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. ' (Established 1849.)
jpubUshod Every Wednesday Morning
One Year .$1.00
Six Months.W
Vhreo Montlis.30
Advertising Ratos Reasonable.
By Stock, Sholor, Hughs & Shelor.
Communications ot a personal
character charged for as advertise
Obituary notices, cards ot thanks
and tributes of respect, either by
Individuals, lodges or churches, aro
charged for as for advertisements at
rate of ono cent a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all sucb
notices will be marked "Adv." in
conformity with Federal ruling OD
such matters.
?a> .+.+*..?..?..??.+.+.*??.??*..+?..'*..............+...+......"+? <Bf
The Story of
Our States
4(?P HE Story
1 of our
States" would
not bc com
plete without
u brief men
tion of tho
other terri
tory of the United Stutes, which
ls not lncludod In the actual for
ty-eight states. The biggest of
these territories ls Alaska, with
an area of 600,884 square miles.
This huge region was under Rus
sian domination until 1807 when
tho United States purchased it
for $7,200,000, or less than two
cents nn acre. There was some
grumbling at the time by a few
congressmen over "adding a re
frigerator to the United States."
But ?the refrigerator has been
found to be well stocked with
gold, coal, forests and fisheries,
BO that Alaska has proven a
profitable investment
Hawaii, like Alaska, ls a reg
ular territory. In 1898 there
was a successful revolution
against the Hawaiian queen, and
a provisional government was
formed ander American protec
tion. In 1898, at the request of
tho population, Hawaii was an
nexed to the United States.
Porto Rico, Guam and the Phil
ippines were ceded to the United
states in 1899 as a resolt of the
Spanish-American war. Porto
Rico and the Philippines are de
pendencies and not territories.
Their local affairs are adminis
tered by a legislature of two
houses and they are represented
In the United States by resident
commissioners elected by the leg
islatures. Guam ls under the
control of naval officers In com
mand of naval stations. Under
similar naval control are the
Tutulla group and Samoa,
which were ceded in 1899 by
Great Britain and Germany.
Then there ls the Panama Ca
nal Zone, which was purchased
from Panama In 1904 for $10,
000,000. This ls governed by the
Isthmian Ganai commission
The year 1917 saw the pur
chase'from' Denmark of the Vir
gin Islands, for ?20,000,000.
These aggregate only 150 square
miles and are temporarily gov
erned by a naval officer.
Finally, there ls the District
of Columbia, which was organ
ized in 1701, as the seat of onr
federal government. Tho resi
dents have no vote for either
local or national officials, nor
are they represented in con
AbMntmtndedneM of 8lr Herbert Tree
Waa a Matter of 8ome Expense
During Year.
Maj. Fitzroy Gardner was Slr Her
bert Treo's manager for many years,
and tells some good yarns about tho
famous actor, who wos often absent
"On one occasion, on leaving a
houso, not noting that there was a cab
walting, ho boiled another and drove
off elsewhere, tho first driver, who
knew his fore, following behind. After
the next call he hailed a third cab, and
so the actor arrived nt his theater
lending a little procession of cabs, and
.nil three lind to be paid for.
"When riding hack to London from
a country hoflse near town where he
had been spending tho week-end, he
became Impatient, und stopped at a
wayside Inn, left his horne there, and
hired a dog-cart for the rest of the
."journey. Ile quite forgot that ho bad
not brought his horse hnck to the
, . stable where lt had UH home un
11, rayerai days nfierwnrd, lt was
led np to the stage door of the Hay
market theater, Its owner having been
recognl^d by the innkeeper."-Edin
burgh Scotsman.
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University ot South Carolina Man
liaa Hoon Experimenting.
(The State, Feb. 23.)
O. J. Lipscomb, professor of chem
istry in the University of South Car
olina, offers to the growers'of cotton
a plan based on laboratory experi
ments, which, it is believed, will
save to them millions of- dollars in
preventing the disease commonly
known as boll rot, and many mil
lions of dollars besides by hurrying
tho germination and growth of tho
cotton plant, and in that way getting
ahead of the boll weevil pest.
Tho central Idea that Prof. Lips
comb has developed has been the
elimination of boll rot and other dis
eases that affect the cotton plant.
This is brought about by heating to
bolling temperature after thoroughly
drying the seed, and by Immersion
for a short period in concentrated
sulphuric acid. This treatment not
only kills the disease germs, but al
so completely removes the lint. The
laboratory experiments made by Dr.
Lipscomb indicate that the process
will be altogether successful and ns
near fool-proof as any operation, and
lt takes no elaborate apparatus or
machinery for the treatment of the
peed. In fuct, any farmer with a
inetnl pot and sulphuric acid of the
proper strength can do the necessary
' work to insure first the elimination
of tho germ disease In the cotton
seed, and. second, to bring nbout an
early germination of tho seed.
Wide ICxpcriiuciit.s.
! Tho experiments have covered ov
ery possible anglo, both in the lab
oratory and in tho use of the seod,
and have been carried on over a pe
riod of two years of intensive work
by Dr. Lipscomb in the university
The cotton seed subjected to this
treatment will come up within 30 or
3(i hours, while seeds which have
not been treated in this way require
four or five days.
The removal of anthracnose, or
boll rot, prevents the injury or de
struction lo the crop by cold weather
while the plants are small. The boll
weevil nourishes In cold weather and
Its removal makes the plant hardier.
Tho removal of the lint by the Lips
comb treatment will pormlt tho use
of a mechanical planter placing two
or three seeds to a hill, thus remov
ing the necessity of later chopping
out tho extra plants with a hoe, as
, is the custom at present. Dr. Lips
comb and some of his associates on
the faculty are now at work on a
planter that will make use of this
idea. The chopping out of the sur
plus cotton plants disturbs the earth
about those that are left and retards
growth for a week or'two. These Im
provements will advance the crop,
and to that extent aid In overcoming
! the ravages of the boll weevil. The
, removal of lint by the sulphuric acid
i process permits the floating of in
fertile seed so that only perfect seed
are planted.
A Resume of Process.
Briefly stated, the process that has
been worked out by Dr. (Lipscomb is
, first drying and then heating of the
' seed to a temperature of boiling wa
j ter, and then treating with strong
j sulphuric acid. Tho sulphuric acid
? is employed for the purpose of re
I moving the lint and tho outer coat
ing of the cotton seed, thereby kill
ing all fungus diseases, particularly
the boll rot. According to the exper
iments of Dr. 'Lipscomb, In actual
practico it may not be necessary or
advisable to use the heating treat
ment, the experiments having shown
that the simple use of strong sul
phuric acid will Temove 98 per c
of tho disease from the seod while it
is removing the lint and strengthen
ing the outer coating of the seed.
Every one knows that raw sul
phuric acid is quito cheap, and there
ls nothing In the way of using the
process and getting the maximum
results, and at practically no cost to
the farmer. In fact, T>r. Lipscomb
points out that tho original sulphuric
acid can be repeatedly used with a
very little loss, but that lt is neces
sary to maintain the thickness or
viscosity of the sulphuric acid so
that lt does not actually penetrate
the ports of tho cotton seed.
The process that has been outlined
will bring about such a saving In the
uso of seed that it will more than
pay for tho use of the sulphuric, acid.
will do what we claim for it
cure Catarrh or Deafness caused by
Catarrh. We do not claim to cure
any other disease.
is a liquid, taken internally, and
acts through the blood upon the
mucous surfaces of the system, thus
reducing thc inflammation and re
storing normal conditions.
All Druggists. Circulars free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
A oruefcen.
ii west side school tho pupils of
the eighth grade were studying about
tho different Presidents of the United
States. They had Just finished Jef
ferson's administration, and Miss D"
the teacher, asked :
"President Jefferson was known as
Harry was quick with the answer.
"He wns known ns the Sago of the
Before the teacher could ask nn
! other question, a bund shot up and a
small boy asked :
"Miss D., what does sage mean?"
Harry was permitted to answer this
one, too, and he snit! :
"Sage means wise."
Whereupon the small hoy nRkcd:
"Well, what's a sage hen. Miss D?"
Before she could explain, she was
shocked to hear Harry, with disgust
in his voice, tnm te the small boy
and say:
"Why a sage hen ls a wise chicken,
of w?rfle."--Indianapolis Newt.
Good color, bright oycu, solid flesh
and erect bearing are d?pendent up
on rich, red blood, rt your blood is
not up to tho mark your general
health cannot bo. Late hours, eating
the wrong foods, worklug Indoors,
fatigue, uffoct the blood. ISo many
people eat well and take exercise, yet
nevor Beem to improve in health.
Glide's Pepto-.Mangan taken regular
ly for a while gives the blood that
richness and rednoss that produces
bounding health and vigor. It is a
simple, natura.) way to get well and
strong. Gude's Pepto-JMangan comes
In liquid or tablets-at your drug
Piedmont Store Rurglarizod.
Anderson, Feb. 23.-Burglars en
tered the store of the Hampton Dry
Goods Company, of 'Piedmont, last
night and Btole about $1,000 worth
of goods. Tho burglars entered by
getting over the transom of tho back
door. There was evidently moro
than one. Automobile tracks showed
that the loot was removed In this
In an inventory made this morn
ing by \V\ K. Hudgens, of the com
pany, there were 17 suits of clothes,
six overcoats, seven or eight boxes
of shirts, 50 boxes of hosiery, mostly
silk, several bolts of silk, a number
of silk waists, and numerous othur
articles missing. The boxes in which
the goods were kept were piled in
the middle of the floor. A reward has
been offered by the company for In
formation' leading to the arrest of
the guilty parties or for recovery of
the goods.
"Pape'8 Dlapepsln" has proven It
self the surest relief for indigestion,
gases, flatulence, heartburn, sour
ness, fermentation or stomach dis
tress caused by acidity. A few tab
lets give almost Immediate stomach
relief and shortly the stomach ls cor
rected so you can eat favorite foods
without fear. Large.case costs only
few cents at drug store. Millions
helped annually.-adv.
A vidlln made for Henry IV In
1595 istlH exists.
.Census returns show that the Uni
ted Kingdom has a surplus of 2,000,
000 women. >tL
Head how Mrs. Albert
Qregory, of K. F. D. No.
1, BTuford, Ul., got rid ol
her ills. ''During ... j
waa awfully weak . . .
My pains were terrific. I
thought I would die. The
bearing-down pains were
actually io severe i could
not stand the pressure ot
?gnanda on the tower
of my stomach. . .
np!y felt as U life Was
wt a short time. My
MUM was worried.. .
ne evening, while rcad
g the Birthday Alma
nac, he came across a
casa aimllar.ro mine, and
went straight for soma
Car dui for me to try.
The Woman's Tonic
*'I took lt faithfully and
the results were immedi
ate," adda Mrs. Gregory.
"I continued to get bet?
ter, all my ills left me,
and I went through . . .
with no further trouble.
My baby was fat and
strong, and myself-thank
God-am once more hale
and hearty, can walk
miles, do my work,
though 44 years old, feel
like a new person. All I
owe to Cardui." For
many years Cardui has
been found helpful in
building up the system
when run down by dis
orders peculiar to women.
Ho Will Not Arrive ?t Honnit? De
cision for Several Weeks.
A dispatch from Greenville says:
> That ho ls giving serious consider
ation to making the race for Gover
nor of South Carolina this summer,
but will not arrive at any definite
decision for several weeks yet, was
the statement made to friends hore
to-day by A. F. Lever, formor Con
gressman, and'now member of the
Federal Farm Loan Board, who
made two addresses here, returning
to Washington immediately thereaf
ter. 'Mr: Lever ' said that if he be-1
comes convinced that he can serve
his State better as Governor than in
his present position he will make the
Mr. Bever spoke on Ceorge Wash
ington at the exercises held at Fur
man University and discussed the
boll weeyil at a meeting of the agri
cultural bureau of the Greenville
Chamber of Commerce in the after
noon. In discussing the boll weevil
he urged the Importance of diversi
fication of crops as a means of meet
ing tho weevil's ravages.
Hw Quinine That DOM Not Affect the HMO*
Because of lt* tonic and laxative effect, I?AXA
TI VS BROMO QUININBiabettei than ordinary
Quinine and doc? not cause nervouanea nor
rluginK in head. Remember the full name and
look ior the signature of B. W. GROVE. 30c.
Rates on burglary insurranco have
increased 100 per cont WU hin re
cant years on a ceo unit of the increas
ing of crime.
(Seventy per cent of the cons.imeo's
of the United Stoles hive within 400
miles of t'he Attlnnt-ic yenboord.
Notice is hereby given that tho un
dersigned will make application to
V. F. Martin, Judge of Probato for
Oconeo County, in the State of South
Carolina, at his office at Walhalla
Court House, on "FRIDAY, the 10th
day of iMA?ROH, 1922, at ll o'clock
in the forenoon, or as soon there
after as said application caa be
heard, for leave to make final settle
ment of tho Estate of .P. A. GRANT,
Deceased, and obtain Final Discharge
as Executors of said Estate.
Executors of tho Estate of P. A.
Grant, Deceased.
Feb. 8, 1922. 6-9
. Notice Is hereby given that the un
dersigned will make application to
V. F. Martin, Judge of Probate, for
Oconee County, in the State of South
Carolina, at his office at Walhalla
Court House, on Thursday, the 9 th
day of March, 1922, at ll o'clock
In the forenoon, or as soon there
after as said application can be
heard, for leave to make final settle
ment of the Estate of Bessie Sims,
Deceased, and obtain Final Discharge
as Administratrix of said Estate.
Administratrix of the Estate of Bes
sie Stans, Decoased.
Feb. 15, 1922. 7-10
Master's Sales
In Court of Common Pleas.
Pursuant to decrees of the afore
said Court, in the cases named be
low, I will offer for salo, to t)he high
est bidder, in front of the Court
House door, at Walhalla, South Car
olina, on MONDAY, the 6th dey of
MARCH, 1922, between the legal
hours of sale, the following tracts of
land below described:
Henry W. Brandt, as Executor of
tho Last Will and Testament of
Mrs. Meta C. Brandt, Deceased,
James F. Knox, Defendant,
All of my,(J. F. Knox's) one-sixth
(1-6) undivided initerest, aa one of
th> remaindermen, 'n and to all
?that certain piece, parcol or tract of
land ?1 tun to, lying und being in
County of Oconee, and in the State
of Sou'th Carolina, containing two
hundred and eighteen acres, more
or lo sn', adjoining lande of Moses
L. Emerson, Estate Hands of Joe
Tompkins, Deceased, Sallie Vernor,
and others, being the tract of land
wheroon my father, Arthur R. Knox,
resided at the time of his death, and
which was willed to my mother dur
ing lier natural lffe or widowhood,
and to be equally divided among his
children. SaLd wirti was duly admit
ted flo piofcate on the 6th day of
June, 1901, ,in the office of tho Judge
: of Probate for Oconee County, ref
erence being thereunto had will
n/oro fully appear.
In event of failure of tho purchnHor,
or purchasers, to comply with the
terms of sale within flvo dHvys from
dfcy of ?ale, the Master do re-advor
tiso and re-cell said promises on
the fi Mowing Snlesdny, or some
convenient .iJalesday 'thereafter, at
the same olaco and on the same
tenms as heretofore sot out, at
tho risk of tho formor purchaser,
or purchasers, and that he do
continue so to dio unilli .he has
found a purchaser, or purchasers,
who convnly with tho terms of salo.
Purchaser to pay ?xtra for papovs
and stamp W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oconee County, S. C,
Fob 15, 1922. 7-9
W. P. Nlmmons, Plaintiff,
J. E. Graham, Dofondant.
AH that certadn piece, parcol or
tract of land, situate, lying and be
ing In Center Township, of the Coun
ty of Oconee, State of South Caro
lina, containing ninety-four nnd
throe-fourths acres, more or loss,
(94.75), and elng the portion ot a
tract of 151% acres, moro or less,
romuiujufc ajtjor CJlytijJ? off ami cou
? ' Thoro ls 110 oxcui
and Wal monoy-mnkei
The wonderful poultr
makes early layer? o
produces fast growth in young chicks. 2
Wo carry a completo Uno of Caro-Vot J
Hogs and l'oultry. Wo will gladly refund
results from tho uso of any Caro-Yet ron
J. Bi Altey ..t..West Union, H. C.
The City Pharmacy . Roncen, 8. c.
O. IA Callahan..,.Seneca, S. C., Route 3.
Ii. V. Graham. Senoca, 8. C.
Shirley's Pharmacy . Sepqca, Si C.
F. 8. Hutchins i Co. .. Weslml?s|sr, S. C.
tl1 i 't,
Here's X?i
Progressive Farm<
$1.00 year,
The Keowee Courit
$1.00 year.
Either paper well 1
Price of Both <
veying a portion containing 57
acres, more or less, as efaown by plat,
of survey by C. C. Myers, Surveyor,
of dato DeCenVbor 27th, 1919. The
original tract of 161% acres, more
or less, being the same conveyed to
J. E. .Graham by W. P. Nlmmons, W.
T. Edwards and H. L. NlmnVona by
deed bearing ditto tho 2d of Janu
ary, 1920, and recorded in Clerk's
Office, Oconee County, S. C., on the
19th day of January, 1920, in Deed
Book 3-K, page 114, and described
therein as adjoining lands of Sam
uel Grant, Jr., Mrs. Ida Ables
Spence, R. N. Ellis, E. M. Mauldln
and others, and being more fully
represented by plat of survey there
of by C. C. Myersi Surveyor, of date
May 6th, 1913, and the tract of 57
acres, to be deducted therefrom, be
ing the same .conveyed to J. T. Black
by J. E. Graham by deed bearing
date tho lOUh day of January, .1920,
as shown by said plat of survey by
C. C. Myers, Surveyor, of date De
cember 27th, 1919.
in event of failure of the purchaser
to comply wiith the terms of sale
within one hour from time of salo,
the Master do re-sell said premises
forthwith on the same Saleday, at
the same place and on the same
terms as heretofore set out, at the
risk of former purchaser, and that
he continue so to do until he has
found a purchaser, or purchasers,
who comply with the terms of sale.
Purchaser to pay extra for papers
and stamp. W- ?. WHITE,
Master for Ooonee County, S. C.
Eeh. 15,. 1922. . 7-9
R. T. Jaynes, Plaintiff,
William P. Cleland et al., Defts.
lAM that contain piece, parcel or
tract of land, situate, lying and ho
ing partly within and partly Without
.the corporate limits of the Town of
'Westminster, of the County of Ooo
nee, Sha te ?of South Carolina, adjoin
ing lands of ?Chartes Leathers, H. N.
Martin .and others, contalnlng.42.89
acres, .more or less, and being more
fully represented by plat of Burvey
thereof by W. M. Fennell, Surveyor,
of date Januiary 17, 1&17, and being
the same traot of land conveyed to
Wllham P. Cleland by C. C. Maxey
by deed dated the 11th day of Janu
ary, 1921, and recorded in Clerk's
Office, Oeonee (County, S. C., in Book
--, page-.
All that certain piece, parcel or
traot of land, situate, lying and be
ing in Tu ga lo o Township, County of
?Odonee, State otf South Carolina, on
"waters of Tugaloo River, one milo
northwost of tho Town of .Madison,
.3. C., adjoining lands of J. R. Cle
land, H. B. Duke, Riley Swafford, T.
.A. Spencer and T. O. Ramsey, and
?being a port of the tract of land
Convoyed to W. P; Cleland by W. O.
'White, Muster, by deed recorded In
'Clerk's Offlco, Oconee County, S. C.,
1? Deed Book DD, page 338, and
containing 63 acres, more or less.
TERMS OP SALE - One-third
Cash, and balanco In two equal.an
nual installments, credit portion to
boar interest from day of salo and
.be secured by bond of the purchaser
or purchasers and a mortgage of
tho promLses; that in event of the
Tathire of tho purchaser, or .purchas
ers, to comply with the terms of salo
?within flvo days from day of sale,
tho Master do ro-advortiso and ro
'soll said premisos on tho following
.Salosday, or some convenient Sales
.d'ay thereafter, at tho same place
.and on tho same terms as heretofore
?set out, at the' risk of the former
purchaser, or purchasers, and that
ho do iconfLnue so to do until he has
iTeiiP? fi nurchaserj or purchasers,
. i 9 nm u 'i.
rom Every Heti
te for a loafing ben. You can make layer?
rt out of.erery solitary hen jrou own.
?' tonio, dew'lonS the egg-rfWKl?clngorgans:
r young pullets; kooi* poultry healthy ana
1-3 lb. box, BO conta. v . .
?tandard Reuedias for Horses, Mules, Cattle,
your money If you fall to get satisfactory
leay. ? > ...
' . . I :?. . .
T. B. Able.Westminster, S. C.
D. D. Elrod .'.'WestmUWter, R.F.D.
W N Barton.Walhalla, 8. C.
W. H. Tally. 8al?m, 8. C.
. Cash arocejry Co.Walhalla, 8. C.
W. M. Murphree .. Walhalla, B. C. R.F.D.
J f <|.~i. < i I >rf (ni-, ? -
ii Chance
For 12 Months
worth Combination
Drder yours now.
Nv ho comply .with tho ter his of salo.
Purchaser to pay extra for papers,
stamp .and recording; mortgage.
Master for Oconee County, S. C.
Feb. IB, 1922. 7-9
W. D. Barnett, Plaintiff,
George E. Edwards, Defendant,
(All that piece, parcel or tract, of ,
land, situate, .lying and being in
Otfopee County, State of South Car
dinia, being Tract ,No. 12, as shown
by plat of same made by D. Conger
In August, 1905, and containing six
ty-two and fourteen one-hundredths
(62.14) acres, moro or less, and be
ing the same tract of land deeded
to George E. Edwlards by David Lee.
If ' the purchaser, or purchasers,
should fail to comply .with the terms
'thereof, the Master may advertise
the said premitees for sale on the
next or some other subsequent Sales
day, at the risk of the .former pur
chaser, and so from time to time
thereafter un'tn a compliance shall
be secured. The successful bidder
ls required to deposit with the Mas
er the sum of lOne Hundred Dollars,
tho same to be .forfeited in case of
non-compliance with said bid.
The sale of said premises is sub
ject to tho lien .of the prior mort
gage given by George E. Edwards
te the Federal Land Bank on the 6th
'day of February, 1920, and recorded
*n Mortgage Book W, page 182, se
curing bond conditioned to pay
Tl, 200.00.
Purchaser to pay extra for deed
and stamp. W. O. WHITE,
Master for Oconee County, S. C.
Feb. 15, 1922. 7-9
% * PROraSS10N^i?CARDB^ ^ %
oj? ?J. ?j? ?J? ?|? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?I*
sfa . J. R. EARLE,
?J? Attomey?at?Law, .].
4? WA LH ALLA, 8. C. .J.
?J. State & Federal Court Pracitce. .}.
?I* axa ?SA ?}. aSm\ tl* MM*m% a-Y* a*La ala *L# ?%?t?\ ala
?va Tr A* M\ Ti Ta? m . ? m m Tr iii Ta?
*I* ?I*
.J. Attorney-ut-Lmv, .J.
4* Phono No. Ol, Walhalla, S. O..J?
.?? *
.J? ?J? ?J. ?J? ?\o ?I* ?J? ?I* ?I* ?J? ?J? ?J? ?I* ?Jo
J. 1?. Carey, J. W. Shelor, ?J.
4? Pickons, S. C. W. C. Hughs,
.J. Attorneys and Counsellors,
?J? WALHALLA, S. C. 4*
.J. State & Federal Court Pracitce. ?J?
?J? *|* ?J? ?|? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?J? ?j. ?j. ?j. ?j, ?j? ?j,
* ' *
.J. W. I). WHITE, .J*
4? LAWYER, 4?
4? WALHALLA, S. C. 4*
.{i . *$?
4? ?j? 4? ?j? ?|? *|* *|? *|? ?|? ?j? ?j* *2* .J* *2*
Austin Bldg. #- Seneca, S. C.
. * * * * * * * * * * * * *
and Metal Shingle?.
BAN IS* (?001??
Walhalla. 8. C.

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