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(Established 1840.)
Published Every Wednesday Morning
One Year .$1.00
Six Months.55
flftroo Months.80
Advertising Hates Hoasonnble.
I*y Stock, Sholor, Hughs A Sholor.
Oom m un icu Hons or a personal
character charged for as advertise
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
and tributes of respect, el thor by
individuals, lodges or churches, are
charged for as for advertisements at
rate of ono cont a word. Cash must
Accompany manuscript, and all such
txotices will bo marked "Adv." In
conformity with Federal ruling on
such matters.
WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 10*21.
Somewhere between Walhalla and
'.?roon ville a I kief in tho ma i I ser
vir? has begun I? operate, it is pos
sible, of course, that he bas hoon at
il long b< fore now. .ind thal it has
jusi como io our attention through
i personal loss of nu great value.
However, Ibo limo lo starl an iuvurf
> iga lion is ai the beginning, and ii
viii bo well for t hu service if i hi -
potty thief can bo notion rid of before
tie becomes more bold and steals
something of real value.
The parcel post package thal was
broken and from which articles were
taken wa? malled in (?reonvlllo on
Monday of Ibis week and reached
Walhalla Monday night, ll will bo
a comparatively easy matter lo In
vest?galo this case and bring the
joe U y thievery down to ti circle of it
iory few mon, who can thereafter
be closely watched, and even though
tho guilty one may not bo actually
caught, he can be gotten rid of and
?-br?, service bettered by his absence.
If you have packages broken open
and contents removed, notify your
postmaster at once, give him full de
la Us as to starting point, of pack
age, date received, and as near as
possible Ibo trains on which it tra
voled. Any of tho postmasters of
Ocohee, we fool sure, will bo glad to
Tond their full aid in .!.ding ills
fr) Oh cs I j i n ? ho service,
t ?M il Vows t om ConorosN
Con cross, July 18-Special: Miss
Howley Hunsinger arrived homo this
morning, after having spent several
months in Greenville, where oho held
a positon, She has resigned from her
work there and will bo at homo boro
ai ii ti I she takes up her work at Long
Creek at the opening of the school
this fall.
Mrs. M. M. Duncan, of Walhalla,
spont several days last week with
relatives here, returning homo yes
J. C. Darker and little niece, Har
riet Du Rose, made a short trip lo
tr? roon ville ono day last Week.
On account of tho rain last Wed
rvvsMlay evening tho Sunday school
<:lass social given by Miss Beulah
Harker was not as largely attended
?HJ- ??is expected, hut tho rain was
highly nppvi dated. The guests pres
ent out of the community wore Miss
-Mortie Abbott and brothers. Hurt
and Roy. of West Union, and Louis
-Martin, of Oakway.
The peoplo of Coneross aro look
ing tor wa rd lo the association and
invite all the churches in the asso
ciation to attend. There will be an
entertainment committee tn look
. ifter the entertainment and comfort
?Ni Mio dolegatos and visitors. Tho
?..'M vbes will be assigned lo their
home-s and this list will be published
probably in a later issue ol' The Cou
\i n.< ?Ruby (lipson and brothel-, of
:<nt. \.\ i nion, and Miss Harris, of
J'U-IV, paid a short visit lo the
Misse* Hesso last week.
1.Mef.-i Phillips, of Mountain Host,
?vas a guest of his cousins. Christo
pher and Danny Roach, last week
Mrs. i.iiiie Childrcs, of (Irecnville,
.s on a visit to bor brother. T. W.
Byrd, of this place, she having ar
rived yesterday,
Mrs. Prank Montgomery, of Wal
halla, is with her mother, Mrs. S. M.
i Innsinger here to-day. Mrs. Hun
zinger has just returned from the
I Yumo of Mr. and Mrs. paul Olllison,
valiere she spent about ten days.
We aro glad to announce that a
?revival meeting will bog In at Con
gress on the second Sunday in Au
gust. We aro looking forward and
boping to havo a groat revival hore.
Dr. W. J. Langston will conduct tho
Miss Ora Arvo loft yesterday for
?^lat Shoals, whoro ijho will take up
ftex school work. She was accom
- I
Interest is Being Taken in Lay-by -
Schools for tho Illiterate.
Seneca, July 19.-Special: Miss)
Marlo Pegram, of York, ls visiting;
Miss Mamie Burgess, having stopped
ovor on her return home from Ken- ?
tucky, whore she had boen spend-,
lng some time. Miss Pegram was
very popular during the years she I
was teaching In Seneca High School,
and her numerous friends tire de
lighted to have her in their midst
Tho social calendar of the week j
wiis opened Monday morning with al
most enjoyable in 'orinal party of a i
few congenial friends, given by Miss)
Mamie Burgess, In honor of her
guest, Miss Mario Pegram, and niece,
Miss Tiphanie Burgess. Delicious re
fresh men Us were sered hy tho host
Mrs. lt. I). Neill. Miss Sue Glgn
illlat, counselors at Camp T'a massae
tho past week, have returnel; also
Misses Claire Heller, Beth Patter
son, Nell Whitinlro, Louise and Nan
nie Bowen, Cecil Shirley and Kliza-j
beth Hines. They give glowing ac
counts of the wonderful times (hey
had while in tamp al this ideal loca
tion, Kev. I. K. Wallace has il in .
charge, anti he is ably supported :n
the work by a number of ladies, who
have personal oversight of tile girls, j
Kach week there is a change in the1
i family, and while some leave theil'
j places are lilied hy others, 111 fact.
there have been more applicants
?than eau he accommodated. About
I twenty Anderson girls are ia camp j
?this week, and the Seneca girls who
have just gone up are .Mrs. lilith j
Macaulay ? nd Miss Lucia Nlniinons. i
.Mrs. John A. Kdwards and baby,
John Calhoun, are expected home:
from Anderson this week.
Miss Helen Holt, of Memphis,
Tenn., is ibo attractive guest of her
cousin, Mrs. B. A. Lowery. Miss Holt
spent several days this week in Wal
halla with Mrs. W. H. Hamilton.
Miss WU Lou (?ray, State organ
izer of adult schools, arrived in Sen
eca last week and is the guest ol
Miss Nell Hines, county organizer of
adult .schools. Miss (?ray is visiting
and speaking in various schools in
tho county. She is arranging for a
hoarding school to be opened Aug.
1st at the Tamassee I). A. R. school
for the benefit of girls over I 1 years
old who have not had early educa
tional ad tym lagos, in order that
every girl who wishes to do so can
<,M,\>.,i this o/.|.,*>r.i lhere ^,f'P i>r. ?.r?
I uskuo to contribute chickens, eggs.
J vogel lidos meal, etc.; for (able sup-]
pllei i ia urged llial do girls take!
advantage of this wonderful oppor
tunity and attend this school. Send
your name at once to Miss Nell
Hines, County Organizer for Adult
Schools, Seneca, S. C., and she will
arrange for your entrance. Under the
efficient supervision of Miss Gray
there will ho several industrial fea
tures on the schedule. These classes
in August will he preliminary to reg
ular instruction in arts and crafts,
winch the executive committee rf
the school hopo to arrange for the
coming scholastic year. Ono line of
needlework which will be taught will
be that of making those beautiful
organdie Howers which are so much
111 favor tills season. In order to ac
complish this the friends of the
school aro requested to collect an
assortment of colored organdie
scraps, thread, wire and hits of green
and yellow embroidery thread and
mail same to Mrs. Alfred Ernest,
Tamassee, S. C . by Aug. 1st. Let is
see lo it that a "shower" of organ
die' scraps will be sent to the school
Tile language ol' the hook of Job
shows traces of Ara mic and Arabic
influence .
A square mile of the earth's sur
face receives heat in six hours from I
the sun equivalent to combustion ot
2.1500 toils of coal.
punted by Miss Lee, of Long Creek,
who will bo her assistant teacher.
Mrs. \v. /.. Planch?n, of Rocky
Knoll speill j lie past week here with
her son-in-law's family, J. ?lavis Ab
Mr. and Mrs J. 1?. parker, of Ai
li ula. are with Hie Harker family
here this week. They are also visit
lllg rel;, i ives in Walhalla (his week.
School opened this morning at
Clearmont, where His? Lena Abbott,
of this place, is assistant teacher.
Miss Nina Abholt also left yester
day for Issaqueena to take up her
work as assistant in thal school. We
wish both those young ladies much
success in their .school work.
Will Kay and family, of Seneca,
are with relatives here to-day.
Miss Rosa Dllworth, of Atlanta, ts
on a two weeks' visit to her motlier,
Mrs. Mary Dllworth, of this section.
Miss Mattio Martin, of Walhalla,
spent tho last few days with her
cousins, Misses Florence and Thodo
Writes interestingly of the 1>. A. ll.
School und Locul News.
Bounty Land, July 18.-Special: I
Our schoo' hore oponed this morning j
with an enrollment of 57 pupils.
Quite ali encouraging number of j
patrons and friends were prese.it mid
listened with appreciative attention
to tho well directed and appropriate!
discourse of J. 1*. Coates, superinten
dent of the Seneca schools, on ibo
necessity of personal effort in the
accomplishment of any attainment,
and especially in acquiring an edu
cation. Ho encouraged the adults
who are becoming awakened to the
fact that they are not "too old lo
We were quite fortunato indeed to
havo with us Miss Wil Lou Gray, nf
Columbia, whose talk was most in
spiring, and whose storios of the
wonderful attainments made possi- :
bio where energy and ambition are ;
combined, enlisted the attention of
tl'.e audience and were provocative of
much humor. Miss Neille Hines was
also present and stressed Miss Gray's
remarks, encouraging the school of
adults which is heilig taught by Miss I
Cary Doyle. All interesting demon
stration of what can bc accomplish-1
ed in one week of school attendait' ?'
with only two andva half hours pur
day was given by damny Phillips,
who read a story on the use and ? u!
t i va I ion of cotton. This hoy is ahur
I'.i years old. and had never gone
to school until last week. He read
with line expression, and his won
derful progress should he encourag
ing lo others.
Miss P.alleiiger's remarks were in
(cresting and to the point, lu fact, j
everybody present enjoyed the school
opening and predict a successful
term. Miss Cary Doyle is the assist
ant instead of Miss Carrie Mc.Ma
hnn, who declined the summer term,
hut has been secured as assistant
for the winier months. Miss Doyle
has accepted a similar position ni
the Denver school, near Sandy
Our com muni ty received quite a
"shake-up" last Friday afternoon,
when the mysterious disappearance
of Albert and Carl, the ten and elgin
year-old sons of Mr. and Mrs. Lowell
Smith, was announced. About nine
o'clock Mr. Smith had sent the boys
some little distance from the house
*o finish hoeing a patch of cotton.
When the dinner bell rang no bojs
made their appearance, but tho pi
rents thought they might bi pl j ig
with some of 11?i neighbor 'wo A ??ad
didn't begin to make Inquiry M,hU1
some lillie In tho late af terr in, and
no trace of ilia boys could fuauJ.
Their hoes were left where their
work should have been begun . So,
thinking they might have decided to
try to swim, ali the nearby holes In
the creek were examined (several of
the neighbors joining in the search,)
but no results were obtained, and
not until Saturday morning did they
find any trace of the boys, several
persons having seen them near Sen
eca Friday morning. They had spent
the night with their aunt, Mrs.Whit
mi re, at Old Pickens. The boys had
liecn reading with increasing inter
est "Tom Sawyer," by Mark Twain,
and had become very much infatu
ated with "Huckleberry Finn."whoso
wonderful and during feats of ad
venture had fired their fertile Im
aginations to hazard any perloius es
capade. Mr. Smith brought the two
young adventurers home about 12
o'clock Saturday, looking quite fa
tigued and not at all elated over
tho success of their first heroic ef
fort, and yet not seeming to realize
the great anxiety which they had
We are quite proud of having fur
nished this and other counties in the
State so many excellent teachers.
The following young teachers ?ire be
ginning work to-day: Miss Willie
McDonald opens school at Retreat;
Miss Winnie Oiimbroll a: Hinsby
Creek. Anderson county; Miss Lula
Wyloy at Oak way, and Mis^ (Hive
Lynch near Six-Mile, Pickens coun
ty. All these young ladies should
prove quite efficient in their work
as teachers. We understand th.it tho
adult night school at Richland will
be taught hy Mrs. J. A. Dendy.
Bruce, David and Misses peile ;ind
Bessie Mae Stribling visited in Co
ma, C.a., last week.
W. A. Rankin and family, of rowe
ville, wero week-end guests of (he
former's mother, Mrs. R. \'. Ran
Brooks Chandler and sons. F. rn est
and Paul, of Greenville, were late
guests of Mrs. W. .1. McDonald, Mr.
Brooks' sister.
Mrs. F.. ls. Archer and Mrs S. Y.
Stribling loft a few days ago for
points of interest in the mountains.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Tollson and
Miss Anulo Both Hubbard, of the
Fairview section, were week-end vis
itors to relatives in tho community.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul McMahan. of
Fairview, woro lalo guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Gilmor Hubbard.
A part composed of Mr. and Mrs.
J. J. Ballenger, Misses Pearle and
Lalla Ballenger, Mrs. B. O. Whitten
and two children, John and Homer
Ballenger, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Hughs, Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Hughs
and two sons, Stiles and 'Kenneth,
and Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Hughs and
S. K. Dendy," of Walhalla, visited the
Ta mass?e school and camp and Oco
I nee station last Thursday and give
; quite an Interesting account of the
I pleasures of the trip and also some
j interesting historic facts In connec
tion with both Tamassco and Oco- j
nee Statioa, which If furnished a I
moro able writer than your corres- '
j pondent, would engage tho rapt at- j
I tentlon of many of The Courier's j
! readers. However, we hope to put
? these facts together in a short time j
I for another issue of our paper.
The I). A. R. school at Tamasseo
is an institution of which all South
Carolinians should be proud, and is
situated on tho historic old estate
of .the noted Revolutionary soldier.
Cen. Andrew Pickens, which later
became the property of Andrew
Lewis, and still later of IOU m Sharp.
The estate is known as the Tamassee
Karin, and has been in tho owner
ship ol' the Jones heirs for a mun- ?
her of years.
Al the present Hmo the school ;
building ls open to about ll tty girls, j
who are enjoying camp life under the j
leadership and management of Rev.
and Mrs. I. 10. Wallace and a Ullin-1
her of matrons. The .uirls are hav- i
lng thc time of their lives, ^overall
interesting places have been visited
hy the girls on hikes, including Ta
massee Kalis, old Goldmine, Salem
and Oconeo Station.
lt might he of interest to some of j
your readers lo know the daily
schedule of the campers, which was i
handed us to-day by one of the
girls. The schedule ls as follows: At j
U a. m., reveille; 6.to to 6.30, set
ting-up exercise; 11.30 to 7.30, morn
ing hike; 7.30, mess (breakfast);
s o'clock, morning worship; 8.30 to
10, Bible and mission study; 10 a.
m. to 1 p. m., hike or swim; 1, din
ner; 2 to 4, quiet hour; <l to 6,
hike or swim; fi to 6.30, supper; 7
to 9. games; 9 to 9.30, evening wor
ship; 9.45, all quiet; 10. lights out,
mouths shut.
Plans have been arranged for an
over-night hike to Whitewater Kails,
a camp supper and fish fry .
The 1). A. R. building is also open
to a school for illiterate women and
girls during the summer months.
Richard Kirby ts confined to his
bed with typhoid fever. His friends
hope foi his earl) convalescence,
The Bounty Land B V. P. C. gave
a 'demonstration their work at
Poplar Springs church Sunday after
noon and assisted in organizing a
union among the Poplar young peo
The friends of Miss Susan Doyle
will regret to learn that she is In
Margaret Wright Hospital, Augus
ta. Ga., with malarial fever. Late
reports of her condition are encour
aging, and we hope for her early re
Pleasant Bill Tocal Notes.
Pleasant Hill, July 18.-Special:
Tho Sunday school at this place is
progressing nicely, with K. T. Petty
as superintendent. The number of
pupils enrolled is almost double what
lt was a few weeks ago. We hopo
for even better attendance. Let all
attend regularly. Come!
Dr. Langston filled his appoint
ment hero Sunday afternoon and ho
preached a very interesting and high
ly edifying sermon.
Quite a number from this vicinity
attended the singing at /.ion Sunday
afternoon. They report a splendid
John McKee and family were vis
iting among relatives and friends
hero recently.
We have been having some nice
showers almost every day for tho
past week.
Norman Moore, of Toccoa. Ga.,
visited at the home of Arthur McAl
isler one day last week. His friends
here were delighted to see him again.
Special Services at Fairview.
Special revival services in Kair
Viow church every morning al 10.80
and at night at 8.15 O'clock this
week. The whole community is urged
lo attend. All former 1'alrview peo
plo and friends aro invited. This is
a community meeting. Irrespective
of denomination. Services begin
promptly on limo.
H. B. Hardy. Pastor.
Conter Township singers.
The Oenter Township singing As
sociation will meet with the old Re
treat Presbyterian church on thc
next fourth Sunday (July 2 Ith) at
2 p. m. All good singers and lovers
of music aro Invited to attend.
J. W. S. King,
Secretary and Treas.
. -? -- -
A dangerous leopard used in movie
land In California was electrocuted
and a perfect polt obtained.
F. O. O. Detroit
Ive more
Tune for
I Got
The Fordson Tractor is taking much of the
drudgery out of farm life ; it is solving the labor
problem; it is reducing the cost of preparing
land by almost one half of what it was with
horses; and it is saving one third to one half
of the farmer's time; and making farm life
more attractive.
The Fordson will run your threshing machine
-and at the most opportune time for you. It
will operate the milking machines, saw your
wood, fill your silo, pump the water, and take
care of every kind of belt work
And don't forget-it will plow six to eight
acres in a ten hour day, handling two plows
with ease.
Thus the Fordson is the ideal year-round trac
tor. It will pay for its fall and winter keep in
many ways.
There's a big story to tell you about the Ford
son-and a trae one-come in and get the facts.
Or, if you prefer, telephone or drop un a card
and we will bring them to you.
Walhalla, S.C.-Phone 34-Westminster,S.C.
-T .W-. .
.r/mn :.....<..:..? i ,..?.*>
Some Seasonable Necessities
una M wt * . i > r .
Three Pound Tin Cans with Solder Hem
med Gaps, 100 to the package, only $4.50.
Fruit Jar Caps and Rubbers, Enameled
Ware, Aluminum and Galvanized Ware at
Special Prices.
Just received shipment 3, 4 and 6 Quart. Late
in arriving;. Will sell them at close margin
until the lot is gone.
We have a stock of popular sizes and can save
you money on these outfits.
Ballenger Har?ware and Furniture Co.,
A'eneciA, S. C.
By authority contained in ceinain
Tax Executions to me directed by
lt. H. Alexander. Treasurer of Oco
nce county, South Carolina, I here
by offer for sale, on MONDAY, th?
1st day of August, 1921, at public
outcry, in front of the Court House
door, in Walhalla, S. C., the follow
ing described real estate, lo-wit:
Eleven acres of land in White
water Township, adjoining lands of
W. M. Drown and others, on Toxawny
river. Levied on as the proporty of
Mrs. II. M. Dlackshear, at suit of the
State for taxes.
Ten acres of land in Whitewater
Township, adjoining lands of Dr. C.
Clrimshawe and others, on White
water river. Lovied on as tho pro
perty of Mrs. li. M. Rlackshear. ar
suit of the Stato for taxes.
side and on the south side by lands
of the Southland Woodland Com
pany. Levied on as the property of
Messiah Cobb, at suit of the State for
taxes. W. M. ALEXANDER,
Sheriff Oconee County, S. C.
.Lily 13, 1921. ' 28-30
Hamey Dies from Wounds.
Twonty-flvo acres, moro or less, on
Cedar creek, Oconeo county, adjoin
ing lands of Oovornment on north
Anderson. .Inly 15.-H. F. Ra moy,
'IG yours of age, who was wounded
live times noar hero last night in a
shooting affray, in which Thomas
Hays. .".1 yoars old, was killed, died
to-day. Tho troublo started, accord
ing to olllcors, when Ramey and his
brother-in-law, 13. F. 'Bagwell, ac
cused Hays of sending Bagwell a
miniature coffin containing a note
advising tho two to leave tho county.
To reduco fire danger, 400 miles of
telephone Unes well .bo installed in
Canadian timber lands.

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