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Prince Albert ?a ?old
in toppy red bag*,
tidy red tin*, hand
tome pound and halt
pound tin humidor*
and in the pound
crystal fifa?* /mon
do r with apongo
moistener top.
Copyright 1921
by R. J. Reynold*
Tobacco Co.
Youl! enjoy the
sport of rolling
'em with P. A.!
FIRST thing you do next
- go get some makin's
papers and some Prince
Albert tobacco and puff away
on a home made cigarette
that will hit on all your
smoke cylinders!
No use sitting-by and say
ing maybe you'll cash this
hunch tomorrow. Do it while
the going's good, for man-o
ma.i, you can't figure out
whatyou're passing by! Such
flavor, such coolness, such
morc-ish-ness-well, the only
way to get the words em
phatic enough is to go to it
and know yourself!
And, besides Prince
Albert's delightful flavor,
there's its freedom from bite
and parch which is cut out by
our exclusive patented proc
ess! Certainly-you smoke
P. A. from sun up till you
slip between the sheets with
out a comeback.
Prince Albert is the tobac
co that revolutionized pipe
smoking. If you never could
smoke a pipe - forget it!
-if you use Prince Albert
for packing! It's a smoke
revelation in a jimmy pipe
or a cigarette!
?h*s national joy smoke
Localis from 'ruiniisscc,
Tamassce, Aug. 30. - Special:
Misses .lanie and Essie Nicholson, ol*
Moutain Rest, visited relatives in
.this community last week. Their
many friends here were indeed glad j
to see them again.
Miss Marinda Satterlield returned ?
home last week, after a pleasant ;
visit to her sister in Libetry.
An interesting sermon was enjoy- '
ed by a large congregation at the I), j
A. R. school last Sunday.
A rural school Improvement asso
ciation was organized last Thursday j
at Tamassee, willi a good number on j
the roi!.
There will he speaking at the I'!.'*
shoals school house Monday evening,
Sept. 5th, at S o'clock. Mr. Drake
will speak on "How to Farm and (?ct
(lie Rest Results." Everybody is cor
dially invited to attend '.he meeting.
Horn, unto Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
.Long, on Aug. 10th, a daughter.
E. ('alias, ol* the Mountain Rest
section, was a visitor in this co mun
ni ty last week.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. Nicholson, of tho
Mountain Rest section, were week
end guests last week of Mr. and Mrs.
W. S. Cowan.
Rainfall and Temperature.
Below ls a record of meteorological
observations taken by M. YV. Brandt,
co-operativo observer or tho Weather
Bureau of the I!. S. Department of
Agriculture, during tho week ending
Aug. 28th, 1921, at 7 p. tn. <
instrumental readings aro from gov
ernment standard instruments ex
posed In the manner recommended
by the chief of the Weather Bureau):
Total rainfall
Purify Your Blood
Eczema, tetter and many
other skin troubles are due to
disordered blood. If you are
afflicted with skin trouble,
don't suttor the maddening
torture longer, but start right
away to purify your blood with
S. S. s. tho standard blood
purifier for over 60 years.
For S;u-vml Booklet or for indi
vidual advice, without char/Jo,
write Chief Medical Advisor,
S.S.S.Co., Dep't, 430, Atlanta,Ga.
Oet S. S. S. at your druggist.
The Standard Blood Purifier
Tho Alexander Keunion.
-The Alexander reunion will con
vene Sept. 17th, 1921, at the Alex
ander cemetery, near Little River
church, Oconee county.
10.:?0 a. m.-Devotions conducted
hy tho chairman.
11 a. m.-Sermon by Rev. \V. C.
12 ni.-Annual address by Hon. J.
R. Earle.
l p. m.- -Dinner.
Everybody is cordially invited to
attend and bring well-lllled baskets.
D.' I). Alexander,
P. E. Alexander.
D. T. Alexander,
( 'ard ol' Thanks.
Editor Keowee Courier:
We wish io express our apprecia
tion to the many kind friends who
rendered service to us during Hie ill
ness and at the death of our dear
mother. We shall never forget their
kindness at this sad hour. May the
richest of Cod's blessings rest upon
them. John, Peyton and
Fred McKee,
Mrs. Alma Lee,
Walhalla. S. C.-adv. Children.
For Best Results
Sold by DruggUt? and Dealer*
Methodists Gained Million Members.
Nashville. Tenn.. Sept. !.- Statis
tics for presentation at the Ecumin
Wal Methodist Conference in London
Iiis mouth show chat American Meth
odism has ga ill od 1,255,091 members
net during the past decade, it was
announced here yesterday by the
secular press bureau of Hie Methodist
lOpiscopal church, South. Tho net
gain for the Methodist Episcopal
church for this period, Hie announce
in en i said, was a lieut 26 per cent, and
for the Methodist Episcopal church,
South, ft bou I 20 per cent.
The report indicates that Hu; Meth
odist Episcopal church bas 2,341?
minist ors and 4,393,988 members,
?nd the Methodist Episcopal church,
Bou th, 7,664 ministers and 2,255,
7">2 members.
Entirely Superfluous Dressing.
(Chicago Tribune.)
The Wife: "] must dress ?tl once,
dear, as the Browns are coming over.
Shall I pin on (he percolator0"
Tho Husband: "Don't bother; you
look all right the way you are."
President's Sister Veted Democratic.
A Gal lion, Ohio, dispatch says:
Officials of the local election held
here recently, and voters in a booth,
were amazed when Mrs. Ellen Hard
ing Dickerson, an aunt of President
Harding, voted a Democratic ticket.
Mrs Dickerson grew up with tho
President, in the same neighborhood.
The astonishment was all the more
marked because Mrs. Dickerson was
a member of the llarding-Coolidge
Club last fall and has always been a
pronounced Republican. She gave no
reason for her political change,
Mrs. Dickerson went to Washing
Ion to witness her nephew's inaugu
ration, accompanied by two of her
aged tinelos.
Habitual Constipation Cured
in 14 to 21 Days
.LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially
prepared Syrup Tonic-Laxative for Habitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action, lt Stimulates and
Regulates. Very Pleasant to Take. 60c
per bottle.
Wheat Supply Will He Adct/U ?te.
Washington, Sept. 1-No cause for
serious alarm is apparent at present
over the prospect of the world's sup
ply of whent,although the situation is
not so satisfactory as was expected
during the first pa.t of the current
season, according to the Department
of Agriculture. Twenty countries, In
cluding tho United S'ates, which pro
duce approximately (LS per cont of
the known wheat crop of the world,
will harvest 2,461,430,000 bushels
Ibis year. That ls 71,287,000 bushels
moro than hnrvefiwd in those coun
tries last year.
Drought in the greater par', of the
.Northern Hemisphere was a ser'ous
menace in many countries, but fall
sown wheat was not BO adversely af
fected/as at first supposed. Nearly
all northern and central European
countries will have larger wheat
crops limn last year.
HalFs Catarrh Medicine
Those who aro in a "run down" con
dition will notice that Catarrh bothers
them much more than when they ure
lu good heall h. This fact proves that
while Catarrh is n local disease, il ls
greatly Influenced by constitutional
conditions. Il ALL'S CATARRH
MEDICINE is a Tonie and Blood Puri
fier, und nets through tho blood upon
flu? mucous surfaces of (be body, thus
reducing tho Inflammation und restor
ing normal conditions.
All druggists. Circulars free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Flowers Shipped in e.
A dispatch from London says:
A wreath of wild flowers, fro/en in
a solid block of Ice, has been sent
here from Australia to bo placed on
tho unknown warriors* grave In the
Westminster Abbey, when tho ice
is thawed the flowers will be as fresh
as when gathered several weeks ago.
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Is Forecasted on Basis of the August
iL Crop Condition.
Washington, Sept. 1.-Decline in
the condition of the cotton crop dur
ing August caused a reduction of 1,
1 GC,OOO bales in the estimated Rna)
production as compared with tho
amount forecast a month ago.
Production this year was forecast
to-day at 7,037.000 bales of 500
pounds gross by tho Department of
Agriculture, which based its esti
mate on tho condition of tho crop on
August 26, which was 49.3 per cent
of a normal, forecasting a yield of
127.0 pounds per acre. The produc
tion was forecast a month ago at S,
2 03,000 bales, based on the July 25
condition of the crop, which was 64.7
per cent of a normal. Last year's
crop was 13,439,603 bales, and the
August 25 condition was G7.5 per
cent of a normal. The average con
dition of the crop on August 25 for
the ten years (1911-1920) is 07.7 per
cent. Tho decline In condition from
.July 25 to August 25 was 15.1 points,
compared with tm avetnge decline of
7.7 points for tho ten years.
The condition of the crop on Aug
ust 2 5 and the forecast of produc
tion based on the condition, by
States, were:
State- Condition. Yield.
Virginia . .'.:! I I.ooo
North Carolina.... G2 52:1.ono
South Carolina .... 50 744,000
Georgia. ll s27.ooo
Florida . fin iti.oiio
Alabama . 53 472,000
Mississippi. 57 679,000
Louisiana . 15 21 1,000
Texas . 42 1,938,000
Arkansas . 63 720.ooo
Tennessee. 74 235,000
Missouri. 78 50,000
Oklahoma. IS 17 1,000
California . 83 75,000
Arizona. 85 17,000
All other States ... 85 .
Lower California's production fore
cast is 34,000 bales, which is in
cluded in California ligures, but ex
I duded f ) tilted States total.
No. I Mended < >tb Action in Debs Case.
. .> ag ?t. 2.-In a statement
Issued yestetday commenting on tho
fal I uro ol I' . sldent Harding to act
on 11 ipj Hon for a pardon for
Ku 11^ V is until after the peace
tro ' y wi; Germany shall have been
rai d; oclalist national execu
tlv lotir, which is meeting in
titi. t>i lares, "We decline to
nci ? : ile ..li test roason given for
failure i act. lt ls not tn accord with
tin vii ote."
3iit refers to the re
lea y convicted German
spii ni ? whom "were convicted
j of ? nibs on ships sailing
for ' pi 11 ports," and denounces
the American 'Legion. The commit
tee, the statement nays, "learns with
profound regret and indignation
that, after months of waiting, no de
finite action bas been taken hy Pres
ident Harding. The United States to
day has the unenviable distinction
of being the only country where the
administration has no* granted full
amnesty to all of its political prison
Powerful Battleship Launched.
Camden, N. J., Sept. 1-The super
dreadnaught Washington, ono of the
four largest and most powerful bat
tleships of the United States navy,
was launched to-day i.t tho Glouces
ter plant of the New York Ship
building Corporation.
Miss .lean Summers, a ten-year-old
daughter of Representative J. W.
Summers, of W illa Walla, christened
it with a bottle of water from her na
tivo Stato.
Tho Washington's armament will
consist of eight 16-inch rifles and
fourteen 5-lnch guns, and she will
have a complement, when commis
sioned, of 130 ollicers and 1,281
men. Tho new dreadnought will he
electrically driven, tho plans calling
for a speed of 2 1 knots. She is 024
feet long, 97 feet wido ai tho water
line, and has a loaded displacement
of 33,500 tons.
Sixteen Killed in Reifast Riols.
Helfast, Ireland, Sept. 1. Soldiers
were rushed to the Grove s* 'ec', sec
tion of Belfast this morning when
several shots were fired in thal dis
trict. When Hie troops arrived, how
over, tho gunmen had vanished. This
was tho llrst recurrence of the street
lighting Si nco yesterday, when six
persons wore killed and thirty were
To (Into the death roll totals six
teen. Troops are patrolling Spring
field road in the area which causes
the authorities somo concern, as it ls
part of tho division where tho fiercest
riots of tho past year occurred.
To Cure a Cold Ia One Day
%0!\a ihJP ?iH,J?i?,?ni! .Headache and works off the
Cold. t. W. GROVE S signature on each box. 30a
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At tho Made-lu-Cnrolinas Exposition,
Charlotte, X. O., This Month.
Charlotte, N. C., sopt. 5.-Special:
The opening day--Sept. 12 - und
South Carolina Day-Sept. 19-will
be two of the most important days of
tlie Madc-in-Carollnus Exposition,
though every day will be marked hy
programs which will compel public.
Interest, according to announcement
from executive oltlces here of the ex
Governor Cameron Morrison, of
North Carolina, will deliver tho prin
cipal address on the opening day.
which also will be given added In
terest by the initial appearance of
the official New York City Concert
Hand, which will give afternoon and
evening concerts during the first two
weeks of the exposition, and of four
notable vocalists. Mayor Walker, of
Charlotte, will introduce Governor
Col. T. L. Kirkpatrick, a close
friend of Governor Cooper, of South
Carolina, and president of the Char
lotte Chamber of Commerce, will in
troduce the Chief Executive of the
Palmetto State, lt originally was
planned lo have the Governors of
both the Carolinas speak on opening
day. hut it later was tl eel dod hotter
lo change this plan in order to allow
a longer speaking time for each ni
lbe.se otllcials. Governor Cooper is
expected lo speak on tho suhjec'.
"Tho I Inman Element In industry."!
a subj? .'t io which Ho has recently
been giving much study.
Carrying still further (he [doa of
having special days, the entertain
ment committee, under direction of
David Owens, chairman, is working
oui plans for Educational Day. when
Dr. P, p. claxton, former Federal
Commissioner of Education, and Dr.
1). H. Johnson, president nf Winthrop
College, Hock Hill, S. C., will deliver
addresses; School Children's Day,
when Dr. E. C. Brooks, superintend
ent of public instruction for North
Carolina, will be the principal speak
er; also Statesville Day, Gastonla
Day, Monroe Day. Winston-Salem
Day, when it is expected that sevoral
thousand people will come here on
special trains, -for which arrange
ments are now being made; Women's
Club Day, and possibly several other
days of special Interest.
Announcement ls expected lo be
forthcoming within a few days that
the railroads of the Southeastern
Slatos will allow a special rate o?
one and one-half fares lo exposition
visitors. vSuch ti decision now seems
assured, it was announced, as a re
sult of the spirit of co-operalton and
interest on the part of the carriers.
The Advice of This Walhalla Woman
Is of Certain Value.
Many a woman's b;ick hus many
aches ti nd pains.
Ofttimes 'tis the kidneys' fault.
That's why Dean's Kidney Pille are
BO effective. Ask your neighbor*
Many Walhalla women know thin.
Read what ono luv? to say about lt:
x\lra. S E. PowoLl Walhalla, says:
"Soverai years ego kidney trouble
came on me and my back ached a
good deal. When I bent ovor, ?harp
pains would shoot through mo and
?pocks appeared before my oyo*.
Mornings 1 was aa tired us when I
went to bod atid I waa nervous. My
kidneys didn't act properly. Finally 1
begun taking Donn's Kidney Pills and
they quickly cured me of tho trouble.
I have great faith in this medicine."
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy- get
Donn's Kidney Pills the santo that
Mrs. Powell had. Pos!.or-Mllburn Go.,
Mfrs., Buffalo. N. Y.
Engine Pell Sixty Peet,
(Farm and Factory, Sept. I.)
Quite a dotti of excitement was
created Monday (?vening at Newry
when a switch engine on the Newry
spur track raced from near Watson's
market down the steep grade and
plunged a distance of seventy feet
from tho track. The engine was in
charge of Chief .Machinist Albert
Kirby. Mr. Kirby says a har broke
and the air being wasted caused him
10 loso control of the machine. The
engine was pushing two coal cars to
? the 'nain Rue of the Southern. One
of io cars landed on top of tho en
gine. The other was stopped before
11 reached ibo point of derailment.
After leaving the end of tho track the
engine aeroplanod about sixty feet
before striking the ground.
Anti-British Conspiracy Discovered.'
London, Sept. 2.-A dispatch to
tito Daily Mall from Calcutta says
that the police In tho Punjab havo
discovered a conspiracy among tho
Slkns to overthrow tho British gov
ernment and assassinate Europeans.
Tho dispatch adds that tho proseen
Hon of tho alleged conspirators will
bo undertaken.
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Ago Small Weco of Iron, for Which
Payment Ha? nt l^ast Hoon Made.
(Andorson Malt, Sept. 1.)
No ono ovor forgets to collect I ho
money from Anderson county when
ll is due them, hut it remained for a
middle-aged white mau to break all
precedents lu coming forward and
paying a debt to Ibo county lhal is
len years old, and fulfilling an obli
gation of which the county had no
According lo .1. S. Acker, clerk In
the supervisor's office, a middle-aged
white man came Into his olllce tho
other day, seemingly rather ill at
ouse. Tho man was rathol* poorly
dressed and seemed to bo In very
moderate circumstances. Ho hemmed
and hawed about, bis business with
Mr. Acker for a few minutes, and
dually stated that he wauled to make
a confession and got straight.
Mr. Acker did not know what to
expect. Whether ibis was a man
wanted for some crime, an escaped
convict, or what not, Mr. Acker did
not know, but he just sa! still and
wailed. And the man dually told bis
Some lon or eleven years ago a
new bridge was bulli near Pori man.
This bridge was used lo replace an
other structure, and after the job
w.i s coin piel ed. nt neb of the Iron was
left on the banks nf the river. The
man bad taken a small piece of iron
?od made for himself a plow, using
i! a great deal since limn. His eon
si lenee bad prompted him to como
io Anderson and pay for the iron.
"Friend," ho said. "I owe ibis
counly some money, and I want to
pay it. You remember, tun or (devon
years ago, when the county was
building (Carlo's bridge, near Port
man. Well, lhere was a whole lol nf
Iron left on (he side of Ibo river, and
I look a piece of lt to make mo a
plow. 1 have used HUM plow a whole
lol, hut I'll loll you it has hoi herod
me over since. I don't iee! like I did
right, and 1 want to pay (ho county
for tho iron."
"Well, sir," 1 told him, "I don't
know what the Iron was worth, nor
anything about it, but if it will ease
your mind any, I'll be glad to accept
payment for the piece and give you
a receipt for lt.
"The man paid me fifty cents,"
continued Mr. Acker, "saying that It
was Just a llttlo plefce of iron, and
ho guessed fifty couts would pay for
tho iron and Interest on the debt."
OOO lins moro imitations tiian any
other Fever Tonic on tho market
but no ono want? imitations.-adv.
1,500 Cotton Handlers Strike
New Orleans, Sept. 1.-About I ,
;>00 mon engaged in the handling of
spot cotton in New Orleans-team
sters, loaders, samplers, markers, in
spectors, and warehousemen - wont
on .strike hore to-day.
As a result, the cotton commerce of
the port is at a standstill.
Tho strike ls the result of the de
cision of tho cotton handling com
mittee of the New Orleans Holt.m
Exchange, in co-operation with tho
public ?ind private cotton warehouses
and terminals here, to pul Into effect
an eighteen per cent reduction In the
handling charges, and consequently
in the wages paid to the cotton hand
The reduction, tho committee de
clared in H.". report to the directors
of tho cotton exchange yesterday, is
absolutely necessary to put 'New Or
Jeans on a parity with other Gulf
ports in the competition for tho Just,
shari' of the new crop movement
which is. now beginning.
Hess of $00,000 by H?fel Vive.
Nashville, Tenn.. Sept. 2.-A tel
ephone t ssa go from Monterey, in
Putnam county, says that the older
part of the Imperial llo'el building
there was burned early yesterday,
and with il the quarters of the Hank
of Monterey, three stores, a coal
company's Office and a printing Office,
entailing n loss estimated at$60,000,
partially covered by insurance, No
ono was seriously injured so fur as
No Worms in a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worms have nn un
healthy color, which Indicates poor blood, and as a
rule, there ls moro or I ess stomach disturbance.
larly for two or I h reo weeks will enrich tho blood.
Improve tho dilation, and act as n jlcnernl St renglh
rnlnrt Tonic to tho wholo system. Nature will then
throw off or dispel tho worms, and tho Child willbo
in perfect health. Pleasant to toko. 60c per bottle.
Buying Motors for Submarines.
Genova, Switzerland, Sept. 1.-lt
is announced that tho engineering
firm of Sulzer, at Winterthur, has re
ceived an order from the American
government for $5,000,000 worth of
Diesel motors for submarinos. An
order for 1,250,000 pounds sterling
for similar moteia was rocoivod a
few weeks ago by thc samo firm from
the Japaneso government. Tho Sul
zer Orin makes n specialty of Diesel
and large motors for submarinos.

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