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to each of our friends and p?
with sincere appreciation
throughout the past 25 yean
endeavor to continue to serv
We wish you a Happy ar
Norman's Dry C
(Small advertisements under
thia heading Inserted at rate of
one cent a word per Insertion.
Four Insertions for price of
th reo. )
(NOTICIO.-No advertisement ac
cepted for (his column for 1 *s than
16 cent.s, ono Insertion.)
MOW li lt AND KA KM lor salo .il a
bargain. \V. O. WHITE, Walhalla. S.
C. 51-02* j
RIK KENT-Five Itoom House,
near depot. Apply i'> NV. I/. VER
NEN. Walhalla, S. C. .". I tt'
FOR SALK-rom in the shuck at
market pri?e, ll. I). Ul KM ANN, Wal-1
halla. S. C. .IQ-tf '
MONI0V TO LOAN on Improved
Farm Lands, lt. li. BKUCK, Pick
ens, S. C. 2C-tt
WANTED- About 30 acres, on
halves, lt interested, see me at once.
.1. I?. MI LLICAN, No. I Pitchford
street. Walhalla. S. C. .". I *
NOTICIO.- The Koo woo Courier is
in position io handle subscriptions
to all the loading periodicals. Wc
will appreciate your business.
FRUIT Tit MKS of various ages.
Any om? wishing Good Trees see mo
at once. s. .1. ISDELL, Walhalla, S.
C._ _49-52?
WA NT 101)-Representative for a
fast-selling line of Auto Accessories.
Motion picture for advertising fur
nished. $350.00 up por month. KOX
275, S'.. Joseph, Mo. 51 +
?IIIH0S WA NT-HD.- 500.000 lbs.
Reef Hides wanted by Dec. 30. Must
have (hem. Prices right. "Tho l.'p
Walhalla, S. C. I!i-tf
FOR SALK - House and Lot m
town of Walhalla, on northeast cor
ner of Colloge and ErvIn streets. Has
six rooms; lot contains ono acre. For
particulars seo W. C. IUICIIS. 4 t-tf
WANTED - LOAN. - $2,000.00,
secured by mortgage on farm within
five minutes' walk of Court Hons-?.
Walhalla, s. C. Apply al COURIER
OFFICIO for particulars. 40-52
FOR SALIO - Ono Horse, four
Mules, two One-horse Wagons, one
Two-horse Wagon, two Automobiles.
For cash or on oasy terms. T. IO.
ALIONAN DIOR, Walhalla, S. C 35-tf
IA >ST-Two live-gallon Oil Cans,
between Hurnt Tanyard and Croon's
Store. Salem. Return lo (?RIOION'S
and net reward. 10-tf
CLERKS, for Postal Mail and t?ov
ornmeni Field service. >12.'? month.
Experience unnecessary. For free
particulars of examinations, instruc
tion, write J. LEONARD, i former
Civil Service lOxa miner, i .'.ll Equita
ble Bldg., Washington. I). C. 52*
COO D'S APPLES can be obtained
from the Anderson Cold Storngo Co.
at the following prices: (?ano, $?1.50
per box; Stayman, $4.00 per box.
Am expelling 25 boxes lo arrive to
day, which I offer at (ho above prices.
(Set a box for Christmas. I). C.
COOK. Walhalla. 5 I *
Cotton Seed, grown and improved in
Dennie County. Special attention lo
earliness. No top crop picked, (fin
ned on private gin. for maximum
purity. Dur farms made $11,322.00,
net. this year, counting the seed ai
ordinary prices, or per cent on
ocr investment. Seo us .it once if
yon would like m buy any of our
CO . NVestmlnster, S. C. r.'-t
Maudlin Street, Walhalla, S. C.
Sacrament of Reliance. . .9.30 a. tn.
Mass anti Sermon.10.00 a. m.
Reverend Thomas J. Mackin.
P. O. Hex 82, Anderson, S. C.
Send in Your Order f
plies Now and Let 1
NUTS-20c, 35c. and 40c.
CANDIES- J 5c, 20c, 25c
ORANGES-Crates, 1-2 Ci
APPLES-Boxes, 1-2 Boxe
**** Phone 28 for
^s==- -i
itrons? ?a* Old and Young
of your liberal patronage
j which we are ending. We
e you in thc future as in the
id Prosperous New Year,
jioods Store and
Drug Co.
Co lo ii-tho inin8tro1 show at
tho High School Auditorium to-night
Miss Anna Darby, of Creonvtllo,
spent a few days last week with rela
tives in Walhalla.
Mrs. Hob Hocknell and son .loo,
of New Hope, spent a short while in
Walhalla hist week.
Hear the world-famous ".la///.
Mounds'" ai Hie minstrel to-night.
Something classy. You CUIl'l keep
. .ill.
Yoke ol' oxen for sal?'. Bx tra
tine, well broke, deep red. aie! well
mated. Weight about ._'.::m> pounds;
live years old. C. \V. & J. 15. Ilaitk
lllght, Walhalla adv.
Mrs. Mary Ansel returned last
Saturday from a visii of several
weeks io her daughter, Mrs. i\
Clarkson, nf Newberry.
Mr. and Mrs K. T. McClure, of
Clemson College, spent tho week-end
willi tho latter's parents, Mr. md
Mrs. ll. C. Dusch, of Walhalla.
Mr ami Mrs, Lewis Harrison
jud Mr. and Mrs. Harry Norman
spent ;i short while in (ireenvillo last
week among relatives and friends.
l'util further notice we will ex
change one ton of 7 per cent bright
cotton seed meal for one ton of good,
dry and sound cotton seed. Westmin
ster Oil and Fertilizer Co.-adv. 51.
.-Mrs. c. F. Hetrick returned to
Walhalla last week from Philadel
phia, l'a., where she bad been visit
lng ber mother and other relatives.
- Some real artists in the coming
minstrel show to-night (Wednesday)
-and don't forgot that. Come and
bring the whole family. Broad grins
and horse-laughs guaranteed!
- Mrs. Ceo. L. Wilson, who has
been visiting relatives ill Florida and
Georgia and in parts of this State,
for the past few months, returned to
her home In Walhalla Saturday last.
- Until further notice we will ex
change one ton of 7 per cent bright
cotton seed meal for one ton of good,
dry and sound cotton seed. Westmin
ster Oil and Fertilizer Co.-adv. ?l.
-"1.angil and the world laughs
with you.'' Come out to-night to the
minstrel show and learn the arl. The
black-faced comedians can guarantee
you an evening of clean fun and mer
Come to the minstrel show to
night. Ifit not with a chip on your
moulder, for the local punchers will
knock it sky-high. See yourself ;is
Dthers see yon and everybody laugh
I ogel her.
Mrs. John W. Wickliffe, of Wes;
I'nion, left yesterday for Canada, in
milich country sile will visit re!i
lives for several weeks. She is ac
companied by her young son. Master
-- Miss Annie Stucke, of Churlos
on. returned to her home yesterday
ifter having pent several weeks in
A'ost Cnion with her sister, Mrs. .las.
'binney, and among her friends in
md around Walhalla.
-The best assortment of good
boes to be had in the county are on
lisplay at .1. ll. Alley's West Union,
C. adv.- 1:1-02.
Miss Carolyn Rogers, who is 1
indent of Queens College, Charlotte,
C. c., arrived in Walhalla Saturday
asl and will spend the holidays will?
ter mother, Mrs lt. 1,. Bogers, and
?Iber relatives.
Don't fail to see the minstrel
how to-night (Wednesday) at the
Ugh school Auditorium nt s o'clock,
t's going to he some show." Ad
nlssion 20 and rents. Under au -
?ices of the Civic League.
We aie requested to announce
hat there will be a Christmas Imo
nd cake walk ;?t Norton school on
'hursday night. Dec. 22d, s o'clock,
admission I ", and L'". cents The pub
ie is cordially invited to attend.
To break n cold take 666.- adv
Wo ure requested to announce
hal there will bo ll Christmas tree
ii Zion church on Dec. 'Jilli al fi
?'clock p. m. The public is cordially
nvited to i?e present. AU children
aking pari In the exercises are urged
o he present at ri.?Ul o'clock.
or Christmas Sup?
Us Worry for You.
, 30c, 50c. and 60c.
'ates and Dozens,
s and Dozens.
Your Store.
GERY co. m
- -^
! \ ==
! -'Columbia Hot Shot batteries at
$2.00 each. Whitmlro-Marett Hard
ware Co, Walhalla.-adv.
"The Frisky Mrs. Johnson," fea
turing Dillie Burke, will be the at
traction at The Star Theatre, Wal
! halla, to-morrow (Thursday), Dec.
i 22d. This is a very attractive picture
and one of the best of the now Para
mont features.? Be sure to see it.
-Through the' untiring efforts of
the Civic League a superb minstrel
has been booked for this evening ut
th? Walhalla High School Auditor
ium. If you miss lt you're going to
be sorry,because lt is going to be the
talk of the town for the next six
-Miss tho flu and the measles if
: you can, but don't miss the minstrel
j show to-night. A chanco of a life
?tiino to see an all-star c\st of up-to
j date, live-wire black-faced come
dians, fifteen strong. This show has
never visited so small a city as Wal
halla and may never come again. Ad
mission only 20 and ?Hie.
-We have plenty of those good
Enterprise sausage mills. J. H. Ai
ley, West I nion, S. C.-adv.-49-52.
-There will be a Christmas tree
and appropriate exercises at Rocky
Knoll church next Saturday, Dec. 24,
at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. An in
teresting program is being prepared.
The public is cordially invited to at
tend 'his service
-The West Union R.S.I.A. will
give an entertainment at the school
bouse oil Friday, Dec. .'10th. begin
ning ni 7 o'clock, t'a ko, cocoa and
other refreshments will be for sale.
The proceeds of the evening's enter
tainment will go for school improve
ments. Tile public is cordially in
vited to attend.
Joseph C. Neville, of Atlanta,
sponI several days last week with rel
atives and friends in Walhalla. Mr.
Neville, who is one of tho old-time
citizens of Walhalla, having lived
hero for many years, is always a
welcome visitor here. He is now it:',
years of age, hut could easily pass
for t won i y years younger. He is en
joying tho best of health anti gets
about as well as m os I men of .!<> Ol'
tiri years.
- lt will pay you to buy your flour
at J. H. Alley's. We keep all kinds -
and wo are se.ling the best patent at
$7.-".?) barrel. J. H. Alloy, West Un
ion, S. C.- -adv.-19-0 2.
- ll. A. Harris, of Ninety-Six. waa
among friends in Walhalla for a
short while last Saturday and Sun
day. Mr. Harris held a position with
the Blue Ridge railroad here for a
time and made many friends among
our people during his brief stay. He
is at present engaged in railroad
work at Pacolet, but has hts homo
established at Ninety-Six.
- Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Holder, of
Dacoma, Okla., arrived in Walhalla
Monday last and will make their
heine here for the future. They have
many friends here who will welcome
them back. Mr. Holder having visit
ed here on several occasions and his
wife having lived here for a number
of years before their marriage. Mr.
and Mrs. Holder hope to be able to
secure a suitable lot on which to
build a boiue In the near futuro! For
the present they hope to secure a
small cottage or rent rooms until
their plans can be matured.
--.Miss Ethel Counts. Home Dem
onstration Agent for Oconee. will
leave to-morrow (Thursday) for her
home at Prosperity, where she will
spend the Christmas holidays, after
which she will go lo Kock Rill,Where,
with the other home demonstration
workers Of the Stale, she will be en
gaged for about three weeks plan
ning the extensive wt rk for 192 2.
Miss Counts is deservedly very popu
lar in Oconee. and there are many
In every section of the county who
will join with The Courier in Wish
ing her a most joyous Christmas and
happy New Year.
- Rub-My-TIsm, a pain killer.-ad
-Mrs. W. D. Moss on ter taine i the
D.A.R. Chapter most pleasan ly at
its November meeting, tito regent,
Mrs. Pitchford, presiding. Readings
by Mrs. Harry Hughs and Mrs. Jack
Vomor and a paper by Mrs. C. W.
Bauknight were enjoyed. Mrs.Hayne
Jones fang sweetly an appropri?t'
solo. Mrs. Hankinson and Miss Moore
from the Tamassee school, were pres
ent. They, with Mrs. Upluograft, the
nuit her of Mrs. Jack Vernor, were
welcome visitors. Tho Tamassee rep
resentatives lind for exhibit many ar
ticles, the handiwork of the pupils
of Taniassoo school. After the busi
ness session the hostess served an
elaborate salad course with coffee.
- Friends here of the prospective
groom were pleasantly surprised the
latter part of las! week to receive
tho following invitation: "Mr. and
Mrs. J. lt. Davidson request tho hon
or of your presence at the marriage
of their daughter. Carrye-Deane, tc
Mr. William Benjamin Boll, on Wed
nesday. Dec. 28, 1921, at their resi
lience. I p. m., Ozark? Ark. At home
after January IO, Walhalla, S. C."
Thc bride-to-be nude finite a num
ber of friends ill Walhalla during a
recoil I visit here, and Mr. Hell ls one
of our young business men, a son of
Dr. and Mrs. J. W Boll, of Walahlla
Ile is a young man of ability and a
marked musical talent, and it was
while he was attending the Chicago
Conservatory of Music Unit ho met
Miss Davidson.
Until further notice wo Will ex
change one ton ttl 7 per cent bright
.otton seetl meal for one ton of good,
irv and sound cotton seed. Wes tm lo
iter oil and Fertilizer Co. adv. 51.
-There are many Oconee friends
Of Mrs. W. F. SI rick la ntl who will
earn with deep regret of tho death
:>f hor husband, which sad event oc
2U rr od on Dec. 7th. ai their homo In
Vail Noys, Cal., lo which place the
rn m i ly bad moved from Savannah,
Cia., some Hmo ago. Mr. and Mrs.
strickland ni ono time resided at
ionocn, and they were well anti pleas
antly known lo many of the people
if Oconee. The news of Mr. Strick
land's death was received in Wal
halla by (!. A. Norman, who ls thc
financial oiilcer of ibo Independent
?riler of lleplasophs' Fraternal Aid
Union, of which tho deceased was a
member of the Walhalla branch, car
rylng a policy of $3,000. Mr. Strick
land was a man of high principles,
and his honor and honesty were pro
verbial wherever he1 was-known. In
his passing there are many in our
county who will feel a deep sorrow, |
and the sympathy of all goes out to
tho bereaved ones in their sorrow. j
-Kor Salo-High class hard and
soft brick. Arthur Drown, Walhalla.
S. C.-adv.-43-tf.
-There will he a Christmas tree
for the Sunday school of the First
Baptist church ( Walhalla) next Sat
urday night at 7 o'clock. An enjoy
able occasion is looked forward to.
- Mrs. H. 0. Burton, of Atlanta,
is visiting at the home of her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Kelley, for
the Christinns holidays. She has a
host of friends here who aro glad io
see her again.
- Miss Bessie Mickler, of Saluda,
is expected next week to spend the
holidays with her cousin, Mrs. Jas.
Darb. . and other relatives. The many
friends of Miss Mickler will be de
lighted to see her again in her old
home town.
? -000 cures bilious fever.-adv.
- Mr. and Mrs. Jas. H. Darby and
family have moved into their hand
some new home on Main street. Mr.
and Mrs. Jack Darby and Mrs. Ida
Darby have moved into the latter's
I homo on Katherine stree!', which was
recently vacated by J. ll. Darby .'nd
- Wo are requested to announce
that there will be preaching al Pleas
ant Ridge church on Saturday before
the first Sunday in January, ai 2
o'clock in the afternoon. Conference
after preaching. lOvery member h
requested lo he present, as there is
some business of importance to bo
attended to
- -When hunting Saut:? Claus don't
forget the ititi' linc of liundkcrchcifc,
dolls, leys, fruits, etc.. at O. II. Schu
macher's. Walhalla adv. 50-51*
-Mrs. Clinkscales, of Creen wood,
anti her son. ii. L. Clinkscales, of
New York eily, art? visiting ?it the
homo ol' Mr. ami Mrs. c. w. Pitch
ford, Jr.. for tho holidays. Mr. (Mink
scales is tillite a talented cartoonist,
and has engaged extensively ju ilia.'
line ol' new-paper anti magazine work
in Iiis adopted city.
- lt will be learned with gratifica
tion that the two children who wore
reported as bitten by a dog supposed
to have been suffering from rabies,
are. doing nicely, neither having
shown any symptoms of having been
affected dangerously. They wcro at
once given the Pasteur treatment by
Dr. J. J. Thode. who still has the
children under observation, lt is
felt now that both are past any dan
ger from their harrowing experience.
-To prevent a cold take GOO.-ad
-At tho last meeting of Blue
Ridge Bodge, No. r-2, A. P. M., of
Walhalla, tlio following officers were
elected and installed to serve for the
ensuing Masonic year: J. B. S. Den
dy. W. M.; K. P. Ritter, S. W.; John
ti. Edwards, J. W.; Ceo. M. Ansel,
treasurer; W. 0. White, secretary;
J. S. Colley. S. D.; C. W. Pitchford.
Jr., J. D.; J. B. Mauldin, J. F. Schu
macher, stewards; Harry Fayonsky,
-All kinds of feedstuffs for man
and beast. J. II. Alley, West Pnion.
S. C. -adV.-49-r>2.
-The I layne Circle enjoyed a
meeting tin Dec. 2d with Miss Hloise
Strother as its attract've hostess. Tho
club was called to order by the pres
ident, Mrs. Bauknight, and after roll
call the literary program was ren
dered. This consisted of readings on
Pan-Americanism by Miss smith and
Mrs.John Dendy, and a musical num
ber, "Angel's Serenade." sung by
Mrs. John Ansel, accompanied tin Hie
piano by Mrs. Sam Vernor and on
the violin by Mrs. Ceo. Ansel. The
treasurer. Miss Strother, reported
$21 on hand, lt was decided that the
Circle buy a health bond. The
Federation dues of $5 were sent lo
the State treasurer. After adjourn
ment the hostess passed ('bristmas
cartis, with pencils, and a clever
skating rink contest was introduced.
Several answered all questions, and
in the draw Mrs. Pitchford and Mrs.
Ansel were the lucky recipients of
dainty prizes. The club was delight
ed to have Mrs. M a m i Hon, Mrs. Barr
anti Mrs. Fant as new members pres
ent at this happy meeting. An elab
?rale chicken salad course was serv
ed by he postess. assistetl by Mrs.
- 6 >C quickly relieves a cold.-ntl
- Last Saturday morning the lire
alarm was given about 1 o'clock,
anti citizens ti wakened were given a
view of a brightly lighted sky line
to the northern section of town. Tho
fire originated in a small dwelling in
what is known as "Moccasin Bend,"
anti before the (lames could bo stop
ped three tenant bouses belonging Iti
T. 10. Alexander had been raxed to
tho ground, everything being a com
pleto loss. The value of tho build
ings was probably about $l,fi00, anti
there was no insurance carried on
any of them. Mrs Arie lludgons,
who. with her children, occupied the
house where the lire started, barely
escaped with her lifo. All occupants
loft the building scantily clad, with
nothing saved from the house beyond
the fow clothes they were able to get
mit with on their hacks The loss lo
this unfortunate family is heavy, as
everything they had, Including a con
siderable amount of rough feedstuff
?ind corn, which was stored lintier I hf!
house, was destroyed by the Ore. Thc
Haines quickly spread to tho adjoin
ing premises, and one house on either
lido was also lost. A fourth look lire,
i)iit this was saved by the work of a
row moments on tho part of a "buck
si brigade. A heavy wind was blow
ing from the northeast at the time
>f tho (Ire. anti buming shingles were
.a rriod clear across M ?tin street anti
deposited, in Haines, in yarils and
lear houses, a distance of mora than
i block and a half from the burning
liulldlllgs. Close walch tin these an 1
ii the thickly wooded sections about
ht; (ire provented, probably, a con
(idcrable extension of the lire area
\'o one was hurt, and the blaze was
(radically harmless within au hour.
- C.?C cures chills and fever.-au\
Specials fo
?j. ?j. ?j. .j? ?j. .j? ?j. .j. .j.,
C. W. Pi
--Mrs. Hoary Hughes delightfully
entertained the H.A.lt. chapter with
many members in attendance. Mrs.
NV. Iv. Vernor gave an interesting
reading, as did also Mrs. tinny
Hughs. After business session tho
adjournment was ordered. A pleas
ant social half hour was enjoyed, ?In?
hostess serving a delicious salad
course.' She was assisted in enter
taining by Mis. Claude Held.
Channing lOntcWniumcut in Honor of
Voting I li* ide.
(Unavoidably omitted last week.)
.Fair Play, Dec. 12.-Special: One
of the most enjoyable parties of the
season was the kitchen shower given
by Mrs.Sam Leathers on Friday after
noon, Dec. 9th, in honor of Mrs.
Charlie Marett, a recent bride. Those
receiving were Mrs. M. E. Harris,
Misses Lil Thompson and Sue Per
kins, and as tho guests were assem
bling Miss Marie Crabbs gave some
beautiful piano selections. After
every one was seated in tho living
room, which was lovely in Christmas
decorations and ferns, a lively kitch
en contest was engaged in, the an
swer? being different kitchen uten
sils. The lucky couple guessing tho
nearest answers were Mrs. D. V.
Wright and Mrs. A. R. Marett, who
were presented a beautiful patch
work sofa pillow, while the booby, a
Inigo stick of candy, fell to Misses
Marie Crabbs and 101 iso Ricliard.-on.
Amid animated conversation cunio
Lois Leathers and Margaret Mitchell,
pulling an express wagon loaded with
nil the things a housewife needs in
her kitchen, and stopped before the
fair honoree, who was completely ta
ken liv surprise, but equally delight
ed with all it contained. While deli
cious refreshments were served by
tho channing hostess, consisting of
caUo and hot. chocolate, Miss Lil
Thompson kept everybody thrilled
with instrumental music, and added
much to the afternoon's enjoyment.
All too soon wo had to turn our faces
homeward. Those enjoying Mrs. Lea
thers' hospitality were Mesdames C.
S. Marett, C. P. Glenn, A. R. Marett,
D. V. Wright. W. C. Mays, Davis
Glenn, Raymond Harris, M. IO. Mar
ris. W. L. Hamey, Uriel Mitchell. L.
H. Marett. George Harris, iPurcell
Bruce, Charlie King, .loo Glymph, L.
M. Glymph, Chai lie Marett, and
Misses darkie Link, Sue Perkins,
Lil Thompson. Marlo Grubbs, 101i.se
Richardson, Bernice and Corrio Mar
Mrs. Leon W. Harris and little
daughter Margaret, of Anderson,
were spend-tbe-day guests of Mrs. M.
IO. Harris last Wednesday.
Mrs. Wallace Glymph is again at
work in (bo school room, to the de
light of her many friends.
Wo regret to learn of the illness of
little Frances Sheldon, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Laurens Sheldon, she
linving developed pneumonia Salur
lay. Miss Cowan, ol' Westminster,
s nursing her. and it is hoped she;
viii soon be on tho road to recovorv.
Mr. and Mrs. II. I). Whit worth and
Ur. and Mrs. .1. A. Tr ibbie, of Lavo
ca. (Ja., attended the funeral of T.
0. Clark last Monday.
Miss Rossie Glenn and .Inc Strib
ing, of Hie Westminster High
School, spent ibo week-end with their
.espective parents here.
Mr. ami Mrs. Fred Knittle, of Xew
>orry, are visitin? al the home of T
Wooten. Mrs. Knittle is pleasant
y remembered as Miss Sallie; Woo
Heil ( ress Workers Barely lOscapo.
Greenville, Dee. lil.--Nine young
vomen, social welfare workers, and
ho 7o-year-old mother of ono of the
ia Hon ts, trapped in tho upper story
if Hie Red Cross Building, barely os
taped with their lives to-day in a
Ire which destroyed this structure
ind damaged the Federal Vocational
luilding at the United Slates Health
Service Hospital No. 26, at Camp
?ftvior, The women, who were :es
ittod in scanty attire, lost all their
.fleets, find Recreational Director
?tnigg, champion swimmer of tn<
kui th, lost sixty-live medals.
Col. .lames IO. Dedman, command
tig O 111 cor, said the Oro was thought
lo have originated in Hie inn ace
oom of the Red Cross Building. Ile
innounced tintt lu; would appoint a
JOH rd at once to investigate,
r Christmas
ila, S. C.
A'i -
WEEK OK DEC. 22<l to DEC. 27.
(Novo! by George Ado.)
(From Rex Roach's Famous Novel.)
MONDAY, DEO. 20th.
Onre in every woman's lifo comes
ii certain great moment. It will como
to you-just as it conics to Aurora
Meredith. What do you think lt is?
You'll know when you see this great
picture-a play that every woman
will understand. Don't miss this
great picture.
A Universal Special Attraction.
NOTICE ls hereby given that an
Election will he hold at the Grand
.lory Room, in the Town of Wal
halla, S. C., for the purpose of elect
ing a Mayor and Six Aldermen, to
servo for a term of two years. Said
Election will be held on TUESDAY,
the third day of JANUARY, 1922.
Qualifications: Electors must be
registered and present proof of hav
ing paid all taxes for 1921.
Polls will open at 8 o'clock A. M.
and close at .! o'clock P. M.
Managers of Election: M. R. Mc
Donald, W. O. White and W. J. Hum.
W. M. DROWN, Mayor
T. A. (SHAN'T, Clerk and Treas.
Doc. 14, 1921. 50-52
Tho many friends of JAMES M.
MOSS hereby announce him as a
candidate for Mayor of Walhalla In
tho January, 1922, election. We re
spectfully commend to the voters of
Walhalla Mr. Moss's qualifications
and fitness for tho office to which wo
hope to seo him elected. Voters.
I hereby announce myself n candi
date for Mayor of Walhalla, subject to
the will of tho velors in tho January
Election. II. 0. DUSCH.
All These Are Associated
with the Gifts We Sell
R. A. McLees,
Walhalla, S. C.
.I* ??. .j? .?..j. ?j. .j. .j?
:, Jr. WAGONS,
^S and CANDY.
"STEALING HOME" ... .A Comedy.
-and- Y

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