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I didn't hear old Santa come
Jurt left for me a Christmas t
And tho I like each thing he br
I'll tell $ou confidentially : I lc
- B
rirst Christmas
HKN Ansgarius preached thc
Whit? Christ to the vikings of
the North, so runs the legend
of the Christinas tree, the Lord sent
his three messengers, Faith, Hope, and
Love, to help light th? first tree. Seek
ing one that should be high as hope,
wide ns love, and that bore the sign
of the cross on every hough, they chose
the bnlsam fir. which best of all the
trees In the forest met the rcqulre
; ment*. Perhaps that is a good reason
why there clings about the Christmas
tree in my old home that which has
preserved It from being swept along In
the flood of senseless luxury that has
swamped so many things In our money
mad day. At least so lt was then.
Bvery time I se? a tree studded with
electric lights, garlands of tinsel gold
festooning every branch, and hung
with thc hundred costly knickknacks
the storekeepers Invent year by year
"to make trade," until the tree Itself
disappears entirely under its burden,
I have a feeling that a fraud has been
practiced on the kindly spirit of Yule.
Wax candles are the only real thing
for a Christmas tree, candles of wax
that mingle their perfum? with that of
the burning fir, not the by-product of
some coal -oil or other abomination.
What if the boughs do catch Are?
They can be watched, and too many
candles are tawdry, anyhow. Alno,
red apples, oranges and old-fashioned
cornucopias made of colored paper,
and mad? at home, look a hundred
tlmts better and fitter in th? green ;
and so do drums and toy trumpets and
wald-homs, and a rocking hors? that
need not have cost forty dollars.
Washing Window?.
If windows are washed when the
sun Is shining on them they dry before
there is time to polish them, and look
streaky. Always dust wtudows hefor?
washing them. Add a little ammonia
te the water to make tho glo?s shine
and polish well.
??f2|fc| HBTHBR we shout lt
sure to mean lt; for if
we really mean it when we
say. "Merry Christ mas, every
body," we will do all In our
power to make Christmas a day
of unsullied Joy for all those
within reach of our Influence.
Christ came Into the world to
bring light which brings Joy. He
came to bring deliverance to
men ; to solve their dllllcult
problems; to inspire a higher
hope in the spirit of men. That
is the co use of the deepest Joy
to mankind. Yes, Christmas ls
a Joyful day us well as a sacred
It ls a day for doing good
deeds, as well as thinking good
thoughts. It ls iy>t a day for
receiving gifts only. There are
so many opportunities for doing
good, that we may receive Joy a
hundredfold, with the expendi
ture of just a little time and
thought. There are many who
have little; many who do not
know the meaning of this day as
2 you know lt; many whose spirits
JI are crushed by dlsastor. Re~
j j member thom ! -Roys' World.
-he ne\>er made a sound,
ree, with presents all around !
ought, my books and all the rest,
?ve my doll^ best!
ly MARTHA HART, in Suet.?ful Farming.
rtWF'Hlt HghU oa th? tree are said to
be of Jewish origin. In the
month of Klslev, of the Jewish
year, corresponding nearly to our De
cember, and the twenty-fifth day, Jews
celebrated the feast of dedication of
their temple. It had boen dedicated on
that day by Antlochus. It was dedicated
by Judas Maccabeus, aud, according to
Jewish legend, sufficient oil was found
In the temple to last for the seven
branched candlestick for eight days,
and lt would have taken eight days to
prepare new oil. Accordingly the Jews
were wont on the twenty-fifth day of
Kislev in every house to light a can
dle, on the next day two, and on the
the eighth and last day of the feast,
eight candles twinkled in every house.
It is not very easy to fix the ex
act date of the Nativity, but it fell
most probably on the last day of Kis
lev, when every Jewish house la Beth
lehem and Jerusalem was twinkling
with lights. It is worthy of note that
the German name for Christmas ii
Weihnacht (the night of dedication),
as though lt were associated with this
feast. The Greeks also call Christ
mas the feast of lights, the uame
given to the dedication festival, Ohan
ukah, by the Jews.
Osculation, Allowed by Cuatem, Cele,
bratoo One of Meet Charming
Events in Tradition.
HY should men kiss girls who
stood under mistletoe?
Because they like lt and be
cause custom allows lt. Every klsa
under the mistletoe^ however. Is a kiss
which celebrates oae of the most
charming events In Ohristmas tradi
The romance goes back to Hie day?
of the gods of Scandinavia, when Bul
dur the Beautiful was shot by Locke,
the Spirit of Evil, with an arrow of
mistletoe. But his mother, Venus of
tho North, restored him to life by sa
luting with kisses all who passed be
neath a branch held aloft In her hand.
Thus it became HU emblem of low
and happy celebration. Ancient races
held the plant In groat veneration, par
ticularly the Druids, who went In pro
cession Into the forests to collect lt.
After Now Year's day lt was dis
tributed among the people as H sacred
and holy plant. If any part of tho
mistletoe touched the ground lt wus
regarded as an omen of impending
Hock-Santa Claas apparently has
gifts to please everybody.
Hock-Yes. It stains that there ls
nothing he doesn't keep in stock. He
brought one woman of my acquaint
ance a divorce with alimony and tho
custody of the poodle."
Name "Bayer" on Genuine
Warning! Ur.iess you seo tho name
"Bayer" on package or on tablets,
you aro not getting genuino Aspirin
prescribed by physicians for twenty
one years and proved safe hy mil
lions. Take Aspirin only as told in
tho Bayer package for colds, head
ache, neuralgia, rheumatism, ear
ache, toothache, lumbago and for
pain. Handy tin boxes of twelve
Bayer Tablets of Aspirin cost
few cents. Druggists also sell larger
packages. Aspirin ls the trade mark
of Bayer Manufacture ot Monoacetle
acidoster of Salicylicacid.-adv.
Ashes Thrown High Above Mountain
Tops-Nearby Villages Deserted.
A dispatch from Mexico City says
Popocatepetl, the great volcano to
the southeast ot' this city, burst Into
violen*, eruption yesterday afternoon,
a column of smoke and ashes being
thrown 2,600 feet above the summit
of the mountain. President Obregon
directed that two aviators bo sent
to the mountain to ascertain the :-:e
riousness of the outbreak. The avia
tors reported upon their return that
they had heard heavy rumbling in
the mountain, and that lava was then
flowing down tho slopes below the
crater. Warnings were sent to the i
residents ot nearby villiges, but re-1
ports Indicated that these small
places had been deserted for weeks.
Within tho past month Popocate
petl has been reported active, each
eruption showing greater violence
than the one preceding it, and a seri- I
ons outbreak is feared during the
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicine which stops the cough by
bealing the inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed with every bottle of
should be rubbed on the chest and throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup.
The healing effect of Hayes' Healing Honey in
side thc throat combined with the heating effect of
Grove's O-Pen-Trato Salve through the pores of
thc ??kin soon stops a cough.
Both remedies are packed tn one carton and the
cost of the combined treatment is 35c.
Just ask your druggist for HAYES'
Four Deported Missing in Five.
'Passaic, N. J., Doc. 14. - Firemen
were searching the ruins of the plant
of the Hayden Chemical Co. of Amer
ica to-day for the bodies of four men
reported missing following a lire and
an explosion at the plant yesterday,
which did damage estimated at near
ly $200,000. Thirty employees were
burned In the fire, which came after
an explosion of a tank of chemicals
and soon spread throughout ?.he
building. The bursting of an electric
light globe over a tank of chemicals
ls believed to have caused the ex
The word yacht ls derived from
.he Dutch language.
are found
only in
Healthy Livestock
Old Reliable Mustang Liniment
stops lossesby keeping stock healthy.
No Alcohol - No Sting - No Torturo
Mustang Liniment is made of pure,
healing oils. When rubbed freely
into the hide, it penetrates muscle
and tissue to the bone, thereby over
coming the ills of cattle, hogs, sheep,
mules, horses, etc.
J?av? J.u,,a Lester, Jacksonville. Ga.~
,J V1? I used your Mexican Liniment
on n cow of mine that was suffering from
a caked udder. She was relieved tn 1 day
from suffering and completely cured in
about 5 to 6 days."
John H. Fisher, New Herne, N.C -"Our
delivery horse was so badly stove un in bis
fore leland shoulder that wo could not use
him. 1 ly using Mexican Mustang Liniment
on him be was completely cured and re
stored to the best of condition."
* . .. -a Rf>lid brass "1'ut-and
Take" TODDLF? TOP. Latest craze-get
one! Send 25 cents in stamps or coin for
Trial Mottle (Household Size) Mustang Lin
Intent and get Toddle Top. absolutely free.
Lyon Mfg. Co., 41 So. Fifth St., D'klyn, N.Y.
Sold by Drug and General Stores
"The Good Old Standby Since 1848"
g Christmas g
8 Collars o
Copyright. 19LM. Western Newspaper Union.
LOVE him, I
love him, I
love Ililli," Ag
nes Allon sold.
Ami its she
wns alone ia
her room, and
ns no one could
hear her,
naturally there
was no answor
to her state
ment which shu hud repeated several
She was speaking of George Fnr
well. George was so good looking
with hts wonderful blue eyes, his
brown hair, his tine erect figure. '
Wherever she saw men she thought
how Insignificant they looked beside
George. She was
glad flint sl\o
thought 'that
way. She hoped
others thought
that way about
the men they
eared for. Then
everything would
bo so smooth und
so simple.
She wanted
everyone to like
her George im
mensely. Hut It
would he embar
rassing If every
one thought Just
the same about
him ns slip did.
T h e wedding
was to he Christ
mas afternoon. Then they had
planned to go to their own new "little
home which they had Just finished
furnishing and Axing up. They were
going to have their own little Christ
mas tree there-quite by themselves,
and their friends had left their wed
ding presents and their Christmas
presents there, though almost all of
the former they had seen, of course.
"Are you nlmost ready?" It was
Mrs. Allen calling up the stairs.
"Almost, mother dear," she an
"You'll be late," ber mother called.
"PU hurry," she said.
"Do you wont any help?"
But she had taken longer than she
had thought. Yes, if she didn't hurry
she would he late! Still she would
have George all her- life now. How
wonderful lt would bel She wondered
If thst^was why brides were so often
late because they felt they had so
much tlmel
It was a gloriously happy thought
to realize how much time she had.
She was only ten minutes late. The
few friends were at the Christmas
day wedding. And her bouquet wns of
holly and mistletoe. She had always
sn ld she would love to hnvo such n
wedding bouquet. It would be so
merry and "Chrlstmnsy nnd such a
hnppy, gny kind of n bouquet.
George lind consented of course. He
agreed to everything she said, be
cause he loved her so, and she was so
fair with him, too, because she loved
him sol
The ceremony was over. They
drove away In a low sleigh with
Jingling bells to the small house.
There, by themselvtes, they opened
presents. What a glorious time they
! had.
? And she had a little surprise for
! bim. Just a little blt of a surprise.
I But she knew he would like lt.
"Open that box, there, George," she
He opened lt.
And looked at some collars, many,
ninny collnrs, all much too big for
"When I was buying my wedding
clothes In town thnt time, George,
I remembered
thnt you'd spokenj
of n wonderful
kind of collar you
liked. I remem
bered the name
too. I was a
little puzzled
when the m a n
asked me your
size. I told him
though that ns
long as he had
the right kind
the size didn't
make any differ
ence. When he
asked me if you
wore big or small
I told him you
were big of
course !
"Why, George,
I what is tho matter? Won't they flt
j you? Is the size so Important?"
"My darling little girl," he laughed,
i "what does lt matter what the size
: ls. Thnt ls-lt does mutter about
j.wearing them Pm afraid, my lo\ '. But
; to think you thought of mc even
I when you were getting Ibo wedding
fineries and remembered tho miine of
the ollar.
; "Toey're my Christmas cellars," he
: exclaimed, "and I'll put them away
In the box with tho Christmas bouquet
I we're going to save. Such a Christ
I tuns gift from n dear little bride
j should never be mangled by any
; laundry!"
I "What a silly I nm," she huigned
? gaPr.
"But such nu ndornble silly,"
George nnswered ns he kissed her.
Put it to any
Power Task
While tho Fordson Tractor has power
in plenty to Jrag plows and harrows
through the heaviest soil, it is light
enough, small enough and so easily
controlled that it can handily be put to
many tasks about the farm, that will
save you time, money and work.
In fact the Fordson will do every power
job, both draw-bar and belt, more quick
ly and at less cost than it can be done
with any other form of power. So every
month the whole year 'round the always
dependable Fordson will prove itself a
paying investment, because of its capa
bilities, its economy and efficiency.
We will gladly explain and demonstrate
you the many Fordson money-mak
ing, time-saving features. Call, write
Walhalla-Phone 34-Westminster
NOTICE Is hereby given that any
trespassing on my lands, or any lands
under my control, ls hereby positive
ly forbidden, under pain of tho pen
alty prescribed by law for the offense
of trespassing on private property.
Any entry without written permis
sion from me, for any purpose what
soever-hunting, fishing, cutting of
timber or any other such offense
will bo handled legally.
Walhalla, S.C., Doc. 14, 1021.- I?
Tho Stato or South Carolina,
County of Oconee.-fin Court of
Probate.)-By V. P. Martin, Judge
of Probate.-Whereas, W. C. Mays
and J. S. Smith lia ve made suit to
me to grant them Lottors of Admin
istration of the Estate of and Ef
focts of T: E. Clark, Deceased
Theso are, therefore, to cite and ad
monish all and singular the kindred
and creditors of tho said T. E.
CLARK, Deceased, that they bo and
appear before mo, In tho Court of
Probate, to bc hold at Walhalla Court
House, South Carolina, on Friday,
the 23d day of December, 1021,
after publication hereof, at ll o'clock
In the forenoon, to show cause, if any
they have, why tho said administra
tion should not be granted.
Given under my hand and seal this
7th day of December, A. D. 1921.
(Seal.) V. F. MARTIN,
Judge of Probate for Oconee County,
South Carolina.
Published on tho 14th and 21st
days of December, 1921, In Tho Koo
woe Courier, and on tho Court House
door for the Hine proscribed by law.
Doc. 2 1, 1021. ?O-?l
Tho State of South Carolina. Coun
ty of Oconee.- (In Court of Probate)
-By V. F. Martin, Esq.. Probate
.lodge. Whereas, Mrs. Hannah San
ders bas made suit to me to grant
her Letters of Administration of tho
Esta lo of and Effects of Amos San
ders, Deceased
Theso aro, therefore, to cite and
admonish all and singular tho kin
dred and Creditors of the said Amos
Sanders, Deceased, that, they bo
and appear before me, In th?
Court of Probate, to be held at Wal
halla Court House, South Carolina,
on Wednesday, tho 2Xth day of De
cember, 1021. after publication here
of, at I I o'clock in tho forenoon, to
show causo, If any tboy have, why
tho said Administration should not
bo granted.
Given under my hand and seal this
12th day of December, A. D. 1021.
(Seal.) V. F. MARTIN.
Judge of Probate for Oconoo Co., S.C.
Published on tho lilli and 21st
dnys of December, 1921, In The Keo
wee Courier, and on tho Court HottSO
door for the time prescribed by law.
Doc. 14, 1921. 50-51
All persons uro hereby notified not
to trespass upon any lauds belonging
to or under the control of tho under
signed. This notlco specifically pro
hibits hunting or any entry upon the
snld lands for any purposo whatso
ever without first having received
written permission from party whoso
land is ontorod. Full ponalty of tho
law will bo Invoked against any ono
disregarding this notice.
Nov. 30, 1921. 48-51
ALL PERSONS aro hereby notified
not to trespass on any of my lands
in Oconoe County, S. C., without
written permission from me, by
hunting partridges, rabbits, squir
rels, opossums or othor game, or by
cutting timber for crosn-tles or for
fire-wood, for tho purpose of mar
keting same. All persons so tres
passing will be prosecuted as tho law
pr?vidos. WM. J. STRIHLING.
Dec. 14, 1921. 50-1
WE, the undersigned, heroby for
bid any Bird Hunting on any of tho
lands owned by us or under our con
trol. Any entry is forbidden posi
tively, and all trespassers will bo
dealt with to tho fullest extent of
tho law. (Signed :
S. A. TOW.
.1. E. HEATON,
W. I). MOSS.
.1. IL HUN" rWTT.
Dec. 14, 1921. 50-1*
ALL PERSONS having Claims
against Oconoe County who havo not
already filed same with tho Clerk of
j tho Hoard will please do so during
the month of December, having samo
duly sworn to.
If you havo already sent in your
(Maim, ploaso do not kend it again, as
it is already on Hie and will receivo
the attention of tho Hoard In duo
time. Hy order of the Hoard:
J. H. S. DENDY, dork.
Dec. 7, 1921. 49-52
fte Quinlno That Doo? Not Affect the Heed
Because of ita tonic and laxative effect, I.AXA
TIVR BROMO QU I N I NJK ts bettet than ordinary
Quinine and doea not cause nervousnes nor
ritiKine in head. Remember the full name and
look for the signature of li. W. GKOV2?. 30c

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