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Information Concerning Work and
Workers at the Institution.
The Tamassee Industrial School
has been the recipient of enough
paint from the Southern Cotton Oil
Company's paint department to
paint both inside and out the new
oottago rocontly complctod. This was
obtained through tho efforts of T. ().
Lawton, Jr., of Garnet, who ls the
State representative of tho company's
paint department, with headquarters
at Savannah.
Grout News for Ibo School,
A beautiful thing has happened to
Tamas8ee. Now York I). A. R. have
given the money to Install water
works, and two others have prom
ised to prosont o Ford automobile.
.Mrs. Grace Ward Calhoun, who is
nt tho North, and has given talks
Tnmasseo, illustrated with stem
Icon views, boforo several district
I State moctlngs of I). A. R.. wires
good nows, under ?lato of Oct.
from Rochester, N. Y.:
"Aftor tho pictures Mrs. Joseph
'dod, former vice president general,
od, 'Wo can't lot Th os o girls carry
water, flore's ton dollars towards
waterworks. ' And those splondtn
New York women gave the rest, in
addition to tholr $(',,000 cottage Two
women promised us a Ford."
Last week Mrs. Calhoun gave nor
lecture before a union meeting of tho
Jersey City chapters, several of whom
aro founders of Tnmasseo. Tho slides
aro lino ones and bring a close and
impressive picture of the actual work
that is hoing done at tho school. The
'Northern women wore much im
pressed with tho youthful institution
and its possibilities.
Mrs. Calhoun wont on to tho
Pennsylvania and New York State
conferences and will also al!
oral largo chapter meetinj
returning to South Carolin.
The State regent, Mrs.
C. Cain, accompanied Mrs.
to tho Jersey City mooting, bringing
greetings from South Carolina. Ar
tor that she went to Washington to
attend a mooting of the board of tho
national society and tho laylpg of
tho cornerstone of tho now building
which tho D. A. R. are having erect
ed to meet, their growing needs.
l\\ lt ? )>?;.?; SUN . '
.' . . lol
lat ul !;>'.. Inn? vThut'h tiiStir*
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For Oct. IS Shows (.'innings Less
iban Saino Dato IjUst Veal".
Washington, Oct. 27. Cotton of
this year's growth ginned prior to
Oct. IS amounted to ft, 477,397
bales, exclusive of linters, compared j
with 5,754,582 bales last year and
4.S28.104 hales in 1019 to thal date,
tho census bureau has announced.
Round bales included nu mored
99,-371, compared with 140,090 last
year. Amorlcan-IOgypttnn Included
numbered 7,498 halos, computed
with 14(312 hales last year, and Sea
Island Included numbered 1,201
bales, compared with 334 Inst year.
Tho ginning report included a par
agraph stating:
"Tho Department of Agriculture
on Oct. :i 1921, estimated that tho
condition ?d' (he colton crop tin Sept.
2 5 was 42.2 per eon I Of a normal, the
lowest condition ever reported.which
forecasts a total production of about
0,537,000 halos of 500 pounds. Im
ports Indicate thal n largo propor
tion of Hie crop has been ginned."
Tho heaviest ginning on record,
prior to this year, was that of 1910,
when 7,303,1 S3 bates, or 04.3 per
?.eut of Ibo crop, were ginned prior!
to Oct. IS. The next largest ginning!
lt) that date was in CMS, when tl.
,s I 1,351 hales, or 7,1.2 per cent of Ihe]
Crop, were ginned to thal dale.
The pinnings this year, hy Stall
aro as follows:
Alabama . 120,152
Arizona. S.e.", 7
Arkansas . 149,434
California . 1,012
Florida . sj 27
Georgia . ?; 7.12 0
Louisiana . 195,115
Mississippi . "?12.007
Missouri . io.:',::;',
North Carolina. 144,004
Oklahoma. 3(7,140
South Carolina. 101,201
Tennessee. 158,060
Texas. 1,740,766
Virginia . 7,HO."
All other States. 3,070
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CHAPTER I.-With hts two daughters,
Allx and Cherry, the latter Jual eighteen
years old, and hi? niece, Anne, Doctor
Strickland, retired, la living ut Mill Val
ley, H Bhort distance from Snn Francisco.
HI? closest friend is Peter Joyce, Borne
thin? fit" a recluse. Visiting; tn the vi
cinity. Martin Lloyd, mining engineer,
falls In love with and secretly becomes
engaged to Cherry.
CHAPTER II.-Willie the family ' le
?peculating ns to Lloyd's Intentions. Cher
ry bringa him io supper, practically an
nouncing her engagement to him.
CHAPTER III.-Doctor Strickland feel?
Cherry I? loo young to marry and urges
her tu walt at least II year, but the girl
coaxes him into agreeing to an Immediate
Wedding and tho ceremony takes place,
tho couple leaving nt once for Kl Nido,
Where Martin is employed.
CHAPTER IV.-The honeymoon day?
over, Cherry begins to feel a vague dis
Batlsfuctlon with Martin and the monot
ony of her dally Ufo.
CHAPTER V.-At Mill Valley. Justin
Little, lawyer, becomes outraged to Anne,
the wedding; bettor ?ot for September,
Home months distant Alix visits Cherry
at 101 Ntdo and the two girls coax Mar
tin Into allowing Cherry to KO home tor
Anne's wedding.
CHAPTER VI.-In lier father's house
Cherry contrasts the peaceful, happy life
there with her rather sordid existence at
El Nido and reall/.eB that tier marriage
hnr ^ vu thing of a failure. Doctor
tig that Cherry Is not lie
in, In that she ls unduly
I i visit after Anne's wed
in ' o return to her husband.
? 'ftp rations for her departure.
' V .-Peter Joyce tellB Cher
ry ne naa natl ono "grand pasBlon" In hla
life, but the woman waa not for him.
doe? not reveal her nam?, Cherry rojt
her husband.
CHAPTER VIII.-Tho young wlfe'a ?
satisfaction increases and there ls an
moat open break. Martin has a brief ai
of alcknes8 and something of her old ?
lng for him returns to Cherry.
CKAPTKR IX.-Doctor Strlckla
stricken suddonly with what all pe
lu a fatal Illness. Allx summons Cht
to har father's deathbed. After the c
tor's death lt ls discovered that years
he had borrowed money from Anne's
thor ?nd ??Amlns-ly thft debt was nf
nu'*.i. m, 11 feat (tits* v.... ??tn > -
.. i
!..'.!? . " v . ?ti*h i-iMcilcaWy r\ot>?|
been on a trip practically around tn?
world, returns, not having learned of the
doctor's death. Ho hears of Anne's posi
tion with regard to tho money with deep
disgust. Alix- has tho homo and lu mak
ing a fair living singing. Joyce urges hor
to marry him. She consents and they
have a simple wedding and go lo Joyce's
home to live. Ideally nappy.
CHAPTER XI. - Martin and Cherry
leave Kl Nido and go to lied Creek, a
change somewhat for the better, but
Cherry reta I DH the old feeling of dissatis
faction. She visits Peter and Alix, and
While tiler?' comos to a realization that
she tove? Peter. Though she has never
known lt, Cherry ls tho woman whom
Peter liad In mind when ho told her of
lils "grand passion." He has never
ceased to love her, and the situation now
becomes tragic.
CHAPTER XII.-Peter confesses nia
love to Cherry, and she admits a like feel
ing for him. A situation bordering on
hidden guilt ls created. In thc doctor's
lilllie Allx linds a receipt for the money
he had borrowed. Anne's claim fnlls to
the ground and Allx and Cherry are
tliiancialiv Independent, Heartbroken over
their tragic position. Peter vainly seeks
a solution which ph.ill make for thc mu
tual happiness of Cherry and himself, hut
there seems no ?-^v
CHAPTER XIII.-Mr?. North. Martin
Uoyd's aunt, ha? her simpletons concern
ing Peter and Cherry and the lovers feel
tho danger of the situation.
CHAPTER XIV.-Joyce urge? Cherry
to leave Martin and go away with him
to some remote part of the world where
tliey can live their lives together. She
tinnily consents, feeling that Allx will for
give, and Potor makea arrangements for
their Journey.
CHAPTER XV.-Tlie day of their de
parture arrises. Peter had gone Into San
l'Yanclsco. whoro Cherry was to meet him
on tho Steamer. Actually on her way to
the boat Cherry meets Martin, who has
left his .situation at Ked Crock and 1M on
his way to her. Torrorstrlckon. sin- man
ages to get word to Peter and goos hack
to Allx's home with Martin. On the way
she musters < ourngo sufllclont to t*. 11 him
the truth about lier feeling fur him. Mar
tin professes himself unable to under
stand her grievances.
CHAPTER X VI.-Apprising .MIX U.'
situation between himself and Cherry,
Martin Insinuates that someone has hoon
making love lo Cherry. Allx indignantly
repudiate? the Idea, and Martin has no
conception ot the real truth. Lat or, some
observ?t lons made by Martin, and her
own Intuition, force Allx to a realization
nf thu love existing between Poler and
Cherry. Heartbroken, she liasses the
night wandering in tho wends, unable to
make up her mind as to the course abe
will pursue.
CHAl"fER XVII.-Cherry gets an anon
ymous letter from Red Creek coupling
Martin's name with that of a woman
named I tatt V W oods. She shows the let
ter to Alix, and the latter questioning
Martin, he practically admits the truth
of the Bccufallon. Divorce is now openly
tallied if. Peter and Cherry arrange to go
aw iv together Sunday, two days distant.
C) APTER XVIII. Saturday morning
Peter realize? from Allx's manner and
ambiguous remarks that she ls aware of
the situation. Ile docs not loll Cherry.
Allx and Martin depart for Peter's cabin In
the automobile, leaving Peter and Cherry
10 follow them on foot. On the way they
aro mst by a woman who, on the verge
of hysterics, Informs them the car, with
AUx and Martin, has gone over a preci
pice. They lind Allx dead and Marlin so
badly ii ired that it la felt death would
bo a happy release.
It was nil strange und how ildering,
thought RCt?r, It WHS not like any
thing ho had ever connected In his
thoughts with Allx, yet it was all for
The day was wann and still, and
thc little church, wus packed with
flowers ??d packed with people. Wom
en were crying, and men were crying,
too, rather to his dazed surprise. The
organ wr.s straining through the
warm, fragrant air, and the old clergy
man, whoso venerable, leonine bead,
in its crown of snowy hair, Peter could
see clearly, spoke In a voice that 'vas
thickened with tears. Strangers, or
almost strangers, bud been lunching
Peter's hand respectfully, timidly, had
been praising AJix. She had been
"good" to this one. "good" to that one,
they told him ; she had always been so
"interested" and so "happy."
Her collin was burled in flowers,
many of them tho |)lu?u Howers she
lovell, the gillies and Stock und ver
bena, and even the sweet, sober wall
flowers that were somehow like her
self. Put it was the roses that scented
the whole world for Allx today, and
fresh creamy buds had been placed
between the waxen fingers. And still
that radium look of triumphant love
lingered on her quiet face, ?.nd still
the faint ghost of a smile touched the
once kindly and merry mouth.
They said good-by to her at the
church, the villagers and old friends
who had loved her, nnd Peter and
two or three men alone followed her
down along the winding rond that led
to the old cemetery. Cherry was
hanging over the bedside of her hus
band, who still miraculously lingered
through hourn of nain, but as Peter,
? ' . :vr; to -l tOUCh '?n dil' fi OJ,
-r.;. - . r.hc i arch por'rh u> . ; tdJy
v>:itvr the wa! ..; mote: ?sr, h sw?
. ... .'. ?nd gr?i oh >.h < from .mc,
I?; his I,...ern . . lay bine , am with
his felt hat heb; In hts 'nods, Kow,
Outiulnj; i \& rlgh; o sur.r? ? eal .. ibo
of tho mist;osa h.* had >vo<$
nnd iorved so faithful^ Ti? si rh t of
htm, l?! lil s I nu J ay ^jhVclc, <*. of
ibo usual crisp v. h t ?and wlfh a sad
. d tenr ilne^L^'neo flhppft Peter
ii . ..' . n?)t sbj?w sign
oat?. '^.^.v^...\...y .>
Tl ? t fisted :.v.v y >. tu l\?& T?f , \'t '
, ? throw shnddwn bi? the gr&v?
wibi . ll "y finally tcf:cae.l lt, arri rh .,
wei*; cropping tho vvuicu
the graveyard. The soft autumn sky,
the drift of snowy clouds across the
blue, the clear shadows on brown
grass under the Oaks, all these were
familiar. Hut Peter still looked dazed
ly at his black cuff and at the turned
earth next to the doctor's headstone,
telling himself again that this was for
Allx. How often be bad seen her sit
ting there, with her bright face sobered
nnd sweet, ns she talked lovingly,
eagerly of her father ! They had of
ten como hero, Peter the more willing
ly because she was so sensible nnd
happy about lt ; sbo would pack lunch,
button herself Into one of the crisp
blue ginghams, chatter on the road
In her usual fashion. And If, for a
few moments, the train of memory
fired by the sight of the old doctor's
grave became too poignant and tears
came, she always scolded herself with
that mixture of childish and maternal
Impatience that was so characteristic
of her, and that Peter had seen her
use to this very father years ago I
He remembered her, a tall, awkward
girl, with a volume of Dickens slip
ping from ber lop as she sat on a has
sock hy the fire, tensing her father,
scolding and reproaching bim. Blazing
red on her high cheekbones, untidy
black hair, quick tongue and ready
laugh ; that was tho Alix of the old
days, when he had criticized and pat
ronized her, and told her that she
Should be nrore Uko Anne nnd little
Cherry !
He remembered being delegated, one
Doesn't hurt a bit! Drop a Ii tl lo
"Preezono" on an aching corn, In
stantly that corn stops hurting, then
shortly you lift it right off with
lingers. Truly!
Your druggist sells a tiny bottle of
"Preezono" for a few cents, sufficient
to remove overy hard corn, soft corn
or corn between tho toes, and tho
calluses, without soreness or irrita
with Fingers
day, to take her Into town fe th?"deu
tlet, and thnt upon discovering that
the dentist was not In his office, he had
taken her to the circus Instead. She
had been about thirteen, and had eaten
too many peanuts, he thought, and
had lost a petticoat In full sight of the
grandstand. But how grateful and
happy she hod been !
"Dear little old blue petticoat!" he
said. "Dear little old madcap Allx-!"
There was silence, the silence of
Inanition, about bim. Ile came to
himself with a start. He was up on
Wimm "
This Was Alix's Grave, Newly Covered
With Flowers.
the hills, in the cemetery-this was
Allx's grave. ne.vJy covered with wilt
ing musses of Howers, and he was
keeping everybody waiting. Ho mur
mured an apology; the walting men
were all kindness and sympathy.
He got huck Into the motor car;
the man who drove them quickly to
ward the valley talked easily and
steadily to Peter, attempting to Inter
est him In the affairs of some waler
company In Sun Francisco. When they
?ot to tho valley a city train was ar
rta v. II I'fter saw people looking
.ly and sorrowfully. He
, . :>?. .: the many, many times
i ul d for him ut the trains;
m {lanced toward the big madrono
gader which .ihe always parked her
cn tSho way usually deep In a book
rossed from the train, but she
v,i ' ding into the back seat aud
. . . '< r him beside her. The
voi bound Into the tonneau,
Alta would und her husband his
mull, thc vould start with a great
pl i : . ird the mountain -toward
I a illili up on the ridge
? -,?**.
ed small and pathetic In
j her fresh black, and ber face was
marked by secret Incessant weeping.
Put the nurses and doctors could not
say enough for her self-control ; she
was always composed, always quietly
helpful and calm when they suwJier,
and she was always busy. Prom early
morning, when she slipped Into tho
sick-room, to stand looking at the un
conscious Martin with a troubled, In
tent expression that the nurses caine
to know well, until night, she moved
untiringly about the quiet, shaded
house. She supervised the Chinese
boy, saw that the nurses had their
hours for rest and exercise, telephoned,
dusted and arranged the rooms, saw
callers sweetly and patiently, filled
vases with flowers.
Every day she bad several vigils In
the sick-room, and every day at least
i one long talk with the doctors. livery
afternoon and evening had its callers;
i she and Peter were rarely alone.
I Martin was utterly unconscious of
I the life that flowed on about him;
sometimes he seemed to recognize
; Cherry, and would stare with painful
Intentness Into her face, but after a
! few seconds his gaze would wander
?to the strange nurses, and the ro>. in
that he had never known, and with
I a puzzled sigh he would close his eyes
again, nnd drift hack into Ids own
strange world of pain, fever and un*
. consciousness.
Almost every day there was the
: sudden summons and panic in the old
1 bouse, Peter going toward the sick
' room with a thick beating at lils heart,
I Cherry entering, while faced and with
terri tied eyes, doctors and nurses gath*
j erlng noiselessly near for the last
j scene In the drams ot' Martin's suffer*
! lng. Hut the release did not come,
j There would be murmuring among
j the doctors and nurses; th*? pulse was
""'nine, not losing, the apparently
ymptoms were proving
nor final. The tension
a doctor would go, a
rom the room ; Cherry,
ously from one face to
> lld breathe more easily,
i able, she knew thnt now
bt not to be this minute; lt
I was not io he this hour !
"My dCar-my dour!" Peter said to
ber ono day, when spent and shaken
she cain? stumbling from Marlin's bed
side and stood dazedly looking from
thc window Into the soaking October
forest, like a person stunned from a
I blow. "My poor little Cherryl If I
could sparc you thin !"
"Nobody can spare me now I" sho
whispered. And very simply and
quietly she added : "If I have been a
fool-If I have boftn ? selfish, wicked
girl all my life, I am punished!
' "Cherryl" he protested, heartsick to
Are her so.
i "Was ft wrong for us to love each
Other, Peter?" she asked In a low tone.
"I suppose lt was! I suppose it was I
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Mull Dubbers Picked Five Illchly
Laden Punches Ont ol US.
Now York. Oct. -?1.- Belief that J
the loot in Monday night/s daring '
mail truck hold-up would exceed ono
million dollars was indicated by thu
postollice authorities to-day alter a
partial check ot the contents ol' til i !
live stolen pouches, while from other j
sources it was learned that the total
might exceed two million (lullars.
Olllcials Ot one Wall stree' linn
i not yet listed among those affected
I by the robbery said that their finn
j had sent $ I,OOO.own in securities hy
I registered mail .Monday night, but
I that they had been unable to learn
i whether it was in one of the live
' pouches taken by the three bandits
who held up tho truck lu lower
Known losses made public so far
included $463,000 in bonds, malled
to ellen's by the Chase National
Dank; $8.000 in securities sent out
by Hilt, Farewell & Parks; $3.400
in bonds mailed by Itemick, Hodges
& Co. and $1 1,000 In securities sent
out by (?allaway. Fish & Co. All of
! these losses were said to bo covered
hy private insurance.
It is also reported that a $."?0,000
j consignment of currency was includ
I ed in the stoleii mail, but thin was
j not confirmed by postofilce authori
I ties, lt was said a full list of the
j losses would probably not bo com
; piled for several days.
Tho throe men who staged tho
j hold-up were being sought by a
j largo force of Federal agents and
.city detectives to-day. A reward of
I $ri,000 for each of the robbers, dead
j or alive, offered by tho Postmaster
I General, intensified Interest in the
I I'ostolfico inspectors also worked
i inside the city hall postofllco station,
whence the stolen pouches emigrat
ed, in an effort to determino whore
the robbers had an "inside" confed
erate. The fact that the robbers
picked with unerring hand from 2.S
pouches live which vero so richly
laden was taken as an Indication
that they had as confederate an em
ployer; inside the station.
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Mrs. S M. Powell Walhalla, says:
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iTfty-Ono Ha lc? Cotton Burned,
Greenwood, Oct. 26.-Damago es
timated at $.'?,000 was done in a cot
ton lire at thc; Charleston and West
ern Carolina freight platform hero
Sunday afternoon, when Til bales of
cotton wore burned. The cotton was
consigned to the Greenwood Cotton
Mills and the Standard Warehouse.
The origin of tho fire is unknown.
Tho loss is said to he covered hy
i usu ra nco.
. m*~ -
Formerly worthless marshlands in
Maryland have been devoted of hue
to muskrat farming.
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Statesman Whoso Sight May Ho Re
stored Longs to Seo Mis Wife.
A dispatch from Washington say..?:
Aller moro thar, thirty years in
perpetual darkness. Kx-Senaior Thos
I', (?ore, ol' Oklahoma, has hoon given
hope thal his .sight may ho restored,
ll' thc treatment he is now undergo
ing at the hands of a Boston special
ist is successful, what will the blind
Senator, lawyer, schoolmaster and
sociologist be most eager to soo?
First of all, his wife. Ile courted
and won her twenty-one years ago,
but he has never seen her. Then -
lils lS-year-old daughter and 10
year-old son. whose growth from in
fancy he has booti able to follow only
by ii pat of tho hand. Then
The 30,000 books of his library,
whoso contents he holds in his un
usually keen memory. Then -
Washington, where he has served
fourteen years as Senator, but never
saw the Capitol, tho Whit? House,
the Washington Monument or the
Potomac river. Then, too
An automobile. Ho rides in one
daily, but they were unknown when
ho last saw the light of day.
Tho World a Mystery.
In short. Gore wants to soe the
hundreds of new things that have
nomo Into tho world in tho lust 00
years. Ho wants lo see a city for
the first time mid contrast it with his
native farm village, tho only commu
nity he ever saw.
But Gore doesn't really expect to
seo any of those things. Ho's not as
optimistic as his physician, Dr. Sam
uel Harris, of Huston. If sight comos
it will be welcome. If it doesn't
well, Gore is so used to darkness he
doesn't miss tho glowing world
?ironnd him.
Gore enjoyed natural eyesight un
til he was eight years old Then a
stick, thrown at a cow by ono of his
farm lad friends, struck him in the
left eye and deprived him of its use
Throe years later a shaft from ;
cross-bow struck him in tho righi
eye. He had to have the eye rc
For a time Gore wa? able to distill
guish the outlines of largo object.?
Then that power left him and ho wa
abli only to tell night from day. Tbl
last remnant loft him before ho wa
21 years of ago.
Gore has served throe terms in th
United States Senate.
At present he is practicing lav
hore in Washington, specializing In
tax and land matters. Ho comes li
his office punctually every morning
Hi:? secretary roads aloud to him ou
of his law books, and ho prepares hi
cases by dictation.
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look for the signature of K. W. GROVIi. 30c
Little Child Dies of Injuries.
Seneca. R.F.I)., Oe' 20.-Spoci'.l:
Little Gladys Irene, tho two-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. .1. V. Kel
ley, was seriously burned on Oct. 13,
and death came ns a rolief a few
hours later. Funeral services wore
conducted by Rev. L. W. Langston,
of Walhalla, after which tho little
body was laid to rest in the New
Hopo cemetery.
Wo sympathl'/o greatly with tho
grief-stricken paronts and point thom
to tho Ono who said. "Suffer little
children to como unto mo, and for
bid thom not. for of such is the king
dom of heaven." Little Gladys is
gone, but not forgotten. Friend.
Habitual Constipation Cured
in 14 to 21 Days
.LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is n specially
prepared Syrup Tonic-Lnxati vc for Habitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
?hould bo taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action, lt Stimulates and
Regulates. Very Pleasant to Take. 60o
per bottle.
Subscribo for Tho Courier. (Dost)

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