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,.. i? . . ... IN *J-^V^' ?
,V ' ,, .f.v !''''-.'.;' ";' ' J.J, . . ?"'i'K.'i
. VFEB. g ?022?
New Series No. 940. - Volume LXXL - No. K.
.Kl-,, j ,. ..." > ;.. ' ,< ii tr-^.V r; ;
* You ar?. cordially Invitee! t
MARQt? loth ari?
G. W??#^ -E..
?ft ? : fir ' 1$ .
M Thc' gtyl^s arc tfte Handi
^J^fM?^P'i^'Men's and Youi
I^orics shown arc th? pro)
^ills. Woolens shown in
I -Vou will be a pleasure.
f&lbb^^n W.Chat
lill ! J ! -4
? Ul
I ;
r. ..
I have opened an Up-to
date Shoo Making and Re
pair Shop; in the former
Nonna? Drug Co. Stottd,
next door (East) to C. W.
Pitchford*? Storey X.9r|U$p
, glad to see aU my friend?
.-j at any time.
will carry with it my full
guarantee that it is first
class'in ?very respect.
they will be Just ns low ns
possible consistent with tito
class of work I turn out.
is tho motto that I "intend
to adhere to. I want your
repair work, and when you
linv? lind mo do ono job for
you, I want you to como
back again. Therefor?
Como to me with your
Shoe Troubles. I'm look
ing for troubles * of this
kind. "I'll fix '?m."
For Ladles and Gentlemen.
Drop in on your way and
have yowr Shoes I?roperly
Harry Fayonsky,
Old Norman Drug Co. Stand,
All persons Indebted to the Es
tate of Thomas Wiley, Deceased,
are hereby notified to make pay
ment to the undersigned, and all
persons having claims against said
estate will presont the saree, duly at
tested, within the time prescribed by
law, or be barred.
Administrator of the Estate of Tho
mas Wiley, Deceased.
Mch. 1,-1922. 9-12
Blue Ridge Conference to Meet.
Tho Blue Ridge Baptist Ministers'
Conference will moot.-in the hotel at
Central, Pickens county, on March
6th, (next Monday,) at 10.30 a. m.
All ministers ot the following asso
ciations aro urged to be present.' The
PiCkens, Piedmont, Beaverdam and
Twelve-Mile Associations.
.E 'M .Holding, Secretary.
10th Amendment Constitutional,
Washington, Feb. 27. - Tho wo
man's suffrage or 10th amendment
was declared to-day by the United
States Supreme Court to bo consti
tutional. The Court dismissed, foi
want of jurisdiction, tho suit brought
by Charles S. Fairchild, of New York,
who sought to challenge thc consti
tutionality of tnj iimondmont Tho
opinion of the.court wai delivered by
Justice Brondots.
^.^ter^qur Scmi-Ann??al
" I
M$$-'f .'*''. ? !
11 th at the store of
work of ^America's foremost
Men's/ Clothes ^and the
ducts of the World's Best
full length drapes to show
?Iii fei ???
ge-G. F. Weam.
Rev. Raines Repdrt? Serious Illness
of Pupil Long Creek Academy..
Coneross, Feb. 2^^Special: W.
O. Alexander, of Greenville, was at
the borne of bia father, TY JD. Alex
ander, of this1 commmunity}' l?iat Tues
day-night. : "V; v-'v
Miss Annie Read Arve Is on an ex
tended vls.it to her sistor, MISB 'Eva,
who lias a position In Atlanta, lp, .
. The leaders; of tbe.G-.A,, R.A. and
Sunbeams bf Con?fros?; Misses Pearl,
' Ahs?nger,V^C^^> Aloxftnder and
Minni*: Barkefa'vWete > ' dsHghttully
enteftbWd '??Me nome' of MrV arid
the day whs enjoyed" by all pres?nt.
John Griffin,. Who is On the police
force at'Belton, spent some time last
week with his family here.
J. iM. Byrd, of Greenville, was a
welcome visitor at the homo of his
son, F. W. Byrd, Saturday and 'Sun
day. He was accompanied by his
son,, H. M. Byrd, wife and children,
and daughter, Mrs. Lillie Childrens,
also of Creenvllle.
Victor McDonald and T. W. Byrd
were vory sick for a few days, but
aro now up again.
'Miss Jessie Barker had as her
spend-the-night guests last Wednes
day a number of her Blue Rldgo
school pupils-Misses Martha Nor
ton, Dorothea Addis, Bessie Alexan
der, Winnie Nally, Lillie Kerr and
Vera Roach.
Quite a number of our ladles at
tended and enjoyed the quarterly
meeting at the First Westminster
Baptist church last Saturday.
Joe McDonald, of -Greenville, spent
Saturday and Sunday with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. 'McDonald,
and his daughter, ?Miss Edna, of this
Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Dllworth gave
an excellent dinner yesterday for tho
latter's uncles, T. D. and W. O. Alex
ander, and the latter's wife and mo
ther, Mrs. S. 'M. Hunslnger. Decatur
Alexander and Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Montgomery, of Walhalla, were also
present. v
Mrs. C. W. Roach ls quite unwell
and has been for some time. Her
friends hope to hear of her early re
Mrs. Mary Alexander spent the
greater part of last week with her
mother near Richland. She has beau
suffering from a severe cold and grip
for some time, but ls well again.
Our pastor, Rev. L. H. Raines,
filled his appointments here Satur
day and Sunday. 'He reports the ser
ious Illness of iMiss Myrtle Littleton,
of Salem, Who ls a student of Long
Creek Academy. Miss Littleton has
a number of friends here who ave
indeed sorry to hear of her illness,
and hope to hear of her speedy ?e
George Washington's Birthday,
Feb. 22d, was a very important day
with -Mr. and 'Mrs. Willie Meredith,
of this community, for on that date
a young visitor arrived at their
home. The youngster is a boy.
Monroe Sheriff and wife, of Hope
well, were wook-end visitors to rela
tives hero.
Mr. and ?Mrs. Henry Hesse spent
yesterday with Mrs. Hesse's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Cleland, of West
minster. (Mr. (Hesso is building a
pretty cottage in this section and
will soon move into it.
Mrs. H. W. Arve made a short trip
tp Atlanta recently.
The B.Y.P.XJ. was rained out last
night. Group No. 1 will serve next
Sunday night, With W. F. Hayne's
group as captain. Everybody is In
vltod to attend this and all other
meetings at our church.
Antl-pnounvonin) Herum is obtained
/flrom tho blood of horada.
m^^^^f^_ MASON %VI?t??S
.y-aV'JUea?t Two Wwi? Mor?T \
1? (?r !;.;<JblMt?bk/''*kob; 27, 1922.. V
Editor Koo wee Courier:
1( Intended; to vwr?to y?u ieat.week,.
but : owingto f&?t 'that I 'sbettyV|
the w??k-?ri.d, in ,-? Spartu?burg and
was'so carried ftway; with* Rev. Billy
Sunday's meeting I fprgot all about
writjhg yow Unti^y?tv wa$ toio late*.,>
Nover'thele'BB I ara back in Columbia
paito and here'goes:
\\;The Obohee delegation haB been
holding back the Ooon?e supply bill
until wo saw what would be the out-1
cpih?i of the new revenue bills that:)
are pending. The gas?llne/tax blU;
has passed both houses, and hos hoon;
rAtlned and signed by the Governor,
One. cent of this tux goes, to the coun
ty, and one cent to the State. The
Oconee delegation has passed ? 'bill I
providing that the one cent gas tax,
apd the one:mill levy '?n all the tax
able property In .Oconee county be
turned over to the Highway Commis
sion with the automobile tax/to bel
,H8ed in hjaintenance on all,'the lm-:
proved rb'ads builtby . the\;Highway
Commission In Oconee county.
1 wahj: to say just at. this pdlftt;: In
behalf.of the (Highway Commission,
il have^ received letters ot , Ififorma
rtlon from every section, of Oconee
county, and from men in1 all walks of
life, commending the Highway Com
mission for their faithful and impar-, |
tlal service .to the ?entire county.
Mr. Editor, I have received lot tors
from a great many of my'constitu
ents asking mo to reduce taxes, l
have answered practically all of
them by asking them if thoy wanted
their schools shortened or their
toads to go uhworked, and they all. |
say "No." I have made Up my mind
to do my duty ?as I see lt without
fear of any one. at tho same time re
alizing my responsibility to my'con*
stituents. To be a representative of
th? people at. this particular time,{i?
a'DCfOl.exing problem. In' my Q'wt?tf,
monWits, when I am considering
What.(? the best thing to do, I came
to thi^', conclusion: That If. my" con
stituents could exchange places With
me for a while they,could better un
fore the House and'S?n?ti at this
session bearing tho-iabol of "Reform
Revenue Bills." I am trying to sup
port all of these bills that I can con
scientiously support, with the view
of lowering the tax on real estate
and agricultural lands. The Income
tax bill has caused considerable ex
citement in the Sonate, and has been
ably discussed by distinguished Sen
ators from every angle. I am sup
porting the amendment to this bill
by Senator McGee, of Greenwood.
Representative Dalton has intro
duced and passed through the House
a bill requiring the Blue Ridge rail
road to build a depot at West Union.
This bill, will be before tho Senate
for consideration this week.
There has been a bill introduced
in the Senate by Senator Llghtsoy.
This bill passed both Houses and has
been ratified and signed by the Gov
ernor. Senator Llghtaey's bill is as
follows: "To make it unlawful for
any person to make or circulate any
false, statement calculated to cast
suspicion upon the solvency of any
bank in South Carolina, and to pro
vide penalties therefor." The penal
ties are very heavy, but in my mind
are not too severe. The banks have
been very kind and indulgent to the
people in this time of deflation, and
? think we ought to show our ap
preciation to them by protecting
them against false rumors.
J have Just had a conference with
Governor Cooper, and he informs me
that he has vetoed Senator Wells'
bill extending the time for payment
of taxes, as lt will work a hardship
on the schools, and at the same time
will not benefit any ono-tn the long
.I don't know Just how long we
will be here. It looks as If we will
be* in session at least two more
weeks. As for me, I'm here until lt
ls over, or at least until we get tho
necessary funds for the rural graded
schools of the State. I am still of
the opinion that we ought to wipe
Sut Illiteracy in the State of South
arollna. We have passed an eight
mill tax on all districts not having
this amount of tax, in order that
they may got tho benefit of term ex
tension. We do this* believing lt to
be our duty to the entire enucational
Interest of Oconee county.
Faithfully your servant,
W. P. Mnson.
Mr. AVolfo Will Nose Around a Bit.
Savannah, Ga., Feb. 26.-Samuel
M. Wolfe, Attorney General of South
Carolina, Mayor Stewart announced
Friday aftornoon, will be in Savan
nah 'Monday to Investigate,* with the
view of further understanding? the
border line between Hutchinson's
Island and South Carolina. The ex
istence of a mud flat or fill in Back
river, in rear of the island, is Said
to necessitate a personal investiga
tion in order that ho may determine
what steps, if any, are to be taken.
'Hutchinson's Island ls just across
tho river from Savannah and belongs
to Ooorgia. IMr. Wolfe has suggested
to tho Attorney General of Georgia
that he bo hero at the same time.
ino i
nu ni bj
i.ain't) ii
of tl
ant; ?3
th* i
in cl
K?*?.?.-..?"?)?''';.??.' .
at mriidngUam After a
3.8-l'Wr Play Locals.
^ay, -Feb. 27. v-Sbecial:
many,here and elsewhere
learn ; with de?p. regret of
[pt Joseph Shelor Lee, the
having taken place at his
lrmingham, Ala., oh Feb.
had been m exceedingly
Mb 'lor a long while, and
?e'd to his room the greater
e.'Unie for the ?past year.
Announcement of his death
Vsurprise to all.' ,|
? was born in Seneca, this
Bf:years ago. flo was twice
nie first wife having been
VrVPa^on? His second wi?
1 (Mattie Scott. Both pre
fi}Jj? <tbe ?.grave' a number of
|$v moved vto Birmingham
tri t h I r ty f years ago, and
time ha,d. been.a conductor
^antl N; llallroad, making
ta uY Birmingham. He
'ot genial disposition and
Ula friends by his acquain
V was9# ?fr.led* to tho
iud .needy.? No soul eyer
m in distress to be turned
s home tyas not only a
Ce for his loved ones and
nt for all who entered the
re the stranger as well as
made welcome,
was a consistent member
ithodiet church. He was a
tl and helper to his pastor,
willina: to spend and be
tim cause of Christ. He
intimate friend ot the
pastor. Uri J. R> Bry
conductod tho funeral ser
ed by Dr. Hendrix, of
dist 'Church, at the late
r.'Lee. The funeral was
t - the Order ot j Railway
The floral ?' offerings
td beautiful. ? <
shrvived Jaypth? f olio w
&nd stst?rsi^Davld Lee,
.Texas; William Lee, of
^fmWmt of South
M. B. Harris, of Fair.
wlth,$tne?S in extend
to the bereavod ones. ^
>. uoxi'purtyigiVeh ' ny the ladies ot
Fair. Play;' Vt the Fair Play school
house; on; Feb. 18th, fpr the benefit
of the piano, which ls now in the
Presbyterian Church. The nice sum
of $76.00 was realized,; this paying
the balance on the piano. A delight
ful program was carried out before
the sale of the boxes, consisting of
a play, "George Washington's Sixth
Birthday," given hy the pupils of
Miss Link's grades, and a musical
program by the Fair Play music
class, which is being ably taught by
Miss Lil Thompson. J. S. Glymph, as
auctioneer, disposed of the boxes In
his usual pleasant style. The prize,
a box of candy, was awarded to Miss
Elise Richardson, whose box brought
the largest sum-$26.00.
Rev. C. M. ?Robinson filled his reg
ular appointment at Beaverdam on
Sunday, preaching his farewell ser
mon. He preached an able sermon
on "Faith."
Misses Gaines, Link and Perkins
and Messrs. Brook and Patrick spent
last Wednesday in Anderson.
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Glymph and
family spent Wednesday in West
minster with Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Mar
Miss Leontine Werner, of Central,
spent the week-end with Mr.' and
Mrs. W. E. Meares.
Mrs. M. B. Harris has returned to
her home here from Birmingham,
Ala., where she went to attend the
funeral of her brother, Joseph Lee.
Tho Toxaway Dom - People Along
Kcowoe Should be Paid First.
Toccoa, Ga., Feb. 21, 1922.
Editor Kcowoe Courier:
I notice in the last issue of your
paper that the Toxaway Company
contemplates rebuilding tho Toxa
way dam.
I wish to enter my emphatic pro
test against the rebuilding of such
dam until thc people along the Keo
wee river have been paid for the
severe damages to crops, lauds and
other property, which losses woro
caused by the breaking of tho old
dam a few years ago. Even after the
peoplo have been paid for tho dam
ages by reason of the giving way of
tho old dam, said company should
not bo allowed to rebuild the Toxa
way dam until a .good and suftlclcit
bond has been filed with the Secre
taries of State of North and South
Carolina to cover any damages which
may occur in the future, caused by
the broaklng of the new dam. /
I sincerely hope our wise legisla
tors In South and North Carolina
will pnss such laws as will exactly fit
this case. I
An injunction should be filed in
the North Carolina courts to stop the
rebuilding of this dam.
The Congress of the United States
should onact laws to protect her citi
zens from such companies.
Yours truly,
. b. H. .Alexander.
The Ohica'go fire destroyed 17,450
They cannot last long. Un
one brand new and gu?rante
30 x 3 plain casing, ? ? ?
30x3 1-2 Usco Tread, ?
30 x 3 1-2 Chain Tread, !
32 x 3 1-2 Chain Tread, ?
32 x 4 Chain Tread, ? ? :
32 x 4 Nobby Tread, ? ? :
g 33 x 4 1-2 " ? ,. . . :
35 x 5 Nobby Tread, :
If you are going to need a
these prices. They will bc.v
"Oldsmobile J
Paid Penalty of Crimes on Guillotine
at Versailles Last Saturday. .' i
Versailles, Feb. ;26.T-<Henrl Desir
Landru, "Bluebeard of . Oana'baijs,''
convicted of tho murdor of ten wo
men and one youth, gave bis Ufa this
morning in exchange -for the eleven
he had taken. The triangular knife
of the guillotino fell at 6.05 o'clock,
25 minutes after tho time originally
set for the execution, the. delay, caus
ing many to express the erroneous
opinion that Landru waa making a
confession. 'Mysterious until death,
Landru resented Father Lplselle's
inquiry ao to whether he, had any
lonfession to make.
"It is an insult Co a man like me,"
was his reply.> "*?ad I any. confession;
to i make; I' .wo,uld> have >. :mad,?\4t; lo u#
ag^" but never did he utter tho oho
trial. &n . ' 1 *n ?f
He refused the sacrament, but he
conversed a few moments- with the
prleBt. "I shall be brave, never fear
as to that,", he told the clergyman.
The guillotine was erected only a
few feet from the main entrance of
?he Jail. tAt 6 o'clock tho doors of
the prison opened slowly, revealing
in the courtyard the procurator gen
eral, the warden of the prison and
Landru's two lawyers, M. Moro Giaf
feri and M. Duetrll.
Then Landru appeared, clad In
dark trousers and white shirt. His
beard, which was one of his most
striking characteristics, and which
had become familiar to thousands
through publication of his picture
during the trial, had been tri m nt od,
his head shaven and his neck a?d
face were deathly pale. He walked
exactly Ave steps before the execu
tioner's assistant caught him about
the waist and leveled him on the ta
ble, which was Immediately up-end
ed. The heavily weighted . knife
slid down, and the whole affair was
over In less than 20 seconds. Landru
never faltered from the time he ap
peared In the door. He gave the guil
lotine one look, squared his shoul
ders and walked erect, uttering not
a word. v ' ' /
Among the throng's that* stood In
the streets adjacent tp the place of
execution there seemed to be more
of pity than of bitterness, and never
a word of Invective against the man
who had just paid the penalty for a
series of tho foulest murders la the
criminal annals of France was heard.
.j. ?j. ?j? ?j. 4*4* 4* fr fr 4o*!**!* 4**t**t> 4*4*4*4*
The Courier Is In recelr' of
tho following appreciated let
4? ter? from John ii. 'MoWhorter,
of Tampa, Fla., relative to an fr
* advertisement which he had fr
j? ordered inserted for four con- ?I?
fr secutlvo weekB:
"Tampa, Fla., 4*
, "Feb. 17, 1922. 4.
'Editor Keowee Courier:
. "The first appearance of my 4?
> ad,'Young Farmer Wanted,' In
the old Keowee Courier has
brought to me 45 answers
4? from South Carolina, Georgia, ?f.
Alabama/ Texas and Florida. 4*
Some circulation you have!
fr (Who says people don't read 4*
.M advertisements?)
fr "Please take tho ad. out and 4*
fr send bill for the full four In
sertions ordered, as the place fr
has been tendered to Clark .[
fr Wiley, a young farmer of near 4*
Richland, your county.
"Thanking you for the as
\? slstanco you have been, and
with kindest personal regards, 4*
4? I am, Sincerely yours,
"John L McWhortor." A
.J?4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4*4* 4*4*4**1*
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* iff
Remember: Drown Has It or
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W. M. Brown,
* . WALHALLA, 8. C.
Thirty Tons of Dy ni vm J to Explodes
Not Far from the City.
Chicago, Feb. B. - A declaration
thai the dynamite explosion which
rocked Chicago and suburbs last
night was the result of a criminal act
was made to-day by II. M. Perbqh
ner, assistant fire marshal. .
The explosion occurred at the Con
sumers' Company McCook q\iraryr
near Argo, a suburb. The damage
caused was estimated at about one
million dollars. No lives are known
to have been lost.
"There was little gelatin in the
powder, and lack of. gelatin means
that the powder would haye to be
touched off," Mr. Perbohner ex
plained. Two of his assistants agreed
with him as to the cause of the blast.
.F\ W. Grear, resident manager of
tho quarry, and L- H. Stewart, mas
ter mechanic, declared their belief
that shovelers who had failed to ob
tain employment were' responsible
for the explosion. They said that the
company hr ' not renewed its agree
ment with tue union after Jan. 1.
Death of Mrs. James Crensluuv.
West Union, Feb. 21. - Special:
Tho people of the community were
shocked when they heard of tho
death of Mrs. James Crenshaw. Tho
death angel came Wednesday night
at 5 o'clock. ?Mrs. Crenshaw was
born and reared In JMckens county.
She was about 75 years old. Mrs.
Crenshaw was a good ?Christian wo
man, and all of her friends and rel
atives were grieved to give up such
a stalwart Christian neighbor and
friend. She had survived her hus
band, James Crenshaw, who died 4
years ago. Mrs, Crenshaw was an
Alexander before marriage. She ia
survived by one ?on, w. E. Cren
shaw, one slater, Mrs. Jacob Ad
ams, and nine grandchildren. She
win he greatly .missed by all who
knew her. Mrs. .GrensTiaw had batu.
sick for quite a while,* suffering an
attack of pneumonia. Her body waa
laid to rest in the family burying
ground on Thursday afternoon at 3

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