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By Steck, Shclur HugliM & Shclor.
| We are openi
I every day, and
I come in and ins]
| We have one
S| stocks of Merch
II ever carried.
Il These goods
ll right, and we ca
i| that will sell th
j C.W.&J.E
In Court of Common Pleas.
Pursuant to decrees of the afore
said Court, in the cases named below,
I will offer for sale, to the highest
bidder, tn front of the Court House
door, at Walhalla, South Carolina, ou
MONDAY, tho 3d day of October,
1921, between the legal hours of
sale, the tracts of land below de
Mrs. Bessie O.'CrlSp, Plaintiff,"
T. W. Harden, Defendant.
All that certain piece, parcel or
tract of land situate, lying and being
in the State of South Carolina, Coun
ty of Oconee, containing fifty-three
(53) acres, more or less, according
to a survey made by W. F. Ervin,
Surveyor, February 2!)th, 1SSS, lying
on both side.s of Crooked Creek, and
adjoining lands of Sam Eikln, W. B.
Reinhardt, Mrs. John O'Kclley and
Terms of Sate.-CASH on day of
sale. That In event of failure of
the purchaser or purchasers to com
ply with the terms of sale within five
days from day of sale, tho Master do
re-advertise and re-sell tho said
premises on the following Salesday,
or on some convenient. Salesday
thereafter, ai the same place, and on
the same terms as. heretofore set out,
nt the risk of the former purchaser
or purchasers, and that he do con
tinue so to do until ho has found
a purchaser or purchasers who com
ply with tho terms of sale.
Purchaser to pay extra for papers
and stamp. W. O. WHITE.
Master for Oconee County, S. C.
Sept. 14, 1921. 37-39
Tho Citizens* Rank, a Corporation
Created by and Existing Under
the Laws of the State of South
Carolina, Plaintiff,
Nanalyn Drown, Defendant.
All thnt certain piece, parcel or lot
of land situate, lying and being In
the town of Seneca, County of Oco
nee, State of South Carolina, same
being the corner lot on Fair Play and
South Fifth Streets, and designated
as Lot No. 343 on the plat of tho
town of Seneca, fronting 104% feet
on Fair Play Street, and running back
20 0 feet on South Fifth Street, con
taining one-half acre, more or less,
bounded on the north by Lol No.
.'RtG, now owned by -- Kelley,
on the east by I S-foot alley, on tho
south by South Fifth Street, and on
the west by Fair Play Street, luting
the same lot conveyed to Nanalyno
Drown by Mrs. N. P. Wilde by deed
dated Jan. 24, 1920.
Terms of Salo-CASH. That in
event, of failure of the purchaser to
comply with the terms of sale within
five days from day of sale, the Mas
ter do re-advert iso and re-sell said
premises on the following Salesday,
or some convenient. Salesday there
after, nt tho same place and on tho
same terms ns heretofore set out, at
tho risk of the former puprchaser,
and that ho do continuo so to do
until ho has found it purchaser who
compiles with tho tories of salo.
Purchaser to pay extra for papers
and stamp. W. O. WU I TE,
Master for Oconee County, R. C.
Sept. 14, 1921. :'.7-::9
Tho Citizens' Rank, a Corporation
Created by and Existing Under the
Laws of tao State of South Caro
lina, Plaintiff,
Elias Earle, Defendant.
All of tho undivided one-half in
terest of Ellas Earle In all thal cer
tain piece, parcel or lot of land, in
the Slate and County aforesaid, and
containing seven acres, more or less,!
ng New Goods \\
invite you to ]\
peet them. ]\
) of the largest \\
andise we have \
were bought j
n offer at prices j
em. i
. Baukn.ghf,
?JJ\, S. C
adjoining lands of W. J. Whitfield,
W. H. Earle, C. A. Whitfield and oth
ers, being the tretet of land on which
is situated Earle's .Mill, together with
the one-half interest of the said Ellas
Earle in all machinery in said mill,
consisting of threo stands of rolls
for wheat, separators, gyrators, ele
vators and other machinery neces- (
sary to said mill ; also one set- of
forty-eight inch corn rocks, with ele
vators and cleaners; one twenty-foot
Pits steel water wheel; shafting, pul
leys and belts.
Terms of Salo-CASH..That in the j
-event of failure--'?f Vue?parinm1?'?rror
purchasers, lo comply with the
terms of salo within five days from
day of sale, tho Master do re-adver
tise and re-sell said premises on the
following Salesday, or some conven
ient Salesday thereafter, at the same
place and on tho same terms as here
tofore set out, at the risk of the for
mer purchaser, or purchasers, and
that ho do continuo so to do until
ho has found a purchaser, or pur
chasers, who comply with tho terms
of sale.
Purchaser to pay extra for papers
and stamp. W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oconee County, S. C.
Sept.. 14, 1921. :17-:19
"Tho regular Teachers' Examination
will .ho held at the Court House on
and 8th.
Under the rules adop\od .Inly 1st,
1921, there will be three sets of
examination questions-Primary, In
lermedinte and High school.
The Primary Examination embra
ces the following twelve subjects:
English Grammar and Language,
Arithmetic, Playground and Commu
nity Activities, S. C., U. S. and Gen
eral History, Oeogrnphy, Civics and
Current Events, Literature, Peda
gogy, Health, Nature Study, School
Law, Manual Training.
Tho General Elementary Exami
nation embraces tho following 12
subjects: English Grammar and
Composition, Arithmetic, History (ll.
S and S. C..) Geography, ('?vies and
Current Events, Spelling, Heading,
Pedagogy, Physiology and Hygiene,
Na turo Study and Agriculture, School
Law, Algebra.
The High School Examination em
braces tho following 12 subjects:
Grammatical Analysis and Composi
tion, Literature, Principles of Teach
ing, American History and Civics,
Science (General Science, Physiol
ogy, Riology, Physics. Chemistry, Ag
riculture, Home Econnomlcs-seven
offered, two required), Arithmetic,
Algebra, Geometry. Foreign Lan
guage (Latin, French, Spanish, Oor
man--four offered, one required),
Ancient and Modern History, School
Law. u
Each applicant may choose the
examination ho or she prefers in ac
cordance with the certificate he or
she desires.
All prospective teachers and all
teachers wishing to improve tho
grade of their present license might
take this examination with advan
The examination will begin nt 9
A.M. and close at I P. M.
Supt. of Education Oconee Co.
Sept. 21, 1921. 38-40
KCOWCO Township Singers.
The Keowee Township Singing
Convention will meet with Salem
Methodist church on the second Sun
day in October at 2 o'clock p. m.
All lovers of music are invited to at
tend. Jesse Sloan.
Subscribo for The Courier, (liest)
.Made Two Successful Haids-Esti
mnted 200 Gallons shut Off.
Last Friday Deputy SlieriiT Gus
Sullivan, Kural Policemen \V. L. Lit
tleton and O. A. nunnie.it raided 1
in the Rocky Fork section of Oconee !
and managed to make the raid well
worth while. Tlyy estimate that
tho beer, mash and other "makings"
prevented the turning out of. at a
conservative figure, two hundred gal
lons of corn liquor.
lt was Friday of last week when
the oftlcers entered the Rocky Pork"
soot ion and "resinned business," so
lo speak. On property of Riley Moore
they located a 30-gallon copper still
with complete outfit, and this was
totally destroyed, including 2(1 gal
lons of singlings and (lilt) gallons of
beer. Isaac Pointer and Riley Moore
were arrested at this plant, brought
into .town and given a hearing, as a
result of which each was bound over
on a bond of $800-$:50<) in tho
State Court and $500 for tho Fed
oral Court.
Going about two miles further the
officers ran across another stilling
plant, this one bing "cold," destroy
ing a GO-ga ll on copper outlll and
seven large fermenters of beer. No
one was about this plant and no ar
rests have been made.
Tho depression in price on the
corn liquor market seems not to have
reached this section as yet. At least,
there seems to have been no cessa
tion or let-up in the illegal manufac
ture of the stuff hereabouts. We note
thal in Virginia a drop in the price,
of liquor of tho moonshine type ls
given as from $15 to $2 a gallon
and consequently there has been, lt
is said, a virtual abandonment of the
moonshine business.
On Waterworks System-The Onco
a-Wcek (Mut) Resumes Activity.
Seneca, Sept. 27.-Special: Misses
Ethel Cromer and Marion Sheridan,
teachers in Seneca High School, spent
the week-ond In Greenville at . the
tioiiu^?Xh^4to'er.^^^ .. ,. . ;
Mrs. James Daniel, of Marietta,
C!a., ls visiting Mrs. O. F. 'Bacon and
Dther relatives here.
Mr. r)nd Mrs. C. L. Anderson
motored to Highlands, N. C., to spend
tho week-end.
At a recent meeting of the session
i)f the Presbyterian church the fol
lowing elders were elected to repre
sent the church at Presbytery, which
will convene willi Richland church
Ml Oct. Ith: G. W. Rallonger, with
I. M. Myers as alternate; and Dr. 10.
0. Doyle will be the representative
it Synod, which will meet in Green
ville on Oct.* 11th, with Dr. F. A.
Hines as alternate. The pastor. Rev.
1. E. Wallace, will attend both of tho
tn oe tings.
Cadets Clarence Ellison and Sloan
Strihling, of Clemson, spent the past
week-end with their liomefolks here.
Miss Thelma Verrier has entered
Gr. NV. C. at Greenville as a student
Tor the ensuing year.
Mrs I. E. Wallace is visiting hol
dster, Mrs. J. E. Watson, in Ander
Mrs. J. C. Strihling, of Anderson,
la visiting her daughter. Mrs. W. R.
Work is progressing rapidly on the
Installation of water and sewerage,
ind in a short while Seneca will be
reveling in the luxury of having a
long-hoped-for need supplied, The
loise from the ditching machine and
Hie contd ruction of the reservoir is
U times somewhat annoying. Never
theless we will admit that lt has a
pleasant ring, for it spells "water
works for Seneca."
Tho many friends of Miss Sallie
Burgess aro delighted to know that
die is visiting her relatives here, and
lt is boiled that ?he w'll make an ex
tended visit. Mi.\s Rurgess has been
nSsociated with the mountain mis
don work of tho Presbyterian church
near Franklin, X. C.. for some time.
After spending two weeks with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Gignil
lint, and family. Warren Gignillial
lias returned to Anapolis. where he
s instructor In English in Hie Naval
ibo Once-a-Wcek Club will hold
he Hist meeting of the fall 011 next
Thursday Afternoon tit the home of
ho president, Mrs. J. H. Adams. Af
ter a threo m/bnths' vacation the
nembers aro ready to take up club
ivork with renewed interest for the
oniing club year.
Child Smothered In Cotton PH
Chester, S. C., Sept. 22- Raymond
Dickerson, the six-year-old son of
dr. and Mrs. W. L. Dickerson, of the
Shelton neighborhood, was suffocat
ed in a pile of loose cotton Tuesday
tfternoon. The child, with several
?thors, was playing in a house where
hero was a pile of loose cotton, and
vhen the others went to dinner ho
vas so engrossed with the sport that
10 ran back to ploy a Utile longer.
lYhon his absence was discovered and
libers had gone back to search for
lim his legs were found protruding
rom the cotton. Rife was then ex
(KUI has moro imitations than any
Killer Fever Tonic on tho market.
tmt no ono wants imitations.-adv.
PI tin g of Cotton Proves Val
lo in Controlling tho Post.
HUI, uiii;
hui] H&s
[alton Tribune, Monroe, Gu.)
iC. .Mathis, of Campton, was a
pr.'to tho Tribuno o?llce Satur
Vvnen ho gave us a new remedy
le,, boll weevil, which, he says,
troly-bring results.
.^Mathis says tho colton should
Jpnted early and very thin -
(finalf of usual stand, lt must
itched closely and plowed regu
ftlid after the .squares fall off
'should bo picked up and de
ll^, he continued,
io weevils get numerous, Mr.
M?tfiiBV says, the thing to do is lo
cut? tfMe tops of tho stalks wherever
thelWBffl found. Then if they continue
to ?WMbtv, to top every other row.
following this in about len days by
?uppjp'ff tho other row if necessary.
TjEfi.Vtopping, of course, does away
wltjjSwie top croi>] but ibis is boll
wo?vflji properly anyhow, says Mr.
Magills., and the removal of the top
itot:qil.iy destroys the young weevils.
the sunlight down into tho
('nd helps to make more cot
ton.'-tfehh would have otherwise been
madK according to his statement.
Mn Mathis, tried the topping pro
cess'.,lhis yepr and says that it was
sttccolsfuV. He invited any one out
to h $ thorne to witness i lie results
A;c$ompahying ibo above clipping
we' rdcelvftd, .tho following letter:
"S?n'pc?,, S. C., Sept. 26th, 1921.
''Ed^oi^l^?toweo Courier:
"&n?l???d. And clipping that I cut
from: a, ?$py of-the Walton Tribune,
publi?lv?d;' at . Monroe, Ca., my old
homoi "ttUju\.one^ of the best and most
prosj^M^y'?riltaing sections of Oeor
H?aK^MBBjfiMnted with this farmer
and kny.wvhim to bo a p^od ono, and
thordytgnty^ reliable. His method of
flgHilhf"; 4fi,? >Cotton pest strikes mo
as tp? ?t?cH>t.practical and sensible of
any ^ainpiKy?t found.
"I th?^tgjit perhaps ?hip might bo
of interest and b?noflt/t?'tho farmers
of th[is.sutton, for tUis;pest.is,?t pu.r
doors'a?a, has seaily^t?t?eV'-'' ?'
tlotrwIiThavV to prepare themselves
to fight if they expect to profitably
combat tho weevil and mako cotton.
'/Yours truly,
"S. S. Schacher."
When Cosnoll Caso Was Called-A
dury Chosen Within Hour.
Pickens, Sept. 2(1. .lake Oosnell.
Federal prohibition enforcement
agent, charged with Hie murder of
Sheriff Hendrix Rector, of Green
ville, on .Inly 1th, 1!M il, went on
trial in Hie Court of General Ses
sions here to-day at 11.30 o'clock.
The jury was selected within about
an hour, and Hie court then ad
journed for dinner recess. Counsel
announced that tb?; defense was rea
dy for 'trial, with Hie exceplion of
t^wo witnesses, of whom ono is the
daughter of the defendant and the
other Is Dr. W. L. Matlldln, of Green
ville. The defense requested hint
their testimony at the former trial
be admitted into evidence, the Statt!
resisted, with tho result that the
testimony of the adopted daughter
was excluded and that of the physi
cian admitted.
("real Pageant, nt. Greenville (?ives
Promise of Attractiveness.
Greenville, Sept. 27 -Special: In
dications are that, nearly 15,000 peo
ple will witness tho mammoth pa
geant, "The Keowee Trail." which
is to bo staged at the county fair
grounds hore on the afternoon and
evening of Xov. 11th, and which will
be the leading feature of Greenville's
Home-Coining Week, according to
announcement made to-day by offi
cials of the Greenville Chamber of
The pageant, the purpose of which
is to acquaint the people of this
entire Piedmont section with ibo
section's Important history and leg
ends, is being put on by the Com
munity Sordjieo in co-operation with
the Chamber nf Commerce and or
ganizations throughout the seven
counties In this territory. School
children and many others from the
counties of Greenville, Spartanbnrg.
Anderson, Cherokee, Oconeo, Rich
ens and Laurons will take part in
this tremendous event, and rehears
als for the pageant are hoing held
in each county.
Col. w. /I. Keith, chairman for
the publicity committee for the pa
geant, said to-day that he is grati
fied with the progress made so far.
More than 1.600 people are already
In training to take part in the pa
geant, ho said.
Mrs. BOrgdoll SiMdi.s Recovery.
Philadelphia, Sopt. 26.-Mrs. Em
ma C. Borgd>dl, mother of tho con
victed army draft dodgers, Grover
C. and Erwin Borgdoll, to-day filed
suit In the F?deral District Court
here to have Thomas W. Miller, alien
property custodian, return to her
certain property seized by him sonio
months ago as belonging to Grovor.
She contends that her son has no
interest In any of lt.
What the
Face to Fae?
Heretofore, some have beei
\vny. With high prices ol' farm |i
whether their yield per acre was
money just the sumo. Hut nov
prices of till farm product? much
duet Iiis farm more otllcicnlly. I
biggest possible returns for Iiis til
pended. You know that it. ret)ni
sume cost timi tile Mime efforts to
As tb?- Kuli is un ?deal lime ti
fanners will 1)0 interested in lear
(0 take care of sueii work. Wo ai
greatly reduced prices. Como in
(?'roners of Fine Cuttle Have Chance
to Win-Prizes foi" Hogs.
Columbia, Sept. 2G-Special: Tho
many attractive premiums that are
to be offered-to growers of fine bogs
in tho premium lists of the South
Carolina State Fair, which will be
held Oct. 24-28. will appeal to live
stockmen in every .section.
, Tho total of the premiums, exclu
sive of the premiums offered mem
bers of the Hoys' Pig Club Depart
ment, is well above the $8,000 mark,
and will servo to bring to the fair
some of the finest swine seen at any
of the fairs.
Tho 4otal of tho premiums offered
for .the Essox, open competition, ls
$40Q.^?Epr/.13qtdc8lilre.H,..opon . compe
ntion;- 980?; .pbiaiid Ch.iivaV'V.op?nv
co m pe ti tToh, $1,42 0 ; Tamworth, open
competition, $4 00;! Duroc Jersey.
$1,435; O. I. C. or Chester Whiles,
$<;fi(? Hampshire, open competition,
In addition to these open competi
tion prizes the premiums lil the fu
lurily classifications are Poland Chi
na, total $1.020; American Duroc
Jersey A asocial ion J state futurity
show, offers $1,500/in premiums.
Many Prizes for Cattle.
Tho mizos being offered for line
cattle are also of an n Mm eli ve value.
Premiums are offered for Jerseys,
Ouernsoys, JIolsteln-Erlcslan, Ayre
shire, Hod Polled, Devon. Short -
Ilorn. Hereford and Aberdeen-Angus,
Tho sheep and goat department
also offers some valuable prizes, as
dot's tho horse department.
South Carolinians are much Inter
ested in cattle and swine production
lion at the present time, the inroads
of the boll weevil having served to
drive home lo farmers the fact that
cotton must b?5 looked to merely as
la side crop for a few years at least.
Interest in cattle and swine produc
tion has been growing steadily over
I the State during tho past several
[years, and the indications are that
the displays of fine stock this year
will be especially full and complete.
Good Midway Attractions.
While there will be excellent dis
plays of line stock and farm products
at tho state Pair, the amusement
feature has not been lost sight of,
and an aggregation of thirty shows
will hold sway on the midway.
Tho midway attractions will be
provided by the C. A. Wortham com
pany, and are said to be til*? best
that have yet held fif th at the State
There are many riding and amuse
ment devices ill tho aggregation.
I many of which are new to this sec
tion, so that there will be no lack of
wholesome fun during the fair.
Some real automobile racing is
promised by Secretary Eil rd, and the
horse racing, loo, will be interesting.
Auto polo will have its inning and
will likely attract much attention.
The admission to tho fairgrounds
lin's year will be 75 cents instead of
one dollar, as was the ease last year,
and Hie officials are looking forward
to good crowds during South Carp
linn's gala week.
Hoys lo Share In, tho Prizes.
Cash ; 'zes amounting to $100
will be given by tho State Fair this
fall to Corn Club boys, and Other
prizes amounting to $7 1 in value
will Im awarded to winners among
the Corn Club boys.
Prizes for Pig Club members are
to be distributed as follows:
Host brood sow and Mtier, four
pigs or more-'Prizes of $20, $15 and
$r? for first, second and third prizes,
Host gilt, from four to twelve
months old-$15, $10 and $5.
Mest boar from four to twelve
months old-$15, $10 and $5.
Host boar over ono year old-$15,
I $10 and $f>.
i Mest sow over ono year old-$15,
! $ 1 0 and $5.
I Nine cash prizes are to be awarded
for the best, exhibits of ten ears nf
Com. The prizes are: $10, $9, $8,
Farmer is
B with Now.
i fa rm i nu ?s n rather Indifferent
iroduots it made H it. lu difference ? 1?v
fnlr or only poor-they nuulo^fljf?j
v tilings hnvo changed. With
lower, ovory funner must con
ic must, fnrm so ns to get tho v..
no, labor, money ami efforts ox
ros tho sumo labor, same seed, ' *:
produce little ol' much por non?. "'.'*,*
i ito ditching and held lemming,
liing ?d' ( bo wonderful.] " f? t??..
o offering thom in nil sizes ul
and soo for yourself.
row n
la, 5. C.
I'ltOSHCl TN FORMER Tl.}A< ll Kit.
Claude il. Hast, Former Orungoburg
Supt of Education, Still ut Largo.
A dispatch from Orungoburg says:
Tho grand Jury of Orungoburg
county recently asked Solicitor A. J.
Hydrlck to prepare a presentment
against Claude .). Rast, former Su
perintendent of Education of this
county, on a charge of attempted
criminal assault, and tho grand Jury
returned a true bill in this case, but
it will not be tried at any stated
term of court, ns tho defendant ls
not under arrest.
Although the whereabouts of C.
J. Rast aro not known, it has boon
statod hore that ho assured some
peoplo that he was leaving only bo
causo he had boen disgracefully
beaton, in a cowardly manner, and .
.thai'?he,'waa going uwjvy. fdr nyqtoo
??o#>ftM*t* ?^veWt?b'Ho?rt? r t nfeV *o? .
rious bodily injury to himself or to
others, but that ho was no fugitivo
from Justice, and that he would re
turn to Orangeburg county to meet
his trial at the proper time, and to
prosecute the men who heal, him hero
in .inly.
If will be remembered (hat ('laudo
.I. Rasl. for over thirty years a school
teacher in Orungoburg county, was
elected County Superintendent of
Education and assumed his duties
on July 1st. On July 12th he was
heaton early one morning hy several
While men. and Hast left the next
day for parts unknown. Tho charge
against Rasl is that while superin
tendent of Ibo East Middle school, In
Orangeburg county, he assaulted ono
of ibo girl pupils of thal school.
Cha I liga Jig-They Cut Molo in tho
Floor und Made Clet-Awny.
Saluda. S. S., Sept. 2li. Ernest
G il rea th and Field Abney, both col
ored, cul their way through the door
in the cell In which they were con
fined and late Sunday night or early
Monday morning made their escape
from the county chaingaug.
The negroes made a small hole in
the wood door of the cell, later en
larging it to permit their escapo. Tho
two men also stole a cold chisel from
the chaingaug shop, officers say, in
tending to use the tool, it is sup
posed, to cut tho shackles from (heir
legs. Tlie shackles have not been lo
G Uren til was serving an eighteen
months' sentence, while Field was
under sentence lo sorvo three years.
Gilrealh is described as a black ne
gro, lihou I .'Ml years old. weight
about 150 pounds, height 5 foot IO
inches, with a gold tooth. Abney is
also about .'10 years old, of heavy-set
build and coal black complexion.
Bloodhounds from Newberry were
sent for and a Irnil was followed lo
a spol where, apparently, two horses
had been tied. The fugitives, it ls
thought, used these horses to make
good their escape.
Semi-Annual Singing Convention.
Tho Oconoo County Somi-Anntinl
Singing Con vent ion will meet with
Heavordam Church at Fair Play on
the second Sunday in October, tho
Olh, nt IO o'clock a. m. All good
singers and lovers of music aro in
vited lo come. Como and let us sing
unto the Lord, W. M. Lemmons,
W. E. King. President.
$7. $6, $.'?, $4, $2.HO and $1. respec
Six prizes aro to be awarded for
single ear exhibits as follows: $0, $f>,
$4. $3, $2 and $1.
Special prizes not included in tho
above aro also to bo awarded. They
For best exhibit of flvo stalks of
prollflo corn, white or yellow, with
corn on tho stalks, $5, (by C. D.
Kenny Company, of Columbia.)
For best exhibit of singlo ear
corn, whito or yellow/, with oom on
stalks, $5, (by L. L. Raker, of Blsh

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