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(EsUbUshod 1840.)
Published Every Wednesday Morning
Ono Year .$1.0(J
Six Months .?fl
Tfiree Months.s.9il
Advertising Rutes Reasonable.
Ry Ste<:k, Shelor, ll uglis & Sliolor.
Communications or a personal
character charged for as advertise
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
and tributes of rospoct, ci thor by
Individuals, lodges or churches, aro
charged for OB for advertisements at
rule of ono cont a word. (lash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will ho marked "Adv." In
conformity with Federal ruling on
nucli matters.
i:i:i.li:t KI NDS DIVERTED.
We have taken the liberty of di
verting certain funds huid !>> m*,
contributed tu Ibo various rollet'
I I M ?e: for w h '' h wo wore aol in?it
I Pe ea pueit v of I?"'.' I receivers. 1 he ? .
contributions having boon made hy
?.it j ?en of Wa I halla .1 nd I leonoc iud
by Hie ch i hi ron ul ?evora 1 schools.
Wc were 110??lied anne limo ago not
hi solicit funds for certain reih ;
causes, and .it Ihal limo there worn
in our h.nid.-, considerable funds, lo
which was added Ibo su tu of -; !!|
iv\c> wee h s ugo. <>n receipt of Ibis
remittance wo wrote to hoadquarl.or.i
for Hiis state, and we reproduce tho
reply received, as follows:
i 'ol II tn Iii a. S. C., Aug. II. I 1.
Kditor Keowee Courier:
Replying to your letter of the Sill
1 write to say the Chinese relief fund
was abandoned because of unexpect
ed rains in China, which relieved
tho food shortage, and my impres
sion of the Near Fast relief fund is
Hint ii is amply provided for. The
distress in Central Ku rope, howevor,
continues to bo a real problem, and
if I had (he disposal of the funds to
which you refer 1 would send them
to the lOuropcan Relief Council, 12
Broadway, New York City, which is
Mr. lloovor's relief administration,
which fi od I ii g tho under-nourished !
children of Central R?rope
', mi rs 1 ru ly, Wm. elliott. j
Mi Flit tl i - I ho .. halrman of the
relief work in this Stato, and we are
willing to take his judgment as io
proper and beneficial disposal of Hie
funds left on our hands. Accordingly
we have forwarded check to the Ku
ropean Relief Council, New York
Oily. The chock was for $t?t?.t>2. and
this sum war. made from the cash
hold by us to the credit of the fol
lowing relief causes:
Near'East Relief.$ 8.00
"Save n Child" Fund . 27.22
China Relief . 31.40
Total .$00.02
We feel suro that those who con
tributed these funds will approve of
tho disposition mado of them under
the circumstances, for, after all. the
primary object to he attained .v.is
the relief of human suffering, and
Ibis end could not host be served 1 .
holding the funds intact until there
might bo another call for funds for
the specific cause for which these
wore donated.
Local Note? from New Hope.
West I nion. Rt. No. I, Aug. 15.
Special: Mr. and Mrs. Will Itoctir,
of Atlanta, visited al the home of
Cox recently,
Miss Nelle Cundy, of Picketts, was
a recent week-end guest in tho ho >t .
of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. 11 tum icu 11.
Mr, and Mrs. claude Miller . 1
lertaincd a few of their friends at 1
lawn party recently.
Mrs. Fdilli Aurobach, of Atlanta,
was a recent visitor al lin- home of
Mr. and Mrs. Ilunuicult.
Mr. Heard, of <.roonville, was .1 re
cent Visitor to relatives ami friends
in the community.
Thc Kooweo (?radod School is pro
grossing nicely miler the leadership
of W. ll. Hawkins and his four able
assistant teachers.
Tho Keowee ball team played two
gaines Ibis past week with King's
Drove of IMckons, tho seor?; being
both times in favor of Kooweo.
The Sunbeams Of New Hope
church picnicked nt Clemson Satur
da of last week.
Kev. .hickson Stunsoll is holding
a revival meeting at New Hope this
week. Duff Holding, of Pickens. fs
loading tho singing.
The many friends of Den Toll I SOU
will be glad to learn thal ho is woll
Mr. and Mrs. John Craig and Mr.
and Mrs. B. H. Powers, of Pickens,
vlsltod at tho homo of Mr. and Mis.
J. V. Hunnicutt last Sunday.
Dedication of old Richland Church
in Its Remodelled State.
Bounty Lund, Aug. 15.-Special:
Novor, perhaps, since Its organlza
lion In 1834, has Richland church
accommodated such a largo and in
terested assemblage as tilled her au
ditorium on Sunday, Aug. 7, the oc
casion being tho dedication of thc
church in its remodelled state and
tho home-coming of many of tho
former members of tho church and
Sunday school, whoso hearts will ever
be vibrant with tho sacred love of
home, sweetened by the memories of
a happy childhood.
People ramo from all over tho
county, and from many, other States,
whither they had migrated from tho
Richland vicinity, and such a day of
loving devotion and Christian fellow
ship is rearoly on joyed to such un
extent in any community.
Kotowing is the order of service
II soil :
Organ prelude by Miss Pearle Bul
lengor. Doxology.
Invocation by Rev. ,1. T. Dendy,
of Delmont, X. c.
Psalm I '?'2, read by Rev. T. \l.
Stribllng, of Waynesboro, (?a.
Hymn No. I "0 Worship '.hoi
Scripture reading by Kev. (?. H.
Mayes. D.D., nf Winnsboro.
Morning prayer by Rev. T. M.
Su i hi in;r.
i MTcra tory.
Duel by Homer Rallonger and Mr.*.
R. I). Neill.
Hymn No. ."?.". I, 'The Church's '?ne
Koulida I ion."
Dedicatory sermon hy Kev. c. G.
Mayes. Kenna I dedication,
Kinal report of building committee
given by chairman of committee, J.
.1. Hallenger, and transfer of Keys to
board ol' deacons, the keys being re
ceived hy W. I). Wright with appro
priate remarks.
Reading Scripture, I Kings S:L'L'
30, hy Kev. J. T. Dendy, and
by Rev. T. M. Stribllng,
Tho following was said responsive
ly, the people standing:
Minister: Blessing and glory and
wisdom and thanksgiving and honor
and power and might be unto our
Cod for ever and ever.
People: Amen.
Min.: Deltoid the tabernacle of
Hod is with men. and He shall dwjll
with them.
Poo.: And they shall bo His poo
ple, and Ood Himnell shall bo v.i'h
i !' ' s : ii. and he their Hod
Min.; Lord, tv h o -,,:>i? sojourn tul
Ph y tabernacle 'f
i tio.: Who shall dwell tn Thj holy
Min.: He that walketh uprightly
and worketh righteousness.
Peo.: And speaketh the truth in
his heart.
Min.: Who shall ascend into the
hill of the Lord?
Peo.: Who shall stand En the holy
Min.: He that hath clean hands
and a pure heart.
Poo.: Who hath not lifted up i s
soul unto vanity, and hath not sworn
deceit ful ly.
Min.: Bul will Cod in very dead
dwell on tho earth? Behold, tho bea
ven and tho heaven of heavens can
not contain Thee; how much less this
house which we have builded.
Peo.: Yet have respect. O Lord,
unto the prayer which Thy servants
pray before Thee this day, that Thine
eyes may be open towards this Itouso
night and day.
Min.: Lot tho beauty of the Lord
our Cod bo upon us.
Peo.: And establish the work of
our hands upon us; voa tho work of
our hands, establish Thou it.
Minister and people unitedly: This
house, which we have been permitted
lo build through tho gracious favor
of Divine Providence, we do now sol
emnly dedicate to Hie worship and
service of Almighty Cod. the Father,
tho Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.
Dedication prayer by Rev. 1. K.
Wallace, pastor of the church.
Dedication Hymn, No. ?tJ8.
Benediction by Rev. <;. <; Maye*.
The entile program was impres
sive indeed, and will long be remem
bered by the large congregation pres
en I
About I o'clock tho amply exten
sive table was bountifully loaded
.With the most delicious and varied
menu that ever templed the human
appetite, while all through the din
ner hour delightful Intercourse be
tween kindred and friends was in
I At :: o'clock tho crowd rc-nssom
bled in the church auditorium for tho
home-coming services, which opened
with an address of welcome by Rev.
T. M. Stribllng. who in beautiful
phraseology epxrossed tho delight on
tho part of tho present members of
the church ami citizens of tho com
munity in extending to the visitors a
hearty welcome to the church of their
youth. Rev. Stribllng also expressed
delight that tho Richland peoplo still
considered him a part of their num
ber, In proof of which fact they sc
I " 1 -
lectori him to welcome the others
homo. This address was heartily re
sponded to by Rev. Joseph T. Dondv,
of Delmont, formerly of Richland,
who in most touching and eloquent
terms gave numerous reasons why
tho visitors wore glad to be present.
His omotlonal remarks wore emana
tive of a true Christian heart calling
to remembrance tho many loved ones
who had gone to their reward, and
concluding his response with Ibo
beautiful and touching poem. "Tho
City of the Dead," the words of
which aro so expressive and so im
pressive we quote them in full:
Tho City <>f tho Dead.
There is a beautiful city, laid out ill
walks and squares,
And tho (lowers in rich profusion per
fume the summer's air;
'Tis there tho willow wreath and the
violets lift their hoads.
And they call Hie name of this lovely
city "Tho City of the Dead. '
Tho breeze in gentle dalliance from
(lower lo Mower roves
The very air seems pure in lho.?3
quiet, shady groves.
N'o sound disturbs the stillness, no
laughter rude and loud.
Kor there is .something in that city
awes e'en the gayest crowd.
Side hy side they slumber, lite ri 'lt
man and tho poor;
Their loved ones lie down together,
nor wrong each other more.
There sie? p the great and lowly. >t
same trees o'er thon? wi'.ve,
Kor earth's proud and vain distinc
tions are leveled hy the g ra e
Herc some weary, aged warrior qui
elly takes his res!,
And near him some pale young mo
ther willi her babe upon hr,i
breast ;
There the wealthy merchant lum
bers and dreams no more ol
gain :
There the widowed one feget ot!:
lifo's weariness and pain.
The bride In her fair young beauty
with orange buds In her hair
And her wedding robe around ber
sleeps calm and peacefu
there :
There tho orator proud reposes, j
stone at hoad and feet;
A nameless one lies near him. whos.
rest is Just as sweet.
Artist, statesman, poet, wooers allin
of fame.
Your haunted dreams will van sb am
a white slab bear your namf
Oh! who bas not bowed in qeeptni
o'ei . om . . o th ned dqul
Kor wo ult, all ha ?-o love.i i .. iq i
'The City of tho Desirl.V
Tho next on tho pf ?grant was 11
address by W. C. Hughs, of Wal
halla. His remarks, while hoing con
gratulatory to the Richland peopl
In that they have kept pace with th
march of time, and, actuated by
spirit of religious progress, bav
modernized the church which on
forefathres established, still con
tained a warning In regard to th
danger of laying too much stress o
things material, to the neglect c
the spiritual training of our chi
Capt. S. K. Dendy, ot Walhalh
was next called on for a talk. Hi
remarks wore brief, but reminisces
and interesting. Mr. Dendy gave
descriptive account of how tho fir;
old log church was built-how th
men of the community, his lathe
James H. Dendy, inclusive, cut dow
the forest trees, hewed thom int
logs. Utting them together and thu
building the lirst church at Rici
land. The building was about 60 li
.10 feet, and stood northeast of tl:
present church. The pulpit stood i
tho north end, just beneath a sma
window. Tho window and door shu
lers were batten and hung on woodt
hinges. Capt. Dendy was douhtle
tho only person present who had a
tended the dedication of the first lc
church and also tho dedication of tl
second frame building, which ls t!
auditorium of the present chore
he hoing a small child when ibo 1<
church was used, and was baptist
within its walls.
Capt. Dendy's talk was follow
by a short discourse by lames
Armstrong, whose delight on bel"
present on this impressive and hapi
occasion was loo great for expiv
sion. His remarks were aiief. b
emanated from a true and brother
Col. R. T. Jnynos was thc next
address tho audience.. Col, Jayn
beautifully portrayed iii?- congeith
Ity that has ever ex is tod between I
Presbyterians and the Methodists
the Richland community from t
earl st years of the existence oft
churches up to the prosont tin:
practically the same congregatl
fonding both the churches H is
sourco of much regret that Ct
Jaynos's address was unavoidably 1
terruptod on account of dark a
threatening clouds. (|uito a go
many of the people being compel?
to lenvo for their homos. yVo f<
sure that wo express the deslro
the ontire congregation ia reque
lng Col. Jaynes to furnish us a co
of his address through The Courier.1
Mr. Jaynes is an able and eloquent
speaker and was reared within less
than a quarter of a mile from the
Richland church, and we are not
willing lo be deprived the pleasure
which his address would have afford
ed. (A brief resume of this address
will be found elsewhero tn this issue
of The Courier.)
The services of tho day were con
cluded with a sermon at 6 p. m. by
Rev. .los. T. Dendy, and thus ended
a day which goes down Into the an
nals of Richland as a day of dedica- .
lion and blessing-a day of foasling
and rejoicing, and a day of Chris
tian unity and thanksgiving.
Before closing we wish to mention
that from Richland vicinity have gone
out seven candidates for the minis
try, all of whom aro actively engaged
in ministerial work. Their names aro
as follows. Rev. Joseph T. Dendy, j
\V. Bruce Doyle. T. M. Strlbllng, of
tho Presbyterian church, and Revs, i
R. R. Doyle and Hollis A. Whitten, of j
the Methodist church, and Rev. J. P.
Dendy, of the 'Baptist ministry. One j
young man, Jesse W. Strlbllng, died
while preparing himself for the Pres
byterian ministry.
In Court of Common Pleas.
Pursuant to decrees of the afore
said Court, in tl?e cases named below. !
ll will oller for salo, lo the highest
bidder, in front of the Court House
door, at Walhalla, South Carolina, on
MONDAY, the .".th day ot* September,
1921, between the legal hours of
sale, lin? tracts of land below de
scribed :
W. Crank Sheldon, Plaintiff,
O. C. Williams and (Jcorge Perry,
.All thal piece, parcel or tract of
land situate, lying and being in the
State and County above named, con
taining 32Va acres, moro or less, be
ing th? same tract conveyed by j. T.
Crawford to O. C. Williams on Nov.
15, I fl 18, adjoining lands of Sloan
Glenn, W. 10. Patterson and others,
as shown hy plat made by C. C. My
ers. September 24th, 1017. See dlook
"KK," pages 2SS and 39 4 for fuller
Torms of Sale-CASH. That in the
event of the failure of the purshaser.
or purchasers, to comply willi the
terms of sale, that the premises be
re-advertised and re-sold on the next
Saleday by the Master, and that he
do continue so to do until a purcha
ser shall be found who will comply,
said sales to bo at the risk of the
former purchaser
Purchaser to pay extra for papers
and ?-?tnmp. W. O. WHTTFV
Master for Oe nco County, ?. C
Aug. '7, 1 !!_? i. 33-36
Jobi; T. Lay and J. 1 >. [larkins,
Plo i II lift s,
C. C. Kelley, T. M. 'Kelley, Lillian S.
Kelley, Mrs. Marion K. Tait, T. B.
Kelley and Anna I. Kelley,
All of the right, title, interest and
estate of the Defendant, T. M. Kel
ley, of, in and to all that certain
piece, parcel or tract of land situate,
lying and being in Keowee Town
ship. County and State aforesaid, on
Little River nnd Tamassee Creek,
containing six hundred and thirty
eight acres, more or less, adjoining
lands of Mrs. W. J. Beard, Mrs. J. IO.
Kelloy, Miss Nettie Jones, Estate of
Jessey Lay, Deceased, and others, be
ing the estate of Mrs. Anna D. Kel
ley, deceased, and formerly a part
of the Christopher Jones land.
Terms of Salo.-CASH oa day of
sale. That In event of failure of
the purchaser to comply with the
terms of salo forthwith, that the Mas
ter do re-sell said Interest on the
same day, or do ro-advertise and re
sell the same on the following Sales
day, or some convenient Salesday
thereafter, at the same place, and on
tho same terms as heretofore set out,
at the risk of the former purchaser,
and that, he continue so to do until
he has found a purchaser who shall
comply with the terms of sale.
Purchaser to pay extra for papers
and stamp. W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oeonee County, S. C.
Aug. 17. 1021. 3S-35
George 1'. Morton. Plaintiff,
James W. Taylor. Defendant.
All that certain piece, parcel or
tract of land situate, lying and being
in Ibo County of Oeonee. Slate of
South Carolina, Wagner Township,
on the public road leading from Wal
halla to Highlands, and adjoining
lands of F. M. Harbert. George Bur
kline and George T. Morton, contain
ing -"?7 Vi acres, moro or less, same
being the tract of land convey<>d by
George T. Morton to the said James
w. Taylor
Terms of Sale.-CASH. That in
event of failure of the purchaser to
comply with the erins of sale within
live days from day of sale, the Mas
ter do re-advertise and re-sell said
premises on the following Saleday,
or some conveninet. Saleday thereaf
ter, at the same place, and on tho
same terms as heretofore set out, at
'.ho risk of tho former purchaser, and
that he do continue so to do until he
lias found a purchaser who compiles
with the terms of sale.
said promises is subject to tho lien
of the prior mortgage given by the
Defendant, James W. Taylor, to The
Federal Land Bunk, of Columbia, S.
C., on the 12th day of April, lilli),
and recorded In Clerk's Office. Oeo
nee County. S. C., on the 12th day of
April, 1919, In Mortgage Book VV.
pago 93, and that said mortgage
shall romain unsatisfied of record,
and after sale shall continue to con
stitute a first lien upon the tract of
land described above, and that tho
sn ld sale shall bo made without pre
Building Material
. Just received a solid carload of
Sash and Doors.
These were boughton latest market.and
we are in position to name you much
less price than you have been buying at.
Corrugated and V Crim Roofing, Etc.
Cane Mills and Evaporators, Galvanized and
Copper Evaporator Sheets.
Mowing Machines and Repairs.
Better not put off your needs in the above
too long.
Ballow Iw. anil Furn. Co..
Seneca, S. C.
We will move our business after Sept. 15th, to room
now occupied by The Bee Hive, in the
Coleman Building.
Big Reduction
Ladies' Slippers
We off or our entire line of
Utz & Dunn Slippers at
the Pair.
C. W. Pitchford,
Walhalla, S. C.
Judice to tho rights of Thc F?deral
Land Hank of Columbia, under and
by virtue of said mortgage dcod.
Purchaser to pay extra for papers
and stamp. W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oconeo County, S. C.
Aug. 17, 1021. 33-3.")
.Notice lg hereby given that the un
dersigned will make application to
V. F. Martin, Judge of Probate for
Oconeo County, In tho State of South
Carolina, at his otllce at Walhalls
Conn House, on M OX HA Y, tho
12th day of September, 1921, at ll
o'clock In tho forenoon, or as soon
thereafter ns said application cnn be
heard, for leave to make final settle
ment of tho Mutate of Mrs.Lavinia 0.
Hutchinson, Deceased, and obtain
Final Discharge as Kxecutrix of said
ICxcciltrix of Hie Kstate of Mrs. La
vinia C. Hutchinson, Deceased.
Aug. 17. 1021. 33-36
The State of South Carolina. Coun
ty of Oconeo.- (In Court of Probato)
- Dy V. F. Martin, Esq., Probato
Judge. Whereas, W. J. Schroder,
C. C. C. P., has made suit, to mo to
grant him Letters of Administration
of the Estate of and Effects of J. B.
BURGESS, Deceased -
Those aro, theroforo, to cito and
admonish all and singular the kin
dred and creditors of the said J. B.
BURGESS, Docoasod, that they bo
and appear before mo, In tho Court
of Probate, to bo hol.i at Wal
halla Court House, South Carolina,
on Monday, tho 20th day of Aug
ust, 1921, nftor publication hereof,
at 1J o'clock in tho foronoon, to
show cause, If any thoy have, why
the said Administration should not
he granted.
Given under my hand and seal this
13th day of July. A. D. 1921.
(Seal.) V. F. MARTIN.
Judge of Probate for Oconee Co., S.C.
Published on tho 20th and 27th
days of July and 3d, 10th. 17th and
2 1th days of August. 1021, In Tho
Keowee Courier, and on the Court
House door for the Hmo prescribed
by law.
July 20, 1021. 29-34
The State of South Carolina,,
County of Oconee.-(In Court of
Probate.)-By V. F. Martin. Judge
of Probate.- Whereas, j, B, Hopkins
has made suit to nie to grant him
Cotters of Administration of the Ins
tate of and Effects of Dave Thomas,
These are, therefore, to cite and ad
monish all and singular tho kindred
and creditors of tho said Dave Tho
mas. Deceased, that they he and
appear before me, in tho Court of
Probate, to bo held at Walhalla Court
House. South Caiolina. on Thurs
day, the 18th day of August, 10 2 1.
after publication hereof, tit 1 1 o'ciock
In the forenoon, to show cause, if ?my
they have, why tho said administra
tion should not bo granted.
G.v< n under my hand and seal this
'Ul day of August, A. I). 1921.
(Seal.) V. P. MARTIN,
Fudge of Probate for Oconee County,
South Carolina.
Published on the I Otb and 17'h
days of August, 1921, Iii The Keowee
Courier, and on tho Court House
door for tho time proscribed by law.
Aug. 10, i 921. 32-33
Diving bolls wero used In tho six
teenth century In efforts to locate tho
wrecks of tho Spanish Armada.

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