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j (Small ad ver Une menti under
I this heading Inserted at rate of
I one cent a word per Insertion.
I Four Insertion*! for price of
j three.)
(NOTICE*-No advertise! tent ac
cepted tor tVls column for 1MS than
10 cents, ono insertion.)
MONEY TO LOAN on Improved
Farm Lands, lt. 10. BRUCE, Pick
ens, S..C. 26-lf _
Heady for delivery. 'Price, $4.50.
Applv lo J. G. KU EM.M KUKU, Wal
halla. S. C. *y
ONTO Kl 11.VOLE MILL and Engine
and one Two-Horse and one Olie
I loi se Wagon for sale. T. IO. ALEX
ANHIOIl, Walhalla. S. C. ?ll-tf
TWO FORDS, One Chevrolet, Ono
Maxwell Second Cars for sale cheap.
T. 10. ALEANDEH, Walhalla, S. C.
27-1 f._
FOR SA LIO Ito Acres of Land, S
rooill IIOUHO, ?-acro Apple Orchard,
running to public road hading from
Hillard. Ga., lo Highlands. X. C. A
sumiller home for lim City man. See
or write W. .1. HOLDEN, Scaly, N.
c. ' ::I-::I*
for vacancies in Pos lodi co, Railway
Mail. Govornmoni Departments. Men,
woman, over 17. >1L'U monthly. Ex
perience unnecessary. For free par
ticulars write .1. LEONARD (former
Civil Service Examiner,) 5H Equi
table Building, Washington, 1). C.
FOR SA 1,10-Two Cn s No. :: mel
::'s 1'uekers Tin ("ans. wiih solder
hemmed cups. Thc !l*s ?ire packed
I H H und io container; Ibo 2'n
packed I J", mid Min. We ?ire naming
a special price .>:'..sr. per hundred <>n
?i's and ?>-'.!>.? per hundred on _'s. I',
o. h. Anderson, S. c. If intorostod
write or phone DEXTER GROCERY
CO.. Anderson, S. C. :'. 1 ?'?'< I
FOR SALE==Snw?o?
Mauldin and Tugaloo Streets,
Seven-room House, 3 Porches,
2 Halls; Electric Lights; Eight
Stall Barn and Garage; Good
tf Walhalla, S. C
Mauldin Street, Walhalla, S. C.
Sacrament of Ponanco. . . .0.30 a. m.
Mass and Sermon.10.00 a. m.
Reverend Thomas .1. Mackin,
P. O. Box S2. Anderson, S. C.
A Special Communication of Blue
r.zr,-jnTn\ Ridge Lodge. No. 92, A. C.
VA(| M., will bo hold Friday
lin'nVx r* Hight, AttgUSl "''ll. 1921.
at 8.?RI i 'clock.
Work in Second Degree. Visiting
brothers welcome.
.1. B. S. DION" DY. W. M.
W. O. WHITE. Secretary. (adv)
.J. ?!? .J? .J..J. .j, ,?..J. .J. ??, ,?..?? .j..j. .j,r..?..
Misses Elsie ?iud Julia Kauf
mann uro spending this week visii
ing in Atlanta.
- All makes standard sowing ma
chine needles at Moss & Ansel's.Wal
halla.-adv.-2 i-tf.
Miss Clara Vernor, of Seneca,
spent the past week-end in Walhalla
with Miss Pauline Sleek.
William Bell, who luis been for
Mime weeks In Chicago, returned to
Wallalla last Saturday.
Mrs. C. G. Sining left lani Mon
day for Montrent, X. C., where she
will spend a week or len days.
For Sale. Xii ra ie of sod? now
on hand at $ll.uti per even-weight 200
pound sacks. Place your order ?il
once. Krank ll. Shirley. AVest in lu
ster, s. C. adv,
W. J. Edmunds, nf Yorkville, S.
c.. spout tho past week end with rel
atives and friends in tho county. He
was accompanied home by his wife
and two children, who had been vis
iting hero, and ?Iso hy Mrs. W, l>.
Dodd, who will spend the week in
York and in Ibo upper pari of the
Mrs. W. M. Alexandre left Ins!
week for Asheville. X. C., where sh"
will spend some time with her daugh
ter and with other relatives, lier
many friends will lenin with pleas
ore that she has been benefited by
tho chango of climate and rest, she
having boon quite unwell for some
: Imo before lon vlug.
Canning powders, jar tops and
rubbers, flavoring extracts, pickling
spices. Turnip seed. Xorman's Drug
Store, Walhalla adv.
Janies M Moss loft last Sn lida V
for New York city, where he will
spend several days before going lo
Atlantic Clly IO attend Hie mooting
Of representatives of tho Mutual Life
In/tiranCO Company of New York,
which company Mr., Moss represents
ns district superintendent for this
terriI6ry. flo ls accompanied on his
trip hy his daughter, Miss Sara, and
Miss ?HcO Belle McLoOS.
I -Plain nour 97c; self-rising flour
! $1.00. Evory Bach guarauteed best
j quality. Walk a block and save a
dollar. "Jaynes cuts the price and
sells tko goodrt."-adv.
- .Miss Davis, of Arkansas, is vis
iting at tho home of Dr. und Mrs.
J. \V. Mell for a week or ten days.
- Mrs. Lou Stewart and daughter,
. of West Union, arc- spending this
1 week in Martin, (lu., visiting Mrs.
. Stewart's daughter, Mrs. S.D. Kelley.
[ --Mrs. Wm. A. Iletrick left last
? Sunday for Philadelphia, where she
will spend several wooks visiting 'icr
? mother, Mrs. Blessing, and among
other relatives.
-Nitrate of Soda.--Just arrived,
car nitrate of soda, IS per cent am
monia, 2<i(j lbs. even weight sacks,
$11.00 per sack. Prank ll. Shirley,
Westminster, s. C.- -adv.
Misses Eunice Macaulay and
.lanie Harrison left last Friday for a
few days' visit to Miss Elizabeth
S'.rihiing at the mountain home of
Miss Sallie SI ri hiing, near White
Kev. and Mrs. W. ll. Aull ami
children loft Monday last for North
Carolina to spend a week or ten days
with Mis. Anil's parents, They are
making their visit hy cross-country
trip ia their louring car.
Mr. and Mrs. S. X. Pitchford
and daughter. Miss Lillian. arc
spending ibis week in Saluda, visit
Ing Mr. Pitchford's sister, Mrs. j.e.
Mickler, und family. Tlioy ure en
joying iheir outing as a cross coull
I ry i rip by auto.
For Sale One new Ford . ?ck.
with Hoodyear pneumatic tires: also
one six-cylinder Buick llve-pessengor
car. practically good as new. All at
;i bargain. Will sell for cash or good
note. w. s. Brock, Seneca, S. r
adv.-? I-if.
Dr. und Mrs. c. W. Gardner and
J. ii. Cliiikscales, of Ll roon wood, wore
welcome visitors to Walhalla last
week. Dr and Mrs. (lardner wore
guests in the home of J. W. Shelor.
Mrs. (lardner's brother, and Mr.
Cliiikscales was visiting his daugh
ter, Mrs. C. w. Pitchford, Jr.
-Kev. 1). C. Williams will con
duct services at New Hope church
on Sunday. Aug. 7th, at 1 I a. m.
Rev. Williams was at one time pastor
Of tho New Hope church and has a
host of friends in the community
who will be glad lo greet him again.
lt is earnestly desired that a large
congregation will be present to hear
Mr. Williams next Sunday.
Big assortment new dry good
ami notions, crockery, enamel, tin
ware, oilcloth, shades, rugs, dresses
skirts, waists, hosiery, slippers, and
everything to wear for men. women
and children. All kinds fancy goods
See Mr. Harrison. Norman's Dr>
Hoods store, Walhalla.-adv.
All Interested friends are cor
dially invited tu attend the service*
lo be held ?it the meilland Presbyte
rian church on Friday, Saturday and
Sunday. Kev J. T. Hendy will preach
Friday morning, and Kev. deo. (!
Mayes will preach on Sunday morn
ing (the Ttl), i Dinner will be served
at tht: church. In the afternoon tilt
" home-coin lng" exercises will take
place, at which lime many of tho old
members will make talks.
- We are requested by Kev. Ar
thur L. Voss, pastor, it) announce
that revival services commenced last
Monday, Aug. 1. and will contient
through the week. T. C. Harvey. Hu
evangelist, of Central, is conducting
these meetings at ibo Wesleyan
Mothadlsl church. Walhalla. The
people of Hill churches, anti non
church members as well, are cordiallj
invited to attend. Services at 3.01
and son p. m.; also al ll a. m. or
Sn min y,
dur line of men's and boy's cap?
caa i be beat for price or quality
Walk a block and save a dollar
Jaynes cuts the price and sells Hu
goods." 1 ,ui\.
Iii v. D. A. Jeffcoat, assisted bj
Kev. F. (!. Whitlock, of Anderson
closed a successful revival mcetini
at the Double Springs Metbodis
church last Sunday, there being clgll
additions to the church anti one can
didalc for baptism Itevs. Jeffco.i
and Whitlock will begin a series o
meetings at Whitmire on the Hrs
Sunda> in August. At this iliecHtlj
Kev. Mr. Whitlock will do Iho preach
lng. A cordial Invitation is oxtendei
lo everybody to attend those meet
I ll RS.
Latest style small cabinet Edi
son machine, only $50. Norman'
Drug Store. The best 5c. cigar sine
tho war.- adv.
lt will be learned with regre
thal on July 2 r? I li death entered th
home of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Ramo;
and look their only little daughtei
Her. Sim was only five years of agr
and was sick bill two days, All thu
loving hands could tit) was done, bu
Clod knew best and took Hie HUI
one tt) live with Him. "The Lor
Ri\eth and He taketh away; blesse
be the name nf the Ford." Cur los
is heaven's gain. The remains wer
?-mil?.i mi i-n-wi II i rhrTm^iimn i i
laid to rest In the Boone's' Creek
cemetery on the 27th, the funeral
services being conducted by Rev. W.
Holcombe in tho presence of a large
concourse of sorrowing friends of
the grief-stricken parents. Mr. and
Mrs. Ramey live in the Salem sec
tion, and have many friends In our
county who will Join with its in ex
tending sympathy in their hour of
sore allllctlon.
-Married, by Deputy Clerk of
Court D. A. Smith, on Tuesday. Aug.
i'd, at his olllce. at 8 o'clock a. m.,
Miss Annie Hughs, of West Mills
C., and Div. Rice, of Tainassee. S. C.
The young couple have numerous
friends who will Join with us in ex
tending to them all good wishes.
- Miss Roxie Reid, of Batesburg,
spent last Wednesday In Walkalla
among friends. Miss Reid was on
her way to Woodbury, Ga., to pay a
visit to her brother. Chas. S. Reid,
and family, lier miny friends were
delighted to meet her, but regretted
tho shortness of her stay.
-We are requested to announce
that a series of meetings will begin
at Pleasant Ridge Baptist church on
Thursday night (Aug. I.) at 8.30
o'clock. The meting will be con
ducted by Rev. M. .1. Stansoll and
Rev. I". R. Abercrombie. A cordial
invitation is extended to the public.
-To-day ( Wednesday) at I.SO
what promises to be an interesting
game of baseball will he played on
thu Walhalla grounds, the contesting
teams to be Anderson and Walhalla.
The local boys are prepared lo give
ibo Andersoninns a man's joh to beat
thom, and il is oxpectetl that Wal
halla will ?tdd one more scalp to its
siring. Attend tho game and .roof
for Walhalla.
Married, at the home of the oili
cialing minister, Rev. .1. E. Willis,
Onkway, on Wednesday evening. .Inly
-'Ttli. Miss 'Flora Smith and Ellas
Bryant. The bride is a daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. R. X. Smith, of West
Union, and the groom is a young far
mer and business man of Pendleton.
The young couple have scores of
friends and relatives to Join with us
in extending all good wishes for a
long life of happiness and prosperity.
-New line of novelties and fancy
goods at Norman's Drug Store. Ex
tra quality pocket knives, razors and
blades, spectacles, eye shades, nail
liles, combs, brushes, pipes, stems,
purses, pocket hooks, fountain pens,
box candies, stationery, school sup
plies, machine needles, shuttles and
bands, oil; paints, oil, varnish and
stains, brushes, electric light'bulbs,
(lash lights, batteries. Select assort
ment pocket books, high class* toilet
articles, hair nets. All latest records
for Edison phonographs. Norman?
Drug Store, Walhalla, S. C.--adv.
Wo are indebted to our gool
friend. ,1. II. Crumpton, for a treat
in the shape of a pock of old-tinn
Held peaches--tho kind that oh a ci II
oasily break open with a slight pres
Mire, the "meat" p.ir.inc ?lean from
the seed, and the "nie it' literall}
melting In one's month We like tn
see high-bred peaches ern! othei
fruit, but really, whenever we are sc
fortunate as to get a taste of thif
old held sugar peach, wc are foi ceil
to admit that this "old-timer'' is jus.
a little blt better than any other we
wo have ever tasted.
-The announcement of ttie mar
riage of Mrs. Della Cantrell and .1
C. Caines, which took place in Green
ville last Monday, Aug. Isl, will bc
a pleasant surprise to many of thc
friends of tho bride in ibis section
Mr. Caines is a native of Oklahoma
City. Okla., and served for sixteen
months overseas with tho American
Expeditionary Forces. The bride h
well known to many in Oconee, be
ing the widow of (he late .1. P. Can
trell and a daughter of the late Wil
liam Welch, so well remembered bj
all who are familiar with this sec
ti on during the pas-. "'.", years and
earlier. Wo join with many otheri
in extending to Mr. and Mrs. Galnef
best wishes for a long life of ha pp i
noss and prosperity.
A most delightful occasion wat
that of last Friday. .Inly 29th, at tin
home-of Mr. and Mrs. \. |>. Barton
of the Walhalla Mill Village, in cole
bra Bon of the birthday of tho lat
tor's mother, Mrs. Berths Barnes
she being in her suth year. Tin
ptirty was a surprise to the honoree
who had almost fogotten that it wa:
her birthday uni ?I the company be
gan to arrive, bringing well-nlle<
baskets of good things to eat. Wi
Jo'n with many others in the boin
that ibis aged lady may live to cele
brate many more happy events 1 i 1 c?
this. The following attended the re
union; Henry ll ix and .lohn Crow
of Cashiers, N. C.; Miss Sallie Croll
shaw. Mr. and Mrs. Crover C. Cren
shaw, Mr. and Mrs. A. h. Rowland
Mrs. Martin Marshall. Mrs. .I.F.Roeh
ester, Mrs. .1. A. Bischoff, Mrs. .1. F
Heddon. Mrs. Melvina White, Mist
Itlie Harton; and there were twentj
great-gran doh 11 dren, tho afternoot
was spent in convcsali?? until tin
hour for departure, when all wisho;
for Mrs. Hames many happy return!
of this good day.
-See our new line of men's hats,
JUBt received. Walk a block and save
a dollar. "Jaynes cute the price and
sells the goods."-adv.
-Misses Ruth nnd Ida Belle Oel
kera left Sunday for Gainesville, Ga.,
where they will spend a week or ten
I days visiting relatives.
- Miss Sallie Crenshaw, accompan
led by her niece, Hale Miss Meier
Granshaw, is visiting at the home ol
the former's slste.r Mrs. W. Y. Har
rlson, at Covington, Ga.
- The Parsonage Aid Society of tin
Walhalla Methodist church will mee
with Mrs. E. L. Herndon on Thurs
day (to-morrow) afternoon at foin
-Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Waddell am
two children, of Commerce, Ga., am
J. V. Nielsen, Jr., of Charleston
spent a few days last week at tin
home of Adam Vollrath, near town.
- Mrs. N. J. Brown and daughter
Mrs. J. G. Sauve, will leave to-mor
row for Atlanta, where the forme
will spend a week or ten days,, Mi?
Sauve going on to her home In Flor
ida. She has been spending som
time in Walhalla visiting her par
- Miss Kathleen Fant, who ha
l)een for the past year with her sb
tor, Mrs. Russell, in the Canal Zoni
returned to Walhalla Monday to h
with her pa ron is, Mr. and Mrs. >
Fant, for the summer. Miss Faut ha
a host of friends here to welcome lie
hack home.
- .narrien, on Tuesday (yestci
day I, at I I A. M.. by Deputy Cle
ef Conn I) A. Smith, at his o lill
at the Cour! House, Miss Ludio Ron
of Calhoun, and Joel kl. Ilarrelson. <
Alsbrook, S. C. We join with othei
in extending tho best of good wi sin
lo these young people.
-On las1. Tuesday afternoon,
the Rrasstown community (Pulas]
Township.) a quarrel took place h
tween L, D. ( Neen ) Cox and Silas '.
Butts. There are several versions
the unfortunate affair, which can
near costing Mr. Cox his life. Tl
story that seems to bear the greate
amount of accuracy of detail is th
Mr. Cox had recently chastised li
grandchild, and he took offense
remarks said to have been made co
corning this Incident by Butts. (
Tuesday afternoon Cox went to
bridge where Butts was workin
and words were passed in a heat
manner between the two men, Cc
il is said, striking Butts with a stic
Butts held in his hand an axe wi
which he had been at work on t
bridge timber, and he struck C
with this, inflicting a fearful wo un
making a gash in his chest ind sc
ering several ribs. The wound is
dangerous one even at this tin
though it is believed thal Mr. C
will recover from it. However, Bul
who voluntarily came in and. ga
himself np lo, the sheriff after*!
affray, is still held in jail awaiti
the outcome of Mr. Cox's injuri
Roth men are well known in th
conimun?y. The above story is
near a corri-;': one, we believe, as
can adduce from the statements
have heard concerning the unfor
nate affair.
-Bishop K. G. Finley preahcet
most admirable sermon last Snn<
night nt St. John's Lutheran chm
to a large congregation. This v
Mr. Finley's first visit here in I
capacity of Bishop, and it has b<
fourteen years since he had been
position to pay a visit to his old ci
gregations here and at Seneca.
Sunday morning Bishop Finley c
ducted an early morning service
Hie Episcopal church at Seneca, t
being followed by a union service
11 o'clock in (ho Seneca Presbyter
church. At ."? o'clock in the a ft
noon he conducted services in
Walhalla Episcopal church, this
lng a confirmation service, tho un
service at St. John's Lutheran chu
being at S.BO in the evening. He i
jissisted in this service by Rev.
R. Aull, pastor of S't. John's, ;
Rev. Guy Frasier, rector ?d' the lt
Episcopal churches at Walhalla ;
Seneca, lt will be learned willi jib
ure that Bishop Finley hopes to
allie lo meet the congregations of
the Episcopal ( burches in the u|i
part of tlie Slate in the future
?cast twice every year. Since the i
lative division of the Diocese
South Carolina Bishop Wm. A. Ht
ry has charge of the Lower Dloc
and Mr. Finley, as Bishop Coal
ter. has charge of the t'pper Dioc
This arrangement will obtain II
ratification of the division is nindi
the General Council of the Bpi
pal church in the United States.wi
will convene in September, 1 !12li.
ter which ratification Rev. Mr. I
ley will have charge of the chun
as Rishop of the Upper South C
lina Diocese. The division has 1
necessitated by reason of the laen
in the work in tho Diocese. Bis
Querry, under conditions preval
In the Immediate past, having 1
unable to so arrange his work a
be able with certainly to visit
various churches once a year.
Subscribo for The Courier. (R
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C. W. Pitchford,
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Auto Tires and
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Whitmire-Marett Hardware Co,
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Native rubber gatherers in Congo
get fifty cents weekly and pay their
own expenses.
The vampire bat of Sou til America
ifves en I ii cly on thc blood of Other

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