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I.I I III 'll I I.?
Napoleon's Eulogy of th? World'?
Greatest Man Regarded a? Worthy
of Kternsl Preservation.
Approach of the hundredth anniver
sary of the death of Napoleon Bona
parte recalls the order of the day
which he issued in his capacity as
first consul, to the French army on
the occasion of the death of the first
President of the United States. 1 The
document ls as follows:
"Soldiers ! Washington ls dead 1
This - great man fought against
tyranny. He consolidated the liberty
of his native land. His memory will
always be cherished by the French
people, as well as by ali free men of
the two worlds, but more especially
by the soldiers of France, who, like
himself und the soldiers of America
in times pnst, are righting for equullty
and llboiTy. In recognition thereof,
the first consul orders that for ten
days all the standards and tings of
the troops of the republic shull be
draped with crape. (Signed) Bona
Not content with this, Bonaparte
insisted Unit an official eulogy of the
liberator of America should be pro
nounced, in the name of the republic,
In thc Temple of Mars, the name then
given to the chapel of the Palace of
the Invalides. The task was confided
to Marcellin de Fontane, the poet, who
was given six days to prepare lt. De
Fontane accomplished his task to the
satisfaction of Bonaparte, and lt ls
generally agreed that his eulogy of
Washington ranks among his very
, finest works.
South American Republics United in
Their Desire to Do Honor to
Memory of . Bolivar..
The unveiling of a statue to Simon
Bolivar, known as the George Wash
ington of South America, took place
In New York April 1?.
There are statues of Bolivar In
Caracas, Bogota, Lima and elsewhere.
He was South America's superman on
horseback. He drove the Spanish out.
He became "Jefe Supremo" of the
northern half of the continent. ("Hey
fay Sooproymaw," please, signifying
"Supreme Chief.") He fought 400
battles and escaped five attempted as
Bolivar bus been described as "mer
curial, Impractical, visionary, reckless
ly daring, vainglorious, sympathetic,
cunning, sensitive, Intense, ambitious,
with no sense of proportion, cruel and
kind in the same breath, giving vent
to the highest sentiments of frenzied
patriotism, and practicing the most
absolute despotism." History credits
him with having spent 90 per cent of
his .large fortune for his country,
Venezuela, and with having made no
private use of public funds, although
long In control of the revenues of Co
. lumbla, Peru and Bolivia. He failed
lu an attempt to unite ali those coun
tries under one dag, lost his power
and popularity and died in exile.
Would Tsach Youth to Think.
To teach people to think, Dr. C. A.
Mercier of Dournemouth left $100,000
to be used to ?Jund a chair of nation
al logic and scientific method at one of
the universities. Among thc condi
tions imposed nre clnuses directing
that : Students are not to be taught
what Aristotle or anyone else thought
about reasoning, but to think and ren
son clearly for themselves. The pro
fessor is not to be chosen for his
knowledge of tho work or opinions of
other logicians, but for his capacity
to think and to reason and to teach.
In selecting the professor preference
ls to he given to the candidate who
does not know either Greek or Ger
man and, tn any case, when appoint
ed, such professor is not to devote
more than one-twelfth of his teaching
time in teaching the logic of Aristotle
and the schools, nor more than one
twenty-fourth In teaching the logic of
Hegel or other Hermans.-Montreal
Family Herald.
An Irish King in Tahiti.
James Norman Hall has stirred up a
veritable tumult in South Boston. In
un article* In Harper's Magazine bc
tells ?d' meeting on a South Sea island
an Irishman named Riley. Orig
inally a native of Reston the- son ol
an Irish Immigrant, Riley ls now the
king of a South Sea island, with un
told riches, a beautiful Tahitian
queen, and hundreds of loyal subjects,
all according to the best traditions of
Rut who is he? Sou' Boston is
largely populated by Rileys, and Mr.
Hall does not specify to which branch
of the fondly his hero belongs. Since
the publication of tho article there
are but few of bis name who do not
claim kinship with the South Sea mon
arch who. since, as everybody knows,
all the Rileys are descended from the
ancient king of Ireland, Ls but enjoy
ing his mil ural right in ruling from a
royal throne-or hammock.
Oil Shells to the Rescue.
Oil thrown on the waves will calm
them. Hence lt has been suggested
that oil shells bc fired from life-line
guns In the const guard stations, to
calm the waters around stranded
If the oil shells are hurled well to
the windward of a ship, and are made
to explode on contact with the water,
the oil will soon drift around the ship
and make It possible for a lifeboat to
be launched In safety.
An Ideal oil shell would he one that
could carry n gallon of oil.-Popular
Science Monthly.
Involve America-U. S.-Jap Friend
ship Declared to be Necessary^.
London, June, 23.-'Baron Hava
ehl, the Japanese ambassador to
Great Britain, in an interview to-day
expressed entire agreement with tho
views expressed at the imprlal con
frence concerning the Anglo-Japau
680 alliance, adding that he was sure
his opinion was shared by the Jap
anese government. Obvi?usly, said
the ambassador, no Japanese govern
ment and no sane Japanese could re
gard the alliance as in any way en
visaging strife with America.
"Friendship with the United
States," declared tho ambassador, "ls
on absolute necessity for Japan, not
only politically, but also commer
clay, for trade reatlons with the Uni
ted States is one of our greatest as
Contending that it was essential
for the peace of the world that tho
utmost friendliness should prevail
between France, Great Britain, tho
United States, Japan and China, Bar
on Havashi referred to what ho was
pleased to term the existing misun
derstanding about China, saying:
".We regard China as in no way
inferior and wish her to be on terms
of equality with other nations. We
want politically what we already
have financially in the international
The ambassador concuded by de
claring that naval disarmament
would be an inestimable boon for
the world, and repealing the convic
tion that the Japanese government
was ready to discuss disarmament
and come to an arrangement with
France, Croat Britain and the United
OOH quickly relieves Constipation,
Biliousness, Loss of Appetto ami
Headaches duo to Torpid Liver.-adv
Dr. Woods to Federal Fen.
(News and Courier.)
Dr. M. A. Woods, the Columbia
dentist who was convicted in the
United States Court for the Eastern
District of South Carolina recently,
on tho charge of violating the Har
rison anti-narcotic law, was yester
day sentenced by Judge H. A. M.
Smith to pay a fino of $1,000 and
costs and to sorve a term of eighteen
months in tho Federal penitentiary
in Atlanta.
Dr. Woods' attorney gave notice
of an appeal and tho case will be re
viewed by the United States Court, of
Appeals at Richmond some time in
tho noar future.
Dr. Woods was released on bond
pending the hearing of the case by
the higher court.
Name "Bayer" on Genuin?
Take Aspirin only as told in each
package of genuine Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin. Then you will be following
tho directions and dosage worked out
by physicians during 21 years, and
proved safe by millions. Take no
"chances with substitutes. If you soe
Mic bayer Cross on tablets, you can
take them without fear for colds,
headache, neuralgia, rheumatism,
earache, toothache, lumbago and for
pain. Handy tin boxes of twelve tab
lets cost fow cents. Druggists also
sell larger packages. Aspirin ls the
trade mark of Bayer Manufacture of
Monoaceticacldester of Salicyllcacld.
Federal Markets Chief Resigns,
Washington, .lune 23.-'(leo. Liv
ingston, chief of the Bureau of Mar
kets, bas presented his resignation
to secretary of Agriculture Wallace,
effective July 1. and will enter pri
vate business. His successor has not
been selected, ll was said to-day that
Mr. Livingston has consented to con
tinue to assist the depart men I for tho
next few months as a consulting spe
cialist in marketing.
f -
({(IO has more imitations flinn any
of her Fever Tonie on the market
but. no one wants imitations.-adv.
Postmaster Refuses to Resign.
Newport News, Va., June 23.
Postmaster C. w. Mugler, of this
city, has boen asked by the Postolflce
Department to resign immediately,
on the ground that ho ls a candidate
for a municipal omeo. Mr. Mugler, a
candidate for Clerk of Court, has
Hotly refused, claiming that ho ls not
neglecting his duties and ls not cam
paigning during ofllce hours. His
torin of office will expire Sept. 1st,
- -?
A female frog doposits from OOO
to 1,200 eggs a year.
Albert's a new
note in the joys of rolling 'em!
Talking about rolling
your own cigarettes, we'll
tell you right here that
Prince Albert tobacco has
'em all lashed to the mast!
You've got a handful-of
happiness coming your di
rection when you pal it with
P. A. and the makin's
papers! For Prince Albert
is not only delightful to
your taste and pleasing in
its refreshing aroma, but our
exclusive patented process
frees it from bite and parch!
And, for a fact, rolling
up Prince Albert is mighty
easy ! P. A. is crimp cut and
stays put and you whisk it
into shape before you can
count three ! And, the next
instant you're puffing away
to beat the band!
Prince Albert is so good
that it has led four men to
smoke jimmy pipes where
one was smoked before! It's
the greatest old buddy
smoke that ever found its
way into a pipe or cigarette!
Prince Albert le
mold in toppy red
bag?, tidy red tint,
handsome pound
and half pound tin
humidors andinthe
pound crystal glass
lt u m i d o r with
sponge moistener
the national joy smoke
Copyright 1021
by K J. Reynold?
Tobacco Co. i_^e\
Periodical Foray? W?r? Until Com?
paratively Recently a Regular
Thing in tho Island.
TI?til six years ago head-hunting waa
In full swing along the coast of New
Guinea, writes Rt v. E. Cappers In
Catholic Missions, and describes ono
of these expeditions by the tribe of
the Marlnd-anhn or Kaya-Kayas. The
practice, he says, has been consider
ably checked by military expeditions.
Nevertheless head-hunting ls still quite
frequent In the Interior. On the ap
pointed day men, women and children
would hasten to the point of embarka
tion. At the approach of their gool
the boats were anchored, and the en
tire party stealthily entered the forest,
taking care not , to give the alarm.
Extra care was needed once the de- j
slgnated spot had been reached. On
the day before the attack the hunters
kept hidden in the bush, end during
the night they advanced far enough
to launch the attAck early before dawn.
Occasionally, the hunters were hotly
received, but most of thc time thc- la
tended victims were roused from their
sleep by the sudden war-cry of the
whole attacking party, and had no
time to defend themselves. Victims
were felled by the dozen, many of
thom pierced through by the sharp
pointed arrows.
The victors.yelled their war-cry and
repaired to their native haunts, where
days and nights of feasting awaited
them with song and dance, around the
gruesome trophy.
Great Naturalist Admitted That Iron
Wall of Treasury Vault Had Bad
Effect on Him.
It was while sitting In from of the
Iron wall of the treasury vault nt
Washington that John Hurroughs,
guardian of the $50,000.000 the vault
contained, wrote his first hook, "Wake
I Robin." In that book lt has been
thougbt that he got closer to nature
than In any of tho others. "Perhaps
I did," he sahl of lt. "I know I was
closer to lt In longing. That Iron wall
reacted on me."
Mr. Burroughs realized, of course,
tho necessity of money to provide the
comforts of existence, and his books
I brought him n handsome return. And
this recalls an Incident of a fox hunt
I In which' be and his brother, Eben,
Joined about a dozen years ago. Ebon
Burroughs lived nt Hobart, In the
Catskills, and on this particular hunt
tho honors went to Eben, who shot tbe
fox. At that time fox skins were
worth about $5, and the successful
brother relished telling of his success.
Once when bonsllng of lt to a party of
friends he was halted hy this from
Brother John: "You have bragged
about that fox hunt long enough. You
shot the fox and sold the skin for $5.
I wrote a little account of tho hunt
and sold lt to a mngaslno for $76. So
there you are."
Piles Cured In 6 to M Days
Dru??lfits refund money If PAZO OINTMENT falls
to cure Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles.
Instantly relieves Itching Piles, and you can get
restful sleep after the first ODDllcntlon. Price 00c.
Tho first grand Jury in America
mot in Boston in 1G35
Birmingham Age-Herald Ship.s Wood
te Northern Factory for Trial.
A dispatch from Birmingham.Ala.,
The Birmingham Age-Ilfbrald will
to-morrow morning be published on
paper manufactured from Southern
spruce pine, which grows along the
banks of the Warrior river and lu
the hilly sections of North Alabama,
covering many thousands of acres.
The paper was manufactured from
wood shipped to Northern mills and
is declared by experts to be the equal
in every respect of the newsprint
mado from Canadian spruce.
The Alabama pine, which ls unfit
for lumber, contains an unusually
fine fibre, which has a thin bark,
virtually no heart, and contains only
a trace of rosin. It grows for miles
along the Warrior river, averaging
from four to twenty-four cords to the
acre. It requires one ton of wood to
make a ton of paper pulp.
.Additional tests aro being made
and a movement bas been st ?tri ed to
establish a large paper mill on the
Warrior for the manufacVro of news
print paper in large quantities.
-? mm
Calomel is quicksilver, lt attacks
the bones and paralyzes the liver
Your dealer Jiells each bottlo of
pleasant, harmless "Dodson's Liver
Tone" under an ironclad, money
back guarantee that it will regulate
the liver, stomach and bowels better
than calomel, without sickening or
salivating you-15 million bottles
Poppies Will Bloom foi' Galbraith.
Indianapolis, Ind., .lune 23.-'Pop
pies from the battlefields of France
will bc grown at national headquar
ters of tho American Legion bore lu
memory of the late F. W. Galbraith,
Jr., national commander of the Lo
gion, who was killed in an automo
bile accident here a short time ago.
A miniature shell-lorn battlefield
will be constructed by landscape gar
deners, and florists will plant and
care for the memorial Howers.
Seed of the Flanders poppies were
received at headquarters to-day from
Col ..I. M. Johnson, of Marion. S. C.,
formerly an engineer with the Rain
bow Division, who gathered them
from battlefields In France.
Colds Cause Orip and Influenza
cause. There is only one "Bromo Qulolne." E.W.
GROVE'S signature on the box. 30c.
Canada Wants ncrgdoll Extradited
.Philadelphia, Juno 23-"Announce
ment waa mado yesterday at Ottawa
/Canada, by Minister of Justice C. J
Doherty that extradition from Ger
many of Grover C. Dergdoll ls undet
consideration by the Canadian gov
World-Famous Village Apparently ls
Unaware of lt? Immense His
toric Importan co.
Chateau Thierry has patched Its
roots, plastered Its chimneys, painted
its shutters and decided to forget the
war. At first every villager dreamed
of making his fortune as a tourist
guido. Thoy are all back now at their
old trades. It ls only tho good house
wife who still pays attention to tour
ists, and thou only to think black
thoughts of the dust raised by the rub
ber neck cars that plunge without a
stop through the village streets.
Over the bridgo, our famous bridge,
that crosses the Marne come the Jolt
ing market carts filled with beets and
cabbages grown In the farm lands at
the foot of Belleau Wood. There ls a
good deal of grumbling about the tem
porary wood structure that now spaas
the Marne, and the peasants tell you
that they cannot lmoglue why the sol
diers did not build lt (vide onough te
let two carts pass oach other.
In tho Cafe dus Mariniers they talk
no more of the war. Instead one hears
only the Idle gossip that the river mon
have plekod up. Chateau Thierry ls no
place for tho sentimentalist who has
Imagined that this town of towns would
live forever in awe of Its memories.
A walk through the streets reveals
few marka of either the Qeriuuii or tho
American occupation. In a field on the
outskirts stands the skeleton of a "tin
lissie" that once did ambulance serv
ice. On tho door Jambs of several
houses one can still rend the billeting
officer's stencils telling how many sol
diers each house would accommodate.
In ono instance tho owner has pur
posely left unpainted a square around
these sacred numbers as a delicate
tribute to his departed guest?.-George
F. Kearney in the American Legion
Absentminded Man Didn't Walt to
Make Explanation of Somewhat
Laughable Situation.
Old Ephraim Davis had tho repu
tation of hoing the most absent-mind
ed man In Chenango county. One day
he went to S-on various matters
of business. At the tailor's he bought
a new suit, which tte donned, asking
that his old one bc wrapped up. He
then wont to the national bank and
purchased bonds of considerable value
und placed thom In tho breast pocket
of his new suit. After doing several
other errands he drove leisurely home.
Some timo afterward he went to get
the bonds from the pocket of his old
suit. Naturally, he did not lind them
there. Greatly perturbed, he put on
his new suit and set off for S-.
There ho went Immediately to the
"I bought some bonds here the oth
er da&" ho began In his drawling
voice, ^'and I put them right In this
here pocket." Ills hand went up to
his cont. At a sudden rustling that
ensued an expression ludicrous in Its
mixture of shnmefacedness nnd relief
carno Into the wrinkled countenance.
"And, by gosh, here they bel"
Without another word he turned on
his hoc) and walked out, leaving the
bank employees convulsed with laugh
ter.-Youth's Companion.
Somit? and House Conferees Agree
on 100,000 for Personnel.
Washington, Juno 23.-An agreo
ment upon 106,000 men for the navy
enlisted personnel for tho next fiscal
year, a reduction of about 14,000
men, was reached to-day by Senate
and House conferees on tho navy ap
propriation bill. Formal and final
agreement on tho bill was deferred
until to-morrow, but tho conf?r?es
said that they had paved tho way for
a complete agreement, subject to the
approval of tho House and Senate.
A reduction of about $80,000,000
in tho Sonate bill and an increase of
about $18,000,000 over the House
bill was said to havo boom virtually
settled. This would bring tho total
outlay of tho bill to about $414,000,
000 .
Tho conferees also agreed to an
enlisted personnel for tho marino
corps of 21,000 men as compared to
24,000 proposed by tho Senate and
18,000 by tho House.
A compromiso was roached on tho
Senate amendment for hvo airplane
carriers to cost $2(5,000,000 each,
with an initial appropriation of $!">,
000,000, The conferees agreed to
provide only for one airplane carrier
with an initial appropriation of $:?.
Controversies over Senate amend
ments for new submarines, torpedo
1 destroyers and aviation bases on the
Pacific coast ?were not settled. The
Senate conferees said, however, thal
they expected the House to accept
prevision for some of the Pacific
The Borah amendment requesting
the Presiden I to call a naval disarm
ament conference of Creal Britain,
Japan and the Untied Stales is not to
be settled In conference, bul will bo
brought before tho House for a vote.
This stipulation was a conditio;' of
tho relinquishment by Ibo Senate
conferees of the large money in
creases voted by the Senate.
drove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, see how
it brings color to the cheeks nial how
it improves tho appetite, you will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant oven children Uko it. Tho blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich lt. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by Its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c.
Overwork and Worry Dangerous.
Washington, Juno 23.-ilnsanity
is on the increase, duo to tho World
War and Its aftermath, Dr. J.M. Lee,
of Rochester, N. Y., declared to-day
before the annual convention hore of
tho American Instituto of Homeop
"Our methods of living, our meth
ods of ea'tlng and the general bustle
and tondency to worry and brood
make for throwing the mental ma
chinery out of gear," Dr. Lee said.
Tho speaker declared that farmers
wore moro susceptible to Insanity
than any other class because they
work hard, worry much ?ind have l?t
alo recreation.
Polios Killed in Demonstration.
Warsaw, Poland, June 23.-Throe
Poles were killed and 21 wounded
during nntl-Cermnn demonstrations
at Bromberg, a town northeast of
Posen, yesterday. Seven policemen
were injured during the disorder.
The trouble arose out of feeling on
the part of the Poles that their coun
I trymcn, who havo "remained at work
in dorman factories, wore Ill-treated
by Germans. Mayor Maclssek, who
was accused of pro-(!onnanlsm, wus
dragged from his office and roughly
bandied by Polish laborers.
You should regard these out
breaks as danger signals. They are
a suro sign something is wrong
within. Look to your blood at
once. The poisonous impurities
have collected in your circulation
until the danger point has been
reached. Start right now, today, ,
to purify your blood with S. S. S.
For Special Booklet or lot indi*
vidual advice, without charge,
write Chief Medical Advisor,
S.S.S.Co., Dap't 433, Atlante, Qa.
Get S. S. S. at your dru??ist.
?S? S3. SL
The Standard Blood Purifier
Southern Repays $5,000,000.
Washington, Juno 23.-Tho War
Finance Corporation Thursday an
nounced that tho Southern Railway
has ropald to the War Finance Cor
poration $5,000,000 yu account of
the advance of $7,400,000 ntado to
tho Southern -ystera in 1919.

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