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' Sisters I
'By j
OovrrtaMtrr Kathi.*? M?nfc
She wes In tears again nnd Peter
put his hand out and covered hers and
held lt.
"He must hovo been going to call
some one," said Allx, after a while,
"they said he never suffered nt nil.
This was January, the last day, and
Cherry got here tho same night. He
knew us both toward morning. And
that-that was all. Cherry was here
for two weeks. Martin cnme and
"Where ls Cherry nowt" Peter In
"Rack at Red Creek." Allx wiped
her eyes. "She hates lt, but Martin
had a good position there. Poor
Cherry, lt made her Ul."
"Anno cnmeT'
"Anne end Justin, of course." Peter I
could ~.M understand Allx's expr?s- \
?lon. She fell silent, still holding his
hatti and looking at the ur?.
fie looked at her with a greac rzzz
of admiration nnd affection. She was
not only a pretty and a clover wom
an; but, lu ber plain black, with thia
new aspect of gravity and dignity, and
with new notes of pathos and appeal
in ber exquisite voice, he realized that
she vi as an extremely charming wom
Refor? he said goodby to her. bc
bad asked ber to marry him. Ile well
remembered ber look of bright and In
terested surprise.
"D'you mean to tell ?ne you have
forgotten your lady love of the hoop
skirts and ringlets?" she had de
"No," Peter had told ber, frankly.
"I shall always lovo her, In a way.
But she Is married ; abo never thinks
of me. 1 And I Uko you so much, Allx;
I like our music and cooking and
tramps and rending-together. Isn't
tbnt a pretty good basis for mur
"No I" Allx had answered, decidedly.
"Perhaps If I wore madly In love with
you I should say yes, and trust to
little lingers to lend you gently, and
BO on-"
He remembered ending the conver
sation In one of his quick moods of
irritation against bor. If she couldn't
toko anybody or anything seriously
he had said.
Poor Alix-she wus takjug life seri
ously enough tonight Peter thought,
uti .ho. wntched her.
"Tell me about Cherry," he said.
"Cherry ls well, but just a little thin,
and heartbroken now, of course. Mar
tin never seems to stay at any one
place very long, so I keep hoping-"
"Doesn't make goodl" Peter said,
shaking his head.
"Doesn't seem toi It's partly Cher
ry,' I think," Albs said honestly. "She
was too young, really. She never
quite settles down, or takes life in
earnest. But ha's got a contract now
for three years, and so she seems to
be resigning herself, and she has a
maid, I believe."
"She must love bim," Peter submit
ted. Allx looked surprised.
"Why not?" she smiled. "I suppose
when you've had ups and downs with
a mail, and been rich and poor, and
sick nnd well, and have lived In half
a-doxcn different pinces, you rather
take him for granted I" she added,
"Oh, you think lt works that way?"
Peter asked, with a keen look.
"Well, don't you think so? Aren't
lots of marriages like that?"
"You false alarm. YOB quitter I" he
answered. Allx laughed, a trifle guilt
ily. Also she flushed, with a great
wave of splendid young color that
made her face look seventeen again.
"Your father left you-something,
Allx?" Peter asked presently, with
some hesitation.
"That," she answered trankly, "ls
where Anne comes lui"
"Anno and Justin came straight
over," Allx wont on, "and they were
really lovely. Doctor Younger and
Oeorge Bewail were here every day;
you and George wore named as execu
tors. I was so mixed up In policies
and deeds and overdue taxes und In
terest and bonds-"
"Poor old Allx, If I had only been
here to help you I" the man said. And
for a moment they looked a little con
sciously at each other.
"Well, anyway," the girl resumed
hastily, "when lt carno to reading tito
will, Anne und Justin sprung a mine
under us 1 It seems that ten years
ugo, when tho Strickland patent (Ire
extinguisher was put upon the mar
ket, my adorable father didn't have
much money-ho never did have,
somehow. So Anne's father, my Un
cle Vincent, went Into lt with him to
the extent of about three thousand
"Three thousand!" Peter, who lind
been leaning forward, earnestly at
tentive, echoed In relief.
"That was all. Dad had about
three hundred. Dad did all the work,
and put In his three hundred, and Un
cle Vincent put In three thousand
and the funny thing ls," Allx broke
off to say, musingly, "Uncle Vincent
was perfectly splendid about lt ; I my
self remember him snylng, 'Don't
worry, Lee. I'm speculating on my
own responsibility, not yours/ "
"Well?" Peter prompted, as sho hes
"Well. They bad a written agree
ment then, giving Uncle Vincent a
third Interest in thu patent, should lt
be sold or put on the market-"
"Hal" Peter ejaculated, struck.
"Which, of course? was only a little
while before Uncle Vincent died," Allx
went on, with a yrayc nod. '"The
agreement lay in Dad's desk all these
years-fancy how easily he might
have burned lt many's the time! But
he didn't. George Sewall says that
Anne ls right They've broken the
Peter, in the silence, whistled ex
"Gee-rusalem I" he exclaimed. "What
does lt come to?"
At this Alix looked very sober,
gazed down at the fire and shook her
"Ali he had I" Bbe answered, briefly.
Peter was silent, looking at her in
"Almost, that Is," Allx amended
more cheerfully. "As it was-we
should have had more than thirty
thousand apiece. As lt is, Anne gets
it all. or If not quite all, nearly a!!."
"Gets!" he echoed, hotly. "How do
.ou moan?"
"It seems to be perfectly Just," the
girl answered, rather lifelessly. But
immediately she laughed. "Don't look
so awful. Peter. In the first place,
Cherry ar.d I atilt have the bouse. In
the *cv.?md place, I am singing at St.
Raphael's for five hundred a year, and
singing other places now and then.
Anyway, I'm glad you're home again,
Beter I" she added.
"Home again," he answered, balf
angrlly. "I should hope I am-and
high time, tool Has this-this money
been turned over to Anne?"
"Not yet. Nobody gets anything
until the estate ls cleared-a year or
more from now. There are some
things to bo thankful for," Allx added,
dashing the sudden tears from her
eyes, "und one ls that Dad never knew
"I can't tell you how surprised I am
at Anne," Peter said.
"Well, wo all were I" Alix confessed.
"But lt's Just Anne's odd little self
contered wny," she added. "It wus
here, ami she wanted ll. Well-1 let
Hong go, and as soon as I can rent
this bouse, I'm going to New York."
"Why New York, my dear girl?"
"Because I believe I can mako a
living there, singing and teaching and
gonerally struggling with life I" she
unswered, cheerfully. "Cherry gets
most of the money-they are always
somewhat In debt, and I Imagine that
the reason she ls able to have a nice
apartment and n maid now is becnuso
she knows lt ls coming-and I get tho
house, and enough money to keep me
going-Kay, a year, In New York."
"Do you want to go, Allx?" be said,
"Yes, I think I do," she answered.
But her eyes watered. "I do-in a
way," she added. "That Is, I love my
singing, and the thought of making a
success ls delightful to me. But, of
course, it means that I give up every
thing else. I can't have home life, and
-and tho valley-for years, four or
Ave anyway, I'll have to give all that
up. And Fm twenty-seven, Peter.
And I'd always rather hoped that my
music was going to be a domestic va
riety-" She stopped, smiling, but ho
saw the pain iq her. eyes. "Georg?
Bewail "most k??cUj asked me to moth
er his sinai I son->. she resumed, cas
ually. "But although he la the dear
"Sewall did I" Peter exclaimed, rath
er struck. "Groat Scott I his father ls
one of the richest men In San Fran
"I know lt," Allx agreed. "And he
Is one of the nicest men," she added.
"But, of course, he'll never really love
any one but Ursula. And I felt-oh,
I felt too tired and alone and de
pressed to enter upon congratulations
and clothes nud family dinners with
tho Sewalls," she ended, a little drear
ily. "I wanted-I wauted things In
the old way-ns they were-" she
said, her voice thickening.
"I know-I know I" Peter said,
sympathetically. And for a while
there was silence in the little house,
while the rain fell steadily upon the
dark forest without, and soaked
branches swished about eaves and
windows. "Can you put me up to
night?" he asked, suddenly. He liked
her frank pleasure.
"Batherl 1 think Cherry's room
was made up fresh last Monday," she
told him.
She had risen, as If for good-nights,
and was now beside the old square
plano, where she had pluced the lamp.
"I haven't touched lt-since-" she
said, sadly, sitting on the stool, and
8he Was Now Beside the Old Square
with her eyes still smiling on him,
putting back tho hinged cover. And a
moment later her hands, with the as
surance and ease of the adept, drifted
Into one of the songs of the old days.
"Do you remember the day we put
the rose tree back, Peter?" she asked.
"When Martin was almost a stran
ger? v?nd do you remember the day
we made biscuits, over by the ocean?"
"I remember all the days," he an
swered, deeply stirred.
"We didn't see all this, then," Allx
mused, still playing softly. "Anne
claiming everything for her husband,
you and I here talking of Dad's death,
and Cherry married-" She sighed.
"She's not happy?" he questioned
"She's not unhappy," she told him,
with a troubled smile. "It's Just one
of those marriages that don't ever get
anywhere, and don't ever stop," she
added. "Martin lins faults, he's un
reasonable, and he makes enemies.
But those aren't faults for which a
womnn can leave her husband. Oh.
Peter," she added, laying a smooth,
warm hand on bis, and looking Into
his eyes with her honest eyes, "don't
go away again I Stay here In the
valley for a week or two, nnd help me
get everything worked out. and
thought out-I've been so much
.lone I"
"Dear old Allx I" he said, sitting
down on the bench beside her and
putting his arm about ber. She
dropped her head on his shoulder, and
so they sat, very still, for a long min
ute. Allx's hand went to ber own
shoulder, and her fingers tightened on
his, and she breathed deep, contented
breaths, like a child.
"Somebody ought to wire Mrs.
Grundy, collect," alie said, after
"We will defy Mrs. Grundy, my
dear," Peter said, kissing tho top of
a soft brown braid, "by trotting off
hand in band tomorrow and getting
ourselves married. Why, Allx, he gave
us his consent years ago-don't you
"Ile did wish ttl" she auld, and
burst Into tears.
? ?..??*
"I seem to be doing things In a
slightly irregular manner," she said
to bim the next day, when they had
gotten breakfast together, and were
basking lu the sunlight.of the upper
deck of the ferryboat, on their way to
the city. "I spend the night before
my marriage ulouo-in a small coun
try house hidden In thc woods-with
my betrothed, and propose to buy my
trousseau Immediately uftcr the cere
mony I"
Her volco fell to n dreamy note, and
she watched tho gulls, wheeling in tins
sunshine, with thoughtful, smiling
eyes. The man glanced nt ber once
or twice, In the silence that followed,
with something like hesitation, or com
punction, tn bis look.
"Look, here, Allx-let's talk. I
want to ask you something. There's
never been anything-anything to toll
you-or your father, If ho was here,"
Peter said, flushed and a trifle awk
ward. "I'm not that klud of a man.
But there has been that one thing
that ono woman-"
Flushed, too, she was looking at
him with bright, Intelligent eyes. .,_
""But lt Tuoughl sHe never even
"No, si?? uever didi**
Allx looked buck at the gulls,
"Oh, well, then-" she said, Ind?.
feront ly.
"Allx, would you like to know about
ber?" Peter suki bruvely. "Uer uame
-rand everything?"
MOii, no, please, I'd much rather
?ot !" alie lutercepted him hastily, and
after a pause she added, "Our mar
riage Isn't the usual marriage, In that
way. I mean I'm not Jealous, and I'm
not going to cry my eyes out because
there was another wonmn-ls another
woman, who incant more to you, or
might havel I'm going Into lt with
my eyes open, Peter. I know you love
me, and I love you, and we both like
the same things, and that's enough."
Three weeks later he remembered
tho moment, and asked her again.
They were In the vulley houso now,
aud a bitter storm was whirling over
the mountain. Peter's little cabin
rocked to tho gale, but they wore warm
and comfortable beside the tiro; tho
room was lamp-lighted, scented by
Alix's sweet single violets, white and
purple, spilling themselves from a
glass bowl, und by Peter's pipe, and
by the good scent of green bay burn
ing. The Joyces lind hud a happy
day, bad climbed the billa under n
lowering sky, bud come home to dry
clothes und do cooking, for Kow was
away, and had Anally shined an epi
curean meal beside the Ure.
Peter was wrapped In deep content;
the companionship of tills normal,
pretty woman, her quick words and
quick laugh, her music, her glancing,
bright Interest In anything and every
thing, was the richest experience of
his life. She had said that she would
change nothing lu his home, but her
clever white lingers hud changed
everything, There was order now,
there was charming fussing and dust
ing, there were Howers In bowls, und
hooks set straight, and there wus Just
thu dur?rent little ungle to piano and
desk nod chairs and tables that made
the cabin a home at last. Sho wanted
bricks for a path ; he hud laughed at
her fervent, "Do give me u whole car
load of bricks for Christians, Peter 1"
She wanted bulbs to pot. lie lind
lazily suggested that they open the
town house while carpenters and
painters remade the cablu, but she
had protested hotly, "Ob, do let's keep
lt Jost as lt always was I" Smiling, ho
gave ber ber way.
(To be Continued)
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Mrs. C. H. Whites Broad St., Wal
halla, saya: "A few year? ago I had
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Condition of Whole Country Will Re
Benefited, Says Hoover.
Washington, Sept. 8. - Unprece
dented export of wheat during Aug
ust should react favorably on agri
cultural and business conditions all
over the country, Secretary Hoover
declared to-day. According to lils
report wheat exports during the past
month amounted to M,f>05,000 bush
els, or about four times the volume
of any pre-war figures for tho month
of August.
Incroase In tho movement of wheat
should particularly ease tho credil
situation, said Mr. Hoover, through
a lessened demand upon the war fi
nance corporation for advances.
Recent advances in tho price of
cotton were regarded by Mr. Hoover
as promising a betterment of condi
tions in tho South, provided tho in
creased levels aro maintained. If Mic
price of cotton stays up, bo declared,
tho South will not need tho credit
relief which bas boon sought and
which tho war finance coropratlon ii
prepared to give.
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Says Lifo Waa Threatened Should
She Attempt Escape.
Hazelhurst, Gn., Sept. 7.-In raid
ing tho placo of J. M. Brand, noar
here, to-day, Federal prohibition of
ficers shot uhd probably futally
wounded Brue? Kirby, whom they
say attempted to shoot tho officers.
They aloo claim to hayo found a 15
yoar-old girl, Alteo Mooro, dressed
in men's clothes, whom thoy chargs
was held In peonage. She ls from
Nunez, Emanuel county, tho officers
Kirby ls lu u local hospital with
his intestines puncturod in tblrtoon
piucos from buckshot. Brand is un
der arrest on charges of Illicit distill
ing and peonage, and tho girl is be
ing hold ns a wltnoss.
Tho officers stated that aftor tho
girl donned mon's clothing she said
sho was told thal her sorvlces woro
needed as a guard at tho distillery.
She said that her life was threatened
If she tried to got away.
Don't sicken or sallvalo yourself
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Plant Near Cheater Destroyed by Flro
Second Time.
Chester, Sopt. 7.-McAliley Bros.
largo and modern cotton ginnery at
Evans, about three miles from Ches
ter, was completely destroyed by lire
of unknown origin this morning at
l o'clock. Tho loss ls approximately
$30,000, with $15,000 Insurance.
For a Hmo lt was thought the McAli
ley storo would also bo destroyed
owing to Us closo proximity to tho
ginnery, and most of tho morcbati
dlso was removed to the Southern
railway's station platform at Evans.
However, tho storo building was
A possiblo cause for tho dre ls
that the building was struck by the
lightning which occurred during a
storm during the night, and that
flro smouldered in the house until
tho time lt burst forth early In tho
This is tho second time McAllley's
gin has been destroyed by fire, the
othor fire having occurred several
years ago. The ginnery Just burned
was ono of the most complete and
best oquippod ginneries In South
The destruction of tho plant will
not only cause heavy loss to tho Mc
Allleys, but it will bo felt by hun
dreds of farmors located In this sec
tion, who wore dependent upon lt
for tho ginning of their cotton.
OOO baa more Imitations than any
other Fever Tonio on tho market--?
but no ono wants imitations.--adv.
Father and Son Aro Killed.
Nashvlllo, Tonn., Sopt. 7.-All n
Schill, proprietor of a taxicab com
pany, and a son of Dr. H. A. Schill,
was shot and instantly killed near
tho gate of the State prison at I
o'clock yostorday morning. Blood
hounds carried to tho scone a fow
boura later failed to take a trail.
A trusty, who occupied the guard
bouse at the gato of the prison and
who was awakened by tho crack of
a revolver, hoard Schill exclaim, "Oh,
lordy, they have stolon my car." This
was tho last board, and tho words
were uttered as tho young man ran
aftor bis car, which was found stand
ing nearby.
OOO cures Malaria, Chills and Fe
ver, Bilious Fever, Colds and La
Grlppo, or monoy refunded.-adv.
Alfonso Buys Fastest Plane.
Paris, Sept. 8.-Tho fastest air
piano ever built, capable of main
taining a speed of 190 miles per hour
for sixteen hours, and piloted by the
famous war aco, Lieut. Juillet, has
...loft Paris for Madrid. The plane will
bo ready lu case revolution sliQuld
break out, to convey King Alphonso
to England. Tho trip would be ac
complished In nine hours.
Tho machino is tho last word In
luxurious airplanes. It is upbolstor
I ed lu Russian leather and contains
seats for the king and queen and
three other members of tho royal
family. Tho outside of tho machine
ls decorated in gold and boars the
royal arms.
Thc "lasa word" In "aerial dread
j naughts" is tho Brltlsh-bullt R-38.
' recently bought by the Uuitod States.
' Nearly nine million gallons of wino
have boon- made from a singlo grape
crop In Australia.

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