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(Established 1B49.)
Published Every Wednesday Morning
Ono Your .$1.00
Blx .Months .RB
Throo Months.30
Advertising Untos Reasonable.
Hy Stock, Sholor, Hughs & Sliolor.
Communications or a personal
character charged for as advertise
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
?nd tributes of respect, either by
individuals, lodges or churches, aro
eharged for as for advertisements at
rato of ono cont a word, ('tish must
accompany manuscript, and all such
notices will bo marked "Adv." ie
conformity with Federal ruling on
auch matters.
WFHNESRA V, KKI*T. 28, 1021.
THE Ot'OX EE lt. E. I). CAItltlEltH
Mel .H Seneca on Supt. 5til Delight-!
lui ?iud I5onetioi.il Session.
The li. F. I) carriers of OeoneoI
county mel ai Seneca on Labor Day
i .-?'pi ?"dbl, and had a inosl delight-j
lui 11 me, riiis uni being our annual
mooting, lhere wsis liol a g rea I deal
ol' Misinos* lo transact. Aflora n it in - ',
bor nf ::<>iui talks we look up Un* mat- '
ter of subscriptions lo Ibu "Neus":
stock, ii was line Ute way Iho car
riers responded. None of tho regu
lar carriers present (ooh less limn
live shares, including snares previ
ously Inked. (Mir colliny was allot
ind dxty shares, ?ind Iho carriers
have lakeii 7li lo date, with moro to
The Seneca carriers and postmas
ter furnished a most, excellent and
bountiful dinner. They simply did;
themselves great.
The ladies presen I til Iho meeting'
were organized into an auxiliary with
tho following olllcurs: Mrs. J, H.;
Finley, president; Mrs. |). Hunt, vice
?president; Mrs. lt. W. Urubbs, sec
retary and treasurer. We hope to
hoar more from them later.
The committee on resolutions pre-!
souled the following:
Whereas, since our last meeting
of tho Uti ral Carriers' Association of
Oconeu County. Brother .1. W. Reed- ?
cr has keon called from our midst by ?
death, therefore ho it
Resolved, Thal we humbly bow to i
the will of an All-wise (led in taking i
this dear brother from his earthly
labors and transferring him to tho j
great beyond. Wo will sadly miss
bim at our meetings, of which be
wa? always a devoted member, over
ready to perform any duty devolving
upon him for tho betterment of the
Resolved, further. That we deeply
sympathise with his bereaved wife
uni family in their loss, and that a
copy of these resolutions be sent his
family, and also spread on our min
utes and sent lo tho county papers. 1
Our next meeting will be with tho
Westminster carriers in our annual
meeting next May.
Kvcry one wont away feeling that
a most delightful and profitable day,
had been spent in Seneca.
R. W. dubbs.
Socretary and Treasurer.
Oconee Rural Letter Carriers' Assn.
Wo aro proud of tho confidence
doctors, druggists and tho public
have in 0(10 ('hill and Cover Tonie.
-ad /.
Anniversary (iront Chicago Fire.
New York, Sept. 2.1.-Oct. will
ItC Hit? fiftieth anniversary of tho dato j
Mrs. 0'Lo? ry's cow kicked over the
lantern, causing the great Chicago ?
lire, and he National Fire Protective!
Association has designated thal day
as International lire prevention day. i
Since I s7 1 annual Uro losses have
been Increasing tint il lhere H now
an average annual monetary loss of
$:!.r,o,ooo,ooo and an estimated loss
of l?,OOO lives yearly, according lo
i lie association.
'Die association is arranging for a
nation-wide observance of Hie day lo1
bring io the attention if Ibo people
thai the Ure loss is everybody's loss
and everybody's responsibility, and
thai the grenl majority of fires are
preventable through tho exercise of
ordinary carefulness.
Habitual Constipation Cured
in 14 to 21 Hays
.LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially- :
prepared Syrup Tonic-Laxative for Habitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
should bo taken regularly for M to 21 days
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Reg?lales. Very Pleasant to Take. GOc
per bottle. I
Lightning Kills child.
Jonesville, S, C., Sept. Light
ning struck tho homo of Mr and
Mrs. I.uiher Davis near Jonesville
and instantly killed Leon, their ||ul>j
M-yoar-old daughter, and shocked I
a young sister. Lottie, until her re
covery seemed for a lime very un
certain. At tho time tho father was
ni I nion on business and the mother
at a hospital in Spartanburg willi an
other child who had been sick for'
?onie time. Tho large family of young
children was in charge of an oidor j
- ister, who happened to be in another
part of the house when the lightning:
?-druck tho top of the house and de
molished ono end of tho upper and'
lower story, as well as completely
destroying some furniture. The body
of Leon was Interred at Mesopotamia
church Wednesday afternoon,
Colds Cause drip and Influenza
?aus?. There ls only one "Bromo Quinine." E.W.
GROVE'S iljjnaturo oo the box. 30c.
Homo High Officials of tlio Klan May
l?o .NUIIUIIOIHMI to Washington.
Washlngtin, Sept. 22.-High offi
cials of tho Ku Klux Klan may be
summoned to Washington for Inter
rogation by the Department of Just
Ico, so Attorney General Daugherty
indicated to-day.
Director Hums, of tho department
bureau of investigation, Mr. Daugh
erty announced, has neon instructed
to set his agents to work on an in
vestigation of the Klan's organiza
tion In various parts of the country.
In connection with tho possible
summons of Klan leaders to Wash-]
Itlgton, the Attorney General said
the Department of Justice had thei
authority to .summon any one, andi
it was Its policy in the course of uni
investigation to talk tho matter over j
with the persons involved.
The Attorney General said that any
commercial prosecutions would for
the most part bo matters of Stato
law. unless there had been some vio
lations of the Koderai Statutes by
reason of the use of the malls to de
There ls no need in this country,
Mr. Daugherty said, for vigilance or
ganizations. The country does not
need, ho added, any self-constituted
organization to doline and enforce
the laws for American citizens, lt
has, he continued, a well organized
Department of Justice to enforce the
Federal laws and well organized and
efficient State authorities to maintain
tho laws of tho several States.
Name "Bayer" on Genuine
Warning: Unless you see the name
"Hayer"' on package Ol' on tablets you
are not getting genuine Aspirin, pre
scribed by physicians for twenty-one
years and proved safe by millions.
Take Aspirin only as told in the
Hayer package for colds, headache,
neuralgia. rheumatism, earache,
toothache, lumbago and for pain.
Handy lin boxes of twelve Hayer Tab
lots of Aspirin cost few cents. Drug
gists also sell larger packages. Aspi
rin is the trade mark of Hayer Manu
facture of Monoacellcacidester of
Gaffney Industry to Start Up.
Gaffney, Sept. 22.-The news that
the Dixie Glove Factory would re
sumo operation this week was re
ceived with much gratification. For
more than a year the plant has been
closed down, and it was freely pre
dicted that it. would never operate
again. Hut. G. G. Ryers, who is tho
head of the enterprise, said yester
day that orders had been received
which would tax the capacity of the
plant from now until Jan. 15, 1 022.
A number of people who reside in
Gaffney and had become skilful work
ers when the plant was closed will
likely lind employment at the plant
when it opens to-day.
Plenty More Llke This In Walhall?.
Scores of Walhalla p.tupio can tell
you about Doan's Kidney Pilks. Many
a happy citizen makes a public state
ment of bis experience. Hero la a
oaso of lt. What Injtror pr,x>f of inork
can be had than such endorsement?
B. Colkarn, W. Main St, Walhalla,
gavo the following statement March
16, 1911: "My kidneys were out of
order and my hook pained awfully. 1
had other symptoms of kidney com
plaint, too. 1 was advised t*> iako
Doan's Kidney Fills and I did. They
Boon completely ourod mo."
On April IO, 1918, Mr.Oolkera said:
"I think just as highly of Doan's Kid
ney Pills now as when I endorsed
them boforo. I am glad to recom
mend them at any limo b?r 'hey sure
ly did mu a gr :, i .bsa! of good. 1
continu my former ondorAomont."
Price Ode, at ali dea., rs Don't
td m ply n*k for a kidney remedy--got
Doan's Kidney Pills tho sante that
Mr. Oelkors had. Foster M ilbnrn Oo.,
Mfr*.. Buffalo, N. Y.
Ile iv Made Head of Raiding Section
of Prohibition Forces in State.
Greenville, Sept. 22. Announce
ment was made by Major George C.
Rowen, prohibition director, yester
day that ll. Q. Merrick, ?veli known
Greenville officer, had been promoted
lo tho position of hoad of thc raid
ing section of tho prohibition en
forcement forces in South Carolina.
Mr Merrick has heretofore been
ehicf prohibition agent for this State.
His duties under his new office will
be similar to a large extent to his
duties in tho past. He will retain
headquarters here so far as is now
To Curo a Cold In One Day
?tupi th?: Cough and Headache and works oft the
Cold. E. W, GROVE'S signature on each box. 30c.
Alleged Bombers' Bonds Fixed.
Chicago, Sept. 22.-Monds for flvo
alleged bombers caught hy police in
tho act of bombing a shoo repair
shop a few days ago have been flxod
at $1,450,000. Municipal Judge Hauy
said the figure had been made so
largo because tho men had endan
gered tho lives of women and chil
C?^ynOMr ey
CHAPTER I.-With his two daughters,
Allx and Cherry, tho latter Just eighteen
years old, and lila nieco. Anno, Doctor
Strickland, retired, Is living at Mill Val
ley, a short distance from San Francisco.
III? closest friend ls Peter Joyce, some
thing ol a recluse. Visiting In tho vi
cinity Martin IJoyd, mining engineer,
falls In love with and secretly becomes
engaged to Cherry.
CHAPTKU II.-While the family le
spoculaUiix ns to Lloyd's Intentions. Cher
ry brings him to supper, practically an
nouncing her engagement to him.
CHAPTKR III.-Doctor Strickland feels
Cherry ls too young to murry ami unces
her to wau at least a year, hut thc girl
coaxes him Into agreeing to un Immediate
wedding and tho ceremony takes place,
the couple leaving at once for Kl Nulo,
where Martin ls employed.
CHAPTKR IV.-The honeymoon ildya
over. Cherry begins to feel a vag"?' '"s~
satisfaction with Martin and the monot
ony of her dally lifo.
CHAPTKR V.-At Mill Valley. Justin
Little, lawyer, becomes engaged to Anne,
the wedding being set for September,
some months distant. Allx visits Cherry
at Bl Nido and tho two girls coax Mar
tin into allowing Cherry to go homo tor
Anne's wedding.
CHAPTER VI.-In her fnthor's hons?
Cherry contrasts tho peaceful,, happy Ufo
there with her rather sordid existence at
Kl Nido and r?alises that her marriage
has been something of a failure Doctor
Strickland, feeling that Cherry Is not be
ing fair to Marlin, in that she ls unduly
prolonging her visit ufter Anne's wed
ding, urges her to return to hor husband.
Sho makes preparations for hor departure.
CHAPTER VII.-Peter Joyco tolls Chor
ry ho has had one "grand passion" In his
lifo, but tho woman waa not for him. Ho
does not roveal her name. Cherry rejoins
hor husband.
CHAPTER VIII.-Tho young wife's dis
satisfaction increases ana thoro ls an al
most open break. Martin has a brief spell
of nick ness and something of her old feel
ing for him returns to Cherry.
CHAPTKH IX.-Doctor Strickland ls
stricken suddenly with what all perceive
ls a fatal Illness. Allx summons Cherry
to tier father's deathbed. After the doc
tor's death lt la discovered that years ago
he had borrowed money front Anne's fa
ther and seemingly the debt was nover
discharged. With accumulated interest
the amount practically consumes all the
money the doctor left. Justin Uitln
makes lt manifest that he will Insist on
his wife'? claims. It moans that the two
girls are left with practically nothing.
CHAPTER X.-Peter Joyce, who has
been on a trip practically around the
world, returns, not having learned of the
doctor's death. He hears of Anne's posi
tion with regard to the money with deep
disgust. Allx has the home and ls mak
ing a fair living singing. Joyce urges her
to marry him. She consents and they
havo a simple -wedding and go to Joyco's
hojno to live, Idoally nappy.
CHAPTER XI. - Martin and Cherry
leave Kl Nido and go to Red Creek, a
change somewhat for the bettor, but
Cherry retains the old feeling of dissatis
faction. Sho visita Peter and Allx, and
while there comes to a realization that
she loves Peter. Though she has never
known lt. Cherry Is tho woman whom
Toter ha?! In mind when he told hor of
his "grand passion." He has never
<'ease<l to love her. and the situation now
becomes tragic.
Again Peter reckoned without Cher
ry. It was only the next day, when
ho waa entering the Palace court for
his lunch, that he experienced a sud
den and violent emotion. Ills thoughts
were, at Ute moment, far from (mer
ry, and he fancied himself In a hurry.
But every other feeling hut excite
ment waa obliterated at the sight of
a slender, girlishly mude woman, In
a pongee gown, and a limp brown hat
covered with popples, walting In the
Peter went toward her, nod the col
or rushed Into Cherry's face. It was
the first time they lind accidentally
encountered each other, ami lt had
a special place of Its own In the his
tory of their lives.
The surprise of lt kept them laugh
ing, hands clnsped, for u minute; then
Cherry said:
"I was to lunch here with Mary
Cameron. Hut she's full twenty min
utes late! You hate her, don't you?"
she added, looking up from under the
poppies at Peter.
"I don't like her," he admitted, with
a boy's grimace.
"Then suppose we don't lunch here?"
Cherry suggested, Innocently. Peter
laughed Joyously, and tucking her lit
tle gloved hand under his arm, led
her away. They went to Solart's. and
had a window table, and nodded, as
they discussed their lunch, at half a
dozen friends who chanced to he
lunching there, too.
She had said that she wanted to tell
him "all about lt," and Peter, with
quick knowledge thnt she meant the
unhappiness of her marriage, nodded
a grave permission.
"I've made a failure of Ul" Cher
ry said, sadly. "I know I ought to
struggle on, but I can't. I have no
Individuality, Peter, I have no per
sonality! As for my dignity-my priv
Her face was scarlet, and for a mo
ment she stopped speaking.
"Just tell me an alternativ?I" she
said, after a while. "It can't be that
there Iv no other life for me than
going back. Peter, I'm only twenty
four I"
"I know you are," he said, with a
brief not!.
"Why, every one ha? some alterna
thnt marriage ls the only-the only 1
Irrevocable thing! If you had a part- !
nor that you couldn't go on with, you j
could come to some agreement I"
"You don't love him I" Peter said.
"I don't hate him," she answered
quickly. "Indeed I don't. And lt Isn't !
just the pince and the life, Peter! I
could be happy In two rooms-some
where-anywhere- Hut not-with !
him. Oh. Peter, If I hadn't done lt-" i
Her benuty, ns she pushed her pluto ,
aside mid leaned toward him. was so
startling that Peter, a lighted match !
half-raised to a fresh elua rette, put j
the mutch down aimlessly and looked
thoughtfully at the cigarette, and laid
thnt down, too, willmot the faintest .
consciousness of what he was doing.
The day was warm, and there was a j
little dampness on her white forehead,
where the gold hnlr clung lo the brim I
of the drooping hat. The soft curve !
of her chin, thc babyish shortness of 1
her upper lip. and the crimson sweet
ness of the little earnest mouth had '
never seemed more lovely than they
were lodny. She was youth Incarnate,
palpitating, Hushed, unspoiled.
For a moment idle looked down nt ;
the table and the color Hooded her 1
face; then she looked him straight in
the eyes and smiled. "Well ! Perhaps
lt w!?' ?S work out right. Peter," she j
wild with the childish, questioning look
that so wrung his heart. Sho lmme>
dlately gathered her possessions to
gether to go, hut when they stepped
Into sunshiny Geary street lt was three
o'clock, and Peter suggested that they
walk down to the boat.
They met Allx on the boat, but she
did not ask any embarrassing ques
tions ; sho sat between them on the j
upper deck, blinking contentedly at
the blue sntln bay, her eyes following
the wheeling gulls or the pnssage of
ships, her mind evidently concerned
only with the Idle pleasantness of the
moment. And always, for Peter, there
WM the same joyous sense of some
thing new-something significant
something ecstatic In life.
FVom that hour he was never quite
et ease In Cherry's company and
avoided being alone with her even for
an Instant, although her presence al
ways caused him the new and tingling
delight. He read her honest blue eyes
truly, and knew that although, like
himself, she was conscious of the new
sweetness and brightness of life, she
had never entertained for an Instant
the flitting thought that lt was Peter's
feeling for her that made lt so. She
thought, perhaps, that lt would be the
old childish happiness that she had
known In the valley, the freedom and
leisure and Irresponsibility of the old
Tho next day she talked In a trou
bled, uncertain way of going back to
Red Creek, and he knew why. Hut
?lix was so aghast at the idea, and
Peter, who was closing Dr. Strick
land's estate, was so careful to depart
early In the mornings and return only
late at night, that the little alarm, If
lt was that, died away.
Tho :iext time that Cherry went In
to town, Allx did not go, and Peter,
sitting on the deck of the early boat
with her, asked her again to have
luncheon with him. Immediately a
cloud fell on her face and he saw her
breast rise quickly.
"Peter," she asked him childishly,
looking straight Into his eyes, "why
didn't we tell Allx about that?"
Peter tried to laugh and felt himself
begin to tremble again.
"About what?" he stammered.
"About our having been throe hours
nt lunch last wookT"
"Why-I don't know I" Peter said,
smiling nervously.
She was silent, and they parted
without any further reference to meet
ing for lunch.
Thnt night, when Allx had gone to
bed, he entered the sitting room sud
denly to Mud Cherry hunting for a
book. She had dropped on one knee,
the better to reach a low shelf, and
was wholly absorbed In the volume
she had chanced to open.
When she heard the door open ske
turned, nnd Immediately became very
pale. She did not spent as Peter
came to stand beside her.
Squeeze tho Juice of two lemons
Into a bottle containing (bree ounces
of Orchard White, which any drug
store will supply for a few couts,
shako well, and you havo a quartor
pint of harmloss and delightful lomon
bloach. Massago this sweetly fra
grant lotion into tho faco, nock, arms
and hands each day, then shortly
noto tho beauty and whiteness of
your skin.
Kamoua stago boauties uso this
lemon lotion to bleach and bring
that soft, clear, rosy-whlto complex
ion, also as a freckle, sunburn and
tan bloach because it doosn't irri
"Cherry-" he ?aid In a whisper,
his face close to hera. Neither spoke
again for a while. Cherry was breath
ing hard ; Peter was conscious only of
a wild whirling of brain and senses.
They remained so, their eyes fixed,
their breath coming as If they had
been running, for endless seconds.
"You remember) the question you
asked me this morning?" Peter said.
"Do you remember? Do you remem
Cherry, ber cold fingers still holding
the place In the book she had been
reading, went blindly to the fireplace.
"What?" she said, In the merest
breath. "What?"
"Because," Peter said, following her,
a sort of heady madness making him
only conscious of that need to hear
from her own Ups that she knew, "be
cause I didn't answer that question
honestly I"
It mattered not what he said, or
what he was trying to express; both
were enveloped In the flame of their
new relationship; surprise and terror
were eclipsing even the strange Joy
of their discovery.
"I must go home-I must go back
to Mart tomorrow 1" Cherry said, In a
whispered undertone, ns if half to her
self. "I must go home to Mart to
morrow 1 I-let's not-let's not talk !"
she broke off In quick Interruption, as
he wotdd have spoken. "Let's-I'd
rather not I I-where ls my book?
What was I doing? Peter-Peter-"
"Just a tnlnutel" Peter protested
thickly. "Cherry-I want to speak to
you-will you walt a minute?"
She was halfway to the door; now
she paused, and looked back at him
with frightened eyes. Peter did not
speak at once; there was a moment
of absolute silence.
And In Unit moment Allx came In.
She had said good night hall* an hour
before; she was In her wrapper and
her hair fell over one shoulder in a
rumpled braid. Cherry, sick with
fright, faced her In n sort of horror,
unable to realize at that moment that
there was nothing betraying tn ber
attitude or Peter's, and nothing In her
sister's unsuspicious soul to give signi
ficance to what she saw, In any case.
Peter, more quickly recovering self
control, went toward his wife.
"Pete!" she said. "Cherry I Look
at this! Look nt this!"
She held the paper out to them, but
It was rather at he: thnt they looked,
as all three gathered near the hearth
"I happened to finish my novel,"
Allx said, "and I reached for Dad's
old Bible-lt's been there on the shelf
near my bed ever since I was married,
and I've even rend lt, too I But look
what was in lt-there all this time!
It's Uncle Vincent's receipt to Dad
for that three thousand that ls making
all the trouble !" Allx exulted to the still
bewildered Cherry. "It's been there
all this time-and Cherry," she added
in a voice rich with love and memory,
"that's what he meant by saying lt
was In Matthew, don't you remember?
Doesn't it mean that, Pete? Isn't lt
perfectly clear?"
"It means only about fifty thousand
for you and Cherry," Peter answered.
"Yes slr, by George-lt's perfectly
clear ! He paid lt back-every cent of
it, and got his receipt ! H'm-this
puts rather a crimp in Little's plans
I'll see him tomorrow. This calla oft
his suit-"
"Ueally, Peter?" Allx asked, with
dancing eyes. "And lt means that you
can keep the old house, Cerise," she
exclaimed triumphantly, "and we cnn
be together part of the year, anyway I
And In That Moment Allx Came In.
Oh, come on, everybody, and sit down,
and let's talk and talk about lt I Pct
me see it again-'In recognition of all
claims against the patent extinguisher
aforementioned*--sit down, Pete; It's
only ten o'clock I I^et's talk. Aren't
you simply wild with Joy, Cherry?"
But she told Peter later thnt she had
been surprised at Cherry's quietness ;
Cherry had looked pale and abstracted
mid had not seemed half enthusiastic
. **?...*
It was a Sunday, foggy and overcast,
but not cold. The vines about the
porch were covered with tiny bends
of moisture; among the bushes In the
garden little scarfs and Hella of fog
were caught, and from far across the
ridge the droning warning of the fog
horn penetrated, at regular, brief In
tervals. Alix was away.
"Cherry," Peter said suddenly, when
tHo silent meal was almost over, "wUl
you talk about lt?"
_"Talk- ?" she faltered. Her voice
thtek?fiod and o topped. ?OET? woufii
rather nott" she whispered, with a
frightened glance about.
"Listen, Cherryl" he sntd, following
her to the wide porch rall and stand
ing behind her ns she sat down upon
lt. 'Tm sorry I I'm Just as sorry as
I can be. But I can't help tt, Cherry.
I'm as surprised as you are-I can't
tell you when lt-lt all happened I
Rut lt-" Peter folded hts arms across
his cTiest. and with a grimly squared
Jaw looked off Into the misty dis
tance-"It la there," he llnlshed.
"Oh, I'm so sorry !" Cherry whis
pered on * breath of utter distress.
"I'm so surry! Oh, Peter, we never
should have let lt happen-our caring
for each other ! We never should have
allowed ourselves to think-to dream
-of such a thing! Oh, Peter, I'm so
sick about lt," Cherry added, Inco
herently, with Ailing eyes. "I'm Just
sick about lt! I know-I know that
Allx would never hnve permitted her
self to-I know she wouldn't!"
Ile was close to her, aud now he
laid his hand over hers.
"I care-" he said, quite Involun
tarily, "I have always cared for
you! I know lt's mndness- I know
lt's too late-but I love every hair of
your beautiful head! Cherry-Cher
ry- !"
They had both gotten to their feet,
and now she essayed to pnss him, her
face white, ber cheeks blazing. He
slopped her and held her close In his
arms, and after a few seconds he felt
her resisting muscles relax and they
kissed each other.
For A full dizzy minute they clung
together, arms locked, hearts heating
madly and close and lips meeting
again aud again. H rea thiess, Cherry
wrenched herself free and turned to
drop into a chair, and breathless, Pe
ter stood looking down upon her.
About them was the silence of the
dripping garden; all the sounds of the
world came muffled and dull through
the thick mist.
Then Peter knelt down beside her
chair and gathered her hands together
In his own, and she rested her fore
head on his, and spent and silent,
leaned against his shoulder. And so
they remained, not speaking, for a
long while. Presently Cherry broke
the brooding, misty silence.
"What shall we do?" she asked In
a small, tired voice.
Peter abruptly got to his feet, took
a chair three feet away, and with a
quick gesture of his hand and toss of
hts head, flung back his hair.
"There ls only one thing to do, of
course!" he sahl decidedly, In a voice
unrecognizably grim. "We mustn't see
each other-we mustn't see euch oth
er! Now-now I must think how best
to manage that !"
Her eyes, heavy with pain, were
raised to meet his, and she saw his
mouth weaken with a sudden misgiv
ing, and she saw him try to steady lt
and look down.
"I cnn-I shall tell Allx that this
new VU'IIIPW needs me in town for
two or three nights," he said, farcing
himself to quiet speech, but with one
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To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicine which stops the cough by
healing the Inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed with every bottle of
should be rubbed on the chest and throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup.
The healing effect of Hnyea' Healing Honer in
aide the throat combined with the healing effect of
Grove's O-Pen-Trate Salve through the pores of
the skin soon stops n cough.
Both remedies are packed in one carton and tho
cost of the combined treatment la 35c
Just ask your druggist for HAYES"
Coal Prico Advances
St. Louis, Sopt. 22.-Prices of soft
coal, virtually unchanged since April
1, have been advanced 2f> coats a ton
hero by some companies, according
to an announcement to-day which de
clared that other concerns would
make an equal advance on Oct. I.
The increase Is called as a surcharge
made necessary in handling small
amounis, according to tho announce
ment. The price now ranges from
$f>.2!> to $<S.2."> a ton for various
grades used for heating and cooking
Catarrh Can Be Cured
Catarrh Is a local disease, greatly
influenced hy constitutional condi
tions. It therefore requires constitu
tional treatment. Il ALL'S CATARRH
MEDICINE is taken Internally nnd
acts through the Blood on thc Mucous
Surfaces of the System. HALL'S
foundation of the disease, gives tho
patient strength hy improving tho gen
eral health and assists nature in doing
its work.
All druggists. Circulars free.
P. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Strung l p to Got Information.
Orangehurg, Sept. 20.- Two ne
groes from St. Stephens, In berkeley
county, came to Orangehurg yester
day to lodge complaint against white
men of their section and others, who,
they charged, took them to the
woods on Sept. 12 and hanged thom
by their necks to get information as
to who had shot up a road construc
tion camp a few days previously. Tho
negroes engaged local counsel, but
no official action has been taken by
tho Solicitor. _
No Worms In . Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worms have an un
healthy color, which indicates poor blood, and as a
rule, there ls more or I ess stomach disturbance.
larly for two or three weeks will enrich tho blood.
Improve the digestion,and act as agoneralSuength
entng Tonic to the whole system. Nature will then
throw off or dispel the worms, and thoChlld wlllbe
la perfect health. Pleasant to take. 60c per bottle.

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