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(Established 1840.)
Published Every Wcdnem'tty Morning
One Your .$1.00
Six Months .an
Throe Months ..30
Advertising RntOS Reasonable.
Ry Stock, Sholor, Hughs ? Sholor.
Communications or ti personal
character charged for as advertise
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
and t ri hu les or respect, either by
Individu?is, lodges or churches, aro
charged for as for advertisements at
rato of ono cont, a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will ho marked "Adv." In
conformity with Federal ruling on
such matters.
WA ld IA 1,1 a, S. C.
j The Story of ?
j pur States j
? (HI?\ik'll?x'&%f'l r I V e r which
. rWfi?nnf ally through
S this state and
j ^^sss-s^^ ls one of the
I chief tributaries of the Missis
j Slppl. lt is said that the early
i settlers found lu this territory, j
! au Indian tribe named Arkansas, .
j but the actual meaning of lb? J
! word IK not known. It probably \
j has some relation to the word ?
4 Kansas. There has been much t
\ confusion as to the correct pro- ?
nunclntlon of Arkansas, To re- T
move this as far as possible a **
resolution was passed hy tho t
slate senate In 1881 which sped- ?
tied that the true pronunciation ?
was "Ar-kan-suw." J
Originally Arkansas was a j
part of the Loulsiuna Purchase, t
Its Hist settlement was made by f
the French about 1086. Except j
for the few years during which I
by secret treaty lt was ceded to j
Spain, lt remained under French I
rule, until purchased by the Uni- J
ted States lu 1803, For nearly .
ten years after this, lt was a T
part of Louisiana territory. .With |
the admission of thc State of ?
Louisiana In 1812 this northern
section was formed into the Mis
souri territory. In 1811) there
was another partition and Ar
knnsus territory was creatod,
which included tho present slate
and what later was called Iudhin
Due io tho roports of an early
explorer named Pike, who visited
this region In 1800, the Incor
rect Iden was generally uccopted
that most of tho expanse of
plains east of the Rockies was
a vast desert. This ldeu per
sisted to such an extent that as
late as 1850 the western plains
were culled In tho school geog
1rn ph les "Tho Croat American
Desert." Adventurous settlers,
t especially from tho South, found
j conditions In Arkansas quite otb
J erwlse, however, and by 1838
j Arkansas was admitted as tho
t twenty-fifth stato of the Union
+ with an area of 63,836 square
j miles.
\ The nut nra 1 resources of the
J state' are considerable. There
t are tho mineral springs of mc
I(Urinal value, which have been
placed under governmental con
, trot at Hot Springs.
* (?by McClure Novrapftpor Syndicate.) ?
1 .
Rel ween Local raient of Walhalla
and West Cition,
An interesting evening's entertain
men I luis been suggested ?md arrang
ed for Friday night, Sept. iuh, ;ii s
o'clock, ut ibo High School Audito
rium .ii Walhalla.
An i ii forma I oratorical contest be
tween Many R. Hughs, ol* Walhalla,
and Kllison M. Smith, of West I nion,
luis boen arranged for thc evening.
Knoll speaker will select his own
judges .uni h:^ own subject. So each
ene should ho able lo win.
Thor?? \\ill bo some good music
along with tho oratory, so that every
one can have a good time.
Lot's all ?Dine and have a pleas
ant evening.
W. M drown,
S, K Hendy.
A ii. Ellison,
t iommittcc,
tum quickly relieves Constipation,
Biliousness, I*>ss of Appette and
Headaches duo to Torpid Liver.-adv
Isinglass is known as kanten In .la
pan, where it is made from seaweed.
New York City is the home of near
ly one-half of all tho lows in North
Ci Hu? Health Pictures Presented to
Audiences, in Oconee.
The picture show? given hy the
State Health Department at tho va
rious places over tho county were
woll iittended. They were sent out hy
tho Department of Rural Sanitation
and County Health Work of tho South
Carolina Slate Hoard of Health, of
Which Dr. A. h. ltiser has charge.
The average attendance for Oconee
was around three hundred, and lt
was through the hearty co-operation
of tho farm and home demonstration
agon ts of Oconee that these meetings
wei'1 so successful.
Tho pictures, although they deal
with two of tho dreaded diseases,
namely, typhoid fever and tuberculo
sis, uro very interesting and Instruc
tive. Fach picture is in tho form of
a story, with a plot running through
il. thus boldnig the interest of tho
spectators until thc last. At some of
Hie places "Food for Kefloction" was
shown, which isa two-reel picture 0:1
the many problems Hu.I confront the
cou ni ry schools. This picture is sent
out by the Department of Agrien!'ure
and was obtained from thom by our
homo demonstration agent.
Tho reid on typhoid fever, call ? I
"In Iiis Father's Footsteps," is ia
the form of a romance, lt goes o
silOW (Ital people are satisfied to live
under 'insanitary conditions until j
some disease comes alon?; and opens;
tb, lr eyes. This farmer had a lovely
daughter (Sally), who \v:is very fond;
01' one of lier rather's hired men.;
Wiiile walking over lier father's
tarin she drank some water from one!
ol' the wells 0:1 the old farm and'
contracted typhoid fever. During tin
night sile is taken worse, and her
lover volunteered tn go for the doc
tor. Upon this trip ho encounters
very many exciting adventures, hut
at last brings tho doctor lo Sally's ]
home. Meantime the health officer
calls upon her father and points out.
the unsanitary conditions obtaining I
on his farm and takes him to a mod
ern farm. Sally soon recovers, her
father tells her he is going to make
tho old farm a model place, and then
the reel closes by her father offering
Sally's hand to her lover.
".links." a comic rind on tubercu
losis, is amusing, although it is hard
to get tho lesson which the picture
was originally intended to convey,
.links i.s lazy and feels bad. and his
wife wants him lo go and see a doc
tor. When the doctor shows him the
germs he runs home and jumps In
bed and has a long dream. In this
dream it shows the germs' home,
which is Jinks' lungs, and the four
main reasons why tho lungs consti
tute the ideal home for germs
namely, because he never takes the
proper kind of exercise, eats the
wrong food, breathes impure air. and
never has a physical examination. To
wards the end of the reel the main
ways of preventing ?he spread of this
disease are shown.
"Out of the Shadows," a two-reel
picture on tuberculosis in milk,
shows where this terrible disease is
responsible for tho death of many in
fants as well as older people. Peo
ple who have cattle should have
them examined by the State veterin 1
rinn, and this can be arranged with
your county agent, lt takes only a
short time to have this examination
made, and, therefore, why risk the
lives of your whole family?
Lift Off with Fingers
Doesn't hurt a bit! Drop a little
"FreezonC" on an aching corn, in
stantly that corn stops hurting, then
shortly you lift it right off with
lingers. Truly!
Your druggist soils a tiny bottle of
"Freezone" for a few cents, sufficient
to remove every hard corn, soft corn
or corn between tho (oes, and tho
calluses, without soreness or irrita
tion. adv.
The interrogation point (?) wis
derived by placing the letter "q"
over the letter "o," these being the
first and last letters of the Latin
"quaosto" (question.) Tho point of
exclamation was made by placing Iii-1
lotter "I" over the letter "o," making
tlio word "Io," a Latin exclamation
of joy.
Interesting Program ltendered ut tho
Closo of tho Session.
Tho adult "lay-by school," which
was taught at South Union by Miss
Anulo Coloinan, of Blairs, S. C.,
cunio to a close Friday night, Aug.
26th, 1921.
An interesting littlo program was
givon In tho school building, tho oro
grani combining both prolit and
pleasure. Selections in reading were
given hy first und second grado pu
pils, and a third grade pupil presided
over the exercises. Miss Colonial!
had taught them several songs, loo.
which they sang for UH.
lt is wonderful how much progress
lliese grown men and women made
in so short a time. A first grade man
learned to read Bible stories, writo
a check, sign his name, etc., very
Miss Coleman deserves much credit
for her earnest and patient edon iii
teaching this school.
After the program by the school
Mrs. S. L. Harriss entertained the au
dience with a r?citai ion, "Poor House
Nan."* Then we had a snort talk by
.1.11. Brown, commending the lay-by
schools, etc., both of which were
greatly enjoyed by all.
lee cream was servedby the com
munity, which proved a great fou
lure of the evening to the school and
audience as well.
Clemson invited these lay-by
schools from Anderson, Oconec and
Picketts to hold their commencement
exercises a: Hie college, so on Satur
day about half of tho pupils from the
South I nion school wont over and
listened to many of Cue pupils from
ot bei- schools. ! think they enjoyed
the day. for many of them bad nevev
been to Clemson before. Therefore
Hie herd of cows, Uno hogs, pretlj
buildings, the green campus, beauti
ful Howers were a sight for them.
Miss WU Lou Cray, of Columbia,
was present and endeavored, in a
happy, cheerful way, to make the day
a success. She seemed to be satisfied
with the reports of the different
schools which were represented.
Miss Coleman and sister stopped
over in Seneca with Mrs. Leslie ?trlb
ling for the week-end.
We were disappointed because our
Superintendent of Education did not
attend the commencement of the
adult schools at Clemson. Perhaps,
had he been lhere, Oconoe would
have had a better showing. We pre
sume, however, that lils official duties
prevented his attendance.
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicino which stops the cough by
healing the inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Cheat Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed with every bottle of
should be rubbed on the chest and throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup.
The healing effect of Hayes' Healing Honey in
side the throat combined with the healing effect of
Grove's O-Pen-Trate Salve through the pores of
the skin soon stops a cough.
Both remedies are packed In one carton and the
cost of the combined treatment ls 35c
Just ask your druggist for HAYES'
Tho Adult Schools of Oconec.
To the Teachers of Adult Schools of
I am sure your work has been very
successful, and I wish to thank you
for your interest and co-operation.
You may get perfect attendance
buttons by writing to Miss WU Lou
Cray. Columbia, S. C. Bibles to be
used as prizes may be gotten from
Mr. Spca res' office. Please go for
them or send sonio one.
With best wishes for your contin
ued success, Sincerely yours,
Nell Hines.
OOO cures Malaita, Chills and Fe
ver, Bilious Fever, Colds and Ln
Grippo, or money refunded.-adv.
Woman Assistant Attorney.
Washington. Aug. 31. - Appoint
ment of Mrs. Mabel Walker Wull
brandt, of Los Angeles. Cal., to b?
Assistant Attorney Honorai of the
United Stales was announced yester
day at tho While House.
The appointment of Mrs. Wille
brandt follows a precedent set. dur
ing the Wilson administration when
Mrs. Annette Abbott Adams, of San
Francisco, was appointed to the of
fice which will be lilied by Mrs.
Mrs. Willebrandt, as Assis tani At
torney General, will have charge of
department of justice matters relat
ing to customs and internal revenue,
? including legal questions arising out
of enforcement of tho national pro
hibition act.
Taniasseo lt. s. |. .\. sept. Dili.
The Tnmassee Kural Improvement
Association will meet at the Tainas
seo District school on Friday, Sept.
9th, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
Thero will bo songs, recitations and
dialogues given by the children of the
Patrons, como ami help mako this
a successful organization. *
Of Amusements ut Sevoi'itl C? ii ca go
Hat liing Bond irs.
Chicago. Sept. 1.- Volunteor clog
actors which froquont Chicago bath
ing ] ouches during the summer have
bool banned hy police at one north
sido beach because the crowds they
collect along fashionable Lake Shore
Drive obstruct traillo.
A half dozen dogs spend most of
their Dine during the summer months
al the beach, ready to dive, chase
sticks and catch balls thrown by any
one who* will stop to play with them,
("bier of the canino entertainers is
Dixie, a pedigreed Airdale with tho
temperament of a prima dona, his
own se', of stage, or rather beach,
properties, and a list of tricks which
cause scores to line the shore walk
any Hmo ho consents to perform,
wiiic.h is usually from morning until
late in the evening.
Dixie likes to attract attention, and
he has his own method of collecting
;< crowd. Ile brings with him to the
beach two sticks, each about a foot
long, and a cork ball the size of a
baseball. Selecting :> prospective as
sistant for his act. Dixie offers either
the sticks or the ball to be I brown
into thc lake.
Retrieving the prize, the Airdale
ignores bis fl rsl friend and slops a
new passer-by. repealing the process
until a large crowd is collected. He
rarely offers slicks or ball to Hie
same person twice in succession, de
ponding on his impartiality to keep
t!;e greatest number ol* people inter
The dog has perfected his act until
he is able lo catch a ball thrown to
him from a distance of lilly feet or
more, and io snap Hy balls without
letting them touch the ground.
Colds Cause drip and Influenza
cause. There is only ono "Bromo Quinine." E.W.
GROVE'S signature on the box. 30c.
W. Bruce Hreazeale Honchos Home
With Pleasant Recollections.
Dallas, Texas, Aug. 30, 1921.
Editor Keowee Courier:
Having visited my sister and par
ticipated in the 49th reunion of Orr's
Hilles, and being a survivor of this
famous company of South Carolina's
contribution to the Army of the Con
federacy, and having met with a few
of my comrades, a number of friends
as well as klnspoople, all of whom I
bade farewell, and having recently
returned to my Texas home in this
great and glorious and growing city
of Dallas, I desire to say to the good
people of Walhalla that I thank them
over and again for ono of the most
enjoyable occasions of my life; and
especially do I feel grateful to the
good ladles of tho U. D. C. and other
bodies who had part In making this
reunion "worth while" in their
homes and otherwise, whose hospi
tality and good will cannot be sur
passed-who, with your committee of
arrangements made our coming and
visit among you so delightful and
pleasant, and the memory of which
will he forever kept fresh In our
minds. I also would not forget the
Boy Scouts who were so kind and
attentive to the old veterans.
I also want to assure my friend,
S. K. Dendy, that my stay with bim
was most enjoyable, and the recol
lections of which I will ever cherish.
I am also indebted to our mutual
friend, P. B. Watson, for tho splen
did outing and ride in his car to An
derson and other parts of the coun
try which he so kindly gave to Com
rade Clinkscales and myeslf on this
reunion occasion.
On our return home we found all
things in old Texas moving along
peacefully and in good shape.
Thanking you, I am,
Very respectfully.
W. B. Brea/ea le.
Hundred Barrels Witter Warehoused.
Philadelphia. Sept. ".. *HnitCd
states Treasury Department officials
came here a day or two ago to in
vestigate charges that water had
been substituted for whiskey in I un
barrels consigned to the government
ol' Ci reece.
The barrel? containing the water,
the agents said, are held in a bonded
warehouse ai the Pennsylvania Ware
housing-company. All Hie seals and
stamps required by law. showing the
liquor lo have been placed in bond,
were declared lo have been intact
when inspected. The seals of the cars
\i\ which Die inn barrels were trans
port Od from the New Hollnn Distil
lery In York, Pa., were also declared
to have been unbroken when the
guards attached to the customs ser
vice supervised their removal to the
An investigation has been started
In York and in other places where
bonded warehouses aro attached to
distilleries, it was said hero, as evl
donco already obtained indicated the
possibility of wholesale frauds in
volving great sums of money.
Here's X2HI Chance
Progressive Farmer,] ^| f^Q jpor
$1.00 year, ^ | Both
The Keowee Courier, ! , _ "
$1.00 jear, j For 12 Months
Either paper well worth Combination
Price of Both Order yours now.
EAGLE ^MiKADO'^C?^^^Pencil No. 174
For Salo at your Dealer Made in five grades
Have Moved My
Meat Market
"After the birth ol my
baby I had a back-set,"
writes Mrs. Mattie Cross
white, of Glade Spring,
Va. "I was very il!;
thought I was going to
die. I was so weak I
couldn't raise my head to
get a drink of water. I
took . . . medicine, yet I
didn't get any better. I
was constipated and very
weak, getting worse and
worse. I sent for Ca; dui."
oman s
"I found after one bot
tle of Cardui I was im
proving," adds Mrs.
Crosswhite. "Six bot
tles of CarduV and ... I
was cured, yes, I can say
they were a God-send to
me. I believe I would
have died, had it not been
for Cardui." Cardui has
been found beneficial in
many thousands of other
cases of womanly trou
bles. If you feel thc need
of a go?d, strengthen
ing tonic, why not try
Cardui? lt may bc just
what you need.
^ Druggists ^
A papyrus on geometry, dated 1 100
B. C., has beon preserved from the
ancient manuscripts.
* -I* * -?* ?I- ?I* ?fr *?- v 4? .!* ?I* 'I*
* * 4- * 4? * * * * * 4- * * *
.I- J. It. EARLE, ?fr
?fr A uoine.v-nt-Law, ?fr
?fr WALHALLA, 8. C. ?fr
?fr Slate & Federal Court Praeitce. ?fr
?fr FA ILM LOA NS. .fr
?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr
?fr ?fr
?fr E. Ii. HERNRON, 4?
?fr Attorney-at-Law, ?J?
4? Phono No. Ol, Walhalla, S. C.?fr
.fr ?fr
?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr. ?J? ?fr ?fr
?fr J. P. Carey, J. W. Sholor, ?fr
4? Pickons, S. C. W. c. H uglis, ?fr
?fr Attorneys ami Counsellors, ?fr
.fr WALHALLA, S. C. ?fr
?fr Stat? & Federal Court Prncltce. ?fr
.fr .fr .fr .fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr .j.
?fr ?fr
?fr W. D. WHITE, .g.
4? LAWYER, .fr
?fr WALHALLA, S. C. 4*
* *
?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr? ?fr ?fr ?fr? ?fr .fr ?fr
?AW E. ?k>Q)D;f
High Class
Guttering a Specialty,
Walhalla, S. C.
The Profession that
specializes in
And the Fitting Glasses
when needed.
"Goto an Optometrist*
Public Service *
I am prepared to meet all
calls for Public Service Car at
any time, day or night. Sec
mc if you want a quick, safe .?
trip anywhere, near or for long
"At Your Service"
Hairy Fayonsky.
Walhalla, S. C.
rte Oulnina That Dots Not Affect tte Head
Because of lt? tonic and laxative effect. LAXA
TlVK BROMO QUININIt Is better than ordlnarr
Quinine and doe? not cause ncrvousnes- nor
riniiiiia in hend. Remember the tull name ?nd
look tor the signature ol K. W. OROVS. 30c.

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