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(Established 1840.)
Published Every Wcdnoetlay Morning
One Your . .v.$1.00
Rix ?Months .50
Thrco Months.80
Advertising Hates Reasonable.
Hy Stock, Sbolor, 11 ugh K ?V Sbolor.
Communications of a personal
character charged for aa advertise
Obituary notice?, cards of thanks
?nd tributos of rospect, either by
Individuals, lodges or churches, are
charged for as for advertisouionts at
rate of ono cont a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will bo marked "Adv." Io
conformity with Federal ruling on
such matters.
WEDNESDAY, SECT, ll, 1021.
j The Story of j
j Our States
rllO French I
missionar- j
j M^S^^Ajf^?^ '?s and fur f
I '757 ??S*rjr V\\ trailers were ?
t h o ll rsl .
w bites to pen- j
-jf>>. ^t^^sxr?/ ?'tr?te Into ?
*^yg^^ M I e h 1 g a n. j
\ Their hist visits to this region j
j date hack to 1010. It was not j
t until H>?'>S however, that the Hist j
t actual settlement was mude. .
I This was the mission at Sault j
I Sainte Marie, founded by Father
I Marquette. Mackinac was es
1 tabllsbod a few years later, and
i Detroit's growth was slow.
7 After tho French and Indian
? wars the English took over this
t territory, and in 1771 lt was for
f mully declared a part of Canada.
\ r>etrolt rapidly grow in impor
f tunoe and during tho Revolution
I was the hase of operations for ?
many raids by the British und j
\ Indians against the Americans. j
t By the terms of the treaty of j
? Paris in 1788 this region became J
a putt of tho United States.
What ls now Michigan, Wiscon
sin, a part of Minnesota, Illinois,
Indiana and Ohio was known as
the Northwest territory. Aftor
Ohio was set off as a separate
state the Lowor Peninsula of
3 Michigan was joined to Indiana
territory. In 1805 Michigan be
came a separate torrltory with
about Its present boundaries.
Tboro was, however, a great
disputo over a small strip of
land In the extremo southern
portion which waa claimed by
Ohio. This almost led to blood
shed, but was tinnily settled by
Michigan releasing her claim to
the disputed area sod receiving
ns compensation an addition to
the Upper Peninsula. On this
basis Michigan wns admitted to
the Union In 1887 and boonun
the twenty-sixth state.
Michigan has a unique situa
tion, as it is bounded by the
thr^e largest of the Groat Lakes,
und divided Into two peninsulas.
This gives lt a const line lnrger
lu proportion to tts area than
any of tho other states. It ls
named aftor Lake Michigan,
which ls the Algonquin word,
"Mlchl-gan," meaning "great
Ma." It ls entitled to l? votes
hi UtiG electorul college.
(? by McClure Kswspnpor Byndtoftta. )
South Carolina's Money.
(Charlotte Observer.)
The trouble ia Soul h Carolina ls
liol a lack of money, but too much
money taken out of circulation and
locked In tho hanks. The statement
is made thal in 101 I tho hanks in
fhai Slate had ot) deposit the sum ol'
$42,000,000. These hanks are now
holding $81,000.000. Il is safe lo
lAVfumo that a large pari of this
rooney was pul into tho banks for
Aafe-keeping by timid people to whom
oonl'tdenco has not yoi returned, and
Who nave doubtless been undergoing
?imnj deprivation, born of their de
termination "aol lo touch thai
money." If the people who havt
these savings locked up won d man
ifost a disposition lo bring the mono)
out and pul it into constructive uso^
making Ibo building improve
monts they have long wanted, buyinr
??ho things they have needed, am
inst, but not least, paying up tn*-,..
tSftbls the situati ..i in thu r.'nmettf
??Uatc would show a chang."' for th.
better, li is evident thal South Cur
ulina lias an abundance of money. I
tho people would put a part of tba
money Into circulation in ibo manne;
indicated, the State would soon lint
.itself in better shape than during tilt
Hush days of the war. because I
would be brought from a condltiot
of dead prosperity into one of actlvi
And substantial prosperity.
Tho proper uso of inonoy thesi
V/luit Ho Say? Goos In Re?arti to An
poinillCllt.S in South Carolina.
Washington, Supt. 7.-It would
not bo nows to tho people in South
Carolina to Inform thom from Wash
ington now that .loo W. Tolbert, of
i\inoty-Six, was supreme dictator of
Republican patronage In tho Pal
motto State, that Information having
boon conveyed to thom some weeks
ago. Tho interesting part of tho
maller now is found, so far as Tol
bert being the big boss of South
Carolina ls concerned, in tho fact
that, hy tho wuy nominations for
Carolina olTlcos aro piling up, both
in tho way of examinations to bo
held within tho next few weeks and
by tho naming of "acting postmas
ters" at various points, tho real snag
Is to bo encountered when tho Senate
reconvenes after Its thirty-day recess
and tackles the Job of confirming the
Tolbert and Harding selections.
While no one is heing herein quot
ed for obvious reasons, enough ls
known to make it more than plain
that not hy any means will all of
the aforesaid Tolbert-llarding nomi
nees gol hy, unless present signs
fail, and there is not much chance
of that.
As stated hoforo, interesting de
velopments are rumored to he in
sight over tho Slate. Tolbert, of
course, is "hoss"' so far as the rcc
mending of post?nico candidates goes,
hut Ibero is the big. over-prosenl
Se?alo of the United states to he mel
and reckoned with.
it is Invariably a rule that no man
will he confirmed when a Senator of
tin1 State where the nomination is
lo bc made objects "Senatorial cour
tesy" is supremo just here and al
ways has been, and will continue to
Prom present indications the next
month or two will see some pretty
tights over the patronage matters in
tho Senate-of course not all from
South Carolina, hat form various
sections of the South.
Meantime. Tolbert is "doss." and
what ho says about these postoffices
goes here.
Por Rath - Prohibition Forcea Aro
Alarmed Over loophole.
Washington, Sept. S.-Tho hard
worked Representative Volstead and
the lobby of the Anti-Saloon League
find that ibero is still work for will
ing bands to do.
A loophole has been discovered In
the prohibition statutes, for It ap
pears that, while great care was ta
ken to provide that physicians could
not exceed a certain limit in pre
scribing liquor for internal use, not
a thing was said regarding external
As a result it is seriously argued
that wore a physician to reach the
conclusion that his patient needed
a bath of whiskey, he could prescribe
lt, and the druggist would be forced
to furnish enough whiskey to fill a
spacious tub.
Such conditions, according to the
Anti-Saloon League, could not bo tol
oiatod. For a "souse" could bo ac
quired, tho league argues, through
the pores of tho skin oven were tho
patient. In response to the doctor's
orders and the law. to refrain from
sipping even a wee drop through Ills
Correction is promised as soon as
the league ca? muster its outside
forces and issue orders to its forces
in Congress.
A lifo buoy nf tho torpedoed steam
shin Lusitania was found in tho Del
aware river a few mouths ago.
Subscribe for Ttio Courier. (Heat)
Lift Off with Fingers
, Doesn't hurl a blt! Drop a little
"Freczono" on an aching corn, in
stantly that corn nlups hurting, then
shortly you lift it right off with
f lingers. Truly!
t Your druggist sells a tiny bottle ol
P " Dreo/.one" for a few cen Us, sufficient
to remove every hard corn, soft corr
o* corn between tho toes, and thc
! calluses, without soreness or irrita'
t lion.-adv.
3 days ls to keep lt going back an'
forth between the people and th'
a banks.
. V , MW"
Removed from Char heston-Tri?! to
Ito II cid Next Week.
Columbia, Sept. 8.-C. O. Fox and
Jesse Gappins, tho two mon who for
soveral weoks have, been hold tn tho
Charleston county Jail, charged with
tho killing of young William Brezell,
Columbia taxi driver, who was slain
on the Columbia-Augusta highway
on tho morning of Aug. 9, and whoso
chase from a mob through Georgia
und back into South Carolina caused
such a sensation a few weeks ago,
wero lodgoil in tho State peniten
tiary in Columbia Thursday morn
ing, brought to tho capital from
Charleston In the custody of two
Richland county ofilcials. The trans
fer was on order of Governor R. A.
Cooper, and was accomplished so
quickly that not even tho newspa
pers knew of tho movement until tho
mon wero lodged safely In tho State
Fox and Gappins, together with
C. J. Kirby, tho other member of the
trio who v/oro responsible for the
death of Brazoll, and already In the
State prison, aro due to he placed
on trial in Lexington county next
week. It is not known whoo Col
win he moved to Lexington, officials
having issued no orders regarding
this as yet.
?:::.? tune
you h dy calomel
s! OTT
The purified and refined
calomel tablets that are.
nausealess, safe and sure.
Medicinal virtues retain
ed and improved. Sold
only in sealed packages.
Price 35c.
North Cu roi in J i Judge Doutt.
Goldsboro, N. C., Sept. 8-Wm. R.
Allen, for ten years Associate Jus
tice of the North Carolina Supreme
Court, died suddenly at bis home in
this city this afternoon. The funeral
will bo held here on Friday after
Judge Allen was 64 years of age,
and since 1893, when ho served in
the General Assembly of tho State,
be had been conspicuously before the
public. He served three terms in the
General Assembly, nine years on Fae
Superior Court bench and was elect
ed to a place on tho Supreme Court
hooch In 1910. He is survived by
tivo children.
Colds Cause Orlp and Influenza
cause. There ls only one "Bromo Quinine." E.W.
GROVE'S signature on the box. 30c.
Thousands Pile Claims for Land.
Omaha, Neb., Sept. 7.-To-day is
the Orst of three days set apart for
ex-service men to filo upon tho newly
opened irrigated units in the Goshen.
Hole District. Wyo., and thousands
of former Yanks are pouring into Li
man, .sch., and Yoder, Wyo., many
ol them driving across country In
automobile parties. The first rush
of tourists by rall ls oxpecled to-da/.
Liman and Yoder, tho new towns on
tho Union Pacific extension, are well
prepared for tho Invasion, the ofil
cials said.
Claims hiive been filed for approx
imately ten thousand applicants.
Rub-My-Tism ls a powerful Anti
septic. Cures infected cut-s, old sores,
totter, otc.-adv.
Tho origin of the circus is found
in tile gladiatorial games of the anc
ient Romans, which were held lu a
?.circus" or enclosure. Tho real cir
cus, an entertainment of skill and
various feats, started willi Philip
As tl ey'8 shows, originating at Lon
don In 1770. The earliest American
circus was that of Rickets, said to
i hiive been witnessed by C.eorgo Wash
? logion at Philadelphia in 17 s o.
New York women have patented
. more Inventions than tho women of
i any other State.
i The natives in tin Kobttk river
1 country, Alaska, hold ii reindeer
"rodeo" every winter.
: Philippine goods lind a ready mar
l kot in London.
Camel corps used by tho Fronch
* conquered tho Sahara desert.
Interment of lindy of Son of Former
Gov. Monning Made in Arlington.
Washington, Sept. 8.-The body ot
Major William Sinkler Manning, D.
S. C., formerly a Washington news
paper ?nan and son of Former Gov
ernor Richard [. Manning, of South
Carolina, will be burled at Arlington
National Cemetery with full mtlltitry
honors at 2.30 o'clock to-morrow af
Tho army band and military escort
bas been detailed from Fort Meyer.
Rev. Groen Berkeley, D. D., of Rich
mond, Va., a brother-in-law of Major
Manning, will officiate. The pall
hearers will bo his six .'arvlvtng bro
thers.live of whom were als comrados
In arms in tho great war. Former
Governor Manning and Mrs. ?Man
ning will arrive ls Washington from
their homo In Columbia Friday mor
ning. Mrs. Barbara Rrodio Manning.
Major Manning's widow, and grand
daughter of the late Governor Alex.
Sheppard, of tho District of Colum
bia, arrived in Washington t li is af
lornoon from Amngansett, L. I. Two
of her Utile children are accompany
ing her. The youngest, Sinkler Man
ning, Jr.. who is ill, being unable to J
Tho newspaper correspondents cf
Washington will he represented at
Ibo funeral by a committee of thir
ty-two, till of them former friends
of Major Manning. The .National
Press Club, tito Nation..! Press Club
E'OSt of Ibo American Legion, and Hie
I'niverslly Club also will bo repre
sented. A delegation of officers of
the I I'itli Infantry, who served willi
Major Manning in France, will also
Major Manning, who bad himself
transferred from the staff to line.
w;ts killed while leading Iiis men in
an action against machine gun Ure
at Hill 317, Verdun, Nov. 5, 1913,
just six days before tho armistice
ended hostilities.
In Number of Hales of Cotton (linnell
Lust Year and This.
Washington. Sept. 8..Cotton of
tho 1921 crop ginned prior to Sept.
1 amounted to 3(5,208 running hales,
counted as half bales, the census bu
reau announced to-day.
G Innings last year to Sept. 1 to
taled 351,589 bales. Including 21,143
round bales.
Gtnnings to Sept. 1, by States,
with tho quantity to that date last
year, follow:
1921. 1920.
Alabama . 13,941 1,574
Arkansas. 265 4 2
California . 173 1,755
Florida. 359 1 19
Georgia . 49,1 2 4 1 3.913
Louisiana. 2,688 2,789
Mississippi . 3,803 849
North Carolina . . 7 3 7
Oklahoma . 1.167 63
South Carolina .. 1,040 704
Tennesseo. 2 .
Texas .409,406 329,457
All other States . . 127 317
foe Quinina Thst Does Not Affect the He?
Because of Its tonic and laxative effect, LAXA
Tl v H BROMO QUININE is better than ordin?r)
Quinine and does not cause cervousncs - not
ringing in head. Remember the full nameom
look for the signature of Ii. W. GKOVH. 30c
Two Villages Swept hy Flames.
McGrath, Minn., Sept. 7.-Whit?
Plue, a lumber settlement eigh!
miles north of here, was destroyed
early this afternoon, and Inhabitant*
of Solanl villigo, four miles east ol
there, were forced to flee the town
when ?i sudden 30-mile wind sprang
up at noon and swept forest fires be
yond (lie control of fire lines.
Orove's Tasteless chill Tonic restore!
Energy and Vitality by Purifying am
Enriching the Blood. When you feel it;
strengthening, invigorating effect, seo hov
it brings color to thc checks and how
it improves the appetite, you will ther
appreciate its true tonic, value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is slmph
Iron and Quinine suspended In syrup. Si
pleasant even children like it. Tho blois
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON tr
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c.
It ls not rare among the Esklmi
women that they have their first chil
dren at tho age of twelve years.
Japan grants a greater number o'
divorces than any other country it
tho world.
Chinese astronomical records gi
back to 235('. R. C.
EAGLE "ftMKAD0">^?*
For Sale at your Dealer
Here's voi
Progressive Farmc
$1.00 year,
The Keowee Couric
$1.00 year,
Either paper well \
Price of Both. C
Interesting Experience of a Texas
Women Knew About Card
Much Sickness
Navasota, Texas.-Mrs. W. M. Peden,
of this place, relates the following interest-1
ing account of how she recovered her
strength, having realized that she was|
actually losing her health:
"Health is the greatest thing in the
world, and when you feel that gradually
slipping away from you, you certainly sit
up and take notice. That is what I did
some time ago when 1 found myself In a
very nervous, run-down condition of
health. ! was so tired and felt so lifeless
1 could hardly go at alt.
"I was just no account for work. I
would get a bucket of water and would I
feel so weak I would have to set it down j
before I felt like ! could lift it to the shelf, j
In this condition, ot course, to do even
my housework was a task almost im-1
possible to accomplish. ;
"1 was . . . nervous and easily upset.
Have Moved My
Meat Market
Public Service
I am prepared to meet all
calls for Public Service Car at
any time, day or night. See
mc if you want a quick, safe
trip anywhere, near or for long
"At Your Service"
Harry Fayonsky
Walhalla, S. C.
The torin "blizzard," used to do
note an exceptionally violent snow
storm, is of obscuro origin, lt has
been attributed to the Wrench "Mou
ser." to wound, but this is only con
jectural. The fl i's t use of the word
appears In the Esherville (Illinois)
Northern Vindicator between ISfiO
and I STtl; tho .Milwaukee Republican
In its issue of Mn feb I. issi, refers
to the articles in which the word lir-it
appen rod.
Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days
Dra&bts refund money if PAZO OINTMENT fall?
to cure Itchlm*. Blind, MIcHin* or Protrudion Piles
Instantly relieved Itch lort Piles, and y ra can stet
restful aleen ofter tho llr.U nuDllcation. Price OOo
There ?ire between thirt and forty
j volcanoes on tho island of Java.
Penal No. 174
Mada in five grados
For 12 Months
worth Combination
)rder yours now.
Lady Who Declares That if Moro
ui They Would Be Spared
s and Worry.
I couldn't rest well at night and was . . .
just lifeless.
"I heard of Cardui and after reading I
decided 1 had some female trouble that
was pulling me down. I sent for Cardui
and began lt. . .
"In a very short while after I began tho
Cardui Home Treatment I saw an Im
provement and lt wasn't long until I waa
all right-good appetite, splendid rest,
and much stronger so that I easily did my
house work.
"Later 1 took a bottle of Cardui as a
tonic. I can recommend Cardui and glad
ly do so, for If more women knew, it
would save a great deal of worry and
The enthusiastic praise of thousands of
other women who have lound Cardui
helpful should convince you that it H
worth trying. AU druggists sell it
?J? .J. ?|? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J* ?J? C-J. ?J? ?J?
4? J. R ?ARLE, .?.
4? Attornoy-at-Law, 4?
4. WALHALLA, 8. C. ifs
.J. State & Federal Court Pracitce.
.J. ?J? ?J? .J. ?J. ?J? .J. ?Jo ?|? ?J. . J. ?Jo *|?
fr *
{. E. Ii. H ERNDON, 4.
4? Attorncy-at-Lnw, ?J.
.J. Phone No. Ol, Walhalla, H. C.?J.
fr *
{. 4. 4. A .J. 4. 4? .f. 4. 4, 4. 4. 4? 4.
fr J. I?. Carey, J. W. Sholor, .J.
fr Pickons, S. C. Wr. C. Hughs, ?J.
4? Attorneys ami Counsellors, 4*
4? WALHALLA, S. C. 4.
4? State ft Federal Court Fracitce. 4?
4. 4* *I* *I* *?* *?* *I* *I* *?* *I* *I* .I*
+ *
4. W. 1). WHITE, 4?
4. LAWYER, .{.
.J? WALHALLA, S. C. 4.
* *
4. 4* *?* *I* *t* *.* *I* *I* *t* *.* 4* *t* *?* *I*
IAN Ht <$ooi>>
High Class
Guttering a Specialty,
Walhalla. S. C.
Notice is hereby given I hat the un
dersigned will make application to
V. P. Martin, Judge of Prohato for
Oconee County, in the State of South
Carolina, at his office at Walhalla
Court House, on Wednesday, the 28th
day of September, 192 i, at 11 o'clock
in the forenoon, or as soon there
after as said application can be
heard, for leave to make final settle
ment of the Un?ate of Wm. I. Dick
son. Deceased, and obtain Final Dis
charge as Executrix of said Fstato.
jV.xocutrix of the Bstate of Wm. ?.
Dickson, Deceasod.
Aug. 31, 1921. 35-38
All persons Indobtod to the estate
of G. T. WILLIS, Deceased, aro
hereby notified to mako payment
to tho undersigned, and all per
sons having claims against said es
tate will present the same, duly at
attestod, within tho Hmo proscribed
by law, or be barrod.
Administrator of tho Estato of G. T.
Willis, Docoased.
Aug. 31, 1921. 35-38

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