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(IO H tn bil s hod 1840.)
Published livery Wednesday Morning
Ono Yeer .$1.00
Six Mont Iis.88
Th reo Months.80
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Hy Stock, Sholor, Hughs & Sliolor.
Communications or u porsonal
character charged for as advertise
Obittiary notices, cards of thanks
and I ri hu los of respect, either by
individuals, lodges or churchos, are
charged for as for advertisements at
rate of ono cont a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notions will bo marked "Adv." in
conformity with Federal ruling on
such ma Hors.
WEDNESDAY, A IK j. 10, 1821.
I The Story of
I Our States
KIA, the
oldest town In
Illinois, ls on
thc site of un
Indian village
and lt Wits
li c r e I b a l
j Fallier Marquette, sfier Ids llrst
* discos cry ol" Hie Illinois river.
I established a Jesuit mission in
f HMO. Knur years later Lu Salle,
i the French explorer, passed
f through the (?feat Lakes, landed
! at the Chicago river and pushed
7 on to th?' Illinois river, which he
i named after the Indian tribes
* living in that region. Here he
. built a fort and sent his boat
j back to Moni real for further sup
plies. When his vessel did not
I return he started home on, foot
. and succeeded in Unding his way
I to Montreal through a thousand
j miles of (angled wilderness. He
* gal bored together another expe
? dillon and returned to the fort,
I which he had left lu charge of
f his companion Tonty. The fort
I he found in ruins, but tinnily sue
? reeded in locating and rescuing
j Tonty, who had been driven out
j by the Iroquois Indians.
I This rlverwny to the Mlssisslp
I pl became one of thc leading
* avenues of communication he
? tween the French In the North
f and Louisiana. Froneh settlers
J soon located hero and estab
f llshed the most friendly rela
id tiona with the Indians. In fact,
f though the Illinois country was
I coded by Frunce to England In
j 17G3, the sentiment of the Indi
. ans and French together was so
j hostile that lt was soveral years
i before tho territory could be oe
t cupled.
. Luring the Revolution it was
T George Rogers Clark and his ex
Ipedltlon Into the territory north
of tho Ohio which captured Kas
" knskia and drove the English
J from tills province. Various
j states claimed rights to parts of
It,, territory, but these were
finally ceded to the federal gov
ernment and In 1787 lt was
4 formed Into the Northwest Ter
f rltory. This tract extended from
4 Pennsylvania to the Mississippi
i and was eventually divided Into
! Ohio, Indiana. Illinois and Mlchl
I gan.
In 1818 Illinois was admitted
J as tho twenty-first state with an
aroa of ftU.OGo square miles. The
state ls one of the most level in
the country and ls often called
tho Prairie State. Politically
Illinois ls the most Important
state In the Union next to New
? York and Pennsylvania as lt bas
i twenty-nine electoral votes for
(?by MoClurn NawBpapor SymUcato.)
J>r. J. r. William.-., of Spartaiiburg,
iii Serious Trouble,
Spnrtanburg, AUK. JL- Or. J. F.
Williams, a prominent physician nf
the Roebuck section, was to-day
bound over by [luitod Stales Cominis
sioiier li h. Sanders for violation
of the Manu while slave act. Loud
was Uexd .H ?'i.OOO, and lb.- bond
was signed by hr. .1. h. Jeff or les, Dr.
. '. o. Black. Kr. \v. O. Leonard, .lohn
li. Lancaster, I. F. Seay and .1. S,
Hayes, A preliminary hearing wm
hold before ?lie commissioner, it no!
hoing agreeable to Hie court for Dr
Williams to waive the preliminary
as be desired to do.
The allegation is that the defend
ant furnished thc money for a yoting
woman, tho wife of a prominent turin
in the county, and the mother of twe
children, to go to Asheville, where
they lived as man and wife. Matt)
witnesses were put on the stand and
much testimony was brought out.
Dr. Williams was al one timo ;i
candidate for the State Senate, run
ning against H. IL Carlisle
\t <.'.'. e? n ville-Two Aro Captured
Third Delivery Attempt Recently?
Greenville, Aug. 3.-Eight negro,
prisoners escaped from tho Green
ville county Jail this morning, and
up to a late hour to-night only two
>f them, Sam Owens, charged with
housebreaking and larceny, and ono
other, had been captured.
A delivery of greater proportions
was chocked by Jailor Christopher
whoa bo hold nine other negro pris
oners, who would have escaped, at
bay at tho point of his pistol.
While ho sat reading the morning
paper in tho jail oiflco, Jailor Chris
topher learned of tho delivery In pro
gress when a pedestrian passing the
Jail ran into tho office, shouting,
"Your negroes are getting away."
Tho Jailor grabbed his pistol and
rushed upstairs in time to cut off the
nine negroes from the doorway.
A little piece of wood placed be
tween ntl ailse door of tho negro
ward and the ?loor Jamb by Yancey
Young, the negro who attacked one
Of his keepers in the attempted
wholesale il ol iv? ry less than ten days
ago. was responsible for tho escape
of thc eight this morning. While
Keeper Ernest liaison was distribut
ing pills to the prisoners last night,
Young, who was in ono o? the cells
closest io the aisle door, il is lil
le sod, lipped tho little piece of wood
hetwei II the dour and Hie jamb while
ibo keeper's back was tinned.
Third Attempt Kemi!ly.
As the keeper loft he closed the
aislo ?loor, sheol; lt, and Ihouglil that
ii was locked. Karly this morning hu
wont upstairs as usual, unlocked tho
cell doors with Ibo lever in the lock
box, which is outside of the ward,
never dreaming thal the aisle door
was liol locked, and went downstairs.
Their roll doors unlocked, ii was an
easy ma Mer for I he negroes to push
open tho aisle door nnd gain the
st reel. Klght of I hem had passed
I through thc door and to the outside
of the jail, and niuo others were on
! their way, when Jailer Christopher
stopped tho prisoners.
! A vigorous search for the negroes,
? participated in by county officers and
ja posse of citizens, has been in pro
gress all day. Son Owens was cap
It tired about ll o'clock this morning
near the city. Another one of tba
negroes, who was not identified, was
soon later in the day, and was fired
al three times by one of the keep
ers at the Jail. Ono of tho prisoners
who escaped, Louis Stribling, was
charged with murder. The others
wore Broadus Williams, charged with
burglary; Yancey Young, charged
with housebreaking and larceny;
Priest Henderson, charged with for
gery; Havana Roberson, charged
with car breaking and larceny; Goo.
Williams, charged with housebreak
ing and larceny; Son Owens, charged
with housebreaking and larceny, and
Joe Collins, charged with house
breaking and larceny.
This is the third attempt at es
cape made by prisoners In the Green
ville jail within the last ten days.
An organized attempt on the part of
twenty negroes at a wholesale deliv
ery, and an offoit by Mrs. A. H. Alli
son, alleged "dope peddler," to drill
a hole in tho jail wall, was made re
cently. Roth attempts were frus
Name "Bayer" on Genuine
Take Aspirin only as told in each
package of genuine Hayer Tablets of
Aspirin. Then you will he following
t li o directions and dosage worked out
hy physicians during 21 years, and
proved safe hy millions. Take no
chances with substitutes. If you soe
'.li> hayer Cross on tablets, you can
take thom without fear for colds,
. lie.ulfiche, neuralgia, rheumatism,
earache, toothache, lumbago and for
pain. Handy tin boxes of twelve tab
lets cost few cents. Druggists also
sell lariier packages. Aspirin is tho
tiwi o m irk of Hayer Manufacture of
Monoacol iencidostor of Salicylicacid.
- adv.
The Absenl-Minded Bishop.
i London Morning Host.)
Many amusing stories are lol 1 of
, the absent-mindedness of i certain
prelate whose see ls on tho road to
Lyonooso, h'or example, bo was tra
; voling on a branch line in Devonshire
i and when the train stopped ?it a
i place where t.ckels are inspected bc
I searched his pockets in vain. "It
> does not maller in the least, my
[ lord," said the railway official.
"It matters a great deal," was thc
i bishop's reply, "for how can I toll
. whore I am going to if I cannot find
my tickot?"
Tho Plant ls Steamed und the Leave*
Hulled for Hours.
(Detroit News) ,
The tea plant belongs to the same
family of evergreens as the camelia,
and has small whlto flowers, slightly
fragrant. As a rulo tho seeds are
planted oft terrace on gent?o hill
slopes, but level ground may also ho
used provided lt is kept drained. The
shrub is not allowed to attain a
height of moro than throe or four
lt is ready for picking In its third
year, but it is at its best from the
fifth to the tenth year. Tho first pick
ing takos place at the ond of April
and lasts three or four weeks. There
is a second picking in Juno or .inly.
This work ls generally done by girls.
As soon as possible after being
picked the loaves are placod on a
round tray with a brass wire bottom,
ovor boiling water. This process of
steaming, which is completed in half
a minute, brings tho natural oil to ;
the surface. The next and principal
operation ts thc firing, which is done
(?n a wooden frame, with thick Jap
anese paper stretched across it. char
coal well covered with ashes being
thu fuel employed.
This til'St firing is done at a tem
perature of about 120 degrees Fah
renheit. Meanwhile the leaf is ma
nipulated for hours hy men who roll
it into balls with the palms of their
hands. The dual result is obtained
when each leaf becomes sopera I ely
twisted and changes its color lo a
dark (dive green. Two more tirings
al a lower temperature follow, after
which tho leaf is allowed to dry until
it becomes tillite brittle. Winn ibis
process is complete the tea is kept
strictly dry, as moisture destroys its
aroma. Tea so made is the genuine
Japan tea, or what is commonly
known in America .is "groen tea."
On Long Journey to Attend Ecumen
ical Conference.
Columbia, Aug. .">.-Dr. Mark L.
Carlisle, pastor of the Washington
: Street Methodist church, will leave
' next Monday to attend the Methodist
Ecumenical Conference in London, to
which he has been appointed as one
i of the delegates representing the
.Methodist Episcopal Church, South.
? The conference does not ?onveno
until Sept. 6th, but Dr. Carlisle will
j take a trip on the continent oj Eu
rope for a few weeks bof?Vo "that
! date. He expects to sall from New
York on Aug. 14th on the S. S. Can
ada, of the Fahre line. We will travel
. in Italy, Switzerland, France? Bc!
' ginni and England, returning home
. about Oct. 1st.
Tho Washington Street congrega
J Hon assumed tho expense of this trip
! for Dr Carlisle, both as a mark of
? their regard for him and as indicat
ing their sense of tho honor done him
and them by his appointment as a
delegate to the Ecumenical Confer
' once.
This body convenes every ten
! years and is composed of represen
tatives of all the Methodist ?md Wes
? leyan connections in the world.
Dr. Carlisle was at one time pastor
of tho Methodist church in Walhalla.
12-Year-Old Hoy Killed by Toy.
New York, Aug. ."?.-Twelve-year
old Frank Cafaro. of Brooklyn, is
dead and his two brothers arc seri
ously Injured from the explosion of
a bomb they found yesterday on the
Federal quarantine, grounds on Sta
ten Island and carried home. This
morning one of them banged a ham
? mer against the new toy. Prank was
blown to pieces; .lohn, I :> years of
age, suffered an injury to his arm,
and Joseph, only !t years of age, was
slightly wounded.
How the bomb came ?o ?ie on gov
ernment property has no) been de
I i ermined.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
i scops the Coufth end Headache nnd worko off the
j Cold. E. W. GROVL S si?nnturii on each box. 30c
1 Notes from Walhalla I tonto 2.
Walhall.., Route 2, Aug :{.-Sp?
cial: Mrs, nessie Powell and son,
Ralph Powell, of Allanta, are visit
ing relatives and friends in and near
The family reunion al the home nf
M. C. Mo.gan. of Old Plckens, was
greatly enjoyed by a large number
of relatives and friends on tita 26th
of July.
Crops in this community aro look
ing flue.
Mrs. J. IV Vollrath, who has been
on tho sick list for quito a while, Is
some better, and her many friends
hope to seo hor well and able to en
joy good health soon.
i London Tower is only ono out of
I many In a Roman fortress that ex
[ tended over th ir toon acres and was
erected In Roman times
Of Oonoo Will bo Held nt Richland
School House, Friday, Aug. 12.
There will be a reunion of tho
old soldiers of Oconeo county at the
Richland school house on Friday of
next week, Aug. 12th, 1921.
Comrades from adjoining counties
and young veterans of tho World
War will be wolcome.
The public especially invited to at
tend with woll-fllled baskets.
Let's have a good old-tlmo picnic
and hand-shaking day.
A. H. Ellison,
W. T. McGill,
.T. W. Todd.
S. K. Dendy.
I. D. Flncannon.
Will Do Held in Walhalla on Monday
and Tuesday, Aug. 15-1?.
Tho 19th reunion of Orr's Regi
ment will be hold in Walhalla Aug.
15th and i6th, 1921. All veterans
aro invited to meet with us. There
will be some good speaking on tho
tilth, and tho public is cordially in
vitel to como and hear them.
W. T. McGill, Pres.
li. F. Johnson, Secretary.
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicine which stops the cough by
healing tho intlamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed willi every bottle of
should be rubbed on tho chest and thront
of childt on suffering from a Cold or Croup.
Tho hcallnrt effect of Hoyes' Healing Honey in
side tlie throat combined with the healing effect of
Grove's O-I'en-Tratc Salve through tho poreo of
thc skin soon stops a cough.
Both remedies are packed In one carton und thc
cost of tho comhiued treatment is 35c.
Just ask your druggist for HAYES' ,
Hoard of Trustees Elected Columbian
Last, Wednesday.
Gnstonia, N. C., /Mig. ;i.-At al
meeting of the board of trasloes of
Erskine College, held herc to-day,
Rev. II. C. Grier, pastor of tho As
sociate Rotor ni e d Presbyterian
church in Columbia, S. C., was elect
ed president of Erskine College, Due
West, S. C. Mr. Grier was elected on
the Hist ballot. Previous to the cast
ing of any ballot the agreement had
been reached that there should be,
no election without a two-thirds ma- I
jorlty vote. Mr. Grier received more j
than this majority on the first bal
Mr. Grier is a son of Prof. Paul
Livingston Grier, of Due West, long
the head of tho mathematics depart
ment, of Erskine College. 'He ls a
graduate of Ersklno College in tho !
class of 1910 and of tho Ersklno j
Theological Seminary. Ho has also j
just completed a post-graduate year j
of work in theology at Princeton 1
Theological Seminary, together with
his brother, Rev. W. L. Grier, pastor j
of the Clover and Browders' Crook
Mr. Grier was a star athlete In his ?
college days, as was also his brother. |
They were famous for their powers
on the baseball diamond and tho ten
nis court Tho two playing tennis to
gether won tho college championship
of South Carolina. The baseball team
on which they played was also a poll
uant winner
Before going to Columbia Rev. Mr.!
Grier was pastor of tho Associate.Ito- J
formed Presbyterian church in Lou
isville. Ky., for several years. He
is generally recognized as being ono
of the most brilliant young men In
thc synod of the Associate Reformed
Presbyterian church. Much success
has como to him in tho pastorates
he has served, lt is worthy of note
that a grandfather and an undo wore
presidents of Erskine College.
OOO quickly relieves Constipation,
Biliousness, Loss of Appelle and
Headaches tine to Torpid Liver.--adv
Greenville Farmer Mysteriously Slain
Greenville. Aug. I. ?Nod Metcalf
a farmer living near River Falls. 22
miles north of hero,Was mysteriously
?slain last night at 0.45 o'clock, ac
cording to information brought hero
lo tho sheriff's office to-day hy Mag
istrate. Harvey j, Cleveland, n . .s
called out of his home and shot by
: unknown parlies, tho shot entering
tho hoad and side, and from the ef
fects of which he died almost instant
ly. His wife and live children wore
in the house, but they said they did
not know who killed him. No clues
woro reported left.
Piles Cured In 6 to 14 Days
Druggists refund money If PAZO OINTMENT fells
to cure Itching, Dlind. Bleeding or Protruding Pdes.
Instantly relieves Itching Piles, nnd you cnn get
restful sleep after tho first uoollcatlon. Price &0c
Crocodiles are like ostriches in
that thoy swallow gravel to aid in
digesting their food.
A count of vosscls in the port of
New York on Oct. 1 last showed that
I thero were 508 docked thoro.
Garden Plot Should Be Kept Busy
by Successive Planting? of ?
Different Vegetables.
Maximum Production Can Only Bo
Obtained by Careful Study and
Striot Attention to Various
Little Details.
(Prepared by the United State? Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
Southern gardens begin to look
seedy about June IO, gardens lu the
Middle states section are in the height
of their glory, and the New longland
gardens are just getting well Blurted.
It seems to be a foregone conclusion
on the purt of most persons through
out thc Southern states that southern
gardens eau be grown only In the
spring and In the fall, with a few
chance hardy crops during the winter.
The farmer of the middle section
plants his spring garden, then gets
busy with fa nu crops, and very little
further attention is given the gardon,
unless thc work ls done by the wom
en. In the New longland states and purls
of the Northwest where the grow
ing season ls quite short only one crop
of nuts! vegetables can be grown. In
the middle section, however, two
crops can often be grown on ibo same
land, and, more important still, a con
tinuous supply of lieus, beans, sweet
corn, and a number ol' oilier vegeta
bles can bc had by making successive
Grow One Crop After Another.
The garden ls generally the richest
spot of ground on the farm, and for
that reason should he expected tn ;?ro
Comps. non Cropping Peas and Pota,
toes In the Home Carden
duce more than any other similar area.
To get maximum production, however,
lt ls necessary to keep the land busy
all the time. This can be done two
ways ; first by companion cropping,
and, second, by following one crop
with another or successive planting.
There are a number of crops that
lend themselves to companion crop
ping. For example, where onion sets
are planted In rows, say 18 Inches be
tween the rows, a row of radishes,
spinach, or lettuce can be drilled be
tween the rows of onions and he off
the ground before the onions need the
space. Spinach, radishes, early beets,
or turnips can be planted between car
rot?, parsnips, and salsify. A crop of
I snap beans can frequently be grown
between the rows of tomatoes. Radish
seeds may often be planted alongside
a row of peas, the radishes being
pulled and out of the way bofore the
j pens begin to climb the trellis or
brush provided for their support or
j to spread over the ground. A little
I later In the season sweet corn or late
cabboge can be planted between the
i rows of early Irish potatoes and ranko
! considerable of a start before the
Irish potatoes are dug.
i , In the middle section, early peas
! may be followed by lote cabbage, late
1 potatoes, late snap beans, beets, or
I turnips. Karly Irish potatoes may be
! followed by turnips, late snap beans,
: or by late sweet corn.
Plan Fall Gardens.
! Fall gardens should In no case be
? overlooked, espeelnlly from the Middle
; states southward. Plantings of prac?
. tica I ly all the early spring vegetables
may be made from July to September,
j according to locality, and be brought
I to maturity before early autumn
frosts. By proper attention to the gar
j den, fresh vegetables may be had
through a porlod of about 10 months
of the year in the extreme south and
for about 7 months In the middle sec
tion. The season for the New lang
land and northwestern sections la
necessarily much more limited, bul
even here the clHoloney of a garden
j eau be greatly increased by a careful
I study and attention to the limiter ol
' companion cropping and successive
plantings of certain vegetables.
Good Plan to Fo ow Is to Feed Very
Light Grain at Start-Give
Poults Milk.
Turkeys on most farms are over
fed. Tho best plan to follow ls to
feed vory light grain at the start and
give all the milk that the young poults
can drink. Experienced turkey rais
ers top as that the abundant use of
milk Is the bent method of feeding
* Why !
Cardui "Did
Wonders for Me,"
Declares This Lady,
"I suffered for a long
time with womanly weak
ness," says Mrs. J. R
Simpson, of 5? Spruce
St., Asheville, N. C. "I
finally got to the place
where It was an effort for
me to go. I would have
bearing-down pains in
my side and back - es
pecially severe across my
back, and down In my
side there was a great
deal ot soreness. I was
nervous and easily tip
The Woman's Tonic
"1 heard o! Cardui and
decided to usc it," con
tinues Mrs. Simpson. "I
saw shortly it was bene
fiting me, so 1 kept it up
and it did wonders for
me. And since then I
have been glad to praise
Cardui. lt is the best
woman's tonic made/'
Weak women need a
tonic. Thousands and
thousands, like Mrs.
Simpson, have found
Cardui of benefit to'them.
Try Cardui for your trou
Have Moved My
Meat Market
Thc Profession that
specializes in
And the Fitting Glasses
when needed.
"Goto an Optometrist"
J. ll ?itu
I a.
Polar explorers have demonstrated
I hut fresh fruits, vcgotiihloH and acids
aro not necessary t?> human life.
Build Up Your Blood
When you are listless and have the
don't cares, it is beoause you lack
some quality that would fill you
with vim and drive. Nine times out
of ten the sole cause is found to be
impoverished, weak blood. You
w?l find as thousands of others
have found in the past 60 years,
that S. S. S. is the recognized
standard blood building tonio.
Par Special Booklet or for indi'
v?dualadvioe, withoutchargu,
irrito Chief Medical Advisor,
S.S.S. Co., Dep't 438, Atlanta, Qa.
Oet S. S. S. at your drugfiet.
Sx .?S? ?Ex.
For Rich, Red Blood

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