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(Established 1849.)
PabUshod Every Wednesday Morning
One Year .$1.00
Biz Months .-.55
Tfireo Months.80
Advertising Itntoe Koasonnblo.
Hy Nt cdt, Shelor, 11 uglis & Sholor.
Conununicatiotis ot a personal
caaractor charged for as advertise
Obituary notlcos, cards of thanks
and tributes of respect, either, by
individuals, lodgos or churchos, aro
oharged for as for advertisements at
rate of ono cont a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such
^notices will bo marked "Adv." In
conformity with Podoral ruling on
tuch tnattors.
* * * * * * -I- * * * * * * 'I
* * * * * -I- * * * * * * * *
nfr "Vetch ami Olovor on Every ?J.
?J. Farm-Moro Oats, ltyo ?fr
?fr and Wheat." ?J.
?4. - 1*
?fr Coming Events. ?J?
?fr South I nion, Friday, Nov. I ?fr
?J. -l'air Play-South Union Com- ?fr
.J. numby Fair. Fine exhibits of .j.
Oconco's produc?s. .J.
?J? Nov. ll. Friday, ai Seneca ?J.
.J. ( bonier ,>f Commerce il til, at ?fr
.J? ii.JJO p. m.- f 'o-opora* ivo Mar?
hoting of Cotton" on the Cali- >?.
* font ht or Oklnhoma Pinn will ?J?
?J? bo present eil by an able speak- ?J.
?fr er.
?I? Nov. 12th, Saturday, 10.80 a. ?j.
?J? m., at tho Court House, Wal- ?J.
?fr bulla, sume as above. ?J.
.J. Nov. 13, Saturday, 2.80 p. ?fr
??fr m., Westminster-Same as the ?fr
?j? above. ?fr
?fr Walhalla, Wednesday, Nov. ?J.j
?fr Kl-Oeoneo Jersey Dull Assn- ?fr
??fr elation Show. Interesting talks .J.
*fr and free movies. .J.
?J? Seneca, Friday, Nov. 18- ?J?
?J. County Club Show. Exhibits .j.
?fr of Hoys' und (?irls' Club Work. .J?
?fr Judging, lectures, free movies, -fr
.fr Every one ls invited to the ?fr
.fr above meetings. ?fr
?j. ?|. ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?fr ?J?
Co-oporntlvo Marketing of Cotton.
Tile long expected campaign on the
co-operative marketing of cotton is
expected lo begin in Coonee county
on Friday and Saturday. Nov. 11th
and 1 2th. with th rei big meetings as
outlined above.
This plan is to establish a system
in this State to bugin operation with
the crop of l!)22. Co-operative mar
keting is not a new thing. It ha? been
practiced in Denmark for 100 years
and in California for 2 5 years. It is
now spreading over the entire Untied
.States, all classes of farmers rally
ing to tho cause. Tho grain growers
of the West aro organizing on a sim
ilar plan this year, tho peanut grow
ers of Virginia and North Carolina
have complotod their organization
recently; tho tobacco growers of Vir
ginia and North Carolina aro practi
cally organized, and the COTTON
GROWERS of Oklahoma. Texas and
Mississippi and Arizona have organ
ized and aro DOING BUSINESS this
year, handling at present an average
of 2,?00 halos a day, which is three
times as nindi cotton as tho largest
.corporation in the United Stales han
North Carolina lias recently com
pleted her campaign for 200.000
bales signed up. and will soon have
KOO,OOO hales signed up. according
to the Progressive Farmer
South Carolina is going after |t|i.
SiOO huies. Georgia ton.ooo. Arkan
sas 100,000, with Florida, Alabama.
Tennessee and practically .every Stale
in the South going into tho campaign
to .loin the others which have com
pleted their campaigns. These States
plan to federate imo a systematic or
ganization for the selling of cotton
< >n a husincss-llhe basis.
This organization 1)0KS NOT in
tend io do any prlco-flxing, bul IT
DOES intend to gol for (ho farmor
inembon Ibo REAL VALUE of their
rj>roduct insofar as skilful salesman
ship, proper grading and organiza
tion can (?0 lt. ll seeks merely to ap
ply (ht same horse sense rules of
business to Ute MERCHANDISING rf
colton (hal the manufacturers NOW
APPLY to selling their own oro
Furniers will urgently need tho
FULL VALUE of their cotton wi h.
the boll WOPVll present, and this sen
sible, businoss-tiko plan is the very
best that luis ever been tried.
This is not mero theory. Thc beau
ly about lliis plan is that IT WORKS.
lt luis boen truly called "THE BIG
is the privilege and duly of every
?'armer and landowner to attend ono
od these three meetings.
Order Trees Soon.
'Tho time vwill soon bo out Nov.
i 2th- when all orders for fruit trees
Vb rough the .County Agent, co-opoia
tlvely, will he totaled up and whole?
nalo prices from loading nurseries
.obtained. If you have not sont In
your order, it should bo done with
?out delay.
Oeoneo is not living up to her
right? ns a great orchard county, and
-After tho boll weevil gets in heavy
dam ago ia no time to begin orcharls.
The time to begin orchards ls NOW
at the earliest possible moment.
Por commercial orchards the fol
lowing varieties are recommended in
the order named:
Apples .- Stayman Winesap, Deli
cious, Rod Winesap.
it is questionable whether or not
commercial peach orchards should be
set out in this county, for the risks
aro far greater hore than in tho sand
hill section of the State around Aiken
and Columbia. Thousands of peach
trees have been set out tn those sec
tions during tho past season, and
thousands more will be set out.
Oconee has them on apples, for no
county below Oconee can grow applos
that can compare with her.
Auction of Fine Jerseys.
There will bo an auction sale ot
a largo number of Ano registered Jer
soys nt a salo on tho odgo of tho city
of Spartan burg on Saturday, Nov. 6.
Ilolfors, maturo cows and bulls will
bo on sale, and a number of fino rog
ister-of-morit animals aro offerod.
Some progressive farmers of Oco
nee intend attending this sale, and it
ls hoped that moro will attend. We
should keep good dairy cattlo tn this
State, and now that tho boll .weevil
ls threatening the chief money crop,
tho monthly croom check Will look
moro gobion In tho future. Good cows
and PLENTY of home-grown foods
mean success In dairying
Goo. lt. Briggs, County Agent.
* ?I- * * * * * * * * * * *
??< NOTES. ?|?
4* -I* "h "I* 'I* *!. -I* *!* -I" *l- ?I* *h ?I*
Dow Can I Make .My Parin
Flock Pay?
Last mouth th(> Home Demonstra
tion Agent of this county urged every
person to cull out tin* Hock of poor
producers. Many ol our people took
this advice anti will save money Ibis
winier in feed hills.
Now ls th<? time io establish for
yourselves a standard brood Of chick
ens, A breed In which you will lind
a roa I pleasure in accomplishment of
cert?In definite ohjoctives. Too long
oar farm Hocks have been brooded
without any care, and too often i: is?
nothing in particular -just a mon
grel Hock -so mixed thal wo our
selves cannot recognize any of the
original blood. Such a Hock does not
pay: each year it grows weaker.
South Carolina does not nearly
produce enough chickens and eggs
for its own uso. We get la.'ge sup
plies from Tennessee and North Caro
lina. Wo have the market, but not
the producion. Why not produce for
market? We purpose to make a he
ginning along this Uno this fall. We
aro organizing, by communities, into
poultry associations. The members
of " \: Hon will all have one
bn sns. lt ls desirable for
ove , ion in the county to
ha breed. This will stan
dav . r ctlon. lt will make
mr. . 1er and moro profita
ble n tho way for a county
on hen the need demands,
ft urposo to go into this
on T expensive scale, but
we o lay strong and firm
foi beginning with a few
d fall and as tho project
pa ' ow.
o h. ivll is with us. What
^ai ut lt? There ls ready
TOT lt ry if we will but pro
'.I tly. The poultry asso
cia , es to make a united
offort to do this. If you desire fur
ther information, seo your County
Homo Demonstration Agent.
School Lunches
Tho Importance or tho mid-day
meal for the growing child is oftun
neglected, particularly during school
time. It should not ho forgotten that,
as a rule, tho lunch which tho child
lukes to school Is tho big meal of tho
day, and therefore should bo suffi
cient, in quantity, wholesome and
made up of the foods required by tho
growing body.
Growing children need good,whole
some foods because new tissue is be
ing made, they take a great deal of
exercise, and the tax of study In
creases their food requirement. They
need simple foods, easily digested,
such as milk and milk products, and
meals, as beef, fish and chicken, and
vegetables, fruits and cereals.
To summarize the planning and
preparation of the school lunch: lt
should he planned so as to bo satisfy
ing and nutritious, bul NDT HEAVY
i heavy lunches causo sluggishness.)
In packing the lunch tho container
is most Important, lt .should he ono
that is easily cleaned and properly
ventilated. Caper napkins should,
when possible, bo provided. Each
sandwich should be wrapped in oiled
or pa ra (11 n paper. Por th<> carrying
Of stich foods as salads, eic., small
jelly glasses or custard cups are very
nice. Tho a ! t rael i veness of the lunch
has nundi to do with the taste of tho
fond which j, contains When possi
ble, th?' Ideal way is lo have olio Hot
dish or drink to accompany tho homo
packed lunch. This, of course, is pre
pared at school.
Tho following are a few examples
nf properly planned lunches:
I Two Chich?n sandwiches: small
container of po'ato salad; one apple;
half pin) sweet milk; a small piece
, of peann I bril I le
One or two choose and pimento
sandwiches: small container of baked
heans; half pin! swoot milk; one
piece sponge ?ake.
' ."! Two nut sandwiches; potato or
mixed vegetable salad; half pint of
?sweet milk; one cup rake; ono or
! ango.
I Two cottage ch0080 and nut
sandwiches; celery or cole-sliw;
I baked cup custard; two sugar Vooh
Don't Forget
Hie Pair Play-South Union Commu
nity Pair at the now South Union
school building on Friday, Dring din
ner and spend the day.
lOlhol L. Counts.
County Home Pom. Agont.
---^*>t^- -.~
Nothing makos men sharper than
Moved to New Building, West /Hain Street
?t%er a special trip to Market last week, this week will find our stock at
its best for this season. Moreover, we were unabled to buy many things in
Coats and Suits and Men's and Boys' Clothing at very advantageous prices.
. ?
these right and will sell them the same
way? This week will be your best
opportunity to buy Coats for the
Ladies, Girls or Children because our
stock is big enough for you to find the
kind ypu want at the price you wish
to pay.
Ladies' Coats, $12.50 to $35.00.
Children's Coats, $3.50 to $18.50.
Seventy-five Ladies' Suits, ranging
from medium grade all-wool Suits at
$10.00, to the highly tailored Tricotine
and Velour Suits up as high at
Stylish Stout Suits, in sizes 41 to
49. 'These arc from thc house of
Meyer Gans, New York, who special
izes in Stout Suits. Various styles
and materials in navy and black, and
reasonably priced at
$16.50, $27.50 and $35.OO.
YOUNG' MEN' 3 0\
Young Men's vi ig h
coats in single and d<
models. Belted
ade Over
e breasted
a find paper in innersoles, counters
or outer soles of our Treedman-Shelby
Shoes. The "Red Goose" is one of
their brands for Boys and Girls.
Many customers have told us that
they have to buy only one pair a sea
son, and they are still good when
spring comes.
We are sole representatives in
Seneca for those famous Shoes, and
carry the line through for Men, Wo
men, Boys and Girls.
Wc also carry
Godman's All-Leather Linc for
Men, Women, Boys and Girls. The
best medium priced line of Shoes in
Men's Overcoats in black, navy
and gray. Very reasonably priced at
$10.00 to $25.00.
in the new Pin Stripes on blue or
brown grounds, single or double
breast. Also solid colors and fancy
Cassimcr, Franco Medal and Style
Plus brands. We were never in bet
ter position to take care of your Cloth
ing needs. These young Men's Suits
priced $18.00 to $35.00.
Boys' Short Pants Suits have al
ways been one of our long suits. This
season we are unusually proud of the
values we are showing in Two Pants
Suits. High grade, all-wool, highly
tailored Suits, per Suit, $7.50 to $12,50,
Boys' First Long Pants Suits, three
pieces, all-wool Cassimers and Serges
-some single, some double breast.
$18.00 and $21.50._
Boys' Mixed Fancy Plaids, double
breast Mackinaws, all-wool,and priced
very low for this quality. Each only
Little Boys' Overcoats of Chin
chilla or Heavy Wool Overcoating,
sizes 3 to 9. Very specially priced at
each $5,00 and $6.00,
Very attractive assortment of Men's
Hats in the new narrow Brims, Vel
ours and Felts. Priced on basis of
goods well bought $2,50 to $5,00.
Cotton Blankets, ?Wool Blankets,
Sweater Coats, Underwear, Knit
Caps, Outings, Flannels, Comforts,
Heavy Shoes, Etc.
Make Yous Bill Here. We Have the Goods and We
"Sell 'Em for Less/'
TH SEE HIVE, Seneca, S. C.
All persons indebte s
tnte of E. F. MILLI d,
are hereby notified 1 pay
ment to the undersign' all
persons having Clairol ?.'td
estato will present the ai .< it
tested, within tho time ??1 by
law, or bo barred.
MRS. DORA J. oini.uuili,
Executrix of the Estato of E. F.
Miller, Deceased.
Oct. 26, 1921. i:i-46
In Court of Common Pleas.
Pursuant to decree of the afore
said Court, in the caso named bolow,
1 will offer for salo, to tho highest
bidder, In Tront of the Court House
door, at Walhalla, South Carolina, on
MONDAY, tho 7th day of November,
1921, between tho legal hours of
sale, tho tract of land below describ
lt. T .Jayneo, Plaintiff,
.lohn Henry Ware, Defendant.
All that certain piece, parcol dr
tract of land, containing thirty-two
seven-hundrodths acres, moro or los J, i
situate, lying and being in the Coan-!
y )!' Oe mee, State ? : louth Carolin I,
in Tugnloo Township, and having
such metes, bounds, courses and dis
tances as will more fully appear by
reference to plat thereof by C. C.
Myers, Surveyor, of date Doc. 1f>ih,
lt itf-i Bli? j '.:> TV
A balanced plant food
10 and 4 Acid and Potash Mixture,
10 and 2 Acid and Potash Mixture,
Now is your opportunity to pi
Wheat, Oats and Rye-and swat t
?J. C. RA
West Un
1913, for 25% acres, with notations
thereon by W. M. Fennell, Surveyor,
of date Nov. 2, 191?, for 6.57 acres,
and being bounded on tho north by
lands of Alfred Mobley, on east by
Alfred Mobley, south by Ira Butt, on
west by Toxaway Church road; and
I being the same tract of land con
voyed to John Henry Ware by Selina
R. Owens by deed dated June 2">,
1919, and recorded in Clerk's office,
Oconee County, s. C.
Terms of Sale-CASU. That in tho
event of failure of tho purchaser, or
purchasi rs, lo comply with tho
terms of sale within five di\ys from
day of sale, tho Master do re-adver
tlso and re-soli said promises on the
following Salosday, or some conven
ient Salesday thereafter, at tho samo
placo and on tho same torms as here
tofore sot out, at tho risk of tho for
mer purchaser, or purchasors, and
th?t ho do continuo so to do until
he has found a purchaser, or pur
chasors, who comply with tho terms
of salo.
Purchaser to pay extra for papers
and stamp.
Tho said premises are sold subject
to the prior lien of the certain mort
gage executed by .lohn Henry Warn
lo Tho Federal Band Bank of Colum
bia on tho 27th day of Juno, 1919,
and recorded in Clerk's Office, Oconeo
County, S. C.. in Mortgage Hook VV,
page 115, for the principal sum of
Soven Hundred Dollars, with interest
' from dato at the rate of five and one
! half (5 \'?) per cont. {%) per annum.
I Master for Oconee County, S. C.
! Oct. 19, 1912 1. 12-11
! ire.
l for Wheat and Oats.
Genuine German Kainit,
High (Irado 10% Superphosphate.
.epare and make a good crop of
ion? C.
- J
Winter Time ls Here.
Stoves and Heaters
Whi?mire-Marett Hdw Co.,
and Doors
at the lowest price
you have bought
them at in several
years. & Can save
you money on these

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