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?Mrry Gantt Writes Person ni ItccoN
lections of Henry W. Grady.
(Anderson Daily Mall.)
Tho South, nor America, never
produced a more captivating and elo
quent orator than Henry W. Grady,
I have seen him sway vast audiences
as a Held of grain before a gale, ?it
one moment having them convulsed
with laughter, tho next silent, with
the closest attention, ns ho discussed
some intricate subject, and then with
tear-dimmed eyes as ho doplcted a
pathetic scone. Grady had not only
a most captivating voice and rare
eloquence, but the few addresses he
made were exquisite word-pain tings,
and yoi his language was so beauti
fully plain, and his illustrations so
vivid and pointed, that he charmed
and captivated alike the learned and
Henry W. Grady was a literary
gleaner and miser. When not at
work or In conversation, his mind
was kept busy. Wherever ho went
.lim llolliday, his faithful stenogra
pher and secretary, was at his side,
pencil and note-book in hand. When
a brigit! thought or expression Hash
ed through daily's mind he repeat
ed it to llolliday and he jolted it
down. Each nigh! thc secretary
would rend over to (?cady Ibo notes
taken during the day and. all deem
ed von hy ol' proserviuv were re
corded, under suitable captions, in
II note-book kepi for this purpose.
So when Grady was lo deliver an
add re:.he drew nu Ihoso notes for
sentences germain lo his subject, il
was like iii ringing pearls.
Grady was a delightful compan
ion, and one of tho most genial ?iud
pleasing mon l ever knew. Every
body was his friend and enthusias
tic admirer, and Grady loved Ibo
whole human race. I never heard
him speak an unkind word of any
one, and when he died il could Ito
truly said of him thal he left not
an enemy behind.
Grady died in tho very zenith of
his fame. I was with him on a plea
sure jaunt for several days, and the
next time 1 looked upon his face
his body was lying in state in an
Atlanta church, and an unbroken
line of sorrowing friends and ad
mirers slowly flied by tho flower
embowered casket. As a manifesta
tion of their love for and pride In I
Henry W '?rady. the people of Goar? I
gin erected it" Atlanta .1 heroic hrnnvse
.statue to perpetuate tho rnomory of
Grady; bul ?he iiguiu dooa not uu
him justice, as it is more like Hoke
Smith than (?rady. Hut Henry W.
Grady has a monument far moro en
during than marble or bronze Im
planted in the hearts and affections
of every Georgian and Allantan a
monument that will endure as lon?
as memory remains.
Grady had a soul and hear! as !
large as the universe, and a nature
so hopeful and buoyant that aol even
adversity could daunt. Atlanta was
unquestionably bulli by Grady, and
his faith In the future of Ibo plano
never wavered.
(?rady was always my line and
loyal friend, ami I never called on
him for a favor bul that il was un
hesitatingly granted. Ile cared only
for money lo spend lt, and died com
paratively poor, and In debt.
To show the great and cn rc-free
hear! of Grady, one Christ mas .'Ove
a farmer admirer sent him a hig.
ia! turkey. After dark he started
home, a darkey trailing behind with
the hird in hand. Ile had gone only
a few hincks when he mel an old.
crippled beggar, who appi'c'ached
bim willi the plea:
"Mister, will you give me a quar
ter to ard Rlttin' a dinner for my
folks, ait we ain't gol er thing 'cl
ent at my house''"
"Sure ! will, old mau." replied
Grady, as a,, ran his hand into .1
pocket, when ho remembered thal
he. too. was dead broke.
After thinking an inst..nt he called
: he da ? key lo him a nd lol?) him .
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Monoacctlcacidestor of Snlicyllcacld.
- adv.
MHianamin...ii - ~~ " ~
"Here, give that old fellow the tur-j
key. His family needs It worse than j
1 do. I'll have a dozen invitations to !
dinner, and no one will think of in- ,
vitlng him!" So with muttered and
heartfelt thanks the mendicant took j
his way, carrying (irady's Chrlst
mas turkey.
Mut no plutocrat ever got moro
enjoyment of the good things out 1
of lifo than Henry W. Grady. No
trouble or adversity could daunt his
buoyant, happy, hopeful spirits. At
lanta idolized him and gave him
her best. Georgia loved and hon
orod him, and whatever Grady did ;
was right with his people. The State1
Legislature was in session when j
Grady received a telegram announc
ing the assurance of Cleveland's
election. With enthusiastic audacity
hu went to the capitol, marched up
to the Speaker's desk, and. seizing
Iiis gavel, rapped the House to or
der and adjourned thai body in the
name of the Hrs? Democratic Presi
dent since the Civil War. Tho ses
sion ended in howling, riotous en
Al that time Grady was editor of
tho Atlanta Constitution, ?ind his
paper owned a small cannon that
Grady himself loaded and ll red from
the roof of Hie ellice building o eei
obrate a Democrat ic victory.
(?lady loaded his little cauinei to
announce Ibo re-election of Mr.
Cleveland, bul we Democrat were
defeated. When the news <. ne in
Grady wrote on a sheet "i paper the
words, "A Charge to Keep ! : ive."
This paper he pasted over the >:ic!i
hole of I ha I little loaded cannon. pul
i i a way, a nd st i ted I hu I th? gun
was not ar..tin lo be tired until an
other Democratic President show I be
Hut when Cleveland was again
elected Grady had passed away, hut
he lett in his miine to Georgia ono
of its proudest heritages. I was at
that time editing the Columbia CS.
t'.i Haily Itegtster, buA went/to
Georgia to vote. For some limo the
result was in doubt, bul it was un
derstood that if Hie Democrats did
win, the first news should be pro
claimed to tho state by the little
cannon that Grady had loaded. 1
went from Athens to Atlanta to hear
Hie earliest returns, and as the re
ports fluctuated from party to party
public feeling was intense and every
ear attuned to hear the voice of that
little gun.
11 was then ihe news was Hashed
over tho wires, on the &i iga ol olee
trlclly, thal the Republicans conce*
dod Clovelaud'? election und his par
ty's defeat. In an instant the sheet
of imper thal Henry W. Grady him
self had pasted over the touch-hole
of that little camion was torn away.
ii match applied, and the charge of
gunpowder that Grady had rammed
home belched forth the great tid
ings. lt was almost like the voice of
Henry W. Grady himself proclaim
ing tho news. The finers that re
sponded to the voice of that little
gilli almost seemed io shake the eter
nal hills around Atlanta.
Only a short time before Grady's
death. o? invitation of Phil Davis,
George Grogan, myself and others of
Grady's friends, he visited Elberton
(where 1 was then living) and spe.H
several days with us. He delivered
four speeches lo immense audiences,
one in Elberton, one at a point in
South Carolina where the Tugilloo
and Seneca rivers unite to form the
Savannah, and two in Elbert county.
We arranged lo lake Grady on a
two days' trip down the Savannah
river, using a flotilla of old-style
boals, propelled by neuro boatmen
willi poles, such as were used by
the planters to enrrj their cotton to
A ugustn.
Grady thoroughly enjoyed that trip
and acted like a boy just dismissed
from school. As the boals pulled off
the thousands (hat followed Grady
lo ile- river bank bade him farewell
with choirs and waving handker
chiefs. Hui tis soon as tile boats
rounded a bend in Hie river Henry
Grady shucked his pants and was ill
Hie river trying lo duck a darkey, lt
was hard lo believe him thc sann
eloquent orator whom an hour be
fore had thrilled and delightel thou
sands, omi had them laughing oi
with tear-dimmed eyes as his sub
Jed was amusing or pathetic.
'fhe li rsl night our party pitched
camp at Drown s Ferry, on the Geor
gia side, in Hart COU ll ty. Soon aftel
we landed Grady asked me to In kl
a stroll with him, and. walking ai
the road a short distance, we took il
seat on a log.
I asked Grady what his ispira
(ions were, and made a point of as
sining him that he could always
command nu? lo the utmost extent.
His reply was: "Gantt, ibero is n<
position or O Hi CO within the gift ol
(ho American people that I desiri
or would accept. My mission am
work is to brill? together tho Nr.nl
and South and hi 'e one- more s
united country."
Thal night Grady collected the ne
gio boatmen around him and hm
them singing their quaint melodies
.lust before i dropped off my las
-:-".V tr
waking remembrance was Grady sit
ting on the ground with his back
against a large white-oak tree and
his colored choir standing around
him singing "Jesus Locked the Lion s
I was wakened by Grady shaking
me. "Gantt, I never had anything to
so touch and impress mo as llio:-?.'
negroes* singing. There is a peculiar
wail and pathos in their voices that
nothing but fojrty generations of
slavery could produce." As he iii?'?
stretched himself on tho pallet he
side me. he added: "The fact Is. the
more I see of white folks the better
I Uko tho darkey."
Don't sicken or salivate yourself
or paralyze your sensitive liver by
taking calomel, which ls quicksilver.
Your dealer sells each bottle of pleas
ant, harmless "Dodson's Livor Tone"
under au Ironclad, money-back guar
antee that it regulates thc liver,
stomach and bowels better than cal
omel, without making you sick 15
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Heath of Mrs. .lane Stone.
? Karin and Factory, I Uh. >
Al Hie ripe age of il 2 years death
came to Mrs. .lane stone Monday
morning at ll o'clock, and a worthy
and a< copi able >p!rii entered thc por
tals of the ure .i beyond, lier last
days were spent til the home of lier
daughter, Mrs. Wash Davis, with
whom she had made her home tit dif
ferent times since the death of hor
husband about live years ago. Tlirw
children survive Wm. Stone, ot An
derson; Mrs. Wash Lavis and I. IL
stone, the latter two of near Seneca.
Mrs. stone had lived at tbs old homo
place for years and was widely
known and loved. She possessed a
kind and agreeable disposition, and
found pleasure in ministering to the
comforts of others. She was a mem
ber of Shiloh Baptist church and led
an exemplary Christian life. In con
forming to her request there were
no funeral services except the read
ing of the 103d Psalm and the sing
ing of "Nearer. My God, to Thee."
Rev. Davis, the Presbyterian pastor
at Clemson College, read the seed
ed passage. Six granddaughters of
the deceased, dressed in white, a:ted
as pallbearers. The remains we in
terred nt Shiloh rucsday morai i at j
11 o'clock. ? I
Rub-My-Tism is tl ?roa! 1- li
er. Relieves pain and soreness,
Rheumatism, Neuralgin, Sprains, ?lc.
.Now Hope liOCllI Nows
New Hope, July li). Special: Mrs.
Lillie Wilson and son and his wife
and ha hy, of Greenwood, visited at
thu home of Mr. and Mrs. .1. L. Kell
last week.
Miss Sallie White and brother, La
cions, were recent visitors to rela
tives ia Ensley.
Tho many friends of Rennie Roy
Kelley are sorry to learn of his be
ing in bad health at his home. He
has been holding a position as clerk
in a store at Central.
Miss Rollo Thomas and In-other
Dock were recent visitors to rela
tives at Newry.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Smith and fam
ily, of Greenville, were recent vis
itors nt the home of G. I. Kelley.
Several from this community spent
the Fourth at Jocassee on a picnic.
A protracted meeting will begin
at New Hope on the second Sunday
in August. We will have with us
Mr. Holding, of Pi? kens, in take
charge of the singing. Let's all hopo
and pray that we will havi ono of
the grandest revivals that has ever
taken place at New Hope. Every
body is invited to attend those ser
Mrs. Will Hunt and daughter, Miss
Ethel, of Walhalla, were recent vis
itors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. O.
A. Kelley.
What proved lo be a very pleasant
occasion on Monday, the I Sill was
tho gathering of tillite a few people,
the children and grandchildren and
a few of thc friends of Mrs. J. W.
Miller. This was a surprise birth
day dinner, all of Ibo KUI : bring
ing baskets, and at I J o', lo. ?x ?\ large
tahle was placed in the yard in the
shade of largo trees, where ill were
gathered around. Until Hwy didn't
want any moro io eat. Ice cream
and iced tea were plentiful.
Mrs. Miller was ",s years of age.
Wo all wish for her many autre an
niversaries of her birthday.
The farmers are beginning to get
"laying-hy time" on Iheir minds
the limo to
"Lay down de shovel an' clo hoe,
An' pick up de liddle an" de bow."
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Biliousness, l*>ss of Appette and
Headaches due to Torpid Liver, -adv
Solon, tho Greek sage, was of a
noble family, but was forced hy o '
er I y to work.
For Blood Trans fusion (o Save lils
Undo, in Dying Condition.
(Anderson Mail, 14th.)
Solicitor Leon W. liurris returned
to Anderson (his morning from Iiir
mingham, Ala., where he was culled
to the bedside of his uncle, J. S. Lee.
While in Birmingham Mr. Harris
underwent an unusual experience,
having a quart of his blood trans
fused into the veins of his uncle,
tho transfusion probably saving the
life of Mr. Lee. The operation did
not o much as inconvenience Mr.
Harris, who is in perfect health, and
he recovered from the loss of blood !
so rapidly that he was able to attend'
a baseball game immediately after]
the operation. Only one quart of
blood was needed in the case of Mr.
J, S. Leo ha? been a conductor on
the L, and X. Railway for forty-odd!
years, and is one of the oldest nen
in the employ of the railroad, from
point of service. He has been des
perately ill for the past several
weeks, and physicians decided thal
a transfusion might save his life.
Mr. Harris volunteered the blood,
and ntl examination revealed the fact
that his blood was in the proper con
dition, and thal his physical condi
tion was such thal ho could not only
stand the operation well, ,bnt his
blood was the very sort needed for
his uncle. The operation was per
formed, and Mr. Lee is reported as
recovering rapidly.
Hut in shade Recorded.
Chicago. July 13- The torrid wave
which has gripped the Central West
continued to-day without indication
of relief.
Farmers in some sections are do
ing their held work by moonlight.
In oilier districts there is little ac
tivity until sundown. In some parts
of Illinois and nearby States there
have been reports of bring of corn
and notice of it has been taken in
the market, though it is generally
understood that no considerable loss
has been sustained.
At Footville, Wis., yesterday tem
peratures of 100 degrees in the
shade and 100 at Oshkosh. Wis.,
were recorded. Muscat ?ne, Iowa, re
ported 102 degrees, and Davenport,
Iowa. 101.
Two deaths attributed to th? beal
and several prootrstiOii. uw?iio? !?.
Chicago. Temperatures in the nine
ties were indicated for ?o day Swel
tering humanity throng the beaches
dillly, and hundreds sleep out in tho
parks at night.
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Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
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Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
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needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c.
Delayed Notes from Fairview.
Fairview. July ll.- (Receive.l on
July ll.)- Special: Mrs. Lena M.
Colhran, of Greenville, is spending
her vacation with her father, W. T.
Toni Rowland, of Elberton, Ga.,
silent the week-end with his mo
ther. Mrs. C. A. Rowland.
Mrs. W. L. McMahon, Miss Rosa
and Calvin MeMnhan. Mr. and Mrs.
IO. C. McMahan. spent last week at
Highlands and Horse Cove. X. C
Riley Cox visited his mother in
Greenville recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Furber Hubbard and
children spent the week-end with tho
latter's parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. IL
Whl tm I re, mar Walhalla.
Miss Sue Annie Todd, of Wal
halla, and Mrs. Carrie Rowland, of
Central, were recent guests In the
, home of Mrs. C. A. Rowland.
I Mr. and Mrs. Paul McMahan nt
[ tended thc Pike family reunion near
I Pendleton on July Ith.
Miss Jessie Taylor, of near At
lanta, is visiting her cousin, Miss
Nelle McMahan.
Iltib-My-Tfsm is a powerful Anti
septic. Cures infected cuts, old sores,
tetter, etc.-adv.
Noted Suffrage Woman Dead.
Harrisburg. Pa.. July 13.-Mrs.
Mabel C. Jones, well known through
out the United States as an advo
cate of suffrage, welfare worker and
writer, died at her homo here Wed
nesday morning, aged (! 1 years. Mrs.
Jones served as a member of the
State Woman's Republican Commit
! tee and as chairman of the Daulphin
' county's Republican committee.
The Surinam toad carries its egga
and young upon its back In small,
: rounded depressions of the skin.
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at the lowest cost
in history
$15.00 $22.00 $27.50
I Reduction on oil styles and sizes j?
j A New Low Price on a
Known and Honest Product
Six .Months of 11)21-Increase Over
Kiist Half of bust Year.
Tuskegee. Ala., July ir,.-Thc fol
lowing information concerning the
lynchings occurring during the first
six months of this year are given
out. It is found, according to the
records compiled by the Department
of Records and Hosea reit of the Tus
kegee Institute (Monroe X. Work in
charge, th f in tho ll ist six mouths
01' 1921 there worn ;<t; lynchings.
This is 24 more than the number
(12) for thc first six months of Inst
year, and seven more than the num
ber (29) for the lirst six months i
Of those lynched two were whites
I and '?A were negroes. Two ol' the
latter were women. Hieven ol' linne
; put to death wore charged with tbs
! crime of rape.
j The States in which the lynchings
I occurred, and the number in each
; State, aro as follows;
Alabama . 1
Arkansas . 1
Florido. i
Georgia. 0
lien tucky. 1
Louisiana . 2
Mississippi .]f)
Missouri . 1
Xor th Carolina. 2
South Carolina . 1
Tennessee. I
Time 1? the test of truth. Ano
Donn's Kidney Pills have stood the
tost in Walhalla. Xo Walhalla real
dent who suffers backache, or annoy
ing urinary ills can romain uncon
vinced by this twice-told testimony.
W. S. G rt? lr!, blacksmith, Spring st.
Walhalla, says: "I hurt my back
many years ago and since then I
havo been troubled Uh kidney com
plaint. When' I have ono of these
attacks, severe pains shoot through
my kidneys and these organs do no!
act as they should. 1 have dizzy
spells and severe pains In the back
of my bend. I have used Doan's Kid
ney Pills whenever an attack com.'?
on and they have never failed t.(.
quickly relievo me. 1 think Doan'i
are a wonderful medicine." (State
mont given Dec, 17. 1! ll.)
On April ??. 1918, Mr. G rabi said:
"I am glad of another opportunity tc
pay a good word for Doan's Kidney
Pills and believe D.vin's have directed
a cure. I advise anyone suffering
from kidney complaint to give th li
ro"-ndy a trial"
.>.' all dealers. Kostor-Milbiirn
... Mfrs., Buffalo, X. Y.
Say She Korged Roosevelt's Vaine.
Hillsdale, Ind.. July lil.--Mrs. Kin
ma Burkett was arrested Wednes
day for tho alleged forging of tho
name of the late Theodore Roosevelt
to a note for $(?0.000. Acting on in
structions from the district attor
ney's office at Xcw York, a constable
arrested tho woman and turned her
over to Sheriff Louis Sweet. She was
placed in Jail and will bo held for
the Xew York authorities.
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
fr .J. ll. EARLE, fr
fr Attorney-ut-Luw, fr
fr WA liHA Ll ?A, S. C. .J?
fr State At Federal Court Pracitcc, fr
tfr fr: fr fr fr fr fr- fr? fr fr? fr fr fr fr?
f V\ *
fr E. Ii. HERNDON, *v fr
fr Attoi n<>.\ -nl-laiw, fr
fr Rhone Nb. ?i, Walhalla, s. V.fr
fr fr
fr J. 1?. Carey, J. W. Sholor, fr
fr Dickens, S. C. W. O. Hughs, fr
fr Attorneys and Counsellors, fr
fr WALHA Ll/A, S. C. fr
fr State & Federal Court Pracitce. fr
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
fr fr
fr W. I). WHITE, fr
fr LAWYER, fr
fr WALHALLA, S. C. fr
fr *
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
Surveyor and Civil Engineer,
Farm l4>an Act Decided Constitu
tional. Get a Govern
ment Doun.
High Class
Guttering a Specialty?
Walhalla, S. C.
Public Service
I am prepared to meet all
calls for Public Service Car at
any titne^ day or night. Sec
mc if you want a quick, safe
trip anywhere, near or for long:
"At Your Service"
Harry Fayonsky
Walhalla, S. C.
Two Fliers Killed.
Honolulu, T. H., July 13. Major
Sheldon ll. Wli der, commandant of
I Mike Field, the anny air 1)080 hore,
and Sorgt. Thomas A. Kolloy were
killed to-day when their airplane
crashed after taking off for a prac
tice Hight. The gasoline lank ex
ploded, covering the mon with burn
ing gasoline. Major Wheeler's home
was in Burlington, Vt.
Colds Cause Grip and Influenza
cause. There ls only one "Promo Quinine." E.W.
GROVE'S sldnaturc on thc l ox. 30c.
Dromedaries can outrun tho swift
est camels.

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