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?M kil? it?i&A? wu.,*'. O*' i A Itu SO
Ha? Been Forever StlUed -. l>eAth
('ame, as He Wished, in Holy.
Naples, Italy, Aug. 2.-Enrico Ca
ruso died to-day. The groat sluger,
whoso ultimate recovery had hoon
hoped for under the benign Influence
of his own Italy, passed away at 'J
o'clock this morning at the Hotel
Vesuvius in this elly. Ho had been
brought hero hurriedly from Sorren
to, on tho Day of Naples, where, less
than u week ago, ho avowed his re
turning strength and expressed the
conviction that be would sing again
as in the old days.
Caruso had boon able to visit tho
famous sanctuary of Our Lady of
Pompeii, giving a thanks offering
for his recovery. Ile wont also lo tho
Island of Caper!, where ho attended
a luncheon 111 his honor. Hut soon
afterwards unfnyoralblo symptoms,
in the form of a high fever, mani
fested themselves, and his wife tele
graphed to a Koine specialist to come
to Sorrento, lt was then discovered
that a new Internal abscess had de
Caruso's removal to Home for ail
operation was advised, bill he show
ed Slicll weakness that it was impos
sible to transfer bim further than
Naples, where Ito arrived hy sea on
Sunday evening, Four eminent phy
sicians were called in consultation,
and their examination showed tho
presence of a subpllt'Onlc abscess ac
companied by severe peritonitis.
Planned for ( iperoi ion.
An operation, to bo performed tit
HOOD to day, was decided upon, hill
the patient's condition became sud
denly worse ai 1.30 III tho morning,
ami he tiled soon afterward. Prior
io this, heart stimulation was re
sorted lo hourly.
In order thal Caruso should nm
lire himself, attending physicians or
dered him not lo speak, so during his
last night he uttered no word. Of
tho mombors of lils family present
at tho death bod tho most pathetic
was his aged mother, who bad al
ways clung obstinately to her little
home, despite her son's efforts to ac
custom her to tho material comforts
of life. Pressing also at the bedside
were his wife, who was Dorothy Ben
jamin, daughter of Park Benjamin,
of New York; Caruso's little daugh
ter, Gloria, and his son, Rodolfo; his
brother, Giovanni, sovoral nephews
and the composers, Vlnconzo Bell
C77.n and Pnoli T.ongono.
For a ll ;i e lifter hia ai Ival in
Italy, '.'.nil .-.bowed I tn pt 'vonifliil,
his iiallvi nil having . honoOclal r
feet, ' Nevertheless, he conserved his
strength and for this reason was
obliged lo refuse a request to sing
?it II reception given by tho admiralty
to Crown Prince Hirohito, of Japan.
That his voice remained strong and
clear was evident when recently he
sang before lin- soprano Hidalgo and
the baritone Montcsanto, who ex
pressed their delight.
There was grave anxiety, however,
when Caruso, only a few days ago,
bogan to show sinus of depression.
The rising I om pera turo which had
characterized previous attacks re
curred, and steadily his condition
grew worso until Saturday, when ho
suffered from violent pains in tho
abdominal region. The medical con
sultation followed, and it was appa
rent that the patient was not only
suffering acute physical pain, hut
that his henri was weakening rapid
ly. Oxygen was administered and
other measures were taken lo pro
long Iiis vl'allly.
Caruso himself wanted to proceed
immediately to Home, bul ho was
dissuaded from this boca USO such a
journey, it was pointed out. might
provo fatal.
Body Will Host in Haly.
At his own roques I Caruso's body
will be embalmed, and Ibo funeral
Lift Off with Fingers
Doesn't hurt a hit! Drop a littlo
"Freozoi V on an aching corn, In
stantly hat corn stops hurting, then
shortly you lift it right off with
lingers. Truly!
Your druggist sells a tiny bottlo of
"Freestone" for a few cent.s. sufficient
to removo every hard corn, soft corn
or corn between tho toes, and tho
calluses, without soreness or irrita
1 ut] i ivomenl nf 1 I rsi
. w . i ........... .?raw > <.-n .< - . ' ."?...M
services will be beld to-morrow. It
is recalled thot when be lay gravely
stricken in New York he expressed
the wish that he might die in Italy,
and now all Italy is mourning that
this sud wish has come to pass.
Thousands Mouin Caruso.
Naples, Aug. 3.-All day tho body
of Enrico Caruso lay in the room
whore he died, for at tho last moment
it was decided that the burial should
not take place until to-morrow. By
special permission of King Victor
Kmmanuel servlcos will bo hold in
the Bascllica of tho Church of San
Francesco Do Paola, a famous odillco
resembling tho pantheon at Home
and consti noted by Ferdinand I tn
i s 17-:n.
After the cermony tho body will
bu taken to the cemetery and pMuced
in the family vault. The mayor and
prefect of Naples will speak In behalf
of the city and government, respect
ively, and lt ls probable that tho
American consul will deliver a brief
address in behalf of the American
government sind the city of New
York, which Caruso was pleased to
call his second home.
Naples in truth is a city of m..urn
ing, and from all parts ol' Italy have
como expressions of grief, many of
them ol' a lender nature, because of
late years Caruso had by the in istory
of bis arl and bis kindness of heart
found bis way into the warn? alice
lions ol' the people. Of the Ibo . ?ands
who pasr.ed his bier to-day there was
none whose personal grief svt aol
The body was (dad in ev ?ling
clothes, and over il was shed the mel
low light ol' four candles, I wo ;. I be
head and Iwo al Hie feel. A' Ibo
dead tenor's side were garlan!; ol'
rosos, arranged personally by Mrs.
Caruso. The master singer, who !> ul
for nearly .. iiuarler ol' a ee.ilury en
acted roles in which death was an
unseen player, apparently was cogni
zant of bis critical illness on Mon
day, .lust before he sank into the
coma which was the prelude lo the
end. he said to Iiis son Rodolfo:
"I fetd very ill. This time il will
be difficult to escape."
Fortune of Six Millions.
Caruso, according to estimates in
Ibo newspapers, left a fortune of
about 3 0,OOO,OOP lire. At the normal
value of the lire this would represent
the sum of about $0,000,000.
Catarrh \? local die-? i , gi . \)
. iniiucucoti t?v ? nstitul i' ; \.\ eon
; Htiooa. HAL; CATARRH
1 M ClV?Gl NE is a Tonil und Blood
Purifier, i>v cleansing the blood ami
lutilding up the System, HALAVS
normal conditions and allows Na
ture to do its work.
All Druggists. Circulars free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Protest* Killing Bald Fugles.
New York, Aug. ".. . Protest
against the wholesale slaughter in
Alaska of tho bald eagle, symbol of
American independence, was voiced
here recently by T. Hilbert Pearson,
president of the National Association
of Audubon Societies, ile said that
according lo the lasi authentic infor
mation he had from Alaska the ter
ritory had paid bounties on over 15,
00 0 eagles.
'When I first discovered this law."
said .Mr. Pearson. "I at once began :i
campaign lo try to get the bounty
law repealed on the grounds thal
such a sweeping provision should liol
be put into operation without seien
tille investigation.
"lt is now my contention that th?
killing of these birds should be stop
ped until tho eagle can have its da;
in court. The late Governor Riggs
however, I am informed, expressei
himself as feeling that the time hal
perhaps come when I he bounty migh
be taken oil" the eagle, bul so far a
I am aware, nothing bas yet beet
?'Some ol' (lie contentions are Ilia
the eagles kill song birds,' full
grown deer, and aro very dostructiVi
to lish. Tile good Lord certainly mad?
enough llsli so that the emblem o
our national Independence migh
have one occasionally."
Woman Mummy Found.
A dispatch from Copenhagen says
The mummified body of a woman win
died three thousand years ago wa
found recently buried in a field il
tho Jutland district of Denmark, am
is being unwrapped by employees o
tho National Museum.
Her coffin was the hollow trunk o
an oak tree and the body was wrap
lied in a owhide. She appears {<
havo been a person of rank. He
garments Included a short Jacko
with sleeves and a petticoat, and sh<
wore two belts around her waist am
two bronze bracelets on her arms.
Tho Shoshone and Arnpahoe In
(Hans in I S01 ceded to the Unite?
States government 1,000,000 acres o
land in Wyoming at emits an acre
TUB <X>TTON CROP Cftfttfjfr*'
Figures ?Ivon by Counties ?meo j
Condition Improved Slight}
Saluda, S. C., Aug. 6. - Sj! wilJ
'According to report of B. B.
agricultural statistician In Soutl ? .
ollna for the Division of Crop Wstl
matos, United States Departan of
Agriculture, tbe condition of <. toni
in the State on July 25 wn.< ? ir
cont of normal, against 77 p.?j ont
on the corresponding dato ul
year and 71 per cent on July ?Mil
1919, tho ten-year avorage bel
per cont.
A condition of 62 4>er cen' di
ce tes a total production of up
tnately 850,000 bales Howevei In ;
final outturn will bo larger oi rr . i
according as conditions hereat fi
bettor or worse than average ? di-j
lions. The total production i tho
State last year approximated 1
OOO bales, while in 1919 il w
4 2 2,000 bales, and 1,570,000 bi
19 18.
The condition for the United : s
on July 25 was 84.7 per cent ol
mal, as compared with 09.2 pei
on .lune 52. The forecast of lotti
duction al present is '{,203,Oe 1
against 13,?105,000 bales lasl jri
Condition shown hy Counti<
Following aro tho ligures b
Iles showing tho condition oi I
ton crop in the various sec il
South Carolina, and giving thc
partitive condition recorded
month earlier:
.1 uno 25. J,
Aiken .05
Allendale .59
Anderson.ii S
Ha rn well .59
Beaufort .50
Cherokee .70
Chester Hold.59
Colleton ...5 9
Dorchester. ?<
Edgefleld .li?
Fairfield. ?il
Gre^nwnrxl . .
'I mpton.
Ki i'SlldVy .. .;
Lancaster. 59
Laurens. 0i!
Lee. ?4
McCormick. 60
Marion .65 GO
Marlboro .72 60
Newberry .03 61
Oconeo.07 08
Orangeburg.01 58
Picken?. 07 6S
Richland. 68 56
Saluda. 65 61
Spartanburg.C8 00
Sumter.6 1 57
Union . 60 59
Williamsburg. 63 52
York.02 62
Hurons and Iroquois Smoke Pipe of
Peace, Emling 127-Year Feud.
Penetang, Ontario, Canada, Aug.
.I.-Friendliness existed to-day be
tween hereditary Indian foes-the
Hurons nnd Iroquois.whose chief
tains buried the hatchet yesterday
and smoked tho pipe of peace in tin
presence of a great multitude gath
ered on tho shores of Penetang Bay
for tho celebration of the coining of
the pioneer chaplain.
Tho ceremony ended a feud that
began 127 years ago, when the fury
of the' iroquois fighters vanquished
tho Huron from the land that is now
Ontario. Warfare raged among them
for more than two centuries, hut in
recent years they were but nominal
Returning to the domain whore
once lils ancestors ruled, the big
canoe of Chief Ovide Sioui, of tho
Hurons, slid upon the sands of Pen
etang Hay yesterday, and a moment
later Big Chief Andrew Staads, the
leader of tho .Mohawk tribe of the
six nations, stepped ashore, Tho
chieftains, In full regalia, with great
feathers In an arc above their
straight, black locks, met 111 thc sha
dow of a birch-bark tepee.
"Now we go kill moose together,"
said tho Huron to tho Iroquois when
tlw-y had puffed at thc* pipe of peace
and hurled tho war hatchet beneath
a huge boulder.
No Worms In a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worms have an un
healthy color, which Indicates poor blood, nnd as a
rule, thero ls moro or 1 ess stomach disturbance.
larly for two or thrco weeks will enrich tho blood,
Improve thc digestion, mid net ns n general St rcngth
enlng Tonic to thc whole system. Nature will then
throw off or dispel thc worms, and the Child will bo
tn perfect health. Pleasant to take. COc per bottle.
Greatest sport you know
to pull out your makin's
papers and some Prince
Albert and roll up a ciga
rette ! That's because P. A.
is sc delightfully good and
refreshing in a cigarette
just like it is in a jimmy
pipe! You never seem to
get your fill - P. A.'s so
joy'usly friendly and
Prince Albert will be a
revelation to your taste! No
other tobacco at any price is
in its class! And, it rolls up
Come on along !
Fill up your makin's
papers with P. A*
easily because it's crimp cut
and it stays put.
It's the best bet you ever
laid that you'll like Prince
Albert better than any ciga
rette you ever rolled !
And listen! If you have
a jimmy pipe hankering-?
by all means know what
Prince Albert can do for
you! It's a revelation in a
pipe as v/ell as in a ciga
rette! P. A. can't bite or
parch. Both are cut out
by our exclusive patented
Prince Albert Im
sold in toppy red
bags, tidy red tins,
handsome pound
and halt pound tin
humidors and in the
pound crystal glass
humidor wit h
eponge moistener
the national joy smoke
Copyright 1021
by H. J. Reynolds
Tobacco Co.
Wlua ton-Suie rn,
Kxt msivo Preparations Hoing Made
l* roi i ni ia ii ry to IMg Kvent.
Charlotte, N. C., Aug. S.-Special?
131 of the "Made-ln-Carollnas" Ex
position has been definitely thrown
the full strength of three of the lend
irgonizntlnns of North Carolina
.lion ?alton within ibu past few j
according Co ti mouncomont '<?> :
rom thc executive offices here of I
? ese organizations are tho .North
lina Press Association, tho North
olina Association of Commercial
.secretaries and the Woman's Club of
Charlotte, with a membership of COO.
Unanimity characterized tho action
of each body, the statement added.
The Charlotte Woman's Club voted
to undertake thc task of organizing
ti great exhibit, which will show the
part the women of the Carolinas
have taken in promoting the indus
tries. The club took an option on at
least 1,000 square feet of exhibit
space, which is an area as large or
larger than any other exhibit, Mrs.
C. C. Hook, the retiring president of
the North Carolina Federation of
Women's Clubs, was appointed by
Mrs. Eugene Heilley, president of
the local club, as executive in charge
of assembling this exhibit, in which
all of tho numerous women's bodies
of the two States will be cordially
urged to co-operate, to the end that
no opportunity will be overlooked,
and win for the women tho full
honor duo the part of groat import
ance they have taken in the develop
ment of the industries of the Caro
Such an exhibit will bc of histori
cal as well as educational and artis
tic interest, Mrs. Hook pointed out,
because of the wide variety of pro
ducts for which in former days the
women assumed full responsibility.
Tho present-day woman gives pari of
her time to the manufacture of a
great range of ai tides of beauty and
utility, including the products of the
canning and similar clubs, all of
which will help make up an exhibit
that should prove one of the most
al tractive to bo seen at the expo
sition. Such articles as the old-fash
ioned homespun cloth and the pro
cesses of and equipment for manufac
ture attract those days the keon in
terest of those whose knowledge of
them consist? of what they have
heard their elders say regarding tho
things of Civil War days.
Secretary Patton, when announc
ing tho decision of the Woman's
Club, declared he regarded the de
velopment of such an exhibit as ono
of the most important phases of the
work yet to be accomplished in pro
moting tho exposition. "The carrying
ont of the plans of the Woman's
Club, with tho assistance of all wo
men's bodies in tho two Carolinas,
will complote the exposition, for
every phase of the Carolinas1 indus
try will bo represented," said Mr. Pat
lon. "Few people probably fully re-'
alize the economic value of the work
women are doing and have done, as]
will be shown in this exhibit, and no
better means can be devised ?or ei
fectively carrying that knowledge to
all the people of the two Carolinas,"
he added.
Mrs, Hook ha? developed tentative
t Ians foi her work, und she will jin
itodlatuiy wrfto Iho htrgor number o?
hoi acquaintances win ari officers o?
. Oinon'? ..: ;::! n'..::i ' inns. i\:>eh body
will be urged to overlook nothing In
endeavor to win full share of credit
this exhibit will bring to the mothers
and wives and sisters of the two Car
olinas. "1 wish it said that 1 shall
be so glad to have all women inter
ested in this proposed exhibit to
write me, for wo must lose no chanco
10 make the exhibit absolutely 100
per cent complete," said .Mrs. Hook.
Secretary Patton also made pu bli';
a telegram from Louis T. Moore, sec
retary of the Wilmington chamber
of commerce, which said:
"It was my pleasure to introduce
11 resolution ?a the annual convention
Df the Association of Commercial Sec
retaries of this State, endorsing tho
Made-in-Carolinas Exposition and
recommending that trade bodies in
the different cities subscribe for
space. Same was unanimously adop
The Wilmington Chamber of Com
merce has been very active in direct
ing the attention of Wilmington man
ufacturers to the Importance of tho
exposition and tho value it will prove
in fostering the "trade at home"
Idea. In this connection Secretary
Patton pointed out that tho assist
ance given uniformly and unstint
edly by tho chambers of commerce!
in both States has largely made it
possible for the exposition director
ate to carry out its plans with such
great success so far, and with such
smoothness and rapidity.
Calomel is quicksilver. It attacks
tho bones and paralyzes the liver
Your dealer Jmlls each bottle of
pleasant, harmless "Dodson's Liver
Tone" under an Ironclad, money
back guarantee that it will regulato
the liver, stomach and bowels bettor
than calomel, without sickening or
salivating you -15 million bottles
"Walking the Chalk."
This expression originated on ship
board. When sailors returned from'
shorn leave lt frequently happened
that '.hey had Indulged so deeply In
alcoholic stimulants ns to bo useless
for the work of navigation; so it was
the custom of skippers to mark two
parallel lines on the deck with chalk,
and forco the sailors to walk between
them. If a man could "walk tho
chalk" without overstepping he was
adjudged to bo sober.
To Cure Blindness- Demonstration
in Ww York Soon.
A recent dispatch sent out from
Xew York says:
A serum which Dr. Erasmus Ar
lington. Pond, a Rrooklvn oyo special
ist, claims hns cured niuo canes of
bli nd lies'? caused by ?trophy, will de
demonstrated here soou before the
Academy of Medicine ?md the AUK ri
can Medical Association, according
to report given out.
Dr. Pond, who discovered the se
rum, said the method ol' turo ls <o
inject the fluid, which nourishes the
optic nerve. Blindness caused by ac
cident, he mid, could not be cured
by the serum, nor would it bo-suc
cessful unless there was a slight vis
ion left to the patient. The physician
said that as soon as ho ?tad demon
strated his discovery before the med
ical profession he would make public
the formula that it might "be used
drove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, see how
it brings color to the checks and how
it improves the appetite, you will then
appreciate its true toaic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. The blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c.
Twelve Fingers and Twelve Toes.
Chicago, Aug. ."> - in the event that
Joseph Wilkowskl, who has just
made his advent into this vale of
tears, should (hid difficulty in ob
taining employment when lie grows
up, there will always he tho muse
ums, for he has a total of twelve
fingers and twelve toes.
Tho physician who ollie in ted at Jo
seph's birth says all the lingers and
loos aro perfectly formed, not mero
stubs, as freak members usually are.
The baby is normal in every other
way. Ho weighed eight and one-half
pounds at birth.
(UH\ has more imitations than any
other Fever Tonic on the market'->
but. no one want? Imitations.-adv.
To Anderson for Operation.
(Farm and Factory, 4th.)
It. U. Hayos, of tho Shiloh section,
wns taken to the Anderson County
Hospital Monday for an operation.
Mr. Hayes was taken suddenly 111 on
Monday, and after examination his
physician advised an operation,which
he underwent successfully on Monday
afternoon. Reports from tho hospital
to-day aro thal Mr. Hayes ls resting
well, and lt ls expected that ho will
be able to be removed to his homo

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