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Memorializes th? Int/OriUltioOMl Arms
Conference- ut WuslUngton.
The International Bible Students'
Association, in convention assembled
at Washington, D. C., has tims me
morialized the International Arms
Congress assembled at Washington
at the present time:
As Christians earnestly striving io
follow Ibo teachings of Christ. Jesus
our Lord and Ills apostles, wo hold:
That war is a relic of barbarism,
destructive of good morals, and a re
proach to Christian peoples.
That Hie principles taught by the
Lord Jesus Christ preclude conse
crated Christians from engaging in
war, bloodshed or violence in any
That no nation cnn bo sahl to be
truly Christian which falls to adhere
io those principles taught hy tho
Lord and Mis apostles.
That tho ruling or governing fac
tors of the nations commonly called
'.Christendom" are now, and for
some time have been, io wit, finan
cial Trincos, otherwise termed con
trollers of commerce, statesmen or
political loaders, who formulate tho
laws, and clergymen and oilier ec
clesiastical teachers, the last Humed,
hoih Catholic and Protestant, hav
ing, contrary m tho Word ni Cod,
joined hands willi the two llrsl-iuoii
tioned factors (which three compo
nent parts luir mentioned, wo for
convenience and iden i i lien t ion desig
nate ." rite Unlit; Towers." ?
That the delegates and represen -
lalives of the ruling powers, now t?s
scmbled ?" International conference
at Washington for tho purpose of
tho limitation of armaments, and in
so far ys possible for the establish
ment of conditions ol' peace ami pros
perity among tho people, have he
fore thom lt laudable objective.
'Itut we may be pardoned for hum
bly suggesting that the end desire I
cannot be attained by a partial or
even completo disarmament of the
nations. Reformation of men or na
tions will not result from the destruc
tion of arms, but. tho genuine refor
mation of men will lead automati
cally to the complete destruction of
all instruments of war and all forms
of violence. While war ls terrible
beyond description of human phrase,
yet it is not tho worst thing to bc
fea red.
Bolshevism, as a great menacing
monster, is knocking at tho door of
every nation, and tho destruction of
all law and order is threatened. To
prevent such terrible disaster and to
save the peoplo from indescribable
sulfuring is the tremendous problem
which, we submit, requires move
than human wisdom. Wc, therefor-',
suggest that the hooding ol' Divine
wisdom and tho adoption of tho Di
vine remedy as prescribed by (loo's
Holy Word i:-. vitally essential at this
i line.
Tho kingdom of christ, tho Mes
siah, for which ll?1 taught His dis
ciples to pray, is al hand. This is
evidenced by Hie World War. fa Mi
ine, post Hence, social upheaval, dis
tress of nations with perplexity, ole.,
all of which constitute the fulfillment
of prophecies made by Jesus Himself
as relating to the present time. With
in a short time His kingodm will .io
fully and completely established and
(he old order of things completely
gone. To that ktngdottl all earthly
powers must be subject either will
ingly or unwillingly. The trouble
upon tho nations beginning in 191 1
is but tho expression of Cod's ven
geance against all unrighteous sys
tems in the earth.
The holy prophets of Jehovah in
dicate bow thai the kingdom of tho
Christ, the Messiah, may be estab
lished without great suffering to hu
manity, provided that the Divine way
be adopted. Von will pardon ns,
therefore, for calling your attention
to (hose Divine prophecies long ago
recorded, which in substance indi
cate what the proper course ls, lo
tt i t :
l. Let Hie financial princes, the
controllers ot" commerce, cease pro
fiteering, cease exploiting and de
ceiving Hu- people by systematic ino
pagatlda, and be content with a rea
sonable income sufficient to insiir'J
ii?,.j,- own maintenance and support;
lei tlo-m use their power for the geil
Even a sick child loves tho "fruity"
taste of "California Fig Syrup." If
tho little tongue is coated, or If your
child is listless, cross, feverish, full
of cold, or bas colic, a ton spoonful
will never fail to open the bowels, in
a few hours you can see for yourself
how thoroughly it works all tho con
stipated poison, sour bile and wasfo
from the tender little bowels and
gives you a well, playful child again.
Millions of mothers koop "Cali
fornia Fig Syrup" handy. They know
a teaspoonful to-day saves a sick
child to-morrow. Ask your druggist
for genuino "California Fig Syrup,"
which has directions for babies and
children of all ages printed on bot
tle. Mother! You must say "Califor
nia" or you may get an imitation.
oral welfare of the people to the end
that the Idle may be employed, the
hungry fed, and each man be afford
ed an opportunity to provide for him
self and loved ones tho things decent
and honest in the sight of God and
2. Let the statesmen or politi
cians cease to act as Instruments of
selfish powers and selfish interests,
und henceforth honestly and Impar
tially represent und safeguard the
interests and general welfare of all
the people.
.'5. Let tho clergymen and other
religious teachers, who claim to be
the ministers of God's Word, and
tltorefore the nobles among tho peo
ple, divorce themselves completely
from commercial and political tifll 1 -
la'ions, return to their first love, rec
ognize God's Word as truth, honestly
and faithfully teach the people the
principles taught by Jesus and the
tipos! les, and thereby prepare the
people to receive the kingdom of
Christ, the .Messiah, who alone can
and will establish peace on earth and
good wil| toward men.
Lei the ruling factors, by example
ns well tis by word, thus had tho
people in the right way and prove
that Ihey jue the real friends of the
poople; and let all the peep!" h?ed
the words of (?od, refrain from vio
lence of every kind or form, seek
meekness and righteousness, ?ind the
occasion for armament and war wi'l
cease. These things done, the king
dom of Christ, the Messiah, will 1)0
established on earth without suffer
We shall he pardoned for saying
that tho prophecies clearly Indicato
thal if the divinely prescribed reme
dy be ignored, this being the day of
Christ's vengeance, as declared by
lilis prophets of old, Iiis wrath will
be visited upon every government
and system of Christendom; and
both Jesus and the prophets d?chire
thal such shall bo "a time of trou
ble such as the world has never
known," at which timo shall "Mich
ael (the Messiah) stand up, the great
prince thsit standeth for the children
of Thy people." This standing up of
Michael will effect the deliverance of
mankind from all forms of oppres
sion and will mark the beginning of
righteousness on earth. The result
will be Cod's will done on earth as
it is done in heaven, for which Jesus
taught Christians to pray.
Great responsibility rests upon the
ruling factors of the initions of the
earth now in the hour of dire distress
and perplexity; and we shall be par
doned for requesting such to give
earnest consideration to the Word
of God. having In mind that "blessed
is that nation whose Cod is Jeho
Resolved, That a copy of this me
morial be delivered to the Honorable
Charles Evans Hughes, chairman of
the International Arms Congress now
in session at Washington. I). C.; ?hal
copies be furnished to each delego to
or representative of the nations at
tending said conference; thal a copy
?be delivered to tho President of the
t'nited States, and copies to the mem
bers of Congress, and to the public
( Upon motion duly put, the above
resolution was unanimously adopted
by the convention on the 2 7th day of
November. 1921.)
Dr. R. A. Camble.
Chairman of Convention.
Frank ll. Harrison.
Secretary of Convention.
J .E. Rutherford,
President, I. R. s. A.
will do what wo claim for it
cure Catarrh or Deafness caused by
Catarrh. We do not claim to cure
any other disease.
is a liquid, taken internally, and
acts through tho blood upon the
mucous surfaces of lite system, thus
reducing the i nil animation and re
storing normal conditions.
All Druggists. Circulars free.
E. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Curley Succeeds Gibbons.
Ilaltimnre, Md.. Dec. i. A distin
guished gathering of churchmen and
laymen crowded imo the Cathedral
Wednesday to take part in the cere
monies nt lending the installation of
IHshop Michael Joseph Curley, of St.
Augustine, Fla., as archbishop of tho
archdiocese of Maltimore. the succes
sor ol' tho late James Cardinal Gib
bons. At tito services the papal bull
was read, making Bishop Curley the
archbishop of lialtimorc, following
which a pontifical high mass was cel
ebrated by Bishop Corrigan, of Bal
Preceding the cathedral ceremo
nies, bishops, monsignors, priests and
seminarians marched through tho
streets about the cathedral.
Archbishop Curley is 12 years old
and a native of Ireland. He was or
dained priest seventeen years ago
and was created a bishop lon years
Subscribo for Tho courier. (Best)
Household Pet, particularly If lt I?
Kept Indoor?, Mutt Be Given
Regular Attention.
To keep n ?log healthy be ?ure to
attend regularly to Itu toilet.
Many owners wash their dogs In
the sum mer, but neglect to do so
In the winier. This Is a mistake.
While in the summer months the
dog will appreciate ? wash once a
week, during the winter once monthly
should bc tho order, says un exchange.
The length of time between each
wash will depend upon the life the
dog loads and the amount of grooming
lt receives. All animals should be
regularly brushed down. Indoor dogs
call for a more frequent toilet than
outdoor ones; the former may be
washed once a month and the latter
every live ur six weeks. The Indoor
dog, too. should be groomed more
frequently than the outdoor ono.
Washing tends to soften the bair1;, so
that wire-haired dogs Intended for ex
hibition aro constantly groomed
rather than frequently washed.
To wash n dog successfully tlrst
soo that tho soap ls rubbed well In
and then that lt ls propely rinsed
?mt. (?narri against chills after the
bath, ami never let tho doc retire
to Its kennel undi Hie cont is thor
oughly ?I ry. If the weather is In
clement wash and dry tho <l?<Lr In
fron I i>r tho tire, hui not ton noni*.
In drying use sovernl towels mid finish
with a good brush-down. If tho emit
dries slowly wrnp Ibo dog In :i thick
blanket and I en ve the aiiiin.il near ;
thc lire. ,,
Girl Has Been Successful In Business
In Which Few of Her Sex Have
Been Engaged.
"I wunder when we'll ever get our
cuni," tho complaint na lisc
wlvos for a few sense pa not
ho voiced by Miss Ul II UH nty
one years old, who im 'rhu duos
coal dally In a little v ino"
on her father's farm In Itu s of
Mount Oliver. Pa., ne.II !'itt il i.
Ricka ls her own boss-min ?per- I
?tor, manager, dlstril liter. ifter
day she cheerfully sin in H tools j
her "black diamonds' m lino.
Along about three yoi I . , il all
the mines of weste Pen . ania
were working to their ul!esl city,
to keep an unending slrenm eonl
flowing to the mills rc pons
and munitions were I ur out,
HIcka was Imbued with he e to
do her share toward lin ?viii of
the great conflict. S\. 1 to
her father, (?regor Ott, . i rker,
Hint they open a.mint . . thor
Scorned the Iden of Din , -{, . per
fectly good Job in thc for
tho uncertainty of as ie.
"I will mine the c it,"
said It I clea. He laugh den of
n girl mining coal and nek.
She gu ve her father ?'I he
aureed to starl a mi her and
slio hus since prov? 1 hun a
ma i eh for Hie other m win
Lust year Miss Ott i led usb
els of coal, and distt ? < u ber
customers.--Dearborn Independent.
Promotion of "Pure English."
In Kiiglnnd, as in the I'nited States,
the subject of preserving the purity of
tko Kngllsh language from the effects
of slang, loss of grammatical distinc
tions, etc., has recently attracted much
attention. One of thc results of thc
movement In England ls the formation
of the Society for Pure English. The
society was founded In lill.'?, but was
compelled by the war to postpone its
activities. The reason for the exist
ence of the society Is given us "tho
duty of English-speaking peoples to
make their language adequate and
efficient, and worthy of Its Increasing
and world-wide use. Its purpose ls
to further the best Interest of the
language by the promulgation of sound
knowledge." It ls asserted that the
Society for Pure English does not in
tend to dogmatizo but to open an In
formal democratic court in which all
questions may be nrgued on full in?
formation.-Columbus l dspatch.
Prima Donna's Home.
There aro few more romani ic homes
than the (matean de Cehrleres, whore
Madame Calve, the famous operatic
singer, spends thu summer months. It
ls an old castle standing high among
the mountains In the south of Franco.
It lins become part of the rock upon
which lt ls built, rising In stupendous
strength and commanding glorious
views across the valleys. Ii bad al
ways been Madame Cal va's ambition to
own the Chateau, which she had known
from earliest childhood, When she
bought lt she invited her father ?md
mother to a grand dinner, without di
vulging the secret. A large covered
dish stood before her father's plate.
When lie lifted Ibo cover a hugo key
rested on the dish, it unlocked the
main door, and told her parents tDat
Madame Calvi owned the old place.
Wherein Conies the Horse Dough.
(From Life.)
".lust smile." says Charles M.
Schwab, "and times will bo bettor."
Tho trouble is that most people, on
realing this advice, are likely to spoil
everything by laughing out loud.
Victorious auls enslave conquered
Due to famine, four-fifths of tho
conversation among tho common
'hlneso ro?alos to food.
Bock. i>o
You'll be surprised at the really great
reductions on all Pee Gee Paint Products.
Now you'll be able to do that long delayed
painting at most moderate cost. Don't put it off any
longer-winter will soon be here.
This is the time to protect your property against
the destructive forces of the elements. Paint now
"Save the surface and you save all."
Wh?tm?re-Marett Hardware Co*,
Westminster, S. C. **** Walhalla, S. C.
Of New York Theatre Takes Place.
Mjny Ile that Others Aro Dead.
New York, Nov. ?50.- Fifteen or
twenty workmen wore believed lo
have been killed yesterday when a
new theatre in course of const ruction
at Bedford and Park avenues. Brook
lyn, collapsed, according to early po
lice reports.
At the Vernon avenue- police sta
tion the number of dead wa.-' estimat
ed at twenty-live.
I-" i ft y workmen were engaged on
the new struct uro. the American
Theatre, A hurried roll-call indi
cated that about half of them had
boen buried.
Shortly before 2 o'clock four had
been taken from the ruins and wera
rushed to hospitals.
Sylvester Rosenthal und Samuel
Moskowitz, tho contractors,who were
detained on a technical charge of
homicide, told'the police that about
:!."> men were working in the orches
tra pit when the roof and north wall
fell in. They estimated thal about
ten had escaped being buried.
The contractors wore unable to
tell the police the cause of the acci
dent, and this angle was not pressed
while the rescue work was in prog
ress, .hist what point the casually
list would reach remained uncertain.
The Vernon police station had the
highest estimate-twenty-five - hui
an hour and a half after the accident
occurred il was believed that not
more than fifteen had perished, lt
soon became evident, that the number
would remain undetermined until the
search of the ruins bad been com
Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days
Druggists refund money If PAZO OINTMENT falls
to cure Itching, fllind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles.
Instantly relieves Itching Piles, anti you cnn get
-restful bleep utter tho first aoollcatloo. Price COe
Cut Freight Rates this .Month.
Chattanooga, Tenn., Doc. (.-An
nouncement was made yesterday by
the Southern Railway of ti IO per
cent reduction in freight rates on
carload lots of commodities, to take
effect some time In December.
lt is proposed by the railroad to
make the reduction apply for un ex
perimental period of six months on
carload shipments of wheat, corn,
oats, grain, Hour, meal, hay, straw,
alfalfa, unmanufactured cotton, to
bacco, cotton seed and products ex
cept cotton seed oil and cotton seed
meal, citrus fruits, dried fruits and
vegotablos, horses, mules, call tlc and
calves, sheep, poultry, eggs, but?er,
cheese and wool.
Fort Mill Lumber Co. Losses Esti
mated ut. $25,000.
'Fort Mill, S. C.. Dec. 1.-The Fort
Mill Lumber Comp.my sustained the I
loss of its big lumber shed and its
warehouse by lire, which was discov
ered about 7 o'clock Tuesday even
ing, the loss of buildings and con
temn being estimated at $25,000, the'
loss being partially covered by insur
nnco. Tho building was located at ;
the corner of Depot, and Sprat'? j
streets, in a section which is thickly
built up with warehouses for colton
seed and cotton, some of them not i
fifty foot away, hut. owing to the
stillness of tho ajr at the time of I
the (Ire, and the effective work of
the local tire department, the latter
being assisted hy the lire department
from Mill Xo. 2 of the Fort Mill
Manufacturing Company, tho flumes
were confind to thc one structure.
The high power lines of the South
ern Power Company pass along the
street within five feet of the build
ing, and, on account of the possible
danger from falling poles and wires,
the current from the dam was cul !
off, und the town was in darkness for j
about two hour:;. However, there'
was no loss from tho fire to tho poles |
and lines. Some loss was sustained j
from piles of rough lumber stacked
in the adjoining yards.
Colds Cause Grip and Influenza
LAX ATI VK PROMO QUININE Tnhlets remove the
cruise. There ls only one "Bromo Quinine." E.W. j
GROVE'S signature on the box. 30c.
Can't Freeze Doll Weevil.
(Anerson Daily Mail.)
.las. H. riollidny, io. H. Oossett, I.
M. Mahon and others placed a boll j
weevil between two blocks of ice at!
tho ice factory here and lot lt romain j
twenty-four hours to see If lt could |
be frozen. When taken out and
placed in the sun it came to life.
They Iben drilled a bolo in a block
of Ice and pul it in the bolo, while
the ice was being completely frozen,
and let it remain for forty-eight
hours. To their astonishment, when
placed in the sun, it again revived
and flew away.
Does this not upset tho theory
that a cold winter will kill the wee
vils out? What do Mr. Byars and
Clemson College think of this?
CL W. Sullivan.
VVIUiamston, s. C.
Tbs Oulnina That Does Not affect the Hoad
Because o( its tonic and laxative effect, LAXA
TIV!! IlKOMOUUlNlNKishcttei than ordinary
Quinine and docs not cause ncrvousnes* nor
TinifluR In head. Kememher the full name and
look for the signature ot li. W. UKOVtt. 30c.
Once (lie vigor of red blood be
comes sapped o? Us strength, ibo
door to happiness is literally slam
med. Weariness of body follows, and
it unfailingly engenders depressed
thoughts. To bo reserved and cheer
less becomes a habit. After a time
there is an almost filmy limuess in
tho expression of the eyes and a pal
lor to tho skin. Days seem dull and
daik and difficult. A sense of insuf
ferable gloom pervade* the spirit.
Then it is that Glide's Pepto-Mnn
gnn is the great help, lt is a red
blood builder, lt puts red Into the
blood-Increases the number of cor
puscles, which make blood rich and
red When the blood is restored to
its natural healthy state, tho sensa
tion of well-being returns. Instead
of shuffling along carelessly, there is
tho firm and springy step, the bright
and luslreful eyes, tho clear complex-'
ion, Identified with the strength and
vigor of good health. Tho druggist
has Oudo's Pepto-Mangan in both the
liquid and tablet form.-adv.
Got $00,000 from Gold .Mine Safe.
.1 ackson. Cal., Dec' 2.-Six men
armed with sawed-off shotguns, blew
open the safe of the Argonaut Mine,
one of tho richest in California, and
escaped early yesterday morning
with more than $00,000 in gold amal
gam, traveling in two automobiles
driven by others, who had acted as
lookouts during the robbery. Tho
loot was a month's clean-up for the
Two mill men on duty at the time
of the rohery were overpowered and
bound with ropes, but ono of them
managed to back up against an em
ery wheel and rubbed tho rope in
two, releasing himself and giving tho
alarm. The mine is owned by Argo
naut Consolidated Mining Company,
of which John T. Smith, of New York,
ls president.
$12,000 Gin lire.
Sumter, Nov. 30.-The ginnery of
the Oswego Oin Company was com
pletely destroyed hy fire on Monday
night at Oswego. Tho flames woro
dlsc.overel about 10.30 o'cock. Tho
loss amounts to $12,000, which is
offset by Insurance of about $0,000.

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