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(Established 1849.)
ru 1)11 shod Every Wednesday Morning ]
One Year .$1.00
Six MontliM.55
Th reo Moni hs.80
Advertising Rutes Reasonable.
Hy Stock, Sholor, Hughs & Hholor.
Communications or a personal
character charged for as advertise
Obituary noticos, carda of thanks
and tributes of respect, either by
Individuals, lodges or churchos, aro
charged for as for advertisements at
rato of one cont a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will bo marked "Adv." in
conformity with Federal ruling on
such matters.
j The Story of ]
I Our States
i I
TUE kinship I
of Kc n- i
tucky and i
Virginia I S j
thu! of par- j
ont and child. ;
From Virginia j
came most of .
I the sett lora of the western state, j
I nod with them these pioneers i
* brought Virginia institutions !
t und Ideals. It was not until j
j 17r.(> that the llrst authentic t
I Journey was made by a white j
f mau into contrai parts of the j
I region afterwards called Ken- ?
? tucky.
1 Further explorations ahowed
\ that this territory held two 1m
\ portant attractions for settlers.
*, The llrst was the great fertility
? of what was called the Bluo
? Grass region. The so-called
i blue grass, from which thia
t stato ls nicknamed tho "Blue
* Grass Stnte" ls In no wise pe
I cullar to Kentucky.
? Tho second Inducement for
j settlers was the fact that there
\ were no Indians living in this
1 region. It was Inter found that
7 many roving bands of savngos
I crossed tho Ohio from the north
T and soroly harassed the early
I colonists until Clark's expedl
f tiens into Ohio and Indiana "
t etiecked tholr Invasions. In fact,
j tho mime Kentucky ls probably
? derived from tho Iroquois word
. kentkn-ke, meaning "hunting
* land." Another interpretation
I Is "dark and bloody ground,"
j but this is u??b??tm incorrect.
; The main highways of trnv?l
j at that time were Daniel
I Boone's "Wilderness Road"
j through Cumberland Gap and
. down the Ohio. Hardy pioneers
j poured Into this new territory
Sin such numbers that In 1792,
with tho permission of Virginia,
Kentucky was admitted to the
Union ns tho fifteenth state with
t an aroa of '10.?W8 square miles,
j Kentucky has thirteen electoral
j votes for president. The re
I tnnrknhle physical condition of
f its population ls shown In n re
J port of the volunteers In tho
? Civil war. Tills gave their av
! erage height ns nearly an Inch
I talhrr thnn the New England
i troops and with a correspond?
j ingly greater girth of chest.
. (? hy McCluro Newnpapor Syndicat?.)
4,.................................. .................................
{Quantities Everywhere, Hut Whose
is it?-Excess is Groat.
Washington, .lune The hank
ing world is confronted with a mys
The world's gold supply is between
i wo hundred million .nul three hun
dred million dollars in excess of
what is was generally supposed lo bo
lind no one knows who owns (his ra
ther tidy sum.
Secretary of Commerce Hoover hus
boen having a study made of lins..,.ni
gold : upidies. Investigation hus con
tinued several weeks without much
progress, except lo determine the
tact thai Ihne is a mysterious .<L'"l??.
imo,.i or so Moating around appar
t II i ly w i I hon l a n owner.
lhere is a possibility that this is
Russian gold. .Secretary Hoover ad
mitted, although he is inclined lo
believe thal isn't. The fad that the
Russian government has been mak
ing comparatively few purchases re
cently would make il appear, he said,
thal tho gold ultimately will he ac
counted for from some other sou reo.
No Worm* in a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worms have nn un
healthy color, which ludientes poor Mood, and ns a
rule, them ls moro ni less Stomach disturbance.
Inrly for two or three weeks will enrich the blood.
Improve the dli?estlon. nnd net as n j?cnernl St renrtt h
? nlnjt Tonic to tho whole, system. Nature will then
throw off or dispel th? worms, and theChlld will be
ia perfect health. Pleasant to take. OOo per bot?e.
Naval Secretary Orden* Admiral to
Glvo Written Report of Ilemarks.
Washington, Juno 23.-Rear Ad
miral Wm. S. Sims roported person
ally to Secretary Denby to-day that
bo had been misquoted In press ac
counts of remarks In London touch
ing on Irish sympathizers in the Uni
ted States. The officer was recalled
from leave of absonce to make a writ
ten report giving a corred text of
what be had said .
Tho admiral refused lo comment
on tho caso in any way, but Secretary
Debby said, after his interview with
the olflcer:
"Admiral Sims has denied the ac
curacy of the statement attributed
to him. Ile stated that he was incor
rectly quoted."
"I gave him a written memoran
dum setting forth those statements
and asking him to inform ino in
writing wherin he was misquoted
and to tell me. if lie could, what he
did say In that speech. I asked him
to give me ?in early reply. My memo
randum was an official communica
tion to Admiral Sims in the form of j
an order'.'
lt was indicated at the department
thal Secretary Denby would request
Admiral Sims to show thal he had
been substantially misquoted in pub
lished reports of his London speech,
and would not be content willi r?pu
diai ion ol' certain words.
Admiral Sims was with Admiral
Count'/, only a short lime, and it was
learned thal their conference was
not connected willi tin- controversy
as io Admiral sims' I,(union -perch.
on bis a ni vu I ai ihr Navy Depart
ment Admiral Sims posed foi- news i
photographs, hut smilingly refused
to talk with the group of newspaper
men. Ile again refused to discuss bis
case after leaving Admiral Ooont/.'s
office Hi* did not indicate when he
expected lo have ready his written j
statement required by Secretary Den
by, and no copy of the secretary's or- .
der was given out.
ItulnMy-Tlsni is a powerful Anti
septic. Cures i nf? vi od cuts, obi sores,
tetter, etc.- adv.
Estate-Woman Says She Loaned the
Colonel $(M),0()0.
Chicago, 111/ .lune 23.-Mrs. Mary
Burkett, of Hillsdale, Ind., who has
filed suit against tho estate of the
late Theodoro Roosevelt, alleging
a claim of $li!),!?i)<). said Thursday
that during tho Republican National
Convent i i ii in HM 2 she had loaned
the money to Col. Roosevelt and C.
.1. Shuuson on a joint note. James J.
Peyton, then a Danville. 111., justice
of the peace, now dead, is said hy
Mrs. Burkett to have negotiated the
loan, which was made in cash.
Mrs. Burkett, in a statement at
Hillsdale, said the loan was made
in a Chicago office on .lune 21, 19 12,
lind that the note hearing Col. Roose
velt's and Shunson's signatures now
reposes in the keeping of Hie Chemi
;al National Hank if New York,which
ls acting as lier representative.
Mrs. Dui kell said the money rep
resen ted an estate left by an un (de.
Henry Richardson, Colorado and
Uontana miner, for her to administer
for a period of years in behalf of a
wayward daughter," and that s^io
loaned tho money as she had been
.barged. Mrs. Burkett says she can
produce witnesses and affidavits lo
provo interest was paid until lb 17.
She admit led having boen in corre
spondence with Mrs. Alice Long
worth, Col. Roosevelt's daughter, in
To Stop n Cough Quick
cough medicine which stops thc cough by
healing the inllnmed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds nnd
Croup is enclosed with every bottle of
should be rubbed on thc chest nnd throat
of children .suffering from n Cold or Croup.
The heatiniteffect of Hnycs' Hmlim: Honey in
side thc thront romhinrd willi the hcnlini*, effect of
('.rove's O-Pen-Troto Solve throui>h thu porca of
the skin soon stops rt cough.
Doth remedies ore packed in one carton nnd the
lost of thc combined to-nlinunt is 35c.
Just ask your druggist for HAYES'
Negro tailed to Reach (mal.
Jacksonville, i'la., .lune 22. Com
plote roturas to-day from yesterday's
muni'ipa! election showed thal the
six negro candidates seeking places
in the city council were overwhelm
ingly defealed. lt was the first tillie
that negroes had SOUghl public of
fice herc In many years.
f irst Cotton Rloom for Anderson Co.
Anderson, .lune 22. The first cot
ton bloom for Anderson county w is
taken from tho farm of H. P, Eaton,
who lives on lands of J, H. Wright.
lt caine from a field of ten acres,
which will average 2') inches high,
and no fertilizer was used.
Volcanoes are most thickly group
ed in Guatemala and Java.
Shown hy Kucial Croup? - Nearly
Ninoty-Flvo Million Whites.
Washington. Juno 26.-The racial
composition of tho population of tho
United States in 1920, as announced
to-night ?ty tho census bureau, shows
tho country to contain 94,822, I'M
white persons, 10,463,013 negroes.
242,959 Indians, 1 1 1,025 Japanese.
61,686 Chin?se and 9,4 85 o thors. Tho
Japanese race exceeds by fur tho rate j
of growth in the last ton years of all
other classes.
Unoilicial estimates of tho Increase
in the number of Japanese in the
United States, particularly on the Pa
cific coast, were horno out in tho of- ?
tidal tabulation, which revealed a
rate of expansion of 5 3.9* per cent
during the decade of 1910-20. Cali !
fornia absorbed 30,596 ot tho total ,
growth of 38,808 Japanese in this j
period. On Jan. I, 1920, there wore,
71,952 Japanese In California, The
remainder or tho increase was dis
tributed largely in Ibo State of Wash- ;
ington, where 17,388 make their per-1
manon! homes. Oregon has 4,151,!
Utah. Colorada and New York have
between two and three thousand
The while population showed only
u 16 per cont expansion for the dec
ade, and lite negro 0.5 per cent. Holli
lin? indian and Chinese groups dwin
dled S.li per cent and 13.8 per c>>:it
respectively. The growth in the whi "
population was considerably less titan
the rate for Ibo previous decade,
which was 22.3 per cent. This (h
dine. iiu> slaloment said, was ciao
principally lo tho inark?d reduction
in immigration during tho war. Va
estimate based on tho excess of births
over deaths und on the excess of im
migration over emigration showell ii
difference by only a small fraction of
I per cent from the total whites eau
mern ted.
The greatest numerical Increase ir? ,
Ibo white population was shown ill '
the East, North and Central di vt- j
Sloes, embracing the States of Ohio, 1
Indiana. Illinois, Michigan and Wis-:
cousin, whero the increase was :>,- j
01 1.663. In the South Atlantic and I
Hast and West and South Central
portions tho whites proved a normal j
increase of 3,586,107.
The rate of increase in tho negro ?
population, which was not percept!-;
bly affected by immigration or emi
gration, was the lowest on record,
according to the statemnt.
Evidence of the emigration </f the ?
negro to the North and West was (
found in tho figures showing nearly ?
three-fourths of the Increase in the
negro population, or 472,41 8 of the,
635,250 gain, In these sections. A |
growth of only 162.832, or about one j
fourth, was reported for tho S'ont h, j
despite the fact that 85 per cent of .
tho total negro population is still be- I
low tho Mason-Dlxon line. The per- ;
sentage increase of tho negroes in the
West was 55.1; in tho North 43.3 per;
cent, and in tho South 1.96 per cent. |
'Michigan, with 60,0S2. negroes, led
all States in percentage of increase,
with 2f>l percent. Illinois and Ohio,^
ivith (ncreasos of 67.? per cent, show- j
ed further evidence of the Northward I
movement of negroes. Pennsylvania's .
negro population growth was 46.7
per cent.
Decrease in the Indian race in the ?
ten-year period was probably due In .
part, il was said, lo (lie enumeration
as Indians, in 1910 and as whites in
1920. of persons having only slight i
traces of Indian blood.
Georgia leads with the largest ne
gro population, numbering 1.206.365. j
Other States which have more than
100,000 negro inhabitants are:
M ississippi.935,184
Alabama.'."MI,6 52
South Carolina .sr,:;.7 l 9
North Carolina. 763,40-7
Texas.7 11.723
Louisiana.7 on,257
Tennessee.15 1,758
Pennsylvania.. 281,494
Maryland.2 14,470
Now York .1 '.ts.4 33
ohio.I ^;.183
Illinois. . 1X2,254
Missouri.I Ts,2 1 I
Oklahoma .I 19,407
District of Columbia . . . 109,966
Ituh-.My-TIsm >s a great pain kill
er. Relievos pain and soreness,
Itlieuniatlsm, Neuralgin, Sprains, &c.
Della Pontiac Smashes Own I leeor d.
Bra ii (ford, ont., .lune 23.--Bella
Pontiac, world's champion cow, own
ed by T. A. Barron, of Brant ford, has
set a new record. Figures made pub?
lie to-day by .lames W ilson, super
visor of tho official test of tho Hoi?
stein-Frlesian Association, showed
that for tho fiscal year ending June
1 St h Bella Pontiac produce I; Milk
27.017 pounds; fal 1,250 pounds, and
butter 1.57:1.5 pounds. Mr. Wilson
said these figures were far in excess
of any previous record.
In Houso-Outlaws Hoer for Medici
nal Purposes on Prescription.
Washington, June 23.-The Wil
lis-Campbell anti-beer bill, with mi
nor amondinonts, was roported to
day by thc House judiciary commit
ten. Tho rules^oommittee is expected '<
to give it right ot way in the Houso!
within the next few days.
Aside from "outlawing beer for !
medicinal purposes, the bill would ?
limit to one hundred lu ninety days1
the number of prescriptions for wills- :
key to be issued by a physician, and !
would authorise tho prohibition au- j
thorlties to stop the manufacture and
importation of liquor until the pres-'
ont stocks held in this country have1
been reduced. It also would extend!
tho Volstead enforcement act to Ha
waii and tho Virgin Islands.
The bill embraces the uncontro
verted sections of tho Volstead sup-j
plomental act and was introduced In
that form as an emergency legisla- !
lion to become effective before thc j
internai revenue bureau could issue '
beer regulations under a ruling by
former Attorney General Palmer.
Mr. Volstead announced that the
contested sections of his bill would
bo reintroduced.
Catarrh is a local disease, greatly
influenced by roust itu! ional con
ditions. HALL'S CATARRH j
MT.DI CI NE is a Tonic and Blood
Purifier. Hy cleansing the blood and
building u|> thc System, IIA U/S
normal conditions and allows Na- i
ture to do its "work.
All Druggists. Circulars free.
P. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
His Father-Young Laurens .Mun to
Serve Five Yours on (Jung.
Laurens, June 21t.-?Claude Owens, '
a young man of Young's township,
was late yesterday afternoon convict
ed of manslaughter with rccouunen- J
dation ?o mercy, on the charge of i
killing his father, Allen Owens, last]
fall at a cane mill on the premises of j
the Owens home. Notice of intention |
to ask for a new trial was given by
counsel for the defense, but the in
tention to appeal was abandoned th?3
afternoon and .Judge Gary sentenced
young Owens to serve five years on j
tho chain gang or in tho State peni
Tho homicide occurred last Qcto
ber, and tho plea of the defendant as I
made on the stand was that he was j
attacked by his fther with a drawn j
knife, and that he shot to save him
self. The young defendant and his
father, it was brought out during the ;
trial of the case, which consumed a
day and a half, had been on bad j
terms for some time and often quar- ?
reled, according to the testimony of j
Mrs. Owens, wife and motlier, who
recited various instances of clashes !
between father and son.
There was testimony on the side
of the defense to the effect that Allen
Owens was generally disagreeable
and often abusive to his wife and
children. On the day of Ibo killing,
Oct. 17, the elder Owens, it was al
leged, was at work at his cane mill,
when the son and Adolphus Mostet
ler came up and began a conversa
tion. The son. il was alleged, offered
his father a drink. Ile refused il and j
this seems to have started a quarrel
that ended In tho fatal shooting of
thc older man.
Eighty-Three Thousand Former Ser
vice Men ?ind Women Training.
Washington, .lune 24.-Tho Fed
eral government is conducting the
world's largest university, with a to
tal of S3,-."iii I students all former j
sorvico men and women according
to announcement to-day hy tho Keii
oral board for vocational education.
The sttldonts are scattered from coast
to coast In fifteen thousand pince
ment training and two thousand ed
ucational institutions. Women, for
mer army nurses a^d yoowomon now
number 30-1 on tho student roll.
Trade and industrial training have
claimed the interest of the greatest
number of students. 33 per'cent pur
suing snell work, while business and
commercial linos have attracted 2fi
per cont, according to tho board's
records. Fourteen per cont of the
Students aro seeking professional ed
ucation and 12 per cont aro fitting:
themselves to man the nation's j
farms. Tho remainder of tho student |
roll is giving its timo to pro-voca
tional (raining.
?0? cures Malaria, Chills and Fe
ver, Bilious Fover, Colds and Ln
Grippe, or money refunded,-adv.
The title of "don" was originally
assumed by tho popes .
g Colds & I
J* "For years wc have used ]
B and 1 have never found any ;
B place," writes Mr. H. A. Stacy,
Q cy, who is a Rutherford Count
M Draught as a medicine that she
J? hold for use in the prompt treat
g vent them from developing into
O It touches the liver and
iga declared. "It is one of the bc
M cold and headache. I don't ki
? family if it wasn't for Black-Dr
?3 dollars ... I don't see how ai
B out it I know it is a reliable a
Q in the house. I recommend I
erm never without it."
y At all druggists.
Accept No
Rainfall and Temperature.
Below ls a record of meteorological
observations taken by H. W. Brandt,
co-operative observer ot tho Weathor
Bureau of tho U. S. Department of
Agriculture, during thu week ending
.lune I !ith, 11121, al 7 p in. (The
instrumental readings aro from gov
ernment standard instruments ex
posed in the manner recommended
by the chief of the Weather1 Bureau):
.lune 1 3-Clear ....... OD (lt!
.lune 1 4-Clear. 9S| ?3
.lune 16-Clear. nt 71
.lune 16-Ptly cldy. .71 S9: 6S
Juno 17- Clear ... .... | !)."> 69
June 1 8-Clear .......! !)? 67
June 19-'Ptly cldy. .... : 96' 67
Total rainfall . . J .71
Habitual Constipation Cured
in M to 21 Days
.LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially
prepared Syrup Tonic-Laxative for Habitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulates. Very Pleasant to Take. 60c
per bottle.
.Milk Production Greatly Decreased.
Washington, June 23. -Milk pro
duction in thc United Slates last year
amounted to 89,6f>8 million pounds,
a decrease of approximately four
hundred million pounds as comparod
with 1919, the Department of Agri
culture has- just announced. Tho
number of cows on farms in 1920
was 298,000 less than in 1919. The
per capita production declined from
one hundred gallons in 1919 to nine
ty-eight gallons last year.
Black-Draught in our family,
medicine that could take its
of Bradyville,Tenn. Mr. Sta
y farmer, recommends Black
ed be kept in every house
ment of many little ills to pre
serious troubles.
docs the work," Mr. Stacy
?st medicines I ever saw for a
low what we would do in our
aught. It has saved tis many
ly family can hardly go with
nd splendid medicine to keep
ilack-Draught highly and am
Imitations g
1,81 Ban
i<: x 11{ \ xi i : i : \ \ M I NA TIOXS.
Kn (runco examinations to tho Uni
verslly of South Carolina will ho hohl
hy tho County Sn pori it london I of Ed
ucation ;it t lu' County Court House
on FRIDAY. .Inly 8th, 1921, ?it !? A.
Tho Cnlvorsity oilers varied cours
es of study in Science, Ditera tuvo,
History. Law and Business, The ex
penses are moderate and many op
portunities for self-support aro af
forded. Scholarships are available.
Military training is compulsory for
Freshmen and Sophomores. Reserve
Officers' Training Corps.
For full particulars write to
President W. s. CCRRHLL.
Cnlvorsity of South Carolina,
Columbia, S. C.
June 8, 1921. 23-25-2I?
The examination for the award of
Vacant Scholarships in Winthrop
College and for admission of new
students will be held at the County
Sourt House on Friday, July 1, at ft
\. M. Applicants must not bo less
than sixteen years of age. When
Scholarships are vacant after July 1
they will be awarded to those mak
ing the highest average at this exam
ination, provided they meet the con
iitions governing the award. Ap
plicants for Scholarships should
write to President Johnson before
the examination for Scholarship Ex
amination Blanks.
Scholarships are worth $100 and
free tuition. Tho next session will
open September 14th, 1921. For
further Information and Catalogue,
President I). B. Johnson,
22-26? Hock Hill S. C.
Sold only ^^5*?HHHB*?>-^ by dealers
I give tu"e mileage j
at the lowest cost
ia history
Reduction in all styles and sizes
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