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CHAPTKU 1. -With his two daughter?.
Allx und Cherry, thc latter Just eighteen
years ol<l. ami his niece, Anno, Doctor
Strickland, retired, ta living nt Mill Val
ley, u short distance from ffcin Francisco,
lila closest friend la Peter Joyce, some
thing of ti recluse. Visiting In the vi
cinity. M ri rt In Lloyd, mining engineer,
fulls In love with und secretly becomes
engaged to Clierry.
CHAPTKll 11.-While the family la
speculating aa to Lloyd's intentions. Cher
ry bringa him io supper, practically an
nouncing her engagement ta him.
CHAPTER III.-I>octor Strickland fools
Cherry ls too young to marry and urges
her to walt at least a year, hut tho girl
coaxes him Into agreeing to an Immediate
wedding mut Hie ceremony lakes placo,
the roupie leaving al once for Kl Nido,
Where Marlin it? employed.
The Inst day of March and of Cher
rys visit broke clear and blue, und
with lt spring seemed to have come
ou a rush of perfume and green beau
ty. Days had been soft and wann
before ; this day was bot, and flushed
With color and splendor.
Allx and Cherry washed each oth
er's bair lo thu old fashion, and came
trailing down with towels and combs
to the garden. The doctor Joined them
In the midst of their tossing and
apreadlng, and sat smoking peacefully
on the porjdi steps.
"Oh, heavens, how I love this sort
of weather I" Allx exclaimed, flinging
ber brown mane backward, her tall
figure slender in u f tided kimono.
"Dad und Peter," she went on, sud
denly sliting erect, "will get lill this
nice clean hair full of cigar smoke
tonight, so what's tho use, anyway?"
"Tonight's the night wc go to Pe
ter's?" Cherry stated rather (bun
asked. "Do you remember." she
glanced at her father, who was read
ing bis paper, "do you remember
when Dad always used io scold us
for being rude to Peter?"
"Well, I'd rather go to Peter's for
dinner than anywhere else 1 ever gol"
Allx remarked, dreamily. "Seriously,
J mean it!" she repeated as Cherry
looked at ber lu amused surprise. "In
the first place, 1 love bis bungalow
tiny us lt ls, lt has thc whole ol' a lit
tle canyon to Itself, und the prettiest
view In the valley, 1 think. Anti then
I love the messy pitting room, With
all the books and music, timi 1 love
the way Peter entert nins. 1 wish,"
she udded, simply, "that I liked Deter
half as well as I tlo his bouse I"
"Peter's a dear"' Cherry contended.
"Oh, I know fie ls!" Allx sahl,
quickly. "Deter's always been a dear,
of course. Hut I mean In a special
sense-" llnlshed Allx with au en
tirely unembarrassed grin.
Cherry, through a glittering cloud
of bair, looked at her steadily. Sud
denly she guve an odd laugh.
"Do you know I never thought of
Peter like that?" she sahl.
Alix nodded with a cautious look nt
lier falber, who wits out of bearing.
"No, nor I! We've always taken
him rather for granted." she n>'mil
ted. "Only I've been rather wishing,
lately, that Peter wasn't such an un
flattering, hlg-brotherlsh, every.day
neighbor serf of person."
Cherry regarded ber steadily, with
nu awakening look In ber eyes.
"Why lately V" she asked.
"I teen lise," said Allx, brisk l,\ and
unromantically, "I think Deter vould
like inc to well, to stop laking bim
for granted! I Imagine be's awfully
lonely. And then I Imagine lt would
please Dad "
"Dad bas always been ridiculously
fond of him," Cherry said, thought
fully. ' eier-possibly in love with
Allx ! She had never even suspected
it. Well, lhere was something rallier
pleasant In the thought, rifler nil, If
Alix didn't mind bis ugliness and
thinness. Cherry thought about lt lill
day. She had no thought of money a
year or two ago; but she was moro
experienced now. Anti Peter was rich.
Ordinarily she would have said that
she was not going to change for
Peter's dinner; but this afternoon,
without mentioning the fact, she
quietly got Into one of ber prettiest
dresses; n dress that bail been made
In the long-ago excitement of trous
seau days. Peter as a rather auto
cratic anil critical neighbor was one
thing; as a possible brother-in-law be
was another.
Rho came downstairs to And her
fnther walting, and they walked away
through the woods together. 1 Allx
had already gonn up to Toter's house
lo piny tennis. They walked slowly
through the lovely aisles of the trees,
crossing a road or two, climbing
steadily upward under great redwoods.
Cherry's skirt brushed the gold dust
from masse* and masses of buttercup*.
The tennis was over, but Just over;
Peter and Allx were sitting, still pant
ing, on the rall of the wide. oj>en
porch, and shouted as the others
Clime np.
"Von missed doubles I" called Allx.
"The grandest WO ever did! Doubles
with the Thompsons mid titree sets
straight to us-six two, six-two, und
six two nenin ! They've gone. Oh,
heavens, I never had such lennis. Oh,
Deter, when you stood lhere at the net
and Just curved your hand liku ll cup"
-Allx gave an enthusiastic imitation
-"and over she wen*, and game and
set .'"
Cherry, sinking white mid frilly into
a chair, smiled Indulgently. The walk
had given ber a wild-rose colet, and
even Allx was struck with ber extraor
dinary beauty. Alix lind wheeled
about on the rall to face tho perch,
and Peter had gotten to bis feet and
was hospitably pushing basket chairs
about. Now he gave Alix a critical
"You're disgracefully dirty!" he
said, fraternally.
"I know lt," fdic answered, calmly.
"Have I time to tub?"
"All the time In the world I" be an
Allx departed.
"It's very pleasant to me to have
Allx so much at home here," Cherry
said, when Allx was gone, and the
doctor wandering happily about the
garden. "I don't know what we'd
do If any one ever usurped our places
here !"
She had said lt deliberately; the
fascination of her recent discovery
wns too strong to resist. The man
flushed .suddenly. For a full minute
he did not speak, end Cherry' waa sur
prised to find herself a little thrilled
and even frightened by his silence.
"What put that into your head?"
he asked, presently, smoking with hie
eyes llxod upon ibo valley far below.
"Perhaps lt's because there are so
many changes, Deter: my marriage,
Anne's -everything different! It Just
caine to me that lt ls idee to have this
always the same."
"Perhaps Allx will come up here
and help keep lt so some day," the
man said, deliberately. Cherry's look
of ?labor?t?' surprise and pleasure
died before his serious glance. She
was silent for n moment.
"Why don't you esk her?" she said
in a low, thoughtful tone, trembling,
eager to preserve his mood without a
false note.
"I have," lie answered ?Imply.
Cherry's hen rt Jumped with a sudden
unexpected emotion. What waa lt?
Not pleasure, not all surprise-surely
there could be no Jealousy mixed with
her feeling for Deter's plans? But
she was dazed with the rush of feel
ing; hurt in some fashion she could
not stop to dissect now.
"And she said no?" she Stammered
in confusion.
"She said no. Or, nt least. 1 Inti
mated that I wns a lonely old affec
tionate man with this and that to of
fer, and she Intimated that that wasn't
enough. I ought to have said-I ought
to explain-that I had told her, only
a few days previously, that I had al
ways loved somebody else !"
"Oh b h !" ('berry was enlightened.
She visualized tin affair In the last
years of the old century for Peter.
"Oh, and lind she didn't hive you?"
Clifrry asked.
"The lady? She was unfortunately
married before I bad a Chance to ask
ber." s?i?i| peter.
"Oh-h-h !" ('berry said nguiu, Im
pressed, "and you'll never get ovpr
lt?" she asked, timidly. "Peter, I
never knew Hint !" she added as he
was silent, "Does does Dud bmw?"
"Nobody knows but Allx, and she
only knows tho bare facts," bc as
sured lier.
"Oh!" Cherry could think of nothing
to add lo tho sympa I Iud le little mono
"Finished with the shower!"
shrieked Allx from the warm darkness
Inside tho doorway. "Hurry up.
Peter, something smells utterly
grand !"
"That's the chicken thing!" Peter
about ed back, springing up to disap
pear in thc direction of the bath
room, ("berry Rill on, silent, wrapped
still in thc new spell of thc pleasant
voice, thc strangely appealing and yet
masterful personality.
? . ? ? ? ? ?
The dinner straggled a? all Peter's
dinners did ; Alix mixed a s:i!ad dress
lng; Peter himself flushed In and out
of the tiny, hot kitchen a hundred
times. Kow, In Immaculate linen.
came hock and forth io fetsjrely
tableflettlng. Suddenly evwjrtblng
wan ron dy ; the crisp, sinokfog-hot .
French loaf, the big, brown Jar of bub- j
bllnc ti'v'. odorous chicken, the.lettuce |
curled In Hs bowl, the long-necked
bottles tn their straw cases, and
efioeses and crackers and olives rad
figs und tiny tish in oil and marrons
in fluted imper tliut were a part of !
all Peter's dinners.
After dinner they watched Ute moon
rise, until Alix drifted In to the plano |
and Peter followed ber, and the otb- .
ern came in, too, to sit beside the lire.
AR usual lt was midnight before any
one thought of ending one of Peter's j
And all through the pleasant, quiet
hours, and when be bundled them up
In bis own big loose couti to drive
them home, Cherry was thinking of
1dm in this new light; Peter loving a
woman, and denied. The knowledge
seemed to liing a strange glamor
about him ; she saw new charm lu
him, or perhaps, as she told herself,
she saw for the first timo how ch
lng bo really was. His sp? .. h soi
actually the pleasanter for 'Do .
mer at which they had i lauj
years ago; the slight limn loot
own touch of individuality ano'
man's blunt criticisms of books
music, politics and people, were
omni by his humor, his gt nain
mlllty, and his eager hosplh
Next day sae took occas
thai Peter and his affair to
Alix turned Pery red, ht; Inuj
"If he considers that nb Off?;?"
can consider it a refusal. !
she said, boyishly em harli
like him I'm crazy about
I don't want any party in r liloli
crinolines to come floating t'Otn
dead past over my child'
"Alix, you're awful!' Ch
laughed. "You couldn't tal)
tf you loved him I"
Alix laughed. "I suppoi f i
to be a mass of blushes. ! lu
ls, I like kids, and I don*',
"Von don't know onytb ri ^ ut .
husbands !" Cherry laughed,
"1 know lots of men I'd Uk? U
off with for a few months,' AUX
sued. "Hut then I'd like to lome le
again 1 1 don't see why thai '. u t
fectly reasonable-"
"Well, lt's not I" Cherry deda
almost crossly. "That Isn't / .
ringo. You belong wdiere : iw ;
band ls, and you-you are alway? ?
to he with him-"
"But suppose you get tir r ..i
like a Joh or a boardlng-hou . -, I
of your other friends?" Ally ?ors! ?d
"Well, you aren't supp se I
Cherry said, feebly. Allx le her
the last word; lt was only th < < r
superior experience, she rhot
crossly. But half an hour 1
wakeful, and thinking that < I
miss dear old Cherry tom
fnncled she heard soineth!
sob from Cherry's bed, and
heart softened with sympnt
. . * * ?
They came downstairs to (lt
next day In mldafternoon, b
and wrapped for tim trip,
was to take Cherry as far a.1
In the car, and Martin by a
chance was to meet them th ttl
ferryboat for San Pru nels
Valley was not more than
ride from the ferry. Allx wi
down and return with Peter. Cherrj
said good-by to ber father on the
porch ; she seemed more of a puzzled
child than ever.
"I've had a wonderful visit, Dad-"
she began bravely. Suddenly the tears
came. She burled her face against
ber father's shabby old office coat nnd
his anns went about her. Allx
laughed awkwardly, and Peter shut
bis teeth. Anne, who had very prop
erly come over to say good by to ber
cousin, got in the back seat of the
car and Allx took the seat beside
Cherry saw In Peter's expression
something that she did not forget for
many, many months--never quite for
got. His eyes were fixed upon her
with something so yearning, so loving,
Cherry, Tied Trimly Into a Hat T.iat
Was All Big, Daisies, Was Silent for
a While.
so troubled in their gaze (hat a thrill
went through Cherry from head to
foot. He Instantly averted his look,
turned to the car, fumbled with the
gears ; they were off.
Cherry, tied trimly Into n hat that
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In South Carolina, a? Shown by Coin
pilaf lon from J 1)241 Census.
A dispatch from Washington suys:
The following statement shows the
percentage of illiteracy in the coun
ties of South Carolina, according to
the returns of the 14th census,.which
was taken in January, 1020. An ll-j
literate, as delinea in the census, is
a pc ion ten years of age or over
who ls unable to write either in Eng
lish or any other language. The per
centages are based upon the total
poimlation ten years of age and over,
or the total native white, or total
negro, as the case may he. The total
for (he State is 18.1 per cent. Among
the whites it is 6.6 per cent.; among
the i."groes 20.3 per cent. The lig
ures, by counties, follow:
Total. Whi.
Abbeville .17.4 ?.2
Aiken.1 S.O 8.1
Allendale .32.4 1.4
Anderson .I 2.S 7.4
Hamberg.1 S..*, 4.8
Harnwell .23.S 6.ti
?caufott.22.tl .">.7
Berkeley.M S.I OJ
Calhoun.19.5 I .6
Charleston .I a.4 1.5
Cherokee.17.:: I 1.1
Chester.23.S .">. I
Chesterfield.19.1 13.3
Clarendon .19.5 4.1
Colletoil.25.t! 7.1!
Darlington.I 9.2 9.9
DMlon.; . 22.:! I 0.9
Dorchester .20.3
Kdgclleld. 20.5 2.0
Ka ir Hold .21.0 2.?)
Florence.is.7 7.1
Georgetown .2!>.7 7.i!
Creen vi Ile.11.0 ti.:'.
Creen wood.10.3 4.7
1 lampton.20.4 3.5
Dorry.1 ii.."> 1 1.9
Jasper .33.0 Cl
Kershaw.1 CO 6.2
Lancaster.1 7. S 8.1
Laurens.10.7 5.3
Leo.25.9 CS
Lexington.12.5 CO
.McCormick. 20.4 2.4
Marion. 22.5 7.2
Marlboro.18.0 10.5
Newberry.10.5 CU
Oconee.12.f> 0.0
Orangeburg .18.0 C7
Dickens.10.7 7.2
Richland.13.7 4.0
Saluda .16.7 4.0
^"?unl">rff 13 7 S 9
. . 16.4
..17 . il
V. '.'i,:: burg . ?? 1.7 ' . "?
Calomel is quicksilver, lt attacks
tho bones and paralyzes the liver.
Your dealer sells each bottle of
pleasant, harmless "Dodson's Liver
Tone" under an ironclad, money
back guarantee that it will regulate
che liver, stomach and bowels better
:han calomel, without sickening or
saliva tin g you-15 million bottlea
Train Held Ups Passengers Robbed.
Salt Lake City, Utah, Aug. 31 -
Tho Los Angeles Limited, of the
Union Pacific system, was held up by
two masked and armed robbers
shortly after 2 o'clock this afternoon
near Clearfield, nine miles sough ot
Ogden. All the male passengers were
The train was stopped hy an auto
matic block signal. The two robbers
boarded the train, and while one
gathered loot in the observation car
the other proceeded to the other cars.
rho exact amount taken is not
known. Nearing the outskirts of Salt
Lake the robbers pulled the signal
Bord and escaped in the northern pail
of the eily.
One passenger in tho observation
car, rallier than hold up his hands,
i ll ill ped from the train. As he was
Hoeing one of the robers shot nt him.
Women and children on the train
were liol molested.
We are proud of tho confidence
doctors, druggists and tho public
have in (1(1(1 Chill and Lever Tonie.
Dieven Dead in Illinois Explosion.
Harrisburg. 111.. Aug. :? I. Bodies
if eleven miners were recovered to
night from Hie Ilario mine follow
ng an explosion this afternoon. More
[han four hundred men had boon
working,but had been warned.and es
caped when a dynamite charge broke
lown the wall of an old room, loos
.ning black damp. Seven men, who
^scaped the explosion, but are suffer
ing from the effect of black damp,
ivoro taken lo local hospitals, it is
lelievod Ibey will recover. Volunteer
Tseue teams were organized by tho
niners, hut their efforts were futile.
Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days
)ruj?lBt8 refund money If PAZO OINTMENT foils
0 cure Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles,
nstnntly relieves Itching Piloy, epd you cnn got
estful sleep ofter the fhbt uuullcation. Pike GOc.
Wizard Edison Reads Latest News
to Harding and Others in Camp
Left to ngiit: Henry Ford. Thomas A. Edison, President Harding and
H. S. Firestone
WHO eau i*ay how much power Burroughs, tho naturalist and writer,
and influence is represented in I whoso death last spring left a va?
thc picture ubovcf j caney when they came to consider
Henry Font thc Detroit manufac- j another vacation tliis year. lt ia
turcr und inventor; Thomas A. F.di- "aid tho throe principals so highly
son. electrical wirnrd und genius; ' regarded' the aged naturalist that
President Warren tl. Harding nl.il : they believed no less a personage
ll. S. Firestone. I Itu Akron tire man- limn tho president of tho United
II fae turor and liiuuicicr, form a quur- ; States properly could All his placo,
tot who.se weill th of mind and maier- ! Tho president was pleased to ac
ial riches it would be hard lo este copt tho honor to nssinnc the role and
mate. j for a few days live thc si ni plo lifo
This picture was lidien recent ly in ', that characterized tho career of tho
Hie mountains ni .Maryland whore . ngod naturalist.
those famous men wore* spending a | '""ho campers wero singularly con
night on a cuni ping tour that lasted genial, riding horseback, Ashing,
ten days. ? swapping stories, sharing camp
President Harding was thc guest ! chores together. Tho president, liko
of Mr bluestone, Mr. Fd ison and oilier members, was enger to do his
Mr. Ford, who loi years have Poon share around tho camp kitchen,
accustomed io take their annual out- which, in his particular caso, con
mgs together, living ?imply in camps sistcd of chopping wood for thc kit
as far from the haunts of tourist? chen firo Ho was unable to remain
ns it is possible to icu. for the entire outing, being called
Formerly tho party consisted ot back to Washington on ollicial busi
Fdison Firestone, ford and John ness.
In ('cecilwood County- Ex-Service !
Alan Killed hy Policeman.
(?reenwood, Aug. 31.-As a result
o? ?i surtes of homicides in this coun
ty last night. Willie C. Herring, a
Thirtieth Division veteran, is dead,
shot to' death hy Policeman T. E.
Dukes at Ninety-Six after Herring
had shot six times at officers; and
two negroes, a woman and a two
year-old child, are dead, having been
shot to deatr by Nathan Wardlaw.'a
negro, at Hodges last night in a lit
of jealousy. Sheriff IC. M. White and
lils deputies aro looking for Fred
Chiles, charged with a third shoot
ing affair, In which W. C. Hill, keeper
of a country store on (he Greenwood
'?ninda line, wari tdl&itHv \Y*,?.>?! .'od in
the face thh morijhu;, with ?.hoi frot?
n shotgun
I'Viroi r Sor',!<.?' "ib1 fi Killi
vl, llii?> >.". Hfc'r'r tjfj <?.?. lorinbv |
vice man. who was shot, had stopped
In the business section of Ninety-Six
late yesterday afternoon, according
to the olUcers, and was cursing and
creating a disturbance in the streets.
Officers T. E. Dukes and .1. C. Rush
started toward thc scene, and Her
ring began firing at them as they
approached. He ls said to have shot
four times at Officer Hush, the officer
returning thc fire, aiming at his feet
in the hope of forcing him to surren
der without killing him, the officer
Oflicer Dukes covered Herring
With his gun and ordered him to sur
render after he (Dukes) had been
shot at once. Herring is alleged to
have thrown up his hands, exclaim
ing, "I won't hurl you, Mr. Dukes.'*
The officer dropped his gun (o bis
sido^ and as he did so Herring is said
to have lowered his own gun, firing
directly at Ibo officer's bead. Oflicer
Dukes dodged and returned the (Ire.
the billie! taking effect In Herring's
abdomen. The wounded man was
brought to the Greenwood Hospital
last night, hut died shortly after mid
night. Ho had been treated for the
effects of gas received on the Kron ch
front. His twin brother, Jimmie
Herring, was killed in France, and
ho was severely gassed and shell
The police officers caine lo Green
wood and surrendered lo the sheriff
this morning.
Negress and ('bibi Shot to Death.
Andreila Belcher and her two-year
old niece, Tommie Romans, negroes,
were shot lo death about ld o'clock
last night near Hodges, in this coun
ty, by Nat ba ii Wardlaw, according
lo Wardlaw's own confession. He was
arrested this morning and lodged in
jail. Rebecca Belcher, the dead wo
man's mellier, and lier sister, Mag
gie Homans, were also sbol by the
negro, but not seriously hurl. Ward
law claims ho found Tom Harris at
tho home of tho Belcher woman and
began shooting. Ho fired once
through (he wall and once through
each of (wo windows. The (wo-year
old child was killed instantly. Tho
woman bled to death.
Huh-.My-Tlsni ls a great pain kill
er. Helievcs pain and soreness,
Hhciitnntlsin, Neuralgin, Sprains, Atc.
-? adv.
An inch of water on an acre of
ground weighs one hundred tons.
in Kgypt yellowish-brown, the hue
of tho dead leaf, is worn as the em
blem of mourning.
Says Loose Talk Often Lends to tho
Xoeessity ol' New Trials.
A dispatch from Greenville says:
An unusual departure from the or
dinary run ol* court proceedings was
furnished in the Court of General
Sessions here yesterday by Judge R,
\V. Mein minger in remarks he made
'o a jury which had just returned a
verdict of manslaughter with recom
mendation to mercy against Walter
and Carl Howers, charged with the
murder of Andy Wells.
Informing them that there was no
power in earth which could force
them to reveal the proceedings in the
jury room, Judge Memmlnger urged
the jurors to maintain silence as to
he bu loi ha and : * 1 ? thai took plat
w.iuH? the ci.-e was under dino ll 88 io ri,
vinny mlruoiK:istanding. . ... . d'c r
i,ev. irtu I* and bSelesH ?xpab^? it* the
^.y....... i.avu i'c<>ultou tro tu Ibu ......
of loose-tongued jurors after a ver
dict was rendered and the Jury dis-,
charged, the Judge told the jurors.
Discussion of a case by jurors after
it has boen (ried is needless. Judge
M em minger said, and in many cases
leads to trouble. The judge sounded
a warning to those who would coerce
jurors imo giving information con
cerning balloting and discussion in
the jury room, and declared that per
sons guilty Of such offense would be
haled into court if brought to bis
drove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, see how
it brings color to the cheeks and how
it improves the appetite, you will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup So
pleasant even children like it. The blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c.
Field Marshal von Beutow Dead.
.Berlin. Aug. ?il. - Field Marshal
Count Karl von Henlow, who was
commander-in-chief of tho Cern?an
second army during the war, died
hore to-day.
Marshal von Henlow, who was T'*>
years of age, was one of Germany's
leading commanders during Ibo war.
Ile was raised to the rank of field
marshal on Jan. L'Y. I fl 15, Marshal
von Beillow's name was among iho
Hst of fl erm a ns whose surrender for
trial was demanded by the treaty of
Versailles, bul declared that extradi
tion was an ignominy lo which "no
Cern?an would voluntarily submit."
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