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DO YOU wish to know how thousands and thousands
of women have gone thru motherhood without
knowing some of the pains and discomforts incident
to childbirth? Listen to this:
Motherhood creates almost 0 new
state of ticing for a woman.
As n result, new nerves, those here
tofore restful and quiescent, spring
into activity, they cry out, they tingle,
they burn in their unrest.
Thc network of nerves aeons the
abdomen, the loins, the back rn 1
other parts now become supcrsco-.i
tivc. All these nerves arc being called
on to perform unusual duties.
These /ierres must bo pacified
and comforted ; must be put in
condition for tlie crisis that ia
If these nerves arc not soothed and
quieted, they moy set Up aggravated
nerve tension, increasing in severity
from month to month, sometimes
even culminating in a nervous paraly
sis of thc back anti limbs. This leaves
the inothcr-to-bc in a condition where
she is unable, fully, to meet thc tesl:
when thc climax ol' inatfcrnit y arrives.
Mother's Friend is used externally
aa a massage; and its purpose, thru
daily usc, is to gradually, gently and
effectively relax thc muscles and
nerves involved in the function of
child-bearing: to make the skin soft,
pliable and clastic so that it may
expand easily and naturally a3 the
abdominal parts enlarge-thereby re
lieving the tension and strain on these
muse!;' and nerves of the otherwise
severe distension before delivery.
Mri. C.' J. Hnrlmnn, 515 Potm St.,
Scranton, Pa., says:
"/ nm ii ill:nfi ar\ci anxious tr, toll any
mother about Mottler's Friend. It did
tho sc> much good that I wouldn* t bo
without it if it mst $5.00 a bottle. With
my first two children I hud a doctor and
n nurse mu] then they hud to uso instru
ment*, but with my last two children
I only hud a m/rsv; we had no time to
Act a doctor because I wasn't very
sick only about ten or Fifteen min
Many 'lectors and muses recommend
Mother**) Friend. It contnina no narcotics,
.jr huuil-forminti dru^s rind is perfectly
hurtilicti?. All drug stores curry Mother's
Kr lend.
WARNING : . Ivoid using plain oils, gn ases and Substitutes
they act on/y <j>i the ski? and may cause harm without doing good.
Used by Expectant Mothers
for Throe Generations
Dept. Atlanta, Gu.
Piense seul inc '.vltliotlt cost n copy of your
booklet on MOTHERHOOD and Thc BABY.
N unie . _.-.
St.. R. F. D.
Town. ._.State.
Returns to Stand Trial-Claude .).
Hast (Jives Itoiul for Appearance.
Orangeburg, Oct. 20.-Claude J.
Hast, formerly superintendent of ed
to Orangeburg yesterday morning,
io Orangeurg yesterday morning,
surrendered to Sheriff H. P. Dukes
and gave bond, upon order of .Iudgo
.1. W. DoVore, in tho sum of $??,OOO
for his appearance at the January
term of Court of General Sessions for
Orangeburg county tc* answer to a
charge of attempted criminal as-'
It will be recalled that about July j
12 of this year Claude J. Hast, then;
superintendent of education for Or
angeburg county, was severely beat
en early in the morning near his res- '
idence in Orangeburg by three men,,
and that thereafter a warrant was
sworn out for his arrest, while ho !
was principal of the Hast Mid Ho
graded school during the session then '
closed. This caused quito a sensation
in this county, as did also his disap
pearance shortly after the warrant I
was sworn out for his arrest.
Word was received hero that If a I
prosecution was brought in tho :
courts ngainsl him ho would return
to Orangeburg and give bond. ?t
the September term, of court Di? j
grand jury presented Hast for tr-il
upon tho above suited charge. Tho
Actual Size 2Sc Bottle (Trini)
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is s 25c size
"Cfo Good Old Siam
return this morning of Mr. Hast si a
slanllated the statement made thu
he would return to Orangeburg for
trial If indicted, lt is reported here
that Mr. Hast is teaching school In
.North Carolina this session.
Mr. Hast ls well known in Orange
burg county, having taught in the
public schools boro for over thirty
years, and having served on the
county board of education and ns a
township commissioner; and had be
gun his term of office as superintend
ent of education on July 1 of this
year. After this charge was made
he declared his innocence, but. in or
der lo keep down any unpleasantness
he resigned the otfice.
Every "Diamond Dyes" package
tells how to dye or tint any worn,
faded garment or drapery a new, rich
color that will not streak, spot, fade
or run. Perfect home dyeing is guar
anteed with Diamond Dyes even if
you hiive never dyed before, dust tell
your druggist whether the material
you wisli to dyo is wool or silk, or
whether it is linen, cotton or mixed
goods. For fifty-one. years millions
of women have boen using "Diamond
Dyes" to add years of wear to their
old, shabby waists, skirts, dresses,
coats, sweaters, stockings, draperies,
lum gin gs, everything! -adv.
There are 'J0,:?.">0 tractors on Mich
igan farms, or obout one for every
ton farms In the Stale.
That's Why It
Soothes and Promptly
Conquers Pain
Unlike other liniments, Mustang ls
nade of healing oils-no alcohol,
?cids or pepper used. Mustang
lever burna or smart9, not even
when applied to open wounds. Pain
s relieved quickly by Mustang,
which thoroughly permeates the
>ystem and hastens healing. Over
?3 years' success guarantees Mus
ing as best for MAN, LIVESTOCK
Sold hy
'lOlllll K'Jdl- Ihn IMrct erm?. Ott
onp--ba popuUr I Rend 2fi cf nt? MUIUM or foin tot
TrUIIIofilo (llou??ho|.IPIr?) M?lUnf Liniment ?nd
Bel to,I,iln'r.,n. n>.o/y,,li,/ri?. Lyon Min. Co..
41 Bo. Klfth fit., Brooklyn. N. Y.
, 41.43-45 South Fifth St.. Brooklyn. N.Y.
Stewardship Day Among the Baptist
Churches, Beaverdam Assn.
The following list of speakers has
been arranged, and those named will
speak at tho following churches of
tho Beaverdam Baptist Association
on the second and third Sundays in
November. Morning, afternoon and
night services:
Academy-3d Sunday morning at
ll o'clock-Revs. L. H. Rainer and
G. E. Smith.
Andersonvlllo-2d Snndav after
noon at 3 o'clock-Re
orson and K. W. Mare
.Beaverdam-2d Sur norn inn
11 o'clock-W. A. Woo !
Bethel-2d Sunday , at. 11
o'clock-Rev. J. W. W Ills and \\ M
Bethlehem-2d Sunday afternoon,
3 o'clock-Revs. 1,. H. Raines and
L. W. Langston.
Coneross-2d Sunday afternoon at
3 o'clock-C. E. Hetrlck and 1). I.
Changa - 2d Sunday morning, ?ll
o'clock-J. T. Bryant.
Clearmont-2d Sunlay afternoon.
3 o'clock-Rev. E. T. Cox.
Corinth-2d Sunday night al 7
o'clock . Rev. A. P. Marett.
Cross Roads No. 1-2d Sunday af
ternoon at 3 o'clock - Rev. J. W.Wil
Cross Roads Xo. 2-2d Sunday
morning at 11 o'clock-John Kin
Damascus-2d Sunday morning nt
I 1 o'clock-Revs. D. E. Carter and
C. M. Roberson.
Double Springs (Al--2d Sun 1 ty
morning at 1 1 o'clock-Joe Glyn?)h
and \V. M. Brown.
Double Springs (Ol--2d Sunday
morning at 1 1 o'clock-Rev. L. li.
Raines and W. P. Leister.
Earle's Grove-2d Sunday morl
ing at ll o'clock-J. P. Coates .'-d
Elias Earle.
Eant's Grove-2d Sunday morning
at ll o'clock-Mr. Clinkscales.
Eirst Westminster -. 2d Sunday
night at 7 o'clock-Revs. W. E. Sin
clair and L. B. Norton.
Hepsibah-2d munday morning ai
II o'clock-E. O. Hutchison.
Holley Springs-2d Sunday morn
ing at ll o'clock-M. W. Elliott and
Stiles Knox.
Hopewell-2d Sunday afternoon,
3 o'clock-E. M. Cary.
Immanuel-2d Sunday morning,
ll o'clock-Rev. E. T. Cox.
Jordania-2d Sunday morning ???
m o'clock--Rev. M. J. Stancell . fi
T. M. Elrod.
Liberty-2d Sunday morning, 1;
o'clock-R. B. Beckneil.
Long Creek-3d Sunday morning,
ll o'clock-Kev. G. E. Smith and J.
H. Sullivan.
Madison-2d Sunday morning a?
I 1 o'clock-J. D. Hull.
Mt. Tabor-2d Sunday morning ai
II o'clock-Rev. J. A. Bond, W. M.
Lemmons and J. W. Shelor.
Mt. Ploasant-3d Sunday morn
ing at 11 o'clock-W. M. Lemmons.
Mountain Grovo - 3d Sunday
morning, 1 1 o'clock - Rev. G. E.
Newry-2d Sunday night at 7
o'clock-Rev. M. J. Stancell.
New Hope-2d Sunday morning,
ll o'clock-Rev. A. P. Marett,
j Oakdale-2d Sunday morning at
11 o'clock-Revs. W. M. Thompson
Old Liberty-.2d Sunday morning
and ,T. A. Watt.
at ll o'clock-Revs. C. G. Ensloy
and J. A. Bond.
Pleasant Grove-3d Sunday after
noon at 3 o'clock-J. H. Brown.
Pleasant Hill-2d Sunday morn
ing at ll o'clock-Rev. L. M. Lyda.
Pleasant Ridge-3d Sunday after
noon at 3 o'clock-Rev. W. E. Sin
clair and C. G. Williams.
Poplar Springs-2d Sunday after
noon at 3 o'clock - J. R. Earle.
Return-2d Sunday night at 7
o'clock -Rev. J. K. Goode.
Rocky Eord-2d Snday morning,
11 o'clock-M. D. McGraw.
Rock Hill - 2d Sunday morning at
11 o'clock-W. N. Bruce and J. M.
Rocky Knoll-2d Sunday morning
at 11 o'clock-C. L.TDoan.
Seneca-2d Sunday norning at ll
o'clock-Rev J. E. Willis a ' "' "
Shiloh-2d Sunday after
o'clock- -J. P. Coates.
South Union-2d Sunday
at ii o'clock-W E Sinclai.
C. Spca res.
South Side-2d Sunday morning,
1 1 o'clock-II. A. Wood.
Toxaway-2d Sunday afternoon,
3 o'clock-Rev. L. M. Lyda.
Unity-2d Sunday afternoon at 3
o'clock-Rev. D. E. Carter.
Walhalla No. 2-2d Sunday nl?ltt
nt 7 o'clock-Dr. W. A. Strickland.
Westminster - 2d Sunday morn
ing at ll o'clock-Rev. J. K, Good.
West Union-2d Sunday morning
nt 11 o'clock-'Rov. W. W. Davidson.
Wolf Stake- 3d Sunday morning,
1 1 o'clock-Rev. W. E. Sinclair.
Dr. Tra E. D. Andrews,
Dr. W. A. Strickland,
Rev. Goo. E. Smith,
Stoorlng Committee.
L .
Dr. A. M. .ulo Says Now is the Be*t
Thoo1<? fight BoU Weevil.
? .lauto, Journal.)
Now ls lao timo to fight th? boll
woevll w'.th moro deadly'effect than
at any c ?ter season of the year, de
clared l\v. Andrew M. So?le, presi
dent of the State College of Agricul
ture, in Atlanta Thursday afternoon.
"Fight him," said Dr. Soulo, "by
plowing under the cotton stalks in
the field. And plow them nuder now.
?tm'I or Ci to drive Die
boll tyi I out of tho i?< fl bolls Into
v -M- :; :i?' i ra Plow im under
' : M \ ifs t ? col on stalks.
.Prc lieally all o'" (he cotton has
boen y. ked, ku (.lu .. ?ai ;s aro use
less. U won't pay to burn thain,
because that would destroy from 40
to 60 pounds of nitrogen per acre,
and all of our lands are deficient in
nitrogen, lt would be bettor to plow
up tho stalks and lot them die and
rot In the Held than it would to
burn thom, but plowing them up will
not be as effective ns plowing thom
ii udor.
"Plow them under deep. Dury
theta and smother them. Hit tho
boll weevil while ho is down. It may
not bo good sportsmanship, but it's
mighty good economics.
"My opinion is, based upon care
ful survey, that 5 0 per cent of next
year's crop of boll weevils can be
destroyed by plowing under the cot
ton stalks. When the frost comes
the weevil at once loaves thc soft
bolls still on the stalk and hunts for
winter quarters. Ho gets under tho
burk on dead logs, under tho bark
on stumps in the field, tinder the
shingles on tho farmer's house and
barn-gets Into tho hay barn, gets
anywhero ho can koop warm and dry.
"And when a pali> of boll weevils
como out In tho spring and start
propagating, they can and do produce
In one season from seven to eleven
million weevils. So that every time
a pair of weevils are plowed under
now, and destroyed, we have destroy
ed from seven to eleven million lin
cho! weevils that will prey upon
. us net your.
. 'Wo have the plows, the mules,
the traici?n and the labor to plow
. under the roi ton stalks. We have tho
; imo to do ii. before frost comes. But
we have no time to lose. Plowing
under the >alks will not only de
> t tousaitdfl of boll weevils, but
will Sn . the sojl of every field
who' i n - .ro plowed under.
i '".I. . crop of weevils now in the
soft i !! . ch will never opon, and
aro, therefore, useless, aro what
They will go into wintor quarters if
not destroyed now, and will come
out II ex I spring and begin to multi
ply :ii their prodigious rapidity,
jami ; air, devastate our cotton crop.
time to fight the weevil, ,.s
'l sa i . betoro, is when ho/is down.
Fight aim after tho cotton is gone
for him to feed on. Fight him hy
plowing him under. Fight him hy
destroying, wherever possible, 'bo
places In which ho can take rof igo
from the cold weather and rains of
"Plowing under Hie cotton stalks
at this time, while the fields are still
alive with weevils, will destroy *r?
finitely more than a hard, cold win
ter or a dry summer.
"Riding this afternoon from Ma
con to Atlanta, T saw thousands of
acres of cotton stalks, picked out,
done with, standing in tho field, har
boring millions upon millions of boll
"Fifty per cent of tho boll weevil
seed crop, nt the very lowest, can be
killed by plowing under tho cotton
The next time
you buy calomel
ask for
Tho purified and refined
calomel tablets that are
nauseale8s, safe and sure.
Medicinal virtues retain
ed and improved. Sold
only in sealed packages.
Price 35c.
Facts aro stubborn things.-Smol
A gain of 37 per cent ovor the crop
of 1010 is estimated !or tho world's
rico crop of 1920
? \ ; . ' ,\. ?}',"}', ^. . , .J'- ! ' , -, .'.V "V;",l'.'^V^yf??
? ? . 11 I .. .1 . , "" ' ' ' 11."? -
Put it to' any
Power Task
l l While the Fordson Tractor has power J
E S in plenty to drag plows and harrows j
l l through the heaviest soil, it is light
l l enough, small enough and so easily
! I controlled that it can handily be put to |
I J | many tasks about the farm, that will |
j j save you time, money end work. I
I In fact the Fordson will do every power j
j job, both draw-bar and belt, more quick- jil
j ly and at less cost than it can be done ii j
] with any other form of power. So every lil
j month the whole year 'round the always
j j dependable Fordson will prove itself a ||
I I paying investment, because of its capa- | ?j
j bilities, its economy and efficiency.
j We will gladly explain and demonsU ate j
j to you the many Fordson money-mak- J a
j ing, time-saving features. Call, write B U
j or phone. 1 I
I I Walhalla-Phone 34-Westminster
i _
Expulsi?n Resolution Failed by Only
I Eight Votes-(?et? Reprimand, j
S Washington, Oct. 27.-Thc House j
late Thursday failed to adopt tho ros- i
olution. introduced hy Representa
? Uve Mondell, providing for the ex
pulsion of Representnt'ivo Blanton,
Democrat, of Texas, for inserting
objectionable matter in tho Congres
j sional Record.
Tho vote was 203 for expulsion
and 113 against, with Representa
J tive Sumner, of Texas, voting pres
. ent." Speaker Gillett announced that
I tho two-thirds vote necessary for an
I expulsion had not been obtained.
Tt was alleged in the resolution
that Blanton had inserted "grossly
obsceno and indecent" matter in tho
I Record.
Tho expulsion resolution failed hy
I Representative Garrett, minority
I only eight votes.
leader, immediately introduced a
resolution providing that Blanton be
censured for his action. Garrett s
resolution was adopted by a vote of
293 to 0~2B members answering
"present," but not voting.
Blanton was led on to tho floor of
tho House by Sorgoant-at-Arms Rod
gers, and was brought before the
Speaker Gillott delivered the fol
lowing reprimand:
"When you wero allowed to print
a speech not. delivered on the floor
of tho House you inserted foul, vile
and osceno language which could not
havo been delivered on the floor.
This foul language was disseminated
to tho pooplo throughout the coun
try to ho road to men, women and
children. For this you aro repri- j
manded." j
Blanton started to leave tho chain- i
For Constipated Bov
Tho nicest cathartlc-laxatlvo to
physic your bowels when you havo
Headache Biliousness
Colds Indigestion
Dizziness Hour Stomach
is candy-like Cascarots, Ono or two
bor, but fainted at ibo entrance to
the cloakroom and foll to tho lloor.
Ho wan carried into tho corridor
soon revived.
Blanton arose from a couch in
tho anteroom and started downstairs
to leave the Corni toi, but fnlntod
again. Ile was assisted to his office
in the Ilouso ofllce building, his face
blanched and tears streaming down
his face. After n few minutes at his
office friends arrived to take him to
Ms homo. Ho was reported to he In
a st,ate of collapse as a result of the
day's happenings,
Tho Ilouso adjourned immediately
after adopting tho Garrott reprimand
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicine which stops the cough by
healing the inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Cojds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed with every bottle of
should be rubbed on the chest and throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup.
i The li enlim; effect of Hayes' Healing Honey In
side tho throat combined with tho healing effect of
' Grove's O-Pen-Trato Salvo through tho pores of
j thc skin soon stops a cough.
Doth remedies aro packed Io ODO carroo and the
cost of the combined treatment ls 35c.
Just ask your druggist for HAYES'
Hank Official Short $107,000.
Augusta, Ga., Oct. 27.-- In a note
left to W. H. Sherman, assistant
cashier of the Merchants Bank,which
closed Its doors hore to-day, Eugene
K. Rosen borough, vico president of
tho bank, who committed suicido
hero early this morning, divulged
that he was short $167,000 in his
accounts, and that the money had
boen taken during a period of fifteen
years. ,
Easy to look at-difficult to imi
/els-Bilious Liver
to-night will empty your bowels com
pletely by morning and you will feol
splondid. "Thoy work while you
sleep." Cnscareta nover stir you up
or gripe like salts, pills, calomol, or
oil, and they cost only, ten cents ft
box. Children love Cascarots, too* ,

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