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..It's all very well," said the sealing
wax, "for people to talk about their
friendship with
other people afid
how they'll stick
to them through
thick and thin,
but I'm the kind
of friend that
sticks fast, too."
"What do you
mean when you
say that people
stick through
thick and thinr
asked the match
which had just
been struck and
which had lighted
the candle which
had made the
"Do Explain." 8eallng-wax stick
to the hack of the envelope which
was lying on the desk.
"I don't understand anything like
that," said the match. "Do you mean
that people stick together whether
they are thick or fat as well as wheth
er they're thin?"
"I do not mean anything like that,"
Bald tho sealing-wax.
"It ls an old expression," the sealing
wax continued, "and lt means that
people will tie true and loyal to each
other In good weather and In bnd
"Ora*" ons me," said the match. "Do
you mean to tell me, sealing-wax, that
there are some people who only care
for their friends when the sun shines
or perhnps when the day is without
a cloud In the sky?
"Or are there people who ouly core
for other people when ifs summer
time because they do not core for the
"Or are there people who consider
the winter has the best kind of weath
er and so are only fond of their
friends in the winter time?
"Is that what you mean, sealing
"No," said the sealing-wax, "that ls
not what I mean."
"Then do explain," said the match.
"I will," said the sealing-wax.
"I mean," the sealing-wax continued,
"that when people are loyal to each
other whether they're happy or wheth
er they're gay and whether they feel
sunshiny or rainy are the kind of peo
ple one speaks of as sticking through
thick and thin, or through bad weath
er as well as good weather. Perhaps
I should say that they speak of their
friends as sticking to them through
bad days as well as good days, meal*
lng that nothing makes any difference
to their friendship.
"I don't know whether they speak
of sticking to their friends through all
sorts of weather or all sorts of days.
But the fact remains that the old ex
pression does mean that people who
are real friends stick together through
thick and thin, and that, in turn,
means, that people who're real friends
?tick together through everything!
"But I stick fast, too. I stick to
the envelope and I won't come of."
"Sticking-plaster sticks fast, too,"
said the match. "Sticking-plaster must
make an excellent friend."
"That's so," said the sealing-wax.
"But, of course, wh?n ell ls said and
done I don't suppose friendship sim
ply means sticking to anything. I sup
pose fr< ad hip mentis something more
than that."
"I suppose so," said the burnt
match, "I suppose so."
"But sometimes you drop on a per
son's finger," tho match went on, "and
that Isn't pleasant for the person. Oh,
yes, someone used some of the senllng
wax from your tall pencil-like shape
and had quite a little burn."
"Oh, yes," said the sealing-wax.
"But it made no difference because
the grease family
ls always ready
to help In a case
like that
"There ls old
Butter Boy - he
loves to cure peo
ple of any pain
they may have
from b u r n I n g
themselves. And
all of the grease
family are the
same way."
"Yes, the grease
family helps that
way," said the
match. "They
make up for some
of the harm mem
bers of my family
do at times, too.
little bums once
like that.
Good Bye."
We're apt to give
In awhile. When
play with us we do things
We matches don't like to be
played with. We're rather dangerous;
In fact, we can be very dangerous If
we wnnt to be. And we're apt to want
to be, too.
"Well, good-by, sealing-wax. I see
you're off on a Journey."
"Good-by," said the sealing-wax.
.Tm going traveling with this letter
in some place or othor!"
Struck fer Longer Hours.
"Why must I always go to bed at a
certain time?" complained a little
Brookline boy. "I don't belong to any
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Projectile - Wonderful Possibilities
Claimed for New Gun.
New York, July 9.-Scientists and
inventors to-day discussed the re
markable qualities of a new gun that
Dr. Miller Heese Hutchison, former
chief engineer for Thomas A. Edi
son, claims may be developed to hurl
u projectile of Ave tons from two
hundred to three hundred miles. Its
velocity, he declared, ranges from
ono to five miles a second. Tho noise
it made at a demonstration yester
day sounded much like the click of
a cash register. Though only a min
iature weapon, with an eight-inch
barrel was used, its projectile may
be stopped by a shoot of steel with
the precision of a trolley car.
The gun is the invention of John
Temple, an Englishman, who devel
oped tho Idea in this country.
The demonstration, held in tho
presence of scientists and newspa
per men, was, curiously enough, held
in Dr. Hutchinson's office on the fif
ty-first floor of tho Woolworth Build
ing. The testing grounds consisted
of a box of sand on the door of the
oliice, over which was placed a sheet
of steel three-quarters of an Inch in
thickness. Pointing the gun down
ward toward the fifty offices filled
with people beneath him, Dr. Hutch
inson discharged the weapon and tne
cash register click was beard. In
the sheet of sloel Hiere was lodged
a projectile throe Inches long and a
half inch in d?amete.'. Tho ends weie
sticking out on either side of thc?
Dr. Hutchinson explained that the
tail end of the projectile was thread
ed and served the purpose of a boll.
This feature, he declared, could he
used In bolting a plate over a hole
in the hull of a leaking ship at sea.
The demonstration gun used by
Dr. Hutchinson had a velocity of om;
mile a second. He declared the high
power rifles now In vogue obtain
their velocity through the use of
small projectiles, long barrels and
about three times as much powder
as is used in the new weapon. The
principle of burning the powder,
which does not permit waste, before
the projcotile even starts to move,
has been applied to the gun, Dr.
Hutchinson explained. The elimina
tion of a loud report, bo said, was
obtained by confinement of the ex
panding gas and to the chamber from
which the projectile emanated. The
weapon resembled the nozzle of a
pneumatic hammer.
No Worm? in a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worms have aa un
healthy color, which indicates poor blood, and as a
mle, there ls more or 1 ess stomach disturbance.
larly for two or three weeks will enrich thc blood,
Improve the digestion, and act as a general Strength
ening Tonic to the whole system. Nature will then
throw off or dispel the worms, and the Child will bo
to perfect health. Pleasant to take. 60o per bottle.
Kami Hand Who Killed Him Caught
in Greenwood County.
Greenwood, July 5.-Two hours
after the fatal shooting of Dr. Law
ton C. Lipscomb, prominent farmer
and druggist of Ninety-Six, Pink
Griffin, a negro farm band, was cap
tured by a posse of citizens beaded
by L. M. Lipscomb, a cousin of the
dead man, brought to Greenwood,
and turned over to tho county offi
cers. The negro was spirited away
from the Greenwood county jail for
safe-keeping. Governor Cooper will
bo asked to call a special term of
court to try the negro. A full con
fession was made hy Gr i flin to his
captors. David Machen, another ne
gro implicated, was also carried away
for safe-keeping. Dr. Lipscomb was
shot six times, three of the bullets
taking effect In the region of the
heart. Following a reprimand given
Griffin for beating bis mule, Griffin
followed from the barn lot and began
firing when Dr. Lipscomb was a hort
distance from his bouse. Apparently
Dr. Lipscomb bad turned and made
an effort to wrench the pistol from
the negro's hand, powder burns and
bullet wounds in the right band in
dicating snell. He was dead when
his wife readied him. Tho news of
tho fatal shootng of Dr. Lipscomb
quickly spread and fully 2.ono citi
zens formed a posse and literally
combed tho woods and swamps for
miles around. The negro was cap
tured on tho Seaboard railway, near
Alexander's brick yard, about five
miles from the scene of tho deed.
Sheriff Cannon Please, of Newberry,
was telephoned for, and with blood
hounds responded at once. When tho
negro was captured tho hounds woro
not on Griffin's tracks. Members of
Dr. Lipscomb's family urgod that tho
law bo allowed to tako Its courso,
and tho posse dispersed soon after
tho negro was brought to Jail.
Dr. Lipscomb is survived by his
wife, who was Miss Salllo Cathcart,
of Columbia; one slstor, Mrs. G. T.
Calhoun, of Ninety-Six, and throe
brothors, Geo. W. Lipscomb, E. P.
Lipscomb and J. N. Lipscomb, all of
Trine? Albmrt im
mold in toppy red
baga, tidy red tint,
handsome pound
and half pound tin
humidors and in the
pound crystal glass
humidor with
sponge moistener
Buy a pipe
ft^i ? H and some P.A.
Get the joy that's due you!
We print it right here that if you don't know the
"feel" and the friendship of a joy*us jimmy pipe -
GO GET ONE ! And-get some Prince Albert and
bang a howdy-do on the big smoke-gong!
For, Prince Albert's quality-flavor-coolness -
fragrance-is in a class of its own! You never tasted
such tobacco! Why-figure out what it alone means
to your tongue and temper when we tell you that
Prince Albert can't bite, can't parch! Our exclusive
patented process fixes that!
Prince Albert is a revelation in a makin's cigarette!
My, but how that delightful flavor makes a dent!
And, how it does answer that hankering! Prince
Albert rolls easy and stays put because it is crimped
cut. And, say-oh, go on and get the papers or a pipe !
Do it right now!
Copyright 1921
by R. J. Reynold?
Tobacco Co.
the national joy smoke
1*1 TO 11 Vi >R D-Mi l'A ULEY.
-Wedding Took Place at Home of the
Iii ido s Uncle at Poisser, Juno 30
A lovely home wedding of June 30
was that of Miss Elise McCarley and
Charlie W. Pitchford, which was sol
emnized at the home of the bride's
uncle, Calvin Hudgens, of Pelzer.
Rev, Mr. Mulllnax officiated, using
the impressive ring ceremony.
The living room was beautifully
decorated in palms and ferns, with
an improvised altar of ferns and ivy.
Mendelssohn's Wedding March was
played by Mrs. Mulllnax.
The bride was lovely in ber golng
away suit ot navy blue trlcotine. Her
corsage was ot bride's roses and val
ley lilies. Following the ceremony
tnere was an informal reception.
Assisting in entertaining were drs
Kendrix, Misses Hudgens and Miss
McCarley. Following the reception
the couple left immdiatly for the
mountains of North Carolina and on
their return will spend a week-end
in Walhalla at the home of the par
ents of the groom, Mr. and Mrs. S.
N. Pitchford, after which they will
make their home in Greenville.
Among the out-of-town guests at
the wedding were Mr. and Mrs. Whit
Livingston, Mr. and Mrs. Martin, Mr.
and Mrs. Calloway Minis, Mr. Mc
Carley, Mr. Monday, Mr. and Mrs.
S. G. Pitchford and Miss I dab Pitch
ford, of Greenville; Mrs. and Miss
Kendrix, Atlanta, Ga.; Miss McCar
ley, of Williamston; S. X. Pitchford,
Miss Lillian Pitchford, Mrs. C. W.
Reid and little Miss Claudia Mic
Reid, of Walhalla.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, see bow
it brings color to the cheeks and bow
it improves the appetite, you will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children Uko it. The blood
needs QUININE to Purify lt and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c.
One Moro Republican in .Senate.
Dover. Del.. July T.-(Jen. T. Cole
man Dupont was to-day appointed
United States Senator from Delaware
by Governor Denney to succeed Jo
siah O. Wolcott, who resigned last
week to become chancellor of Dela
Gen. Dupont, who is the Delaware
member of tho Republican National
Committee, will serve the unexpired
torin, which runs until March, 1923.
Tho appointment of Gen. Dupont
'.ds a Republican to the Senate, Mr.
Wolcott having been olected to tho
office as a Democrat.
In importai times Romans had mir
rors of glass, backod with tin.
Hurt WI ic ii 1 loor of leo Cl'OIMII Par
lor Collapsed,
Abbeville. S. C., July 6.-?Half a
dozen or moro persona were pain
fully though not seriously hurt herc
this afternoon when a portion of the
cement floor of the arcade which
connects the city hall and the court
house broke through.
* The anniversary of the Abbeville
County Memorial Hospital was be
ing observed. Following a parade
in which a large number of float?
wore entered by Abbeville merchants
the Woman's (Auxiliary, under the
direction of Mrs. Frank .Vickies,was
sellng ice cream and other refresh
ments from booths on the arcade,
A large crowd was surrounding the
Ice cream booth, when tho concret ?J
and tiling floor collapsed. Among
those most painfully hurt were Mr,
and Mrs. Lewis Perrin, Miss Mary
DuPre, Miss 'Nannie Teal, Miss Mary
Dargan and Mrs. Oscar Jackson. Mrs.
Jackson and Mr. Perrin are suffer
ing with sprained ankles. The floor
fell about eight feet.
(JOfl cures Malaria, Chills and Fe
vor, Bilious Fever, Colds and La?
Orippo, or money refunded.-adv.
- ----??.
In Cycle World-Nearly Every Town
Has Motorcycle und Bicycle Club.
According to Mr. Whitmlre, of tin
Whitmlre-Marett Hardware Co., loca
dealers In Firestone tires, the bicy
cte is staging quite a come-back, ant
while with the advent of the ?into
mobile and motorcycle, il can neve
again reach the popularity of the las
decade, it seems amongst tho girl
aud boys lo be moro of a favor I ti
than ever.
As for the motorcycle, Mr. Whit
mire ls convinced that lt soon wil
be universally adopted in police de
pertinents, post and express olllces
telegraph and messenger service, foi
storo light delivery, etc.. Instead o
being considered as more of pleas
ure riding.
Despite tho decreased productiO!
in many lines, 1!)2I sees a greatei
motorcycle registration than any om
other year, there being now close t(
a quarter of a million in operation
willi promise for a still mounting
registration tb! year.
Thoro now ? scarcely a town 01
city of largo proprtions without Rt
motorcycle club, Mr. Whitmlre points
out, and many towns have their owi
buildings. In New York and Chicagc
these aro quite pretentious places, i
is said.
Riding to work is common enougl
these days, and according to figure
compiled by tho Firestone people
more people saw motorcycle races it
1921 than any other American spor
except baseball.
This part of the State expects t<
Florence Potato Growers Realized
i j and s om fly i>y Co-operation,
Clemson Colloge, July 8. - Two
tho una nd luir rois of Irish potatoes
sold at %?> per barrel while the gen
eral market on potatoes was $2 por
barrel was the result of Organization
and co-operation among Florence
county farmers during the season
just ended. This fine result was
brought about through the Instru
mentality of the 'Florence Chamber
of Commerce and County Agent J.
W. McLendon, and as a consequence
the farmers working through tho or
ganization made a profit of $6,000
above the market.
To start at the beginning of this
story, a contract was made, before
the timo for marketing, with a buyer
who was attracted to the Florence
market again this year because of tho
satisfactory way in which potatoes
were handled on that market In
1920. Thon tho leadors In the Flor
ence potnto organization put on a
campaign for proper digging, grad
ing, packing and shipping of tho
crop. Instructions wore given by lot
ter to all mouther growers and as
sistance was given where needed.
Potatoes wero required to bo ma
chine graded, and growers who did
not have enough potatoes to warrant
buying graders individually were
aided In securing graders Jointly.
Strict grading was required, for tho
market was falling, and on a falling
market grading is doubly important. |
Farmers who did not work through
the organization received $2 per bar
rel for their potatoes, thus paying a
big penalty for their failure to real
ize in time the value of organized ef
"Cold in the Head"
ls an acute attack of Nasal Catarrh.
Those subject to fremont "colds In
the head" will find ti.at the use of
build up the System, cleanse the Blood
and render them less liable to colds.
Repented attacks of Acute Catarrh
may lead to Chronic Catarrh.
taken Internally and acts through the
Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the
System, thus reducing the inflamma
tion and restoring normal conditions.
All druggists. Circulars free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Red Men "Take Over" President.
Washington, July 7. - President
Harding was Initiated to-day Into
the Improved Order of Rod Men, na
tional officers of tho order adminis
tering all three degrees at a special
ceremonial in tho President's office
at tho Whlto House.
Tho pottor'8 wheel was Invented
by tho Chinese.
see "gypsy" tours, hill climbs and
motorcycle picnics in abundance in
the not distant future.
fy ?J? fy ?J? ?J? fy ?J? fy fy ?J? fy fy fy fy
fy fy fy fy fy fy fy fy fy fy fy fy fy fy
To Sot Color.
If you deslio to sot tho color tn
gingham or muslin, souk the gar
ment for an hour In a solution of
one-half cup of vinegar, one-half cup
of salt, ono teaspoon of alum, mixed
with ono gallon of water. Do not
leave matorlals too long lu tho sun
whllo drying, lt ls host to dry them
in tho shade.
For Conning Windows.
Bon-Anil (powder or cake) ls ex
cellent for donning windows. Damp
en a cloth, ruh on ?Ron-Aml. Wipe
off with a soft cloth and polish.
Cure of White Silk Stockings.
Novor hang white silk stockings
lu tho sun to dry. This lias a ten
dency to turn thom yellow. Wash
in a warm suds of good white soap,
rinse carefully and hang In the shade
-proforably indoors-to dry.
On Varied Subjects.
Uesldes Improving tho davor, a
cake will keep now and moist for a
longer Hmo If a little grated rind of
a lemon is addod tn tho making.
Lamp wiks soaked In vinegar for
somo 2-1 hours before hoing used will
give a eleanor Hame and a steadier
light than those not so treated.
Put a lillie soot on a stocking or
old cloth as soon as possible after
frying, and rub tho kitchen range.
This will remov?? all grease spots.
Polish in the usual way.
If a fruit cake ls iud put into a
really hot oven at Hist the fruit will
sink to the bottom of the tin.
,To clean discolored handkerchiefs,
rub with eonitnon sall, wash and dry.
When washing ecru curtains or
lace, aild a few drops of saffron to
tho rinsing water, lt gives a better
color than coffee.
Hnb-My-Ttsm ls a great pain kill
er. Relieves pain and .soreness.
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sprains, ?kc.
50 Per Cent Own Their Farms.
Washington. July .S.-Tho number
of farms in tho United Statos lu 1910
was 6,448,366, of which number ,3,
925,090 were operated by their own
ers, the census bureau has announc
ed. The number of farms oporatod
by managers was 68,530, whllo tho
number oporatod hy tenants was 2,
454,746. Tho Increase in louant
farms during tho docado was 100,
070, or 4.2 per cont, while tho num
ber operated by their ownors de
creased 23,632, or 0.6 per cont.
The proportion of farms operated
by tenants is higher in the Southern
States. Tho States with tho largest
porcentago of tenancy in 1920 was
as follows:
South Carolina.64.5
Alabama .57.9
Lou i al a n a .57.1
Arkansas . .'51t.3
Oklahoma .51.6
Calomel is quicksilver. It attacks
tho bones and paralyzes the liver.
Your dealer Jsolls each bottle of
pleasant, harmless "Dodson's Liver
Tone" under an ironclad, money
back guaranteo that it will regulate
tho liver, stomach and bowels bettor
than calomel, without sickening or
salivating you-15 million bottles
N. C. Woman Get? Ofllco.
Greensboro, N. C., July 6.-Mrs.
Clarence A. Johnson, of Raleigh.was
elected Commissioner of Public Wol
faro of North Carolina by tho State
Hoard of Charities and Public Wel
fare at a meeting held hero to-day.
Mrs. Johnson will succeed Rowland
P. Hensley, who some weeks ago re
signed as commissioner, nr. Howard
E. Odom, head of the school of pub
lic welfare t. the University of North
Carolina, was elected consulting ex
port to tho hoard of charities and
public welfare.
(KIO quickly relieves Constipation,
HiliOUHllOSS, LOSS Of App<'( te anil
Hoad neb OS duo to Torpid lil vor.-adv
- -< . .
Canadians May Refuse to Sign.
London, July 6.-Premier Melg
han, of Canada, who is attending tho
British Imperial Conference, threat
ens that Canada will proclaim her
self outside of tho Japanese treaty
if lt Is renewed by Great Britain, ac
cording to a dispatch printed by tho
Manchester Guardian. This threat ls
viewed with tho utmost alarm as an
Inroad upon tho constitutional unity
of tho British Empire.
Cold? Cause Grip and Influenza
I. AX All VF PROMO QUININE Tablet* remove th*
?tiwt. There Is only on? "Bromo QuiDhie." E.W.
GROVE'S f Unature on the box. 50c
Field Marshal Vonllindenburg ha3
become the popular hero of Ger
many .

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