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By Steck, Shclur HugliM & Shclor.
We have on
one lot of ext
Towels, 24-in b
as two common
good $1.00 valu
The State of South Carolina,
County of Oconee.-By V. F. Martin,
Esq., Judge of Probate.-Whereas, I
J F. Richey has made suit to me to
grant him Letters of Administration
of tho Estate of and Effects of C. T.
RTCH'EY, Deceased
These are, therefore, to cite and
admonish all and singular the kin
dred and creditors of the said C.
T. RICHEY, DECEASED, that they
be and appear before me, in the
Court of Probate, to bo held at Wal
halla Court House, South Carolina,
on Thursday, the 30th day of June,
1921, after publication hereof, at ll
o'clock in tho forenoon, to show
cause, if any they have, why the said
administration should not be granted
Given under my hand and seal this
16th day of June, A. D. 1921.
.Published on the 22d and 29th
days of June, 1921, in The Keowee
Courier, and'on thc Court Houle door
for the time prescribed by law.
June 22, 1921. 25-26
State of Sou i h Carolina,
County of Oconee.
To the Qualified Electors and Regis
tered Freeholders ol' Legal Voting
Age in Holly Springs School Dis
trict, No. 1 6:
Election will bo held In Holly Springs
School District, at the Holly Springs
School House, on SATURDAY, July
9th, 1921, for the purpose of voting
on the question of levying a Special
Tax of Two Mills on all taxable pro
perty in said District, to be used for
school purposes, in accordance with
Section 17-12, Civil Code, 1912.
Polls will open at 7 A. M. and close
at 4 P. M. Respectfully.
B. M. LEE,
Trustees of Holly Springs School
District, No. 16.
June 22, 1921. 25-26
By authority contained in a cer
tain Tax (execution to me directed by
R. H. Alexander, Treasurer of Oco
nee county, South Carolina, 1 here
by offer for sale, on TUESDAY, the
5th day of JULY. 1921, at public
outcry, in front of the Court House
door, in Walhalla, S. C., tho follow
ngi described personal property, to
One organ, 2 iron bedsteads and
springs, 1 mattress, 4 <|uilts, 1 New
Homo sewing machine. 2 dressers, 2
Tho above personal propel ly levied
on as the property of W. P. Bell itt
suit of the Slate for taxes due in
19 19. W. M. ALEXANDER.
Juno 15, 1921. 21-26
State of South Carolina,
County of Oconee.
To the Qualified Electors and Resi
dential Freeholders of Legal Vot
ing Age in South Union School
District. No. 7:
Election will be held at South Union
School House on SATURDAY, the
2d day of JUiLY, 1921, between the
hours of 7 A. M. and I P. M.. for
the purpose of voting upon the ques
tion of levying Four Mills on all tax
able property In said District, to be
used for building purposes, in ac
cordance with Section 1742, Civil
Code of South Carolina. 1912.
E. lt. KEESE,
Trustees of South Union School Dis
trict. No. 7.
Juno 15, 1921. 2 4-26
Sale this week
ra heavy Bath
y 47-in as large
size Towels, a
e, only
. Bauknight,
L.LA, S. C.
All perseus Indebted to the Estate
hereby notified to make payment
to tho undersigned, and all persons
having claims against Bald Estate
will present the same, duly attested,
within the time prescribed by law.
or be barred.
Administrator of tho Estate of Allen
King, Deceased.
Juno 22, 1921. 25-28
BIDS will ho received until 12
o'clock nooii, TUESDAY/, JULY 12,
1921, at the office of tho County
Highway Commission foi Ocnoee
County, at Walhalla, S. C., for the
construction of approximately Ton
i.Miles of Improved Road, leading
from near Pickett Post to Seneca.
The work consists of the following
approximate quantities:
ti acres clearing sind grubbing.
64,000 cu. yds. common excava
200 CU. yds. rock excavation.
Ki,Tilt? cti. yds. top soil surfacing.
!M>|) lin, rt. tfi-ill. pipe,
t!2O lin. lt. I S-lii. pipe,
."i I () lin. ft. 2 1 -in. pipe.
20,500 ft. B. M. bridge lumber.
t?7:( lin. ft. piling.
.'KIO cu. yds. rip-rap.
:t,000 lbs. hardware.
Work must bo completed accord
ing to sp?cifications and in 150
working days.
Proposal bids must be accompan
ied by a certified check or corporate
bond in the (uni of $500.00. made
payable to W. L. Vernor, Chairman
of the Commission.
Plans and specifications are on
Ble in the office of Chief Engineer,
J. X. Slrlbling, Walhalla, S. C.
M. R. MCDONALD, Secretary.
June 20, 1921. 2G-27
Tho Stnte of South Carolina,
County of Oconeo.
To the Quuliiicd Electors and Resi
dential Freeholders of Legal Vot
ing Age in Neville School District,
No. 25: -
'Election will be held at Neville
School llouso on SATURDAY, (he
16th day of .Inly, 1921, for the
purpose of determining the question
of levying a 'Four-Mill Tax on all
tho taxable property in said Dis
trict, to be used for school purposes,
in accordance with Section 17*12,
Civil Codo of South CtiYollna. Polls
to open at 7 A M. and close al I P.
M. Respectfully,
Trustees ol Novillo School District.
No. 2.*).
.lunn 29, 1921. 20-27
1785 11)21
Opon to Mon and Women .
Entrance examinations and exami
nations for the freo tuition County
Scholarships at ?ll County Seats on
Flt I DAY, July 8. at il A. M.
Four-year Courses lead to the B.
A. and B. S. degrees. A special two
year pre-medical course Is given.
Spacious buildings and athletic
grounds, well equipped laboratories,
unexcelled library .facilities. A dor
mitory for men. Expenses moder
ate. Por terms, catalogue and illus
trated booklet, address
June 29, 192 1. 26-27*
Alfred Benrhard Nobel left his for
tune of $9.200,000 to found the No
bel prize fund.
Subscribo for Tino Courier. (Best)
?J? >|? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? *|? ?|? ?J? o|? ?|* ?|* ?J
.j. .j? ?j. .j? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J. ?J. ?|? ?J? ?|?
Boo Wook ill OCOllCC.
During "Dee Week" in Oconee i
total of nine demonstrations were
hold with the bee-keeping specialist,
Mr. 'Pr?vost, with a total attendance
of 7 4 persons. Great interest was
shown at all points in the county vis
ited. (Farmers are more interested
than ever before in bec-keping on
account of the low price of cotton.
?A total of fourteen old box gums
were done away with and replaced
by modern hives. To give some idea
of the value of the work done, some
two years ago Davis Martin, of Oak
way, transferred, under the special
ist's direction, to two modern hives,
and this year has obtained about 300
pounds of first-class honey from
them. Figure this at :!.'> cents a
Many who witnessed the demon
strations will lind lt easy to continue
to transfer their own and their
neighbors' bees into modern hives,
and this they intend doing.
Coining F vents for Furniers.
.Watch this column later for dates
for Hie big trip lo Wade Drakes
farm, where our friend Winters will
show us on the ground where his
talks are being worked ont in prac
. tee.
A big tri-county picnic will bo
held Ibis summer, when farm work
has ??bout finished, at Clemson Col
lege. Club members, farmers and all
others interested in belter agricul
lure are urged to attend this meet
lng and mingle with fanners from
Anderson and Picketts counties.
'Also, five good reels of motion pic
tures have been ordered from the U
S. Department of Agriculture at
'Washington for exhibition to the
club members, their families, farm
ers and the public In general. Jt ls
expected that free shows will be held
at the moving picture shows in tho
three towns on July 27th and 28th
Such pictures as "Good-bye, Boll
Weevil," "Liars and 'Layers," and
"Hunting and Fishing in the Na
tional Forests of Colorado" have
been ordered., ,. ,u.iL??*.*\?i
Trip of Inspection.
On Wednesday, June 29th, land
owners along the proposed drainage
district of Beaverdam creek have
been asked to make a trip of inspec
tion over some of the creeks recent
ly drained in Anderson county. The
Oconee .agent will meet the party at
Townvillo. and from there take the
party to see the Anderson county
agent, who will pilot the crowd
around. The government engineer
bas already inspected Hie creeks pro
posed for drainage,
Boll Weevils.
Farmers have brought in all types
of bugs to tho county agent for iden
tification, and they have been rose
beetles and'other kinds of beetles
and weevils. The agent has secured
a 'bottle of DEtA'D weevils from the
State entimologist, and has them in
a bottle for showing to those who
may wish to see how the real weevil
Along about Aug. 1st farmers will
probably Hod weevils to a limited
extent, for they aro thick from An
derson county on down, and those
boll weevils are good Miers, and they
start flying usually along in (August.
Wet or cloudy weather will increase
the abundance of w 'evils in the
State. 'No need to worry hero this
year. But - more later.
Black Leg In Voung Cattle.
P. J. Shook, of Walhalla, lost a
heifer last week, apparently from
black leg, and immediately the black
leg filtrate, solution was ordered from
thc State veterinarian and adminis
tered to his other calves.
W. H. Armstrong, of Richland,
treats his usually every year against
this disease, treating them himself
as the operation ls very simple, with
a syringe. Washing of the germs
from pastures during high water
along creeks is the chief means of
the disease spreading.
Office Days, Seneca and
West .inins tor.
On the first Saturday of the next
month (July 2d( interviews with
the county agent may ho had at the
store of-F .C. -Ayer, In Seneca.
With the exception of July, when
oirice day will be held In 'Westmin
ster on Saturday. July 23d. odlce
day thereafter will bo held on the
third Saturday in the month, at tho
cotton grader's office.
Any problems the county agent
can handle to get assistance on will
bo cheerfully tackled. Come to see
him nt these points. Will bo at Wal
halla the other Sa tu rd. vs, unless
otherwise engaged In the work.
Geo. H. Briggs, County Agent.
Church Notice.
After the preaching service Sab
bath morning, July 2d, the ordinance
[>f humility and tho Lort!'; Supper
will be observed at tho Seventh Day
Adventist church, West Union.
Evangelist James Bellinger, of
Greenville, will preach in the church
Sunday night, July 3d. The public
ls cordially invited.
As HedUt^uf Conflict with Ofllccrs
Seeking u> Make Arrest.
. Yesterday (Tuesday) about noon
Ham^lfcXbniason was shot by oincers
in tho ?ttWer. part of tho county, tho
officera^el?ig in the discharge of
their duAy^uid liam. Thomason, An
dy Sanders and another man not
known >?8t8ting them.
>OmC()SDAiihur 'Lolita and Louis
'Glymphffihatl Information in regard
to stiliijfa';operntions in Hie Knox's
lhidgoWcJlon and were on their way
to investigate when they came across
three .mon with various utensils and
apparatus .used in tho manufacture
of liquofc. The olllcers wero accosted
with tft?' Inquiry, "What tho
are yOUf,doln>; in here?" and admo
nition,. n.bne ion polite, that it would
he well ior them to take themselves
to othoulpjiris.
Tho th roo mon suspected then be
gan flrinfe-on the olllcers. who were
able to sj^okdho shelter of some trees
and sav?; themselves. They returned
tho Uro aM one man fell seriously if
not fatajjjy'. wounded. As Thomason
fell, Sandlots and his other compan
ion llod.V Examination showed that
a bullet Ahmi penetrated Thomason s
abdomen"^ going in on tho left side
at the front apd coming out in Ibo
back at the righi side. His Intestines
were perforated in nine places, and
as soon "as' Dr. Mayes, of Fair Play,
could glfp him quick attention, he
was rushed to the Anderson 'Hospital
for treatment. Dr. Mayes told Tho
mason that bis chances of recovery
were sligtit, and Thomason then said
that ho^wanted to state before he
died th?fc;he and his companions
were j?^wlame *or the occurrence,
they h?w?ng fired first.
Net tnt? Sumiera nor the other man
has a8;y?t-been apprehended. San
ders Ja'son of Alvin Sanders, who
has giyfcn; officers considerable trou
ble inV'tne past, and who last year
served?wBwntence. having been con
victed OffVlolntion of the liquor law.
WOr^SflWB.t received in Walhalla
from Anderson stated that Thoma
son dieffl?la (Wednesday) morning
nt 4 o'cm?k.x
: itt oil ip t Break Jail.
AndthqV attempt to break Jail has
^coJiM^^CwMl*v>>Hhe ^culnr I ts were
caughT^H^ne act-of prying loose a
section of the concrete floor at the
base of the wall in the corridor up
stairs, and it was also found that
they had been sawing at one of the
bars. A prisoner by the name of
Standrldtie, and John Swofford, were
Ibo ones engaged in this little enter
Hob Scott, wanted in Oconco on a
charge ot' larceny, has been caught
in'Greenville by olllcers. ile was ta
ken in Hie act of stealing before it
was known that he was the man be
ing sought for 'Oconco ollh ers. The
Ocpnee olllcers will endeavor to get
him for trial ahead of the threshing
ont of thc 'Greenville charges.
To He Held at Poplar Spring Church
Next Saturday, July 2d.
The Poplar Spring and Bounty
Land Sunday schools will give a pic
nic on Saturday, July 2d. An inter
esting program will be carried out,
as follows:
Song-'^Bringing in the ifaeaves,"
by both schools.
10.::o a. m.-Prayer by Louis'Ran
Introduction, welcome and state
ment of (ho nature of the day's exor
cises-Poplar Spring superintendent.
Response-Mrs. 'D. A. Perritt, of
Bounty Land.
Introduction of speakers-'Herman
First speaker-Teacher of ?Adult
Bible Class, 'Louis Rankin. Subject,
"What, a Sunday School '.Means to
Second speaker (of senior class)
George Nally.
Third speaker-Charlie Cater, of
senior class, Bounty Land.
'Address to children - Rev. Mr.
Willis, of Seneca. Subject. "How to
Become a Christian In Young Days."
Dismission for dinner.
Afternoon Program-1 O'clock.
Song thy the schools)- "Where
He Leads (Mo-J ?Will Follow."
Address by Rev. lAIr. Willis, of
West Union. Subject, "A Sunday
Second speaker-J. lt. Earle, of
Third speaker-Rev.W.M. Thomp
son, of Seneca.
Tho following have been appointed
as dinner committee: Misses Olive
Lynch. Lurn Perrltt. Sarah Cater,
Hula Rankin, lOmma Wilson, Elberta
Rn moy, Clara Kerr, Bessie Sanders.
Baskets will be taken up by this
committee and arranged on table at
11.25 o'clock. Everybody bring well
filled baskets.
The ROU my Land Program.
Declamation-"Paul's Defense Be
fore Agrippa"-Davis M. Sanders.
Song-"Love Lifted Me"-By the
Instrumental solo,"Sweet Bye and
Bye"- Davis ?M. Sanders.
Sunday School Talk-Rev. J. W.
Bring all the little children. Miss
Cary Doyle will entertain them on
the grounds. Wo assuro them n good
time because -Miss Doyle is such an
adept at entertaining the Utile peo
For Sale
A few good usec
and Trucks for
The prices and te
I Have a fleet ol s
Mowing and Hanlin
g?o anywhere any ti
Wal hal
Marriage- Took Place in Walhalla.
Pleasant i'.urp'ise to Friends.
Coneross, Juno 28.-Special: An
interesting event occurred on Inst
Thursday afternoon at the home of
'Kev. L. W. 'Langston, at 3.16, when
Miss Jane Hunslnger and ?G. F. Mont-'
gomery were united in marriage. Tho
wedding party drove from hore in
a touring car driven 'hy Mr. Maynes,
of Walhalla, brother-in-law^ of tho
groom. Only Mr. and Mrs. Haynes,
of Walhalla, and J. O. Montgomery,
of Spartanburg, and Miss Pearle
Hunslnger witnessed tho ceremony,
which was impressively performed
by Rev. Mr. Langston,
This was a pleasant surprise to
many of their friends here. Imme
diately after tho ceremony tho wed
ding party drove to Seneca, whore
the bride and groom took the train
for Sp.ftfct?JQburg,...where, they vja^
tho groom's fathor, J. C. Montgom
ery, and other relatives. 'From there
they went to Laurens, whero they
were the guests of Mr. Montgom
ery's brother, John Montgomery,and
family, also paying n short call to
the bride's cousins, Mr. and Mrs. C.
15. Du Bose. On their way back homo
they spent some Unto with the sister
of the bride. Miss Bewley Hunsln
ger, and undo, John Nunsingor, of
Greenville. They arrived here yes
terday afternoon and are at Mrs.
Montgomery's mother's. Mrs. S. M.
HunsingOl*. They will leave this
morning for Walhalla, where the
groom will take up his work again
as clerk in the WM. Company's
The bride is tho youngest daugh
ter of Mrs. S. M. Hunslnger, of this
community, and the groom Is the
son of J. C. Montgomery, of Spar
Mr. Montgomery is to "be con
gratulated on winning a bride so
sweet and gentle . He is a young
man of noble ambitions ?md of sterl
ing worth.
The bride was becomingly dressed
In a tailored suit of navy blue, with
hat to match.
Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery will
make their home in Walhalla. They
have a host of friends to join us inj
extending io them all good wishes
and congratulations
Dr. W. J. Langston, of 'Green
ville, will ?1U the pulpit at Coneross
again next Sunday. Everybody is
most cordially invited to attend all
services at the Coneross church,
Superintendent and Teachers fer the
Walhalla School Selected.
The trustees of tho Walhalla High
School met last week and selected
the following teachers to have charge
of (ho Walhalla school next session:
Superintendent-Marion K. Fort,
of Spartanburg.
( Eleventh grade teacher to elect.)
High School - Mrs. Lillian A.
Probst and 'Miss Lola Kaufmann.
Seventh Grade--Mrs. L. T. Cov
(Teacher for 8th grade to be
Fifth Grade-Miss Annie Strutton
Fourth Grado-M Isa Julia Kauf
Third Grade-Miss Lucille White.
(Second grade teacher to elect.)
Advanced First - Mrs. J. B. (Jil
First Grade-Mrs. Fula Phillips.
Teachers for colored school-W.
ll. Burts, re-elected as principal, and
his wife as assistant.
Will Add Eleventh Grade.
At the meeting of the board of
trustees a resolution was passed that
it is tho sense of tho board that tho
llth grade should be put on for the
high school at the coming session if
a sufficient number of pupils can ho
provided to Justify lt. Tho mombors
of tho board consldor tho llth grado
very necessary for tho reason that
tho standard of all colleges through
out the Slato was raised last year,
and a pupil who finishes tho loth
or Trade
1 Passenger Oars
Sale or Trade,
rms will suit you.
leven TrucRs doing
ig of all Kinds. Will
.me. See me.
la, 5. C.
Names of tho 'Alon who Will Servo
During Second Week, July M.
Tho following ninnes were drawn
last week for service as Jurors dur
ing the week of the Common Pleas
Court, which will convene on tho 2d.
Monday of next, month, July ll:
Alexandor, W. T., 'Walhalla.
iBaukuight, J. IO., Walhalla.
Beardon, A. 10., Walhalla Rt. 3.
Boll, J. lAl., Walhalla Rt. 2.
Black, J. 'lt., Madison.
iBurdotto, J. B., Westminster 'Rt. 4.
'Denton, O. Bl., Walhalla, 'Rt. 2.
Edwards, 'H. \A., Walhalla Rt. 2.
Ellengurg, D. C., Seneca.
?Grant, (L. W., Salem.
Hall, J. IP., Walhalla Rt. 2.
Ilanvey, .S. R. B" Westminster Rt.
'Harvoy, W. W., Wostminstor Itt.
Holland, R. M., Walhalla Rt. 3.
Hunter, J. L., Westminster 'R.'F.D.
[. Johns?nriN?4A.-, Walhalla TU^d!: r
Lewis, S. A., Westminster R.E.iD.
Lush, 'L. C., (Salem.
Manley, J. E., Salem.
Marcongill, T. 'E., WostminsteV Rt.
.Mitchell, ll. I*., Wostminstor.
Mooro, J. D., Wesl Union.
'McGuire, D. IM., Westminster'Rt.
MdMahnn, J. D.. seneca K.E.I).
Drice, Dewey, Seneca U.K.I).
Rico, J. H., Townvtlle R.E.'D.
Ridley, 'E. .W, West Union.
Rowland, C. 'I'.. Seneca U.K.I).
Simpson, W. 'll., Westminster,
Sloan. W. H.. Salem.
Smith. .1. H., West Union.
Smith, W. T., Soneac Ul. I.
Thomas, J. D., Seneca R.E.D.
Thrift, D. D., Long Creek.
Vaughn, J. 'P., West Union.
Whitfield, W. J., Townvlllo Rt, l.
Church People Tender Itecoptlon mid
Shower to .Miss tirilCO St Hiding
Westminster, Juno 27.-. Spocial:
On Friday, June 17th, tho Westmin
ster Baptist church gave a reception
in honor of Miss Grace Strihllng.who.
ls soon lo leave for China to do mis
sion work. She was received by tho
ladies In the parlors of the church.
I which were beautifully decorated
with cut ilowors and pot plants. Miss
! Carmen Cross had charge of tho
j "Memory iBook,'' in which each ot
' the guests wrote a heartfelt wish for
' the young missionary.
I The afternoon's entertainment was
! interspersed wi'h vocal solos by Miss
Eleanor Keeso and a chorus by mem
bers of tho (lirls' Auxiliary. The pas
tor, Dr. Andrews, made a short, talk
of praise and appreciation that ex
pressed tho feeling of each one pros
ont. Mrs. C. C. Whilmlre, president
of the W. M. S., also gave an appro
priate talk and suggested that, since
iMiss Stribling was going into a new
land and would have many unusual
experiences, Ibo ladies would Uko for
ber to show how she would try to
uso a washing machine. The doors
of an adjoining room wero opened,
and when Miss Stribling was led Into
it she was surprised to hud a wash
ing machine overflowing with useful
gifts of all kinds. As she took tho
"washing" out a bevy of young la
dies hung these toketis of love on a
clothes line, which proved to he en
tirely too short to hold tho numerous
gifts of her friends.
IMiss Stribling expressed her
thanks with much feeling and love.
During tho afternoon refreshments,
of leo cream and cako wero served.
Indians associated the boavor with
the creation of tho world and would
not kill lt.
grado cannot enter any of tho stand
ard collogos except on condition.
Tho parents of childron who fin
ished tho ton th grado last yoar aro
urged to take this undor considera
tion and to send their boys and girln
through tho 11th grade, ospecially
If thoy Intond to havo thom ontor
college. A pupil finishing tho 11th
grado is entitled to ft diploma froth
tho Stato and can enter any college
of his or her choleo. <

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