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By Steck, Shelor Hughs & Shelor. _WALHALLA, SOUTH CA KOLI NA. W MUX Ks ? > A V, JULY 20, H?S1._ Now Serlos No. 8151_Volume LXX_No. 'Mt.
How Mrs, Lane
Solved Her Problem
A poultry expert had said:
"Any grain mixture or grain
product such as meal or bread,
lacks elements for making
bones, muscles and nerves."
Rut how to get the right in
gredients and balance them
that was Mrs. Lane's problem.
Purina Chows
Increased her Profits
She saw the Purina Double
Development Guarantee and
gave the Purina System a trial.
Now ehe gets "fryers" in half
the time, makes her pullets
lay the first winter, and gets
more eggs the year /round.
Phone us your order now. ?
c. w. ?fe jr. w% ]
J It F* ay ?a to JE$i
?nagy y "' 11 "?' '". 1 m ,.jtfl j ' ?'
.. vmi?^sTii^?^ fr
..' fr'g'-'/ -". ' NOTES. f ..; ? -fr
. fr' fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr' fr fr fri <
The Pine Grove Demonstration
Club met with Mrs. McPhail on Tues
day afternoon. The demonstration
given was pineapple ico creado.: Ga li
ning and jelly-making y/?r? dis
cussed. Moro than twenty were pres
ent and enjoyed the afternoon to
The Fair Play Sewing Club met
at tho school house on Wednesday
morning.i Only three members were
.Tho Fair Play Homo Demonstra
tion Club met Wednesday afternoon
with Mrs. Uriel Mitchell. Plans for
the community fair were discussed
and a demonstration given in jelly
making. After all business was trans
acted tho club was entertained with
readings by Miss Mary Foster, guest
for the afternoon, and with music by
Mrs. Mitchell. Delightful refresh
ments were served by Mr.-*.. Mitchell.
The South Union Home Demon
stration Club met Thursday after
noon with Mrs. Morgan. Atfer dis
cussing plans for the fair Mrs. E. B.
Kecse gave a demonstration in mak
ing cottage cheese. A demonstration
was also given in jelly-making. The
Girls' Cooking Club met with the
women and had a biscuit Judging
con tost with the result that Louise
Robinson, Fulton McGuire, Ellie Har
ris and Elizabeth Allen will compete
On Friday afternoon t li o Karie's
Grove Sewing Club met with Thelma
Graham. Thc rain kept ?-orne away,
but those present were busily en
gaged In making aprons.
The south Union Club will have
a community picnic on Tuesday, the
26th of July, in the grove at Rev. C.
M. Robinson's. Please note the change
in place-not at Mr. Brown's, as for
merly announced. Miss Lola Snider,
specialist In food preparation, will
give <e onstrations in yeast making
and bread making. A special pro
gram ls being prepared for the men.
An invitation is extended to all In
ibo community, whether they are
club members or not.
On Wednesday, the 27th, practi
cally the same program will he car
ried out at West Union school house.
Tho program will begin promptly at
10 o'clock.
Ice Cream.
"leo cream is beautiful in its rich,
attractive colors, and tastes even
better than it looks. Made of pure,
wholesome, delicious cream and milk
and a little sugar, it is flavored lo
snit the taste. As a dessert it is
unexcelled. As a food it ranks among
iLA, Hi C;.
i,y foi* H.
?.- i?^^??
tho very best, - We dike it -with".-ca Ri
or wlthou|,?ake. Everybody eats lt
'Kvfcrybody'?ikes it. Uko the mann:
tfta?,canie from heaven, it is sweet
nourishing and palatable. Yes, it i;
good and tastes good. A healthy boj
or girl, a spoon and a dish of dell
clous ice cream makes a splendid
combination. 'Tho frozen cream dis
appears rapidly, but ns it goes i
nourishes, and gWes rosy cheeks
bright eyes, health, strength nm
happiness, lt is a real food for al
classes and conditions of people. Sic!
or well, rich or poor, old or young
we all enjoy ice cream.''
Recipe for danket leo Cream.
1 quart of milk,
1 pint of cream.
1 cup of sugar,
1 Junket tablet,
1 tablespoon of cold waler,
2 tablespoons of vanilla.
Heat the milk lo luko-warm, adc
vanilla and sugar and stir well. Ther
add the junket tablet which has beer
dissolved in one tablespoon of cole
water. Stir in well. Let stand foi
Hf teen minutes, or until it has con
goaled. Freeze till it ls tho consist
ency of mush, then add cream nm
finish freezing.
Ethel L. Counts.
County Home 'Dem. Agent.
Subsisting on Grass and Hark o
Trees in Sections of Russia.
Merlin, July 17. Twenty millio?
persons aro on Ibo verge of starva
lion in drought-stricken sections ol
Kassia, subsisting mainly on moss
grass and bark of trees, according
to the Vossischo Zeitung, which pa
per quotes information from "rel!
able. Russian sources."
Refugees are reported to ho pour
ing into .Moscow and Petrograd b>
the thousands and to be Hoeing hope
lessly in every direction. The earth
parched, is opening in great crevasse
according to reports, and wells and
rivers aro drying up.
Cattlo in the stricken district?
have been slaughtered to provide
food, but it is believed impossible tc
avert a catastrophe unless food ls
received from outside sources.
Reunion at .lohn Umeko's, Aug. ll,
There will be a reunion al John
H. Umeko's, near New Hope church,
on Aug. ll, 1921, in honor of Mis?
Ernaline Sanders. All relatives and
the public are invited to como and
bring dinner and have a good time.
John ll. Drucke.
Dromedaries cnn outrun tho swift
est camels.
Of First Degree Murder-Gota Life
Sentence-Sinks in Stupor.
Cleveland, .luly 16. - Mrs. Eva
Catherine Kaher was to-day found
guilty of murder in the llrst degree,
hut with a recommondatiofin to mer
cy by the jury which tried her on the
charge of plotting the killing of her
husband, Daniel P. Kaher. Under tho
verdict Mrs. Kaher must serve the
remainder of her life in prison.
Mrs. Kaher was sentenced to life
Imprisonment in the Ohio reforma
tory for women at Maravillo by
Judge Demon. Under Ibo Ohio law
lhere is no hope for pardon under
snell a verdict.
Though the jury had aol yet re
ported ofllcialiy to the conn. Judge
Maurice Bomen announced tho do
I cisi?n to Attorneys F ,\V. Coulson,
I Mrs. Haber's personal counsel, so thal
hu might inform her in hope that she
would revive suNlcionlly from a stu
por to be brought Into court to hoar
tho ofllcial announcement. She had
been in a stupor all morning.
Mrs. Kaher ls the llrst woman in
Cuyahogn county to he convicted of
lirsl degree murder.
Wm. J. Carrigan, Mrs. Kaber'3
counsel, said he was well satisfied
with the verdict, and tho same ex
pression was made by county pros
ecutor, Edward C. Stanton.
The jury announced at 8.45 that
it was ready to report a verdict, af
ter having deliberated in all four
hours. Mrs. Kaher, according to har
counsel, Bald thal she understood
what the verdict was. and she was
carried into the court room at 10.3(1
o'clock. The Jury hud not then been
brought in.
A few minutes later the jurymen
, ^YOte.-bro.ught iu and nio.de. an p??;
i ci?l report Of the verdict. Mrs. Ita
. ber, who was lying limp in the arms
1 of a deputy sheriff, was asked if she
? had anything to say. She merely
' shook ber head, indicating that slit
had not. Tho judge then pronouiicnc
" the sentence, and Mrs. Kaher was
^ carried back lo her cell in the jail.
Tho jury took only three ballots
1 it was stated, the llrst two being nine
. for mercy and three for first degree
. murder wit lion t mercy. Before bul
' loting the jury discarded the insanity
: plea. Attorney Poulson said that lu
. will not appeal the case.
Marian McArdle, Mrs. Kaher':
daughter, who was with her niothoi
when she was told of the verdict bj
Attorney Poulson, said she was wei
pleased with thc verdict, accord int
to Mr. Poulson.
Try Ot hoi's in September.
None of tho remaining defendant!
' will bo tried until the Septembei
1 term of court, Prosecutor Stan tor
1 has announced. Application that Mist
1 McArdle be admitted to ball was re
fused to-day by Judgo Demon follow
ing the verdict in the case of Mrs
? Haber
1 ^.^
Lutheran Summer School Success.
(The State, July 18.)
Dr. II. A. McCullough, pastor ol
St. Paul's Lutheran church and di
rector of the Lutheran Summet
School for Church Workers, now lr.
session at. Summerland College, re
turned to Columbia to conduct ser
vices at his church yesterday ant!
. gives glowing accounts of the sue
cess of tho school. Ile says he con
\ sidered last year an especially sue
cessful session because, on thc hrs!
day, tho enrollment numbered !>?">
This year, however, he says that thc
enrollment for the llrst day num
bered 17 0.
The oollego building has over
Mowed, and the mon have been turn
' ed out into tho town of Leesville tc
j (Ind plncos to stay, the building hav
ing been turned over to the women
Numbers of the students aro tak
ing the full Sunday school course, bc
' said, nnd others aro taking COUrset
In young people's, brotherhood and
woman's missionary work.
The school was entertained Friday
, night by the Summerland College
Cloe Club, the girls returning to thc
i collogo for this purpose. Dr. McCul
, lough speaks highly of tho quality of
I this splendid entertainment.
Will He No Duty on Oil.
Washington, July 18. - The pro
posed duty on crude and fuel oil was
. struck out of the Fordney tariff bill
j to-day by vote of the House.
As to Milliner In Which He Killed
' . Dr. Lipscomb.
(Greenwood Index-Journal.)
A hill confession. descrbing how
he killed Dr. Lawton Lipscomb al his
home at .Ninety-six on the afternoon
of .lyly 5th, was made by his slayer,
Pinn Griflln, at the State peniten
tiary Jo Sheriff 10. .M. White and sev
oral witnesses. Qriffln stated that no
others were in any way implicated
in tho killing, and that ho alone was
responsible for ?he death of Dr. Lips
comb, Another farm hand of Dr.
Lipscomb. David Makin, has been
held since Ute killing, Charged with
being an accomplice. John Emory,
who carried Griflln from the scene of
Die shooting, i.s also still in jail.
Since the death of Dr. Lipscomb,
numerous reports and minors have
beenf circulated in regard to state
ments made by Crillln implicating
others. Sheriff White stales thai li
has been his belief all the time that
inn was solely responsible, and
the Confession yesterday corroborates
his Belief.
Griffin declared that Dr. Lipscomb
had 'tole: him in the morning of the
day ^ie was shot that he would put
whelps on him like the ones on the
mule If he didn't quit beating the
muli . AV hen he brought the mule in
at d nncr lime, he says, he told Dr.
Lips onib that he was going to quit.
Dr. . Jpscomb told him ho couldn't,
and nf he was not back by 2 o'clock
he You,(1 carry him before Magis
trats Sam Cooper for breach of con
tr?cfc Griffin said he then shot Dr,
Llbscoiiib. According to Qriffln, he
dil^not know how many times bc
httt all of Hie shots were tired
.wMe pr. Lipscomb was facing him
'^M^-viue. shooting. be,Jeff, througl
tho lot gate, went through'a patel
of woods and across a field, where hi
threw away his pistol. Later he go
in John Emory's buggy and was car
ried a few miles.
When asked by Sheriff White whe
Dior he had planned the murder pre
viously, Griflln told him that he dh
not know ho was going to kill Dr
Lipscomb until thc instant he did it
Ho said ho had been carrying Hu
pistol strapped under his shirt foi
Applied to Preacher Charged wt tl
Teaching Hace Social Equality.
Miama, Fla., July 17. - Eigh
masked men waylaid Kev. Philip S
Irwin, white, archdeacon of the ling
lisli Episcopal church and head o
the work of that church among th'
Solidi Florida negroes, at the dosi
of Iiis evening services to-night ant
applied a coat of tar and feathers ti
him. He was then placed in a sac!
and taken in an automobile to ;
spot near the business center of thl
city and dumped on to the stree
from the car. Certain doctrines o
uplift to the negroes delivered b;
Archdeacon Irwin, objectlonablo t
white residents, are said to have beet
the reason for tho deed. Ills assail
ants have not as yet been apprehend
Three other while men and sev
eral negroes are to receive the sam
treatment as that accorded Archdea
con Irwin, according to the story re
lated by the victim of the tar nm
feather party. Tho masked nien.whib
applying the coat of tar. told bin
that they were prepared lo give lho8<
others the samo punishment am
Several weeks ago a negro preach
or named Higgs was taken from Co
connut Grove, near here, and, ofte
being whipped, he was ordered t<
leave the country. Ile sailed for Xas
.san, Bahama Islands, two days later
So far as tho public have heei
able lo ascertain, no one saw tin
masked men toko Irwin from Miam
or bring him back.
Dakota I'ses the "Direct] Method."
Alierdeen, S. Dak., July 16.-Om
hundred nnd three alleged 1. W. WV
were driven out of Aberdeen and vi
elplty to-night by citizens' "posses'
aiding Sheriff Elliott, of Drown coun
ty. They were herded In two groups
one sent east and the other north
Each group was driven about tot
miles. Other towns In tho vlclnit;
were notified to keep tho men mov
lng. '
For Saje
A few good used
and Trucks for
The prices and ter
I Have a fleet of s?
Mowing andi Hauling
?o anywhere any til
Knots Concerning Encumbrances on
i\w Homos of Our Country.
Tho Courier is in receipt of the
following letter from tho Department
of Commerce, Bureau of tho Census,
with tho request that we publish for
the information of the public:
In .Midst of Investigation.
Washington, I). C., July 13.-The
Census Bureau is now in tho midst
of an investigation to ascertain the
amount of encumbrances on homes.
This inquiry is made in compliance
* with the requirements of tho Act of
Congress, approved March 3d, 1919.
lt is desired to show tho total num
1 ber of homos itv eaohxotty-.thaL^are7
1 rented, tho number that are Swned
' free of mortgage, the number that
1 are subject to mortgage Indebted
ness and the amount ut such indebt
edness. Schedules of inquiry calling
for this information have been sent
to all of tho persons reported In your
city as owning homes subject, to
' mortgage, but unfortunately a largo
' number of the citizens have not re
plied to the official request. We 1m
' agine this indifference on their part
is duo to the fact that they do not
) appreciate the importance of the sta
tistics, and this letter is written in
! the hope that you will give publicity
to it, so that moro prompt attention
will be given to our communications.
1 l enclose a copy of the schedule
. Inquiry. Two requests have already
. been sent to your citizens. A third
f request Is now about to be mailed.
3 The law providing for this inquiry
2 contains a penalty for refusal to fur
1 nish the information, but lt has not
3 been our practice to enforce this
i penalty, and wo hopo lt will not be
i necessary to depart from it. I be
s lievo that your citizens will give
t more prompt attention to tho in
f qniry if they aro assured that their
y replies will be treated as strictly cou
rt fidential and the figures used only
H for tho compilation of totals for the
. publication of statistical matter on
. the subject of homes owned, rented
and homes encumbered and uiiuii
. cumbered by mortgage debt.
a This is a very important inquiry.
. The statistics will go far toward
. showing actual conditions that are
1 existing in Hie different sections of
5 the country, and J trust that it. will
! be convenient for your paper to give
. publicity to the matter. If you de
\ siro any additional information or
additional copies of tho report for
. such filing of information, for use In
. securing responses to tho requests
t made for this information, we will bo
3 glad to hear from you.
Very truly,
W. M. Stewart, Director.
1 Community Day nt West Union.
A community picnic will be given
by tho West Union ft, s. 1. A. and
County Home Demonstration Club at
the school building on July 27th.
fi Miss Ethel Counts, our Homo Dem
il onstratlon Agent, and also tho Stato
- Demonstration Agent, will meet with
. us and dem?nstralo broad-making.
Mr. Briggs, our County Agrlcultu
i, ral Agent, will bo present and glvo
. us some now methods concerning
i farming. ,
y Everyone is Invited to como and
- bring well-filled baskets.
Mrs, John Brewer, Sec'y.
Passenger Cars
Sale or Trade,
ms will suit you.
3ven TrucKs doini?
i of all Kinds. Will
ne. ?See me.
a, 5. C.
Whereabouts Unknown-Solids Des
ignation by 'Mail.
Ornngoburg, s.e., July IS-Claud**
J. 'Rast, Superintendent of tEduca
tion for Ornngoburg county, who left
Orangeburg some time Wednesday
afternoon or night, after a severo
beating Tuesday morning, and charg
ed with seducing a former pupil of
his, lias written a letter to J. Leroy
Dukes, a member of the Orangoburgv
County Board of Education, asking ;
that'his resignation as Superintend- ?
pnt of Education for Ornngoburg.
county be tendered to tho State Su
perintendent of Education, John E.
:S^onrlngon..-,. ---^ f&f&?tyif. V^*?'-^?
tir.. Dukes states '"that tho post
mark on the envelope ls obscure, bn<
the l?tler appoars to havo boon mall
ed at aratlway postofhee, and' that,
tho loiter carried no information arf
to tho whereabouts of Rast.
Everything ls quiet in Ornngo
burg, tho parties administering tho?
boating to Rast being out on bondi
and Rast, it. is believed, gone beyond!
tho State. Tho warrant, lt ls stated,,
charges (Maude J. Ttast with attempt,
lo ravish.
Headless Body l<\>und linder Birre***
Oar-Suspect Swindle At(?tupt
Roseberg, Oregon, July 15.-OiR
cers to-day wore seeking Dr. R. M..
Brunilcld, a dentist, who ls missing,,
following tho finding of a boadles*;-,
body under Bru m field's wrecked and
burned automobile. Two identifica
tions of tho body wore made, one by
Ibo dentist's wifo and another b>r
friends of Dennis Russell,a laborer-.
Sheriff Slamer said tho warrant
was Issued on the theory that ITrtm-.
field, who was insured for %2/&,W(Wr
against death and accident, WU* hea -
vily involved financially, and! haul
slain Russell and hauled the owlfcv Rr?
(he place where lt was foim.C ana'
then blown off the hoad with a Stick'
of dynamite, after placing his own
ring and other identifying articles on-,
tho body.
Tugaloo Academy Mooting Cancelled..
Owing lo tho fact that I have boen
unexpectedly called to Spartanburg,.
1 will ho compelled to cancel tho
meeting which was to be hold at Tu
galoo Academy on Thursday night..
July 21st. Ooo. R. Briggs,
County Demonstration Agent..
Shower Saves City from Fire.
Augusta, Ky., July 15.-A six-flew*
blacksnake refused to budge front
bis don under an old stump to-day,,
and W. II. Winter, a farmer near
Augusta, decided lo smoko out thc*
Fire spread from tho stump toe ?
20-acro hay Held. The Hold was dry,
and tho llamos spread rapidly, leap
Mng high into the air. Appeals woro>
sent to the fire department when the
flames shot out in every direction.
Farmers for miles around hurried
to tho scone, and, with tho aid of ?
timely shower of rain, managod to
savo this city. Tho snake escaped.
Geology teaches that tho groat -st',
climatic changes on tho earth ca tte
In tho glacial period.

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