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Of State Institutions-Winthrop Col
lego Discriminated Against?
The following article has been for
warded to tho secretary of tho local
Winthrop Alumnae Association, with
the request that the same be pub
lished, with which request The Cou
rier comolies:
To tho Ixtcal Secretory, j
Pear Secretary: '
As your Alumnae State Secretary
1 am doing all that 1 can to prevent
such inadequate appropriations as
have boen made for Winthrop Col
lego in tho la'jt few years. To this
end 1 have written the enclosed arti
cle, which, I hope, with the aid ot tho
Alumnae living in various parts of
the Stato, to haye published in each
of tho county and State papers. Will
you auk your paper or papers, as tho
case may bo, to publish it? In dolug
this you will greatly aid your alma
mater, ant! I will bo very grateful.
Dec. 2C, 102t.
Among tho A Im?.nae und Former
The past weeks have been replete
With action in the Held among the
alumnae and former students. It is
of great interest, to note how elfl
cieutly tho Winthrop girl is render
ing service to South Carolina. Tho
phases of work through which this
.service is rendered vary widely from
that of a mot her. dod rather closely
to her home in a remote part of
Berkeley or Morry county, to that of
one leading the social lite in the busy
mart of Charleston or helping to di
rect the affairs of state In Columbia.
In tito teaching profession the service
varies from that of a f?cher In an
isolated one-teacher school in the
mountain wilds of the northwestern
part of the Stato or In tho undevel
oped sections of the Snnteo swamps
to that of principal of a large rural
graded school or a county rural su
pervisor, or hoad of a collegiate de
partment in some of our leading col
leges of South Carolina. In the Held
of Industry again tho service Is va
ried. In tho Pee-Deo section a Win
throp girl Is directing the manage
ment of a large tobacco and cotton
farm, and another owns and dlrocts
the work of a large greenhouse, has
acres of carnations, Which she mar
kets in Washington, D. C., as well
as in this State. Wherever the Win
throp girl is found she ls rendering
efficient service to homo to hool,
Tho ixxperiouees bf thc alumnae
ox?'<:u< i v . ocrer,i :-\ foi a 'lav hi .Mar
ion , ''. i ' . vt 11J y ive < iii ii iln .? ' ).;< '0:i
.a ?i?uunent. After spend
ing the night in the charming home
of a Winthrop daughter, Miss Mabel
Montgomery, she arose to hoar her
and lier mother discussing tho price
of cotton and planning to make n
salo A little later she was invited
to go around to the city schools an 1
was told that tho superintendent was
putting in religious education Into
Hie schools, each denomination or
ganizing its work in connection with
the school. This was the day for the
Methodists to organize, itoaching the
school building at recess, she was
greeted by a number of Winthrop
girls in charge of the various class
rooms, and then she learned that tho
young woman to take charge of this
religious education In tho primary
department was Miss Mabel Mont
gomery, a Winthrop girl. The ono
doing the work in tho Junior depart
ment was Mrs. Lonnie Lettner, for
merly Mips Estello Anil, another
"Winthrop girl; and, if not mistaken.
Mrs. L. ?). diide, nee Miss Fleetwood
Montgomery, another Winthrop girl,
was to have charge of the senior de
partment. Ono of those young wo
men has benn serving as a steward
in the Methodist church for some
In the afternoon, al a meeting of
Hie Winthrop Daughters of Marion
county, when tin? girls from the vari
ous parts of the county assembled,
there were discussions pertaining to
Next Dose You Take May Salivate
and Start World of Trouble.
Calomel is mercury; quicksilver.
It crashes into sour bile Uko dyna
mite, cramping and sickening you.
Calomel attacks the bones and should
never be put into your system.
If you fool bilious, headachy, con
stipated and all knocked out, Just go
to your druggist and get a bottle of
Dodson's Liver Tone for a few cents,
which ls a harmless vegotnblo sub
stitute for dangerous calomel, Take
a spoonful, and if it doesn't start
your livor and straighten you up
hotter and quicker than nasty calo
mel, and without making you sick,
you Just go back and get your
Don't take calomel! It makos you
sick the noxt day; it loses you a day's
work. Dodson's Liver Tono straight
ens you right up and you fool gront.
No salts necessary. (Jive it to thc
children, becauso lt ls porfectly harm
less and cannot salivate.-adv.
the development of the county and
of the State, These young women
felt that the cause of Winthrop Col
logo was no partisan one; that it was
the cause of the State of South Car
olina, and nonce the way in which
the college io being hampered by in
adequate appropriations and dlscrim*
hinted against by the Genoral As
sembly was discussed and resolu
tions endorsed urging the gentlemen
of the Legislature to muke a just di
vision of the State's money between
her young men and her young wo
men when making appropriations for
higher education.
This body of young women showed
that they wore greatly concerned
also fo' tho boat interests of Marion
county. They hud learned that there
was a movement on foot to have 'tho
salary of the young woman who is
giving efficient service ns rural school
supervisor struck from the county
budget. They agreed to see their rep
resentatives about this matter, as
well as that of adequate appropria
tions for Winthrop, and to urge those
men to support heartily both of
Wit li this illustration before us
and it is only one of many that could
be given-tho statement that the
Winthrop girl ..s rendering efficient
service to home, school, church and j
State may be reiterated with empha- j
sis. j
What is South Carolina doing lo
support Winthrop College-the one '
institution chartered for the higher
education of young women? Sh-1 ap
propriated so little in 1!)20 thal tho
trustees and President Johnson had
to give their individual notes to pre
vent the doors of the college closing
in November, 1 ?? "JO. How was the
?college treated in 1921? She was
given almost $20.000 less than in
1020 and told thu' any unexpended
balance loft from this inadequate ap
propriation might be used to cancel
the debt of honor incurred in the
effort to prevent tho calamity of hav
ing Winthrop close her doors and |
send home her more than one thou
sand students.
In comparison with what has been
done for tho higher education of men
the State has never been generous
with Winthrop College. For the per
manent plant she has appropriated
during the thirty-six years of the life
of the colloge only a little more than
$700,000. She has been appropriat
ing for the men nt tho University
for more than a hundred years, for
men at tho Citadel (with some year*
' o' Interruption! siuci 18 12* and
lei itt < ie m son KIIICO ?&90. in the
pus) three yea rs there in's boen rtjji
prepr'ai.od foi ? i . o? tues* in bri's
ilioi j . j,u for a new iioin?.
I -almost $200.000 moro than the to
\ tal sum appropriated during the en
; tire life of Winthrop for permanent
improvements. The men were given
none too much. The Winthrop daugh
ters of the State rejoice in the devel
opment of State institutions for
their brothers, Hut why the discrim
ination when appropriating for (ho
great institution established for tho
i higher education of women? Why
i appropriate more than three timer,
j as much for men as for women? Why
; refuse to appropriate money for new
i teachers at Winthrop, where 1S2
more students are enrolled this year
than last, and where practically as
many students are enrolled as In all
! three of our men's institutions, and
j notwithstanding tho refusal mada
Winthrop, appropriate several thou
sand dollars for new teachers In a
man's institution?
j Why refuse to equalize the sala
ries of men and women at Winthrop
because it would mean an Increase
j in salaries for the women, and then
. turn around and vole money to in
j crease tho salaries of men in some of
! our Stato institutions?
Why refuse to continue the con
struction of a teachers' home at
\ Winthrop, thus forcing about thirty
or more women to secure hoarding
' places out in town-a most difficult
. and expensive thing to do anywhere
! in tile State- yet, having refused
i this, vote $200.000 to continuo con
1 struction at ono of our men's Instt
; tutions and $62,500 for repairs al
' another?
Why exempt a man's institution
from turning in its fees and require
Winthrop lo turn in hers?
The thing that 7,000 Winthrop
(laughters do not understand is tho
j discrimina I ion?
To Cure a Cold In One Day
stops tho Cough and Headache and works off the
! Cold. E. W. GROVE'S siinaturc on each box. 30o.
Many Tubercular World War Vets.
I New York, Dec, 31.-Moro than
three thousand veterans of the
World War now suffering from iu
' hercivlosis are without proper care
or hospitalization In tho State of
' Now York, according to William F.
Deegan, commanded of tho New
York department of the American
Legion, who has Just comploteil a
survey through Legion posts of tho
Heart Trouble Dring? Sudden Death
to Former Walhalla Lady.
(Tugnloo. Tribune. Dee. 7th.)
It wa? shocking news to the many
friends and the members of the fam
ily of John Henry Lee wheo ihe>,
were told that Mrs. Leo dieu er**?en*
ly on Christmas Eve at their homo
in the West End of town, near tho
Mrs. Lee had been attending to
the usual household duties that, af
ternoon, and as she came in from
milking the cow she sat down and
was seized with something like heart
trouble, and expired in a few min
Mrs. Leo's maiden name was Miss
Eva Sloan Colley, and she was reared
abovo Walhalla. Mer father, Rev. J.
B. Colley, was a well known Baptist
minister, and a brother, J. S. Colley,
was nt one time a well known school
teacher of our county, and now one
of the mail carriers of the force at
the Walhalla office. She was li?
years, four months .and sixteen days
Of the immediate family Mrs. Lee
leaves her husband Rrtd five step
children. They 1 tvo lie sympathy
of many friends and roi. Hvv a in their
profound .sorrow. Mr, Lee is a son
of the late Ransom Confederate
veteran, who died sbveral y< irs ago.
Funeral services v.'(nv.? !. .:: at tho
late home of the deceased il len
o'clock .Monday morning and were
conducted by Rev. Cleo. io. Wraith. At
the conclusion of i he funeral ser
vices the body was taken lo Walhalla
for interment.
.Mrs. Lee was a faithful m< mber
of the Baptist church
Even a sick child love the fi ul ty"
taste of "California Pig Syrup." If
the little tongue is coat d, cr lt /our
child ls listless, cross, feverish, full
of cold, or has colic, a teaspoonful
will never fall to open tho bowels. In
a few hours you can see for yourself
? how thoroughly lt works all the con
stipated poison, sour bil? and wa ue
; from the tender little bowels and
?gives you a well, playful <?hild again.
Millions of mothers keep O? II
I fornla Fig Syrup" handy. Th.?} know
la teaspoonful to-day se ve? a sick
?child to-morrow. Ask your jlruggtat
j for genuine "California Fig Syrup,*'
I which has directions, for babi.e? find
'children of all ages prln d on bor.
I tie. Mother? You must .s.
: la" oi von may .. I an inotat'>n.~
ad vi _ . . rT*-1
Kills Husband Alter Quarrel.
Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. 29.-Mrs.
! Florence Simmons, 2 1 years of age,
! shot and killed her husband. .lames
j Simmons, 32 ydars old, a World War
j veteran, here this morning after tho
! couple had quarreled, lt was stated.
! throughout the night,
j After tho shooting Mrs. Simmons
ran to a neighbor's and asked that
the police be called. The police,
j however, were already on their way
to thi Simmons residence, having
'been called by a telephone operator
who was trying to complete a long
distance connection with Louisville.
The telephone message was to tell
Mrs. Simmons that her father, Thus.
T3ewley, was dying. The operator re
ported hearing what seemed to her
to be a fight in progress at the Sim
mons residence. The telephone re
ceiver had been knocked from Rs
ho'ok by Simmons, it was yahl.
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Curd
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of tho ear
Catarrhal Deafness roquires constitu
tional treatment. HALIVS CATARRH
MEDICINE] ls a constitutional remedy.
Caturrhal Deafness ls caused by an in
Humed condition of tho mucous lining ol
the Eustachian Tube. When this tubo ll
inflamed you have a rumbling sound oi
Imperfect hearing, and when lt ls entire
ly closed Deafness ls tho result. Unies?
tho Inflammation can bo reduced, youi
hearing may bo destroyed forever
through tho blood on the mucous sur
faces of tho system, thus reducing the In
flammation and restoring normal condi
Circulars free. All Druggists.
F. J. Chonoy & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Rockefeller's Daughter (jets Divorce
Chicago, Dec. 29.- Mrs. Edith Mc
Cormick, daughter of John I). Rocke
feller, Sr., millionaire oil king, wat
granted a divorce from Harold F
McCormick, president ot' tho Inter
national Harvester Company, in Sn
parlor Court to-day.
N'o provision for alimony was In
eluded In tho divorce decree, whlcl
was signed in court by Judge Chaa
A. McDonald, after Mrs. McCormick
had filed suit for divorce on charge:
of desertion against Mr. McCormick
who admitted tho charges.
While no announcement of an j
settlement was made In court, ai
agreement, had been reached bet weer
Mr. and Mrs. McCormick on tho di
vision of property, according tc
Claronce Darrow, one of tho counsel
for Mr. McCormick.
The first real military uniform?
prescribed and worn as a matter ol
discipline wero decreed by Louis
XIV of Franco in 108 8.
Tempus iAigt b uti Noa
The boy that climbed upon my knee
And heard my fairy-tales
Bul only yester e'en, to me
It seems, weighed In Time's scales,
To-day ls to tbe wed!-a man! -
I rub my eyes and doubt
That transformation so complete
Could ever como about!
How well his father I recall,
So smiling, in his booth,
A slender youth-but, my! 'tis all
Of ilfty years, forsooth,
Since at the depot Senior 'Gene
Reigned 'Lord of that Domain;
And now '?Gene, Junior, finds a Queen
To rule his -Home, benign!
Eugene Goldsmith Evans, son
.Of my old boyhood's frlond,
Upon your wedding day you've won
'Life's fairest boon, to tond.
Bedridden "Shut-In" as I am,
.I cannot be a guest
To wish you well and make salaam
At your glad wedding fest.
.May you, as I, through all the years
Sing with a heart that's blithe
.May you, as I, despite foes sneers,
Sing on with courage lithe: -
I face tho sun and cannot see
My shadow on tho grass;
The hours are all too sweet for me
To count them as they pass.
A little older, day by day
1 grow, but it is truth
That age has never found the way
To touch my heart's glad youth.
If I could live a thousand year?
I still should he (he boy
Taught early to forget the tears
And to hold fast lo joy.
And if I read the world aright
While journeying along,
God put us hero to find delight
Even 'midst pain and wrong.
So long as I shall have the power
To sing a song that may
Bring sunshine In some saddened
j To some one on life's way;
; So long as 1 can mould a thought,
And hope high hopes, and say
A word that may with joy be fraught,
There's sunshine all the day.
The bird that sings, the bud that
And I, alike, each one
Heids not how far thc shadow poe.,
! So lout: ?\S tilines (h .> :ui
John ?.Lii I ey A Igor MullalK. j
"Tho Bod i itlden Har.! of th? Blub j
I Kjdge. '
! Eagle's Nest. Pendleton, S. C.,
I December 27th, 1021.
i (Up-State papers please print-By I
( request.)
' institution Operated Nour Columbia
for Tuberculosis Sufferers,
Columbia, Dec. 21). - The South
I Carolina and the Palmetto Sanatoria
j operated at State Park, seven miles
I north of this city, hy the State of
j South Carolina for its citizens suffer
ing from tuberculosis, ls a "going"
j concern, according to Ernest Cooper,
M. D., the superintendent.
Tho South Carolina Sanatorium, a
unit of five 'buildings, for white pa
tients, since it received its first pa
tient on its opening day, May 22d,
I91f>, has troated to dato 402 men
and women, and the Palmetto Sana
torium, the negro hospital, recently
received its 55th patient sinec its
opening in December, 1921.
lt is ideally situated In the rolling
sandhills of Richland county, and Its
climate, according to authorities,
cannot be surpassed for tuberculous
persons. It has a minimum of rain
fall, its temp?r?t ,re is not too hot
in tho summer und ls delightful in
tho winter-penni ting of plenty of
fresh air one of the r uiisites in the
treatment of the disefi o.
The average gain of tho patients
during their stay in th<> sanatoria, if
their cases tire nol too far advanced,
is about twelve pounds.
Very encouraging letters dally aro
received by Dr. Cooper, h( :?>';?, of
tho rehabilitation of patient, tn >t
ed at the hospital, a largo ni mbi
of whom have been ablo tos take
their places in tho commercial Helu
and command substantial salaries.
The South Carolina Sanatorium
was authorized in 1911 by an act of
tho General Assembly.
!>r. Charles Little Dead.
Wabash, Ind., 'Dec. 28.-?Dr. Chas.
Little, pastor of the Wabash Pres
byterian church for fifty years, and
former moderator of tho Presbyte
rian Church of tho United States of
America, died .suddenly wt his homo
here to-day. Dr. Little was 78 years
old and is survived by his widow and
ono son.
The ancient Chlneso knew of a
preventivo inoculation against small
,.. i? . . ... IN *J-^V^' ?
,V ' ,, .f.v !''''-.'.;' ";' ' J.J, . . ?"'i'K.'i
. VFEB. g ?022?
New Series No. 940. - Volume LXXL - No. K.
ls orv
enable the farmer to
in the day, giving him
' life, / believe the trac
ing what it ought to he
nt, the most healthful,
e business on earth'."
ne much-very much
.. Ford's prophecy; for in
ch has harnessed one of
>le, efficient, adaptable,
of power in the world
ves from thirty to fifty
?ner's time - a machine
rs claim plows, harrows
round in the same time
eight horses. And more
ikes care of every power
it over, or telephone or
i w?l bring the facts to you?
Motor Go.
Westminster, S, G.
ONU 34
ture. Mr. Bicken was a menvber of
tlio Democratic party.
In 1908 Mr Bickott was elected
Attorney General and re-elected to
that oiltco in 1012. He retired from
the olllce of Attorney General in 191?
to become Governor of North Caro
lina, ending his term of four years
in that ofllce in January of this year.
Since leaving the Governor's olnce
Mr. Blckelt had been practicing low
in Raleigh.
Governor Bickott was reputed to
he one of the best debaters and ora
tors in the State. Mo was in groat
demand during the war as a speaker
and visited various sections of the
I country in tho interest of the Liberty
j Loan drives and other war activities.
Former Governor Btckett was a
\ close friend of Dr. John E. White, of
Anderson, S. C., and delivered the
baccalaureate address at Anderson
College convmenceiment in 1919.
No Worms in a Healthy Child
All children troubled with Worms havo mi un
healthy color, which Indicates poor blood, and ns a
rule, thero is more or I ess stomach dist uti laue.
larly for twoor three weeks will enrich tho blood,
improve thc dilation.mid ac:t ns n?. iii " : Mi ?th?
enlng Tonic to the wholo system. Nntuio viii then
throw off or dispel the worms, and thc CJiihl will bo
to perfect health. Pleasant to take. 60c per bottle
Rainfall and Tomponituro.
Below is a record of meteorological
observations token by H. W. Brandt,
co-operative observer of the Weather
Bureau of the U. S. Department of
Agriculture, during the week ending
December 25, 1921, at 7 p. m. (Tho
Instrumental readings aro from gov
ernment standard Instruments ex
posed In the manner recommended
by the chief of tho Weathor Bureau) :
Character of
19- Ptly cldy,
20- Ptly cldy.
21- Clear
22- Cloudy .. ,
23- Cloudy
t j Dec. 2 4-Cloudy* ...1.11
Dec. 2f>-Clear ........
Total rainfall . . .|1.11|
6 6 !
5 7
the Quinine That Does Not Affect the Heed
Decause of Hs tonic nnd laxative effect, LAXA
TIV I? IIROMO QUININE is bettet tlinn ordinary
Quinine and does not ?nnse ncrvousnes nor
rmitltitr in bend. KcmcmhiT thc lull natue nnd
look (or the signature of ic. W. GROVI?. 30c.
Tho house in Jerusalem occupied
hy Jesus for some time ls owned by
a .Mohammedan.

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