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By Steck, Shclur HugliM & Shclor.
:? v.
Can Meats.
J-lb. Can Government Roast Beef, . ? ? 15c
2-lb. Can Government Roast Beef, . . ? 25c.
J-lb. Can Government Hash, ? ? . ? 20c.
Corn Beef, not cans, ....... 20c.
I-lb. Can Best Pink Salmon, 2 for . . . 25c.
No. 3 Tomatoes,.' . 15c.
No. 2 Tomatoes,
Potted Ham, 5c; 6 for ...... ? 25c.
J-lb. Best Columbia Red Salmon, ? . ? 35c.
1-2 lb. Best Pink Salmon, 10c; 3 for . . 2?c.
C. W. & J. E. Bauknight,
Annual Report of Farmers'1 Mutual
Fire Insurance Association of
Oconee for Year Eliding
June 30, 19?21.
Balance on hand June 30th, 1920. ;.% 037.75
v Received from Other Sources...'. 115.01
Prfid Losses.$ 9,513.44
^Adjusting Losses. 159.0;")
Salaries. 1,950.00
Postage .and Printing. 101.15
?Agent. Insurance Fees, etc. 140.90
Miscellaneous Expenses. 158.11
Total. ? 1 2,022. tif>
(Balance on hand June 30, 1921 .$ 2,314.4$
Amount Insurance June 30, 1020 .$1,644,681.00
New Policies Issued During Year. 254,907.00
Cancelled During Year. 83,320.00
Insurance In Force June 30, 192 1 .$1,Si 0,208 . 00
(Uncollected Assessments .$1,052.05
LOSSES PAID FROM JUNE 30th, 11)20, to
JULY 1st, 1021.
Losses hy Eire:
Mrs. J. M. Sanders.
R. L. Patterson .
E. IL Murphroe .
J. H. Von Lehe.
W. S. Ranon .
. . $ 20.00
7 0.00
W. M. Woolbright. 1,200.00
Mrs. Sallie Reeder.
200 . 00
J. T. Bryant., . . . i.ooo.oo
Mrs. J. S. Stribling. 3 . :>(i
W. B. Sanford. 1,200.60
W. O. White . 200.00
Mrs. D. M. Rlmrodt. loo.00
J. VV. Reeves. 4 00.00
J. L. Addis . 75.00
A. A. Stewart . 10.00
C. E. Gumbrell . 100.00
S. P. Sanders . 20.0')
H. A. Wood. 500 . 00
C. C. Maxoy . 000.00
Ivan Edwards . 252.00
J. S. Abbott . 150.00
To'.al .$7,505 . 50
Losses by Wind:
J. K. Fredericks.$
S. J. Reese .
C. C. Miller.
A. c. Shanklin .
F. ii. Blakeley .
J. s. Qlymph .
W. F. Casey .
S. L. Drown.
J. P. Myers.
B. A. Xix.
J. I). Moore.
S. D. Addis .
L. D. Hunt.
H. L. Vernor .
J. L. Sheldon .
Mrs. A. T. Langford.
11. O. Owens.
j. I?. Freeman .
Mrs. W. E. Julian.
Mrs. Harper .
R. L. Patterson .
3 .00
20. 00
18 . 07
1 . pO
203 . (?1
34 .00
2.?5 . 00
5 . 00
22 3 . IC.
25 .
5 .
16 ,
1 (10
7 0
0 0
4 0
Total .$ 1,999.94
Mrs. S. E. Drown .'.$8.00
J. D. I SH IC I-L*,
Double Springs Cemetery.
All who aro interested in the cem
etery at Double Springs are request
ed to send whatever contributions
they wish to make, for the purpose
of cleaning off the cemetery, to ono
of the committee named below:
J. T. Ly los,
W. H. Hunt,
R. L. Vissag-.
Oconee ('reek Graded School.
All patrons of the Oconee ('rook
Graded School who are interested in
tho adult school will please meet r>
the school building on Friday, Aug.
19th. at 3.30 o'clock, as wo want to
'organize our school for adults.
Oconee Creek 'Poachers.
Kissing the Pope's foot began
about 800 A. D.
Accident as Picnic Crowd Returns
Cunio Near Being Serious.
Seneca, Aug. 1(5.-Special: lien
.Houison, of Enoree, spout the lyut
week with G. W. Gigntlliat; Bon "tyas
very popular hore with his school
friends when his father was pastar
of the Methodist church. He was
cordially welcomed hack on his re
turn visit.
Will Vernor, of Atlanta, is spend
ing his summer vacation with his
mother, Mrs. L. W. Vernor, and fam
ily. He will probably remain here for
two weeks.
Mrs. Ruby and Jeannette Stephens,
of Toccon, returned homo to-day
(Wednesday), nflor a delightful visit
to Miss Gladys Vickory.
Miss Dorothy Shaw stopped over
for three days willi Miss Louise Den
dy as slio was returning from .Mon
treal, N. C. These young ladies wore
clove friends while at Winthrop Col
lege, and they will lie together again,
as they will teach in the city schools
of Dunn. Ts'. C., this winter. Miss
Dendy accompanied Miss Shaw as-far
as Greenville, where they spent Mon
day. From there tho latter returned
to her home In Sn nitor.
Mrs. J. W. Todd had her sister,
Mrs. Gordon, of Nashville, Tenn., as
her guest tho past week. Mrs. Gor
don spent some time at 'Blue Ridge,
N. C., before coming here.
Miss 'Nell Hines added a most'en
joyable affair to the social calendar
of the week Friday afternoon when
she entertained, as an attention to
her house guest, Miss Haynesworth,
Four tables were arranged for pro-n.
gressivc ~irds, which afforded a most
piensan, pastime, for an hour or
moro. .'. M. Lowery, Jr., waa1
awarded a box of candy, she having
sented with a lovely crystal basket.
Cards were laid aside while animated
conversation was enjoyed, while tho
hostess, assisted by her sisters,
Misses Nancy and May Hines, in serv
ing ice cream and cake, followed by
salted peanuts.
Miss Virginia Strlbling, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Strlbling, of
Anderson, is visiting her aunt, Mrs.
W. R. Doyle.
A pleasant occasion for the girls
and boys of the intermediate depart
ment of the 'Presbyterian Sunday
school was an afternoon picnic on
Thursday, given by Mrs. B. A. Low
ery, superintendent; Mrs. J. 1 Nor
ton, Miss Sue Gigntlliat and T. B.
Jones, teachers of this department.
The party went out to Ramsay's
Shoals, on Keowoe. and such a won
derfully fine time they had! A boun
tiful picnic lunch was served an 1
thoroughly enjoyed. There was noth
ing to mar tho pleasure of the day
until what came near being a seri
ous accident occurred. On their re
turn home, as they were turning a
corner in front of C. S. Strlbling's
residence, Miss Claire Heller was
thrown clear of tho truck on which
she was riding. With the exception
of a sprained wrist and several
hrulses tho young lady suffered no
further h.tnrios.
Seneca. S. C.,
Thursday. Aug. 18.
Every Mason Invited.
Bring a Basket Dinner,
Third degree conferred at
three P. M.
Bring Your Family.
A German firm is manufacturing
diamonds, said to be perfect dupli
cates of thc mineral diamonds.
Many Visitors in Community-Ami
fe.More to Follow."
Bouat/ Lund, Aug. l?.-Special:
Mr. a"n$ jWrs. 0. C. Skinner, of Au
gU8ta? <|??, arrived In the community
S?tiirdOj||and ure guests of Mr. ?md
Mrs. ?5?A. Perrltt, Mrs. Skinners
paroo tsy.' .
ThqM. Y. P. U. socia] was hold
SaturdftVe.vening fit the home of Mr.
and Mra.'?O. A. Lynch. The young
people^ Smgaged in various forms of
amusement and tho evening was one
of /enjoyment. Watermelons were
Misa^Lbulse Bendy and brother,
Clay* DOUdy, of Seneca, woro recent
guestSf&ti the home of Mr. and Mrs.
.1 asper ffrbyle.
Missffiracc Vernor, is spending sev
eral dafeiMylth friends at Kirksey.
Tom^Ahdorson, Mr. and Mrs. Pat
Thompson and little (laughter. Ann,
of Lihftrty Hill, and Mr. and Mrs.
Wells, 'pt Belton, are guests in the
home dfiMr. and Mrs. S. N. Hughs.
Mihfijfid Mr?. W. 'B. Jones, who
have bgeh visiting the latter's par
ents, M&jand Mrs. T. B. Wyley, left
Wednesday for a visit to relatives
in Canvpbbello before returning to
their home In Greenville.
J. B.fwmnklin and daughter, Miss
Mary Julia, of Anderson, are In the
Davis lid,Me to-day.
MiBStC?rrie Strlbling, of Atlanta,
has beeUfspending a fortnight, with
her sister, Mrs. J. N. McDonald.
MissH&r? Hubbard, of Columbia,
is spending a vacation with her par
ents, M^J?and Mrs. W. T. Hubbard.
Mr. h rid Mrs. M. A. Marett and
two eldldVen, of Douglasville, Ga,:
Rev. J.ilR'Dehdy, of Belmont, N. C.:
Mrs. Od?t Jordan, of Greonville; Mr.
and M?lptj??s C. Stribling, of Gaff
ication qf the Richland church.
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Burns, of Foun
tain Inn, are guests of Hon. and Mrs.
E. E. Vernor. Rd. Vernor, of Tusca
loosa, Ala., ls expected.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kirby, (.f
Newry, were recent guests of the lat
ter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. M.
Howard Davis has beet) suffering
from an eruption on his face and
Miss Marie Gaines, of Marietta,
Ga., was a late guest of Mrs. W. E.
Wool bright.
Messrs. Mason and Davis, of Clem
son, and 'Bruce Davis, of Walhalla,
visited Davis Sanders last week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Woolbrighl
attended the Cromer reunion at Dou
ble Springs, Anderson county, last
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Kennedy and
children, of Newry, spent a few day*
recently nt the home of Thos. Owen.-?
Following were the guests of Mis;
Cornelia Foster last week: Mrs. Ii
P. Mc Key and four sons, Foster. Hen
ry, Claude and Wilton, of Wilson
ville, Aln.; Mrs. J. W. Foster ant
daughter, Miss Ruth, of Manchester
Ala.; Mr. and Mts. B. I). Russell ant
little daughter, Katherine, of Spar
tanburg; J. S. Foster and two daugjl
tors. Misses Annie Clyde and Eliza
beth, and two sons. Thomas an;
Jack, of Columbia, and "still there'
moro to follow."
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hughs, o
Walhalla, were week-end guests o
tho former's parents, Mr. and M ra
W. II. Hughs.
Rd row Cromer made J? recent tri]
to Asheville. N. C.
Mrs. W. D. Wright returned Sat
imlay from Greenwood, where sin
had been visiting lier sister, Mrs. J
R. Wright.
F. L. Pickett, of Rockingham, N
C.; Mr. and Mrs, J. R. Wright, o
Greenwood, and Mrs. J. B. Picken
of Sandy Springs, were late guest
of relativos and friends in this com
mu ni ty.
The old solllors' reunion picnic a
Richland school house last Frida:
was largely attended. The speedie
were all fine. Dinner was abundant
comradeship delightful and the bal
game exciting. Twill all be Writ tot
up by another attendant.
Miss Minnie Godley returned ti
Columbia Sund?y, after spending ;
couple of weeks with Mrs. Jaspe
Quills wero first used for pens ll
The religion of Brahma Is about
thousand years older than Buddhist!'
have just announced the
on Samson Tractors of
duction of $425 on
The Tractors have bcei
are a great deal bett
practically half the price,
you cannot afford to dc
Organizer will Visit. Oconee, Organ
ising tho Various Schools.
Following is the itinerary for ihe
organization of n School Improve
ment Association in Oconee county,
by the School Community Organizer,
Miss Mattie E. Thomas, of Colum
bia, beginning Tuesday, Aug.. 16:
Bethlehem.10.30 a. m.
Russells.1 p. m.
Village Creek.4 p. m. '*
'Neville.9( a. ni.
'Belmont.1 p. m.
Mountain Grove ;?.... 4 p. m.
Shiloh . . ,.^ . . 9 a. m.
Reedy Fork ........ 4 p. m.
Molly Springs.10 a. m.
Toxaway.1 p. m.
Unity. lp. m.
Monday, Aug. 22d
Zion.0 a. m.
Oak (irove.lp. m.
(Mianga.3,30 p. m.
Tabor.10 a. m.
Retreat No. 1 . I p. m.
Return.it a. m.
Retreat No. 2 .1 p. m.
Oak way ,.1p.m.
Oconee Station.{) a. m.
Tamassee.lp. m.
Cheohee . . f.4p.m.
Fairfield.fl a. m.
Picket Post . 1 p. m.
Flat Shoals. 4 p. m.
Monday, Aug. 2flth
Clearmont.fla. m.
South Union .1 p. m.
Richland.4 p. m.
Tuesday -
Blue Ridge.fla. m.
Long Creek ,. 1 p. m.
Damascus.4 p. m,
I drust that the patrons of each
district will attend these meetings,
as work of this kind is badly needed.
Respectfully, L. C. Speeres,
Superintendent of Fdueation.
West Union, Aug. 10.-Special:
Miss lOdna Smith, after spending two
weeks very pleasantly at tho home
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. T.
Smith, here, returned to Anderson
Monday, and will lake up her work
again as stenographer with the Qal
Innt-'Belk Co.
Kev. and Mrs. W. M. Craig, of Pe
tersburg, Va., have been visiting their
mother, Mrs. Mamie Craig. They loft
Monday, accompanied by the former's
sister. Mrs. C. I). Wilson, for a visit
of a week in Ilendersonvllle and oth
er points In North Carolina, Miss
Kate Smith will be In chargo as as
sistant agent during Mrs. Wilson's
Mr. and Mrs. Ons Taylor and Mr.
and Mrs. Carman Chewning and fam
ily, of Tucker, Ca., wero visitors of
Mr. and Mrs. ?Rob Taylor recently.
who have not made tholr Annual He
turns will please attend to this as
soon as possible. It is not sufficient
to keep your accounts straight, but
they should be on record In the Pro
balo Court.
Judge of Probate, Oconee County.
I Aug. 17, 1021. 33*36
ractor Co.
ir 192 J and '22 prices
$665. This is a re
last spring's prices,
ti greatly improved and
er than last year, at
If you need a Tractor
:> without one at this
a, 5. C.
Exhibiting Views thal, Aro KfToctlvo
In Work for Dotier ii edi h.
Dr. L. A. Rifler, of Die Slat? De
partment of Henlth, will bo in the
county next week with bia free mov
ing pictures. The following is the
Itinerary for tho week:
Monday night.Fair 'Play*
Tuesday night.Onkway.
Wednesday night .Tabor.
Thursday night.Fairfield.
Friday .Ta masson.
These pictures, along wlUj, a home
d?monstration plcturp,
entertainment and Instri
Tho. public ls :inylt<
Jsh?Wa^^-^i?efc ..
County H?rne. Dein. Agent'.'""''
AK to tho High School in Walhalla.
Eleventh Onde I? Needed, *
Superintendent Marion K. Frost
was in town several days this week
arranging for the opening of tho fall
session of the Walhalla High School.
He has returned to Spartan burg, but.
expects to move his family to Wal
halla during Ibo next, week or lon
days, and will occupy tho Dukes cot
tage on (Miurch street.
School will open on tho fl rsl Mon
day in September, which will Ins tho
fi th day of the month. All pa ron is
arc urged to send their children in
on the brat day if possible, in order
that the work may be uniformly bo
lt is further hoped that wo can
have n large attendance in tho High
School from tho Kural Graded
Schools in our surrounding districts.
Wo intend, If attendance will justify
it, to put on the eleventh grado. This
is essential for two reasons: For
those desiring to go away to college
the work done in the eleventh grade
ls necessary before students will bo
allowed to enter. To stop short of lt
therefore, entails expense of going
to a preparatory school for work
that wo should do at homo.
The second reason ls that those
desiring to leach may do so when
they obtain a certificate from tho
eleventh grade and attend an author
ized summer school. This work enti
tles them to a State certificate, so
i for this class of students it is placing
a handicap on our school not to bavo
tho eleventh grade. So WO strongly
urge those who tool; the tenth grade
work hero last year to como hack
and take the eleventh grade this
year. While wo urge them, wo
cordially invite any others wv., will
to come in and join us. We must
have one hundred in the High School
next year to procure State aid. (
We aro also trying to arrange to
put in a commercial business course,
including shorthand, typewriting,
business forms, etc. Your. presonco
will help in that.
All students In the summer school
from outside the district will be re
quired to pay two dollars per month
tuition, payable nine dollars at- tho
beginning of each half af tho school
session, and all students In town and
outside will be required to pay tho
usual incidental fee of fifty cents
each nt the beginning of each half
of tho school session.
Further Information will bo pub
lished later.
Don't forget to-morrow (Thurs
day) night, 0.1 fi o'clock-the (/bam
ber of Commerce meeting at tho
American IjCgion Hall. Every busi
ness mnn of Walhalla is urged, to at
tend. Your ideas and energy uro
urgently needed for the future
growth of our town and county.

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