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(Small advertisement! under
this heading Inserted at rate of
one cent a word per insertion.
Four insertions for price of
(NOTICE.-No advertisement ac
cepted for this column for L?s than
15 cents, ono insertion.)
MONEY TO 1AMN on Improved
Farm Lands, lt. IO. 13 KU CF, Pick
ens, S. C. 26-tt
FOK SA I.F-Ono Ford Koadster;
1919 model. MAUDE IM!RLFY.Wal
halla. S. C. 26?
FOIt SA 1.10-Three Fresh Milch
Cows. C. W. PITCH-FORD,Walhalla,
S. C. 2?-27.__
FOK SA LIO- My Farm of III)
acres, on Kcowee Uiver. Apply to 1).
ll. ALFX ANPIOK, Toccoa, tia. 24-tf
WANTER-Few Young Ueef Cat
tle, ready for slaughter. Also Chick
ens of all kinds. K. 1). OI0LKI0KS,
Walhalla. S. C. 2.V28
WANTED-Position as Teacher
for Summer Term. Second grado cer
tificad?, satisfactory references. .IAS.
lt. WELDON, Westminster. S. C. 27*
FOK s.\ I,F-( ; rodo Jorsoy Hull
(entitled to registry); one year old;
splendid animal. Price reasonable for
(|Uick salt'. Write oi- seo lt. HOL
LAND. Walhalla. S. C. Kt. !1_1_2?*_
greed, from dam Lady Fluff IV, A.
K. C. 1507,107, silt- Carolina Duke ll,
A. K. c. 1107.iii, formerly lloauly;
???un. to $:io. i.ons PUCKILVRKK,
isl St. Phillp St.. Charleston.S.C Ut'.
LISTEN! - Why pay for some
thing yon don't gel? Have your
Clothes made and you gol what you
buy. Coats. Dresses, shirtwaists. We
make them all. ADFLINF >AIIM
STKONO, Dis Main St., Walhalla, S.
C. Ul!
CLFKKS- (Men. Women.) over
17. for Postal Mail Service; $120
month; experience unnecessary. For
freo particulars of examinations
?write J. LEONARD, (former Civil
Service Examiner). 514 Fquitable
Bldg, Washington, D. C. 21-28*
At once, by largest concern of kind
in world, to develop and handle local
business. No Investment or experi
ence required: $2 SOO to $10,00(1
prollts first year, according to popu
lation, and wonderful futuro possi
bilities, as ours ls a staplo commod
ity, with constant unlimited demand,
and we undersell all competition.
14 0(1 Como lUdg., Chicago. 20*
FOR SAI F~=In WaIhaIla'
1 U!\ OrtLL 0n Corner
Mauldin and Tugaloo Streets,
Seven-room House, 3 J ?*. Ses,
2 Halls; Electric Lights; Eight
Stall Barn and Garage; Good
tf Walhalla, S. C.
Violin Lessons
will give Violin Lessons in Walhalla
on Tuesday and Friday of each week
nt the Itnptist Church, beginning on
.lune 21st.
Mr, Martin has had several years
of experience playing in orchestras in
Paris, France, his nativo city. Ile
luis had for (Ivo months a largo und
successful elliss in Seneca.
All persons interested in Violin
l/cssons will pl04t.se address Mr. Mar
tin at Seneca, S. C., or soe him in
Mauldin Street, Walhalla, S. C.
Sacrament of Penance. . . .9.30 a. m.
Mass and Sermon.10.00 a. m.
Reverend Thomas J, Mnckin,
P. O. Kox 8 2, Anderson. S. C.
Auto Tl
Now is thc time to b
old tire will blow-out witl
you arc many miles from
you have to buy-h a vc y
Wc have thc agency
Tires and Tubes-the be
10,000 Mile
You will save monc)
Kelley Springfield Tires ?
t..|..|..I,.i.,i.,;..i..i,.i. .i..i..i..i"i..|..i..i..i.
t' 'I' 'I* *I" *I 'I' 'I* * J" 'X1'I''I* *1* *1* *X**I* 'X' ,
-Best 5c. cigars on the market,
at Norman's Drug Store.-adv.-26-27
'.Mrs. J. 'B. Lewis, of Bolton, is vis
iting her cousin, Mrs. Fannie Bron
nccke. j
-'Miss Mamie Allen, of Groen- ,
ville, was among Walhalla friends
for a snort while this week.
-Our store will be closed Mon
day, July 4th. 1921, C. W. & J. E.
(Bauknight, Walhalla.- adv.
- Mrs. James Brown and children, '
of Union, aro visiting at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Brown.
-Miss ?Maggie Martin and niece.
Miss "Frances Martin, aro guests of
the former's aunt, .Miss Addie Ta
-Thirteen pounds of standard
granulated sugar for lille. Walk a
Mock and save a dollar. "Jaynos
cuts the price and sells the goods."
Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Davis, of
Greenwood, spent the past week-end
in Walhalla as tho guests of .Miss
Add ie Ta (yinm.
--'Miss lladie Thompson left last
week for Anderson, where she will
ho visiting among relatives and her
many friends for some lime.
- Dr. II. P. P. Thompson, of High
lands. X. C., spent one nielli last
week al tin? home of Mr. and Mrs.
W. A. Grant, of Walhalla. The Doe
tor's wife is a niece of Mrs. tirant.
- You have had trouble with your
luit tory, hut it was not a Willard. Ono
Willard will end your battery trou
bles. Hughs Garage, Walhalla, -adv
Mrs. Joe Sauve, of Jacksonville,
Flu., arrived in Walhalla Tuesday
and will spend ?Imo limo herr with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. X. J.
Mrs. T. IT. Milch.-ll and little
daughters, Marga rel and [{nth. of
l'air liay, spent the week-end with
Mrs. Mitchell's lather, F. I). Wal ?on,
and family.
- Mrs. Geo. Maxwell and children,
of Columbia, spent the past week
end in Walhalla with 'Mrs. Maxwell's
mother, Mrs. S. J, Hutchison, and
among other relatives and friends.
(Burr clover semi for sale V
couts per pound. I). E. Good, Wal
halla. S. C.- adv.*
- .Miss Andrea Schroder, who has
been spending thc; past few months
in Georgetown with relatives, bas re
turned to W'alhalla and will be here
for the summer. She hus numerous
friends here to welcome her back
-The Chattooga Improvement
Club will give a box supper and
ice cream festival at the Chattooga
school house on July 2d, next Satur
day, at .'1 o'clock. The pubic are
cordially Invited to attend and tako
wei 1-fi lied pocket-books.
-Burr and crimsin clover seed.
C. W. & J. E. Bnuknlght, Walhalla.
-'Frank Mayo, In a splendid pic
ture, ls booked for showing Thurs
day (to-morrow) at The Star The
atre. The Star ls well ventilated and
is a cool and pleasant place to spend
an hour in tho evening. Good pic
tures are always to he found Hune.
Mrs. Elva S. Gurney has re
turned from Chattanooga, Tenn.,
where, some few months ago. she
look a position with the Times Print
ing Co. she will spend her Iwo
weeks' vacation with her little
daughter, Dorothy Elizabeth Gurney.
Mrs. Franklin C. Cain, of Si.
Matthews, State regent ol" the D. A.
K.'s. and Mrs. Cruce'Ward Calhoun,
of Clemson College, passed through
Walhalla .Monday on their way lo
file I). A. lt. school at Ta m assoc, to
attend a meeting of the board of trus
tees of the school.
- Mason fruit jars-the kind you
have always used: Quarts OSc. per
dozen. Porcelain lops and rubbers.
Walk a block and save :i dollar.
"Jaynos cut.-: 'he price and sells the
goods." -adv.
-G. w. Hughes, of Philadelphia,
is visiting at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Chas. F. I let rick for some time.
Mr. Hughes is engaged in the manu
facture of thread 'a his native city
and finds not a little to interest him
in the new K co wee Yarn Mill, of
which he was one of the first custom
ers. Ile has visited here before and
has a number of friends, who are de
lighted to meet him again.
--?Wanted -Small bottles- Haver
ing and others. Norman's Drug
Store. Walhalla. S. C. ad v.-2(1-27.
ires and
tty tires and tubes, for an
i you on a Hot Day when
home. Don't wait until
our lamps full of oil.
for thc Kelley Springfield
st that's made. Prices arc
s Guarantee.
T in thc long run by buying
and Tubes,
tt Hardware Co.
- Walhalla,
-Delicious ice creams and fruit
drinks. Norman's Drug Store, Wal
halla, S. C.-adv.-26-27.
-Miss Fay ?Mitchell, of Lavonia,
Ga., spent the past week-end with
Miss Julia Watson.
-The Paul Hayne Circle will meet
with iMlss Janie Harrison on'Friday,
July 1st, at 5 o'clock.
-'Mr. and iMrs. Harry '.Norman
spent the past week-end with rela
tives In ForsyH", Cia.
-Special--Best grade overalls,
full cut, at $1.10 pair. J. ?H. Alloy,
West Union, S. C.--adv.
-Miss Julia Watson returned to
'Walhalla Friday if last week.'after
a week's visit to relatives at Fair
J'lay .
- George Prince, of Washington.
D. C., spent the past week-end ia
Walhalla with his sister, .Mrs. Ar
thur 'Brown.
-Mrs. Frank Ii. Bunker and chil
dren, of Charlotte. N. C., aro visiting
Mrs. Bunker's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
G. A. Norman.
-Othes haye been tried and
found wanting. Tho Willard battery
never falls. Hughs Garage, Walhal
-'Dr. J. Gray Macaulay, of Colan'
bia, spent the past week-end with
his mother, Mrs. 'Hettie Macau la
and family, and among friends.
-'Miss I.Margie Van Di viere, of Sa
vannah. Ca., aili' Miss Candler, of
Tiendersonvitle, X. C.. ?ire visiting
' Miss Georgie VanDiviero this week.
.Miss Millicent Oehmig, of Co
lumbia, is visiting her grandmother
and aunt. Mrs. M. K. ?md Miss Nora
Cooley, this week.
- .Thirteen pounds of standard
granulated sugar for D9c. Walk a
block and save a dollar. "Jayne.*:
cuts the price and sells the goods."
- adv.
Mrs. Whiteside and Miss Wells,
of Greenwood, and Miss 'Boulware.
of Lakeland. Fla., are tho g\ests ol'
Kev. and Mrs. W. H. Hamilton this
- Mr. and Mrs. Baylis W. 'Harri
son are ?ho proud parents of a little
son. horn Friday of last week, June
L* Ith. Tin; young man has been nam
ed Baylis W. Harrison. Jr.
--Best quality talcum and fae
powders, toilet articles. Norman's
Drug Store. Walhalla.-adv.-26-2T.
-We arc indebted to our good
friend. F. W. Harbort. for a basket
of tine peaches. These were the "first
fruits" of the season to be left with
tts, and thej were of exceptionally
fine flovor, and perfect. Thanks.
-Louis 'Puckhaber, of Charleston,
and Herman Hoffmcyer, of Florence,
are visiting relatives here. Mr. 'Hoff
meyer was one of the graduates of
Clemson College at the session Just
recently closed.
-Mason fruit jars-the kind you
have always used: Quarts 9 8c. per
dozen. Porcelain tops and rubbers.
Walk a block and snve a dollar.
'Maynes cuts the price and sells the
-There will be preaching at Eb
enezer church next Saturday ev?uing
at 8 o'clock and Sunday morning at
1 I o'clock. Kev. U. F. Jones, pastor,
will conduct the services.
- Klaren Bitter is absent from
Walhalla for a time, being off on a
vacation of short duration. During
his absence his place al the Blue
Itidgc railway office is being lilied hy
"Wlx" Hughs, of Richland, who is
stopping willi his brother, T. II.
Hughs, agent for the Blue Kidgo at
?AV. V. Smith and two children,
iii' Louisville. Ga,, spent some time
in and near Walhalla visiting among
relu I ives last week. They were, thc
guests of Mrs. C. A. Taylor, Mr.
smith's mother-in-law. Mr. Smith
has numerous friends in Oconee who
are aways gad to see him.
- Best grade shorts, $1.50 sack,
.1. II. Alley, West Union, S. C adv.
-Owing to the fact that the regu
lar meeting day for the ll .D. C. will
fall on July Ith, it is deemed ad
visable to change the date to Wed
nesday, July 6th, at .'. o'clock in the
afternoon. The meeting will he held
at the Civic League rest room. Mem
bers are requested to keep .the change
of date in mind, and to he present
at tho meeting.
- Electric bulbs, flash lights and
halterios, Norman's Drug Store,Wal
halla. S. C.-adv.-26-27.
-J. H. Karie, as attorney for th(
.National Surety Co., ol' New York
handed Ibo county treasurer yester
day a check for $1,000, payment ir
foil of the loss under the lidolitj
bond of Thos. A. Smith. ex-Super
intendonl of Education of Oconee
This payment has been handled ver.)
promptly and satisfactorily and ai
soon as the proofs could he submit
-'Elegant line of box candies a
Norman's Drug store, Walhalla, S.C
-adV.-2 6-2 7.
-c, .s. Goodgion, Superintcnden
of Fd tl ca ti on of Anderson county
j was among the business visitors t(
Walhalla during til?-* past week. ,F1<
, was hore in tho interest of ScllOO
work, hoing engaged with Supt. o
Fd u cn Hon L. c. Spca res, of Oconee
' in checking up the accounts of thosi
! county line districts which lie parti;
in Oconee and partly in Andcrsoi
I county. During Iiis slay in Wal
halla IK? was the guest of Supt. ant
Mrs. Spca res.
-'Hay, feedstuff and Hour, .j, H
Alley. West Union, S. C. adv.
- Wo are requested io announC'
that there will be Children's Da;
services at 'Rocky Knoll church nex
Sunday. July 3d. An Interesting pro
gram is being arranged. Sunda;
school will be at the usual hour, th
children's exercises beginning ?it 1
o'clock. The afternoon will be give:
to singing. Messrs. Hale, Smith. Mor
ton and Murphreo will be present
'All singers and lovers of music ar
cordially invited to come and brill
song books and well-filled haskett
'Let's all join in having a great da
of song and edifying exercise-?. *
- View cards ?md stationery a
Norman's Drug Store, Walhalla.
GoodridiT?re Price Reduction
applies to a l sizes
without reservation
The name of Goodrich on a tice means
just one diing-quality. And that aualiry
is always the highest that can be produced.
Each tire is specially designed for the ser
vice it must deliver. Goodrich Fabrics, in
the popular sizes, have established them
selves as unusual values from the stand
point of real economy. Silvertown Cords
in their class have always held first place
in the esteem of motorists, not only be
cause of their symmetrical perfection of
finish, but furthermore, by reason of their
long life, complete dependability and sat
isfactory performance.
Your dealer will supply you at these fair
S.itVcy Trend
Thean ti sir (I safety tread
Sivettom? Coiu
20% Lower Prices
The Goodrich price reduction
which took efie? May 2nd wa?
Wtthmit reservation, lt included
SHvortxywns together with Good
rkhPahrfc eke? andOoodrkfa Red
and Gray inner tabes.
m.?0 ] |Safctvl3lxWI
oAkvcn, Ohio
Watch in the next week's paper for the an
nouncement of our great and sensational
July Clearance Sale
Which will be the biggest one we ever held
and one that will more than ever arouse the
interest of the public and inspire a great buy
ing spirit with its many
Astonishing Bargains
- Mis? Ethel Counts had as her
guests this week 'Miss Christine
South, State demonstration agent,
and Miss Elizaoth Forney, dairying
agent, both of Rock I lill, and Miss
Watkins, of Greenville, tito Piedmont
district agent. These young ladies
are doing a wonderful work through
out tito rural districts. Miss Counts,
Oconeo's homo demonstration agent,
deserves groat credit for the splen
did work abo has 'been and is still
doing. Sho is untiring in hor offorts
for tho betterment of conditions
throughout the country, and she tells
us that she moots with splendid sup
port and co-operation wherever sho
goes. Oconeo county is certainly to
bo congratulated on having secured
(bo services of so ablo an agont as
Miss Counts.
- Thirteen pounds of standard
granulated sugar for 00c. Walk a
block and savo ti dollar. 'Maynes
cuts tho price and sells tho goods."
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