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(Established 1840.)
Published Every Wednesday Morning
One Year .$1.00
?lr Months .
Threo Months..
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
By Stock, Sholor, Hughs & Shelor.
Communications of a personal
character charged for aB advertise
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
?nd tributes of respect, either by
Individuals, lodges or churches, are
Charged for as for advertisements at
rate of one cent a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all sucb
notices will be marked "Adv." lo
conformity with Federal ruling on
such matters.
WA Ml AM/A, 8. 0.
WEDNESDAY, FEB. 22, 1032.
j The Story of I
j Our States jj
Arizona ls
both the
youuROst and
probably the [
oldest of our
states. While
4 lt ls the last of the stales to be
" admitted to the Union and as
" such dates its existence only
from 1010, its history before the
" advent of white men dates hack
I Into the dim past. Here were <
located those interesting people, \
the Cliff Dwellers, and the ruins <
of their cities high up In lnac- !
cessible places have caused much
J speculation os to these ancient !
people. It ls supposed that these
Cliff Dwellers were the anees
v tors of the Pueblo Indians and
! were decidedly moro advanced ,
1 In civilization than their nelgh
? hors. They were probably of !!
the same race as the Astees of "
? Mexico and understood Irriga
tion, agriculture and the build
ing arts.
It was rumors of the great I
. Pueblos that Instigated the first
; visit of the white men. Padre ??
Nlzan In 1539 explored this ter
; rltory and he was followed by !
Coronado In search of the myth
]' leal wealth of the lud?an cities.
Coronado, though falling to find
!! the reputed gold, did discover I!
the Grand Canon of the Colo- ; ;
redo with Its wonderful scenic
beauty, which has become one of ; I
- the great assets of the slate.
This region was considered
part of Spanish territory and
' when Mexico declared Its inde- !
. pendence lt became a Mexican
K| province. After tire Juexlcan
war the section north of the Olia
river wes ceded to the United
States and the southern portion
was acquired through the Gads
* den Purchase In 1868. In 1803
i Arizona waa separated from
New Mexico and made a terri
The derivation of the name
Arizona is uncertain, but lt pos
sibly came from the Spanish,
meaning "dry belt."
(?br MoClur? N.wapupar By?dloate.)
i/ooks for Soarhyg l?rices.
New Yiork, Feb. IC.-A new era
of starring .price's during 1922 was
?pfredloiod tlo-day by William Max
well, first ,vloo pres'deut of Thomas
A. Edison, inc., in an address before
the Edison Jobbers' Association.
Kx tra o rd lin a ry expenditures by'tho
Federn! government and 'tho soldier
(bonite plan, lif .adopted, would com
bine to hrinlg about <a "secondary
period of Inflation," ,he declared.
"I expect, .the (prices of piuc'tldally
<all commodities to strengthen ma
terially, and I ishall not ho surprised
if jwe see $l.i>0 whes't, 7f> ^cent icorn
?and .20 corot cotton ,by July 1st.
"Diamond Dyes" add yoarsof wear
1o worn, faded skirts, waists, coats,
stockings, sweaters, covorinRs, hang
ings, draperies, everything. Every
package contains directions so simple
any woman can put now, rich, fade
loss colors into her worn gar men ls
or draperies oven if sho has novor
dyed before. Just buy Diamond Dyos
-no other kind- then your material
will come out right, because Diamond
DyciJ aro guaranteed not to stroak,
rye* '?dh u; run. Toll your druggist
whether ino material you wish to dye
ls wool or silk, or whothor it Is linen,
?cotton, or mixed goods.-adv.
An average of 2,114 stops aro ta
kon by tho housewife In her kitchen
?zach day.
fr * *"A PI^CTWB^TJHAT^ T *
fr DISGUST*)." , ?J.
?J? fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
(Greenville Piedmont.)
.Willi ontdre and emphatic appro
val 'the Piedmont r op ri nt? the fol
lowing editorial (from the Columbia
"The people of South Carolina
'aro more disgusted with the habit
indulged by ^Legislatures of electing
their own /members or attaches to
other oillces than memlbers and Sen
ators Imagino.
"Everybody kn'owS that when
menijbt/rs otf a boai d tue to ?be chosen
by tho Genera* Assembly, citizens
Lack In tho counties, no m'a'iJter what
their .pubille and private services and
achievements have been, too often
havo small chance in a coated
ugai'nteit a memjber, a,Senator, a cotn
miKtee olerk, or a soldier, or other
person whoso iWork brings him Into
association with the body while lt ls
in session.
".In .this abuse, which we heard a
prominent South Carolinian tho oth
er day characterize as 'outrageous,'
V'lie present Legislature is no worse
sinner than" sonn o of its predeces
sors. Tho evil is not confined to tho
election of me mibe ns to oillces; it
extends often to the p'leOtton of a
legislator to another oiilco so that,
in .violaMon of the spirit, or tile lot
ter, or both, of itht Constitution, bo
hOR'S a comlmissionenship or trus
teeship as kwell as membership In j
the Legislature. As the fruit of this |
Tra cttce various boards will in it i me j
?be packed with legislator's and ex- I
'legislators and hangers-on about the
Legisla ture, an undue proportion of ;
them being citizen? of Columbia, as ?
Stade House attaches for the most
liant r?side in this city. I
"We do nott know that more eloc
'Hons .will bo Mid by the General .
-Assembly during UhenreSent setss?on,
but we point t'o the alvu'se and hope i
that 'the people .will turn their eyes j
upon it. A Legislature that gobbles '
the isman positions for Us own mern- i
hers and those of lt's frlendls so near I
that bhey can lobby for them ls I
Scarcely one having a correct son'se
.of *ts responsibility to '/ts cOnsiitu
tnta. When a,'Judge is to be chosen,
a second rate lawyer, In the General
'Assembly -? especially if he be a
member of the lower House-ls |
probably able tb? defeat the leader I
.of the bar of the S*?a*e. I
"For a legislator of vision' broad
enough rc peroelvt thblt legislators
represent the people, not them
>solves, and hold their votes in trust,
llhe 'opportunity ls excelItnt to take j
the ldad in putting an end to this;
nvreitched misuse of power."
The Piedmont has repeatedly do
enou'gh bo perceive that legislators
lature as unfair, unconstitutional
an'd undemocratic. Dvery legislator
iwlno hy his harlot helps elect a fel
low-legislator to another office, and
so gives him twO oiftces, is a violator j
bf the spirit or leibter of the Stat o
Haw. 'Every leglslatcir who accepts
'another office without resigning his
seat In the Legislature is similarly
a violator.
When a South Carolina public
servant sbme time ago Was 'told
that many of the peo pie were criti
cising his official conduct, he re
plied, with a contemptuous laugh,
"W-eTl, what in the hell can they do
ab'oart lt?" That, we trust, will not
be the attitude of the legislators
upon the questior. If lt ils, the peo
ple can do something about Itv When
legislators Who participate tn this
disregard ?of the SWate Constitution
?orno up (for re-election, the people
can nfake it an itl*ue against them
end defeat them If they desire to do
so. .This will apply ido legislators
wiho ?hold two offlcAa as well a? to
.those who elenft them. K the <Legis
lature Cannot Mt op I'hiis outrageous
^discrimination and ?violation' of thc
highest State la,w, the people can.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
slops tho Cough and Headache and works off the
Cold. t. W. GROVE'S signature on each box. Stir
-. # - ? * -
'Tenants Oposite 5J7 Por Cent Farms.
?Washington, Feb. 16. - Tenant
fi miers in the United States "rent
'.and equ?'l to the combined area of
.Texas, Illinois, Iowa, Arkansas,
'Michigan, Wisconsin and Florida,"
'Dr. C. L. Stewa-'rt, land economist,
declared to-day in analyzing figures
Issued by tho Department of Agii
e ult uro, showing Uh at farm tenancy
is increasing n?ore rapidly than tho
ccns.fi ligures indicate. Tenants, he
said, ?operated :?7 per cent of t'ho
'fa'pm lands of the country in 1020,
representing 42 pru* cent of the i in
proved acreage a?nd -H por cent of
tho totr?l valuation of the improvod
'and unimproved land. Improved'land
under lease alione equals six times
tho aroa of Illinois, he addod, and
?tho un Improve.! land rented is cqiva
'lent to moro than ?the on Uro area of
Tho first house was built in Birm
ingham, Ala., in 1871.
A^rn^f^ gty TbeW ls No Way by
Willoh to Pimlfih Him.
. Chicago, Fob. 17.-(Riaymond J.
.Blachoff, una OT detention in connec
tion with en admitted sthxyrtage of
14,500,000, as a result of financial
deals with approximately ?Ix thou
sand .residents of the Chicago "'Mick
yards" district, blamed a lucky deal
with a friend's $260 for the contin
ued titan suction s Which have involv
ed bim so heiavHy.
"A friend begged me to play th-a
market with hts money, ?saying'his
cr?diteurs were pushing him," Bis
choff was quoted as saying. "I con
sented, doubling his money in one
woek. ,He told all Iris friends, and 1
imm?diat oily was besieged wi Uh simi
lar requoBtts. That Was the begin
ning of it."
"Da bib linge" In oil" led t?o hlB pres
ent sUi't'ius, he was quoted as Saying,
after vissions of Che big financial
deals arose when he found how easy
il wfcis to have others ?ive .him their
money to invest.
.Bischoff's attorney maintains that
'tho 25-year-K)ld wizard of "Bu'bhly
Creek" hUs .violated n(o law in his
dealings, despite the shortage of
mlirllorm. Bischoff gave promissory
notes for the money invested with
him, Mic attorney said, adding that
h. man "canbe imprisoned for'noa
pyment of nroonlsbory notes if ho
fensn'tf the money."
Creditors mhy realize ten cents on
tho dollar, the attorney said.
"Whine I welcome government in
tervention, 'I ?dbuld have pulled
'through If they Wad let, me alone for
ano th or,, week," Bischoff .said.
' Tho ol'l .comlpany of which he at
tempted ,to ga,in control, Bischoff is
'quoited a-s slaying,has extensive hold
ings in .Oklahoma and Texas' fields.
'Its stock has a par value of $1, he
Isaid, but .recently ,it dropped to 2'J
.c (taite.
"I became Interested In tho oil
vstock laat February," he said. "I
Icept nutting more and more money
Into .it until, .in Jolly, I thought that
I owned eve'ry share <fn existence.
'Bult then jt was that.I .found t'hat a
powerful comlbinlation wad fighting
'\More ahoires began to pop ujp un
expectedly, and before long I found
that througttuiiuoket shop manipula
tions I had been buying duplicate
y hair es.
"For the last few months 1 .have
.been fighting a Dosing battler*
i Wa&o WIMP FtaetyBJtid Finnhtce.
Chicago, Feb. 18.-'Vigorous war
fare 'against Prenzled financiers who
ure accused of mulcting thousands
of their savings is under way with
.State and Federa Ha,lit Nor flies co-op
erating, aa the result of revelations
that have followed the exposure of
the flve-mlHlon-dolSjir failure of ll.
.J. Bischoff, called the "Chicago Pon
Leslie 'Warrington, a "broker," is
i?he latent to be sought'by the pollco
and Federal detooUves. Harrington
la (staid 'to have fled Just before his
'office was raided, leaving behind
.dahls estimated at from $1,000,000
ito 54,000,000. Three men were ar
rested in the raid on (Harrington's
office. More U'Wan 100 persons had
surrounded iHarrlngtonls office and
?were clamoring for .their money
.when tho police arrived.
Hurry, mother! Even a sick child
loves the "fruity" taste of "Califor
I nia Fig Syrup," and lt never fails to
open the bowels. A teaspoonful to
day may prevent a sick child to-mor
row. If constipated, bilious, feverish,
I fretful, has cold, colic, or If stomach
! ls sour, tongue coated, breath bad,
; remember a good cleansing of the
little bowels is often all that Is nec
Ask your druggist for genuine
"California Fig Syrup," which has
directions for babies and children of
all ages printed on bottle. Mother!
i You must say "California" or you
' may get an Imitation fig syrup.-adv
Goos to Pom at Ago of OB.
?Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 16.-At
the -ago of 93, James Bundy yester
day began serving a five-year prison
sentence for stealing chickens. Sinco
he wa? forty years of age Bu'ndy
'has spout much -of his time in the
l-liNtern penifteml.lary in this city and
'noarhy county Jails. His alleged of
fenses range from pocket-book
(snatching and corner lounging to
burglary and attempts to kill. Upon
each return to the penitentiary he
is hailed by Hie long-term prisoners
Us tho "dean of convicts." ,
When '.!<.' released in 1910, after
(serving a three-year term Bundy
'told tho authorities thal ho'Wad de
termined to "go straight" ?tihe re
mainder of his Ufo. .
Tte Oulnina That Does Not Affect tte Htad
Because of ita tonie and laxative effect, LAXA
Ti v i'. IIKOMO QUININE, in bellet than ordinary
Quinine and doea not cairne oervouanea not
r i tn: i UK In head. Renetnhcr the (ult name nw
look ior tiie signature ol H, w, ou?vx?. 30c.
In ciodumbfc?^strfko Ordered by the
Carmon Attar Several Diiwrtirtrgod.
Columibia, Feb. 15.-There ere no
street care running in ColutarfbLa to
day, and there is nothing .to ,indlcate
thwt lhere wM be a resumption ot
service soon.
F. H. Knox, president of the com
pany, stated this morning (that tho
icoii'ipony had no .plans and he could
tn<?t Sflate what would be done. He
was, he said, orepaiing a statement
dor the puibTic, in whidh ?the com
pany's posMien would be set Eolith.
Tho strike of the ?armen was vot
ed by tho men at an early hour this
morning, f otto wtn g tihe discharge of
21 emjployoes Tuesday afternoon.
No reason ,whs ^glven for the dis
charge of the men.
It 18 stated thlait 'the street car
conypiany Mas been operating ait a'
flnancil Joste for months, and some
months go lt wtas intinfated by ofh
ci<als *hat something would have to
be done to bring relief. In their
?sSatement the enrmen say that tho
d'fcfch'arge of tho men oan only he
construed by them as a "desire on
'the _j>a'rt of the company ibo cease
teportitlon of Hs street cars. There
Is no expectation of (Violence in con
nection with tho strike.
'Shakespeare was eighteen years
old when he married.
Master's Sales
-. i
tn Court of Common Pleas.
Pursuant to decrees of tho afore
said Court, in the cases named be
low, I will offer for sale, to Who high- j
est bidder, in front of the Court !
House door, at Walhalla, South Car- I
olina, on MONDAY, tho 6th day of :
MARCH, 19 22, between the legal ?
hours of sale, the following tracts of
land below described*. |
Henry W. Brandt, as Executor of ;
the Last Will and Testament of
Mrs. Meta C. Brandt, Deceased,
James F. Knox, Dofendant.
All of my,(J. F. Knox's) one-sixth
(1-6) undivided interest, aa one of
th > remainderman, *n and to all j
'that certain piece, parcel or traot of
land situate, lying 'and being in
County ot Oconee, and in the State
of South Carolina, containing two
hundred and eighteen acres, more ?
or less, adjoining lands of Moses
IL. Emersion, Estate lands of Joe j
Tompkins, Deceased, Sallie Vernor,
andi others, hoing the tra cit of land!
whereon my father, Arthur R. Knox, '
resided at the time of his death, and
uk Ich was willed to my mother dur- |
lng her natural .life or widowhood,!
and to be equally divided among his
children. Said will was duly admit
itod to piobate on ythe 6th day of
June, 1901, in the office of tho Judge
of Probate for Ocon<?o County, ref- 1
erenco being thereunto had will j
more fully appear.
in event of failure of the purchaser,
or purchasers, to comply with the
terms of sale within live d*ays from
d'ay of ^ale, the Master do re-adver
.tise and re-cell said promises on
the f- Bowing Salesday, or some
convenient , Salesday thoronftter, at
tho 3M116 olace and on the same
terms as heretofore set out, at
tho risk of tho former purchaser,
or purchasors, and that he do
continue so to do until he has
found a purchaser, or purchasers,
vho commly with tho torms of sale.
Purchaser to pay extra for papers
and stamp W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oconee County, s. C.
Feb 15, 1922. 7-9
W. P. Nimmon's, Plaintiff,
J. E. Graham, 'Defendant.
.AM that certain piece, parcel or
tract of land, situate, lying and be
ing in Center Township, of the Coun
ty of Oconee, State of South Caro
lina, containing ninety-four and
three-fourths acres, moro or less,
(94.75), and ? elng the portion of a
tract of .151% acres, more or less,
remaining after cutting off and con
voying a portion containing 37
acres, more or less, as s/hown by plat,
of survey by C. C. Myers, Survoyor,
of dato December 27th, 1919. The
original tract of 151% acres, more
or leas, being the same convoyed to
J. E. .Graham by W. P. NImmons, W.
T. Edwards and R. L. NI in mons by
deed bearing date tho 2d of Janu
ary. 1920, and recordod in Clerk's
Office, Oconee County, S. C., on the
19th day of January, 1920, in Dead
Dook 3-K, pago 114, and described
therein as adjoining lands of Sam
uel Grant, Jr., Mrs. Ida Ables
Spence,.R. N. Ellis, E. M. Mauldln
and others, and being moro fully
represented by plat of survey there
of by C. C. Myers, Survoyor, of dato
May 6th, 1913, and tho tract of 57
acres, to bo deducted therefrom, be
ing the same conveyed to J. T. Black
by J. E. Graham by deed hearing
dato tho lOt/li day of January, 1920,
a-s shown by said plat of survey by
C. C. Myers, Survoyor, of dato De
cember 27th, 1919.
In ovont of failure of the purchaser
to comply with tho torms of salo
within ono hour from timo of salo,
tho Mastor do re-sell said premises
forthwith on tho same Saleday, at
tho samo placo and on tho .mino
terms as horotofore set out, at tho
risk of former purchaser, and that
ho continue so to do until he has
found a purchaser, or purchasors,
I who comply with the torms of salo.
Purchasor to pay extra for papers
and stamp. W- O. WHITE,
Master for Oconee County, S. C.
Feb. 15, 1922. 7-0
8 Col
"For years we have used
and 1 have never found any
place/' writes Mr. H. A. Stacy,
evy who is a Rutherford Cour
Draught as a medicine that si
hold for use In the prompt tree
vent them from developing int<
Q It touches th? liver an
m declared. "It Is one of the t
cold and headache. I don't I
family if it wasn't for Black-D
? dollars ... I don't see how ?
fl out it I know it is a reliable
H I" the house. 1 recommend
m never without lt."
gg At all druggists.
Accept No
Here's Y21
Progressive Farm?
$1.00 year,
The Keowee Oouri<
$1.00 year,
Either paper well i
Price of Both C
R. T. Jaynos, Plaintiff,
William P. Cleland et al., Dofts. !
?AM that cor)taln pleee, parcel or I
tract of land, situate, lying and be-!
lng partly within and partly without j
the corporate limits of the Town of ?
Westminster, of tho County of Oco-|
nee, State .of South Carolina, adjoin- ,
lng lands of Charl?is Leathers, H. ty. j
Martin and others, containing 42.89
acre's, more or less, and being more
fully represented by plat of survey
thereof by W. M. Fennell, Surveyor,
of date January 17, 1917, and being
1 the same traot of land conveyed to
I WtlWam P. Cleland by C. C. Maxey
by deed dated the 11th day of Janu
I ary, 1921, and recorded in Clerk's
Office,/Oconee (County, S. C., in Book
-, page -.
All that certain piece, parcel or
I'.traot of Jand, situate, lying and be
ing in Tugaloo Township, County of
?Odo nee, State of South Carolina, on
?'waters of Tugaloo River, one milo
I'northwest of the Town of Madison,
13. C., adjoining Vanda of J. R. Cle
land, H. B. Duke, 'Riley Swafford, T.
I 'A. Spencer and T. G. Ramsey, and
.being a pert of the tract of land
Conveyed to W. P. Cleland by W. O.
.'White, Master, by 'deed recorded in
.Clerk's Office, Oconee/County, S. C.,
\*in Deed Book DD, page 338, and
1 containing 63 acres, more or less.
TERMS 'OP SADE - One-third
Cash, and balance in two equal an
j'nival Installments, credit portion to
bear interest from day of sale and
?'be secured by bond of the purchaser
j or purchasers and a mortgage of
;'the promliS63; that in event of Hie
j failure of tho purchaser, or.purchas
; ors, to comply with tho terms of salo
? Within five days ?from day of sale,
! the Master do re-advertise and re
'sell said premises on the following
['Salesdny, or some convenient Sales
i'day thereafter, at the samo place
,*?nd on tho some terms as heretofore
??ot out, at tho risk of tho former
j purchaser, or purchasers, and that
! ?io do (continue so to do until ho has
: found a purchaser, or purchasers,
?Who comply .with the terms of salo.
Purchaser to poy oxtra for papors,
'stamp and rocordlng mortgage.
Master for Oconco County, S. C.
Feb. IB, 1922. 7-9
w. D. Barnett, Plaintiff,
'Oeorge E. Edward's, Defendant.
'All that piece, parcel or tract of
Intod, situato, lying and hoing in
OcOnee County, State of South Cnr
.oiriia, hoing Tract No. 12, as shown
by plat cit same made by D. Conger
in August, 1905, and containing six
ty-two and fourteen ono-hundredths
(62.14) acres, nvoro or less, and ho
ing the samo tract of land deeded
to Ooorgo E. Bdwiards by David Doo.
if tho purcha'sor, or purchasers,
Black-Draught in our family, g
medicine that could take lt? D
r of Brady ville, Tenn. Mr. Sta- 0
tty farmer, recommends Black- Q
iould be kept In every house- wm
itment of many little ills to pre- S
> serious troubles. g
d does the work," Mr? Stacy 8
test medicines I ever saw for a m
enow what we would do in our &
raught. It has saved as many ?j
iny family can hardly go with- B
and splendid medicine to keep B
Black-Draught highly and am H
For 12 Months
worth Combination
)rder yours now.
should fall to comply .with the terms
'thereof, the Master may advertise
the said premflses for sale on the
.next or some other subsequent Sales
duy, at the risk of the .former pur
chaser, and so from time to timo
thereafter un tri a compliance shall
be secured. The successful bidder
is required to deposit with the Mas
'ter tho sum of lOne Hundred Dollars,
the same to be .forfeited In case of
'non-compliance with said bid.
The sale of said premises ls sub
Jce't to tho Hen .of the prior mort
gage given by George E. Edwards
to the Federal Land Bank on the 5th
'day of February, lOJJO, and recorded
In Mortgage Book W. page 182, se
curing bond conditioned to pay
.Purchaser to pay extra for doed
and stamp. W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oconee County, S. C.
Feb. 15, 192-2. 7-9
fr ?J? ?J? ?J? ?j. fr ?J. fr fr ?j. ?J? fr fr fr
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
fr J. R. EARLE, fr
fr Attornoy-at-Law, fr
fr WALHALLA, S. C. fr
fr State & Federal Court Prncitce. fr
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
fr fr
fr E. L. II ERNDON, -J.
fr ' Attorney-nt-Lnw, fr
fr Phono No. Ol, Walhalla, S. C.*
fr fr
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
fr J. P. Carey, J. W. Sholor, fr
fr Picketts, S. C. W. C. Hughs, fr
fr Attorneys and Counsellors, fr
fr WALHALLA, 8. C. fr
fr State & Federal Court Pracltce. fr
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
fr *
fr W. D. WHITE, fr
fr LAWYER, fr
fr WALHALLA, 8. C. fr
* *
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
Austin Bldg. - Seneca. S. C.
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
and Metal Shingles.
Walhalla. S. C.

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