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(Established 1849.)
Published Every Wednesday Mornlug
Ono Year .$1.00
Nix Months.55
Tinco Months.?IO
Advertising Untos Reasonable.
Hy Stoek, Sholor, ll uglis ?V Shelor.
Communications or a personal
character charged for as advertise
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
and tributes of respect, either by
individuals, lodges o>* churches, aro
charged for as for advertisements at
rato of ono cont a word. C?i?h iuuut
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will bo marked "Adv." In
conformity with Federal ruling on
auch matters.
j The Story of j
! Our States j
i II t b e i
haze of an- ?
tiipiity the old *
Icelandic sn- J
L'as record u j
V o y a g u I n I
loon hy Leif, j
! son of Kite th?' Beti, who Milled {
' from (.'reen I a nd to Labrador and j
', dnwn the coast of Maine. The
! lu'Xl probable voyage to this |
. cuasi was by Joan Cabot In 141)7 f
' nial later hy Ids son Sebastian. ? I
. lt was, however, Capt. John f
\ Sm i I li. the leading spirit of tin; ?
. settlement nt Jamestown, who f
! sailed as far north as the Henob- I
! scot and llrst drew u rough chart j
; ot it. * :
i In the grant by James I to *
1 the Plymouth Colony Maine was .
I Included In their territory. Op- J
I position to the Plymouth Colony ;
* arose among the king's courtiers J
i and Slr Ferdinando (Jorges and !
! Captain Mason succeeded in oil- j
. tidnlng for themselves rights to i
I the country between (lie Merri- J
? niue and Kennehec rivers. This ?
I they divided, (?urges taking the ?
nortliern section, Meanwhile i
Gorges hail sent over n small col- ?
ony to the mouth of the Kenne- *
bec, hut this settlement was soon J
abandoned. The tjrst permanent .
settlement was made In 162(5 at \
what |s now York. Massachu- i
I setts objected to Gorges' claim f
f and finally annexed all the terri- ?
? tory up to Casco Bay and called \
? this northern section the District .
I of Maine. Maine was dissatisfied ?
i with thc rule of the mother state j
\ and by 18'2() succeeded in being i ;
? admitted to the Union as the ?
j twenty-third stute. !
? Maine was the tlrst state to {
I adopt prohibition. In the begin- I
? nlng Maine was strongly Demo
1 eratic. It was largely for this i"
j reason that she objected to be- j
] Jng ruled by Massachusetts ?
j which was F?deralist. Since J
lHfifl, however, Maine has been j
J decidedly Republican, It has six
. electoral votes for president.
J The name Maine was so deslg- t
i tinted in tho charter of HWD in I
j which Charles I granted this J
. land to (Jorge?. It bad already *
* been commonly used hy the sall- j
j ors na distinguishing the main- .
j ?and from the many Islands j
I along the shore. Tho nickname ?
j for the state ls tho Pine Tree \
? 'State. Its area ls 38,040 square *
; miles, which ls practically as t
? ihirgo as tim combined area of j
* tho ol lur five New England ?
? States. i
j (? ky Met'lurr N<twnptp?r Syndicate ) i
....... .........
Locale from Wolf stak?-.
Wt si I nu,:i. ,{ F.D. N'n. I. Aug. I 7.
i peria I: P. A. Brown and son,
JiM'k, attended the Brown reunion at
Anderson last week.
Miss Mattie (?aler, who bas been
l.onllned TO her room for anne time. I
\.< i ni pr iving slowly
Mr, anil Mrs. Paul Norbert and
children, of Morion, S. C., are visit
ing Mrs. Herbert's parents. Mr. and
Mrs G. M. White
Miss pearl Sui 11 li is home again,
ifter spending a pleasant week w th
relatives ,n Anderson.
Quite a number from this seclloa
it tended the picnic ii Clemson last
week, 0
Nial McGuire, who is slopping :it
tho home ol' Harry Neal, has been
Sick for some lime, bul is se ie bet
ter now. we are indeed gl; d to be
able to report.
Irby Pearson spent several days in
Greenville recently
Sloan Nix was a member of a party
who recently made a trip to Toxa
way, \'. C.
John J Heeder, of Atlanta, ia
spending his vacation with his par
onts, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. M. White.
Subscribo for Tho Courlor. (Best)
To Pince on Compensation Board of
Georgia-Walhullu I loy.
Tho following article will be road
with no little Interest by the people
of Walhalla and Oconee, the gentle
man referred to, Low J. Kilburn, be
ing a former Walhalla tiny, and at
one timo an employee of Tho Cou
rier, he having served an apprentice
ship on this paper. Along with his
numerous other friends here, we ox
lend, not alono to Mr. Kilburn, but
to the State of Georgia us well, con
! gratulutlons, for Mr. Kilburn has re
ceived no better appointment than
has tho State of Georgia secured a
worthy servant. We quote from tho
Macon News of Aug. 9th:
Lew J. Kilburn Appointed.
Lew.I. Kilburn*well known Macon
citizen, and for moro than twenty
five years superintendent of the com
posing room of the Macon News, was
Tuesday appointed hy Governor T.
W. Hardwick a member of the Work
men's Compensation Hoard, to suc
ceed W. P. Kaoul, resigned.
Mr. Kilburn's appointment is until
Oct. I, 1922. The salary uf the new
position is .? 1,000 per year. Tho
oth?.r members of the hoard are Hui
M. Stanley, of Dublin, and Samuel
.1. slate, of Columbus, The law re
quires thal one of the members of
tho hoard shall be a representativo
of Ibo Federation of Trades, and Mr.
Kilburn was named as a membor
from I li a I organization.
Friends ul Mr. Kilburn in Macon,
where he has lived for more limn i'.'1
ye,irs. will bo highly gratified lo
loam of his appointment, ii is the
unanimous opinion that had Hie Gov
ernor looked over the entire State
lu? could not have seloetod II man bet- ,
ter qualified for the position than Mr.
Kilburn or a mau phoso appointmenl
will glvo more general satisfaction.
Coming to Macon many years ago
from Walhalla, s. C., Mr. Kilburn
has made Iiis li?me here ever since, j
ile is personally known lo hundreds J
of people in the eily, and is held in |
the highest esteem by all. ile bas'
represented Bibi) county in the Leg
islature, where he made a splendid
record. Ile has been president of th.?
Georgia Federation of Lahor and is
now president of the Macon Typo
graphical Union. Mr. Kilburn is also
a leading member of the Knights of
Pythias and the Masons.
lie has been identified with lue I
Macon News almost since the imper
started.' Every employee of the News
ha's the highest regard for Mr. KU- ?
born and all aro greatly pleased over j
tho honor conferred upon their asso
cinto by Governor Hardwick.
The position to which Mr. Kilburn
has been appointed hy the Governor j
is a very responsible one. and it is
safe to say that the new appointee
will measure up in every way to the !
requirements of the olflce.
The host wishes of hundreds of
friends will go with Mr. Kilburn in j
his new place, and they feel sure that
he will add to his already splendid j
reputation as a public official.
Wo aro proud of tho contidenco
doctors, druggists and tho public
have in OOO Chill and Fever Tonic.
- adv.
Was "Tho Baby" of Orr'o llbgiuioitt,
Entering Service at Fourteen.
i Anderson Daily Mail.)
Bruce Brenxcnle, a native of Oco
nee county, bul now a resident of
Hallas. Texas, was one of the con
spicuous ligures at the meoBug of
Orr's Regiment In annual reunion at 1
Walhalla Monday and Tuesday, und
several times rose to his feel for a
word lie wa:; known as "the baby"
of tho regiment, having entered the
servie?? before ho was fourteen years
of age. He is now deputy sheriff in
Dallas, and has held that position'
for twenty-six years, despite tho fact
thal he is well above ?.> years of ago.
But his spirit as well as his body hus
not broken with the passing years. j
An incident which showed tho
spirit of this mountain hoy was ?ol '
by his comrades. Returning home al
tin- conclusion of tho war. and yoi
bul IT years of age, Mr. Bren zea le
was greatly angered when a Ka UK of
; Yankee soldiers carried off a pair of
Uno carriage horses belonging to his
I mother, who resided near Walhalla.
He protested, and was arrested by
tho soldiers, hoing put in jail at
! tireen ville, and the Jailer was in
structed to hold him for twelve hours
j after the troops left,
j Being released. Mr. Breazeale hor
I rowed a horse from Toni Gower, and
rode all night, and somewhere north
of Greenville, either in North Caro
lina or this State, cuno on tho en
emy's camp. Putting the guard to
sloop with a blow from a revolver.
Mr. Breazeale located tho pair of
horsos, made his escape from the
camp, and by night was again at lils
old homo near Walhalla.
Subscribe for The Courier. (Bei\)
Fourteen ill Dormitory-Pupil Re
celves Order for Her Work.
Tamassce, Aug. 16.-Special: Tho
work of tho adult school here is pro
gressing splendidly. Thirty-six pupils
are enrolled, both men and women
hoing amon.i: the number.
Mrs. Campbell, of the home dem
onstration department, taught the
women handkerehiof-niaking last
week. Lovely work was done, and
already one of tho girls has an order
for six handkerchiefs from a visitor
to the school. They were also taught
to make gingham hats hy Miss Lucia
MCIJCCS, the assistant teacher.
On Saturday night last another
community meeting wa? hold, and a
large crowd was present. Miss Los
sie Tiller, Cu: teacher of tho Salem
adult school, brought over quite a
number of her pupils. They all san?
songs and played games until Hi
Following is a list of the names of
the fourteen girls in the dormitory:
Annie Lqe Carnes, Greenville,
'Pouria IOdwards, Seneca.
Montio Faulkner, Greenwood.
Kthel ('?anti. Ka sloy.
Killel Mae Harris. Kasley.
Alice Holcombe, Piekens.
farlie Holcomb, Piekens.
Vernie Ivester, Westminster.
Mary Nelson. Greenwood.
Algie Owenshy, Greenville,
Nancy .lane Stevens, Anderson,
.losif Townsend, Liberty.
Mrs. Plienie Wright, Greenville.
Seeley Wynn. Wasley.
(Hie!1 Uosnllltiom ol' Th:.ilks - Also
Want C. ll. C. Address Published.
Central, s. c.. Aim. 17.- Editor
Koo wee Courier: As secretary of
Orr's Pith's, in my hurry to gel oft*
home before the train left Walhalla.
I forgot lo hand you a copy of a res
olution passed by the old soldiers
present, thanking Hie good people of
Walhalla for their courtesies and
kind and generous hospitality shown
and extended to us during our stay
with you. I am, therefore, sending
you by this mail the copy referred to
for publication in your paper, with
the req.u#st thal the other papers in
tho county publish also.
There was another resolution of
fered and adopted hy the old sol
diers, requesting that the address de
livered hy Mrs. .1 .M. Moss, of the C.
I>. C.. welcoming the old sole" rs to
Walhalla, be published in your pa
per, hut I have not a copy of said ad
dress, and trust that you will be
able to secure same and favor us
with its publication at some time in
Ute near future.
Again thanking you and your good
people for the kindness, courtesy and
hospitality shown us during our stay
in your midst, I remain.
Very sincorely yours,
B. J. Johnston,
Secretary Orr's lillies.
Tho Resolution.
Whereas, the good people of Wal
halla, being of patriotic spirit, did,
in their feeling of regard to the sol
diers of the War Between the States,
invite the Survivors of Orr^'s Regi
ment to hold their annual reunion
in the city of Walhalla; and
Whereas, it is apparent to all of
thu said survivors, and to the other
Confederate veterans, that the good
people of this community have left
nothing undone to make this an en
joyable occasion: Therefore, he it
Resolved. That the thanks of all
the Confederate veterans are emi
nently duo, and are hereby tendered
to. the ladies of the C. I). C. and all
other ladles, for their m?nerons nn'l
thoughtful hospitality, both In their
homes and otherwise, which hospi
tality has never been surpassed at
any of our reunions; and lo the com
mittee of arrangements for all of
their efforts to make our coming and
staying pleasant: and to tho ladies
and gentlemen who have so delight
fully entertained us with "MO music,
both vocal and Instrumental. And
we would not forget Ibo Poy Scout
Hand of Seneca, who have added no
little to our enjoyment. Our thanks
are also extended to Mayor Brown
for his untiring efforts to make our
stay pleasant.
OOO quickly relieves Constipation,
Biliousness, Loss of Appetto and
Headaches (lue to Torpid Id vor.-adv
Short Work Made "f Mulder Cuse.
Contervllle, Ala.. Aug. IT.-In less
than four hours after Clyde Thomas,
colored, was placed on trial hore
to-day on a charge of murder in con
nection with the death of tho daugh
ter of a farmer, be was found gulUy
by a Jury and sentenced lo death. If
the sentence of the court is cnrrled
out he will be banged on Thursday,
Sept. 15th. This will bo tho first
hanging in the State, insofar as tho
records show, to uko place on. any
day of tho week except Friday.
Viators Make Trip from Montuna 'o
ConoroHs in Touring ('ur.
( Keceived too late.for last week.)
Coneross, Aug. 15.-Special: Tho
Boaverdam Association, which met
here last week, was a great success.
There were ^j. number of able ?peak
er? present, and their talus wero
enjoyed by all who were so fortu
nato as Co hear them.
C. E. Du Hose and family, of Lau
rens, spent last week with Mrs. E. C.
Du Hose and the Harker family here.
The formor returned to-day, and Mrs.
Du Hose and children will spend this
week also.
Dr. W. J. Langston, of Oreen ville,
ls conducting a series of meetings at
Coneross litis week, the services hav
ing begun yesterday.
iloraace ll. linean, principal of
Hine Itidge school, visited his par
ents in Laurens recently.
Quite a number from itere at
tended the picnics at Clemson and
Richland last Thursday and Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. \V. (). Alexanderand
four children, of Greenville, spent a
few days with relatives here last
Jesse Howers, of High Kalla, was
with friends here recently.
Clark Sanders and wife, of At
lanta, left Saturday last, aller hav
ing spent a week here willi their
cousins, (he Misses Harker. They
also visited relatives fh Walhalla
during their stay. They were ....com
panied on their visit hore*by Misses
dorolice Sanders and Annie Helle
Jones, both ol'(.\ Hanta. They will all
spend ibis week with relatives in
Cornelia, (?a.
.\iiss Daisy Hesse, of Oreniivillo, ls
spending ber vacation with hoi' mo
ther. Mrs. Nettie Hesse. Site will be
hore two weeks.
Misses Gracie Rot hid! and Eva
Arve returned to their work in At
lanta yesterday, after having spent
the past two weeks very pleasantly
here with Mr. and Mrs. H. VV. Arve.
..Misses Marguerite Livingston, of
Orangeburg, and Kath lyn Dodd, of
Westminster, who are teaching at
Hine Grove, spent Saturday and Sun
day with the Misses Abbott here.
Miss Winifred Mason, of Oak way,
spent the latter part of last week
here with her friend, Miss Gracie
Miss Celosto Walker and brother
Joe, of near Mount Airy, Ca., were
among friends here a few days last
week. They report the death of their
step-mother, which occurred- only a
few weeks ago. She had been the
wife of J. W. Walker only since last
Easter Sunday. Mr. Walker moved
from this community sonto years ago.
His friends sympathize deeply with
him in hi? bereavement.
? Miss Selma Du Bose, of Greenville,
ls on a two-weeks' visit to her mo
ther, Mrs. E. C. DuBose, near here.
She is also visiting among other rel
atives in this section.
Miss Lucy'Patterson, who has been
spending s.oine time here with her
sister. Mrs. p. L. Alexander, Is in
Walhalla with Mrs. E. M. Gambrell.
Merrill McDonald, wife and chil
dren, of Unity, aro guests in the
home of Willie Meredith. *
Miss Florence Dean, of Avalon,
Ga., spent several days of last week
with the Misses Hesso and others if
her friends in this section.
Mrs. R. A. P. Dean and friend,
Miss Audry Land, of Avalon. Ga.,
spent last Thursday with W. O. Al
exander and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Cary Tate and Miss
Jennie Heck, of Hozemnn. Mont., paid
Mrs. Nettie Hesse and family a visit
recently. They drove from Montana
here in a touring ear. arriving about
ten days ago. They have also visited
other relatives in Clayton. Ga., Wal
halla and Westminster. Washington,
Ga., and other points in our own
county. They were accompanied
from Washington, Ga., here by Wil
liam Turpin, a resident of Washing
Mrs. M. A. Shipman, of near Mt.
Tabor, is spending this week with
friends here.
Mrs. Roxie Greer returned to her
spent two weeks with the family of
home in Greenville, after having
T. W. Byrd, of this section.
Mart Phillips, of Double Springs,
was a welcome guest In. ibo home of
K. I. Roach last week.
We were glad lo see Mrs. C. p.
Cox. of Greenville, among her rela
tives and friends here tho past week
Taken for Prohibition Violation.
Miami. Fla., Au?. 18.-J, G. Cros
land, president of tho Miami Fish
eries Company and a wealthy resi
dent of this city, was arrested to-day
on the charge of conspiring to de
fraud tho government and violation
of tho national prohibition act in
connection with tho seizure, on Aug.
2, of tho schooner Henry L. Marshall
off Atlantic City. Tho warrant was
Iserved by a deputy United States
For Salo ?t your Dealer
?fr IX MEMORIAM. ?fr
?fr ?fr ?J< ?J? ?fr ?J? ?J? * ?J? ?fr ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J?
In Memory of Our Dour Mother, Mrs.
Suo Stogall, Who Passed lo tho
(.rout Beyond Over One Vonr Ago.
A host of friends and kindred, too, ,
Wo have to love each other;
Hut on this earth God gives lo eacli
of us just one dear mother;
She it ls who first must hoar of un
expected pleasure
Rejoicing with us-and her joy
makes full tho heaping measure.
The first to comfort in distress-the
ono to whom our sorrow
tirings keenest pain. andVhon again
reminds us ot' "..o-inorrow."
Wo learn to lean upon her work
her wisdom guides and strength
Our characters in youth, and brings
reward as time is lengthened.
And then the time io ns must coin?'
when mother's han.is are folded;
To us tho fairest, de.,?est hands tho
Master Sculptor molded;
The angels kiss the loving eyes and
close the while-fringed keeper;
Tile pulseless breast is now al rest
God keep the silent sleeper.
Gut hd's liol think ol' her as dead
just "waiting over yonder
lu that fair laud, with loving hand
that "Sunshine. Lano" of wonder.
We'll seo her smile again some day;
His promise si ill rings ?rue:
"I'll go and stay a little willie .- then
I'll come hack to you."'
-The Chi ld ron.
Aug. 1 Ith, 11)2 (adv.*)
?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr mfr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr
?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr
Bro. Geo. C. Patterson.
Whereas, in tho death of Brother
Goo. C. Patterson the Silent Reaper
has removed from our ranks one of
our most beloved comrades, who was
a faithful and consistent member ot
our lodge-kind and considerate and
possessed of those qualities which
won for him a host of friends, and
with indomitable strength and cour
age, he was ever ready to serve his
fellow man, which qualities tended
to lit him for that spiritual homo not
made with hands, eternal in the hea
His day has como--not gone;
His sun lias risen-not s?t;
lila life is now beyond the reach of
death or chango:
Not ended-but begun.
Therefore, be It resolved
First. That we miss him from his
placo in this lodge, in which he was
a faithful comrade.
Second. That this community and
lodge have lost one of their most val
ued citizens, whose lifo was an ex
ample which may well be followed
by those who survive him.
Third. That a page in our minute
hook he inscribed to his memory and
a copy of this preamble and resolu
tion be printed in tho county papers,
and a copy sent to his family.
Dr. J. S. Stribling,
W. L. Dallon,
il. P. llollemnn,
(adv) Comm itlee.
The loss to tho government during
its twenty-six months of controlling
tln> railroads was $1.800,000.001).
This is the estimate of Senator Cum
mins, chairman of tho Senate com
mittee on interstate commoron.
Name "Bayer" on Genuine
Beware! Pu less you see tho name
"Bayer" on packago or on tablets you
( aro not getting gonuino Aspirin, pre
j scribed by physicians for twnnty-onr
yours and proved safo hy millions
Tako Aspirin only as told in Hu
Bayer packago for colds, headache
nouralgta, rheumatism, earache
toothache, lumbago and for pain
Handy tin boxes of twelvo Bayer Tab
lots of Aspirin cost few cents. Drug
gists also soil larger packages. Aspi
rin is tho trade mark of Bayer Manu
facturo of Monoaeeticacidestor ol
Penc? No. 174
Made In five grade*
Read how Mrs. Albert
O rc gory, of R. F. D. No.
1, Bluf ord, 111., got rid of
her ills. "During ... I
was awfully weak . . .
My pains were terrific. 1
thought I would die. The
bearing-down pains were
actually so severe I coulA
not stand the pressure of
tny hands on the lower
Fart of my stomach . . .
simply felt as if life was
for but a short time. My
husband was worried. ..
One evening, while read
ing the Birthday Alma
nac, he came across a
case similar to mine, and
went straight ior some
Cardui for me to try,
The Woman's Tonic
"Hook it faithfully and
the results were immedi
ate," adds Mrs. Gregory.
"I continued to get bet
ter, all my ills left me,
and I went through . . .
with no further trouble.
My baby was fat and
strong, and myself-thank
God-am once more hale
and hearty, can walk
miles, do my work,
though 44 years old, feel
like a new person. All 1
owe to Cardui." For
many years Cardui has
been found helpful in
building up the system
when run down by dis
orders peculiar to women.
J. 82
Rich, Red Blood!
In addition to eating plenty
of wholesome food and taking reg?
ular exercise, your blood should
be kept pure. S. S. S. will enrich
the blood and drive out the im
purities that cause rheumatism,
eczema, tetter, pimples, black
heads, boils or other akin dis
eases arising from impoverished
For Special Booklot ot tot indi
vidual adv ico, wit flout char ?o,
writo Chief Medical Advisor,
S.S.S.Co., Dep't 440, Atlanta, Ga.
Get S. S. S. at your druggist
For Rich, Red Blood
Hnglneer mid I i rema II Scalded.
Atlanta, fla., Aug. i T. A curious
double cl ern il men I on the Southern
railway line at Duluth e.i!y lo-da.v
resulted in the scalding of Ibo engi
neer and fireman ??;' Xo. ::r>. north
hound po 880ti ger train, and the shak
ing up and bruising ol' one passen
ger, thc express messenger and the
baggage master.
Reports of thc accident received
at Southern headquarters here said
thai two empty coal cars and an
empty tank car were derailed at Du
luth by Ihe bursting of an alrhoso
on lin? grade, and foll over on Hie
pa ral ltd passenger track Just ns No.
86, northbound, came along. The lo
comotive and express car of the pas
senger train were derailed.
Hub-My-Tism is a great pain kill
er. Believes pain and soreness,
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sprains, Ac.
President Harding has nominated
a woman to bo Judge of tho munici
! pal court, District of Columbia. Sho
ls Mary O'Toole, a practicing lawyer
of the National Capital.

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