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(Ketabllaliod 1840.)
"Published Kvery Wednesday Moraine
One Year .gj.ot
81X Mon MIN .(ff
?JTbron Mont lin.JU
Advertising Hates ltonsoimblo.
Hy ?tock, Sholor, Hughs NhoR>r.
Communications of a porsonul
character charged for au advertise
Obituary notlcuH, curd? of thanks
and trlhutos of respect, either by
Individual?, lodges or churches, aro
charged for as for advortlHomonts at
rate of oae cont a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will bo marked "Adv." in
conformity with Fedora! ruling on
such Jiiaftora.
WKRNKSRA Y, HI'JI*T. 7, 1021.
Several y on ra ago wo used lo boar
(.ur farmers and others suv, willi no
lillie pride .md a r,real deal of boast
fulness, (Ital I lie boll weevil Would
never damage cot lim LO any exlenl
in Oconee eouuly; thal our (Innate
in I lie winter ls loo (even; for Ute
weevil, alni Mi.il while Mn- pc.si inighl
ina!.'' IliS il p|) ai a mi- in iii?' la I e la ? I
?ind do a lillie damage, he would
111 ver If perntaneti 11 y ami io a u
alarming degree a pe; i In our < otiiily.
I o day lim M nevil i ? wit li na not
us a "casual visitor," ni certain local
Hies, nor i, he conllned lo Hie south
<Thinest |inrl ol mir territory. The
Weevil i; everywhere pUUCtUrillg
the hoi ls, laying eggs, hatching grubs
and growing end multiplying, infest
ing tin? ero)) to a degree thal even
thc. hm;!::;! calamity bowler would
not have dared to predicl a year ago.
We have Ibu weevil willi us he
youd dollin ami he ia no sluggard.
He is making inroads on Hie presen I
crop, and by next year we may safely
predicl thai the situation will bo
twice as serious as to-day, for this
year Hie boll weevil condition ls len
limes worse (han last year.
We will do well to lake a lesson
while thu lesson can ho learned ?it
II cost of only semi-disaster, lt has
been well said that "Kxperlcneo is a
dour school, hut fools will learn in
no other." Let us of Oconee ho ai
least "wiso fools" and learn (?ur lea
non at (lie cost of only slight experi
And wlton we say slight experience
we mean experience with the weevil,
who has Just now come into our
midst ia alarming numbers. Hood
ness knows we have been dull pupil.*)
in oilier brunches of ibo school of
experience, else, yours ago. wo would
have been well nd of cotton on our
farms as a ny t bing hut a side line or
money nop. at a proportion of not
over one fourth of the acreage under
cull iva I iou . Tho faci thal we. have
all boen fools for a long time need
not. however, induce us to continue
to wear Ibo high pointed cap Unit we
have chosen voluntarily to wear all
these years.
Let us cut COtl on acreage lo thc
quick next year We have made good
codon crops In Oconee, hut Oconee
<\in produce good crops of anything,
and of any crop she cnn produce
larger yields per aero than she can
of colina. We are ahove Hie real
"coll?n bell" of our Stale. All those
years Ihul we have been dabbling in
coll?n culturo, while making a rea
Milindie success of il, laking lliin^
SIS I hey come and go, we have hoer
straining a point, and working wit!
Hie odds all against us,
.lohn C. Moss, who owns the oh
.loe 'Neville place. Josi ahove town
about, as he expressed it. Hie ex
treme limit of the cotton growiti?
territory, showed us Monday sonn
green hulls tllnI lie had picked iron
lils Held. They were lillie bolls, jus
beginning Hie process of really crow
in,-, into hells. Hui they were lui
?if weevils. Several brown spois oi
tile green showed 'hat (he weevi
w.u. lhere ami that the Utile hell
?would never he more Iban they iii
today weevil i nen ha I ors. Mr Mos
says (hal lui cul his acreage this yea
lo len acre., while ho planted (wont;
acres in cotton last year. The weevi
has. he says, cul another lilly pe
cent on i he remainder of his norma
' inp, and he expects not over 2fi pe
?ont of his las! year's total yield
And no il goes Let US wake u|
now to the fact thal we have oppor
(unity in our reach to ho bono ll I O'
Ly the advent of the weevil into on
midst; that we can heller ourselve
by making of this wonderful sect loi
a truly grain ami cattle and slock
producing section. Wo feel that w<
have too long neglected these thing
Thon, too, wo need not look upot
tho weevil as a ' fool bug." Anything
but that, They have something of tin
wisdom und sagacity of Ex-Frosident
Wilson, who can soo farther Into tho
futuro and lay plans farther aheud
than any human hoing we can think
of. Will Dominons, who carries tho
mall on ono of tho rural routes out
Of Westminster, told us that he has
neon watching developments in the
Holds along his route, and no ls sat?
Isilod that a fourth crop on that
rou to la a liberal estimate of the out
look, Kraaling that conditions do not
get worse than they now are. He told
us of looking for weevils in Hu; bolls;
how tho bolls aro all punctured and
the squares rotting. And he told us
of pooping into a white bloom -tho
white bloom being indicative of the
fact that that, bloom is but one day
old and there ho found two grown
weevils awaiting developments and
laying eggs and preparing for a war
siege on thal boll so soon as lt might
hog in to form. If that Isn't the per
sonification of tho Wilsonian policy
of "watchful walting" limn we are
mistaken in the weevil's sagacity and
lils entitlements to a place in the sun
bul one degree loss lustrous than thal
of our illustrious ox-Presldonl. The
"watchful wailing" policy is one that
can't hu beat if carried to ils logical
conclusion, thal of striking at tin*
moment thc watchful wailing creases
lo be effective. And depend upon it
thal thc weevil will take advantage
ol' his opportunities. Go out into
your fields ami watch the operations
ol the weevils If you cannot glean
a sound lesson then wo tnusl confess
thal you are one of "them Illings"
which will learn in no school other
than that ol' experience sad experi
We might well revise a passage of
the (lund Honk and rom mend il to
our people: "t!o lo the weevil, thou
sluggard; consider ber ways and
wise.' '
Meal the weevil by taking from il
sustenance. Cul out cotton next
ear and raise food and foodstuffs,
bogs, cattle, sheep. Raise legumes.
Ulrich your soil and stop this ever
lasting toil in Hie cotton Melds, lt
wasn't so bad when you were thereby
earning your bread by the sweat of
our brow." Rut Ibo boll weevil was
put here, not for you to feed "by the
sweal of your brow." but for you to
starve on) by using your brain and
.oinmon sense.
lt's a ease of Ibo "survival of the
littest" the farmer or the weevil.
Are you going to lei this nasty
Utile brown Mexican pest run you off
your farm, or will you run him off'.'
lt. will be one or the oilier-and
tho farmer has the decision in tho
For lo these many years we have
heard and read of tho long-continued
boundary dispute between Ceorgia
and South Carolina, and it has been
our understanding that Ibo disputed
quostlon is as to whether the middle
I broad of Tugaloo river or tho water
lino on tho South Carolina side con
stituted the State line. South Caro
lina, it bas hoon our understanding,
contends (hat tho lino ls the middle
of tho river, while Georgia claims
tho entire river to tho South Caro
lina shore. If Hie South Carolina
contention ls correct, according to
thal understanding of the dispute,
some of the small islands in (ho river
belong to this state, while if Geor
gia's contention is correct, then all
of Ibo islands bolong to Georgia. And
we doubt if either State will be much
Hie loser regardless of which con
tention may be sustained by 'he Su
preme Court of tho I'niled Stales, be
fore which body the question of boun
dary will be argued next December.
Hut we are informed by Georgia
papers in Hie past lew days (hal the
boundary quostlon in reality is is
to whether Koo woo river or Tugaloo
river ls thal part of Hie Savannah
river which is referred to as the line
between South Carolina and Georgia,
lu thal event there would be much
involved. Were the Koo wee river lo
be Hie line between Hie two Stales
our whole county would be involved,
and the question in point would in
reality be whether Oconee county is
rightfully a part of South Carolina
Ol' a port inn of Ceorgia. The Keowce
river empties into Hie Seneca and the
Seneca into the Savannah, and il is
on this theory, we presume, that the
Georgians are looking to the possible
acquisition of good obi Oconee. Hui
never in lile' Possession i.--. we be
lieve, generally conceded lo be nine
points in law, and the toil I li is that
"we Jlsl am t a goin' over." and that
settles the question as to which body
ol' water is meant in the reference te
Hie boundary lit.e.
There ain't nary a hope. Georgie!
Mless your soul, we'd secede li rsi '
Piral Halo Drought 20 Couts.
t Greenville Piedmont, Sept, I.)
The first bale of codon brought ti
Greenville (his season was bought to
day by .los. W. James, buyer foi
Weld & Cothruit. Ile bought il fr MU
J. i?\ and H. S. McMahan. of Pied
mont Route ll. at the rate of twenty
couts per pound. Tho bale weighed
ROO pounds and brought $100.
tient lloNiiltM Can Ile Obtained Wt?'
(?ruin Ls Sowed Lo <\ ly.
Cloinson College Sept. I'..-BP ? lc
liest results ure secured wl.D- fal
oat? 'whoo they aro planted oar
When scoded reasonably ?arly o
make a better growth, (tVifig i.ior?
grazing for livestock If (io?lri il o
pasturo, more protection to tb
as a co vor crop, and ma ko a
yield in tho spring. Por thc .
mont section of South Carolin thi
latter part of September or iii
October is tho best time; fr. thi
coastal pla i ns sections Or.ober
best time, according to Prof.
ll lac kwell, agronomist
.If oats aro planted for tea? ,
ductlon they should bo s'oded
but If for cover crop or ' M b
uso of hairy vetch shoo ul li -
lli seeding. The hairy vetch m
improves the quality of .ht. h .
also servos a.s a soil Improvl1
because It takes ni trog t fr
air and fixes ll in tho sol ri a i
Methods of Seeding.
The most common practice
seed oats in corn and cc lo
Willi a three-tube drill oi ?
broadcast and plow in vi lt a
valor or sweep.
lu sections where col DU i i I
make tl rank growth a il wi I
ma t II res ea riv. lt is a g . 1 i>'
to plow under Ibo coll i ttl
soon tis tho eotton is all
should be done willi a
and wit li a weed book ol .
to help cover Ibo pla ll If
This will lu lp materially al IO
con i roi of t ho boll weevil
laud has been plowed, th?; ia
be seeded broadcast and re
or they may bo seeded .villi
Oats are also froquontl.t seoi
ter corn, and this is a good pi
and may be done succostf illly
vol beans are not grown Un
If velvet beans arc growr ;' llb
it will he necessary el thi to
them off Indore planting bal t.<
chop them up with a heav
plow them under. This v.'ill of
sity make the oat weedin.' ' ? .
Tho host varieties of c -I
aro the Kui gb ll ni and the \{ iii
the best rate of seeding i- ? I .
bushels per acre.
High Position and High Pi
Kingston, N. Y., Sept
who have been gazing < >i
tho structural activities c
sion bridge 300 feet abo ? :
crook were amazed to-d .1?,
that a blonde worker In o w i
ls welding cables is a wot
Mrs. Katherine Nelson, of Oil)
a widow with two childn ul i
is earning $:'0 a day.
When ber husband die
working as a stewardess o
liner, but found tho pay
and so obtainel a Joh lu >
shop. When tho bridge ??. rie'n
asked a company lu .lersc
Its best welder she was sent to Kings
ton. She says she never ls afraid o
dizzy at a great height, never bad ai
accident and never rejected a tas!
because of tho danger. She hopes t
take ber children home to Denmar1
for Christmas, then return and doi
overalls again.
No l>ahor Parado in New York.
New York, Sept. - For Ibo Hrs
time In many years New York wit
nessed no Labor Day parade to-day
1'neni ploy ment and 'he disinclinnt lo
of labor men to .spend money fror
their slender hoards for uniform
and bands were given as reasons fo
abandonment of parade plans.
A referendum taken by tho Cen
(ral Trades and Labor Council show
ed about even sentiment for am
against tho parado, .lohn Sullivan
president of tho council, said. Vote
for tho parade came largely from th
unions having large numbers of mein
hers unemployed, while those union
whose mem hers are eninployod VOta
against it. Mr. Sullivan said it wa
deemed advisable to conserve all tb
available funds for aid of those o
the unemployed who were in nood.
Membership in the American Li
glen proved its won h lo Amol*
llawklnson, Cloncoe Minn., after hi
automobile was stolen in Minneapi
Hs recently. Shortly afier the Ihel
police scrutinized an automobile i
which two women bad driven to th
Jail to visit with a prisoner, linde
the sent they found ll copy of th
American Legion Weekly addresse
io llawklnson. The women wero ai
rested and tho automobile relurno
to its owner.
With the recent receipt of thel
bonus checks members of tho Still
gls. South Dakola. posl of the Arnot
lean legion have pledged $1 1,000 r
their money for the erection of
$27),ooo community building, whlc
ls to have a gymnasium, shower bail
bowling alloy, rest room and a dane
hall for tho entire town.
(No Starter)
(No Starter)
(No Starter]
(No Starter)
(Starter and J
(Starter and J
The a
Place your o
With this bi
to make prompi
Phone 3
( alls at White House io Talk Ove
'Minors' Situation with President.
Washington. Sept. - President
Com pet's, of the American F?dera
tion of Lahor, told President Hard
ing to-day that against the authority
of the government of tho United
States "the people of West Virginia
cannot and must not stand in hostile
a r ra y. "
Mr. Gompers and James Lord, pres
ident of tho mining department jf
the federation, called on the Presi
dent, they explained, to lay hefore
him tho situation as they viewed lt.
Mr. Gompers said ho also told tho
President that, after all, when the
men havo obeyed the order of the
.President and dispersed, "lt may
crush their spirit, but that is no
remedy of tho acute situation as lt
oxists In West Virginia, and nothing
will bo settled."
Tho federation president urged Mr.
Harding to adopt the suggestion of
President Lewis, of the United Mine
Workers of America, that a confer
ence of operators and miners be call
ed to endeavor to reach a conclusion
which would not only settle the pres
ent, controversy, but establish better
relations between the miners and tho
operators for the future.
Tho President, Mr. Gompers said,
listened vi h keen Interest and sym
pathy to als appeal, hut stated that
his first duty ns President was to es
tablish tho authority of thc United
States and the maintenance of order.
Rainfall and Temperature.
Below ls a record of meteorological
observations taken by H. W. Brandt,
eo-operattve observer of tho Weather
Bureau of the U. S. Department of
Agriculture, during the week ending
Sept. 4th, 1921, at 7 p. m. (The
Instrumental readings aro from gov
ernment standard instruments ex
posed In tho manner recommended
by tho chief of the Woathor Bureau) :
? 1 a
Mig. 20 Clear. ST tl.".
Aug. HO Clear. ?12 <'.:'?
Aug. !! 1 Clear. !? | R I
Sept. 1 Clear. Ol', Gt!
Sept. 2 -Clea r. !? 7 fifi
Sept. I! Clear. !?S RS
Sept. I Clear. !i7 Ri?
Total rainfall
Favoring the nemo of a private sol
dier who gave his life for his coun
try during tho World War to that
Of "some illustrious general." an
American Logion post, of Minneapo
lis, Minn., bas petitioned the eily
board of education to name a largo
now high school there for Cecil Kyle,
who was working his way through
college by selling newspapers and at
tending lo cows when he enlisted.
Policies favoring navy men of the
American Legion will be discussed
at tho first conference of tho newly
appointed commit too on naval affairs
of tho Legion. Edward B. Spafford,
of New York, chairman of the com
mlttoe, baa called tho conference in
Chicago Sept. 20th.
:es Reduced
. 325.00
,. 355.00
. 445.00
Dem. Rims)
Dem. Rims) 660.00
bove prices are F. O. B. Detroit,
rder now.
g reduction in prices, we will not be able
t delivery oh all the orders we will receive.
?ont Motor Co-,
?4. Walhalla, S. C.
Building Material
Just received a solid carload of
Sash and Doors.
These were bought on latest market, and
we are in position to name you much
less price than you have been buying at.
Corrugated and V Crim Roofing, Etc.
Cane Mills and Evaporators. Galvanized and
Copper Evaporator Sheets.
Mowing Machines and Repairs.
Better not put off your needs in the above
too long.
Ballenger Mw. and Furn. Co.,
Scnecfti ?S. C
We will move our business after Sept. 15th, to room
now occupied by The Bee Hive, in the
Coleman Building.
(ireer Lady Chosen "Princess." | Negro Citri Killed by Lightning.
Oreer, Sept. 3 -Misa Lois .lames, Anderson, Sept. 3.-Only one loud
of this placo, has boen chosen as ! peal of thunder and a (lash of light
princess hy Governor Cooper lo rep- ning from a small cloud over the
resent South Carolina at tho cotton city Thursday afternoon, hut that
exposition in Waco, Texas | one Hash look the life of a young
The appointment of Miss .lames to negro girl, Fannie Lomax Thornton,
represent South Carolina is a well ? 1 I years of age. She was picking col
deserved compliment, and (Ireer is I ton in a Held Just on the edge of the
justly proud of the fact that South city limits, east, whon tho boll struck
Carolina is to have a charming and j ber, breaking her neck, fracturing
worthy princess to represent the j her collar hone and dislocating lier
proud old Palmetto State. M i ss .James j hip. Other negroes who wero work
is the attractive daughter of Or. and | lug in the same Held did not oven
Mrs. T. (',. .lames, who will aecom-1 receive a shock. The cloud was a
puny her io Texas. She is a gradu-1 small one. and the sun was shining
ate of Winthrop. al the time. No rain foll.
Tho exposition, which will begin |
Old. 25th, will last for one week. The j
crowning of the Queen of the 1921
Cotton Palace on the night of Oct. ?
25 will he a brilliant function. Tho
queen, who is the daughter of Gover
nor NielY, of Texas, and ber prin
cesses, are to bo In Spanish costumes.
Tho members of tho court are to he
Philadelphia's first hotol excluslve
1 ly for women bas recently been open
ed lo tho public.
All persons indobted to tho Estate
of Mrs. Lavinia C. Hutchinson, Do
.,ceased, aro hereby notified to make
honor guests at a number of social payinent to tho undersigned, and all
functions following the coronation
Moro than 7,000 diamond workers
*?ix Amsterdam aro without work,
owing to depression In the tr:ido.
Subscribo for Tho Courier. (Host)
porsong having claims against said
Rstalo will present tho samo, duly at
tested, within tho time prescribed by
law, or bo barred.
Executrix of the Estato of Mrs. La
vinia C, Hutchinson, Deceased.
Aug. 17, 1921. 33-36

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