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Cour il? ht by K ?th I., n Norri.
line hand propping his forchend ns If
lt ached. "I'll stay at the club."
"And as soon ai I can go," Cherry
added feverishly, "I shall Join Martin.
I'll wire him tomorrow-this ls Sun
day-and 1*11 go on Wednesday I"
Peter sprang over the porch rall
and vanished, walking with swift ener
gy up the trail that led toward the
For the rest of the day Cherry lived
In a sort of daze of emotion ; some
times she seemed to be living two
lives, side by side. In the one was
her old happy relationship with Alix,
and even with Peter, the old Joking and
talking and gathering for meals, the
old hours In tho garden or beside the
Ure, and In the other was the confused
and troubled arid ecstatic conscious
ness of thc new relationship between
Peter and herself, the knowledge that
he did not merely admire her, did not
merely feel for her on unusual affec
tion, but that he was consumed by a
burning adoration of her slightest mo
tion, the tum of her wrist, the smile
she gave Kow at breakfast time, the
motion sha made when she stopped to
tie her shoe or raised her arm to break
an apple from the low, dusty branches.
The glory of being so loved enveloped
her like a great shining garment, and
her cheeks glowed softly rosy, nnd
there was a new and liquid softness,
a sort of shining glitter, In her blue
Peter was quiet that evening, and
was gone the next morning when the
sisters came out to breakfast. He lind
.'eft a message lo the effect that he
would not be at home that night, nnd
at four o'clock telephoned confirming
the message. Allx chanced to answer
the telephone, and Cherry, who was In
her room, heard Peter's name, and
stood still, listening with a shock of
Hut at eight o'clock that evening,
when she and Allx were sitting on the
porch, when the last ebbing pink of
the sunset had faded and great spiders
had ventured forth Into the dusk and
the dews, there was a sudden hail at
the gate, and Cherry knew that lt was
he I A flood of utter, Irrational hap
piness rose In her heart ; she had been
racked with hunger for the sound of
that voice; she had been restless and
unsatisfied, almost feverish with long
ing and doubt ; now peace caine again,
and content '
He eenie up to them, his glance
resolutely averted from Cherry, ex
plaining that he was lonesome, assur
ing them that everything went well
and making them laugh with nn ac
count of Justin Little's reception of
the new turn of affairs. "He seemed
absolutely dumfounded," Peter said.
H eemod Absolutely Dumfounded. 1
"He looked at the paper, read lt, j
laughed and said-in that little nerv
ous, smiling way of his-that bo felt
lt to be by no means conclusive-"
"I cnn bear him 1" giggled Alix.
"And I guess both you girls will
have to come In in a day or two,"
Peter continued.
"Cherry's going In to tho dentist to
morrow," sn ld Allx.
"Oh, so I nm I" Cherry said in a
rather strained voice.
She did not look at Peter, nor did
he at ln?r, but they felt each other's
thoughts like a spoken word.
"Had you forgotten?" Allx naked.
"I don't think PH go In, for I have
about a week's work here to do."
Peter left them, wltlu it one word
or look for Cherry, who went back to
the house with her sister in a most
agitated and wretched state of mind.
She bad the telephone In her band, to
caucel the engagement with ber den
tist, when Alix suddenly consented to
accompany her into town ; "and at
lunch time we'll take a chance on the
St. Francis, Sis," Alli said, Innocently,
"for Peter almost alway? lunches
there !"
Feeling thnt the question was se*?
tied, yet restless and unsatisfied still,
Cherry dressed for town ; they climbed
Into the car; Allx's firm bands, In yel- j
low chnmols gloves, snatched nt the
wheel ; the die was cast.
Yet at the station another change of
plan occurred, for ns Allx brought the i
car to the platform Anne came toward '
them from the arriving train, a gloved
and demure and smiling Anne, aux
lons, alie explained, to falk over this
newest development, and "whether lt
proved to he of any value or not," to
try to find out what Uncle Lee had
really wanted for them all, and then
agree to do that In a friendly manner,
out of court.
"My firs; feeling, when Frenny told
nie." 'Mt'"* Anne, chatting pleasantly In
the shade, "was one of such relief!
For I hadn't wanted all that money
one Mt," she confessed gally. "? only
wanted to do what was fair. Only
two or three nights ago I said to
Frenny that it really belonged to us
nil, and Inst night we talked and
talked about lt, and the result waa
that I said that I must see the girls
we three are the otdy ones concerned,
after all, and"-Anne's old half-merry
and hall-pouting manner was un
changed-"what we decide ls what
really matters I" she finished.
"Why, there ia no question that lt's
Daddy's handwriting," Cherry said,
with what, for her, was sharpness,
"and lt seema to me-lt seems to nie,
Anne-" she added, hesitatingly.
"That you have a nerve I" Allx fin
ished, not with any particular venom.
"That document throws tho case out
of court," she suld flatly. "Peter ls
confident of that!"
Anne's pale face flushed and her
eyes narrowed.
Cherry was flushed and uncomfort
able. There was an awkward pause.
"Ponrd?" shouted a trainman, with
a rising inflection. The sisters looked
at each other In a panic of haste.
"I can't leave this car here," Allx
exclaimed. "I've got to park her and
lock her and everything! Hun; get
on board, Cherry. I don't have te go
In, anyway-you've got a date!"
Cherry's heart leaped, sank coldly,
and leaped again, as with a swift nod
of parting she hurried for her train.
The other two women watched her
with forced interest as she climbed
on board mid as the train slipped
noiselessly out of sight. It curved
among the redwoods and was gone be
fore either spoke again. Then, as her
eyes met Anne's friendly, questioning
smile, Allx said awkwardly:
"I think the only thing to do is for
you and Justin to take this up with
Peter, Anne. I mean-I mean that
you were the ones who proposed to
bring lt Into court In the first place,
o nu o
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and-and 1 don't understand much
.bout lt. Aa far ai coming to any
agreement with me la concerned, you
might just as well have gone back on
the train with Cherry. I hate to talk
this way-but we ali think you acted j
very-.well, very meanly]" Allx fin
ished rather flatly.
"Perhaps lt's Just aa well to under- !
stand each other]" Anne said, with
hot cheeks. They exchanged a few
inore sentences, wasted words and
angry ones, and then Anne walked
ever to a ?eat in the shade, to walt
tor another train, and Alix, with her
heart beating hard and her color high,
drove at mad speed back to the moun
tain cabin.
"I didn't ask her to lunch-I don't
carel" Allx said to herself, In agita
tion. "She and Justin know they're
beaten-they're Juat trying to patch
it up before lt's too late-I don't care
-I won't have her think she can get
away with any such scheme-I"
(To be Continued)
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Chilla Wants Her Bights.
New York, Sept. 21.- -China waals
nothing from America in the forth
coming conference on limitation of
armament except tho right to pre
serve its national existence and un
interrupted pursuit of happiness in
fellowship with the other nations of
the world, Dr. Alfred Sse, Chinese
minister to tho United States, de
clared at a dinner given in bis honor
by the China society. *
Declaring that his country had two
.teachers holding out two doctrines,
ono of militaristic power and the
other of peaceful democratic devel
opment. Dr. S/.e said he believed that
America bad tue confidence of the
pcoplo of China.
"China wants and needs Ameri
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Proposed Union of churches.
Pittsburg, Pa., Sept. 2 2.-The pro
posed union of tho pan-Presbyterian
Allianco and tho Church of England,
or tho Protestant. Episcopal church,
was diCSussed here yesterday by the
delegates attending the eleventh gen
eral council of tho Alliance of the
Reformed and Presbyterian church
throughout tho world holding tho
Presbyterian system.
Discussion of tho proposed union,
spoken of at Lambeth. Eng., took
place, but no agreement was reach
ed. Among other topics spoken of
were the ro-ordination of the clergy
of the Presbyterian church.
This was tho outstanding develop
ment of the discussion of church un
ity at tho session here.
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Storm Kills Many.
Lisbon, Sept. 22.-Numerous per
sons wore killed and injured during
a heavy thunderstorm which swept
Portugal yestorday. Seven porsons
were killed in this city when a wall
collapsod upon a tram car, while otb
er porsons wero swept into sewers
and rescued with diiilculty.
Hold Delightful Joint Session in tho
llounty Lmitl Community.
Bounty Lund, Sept. 19.-Speciul:
.Morris Shunklln, of Franklin, N. C.,
is among relative? here to-day.
Mr. und Mrs. A. S. Hollnis and fam
ily, of Charleston, uro spending a
fortnight with Mr. and Mrs. D. A.
Perrltl, .Mrs. Hollins' parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Fur man Burns, of
Fountain Inn, spent tho week-end nt
tho homo of tho latter's parents, Hon.
and Mrs. ES. B. Vernor.
Mr. and Mrs. .Josse Williams, of
Nowry, were lato guests of Mr. and
Mrs Frank Williams.
Williamson Mills, of High Point,
N. C., spent tho week-end at tho
home of J. A. Dendy.
J, H. Cater and son Harvey visited
Charlie Cater at Long Creek Acad
emy last Sunday.
Misses Julia and Bertie Williams
are spending some 'time In Nowry
John Coe,who has neon absent from
I homo since March, and bas boen in
di it?rent points of interest in long
land, and is quite recently of South-:
lampton, is visiting hts mother, Mrs..
Sallie Coe. John's many friends hero
are delighted to see him looking so j
well, he having added a conspicuous
amount of avoirdupois to his size.
An event which for the pas! sev
eral years has been looked forward
to from lime to limo with happiest
anticipations is the annual reunion
of tho "girls" who attended tho
Ooorgo's Creek school in 'Picketts
county in the long ago. This delight- I
fui occasion was held last Friday,
from 3.30 to t! at the elegant and |
hospitable rural bono? of Mrs. W. T. j
Hubbard, and was one of rare, en
joyment from the fuel that quito a
number of Hie grandmothers of the
vicinity were invited, making it ll
combined schoolgirl and grntldmoth- !
ors' convention. After the guests
wo re nil scated on tho long and spa
cious porch, each lady was invested
with a card decorated with a knot
of lavender baby rihbiu and either a
miniature pict uro of a school girl in
modern semi-knee skirt or a placid
faced, gray-hatred grandmother
whichever was most applicable-al
though, strange to say. the real
grandmothers of the party appeared
quite ns juvenile ?s the schoolgirls.
After an hour, perhaps, of pleasing ,
conversa|Ho|i, the delightful inter- ?
mingling of light, schoolgirl persi-!
adge and gentle grand motlier sn ga-j
city. Miss Nettie Hubbard engaged
the attention of tilt? party by pre
senting a verbal contest, the ques
tions being answered with the name
of some kind of si i tob used in needle
craft. Mrs. Sue Foster's, Mrs. Julia
Shanklln's and Mrs. Kate Mc.Mahan's
efforts resulted in a tie, and tho
lime-honored method of decision,
that of drawing straws, gave the
prize to Mrs. Foster. Mrs. Jasper
Doyle was asked Jto deliver the prize,
which was a dainty pair of embroid
ery scissors. A delicious banana
salad course, with iced tea, was serv
ed hy Misses Cora, Zola and Nettle
Hubbard, assisted bv Miss Carrie Mc
Mahan. The schoolgirl guests were:
Mrs. Lizzie Bowen Derry, of Slates
ville. N. C.; Mrs. Mary Mc.Mahan
Smith, of Seneca: Mrs. Ulla Qrlce
Gresham, of SpaWanhurg; Mrs. Le
titia Mc.Mahan Knox, of Fairview;
Mrs. Annie Mc.Mahan Hubbard, of
the community; Miss Mary Mc.Ma
han. of Greenville; Mrs. Carrie drice
Dupree, of Owings. Tho grandmother
and oilier guests were: Mesdames
Julia D. Shunklln, Sallie Coe, Eliza
beth PerrlH, Jane Shelor, Mattie
Dicketl. Kat<> Mc.Mahan. Currie Dam-!
brell, Mary Sue Foster, Anna Wyley,
Mamie Hughs. Sallie Alexander, Sue!
Hunzinger, Kiln Doyle and Misses
Pearl Hunsingor, Nellie Gresham and
Carrie Mc.Mahan. May Hie ladies live
to get logo!hor on many more such
delightful occasions.
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?10,017,581 Spindles in C. S. Mills.
Washington. Sept. 2 1.-Tho total
number of cotton spindles in the
United Stales on Agu. 1 was 36,
617,584, the Census Bureau an
nounced Wednesday. Of this total
thorn wero 33,059,21 1 operated at
some time during tho month, tho to
tal number of spindle hours being 7,
Based on activity of 27 days of
8.0 hours each, tho averago number
of spindles operating during tho
month was 31,524,190.
Hub-My-Tism is a great pain kill
er. Hollovcs pain and soreness,
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sprains, fte?
Convicted of Rape in Apr?, i?20
Sentenced to Forty Yours. ?
Columbia, Sept. 21. - Kenneth
Gossott, young white man of Monea
Path, convicted tn April, 19 20, of
rape at Abbovtllo and sontoncod to?
forty years' imprisonment In tho
State penitentiary, was released at
noon to-day, shortly after Associate
Justice T. P. Cothinn, of tho Supremo
, Court of South Carolina, after B hoar
, lng bore Chis morning, had granted
: him bail in the sum of $C,000. His
1 bond was arranged within a short.
! time after tho conclusion of the
i hearing.
In his decision Justice Cothran de
clared that, while lt was not for him
to pass upon tho guilt or innocenco
of Gossett, thoro woro so many con
tradictory and inexplicable clrcum
I stances in tho testimony at tho trial
that ho could not say that in Gos
I sett's caso "the proof Is ovidont or
I tho presumption great," and that,
therefore, he was ontitlod to bail,
j 'Hntll ho is again summoned into
court, in the event that bo is put
on a Recoud trial for bis lifo, Gossott
is at liberty for the first time since
he was lodged in the Stale peniten
tiary nearly a year and a half ago.
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Sion t.a;;o of Ministers Aculo.
?Pittsburg, Pu., Sept. 22. -Tho
present .shortage of ministers is
"acute, critical and grave," and tho
problem must ho solved at onco If
tho church is to go forward under
tho proper guiding hands, according
to the report, of tho committee on
home missions of the European sec
tion, presented by tho Rev. John Hall
of Edinbotirgh, Scotland, at to-day's
session of tho General Council of thu
Aiiianco of Reformed churches
throughout tho world holding tho
Presbyterian system.
A contributory cause to the short
age was given In tho report as "tho
utter inadequacy of tho financial pro
vision made for either minister or
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slump in Liquor Prices.
Danville, Va., Sept. 2 1.-The eco
nomic law of supply and demand has
accomplished what tho law sponsored
by Mr. Volstead failed lo do, accord
ing to reports from the hill sections
of Carroll and Patrick counties. With
the price of "moonshine" down lo
.$2 per gallon as compared with $ 1
a few months ago, many oporators
have put aside their stills and have
taken ti now interest in the crops of
bright leaf tobacco and sorghum.
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Biliousness, liOSS of Appotto and
Headaches duo to Torpid Livor.-adv
Georgin Woman Fleeted Alderman.
Macon, Ga., Sept. 22.- For tho
first time In the history of Macon %
woman was chosen alderman in yes
terday's primary. The official count
consolidated to-day showed that Mrs.
Charles E. Harrold had not only
been elected, but ran third in tho
race. Ninety per cent of the regis
tered white vote of nearly soven
thousand was polled.
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Women worked in English collier
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Tho .lews dated tho beginning ol'
tho sacred year In March.
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?fr J. R. EARLE,
.j? A Morney .at*!'AW, ?J?
?J? Slate & Federal Court Prwltce. ?{.
.J. FARM I/OA NS. .j?
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?{. J. I*. Carey, J. \V. Sholor,
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.J? Attorneys and Counsellors, ?J.
.I* State & Federal Court Pracitce. ?J?
?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?|? ?|? ?I? ?|? ?.j. ?|? ?|? ?j. .j,
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4? AV. D. WHITE,
*\? LAWYER, .?i
.fr WALHALLA, S. C. ?ji
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