 a. in,
Reverend Thomas j. Mackln,
P. O. Pox 82, Anderson. S. C.
:ular Communication of Blue
Ridge Lodge. No. 1)2. A F.
M.. will bo held next Fri
day night, .lune 17, 1021,
at S..!u o'clock.
Visiting brothers always welcomo
J. B. S. DENDY, W. M.
W. O. WHITE, Secretary. (adv)
?J? ?fr ?fr ?fr?fr ?fr?fr ?fr ?fr?fr ?fr ?fr?fr -fr ?fr?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr
(?ladys Walton is the attraction
for Thursday night and afternoon at
The Rex Theatre, Those who hav<
seen Miss Walton once will want U
take advantage of this opportunity
lo sec her again.
-The best ls the cheapest, and
that is the Willard. Hughs Garage.
--Mrs. S. N. Pitchford is spending
this week visiting among relatives
and friends in Greenvll'e.
Harry 'FayoilSky, who has been In
Florida for tho past several months,
is among his Walhalla friends again.
-Miss Kinma Sitton, of Pendle
ton, is spending some time in Wal
halla visiting her sister, Mrs. S. P.
Dendi and family.
-'Mrs. L. T. Covington and chil
dren left Monday for Georgetown,
where they will spend tho summer
with Mrs. Covington's parents, Dr.
and Mrs. .1. L. Stokes.
- Mrs. Dresden A. Smith and two
liyos left last Monday tor Kershaw
county, where they will be for about
a month visiting Mrs. Smith's par
ents. Mr. and'Mrs. L. ll. McLeod.
-.lOIllsoh M. Smith, who has been
attending Hie Law School of the Uni
versity o. South Carolina, is spend
ing tho summer /a ci Con with his
parents and among relatives and
: rienda m .ni* BtxtLm.
For Sale - Lime ?md cement.
See .las. II. Darby, Walhalla. S. C.
. ad V.-2 1-24.
- The many friends of Joseph
Norton will regret to hoar that he
was compelled to undergo an opera
tion recently at the Stoodley Hospi
tal. Spartan burg. We join willi many
ot bois in the hopo for his speedy re
covery and early return to Walhalla
lo be wirb relatives and among Iiis
friends here.
Miss Annie Cobb left Monday
for Columbia, where she will under
go an operation, she was accompan
ied by Dr. M. Sloan and her sis
ter, Mrs. .lay \Y. 11 n t ellison Miss
Cobb's many friends here and else
where in Hie county will juin vv'th us
in Hit* hope that she may In* tillie
soon to return lo Walhalla complete
ly restored lo health.
One nt Hie most boa it liful wed
dings ever solemnized in Wa. .illa
was (hal of Miss Frances Sh led s Is
hell und Henry Dietrich Riemann al
'.i p. m. on wednesday evening, .lune
sib. ul st. John's Lutheran church,
in the form of a rainbow wedding.
The altar was attractive In white,
with tracings of dainty vines, the
whole embellished with potted plants
and baskets and urns of sweet-peas
and ferns. Candles of pink, hi ven
dar, green and blue were aglow from
pretty candelabra. At the fl rs t strains
of the bridal chorus from Lohengrin,
played by Miss Florence llctrlck. the
ushers. Messrs. Teay Hutchison. Hob
Macaulay, Klaren liitter and Frank
Craig, marched up the two aisles on
a carpel of white cloth which covered
all parts of the Hoot1. The front pews
were marked o fi' for the two families
by huge lavender and pink bows, in
which nested sweet-peas and ferns
After the ushers appeared little Mis?
Laura Murphy up one aisle, wliib
just opposite came Mis.; Katherine
Adams. These little maids wore or
Kandy dresses, lavendar and yellow
Following these came little Gertrude
Hughs, the (lower girl, in a him
dress, stewing Howers, while in Hu
oppositi aisle caine little Dot Isbell
in pink, bearing the ring on a silvet
tray. The maid o? honor. Miss (Marli
Isbell. was queenly as he grncefullj
took her place at the altar. She won
a handsome gown ot' green tn ff eli
embroidered in silver, with trim
mings of silver lace, with a e.reoi
malino hat to match, she cn rr! et
fink roses. All eyes were Iben tiirnei
to g ree I the bride, resplendent In hot
attire of white satin, with veil crown
<. wi*h orange blossoms, and carry
ing a bouquet of bride' ros?
ered with swainsoriea. she was lean
ink upon the arm of her brother
Samuel J. Isbell. who gave her t<
ibo approaching groom, attended bj
his host man. Riep pe Riemann, o
Kock inn. Mr. Aull, Ibo pastor, it
an impressive manner, performed ih<
pretty ring ceremony which mad
these two happy people partners io
life. Immediately after tho corcino
ny, Mrs. Wade Hughs, ill her deal
sweet soprano, sang The Lifo Road
at the conclusion of which song Mis
Florence I lei rick, in her Inimitabl
Style, struck up .Mendelssohn's Woe
diiiK March, when the bridal part
left Ibo Church. The bride wore
brooch belonging to the mooni
grandmother, her only other orin
nient being a string of pearls, th
gift of the groom. Thc bride is Hi
third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ja
H. Isbell. of Walhalla. She has i
was been very popular and is recot
ll I/.Cd as one of the beauties of I '
per Carolina. Mr. Riemann is a sc
of the late ll I). A. Riemann and
a young man of pleasing address. I
is one of Walhalla s rising young bu
?ness men. The happy couple sli
ped away biter on a lour, af er willi
they will be with Mr. and Mrs. Wai
Hughs until they lake up their a hoi
in their own home on Faculty Iii
The bride's going-away gown was
tiiue iricotinc, with gray hal, glov
and purse. On Tuesday evening pr
ceding the marriage an informal r
copi ion was tendered the bride ni
groom-elecl by the parents of tl
bride, in the receiving line were M
and Mrs. .1. |). Isbell. Mr. and Mi
Sam 1 shel I, Miss Marie Isbell at
Miss Roth llcrndon, of Greonvlll
Only the bridal party, the relativ
and the closes! friends were fort
nate enough to be tit Hie home <
this occasion, The guests wore i
Vlted to see the gifts, which were ll
, nierons and handsome These gil
consisted of cut glass, silver, fun
lure and linen, as well ns many oi
pieces, notably heel pads with a rc
four-leaf clover confined to the p
? by net. These the bride to-be sa
she would wear, carrying out the c
custom of wearing
"Something old, something new.
Something borrowed and somothl
i With a four-leaf clover in the lu
of her shoe."
During the evening delicious bio
cream and angel food cake were set
ed. each guest carrying away dal?
SWCet-pens as a souvenir of this <
. lightflll occasion.
? - All makes standard sewing rr
' chine needles at Mof;s & A ll sol's, Wi
I -Mi88 Edith Mills, of Gjopieon
and Miss Mary Witherspoon, or Sum
ter, were guests at the home of Mrs
C. G. Strong for a short while las
-Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kllgore am
children. Helen, Roberta, Adelin?
and 'Sam, Jr., of Woodruff, S. C.
were guests last week at tho hom?
of Mrs. Mellie 'Macaulay. .
- 'Miss Florence Hetrick, who re
cently graduated from Anderson Col
lego, is at homo for the summer va
ration willi her parents. Mr. and Mrs
W. A. Mellick, and among her maa;
Walhalla friends.
--For Sale - Lime and Cement
See Jas. II. Darby. Walhalla, S. C
-adv.-2 1-21.
- Mrs. H. A. Rurdick, of Chester
(Mass., who has been spending ?
month/with relatives In Franklin. X
C., stopped over on her roturn Nortl
to visit the family of Mr. and .Mrs
Van Littleton, near Walhalla.
- Mr. and .Mrs. Clyde 'Brown an?
Misses nessie Taylor. Lucile White
Julia Kaufmann and Edith Carter at
tended the Interdenominational Sun
day School Convention In Rock lill
last week. They report a most cn
Joyable time and u very edify!ni
meeting. Mrs. 'Drown, after the con
vention, left for Spnrtanburg county
where she will spend a while will
her parents and among friends.
-You have had trouble with you
battery, but it was not a Willard. Oin
Willard will end your battery trou
bles. Hughs Garage, Walhalla.-ad
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Crisp arc it
Newberry this week visiting M ra
Crisp's sisti>r. Miss Crooks. Mp. an.
Mrs. Crisp contemplate making New
berry their home, and will move t
Newborry in Ibo fall. Mr. Crisp wil
also visit in Charleston before tho!
return lo Walhalla next week. Thor
are many who will deeply regret th
announcement of the contemplate
removal nf Mr. and Mrs. Crisp fror
our midst.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. H. Dav's. ?.
Birmingham, Ala., are visiting ici;
lives and friends in tilts section o
Oconeo and will proba hiv spend
month in Oconne. Last week thc
woro visiting at tho home of .1 I?
Davis and family, near Walhalla. Ml
Davis being a nephew of J. F. Davis
Mrs. Davis is a sister of the late Ii
N. Rankin, whose family resides nc:
Seneca. They have many friends i
Oconee who are pleased to meet thei
- Wc are indebted to our frica,
.las. M. Hughs, of Edgewater, Colo
for copies of recent Issues of Til
Post and the Rock Mountain New
(Denver, Colo..) in which nnmerov
illustrations are given of the wor
of destruction caused by the Hoot
at and near Pueblo, Colo. These li
cal stories of (he horror conllrin tli
reports of the ?lisaster ns publish?:
by us last and this week. Tho p
niemhering of The Courier In th
manner hy Mr. Hughs is greatly ai
predated hy us. Mr. Hughs i? or
of our former Richland boys.
-Othes have been tried' far
found wanting. The Willard battei
never fails. Hughs Garage, Walha
W?? note by the Greenville Ne\
of .lune Sib that Miss Marion Bc
rick, of Walhalla, will be added
tho corps of teachers in the nina
department of Greenville Womal
College next year. Miss liol rick
an honor graduate from Ibis ins
I lt t ion this year, and '/U? has mai
friends who will join with us In ?
ferlng congratulations upon altai
lng this splendid position. Miss B<
rick has marked (aleut and ablli
and should go far in her chosen pi
fession. She arrived in Walhalla lt
week and will spend part of her \
cation period here with her paren
Mr. and Mrs. . F. Metrick, and li
many friends.
-Tho attention of all ex-soldh
who served in the War with Spa
at home or abroad, or those who si
sorvice In tho philippine Insttrr
lion or the China Belief Expedit!?
and their widows, is directed to I
fact that Congress passed laws of I
utmost interest to soldiers, and
they will send names and a dd res
to Walter S. Buchanan, National A
de?Canip, Arm ami Navy I * n ion,
2, Louisa, Va., be will be glad to i
vis?? them fully as to their ri;;hts i
der thc new law. Prompt action v
mean th?' possible saving of mon
as the pension commences from I
filing of tho claim. Mr. linchar
wishes lo assist his comrades in ev
j possible manner. Write him and
close stamp for reply.
Oil Monday of last week a be
t ifni shower was tendered Miss IF
nie Isboll by Mrs. .la? k Darby. 1
I porlor of the Alexander Mouse,wh
.Mrs. Darby entertained ber crnei
was most attractive in (Ls (Ieee
lions of yellow and whit? How?
Shasta daisies and nasturtiums, th
hoing us. ?I in profusion in carry
out the color scheme. Nine tal
were set for rook, which u , onj
ed by the guests. After several
citing games lime was called and
prizes nwardod lo Hie fortunate ol
the guast of honor being leeson
with a lovely piece nf limn Mit
Caroline Darby, Dorothy Drown i
Carolyn Veiner then entered, Ix
lng large Days, on which were pl
many lovely and dainty gifts for
fair bride-elect. Delicious refr<
monts were serve?|, in which
color scheme of yellow and wi
was artistically carried out. >
Darby presented ea?h g ii esl iv||
dainty ctipio dressed a- a bride,
lo the honoree both a bride
groom ouplo wore prcf?nte<|. 'I
was an occasion long t?i he rem
bored by Hmso who enjoyed J
Darby's hospitality.
! - Ti. W. Boykln, land bank
praisor for this section, is expoi
In Walhalla in a few (lays. Mr. I
kin's dulles are lo visit ami pla?
'valuation on farm lands on wi
gOVOmmcnl loans have beeil ;,p?]
for. A considerable quantity of
business Inas been begun In this,
Hon, bul this has suffered dela)
account of reorganization of tho
?ness methods in operation of
F?deral Land Banks and the dc
incident to such reorganization.
Now Selling at the Lowest
Price Level in Tire History
- $24.50
- 46.30
- 54.90
(And Other Sizes in Proportion)
Tire repair men, who judge values best, class these tires as
having the sturdiest carcass made. Forty-seven high
grade car manufacturers U3e them aa standard equipment.
They are the quality choice of cord users.
iii PPSa r"
This new low price is made possible by strictest economies
and specialized production.
Plant No. 2 was erected for the sole purpose of making
30x3j^-inch Non-Skid fabric tires. With a daily capacity
of 16,000 tires and 20,000 tubes, this plant permits refined
production on a quantity basis.
All materials used are the best obtainable. The quality is
uniform. It ia the best fabric tire ever offered to the car
owner at any price.
WHIT HOL, LEM AN <?, CO., ?^?c?.
- We are requested to announce
that Kev. It. P. Jones will preach at
the Fairfield school house next. Sun
day afternoon at 4 o'clock. All will
be most cordially welcome at this
-Married, at the residence of
John F. Craig, in Walhalla, on Sun
day last, June 12th, Miss Julia
James and Quince 'Hames, both of
the West Union section. The cere
mony was performed by Mr. Craig
in the presence of n few witnesses.
The young couple have the best
wishes of numerous friends.
(Other Locals on Fifth Tage.)
Important Notice!
Registered Optometrist,
-of Greenville
Will bc at Dr Barton's Drug
Store, Walhalla, June 23d,
-and at
Gilreath Hotel, Westminster,
June 24th.
If your eyes bother, sec him.
Careful Tests, Satisfaction
Hy authority contained in a cer
tain Tax Execution to me directed by
lt. ll. Alexander. Treasurer of Oco
nee county. South Carolina, I hore
by offer for sale, on TUESDAY, the
5th day of JULY, 1021, at public
outcry, in front of the Court. House
door, in Walhalla. S. C., the follow
ngl described personal properly, lo
One organ, 2 iron bedsteads and
springs, I mattress, I quilts, i New
Home sewing machine, 2 dressers, 1
elia i rs.
The above personal propel ty levied
on as the property of W. I'. Hell at
suit of the State for t;ixes due in
I !i 1 0. W. M. ALEXANDER,
June I.-"., 1021. 21-26
Tho Slate of South Carolina,
County of Oconeo.
To the Qualified Electors and Resi
dential Freeholders of Legal Vot
ing Age in Union School District,
No. I! 7:
Election will he hold at (Inion
School House on WEDNESDAY, the
2hth day of June, 1921, between the
hours of 7 A. M. and 1 P. M.. for the
purpose of voting upon the question
of levying a Special Tax of Six Mills
on all taxable property of said Dis
trict, to ho used for school purposes,
in accordance; with Section 17 12,
?Civil Code of South Carolina, lil 12.
Trustee:; of Union School District,
No. (17.
June l?, 1921. 21-25
Make Every Fk
Good Fencing protects your
Aiter harvest you can pastun
to year you can rotate crops sc
ing is essential to modern, pr<
Electrically Welded
helps put farming on a busin?
entirely under your control,
them most profitably.
; There are heights and designs of "F
/ for every farm purpose. It is a p
I, high quality, and every rod guara
makes it a one-piece steel fabric ol
ibilily. See us for your fencing, bari
*?. W. Ri
State of South Carolina,
County of Oeonee.
To the Qualified Electors and Resi
dential Freeholders of Legal Vot
ing Age in South Union School
District, No. 7:
Election will be held at South Union
School Douse on SATURDAY, the
2.">tli day of June, 1921, between the
hours of 7 A. M. and 4 P. M.. for
the purpose of voting upon the ques
tion of levying Four Mills on ?ill tax
able property in said District, to bo
used for building purposes, in ac
cordance with Section 1742, Civil
Code of South Carolina. I ill 2.
Trust?es of Soifth Union School Dis
trict, No. 7.
June 1?, 1921. 24-25
Slate of South Carolina,
County of Oeonee.
To the Qualified Electors and Resi
dential Freeholders of Legal Vot
ing Age in Retreat School District,
No. <S:
Election will be held at the Retreat
School House on Wednesday, the
2 flt h day of June, 11(2 1, between the
hours of 7 a. m. and 1 p. m., for the
purpose of voting upon the question
of levying Eight Mills on all taxable
properly in said District, to bo used
for school purposes, in accordance
with Section 1712, Civil Code of
South Carolina, 19 12.
Trustees of Retreat School District.
No. 8.
June 15, 1921. 21-25
Ad Hog-Tight
live stock and growing crops.
2 fields as desired. From year
ientifically. In fact, good fenc
Df?table farming.
Farm Fencing
Where Your Eyes Are Con
cerned it Pays to lie
Captions '
Caution in mal (ors relating to
the eyes is exemplified in many
nays. In the li I'S I place good
vision is so precious a hoon that
any person should 1)0 very cautious
of making the eyes do heavier
work t han nat ure designs t hem for.
The natural power of thc eyes
varies in (I ?(Ter CU i people. Some
hear np under the most intense
use until age begins to get in its
work. Others break down under
heavy strain. Sonic have inherent
weakness from tho beginning. But
whenever tho weakness appears,
then isthe time to exercise cau
tion and give them assistance.
Another thing, he cautious when
seeking ocular advice, He sure to
select some professional man of
standing ami known ability. But
when sure on these points follow
Iiis advice.
g}\W "GO TO A
Singing; at Walhalla.
Tho Wagoner Township Singing
Convention will meet with tho First
(Baptist church, Walhalla, on the
third Sunday afternoon, .June 10th,
beginning nt 2 o'clock. The public is
cordially invited to attend.
II. A. Wood. President.
W. D, Hrowor, Secretary.

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