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are pretty busy a large part of the time
of the South
land, large
and small,
"have it all
over" the pol
iticians be
cause if their
fences are
built of
Use Cypress and
your? will never
look like thia.
Cypress at first
this wot'ild need
no n p.in s now.
It is just as true of barn and house repairs,
implement sheds, granaries, stock shelters, sub
floors, outhouses and all kinds of little jobs like
gallery railings and steps, as it is of fences.
"Build of Cypress & Yoe Build But Once"
"The Wood Eternal " is your "one best bet." Cy
press grows in "your own back yard" and can
be had on demand in your own lumber yard.
Buy the grade that fits thc job. Why
pay for high grades where lower
grades are more appropriate-and
cheaper ? But be sure to insist on
Because it lasts practically forever-if you get
the true "tide water" variety-and therefore
means double money's-worth of lumber.
Write us for list of FREE PLANS for form buildings-but in the meantime insist on "CYPRESS
and no substitutes " from your local lumber dealer - no matter for what purpose you buy.
Manufacturers' Association
Graham Building, Jacksonville, Fla.
Insist on " tide
water" Cypress
- you can iden
tify it by this
(.'apt. Douglas alni Lieut. I'1 timl> Art*
Killed in Unusual Accident.
Washington, .lune Two of tho
loading dyers ol' the army air ser
vice. Capt. Howard 'I'. Douglas and
Lieut. Marli .1. Plumb, were drowned
in Chesapeake Day to-day after a
collision ol' their planes in tile course
of a bombing raid directed at the
hulk of the old battleship San Marcos
off Tangier Island. Reports received
by the War Department from Lang
ley Field, Va., said iho accident was
one of ilw most peculiar on record.
Lieut. Plumb, Hying a fast single
seater plane, was dropping bombs,
and Capt. D iglas, in a similar ma
chino, was observing the raid from
above. Plumb's plane had just drop
ped a bomb and was ('limbing up
ward, as is thc custom after releas
ing the weapon, when it struck Capt.
Douglas's machine, culling off i;s
Doth planes fell into the hay and
disappeared with their pilots, whoso
bodies have not been recovered to
night, although sought hy a number
of army and navy era fl ordered to
the scene a flor I he .11 ('iden t.
Langley Field olficlals reported
that soon after the planes foll an
other of Ihe bombing planes dropped
a bomb containing ?100 pounds of
TNT, and that it foll near where tho
machines went down. Il was evi
dent, it was said, thal the pilot of
this machine, one of Ibo many par
ticipating in the attach on the San
Marcos, had not seen the planes fall.
Tho terrille explosion of this bomb,
aviation officers said, probably would
make moro difficult tho recovery of
the bodies of the officers of tho two
wrecked planes.
Capt. Douglas, whose home was in
Covlnn, Cal., was one of the best
known aviators and army fliers. Ile
was attached to the air service head
(I uart ors a ad weill by rail ahead of.
the army aviators on their recent
night to Alaska lo soloct landing
Heids and make all arrangements for
t hem.
Lieut. I'lu?'.t?. whose home was in
h'on du Lac. Wis., was recognized,
ollioors said, as one ot* tho anny's
most expert (Hers. When orderod lo
Langloy Field lo participate in Joint
army and navy bombing tests, he
Hew from San Antonio. Texas, in a
big Capron! machine.
Lift Off with Fingers
Doesn't hurt a bit! Drop a little
"Freozono" on an aching corn, in
stantly thal corn stops hurting, then
shortly you lift il righi Off with
lingers. Truly!
Your druggist sells a tiny bottle of
"Freczoiie" for a few cents, sufficient
to remove every hard corn, soft corn
or corn between tho toes, and tho
calluses, without soreness or irrita
tion. adv.
Three-cent currency was in VOgUO
in the United States immediately af
ter i.sr.:1,.
The Merced river, in California, ls
devoid of fish above tho falls.
I.I ns Passed to His Howard-Andrew
Jackson Orr, of Tamnsseo.
Andrew Jackson Orr died at his
home in the Tnmassee section on
Tuesday, June 'J 1 st, at the age of
7 7 years.
Mr. Orr spent his en Ure lifo ill
Oconeo county, with the exception of
the four years during which he saw
service in tile anny of the Confeder
acy. His duties as a soldier were
performed faithfully ami well, and
he was always spoken of hy his com
rades as ix fearless soldier, ever in
readiness to obey a command and
never faltering or hesitating because
of danger. Ile was an carnes! Chris
tian and was a member ol' Mic CheJ
hee Baptist church. Ile is survived
by his wife. I wo sons and three
daughters; "also hy several brothers
and t wo sisters.
The remains were laid lo rest on
Wednesday afternoon in the ceme
tery of Chcohec church, aftev fune
ral services conducted hy i;. v. J. I..
Mr. Orr was well known to many
of Oconce's citizens, and -lie news
of his death will he deeply regretted
in every section where he was famil
iarly known. Ile was honest and up
right, square in his dealings with his
fellow-men. and was a citizen of ex
cellent qualities. The Courier joins
with many other friends of 'lie fam
ily in extending to I hem sympathy
In their hour of sorrow.
lillee .Making.
The process of lace making was
invented at St. An na borg, in Saxony,
by Barbara Ullman, in I sci, it
nourished in Holland and Belgium
for some time before ?ts Introduction
into langland, which tradition as
cribes to some Flemish rofiigcc3,whd
settled In the village of Cranfield, in
Redford county.
IMiil Opposed to Letting Valuable
Machine**' Itust Out in Weather.
Washington, June 22.-Senator N,
j li. Dial, of South Carolina, for some
j time past has been endeavoring to
1 secure as much of tho surplus army
I property as possible In the way of
j automobiles and road equipment for
I the highway commission of South
Carolina .
"I can see no good reason," he said,
"for the army keeping its trucks nnd
j letting them rust out in the weather.
I As 1 stated a whilo ago, last Satur
day I saw hundreds of trucks perhaps
at Camp Hollabird, out there tn the
j weather, and my Information ls that
j they were put there before the arm
istice. I' have telephoned the bureau
of roads, but they told me they had
no trucks whatever ut Camp Holla
I bird. They further told me that they
could use all the trucks'they could
get. The trucks I saw are absolutely
new and have never been used. I
cannot see any difference between
th War Department, the Dosloifice
Department or the rcood roads bu
' ronu, or any other department. The
j property ls bought from the money
collected from the tuxes of the peo
ple and is paid out ol' tlx* same pock
etbook. I do not want to be unfriend
ly to the War Depart nient, but 1 de
not want it io arrogate to itself thc
belief that it can take this property
and keep it there and let it rust oui
I can sec no heller use for tiles?
I trucks than for building good roads
lt" the I'ostodiee Department need?
1 sinne, let the 1'ostolllcc Departineni
have them. There should be no an
tagonisin whatever between the Wai
Department and any other depart
nient ol' this government. To mj
mind, the War Depart nient does no
need those trucks; otherwise tllOJ
would have used them long befen
"I think it would be very well l<
let half of them go, but if we sell tin
other half we will get very little fo
them. We will throw them away
The point I am trying to bring t.
the attention of the Senate is tba
the property of the United State
ought to be used. It ought not to b
allowed to rust out. We should d'
everything we can lo build up th
roads in this country. I have no ill
will against the War Department,
have a great many friends in tba
department, but. the people of thi
eottnir> are a litte hit impatient uve
their extra vac... nee."
in .?; word S^rtatm Dial's pOfO.io
< is (hal !> makes no Jiffereuce wini
department hua these trucks; that i
is absolutely wrong to allow them t
deteriorate when all the State higl
way commissions are bogging fe
them. Whatever friction may exi:
between the War Depart nient an
any other depart nient, he believe
should cease, and the best use V
made of the various articles of equi]
nient in the interest of the peop
generally, ile said he would contint
his ellorts and follow up every po
sibe avenue io secure them for big]
way objects instead of seeing the
rust in many places throughout tl
"The people." Senator Dial co
eluded, "are a little bit impntiei
over the extravagance of tho Wi
Department. Down In my part
the country, last year and year b
fore last, that department allowi
the linters to stay oui in Hie weath
and absolutely rot. Thousands ai
hundreds of thousands of bales
linters of some value simply decays
and went to waste and were haul
out and thrown in gutters and tb
around in the fields. Several hu
dred hales in my own town we
hauled out and disposed of in th
way. I am trying to Ret that depai
mont to realize that the people
this country are tired of paying tax
and not lu i dollar bring ion coi
in return. We want to stop appt
pria ting money il is not necessary
appropriate. I want the War Dopa
ment to have all that is necessary
keep it up in proper shape, but t
people of this country will nol sta
for any such reckless ext ra vagan
?md any such indolence and will
waste any longer. We bought bon
and paid for them; Ikey have gc
down below par. and at the sa
time we look out of every wind
and see property going to wa
every day. We want Dint slopped,
ningham Denied \o\v Trial.
Florence, S .C.. .lune 2?1.-.lin
S. W. G. Shipp, ol' tho Twelfth Ju
cristi Circuit, in a decision bled y
terday, refused a new trial for IO.
Mingham, under death sentence
the State penitentiary for the in
der of his mother, brother, sister ?
the latter's two adopted children
Pampllco, this -State, last Jamill
An appeal will be taken lo the
promo Court.
lb? Oulnina That Does Not Affect the I
Because ot lt? tonic mid lnxntlv? e?fect, T.fi
TIVJt UKOMO OD IN I NH is better thu: ordi
Quinine ?nd does not cruise ncr vow? ties
ringing in bend. Remember the tull name
look tor the signature ot li, W. cuovii.
$$$ m? m? $$$ [email protected] ?<?>? ? ? ??? ? ?
The Willard was first,
The Willard is better built,
The Willard lives longer,
The Willard is used most.
THEREFORE, You want and must have
The Willard Battery
in Your Car.
We have a complete line on hand. The name Willard
is a guarantee of perfection in the battery world. Our personal
guarantee goes, with every battery.
Hughs Garage,
Main Street, l-l Walhalla, S. C
"Satisfied Customers" is Our Motto.
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
Here's y<>"r Chance
Progressive Farmer,
$1.00 year,
The Keowee Courier,
$1.00 year,
Either paper well worth Combination
Price of Both. Order yours now,
For 12 Months
Various Reasons Advanced Why Peo
ple Will Pay High Price for Short
Trip Through Space.
Wliy do people Hy?
Would you caro for a spin In the
air so much as to spend $15 for a 20
minutes' Hight? If so, what ls your
Interviewing n half dozen commer
cial aviators along Miami's water
front on this subject brought the fol
lowing facts to light:
About GO per cent of all passengeia
carried on the short 20 minutes' sight
seeing (lights aro women.
According to aviators tho types to
whom scraping the clouds nppeals
are :
The wealthy man-thc business
mon. He wants to see what flying is
like. He sees the future of commer
cial aviation. Tho short flight offers
also a novel method of entertninlng
Thc "sport." no flies for the ex
citement of the thing, ne usually in
sists on stunt flying. Then, too, an
occasional flight provides a wny of
demonstrating to his friends his sport
ing self.
The nverngo man. Ile finds In the
short flight at $16 for himself or $25
for himself and n companion a method
of realizing the thrill and pleasures of
the air. He ls presented with an op
portunity of realizing an overwhelm
ing desire at a minimum expense.
Tho Inrge percent ago of women
passengers ls considered something of
a ship nt those reveling In the thought
that women wore too timid to fly. Ac
cording to pilots, In most cases wom
en accept an offer of an aerial spin on
the direct dare of their masculine
companion.-Miami (Kia.) Herald.
For Three Generations
PJ Have Made Child-Birth
M Easier By Using
Tho bp.st ls always tho cheapest.
Sometimes tho cheapest Is tho best.
Any way you tako lt, Tho Courior
Hts tho bill. Best and choapost. It
takes ->nly $1.00 to got TI-.A Courier
for a year, but lt takos th:.t-and in
advance. No credit to anybody.
In Court of Common Pleas.
Pursuant lo decree of the afore
sad Court, In the case named below,
I will offer for salo, to the highest
bidder, in front of the Court House
door, at Walhalla, South Carolina, on
MONDAY, the 1th day of JULY,
1021, between the legal hours of
sale, the lot of land below described:
R, T. Jaynes, Plaintiff,
Cns Smith, sometimes known as H.
C. A. Smith, F. II. Shirley and R.
A. Dickerson, Defendants.
All that certain piece, parcel or
lot of land, situate, lying and being
in Tugaloo Township, of the Coun
ty of Oconee, State of South Caro
lina, near the corporate limits of the
town of Westminster, fronting on
'Highland Avenue or public, highway,
land bounded on the north hy lot of
I Gus Smith and Hudson Street, and
I designated as Lot No. 1 on plat of
I survey thereof by W. M. Fennell,
I Surveyor, of dale March 21, 1010,
and recorded in Clerk's omeo, Oconee
I County, S. C., in Plat Rook C, page
16, and containing one and four
I fifths of an acre, more or less, and
j being tho same lot conveyed to Gus
Smith by R. T. Jaynes by deed dated
April 21, 1010.
I Terms of Sale.-CASH. That In
?event of failure of the purchaser, or
purchasers, to comply with Hie terms
, of sale within five d: vs from day of
sale. Ibo'Master do i e-advor'iso and
j re-sell said promises on tho following
I Saleda, or some convenient Saloday
I hereafter, at the same place and on
1 the same terms as heretofore set out,
j at the risk of tho former purchaser,
i or purchasers, and that he do con
tinue so lo do until he has found a
purchaser, or purchasers, who com
ply with tho terms of sale.
Purchaser lo pay extra for papers
i and stamp. W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oconee County. S. C.
.lune 15, 102 I. 2?-26
Stato of South Carolina,
County of Oconee.
To the Qualified Electors and Regis
tered Freeholders of Legal Voting
I Age in Bethlehem School District,
j No. ;YI : .
j Election will be held in Bethlehem
' School District, at .Mountain Rest
j Cost Ginee, on THURSDAY, .Inly 7,
? 1021, for the purpose of voting on
! ibo question of levying a Special
Tax of Four Mills on all taxable -pro
j porty in said District, to be used for
; school purposes, in accordance with
SecHon 1742, Civil Code of South
Polls open nt 7 A. M. and close at
1 P, M. Respectfully,
.1. A. .IONICS,
Trustees of Belmont School Dis
trict, No. 51.
.lune 22, 1021. 25-26

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