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For Constipated Bow
Sour Stomach
The nicest cathartic-laxative in the
world to physio your liver and bow
els when you have dizzy headache,
colds, biliousness, indigestion, or up
set, acid stomach is candy-like "Gas
carets." One [ or two to-night will
Court Will Convene in Walhalla on
Monday Morning, March ?Ith.
The following Jurors will serve at
the March term of Court, which will
convene here on Monday, the Cth of
March. Judge W. H. Townsend will
preside over the March term of tho
Court: .
Tho Grand Jurors.
Tho 'following gentlemen will be
in attendance on the Court in the
capacity of grand Jurors. Where the
names aro marked with an asterisk
( * ) lt denotes that this party is a
member of the past grand Jury and
has been hold over for service along
with the now members of tho body:
.1, Alexander, J. Fred., Seneca, ltt.l
2. Blakeley, F, H., Westminster R.
P. D.
3. Brandt, H. W., Walhalla.
4. Brown, J. L" Mt. Rest.
?5. Collins, S. H., West Union.
.*6. Craig, Robt. A., ?Salem, R.P.D.
7. Kubanks, J. A., Westminster, R.
?8. Farr, J. E., Westminster.
9. Glazener, W. If. West Union Rt.l
*10c Green, P. L., Salem.
11. .Grifllth, I. (M., Salem.
?12. Lee, B. M., Westminster, Star
13. 'Rankin, G. 'E., TamosBee.
14. Sloan, W. IM., Salem.
15. Smith, J. S., Westminster R.F.D.
16. Taylor, C. *R., Salem, Rt. 2.
17. Tlmmerman, E., Westminster.
18. White, J. A., West Union.
Potlt Jurors.
Tho following are the 36 gentle
men drawn to serve as petit Jurors:
1. Abbott, J. IS., Walhalla Rt. 1.
2. Alexander, L, F., Walhalla Rt.2.
3. Hocknell, IR. H., Seneca Rt. 1.
4. Bearden, W. W., Seneca.
5. Bischoff, J. A., Walhalla.
6. Black, B. Westminster R.F.D
7. Brewer, W. 'H., West Union, Rt.
8. Brock, J. A., Seneca.
9. Boatwright, F. A., Seneca.
10. Burns, J. T., Seneca iRt. fi.
Xi, Callaham, C. h., Seneca Rt. 3.
12. Cranes, G. W., Fair Paly.
'13. Carver, \y. A., Madison Rt. I.
14. Cobb, GK W., Mt. Rest Rt. 1.
lo. peaton, O. M., Walhalla Rt. 2.
16 ^ Dendy, J. A., Richland.
17. Fowler, W. W., Walhalla Rt. 3.
18. Honea, R. B., Westminster.
19. King, L. C., 'Mt. 'Rest Rt. 2.
20. Leo, J. L., Walhalla.
21. Lee, Preston, Westminster.
22. ?Lyles, S. J., "Madison (Rt. ?.
23. Lynch, W. R., Seneca Rt. 1.
24. Morgan, iDeWitt, West Union R.
F. D. 1.
2&. Orr, W. P., Walhalla Rt. 2.
26. Price, J. S. H., Seneca.
27. Rice, AV. H., Westminster R.F.D
28. Richey, L H., Townvillo R.F.D.
29. Sheppard, J. S., tnmnsseo Rt. 1.
30>. Skelton, F. O., Soneca R.F.D.
31. Smith, T. E.,''Madison iRt. 1.
32. Sorrels, <Q, L., Westminster.
33. Suttles, J. R.p Westminster R.F.
34. Talley, C. S., Salem.
35. 'Watson, P. B., Walhalla.
36v -Wood8on, W. E., Pendleton, R.
F. D. No. 4.
Habitual Constipation Cured
ill 14 to 21 Dnys >
.LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially
prepared Syrup ToaioLaxativo for Habitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly but
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulates. Very Pleasant to Take. 60o
per bottle.
Marriage by d?claration is 'still
legrtl in Scotland.
A railway from the Sea of Galilee
to( connect with the Bagdad railroad
is planned by Palestine.
Farming Undi
Tho Moxican Holl Weevil has
invaded our Conni y and has 4*tab?
lished a home for himself on.nearly
every farm,whorc, if not destroyed,
ho will pass tho winter safely, and
will bo ready early next spring to
multiply and destroy all the young
cotton squares ns fnst ns they uro
grown. If wo maintain our credit
and present prosperity, conditions
demand that we chango our present;
farming methods nt onco.
A careful study of tho habits of
tho Doll Weevil w4U show that ho
moves once a year, and that is in
August. Now, if wo wiU clean np
our Holds carly this fall by chop
ping and turning nnder all cotton
stalks and burning off all terraces,
ditch banks and other places whore
tho Weevil has hibomatol for. tho
winter, wo can kill tho Weevils out
* and loavo our fields freo from tho
Bank of Walhalla,
Walhalla.'S. C.
The Bank of
West Uni
els, Sick Headache,
, Bilious Liver
'empty your bowels completely by
I morning, and you will (eel splendid.
"They work while you Bleep." Cas
! carets, never stir you up or gripe like
Balts, pille, calomel, or oil, and they
cost only ten cents a box; Children
love Cascarete, too. *
Dy Man While on Party Out of City,
Absent from Husbands and Wives.
Aiken, Feb. 23.-A fatal ending to
a stolen Joy ride and clandestine par
ty occurred yesterday afternoon at
1 o'clock, when'Mrs. Essie Hays, of
Augusta, Ga., died en route to tho
Margaret Wright Hospital from a
riflle bullot fired at a target by W. R.
Demore, for years connected with
tho shops of the C. and W. C. Rail
From the story ns told by Demore,
who is now in Jail at Aiken, Mrs. Es
sie Hays, aitother Augusta woman,, a
man named Reese and himself, left
the city of Augusta on a stolon Joy
ride for the Hamburg woods, across
in the Carolina side of the Savannah
rivery When, near Violet 'Hill tho
Durant car of Demoro'? was parked
by thc roadside, and the four alight
ed. Ono of tho party had carried
along a riilo for tho purpose of shoot
ing. The four scattered . through the
woodland, and when about to re-en
ter the car, they saw a Ford car
proaching, going toward Augusta,
when tho two women, fearing, it is
alleged, that they would be seen by
parties who knew them, ran off and
hid on tho hill. To disarm any sus
picion, Demore states, ho commenced
to shoot at objects along the side of
tho road. He shot at a small troe
and the bullet glanced, entering the
breast of Mrs. Hays, who ran to him,
cryiug out, "Dick, you have shot
me." She was hurriedly placed in
the automobile and rushed to the
Margaret Wright Hospital, where,
upon arrival, it was found by physi
cians that she was dead. She and
the other woman have husbands and
children, and both 'men have fam
ilies. . '
Demore at once surrendered to
Sheriff Plunkett, of Richmond coun
ty, Georgia, who telephoned Sheriff
Howard of the affair, and turned his
prisoner over to Deputy Sheriff But
ler, of Aiken. Mrs. Hays was about
34 years of age. .
Each package of "Diamond Dye;)"
contains directions so simple- any
woman can dye or tint her worn,
shabby dresses, skirts, waists, coats,
stockings, sweaters, coverings, dra
peries, hangings, everything, even if
she has never dyed before. Buy
"Diamond Dyes"-no other kind
then perfect home dyeing ls sure be
cause Diamond Dyos are guaranteed
not to spot, fade, streak, or run. Tell
your druggist whether tho material
you wish to dye Is wool or silk, or
whether it is linen, cotton or mixed
Tho Gasolino Tax Adopted.
Columbia, Feb. 23.-The Senate
and House yesterday adopted the
free conference report on the gaso
line tax bill. The committee report
provides for a two-cent tax on gaso
line with Us combinations and sub
stitutes, and no tax on kerosene. Ono
half- of the funds aro to be turned
over to the State government for uso
in general funds and operating ex
penses, and one-half to be re tun
to the counties for uso on tho roads.
The payments must bo made by the
20th of each month. Penalties ;
provided for violation of the act.
ThOjSou'tlhor'n St altos have alt esti
'msdteVl commoirclal flmjber stand of
'634,000,000,000 feet.
ir Boll Weevil
pest, and then, by the use of pro
per farming methods, a good crop
of grown bolls cnn be produced
before tho Weevil commonces his
- annual movement in August.
As a safe program for farming
next year to combat tho Weevil we
would suggest 20- acres to tho
plow, planted as follows:
Six acres to cotton, followed by
numil grain in the fall.
Six /acres to corn, with velvet
beans and peas, planted in corn.
Six acres to small grain-two
acres each to wheat, oats and rye.
Two acres to truck crops, con
sisting of Irish potatoes, syrup
cane, sweet potatoes, melons and
Prepare tho ground well, plant
early, using an early-maturing va
riety of cotton; fertilize liberally
and cultivate intensively.
Enterprise Bank,
Walhalla, S. C. 1 :
West Union,
on, S. C.
Hard by Robboi? i Safes Blown and
More than ?1,500 Missing.
Newberry, Fob. 2 2.-^Robbers en
tered , th? stores vf Counts & Shealy
and W. P. Derrick, of Little Moun
tain, some time Monday night and
broke open their two big iron sates.
They secured 9825 in currency, $60
in silver, $15. in gold, $500 in Lib
erty- bonds, $400 in war savings
stamps, $365 in Checks. .Two hun
dred and forty dollars of the above
amount belonged to the express com
pany, 'Mr. 'Derrick being its agent at
Little 'Mountain.
Tho robbers used- meal bran and
blankets and lap robes to deaden the
sound of the nitro-glycerine. The
robberies were not detected until the
stores were opened for regular busi
ness. Tho store of Counts &* Shealy
was entered by means of prying the
lock off the front door, while a front
window of the Derrick store, was
raised in order to make entrance.
It is Mercury, Quicksilver - Shooks
Liver and Attacks Your Bones.
Calomel salivation ls-horrible, lt
swells the tonguo, loosens tho teeth
and starts rheumatism. There's no
reason why a person should take
sickening, salivating calomel when
a few cents buys a large bottle of
Dodson's Liver Tone-a perrect sub
stitute for calomel. It ls a pleasant
vegetable liquid which will start
your liver Just as surely as colomel,
but it doesn't make you sick and can
not salivate.
Calomel is a dangerous drug; be
sides it may make you feel weak,
sick and nauseated to-niorrow. D.on't
lose a day's work. Take a spoonful
of Dodson's Liver Tone instead and
you will wake up feeling great. No
?salts necessary. Your druggist says
i if you don't find Dodson'b Liver Tone
acts better than treacherous calomel
your money ls walting for you.-adv.
Claude J. Rust Coes to Jnil.
Orangeburg, Feb. 23.-Claude Jj
Rast, former Superintendent of Edu
cation of Orangeburg county, to-day
began his sentence of Ave days at
the Orangeburg county jail. It will
be remembered that at the January
term of the Cqurt of General Ses
sions tor Orangeburg county Mr.
Rast was convicted of officiai mis
conduct and sentenced to serve r
months and pay a fine of $500, which
sentence was reduced to five days.
Rast is now teaching school in North
Carolina and got a leave of absence
to serve the sentonce.
Colds Cause Grip and Influenza
cause. There ls only one "Bromo Quinine." E. W.
GROVE'S signature on the box. 30c
Three Ninety-Six Stores Burn.
Gr?enwoodi 'Feb. 2;l.- --Fire cnutt
j lng nit oHtlinntod loss bf $8.000 lust
i night, destroyed three store* . at.
Ninety-Six, in this county, and re
sulted In the serloub injury of D. T
Kinard, president of the Cambridge
' Bank. For a time the flames en
; dangered the entire business section
of tho town.
I Fire was first discovered in the
j store of C. C. Bonner, later spread
ing to the dry goods store of ?M. M.
i Dovoro and a vacant store owned by
j the Snead Lumber Company e
j Greenwood. The loss was partially
j coverod by insurance. The origin of
tho fire is unknown.
While assisting to fight the fire, a
wall fell on Mr. Kinard, breaking his
leg and Inflicting other injuries. He
was brought to the Greenwood Hos
pital this morning, but the extent of
his injuries has not yet been ascer
'Rubber overshoes, an American in
vention, wore introduced into Eng
land about 1847. '
One of the latest vocations for wo
men is that of the professional house
Fain /
Instant Relief from Scalds,
Burns, Cuts, Wounds, etc.
Contain? No Alcohol, Acid* or P?ppar,
there foro DOES NOT SM ARTI
'Painful injuries often result from
accidents. Mustang Liniment kept
always at hand is cheapest and best
insurance.. Made of purest oils, lt
penetrates quickly, soothing and
healing the affected parts. .
C*v??? Rev? A- s- Singleton, Danville,
JuVS Va.- I have used your Mexican
Mustang Uniment for 30 years
and find It the voy best remedy in case of a
cut, a burn, a bruise-in fact, almost any
ailment that can be cured by a liniment.
In using I think it quite important to rub it
well into thc pores and repeat tho operation
at frequent Intervals."
? "-V?I-1 _? tolId bras- "Put.and-T?ksM
TOUDLBTOP. mini-lona runt SeudSScents
.lamp* or coin for Trial Hott lo < Household Hlxe)
OTSSfefea te tu! 8t.y?? -m
2Sc - SOc - $1.00
Sold by Drug and General Stores
" The Good Old Standby Sine* 184S*'
.?ft." M MV?.i,,r-M ? ! ?rpYr . ' HMM>
JU HONOR ROLLS. ' k [ fr
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
The following honor roll has boon
received hy us tor publication, bu
the name of the school is not given: <>
First Orado - E. J. Roge?, Jr.,;
Clarence Kennemore, Ines Herring,
Elnora Rogers, Corine Smith, Annie
Second Grade - Idelle Hughes,
Burn? Hunnicutt, Viola Waldt.Frank
?Rochester, Dexter Smith,.
Alma Alexander, Teacher.'
Third Orade-Alvan Poore, J. B.
Wilson', Paul Chandler, Hoyt Her
ring, Viola Kennemore.
, Fourth Grade - Joyce Hughes,
Rossie Owens, Homer Rochester,
Gladys/Taylor. 1
Fifth Grade-Leo Bell, Pearl Ken
nemore, Ruby Kennemore, Barney
Rochester, Carl Taylor, Bvallne Hall.
Eunice Beatty, Teacher.' ?
Sixth Grade -? (Blanch Hughes,
Bruce Morph reo, Welton Smith, Eula
Rogers, Ed. Bell.
Seventh Grade-Clifton Addis, Er
nest M?rphree, Lent iHall, Richmond
Owens, Eva Addis, Rossie Morgan,
Annie Rogers, Eunice Johnson.
Eighth Orade-Iroiia Hall, Rufus
Murphifee, Eugene Johnson, Ernest
.Ninth Grade-'Haywood Johnson,
Robert Bell. Annie >E. Cason, .
Principal. ;
Tho Fairfield School.
Following \a the honor roll of tho
Fairfield Graded School for mon
ndlng Feb. 10th:
First Grade-"Roy Edwards, Eddie
Secoi 'rade-Dorothy Edwards,
Frank 'u??> h, Esslo Blackwell, Ger
trude Sm ii Iii
lairloen Blair, Teacher.
T in; Grad?-Ola Lewis 93, Ollie
.Low s 9 Myrtle Lipscomb 93, Essie
King 9.':
Fifth i^iade-Floread Snead 93,
Bertha Owoilij 90, Pobile Ward 90.
Sixth ''('ade-Grace Fowler 90,
Annie Fowler 98, Kate Miller
!18, Ant Mer 94.
\:ina Southard, Teacher.
Severn.; Grade-(Annie Mae Lewis
9?. Butha Chapman 95, Elijah Chap- \
man 96. ? roy Chapman 90, Sophia !
ringers 9fi, Gladys Green 9 4, Mary
Lou Rc; i :)0, Garold Rutledge 91,
Christo? .er Fowler 91. ?!
'Eighii: Grade- Annie Lipscomb
96, Mari' Ward 94, Mary "Cox 92,
Rninon Clark 96.
Ninth <?rade-Mildred Snead 99,
Flora 'Smith 97, Ella (Rogers 92.
Melton L. Lusk, Principal.
K co wee Graded School.
Follov,-iug ls the honor roll of the
Kt-owes Craded School for the fifth '
monnth: 1
thirst r.rade-^-<Hanie Beekneil 90, .
Joan Ken 92, Glen Kolly 90, Alice1
Laudford 90, Howard ToHison 99,
Rebu-Whlto 96.
SetondGrado-(Edith Robinson 94, I
n M inson 93, Rufort 'Volrath
tu>. I
Third Grade-Minnie Hughes 93, !
Crvlli. White 92.
Fourth Grade - Bennie Becknell
90. F i ri Hanson 93, Dudley Kell 93, !
Pearl walker 91.
'Fifth Grade-(Maurice White 91. 1
S?N?I Grade-Ralph Sloan 92, :
Charles Gpperman 92, Helen Knox .
SI. .lames Landford 90, Ernest Kell
90. I
SOM nth Grade - Ellnmay Elliott
94, lohn Newton 9 1, Fannie Miller;
9 ?. Matthew Land 93, Estees Tho-;
nu s 92? Ralph Smith 91.
Ninth Orade-Fannie Whitp 95, j
Tin rile White 95, Cora Brown 94,
Sara Kejl 9 3.
Tenth Grade-Fanannie.Kelly 99,
Hazel Toll Ison 98, Carrol Landford
98. Cail Brown 96.
W. H. (Hawkins, Principal.
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicine which stops the cough by
healing the inflamed and Irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds. Head Colds and
Croup ls enclosed with every bottle of
should be rubbed on the chest and throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup.
The healing1 effect of Hayes' Heating Honey in
side the throat combined with the healing effect of
Grove's O Pen-Trato Salve through the pores of
tho skin soon stops a cough.
Both remedies are packed In one carton and the
cost of the combined treatment ls 95c
Just ask your druggist for HAYES'
Popular Colored Couple Married.
A marriage announcement that
will bo of interest to tho colored
peoplo of both West Union and Wal
halla is that of Beatrice Terry, of
West Union, and William Jackson, of
Greenville, which took place on Feb.
16th nt tho'homo of tho bride, in the
prosonce of a large number of friends
of the contracting parties. Tho bride
wore a handsome coat suit of brown
broadcloth, with hat and shoes to
match. After the ceremony the
guests were ushered into the spa
cious dining room, where the bride's
table was set, and which was most
attractive with tho beautiful wedding
cake as a center-piece. The cake was
decorated In pink and white Icing
rosebuds, with a miniature kewpie
bride and groom. A delicious course
dinner was served, consisting of
smothered chicken, rico and gravy,
chicken salad, rice custard, ice cream
and cakes. The young couple recelv.
ed many handsome presents. Among
the out-of-town guests were Nannie
B. Evans, of Atlanta, and a sister
and niece Of the groom. The bride
and groom left for Greenville, their
future home, amid a shower of good
wishes. The bride is a daughter of
j. Q. and Anna Terry, the former be
ing numbered among tho substantial
colorod farmers of Oconee.
Piles Cured In 6 to 14 Days
Druggists refund monoy if PAZO OINTMENT fan*
?cure Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles,
stoutly relieves Itching Piles, and you can get
restful bicep after tho first ooollcation. Price OOo
. }.>'. V'S " ' '. ?"*
... A Real Saving* ...
n the tombstone you are intending: to buy. You
CAN go farther-but you CAN'T do any better.
Monuments of rare value, rare workmanship and
design, rare material and prices that suit your
A Saving on Every Purchase You Make
From Us.
Seneca, S. O.
C. F. ADAMS, Prop.
I Am Ready
"Rampley's Meal Mixture"
Make Your Reservations Early to In
sure Prompt Delivery.
we have decided that we can be of more service
to our old customers, and also to the com
munity at large, by placing our Mercantile
Business upon a Cash Basis, We can save a
lot of expense and waste in operating our busi
ness. We can keep our stock, , pay cash for
what we buy, and be able to make a closer
price on our goods, to the trading public.
we will close our crediting department and sell
Strictly for Cash. We want to close up
our books by that time, so if you owe us on
account or by note, please come in and settle
at once
Be sure to get our prices on goods before
buying, for we will bc able to save you money
. on your purchases.
We pay the highest market price for Coun
try Produce.
Strother <?t PhinneyP
Headquarters for kow Prices,
West Union, S. C.
Soul?.om to Cut Tourist Fores.
. Washington, Fob. 26. -General
Passenger Agent iH. F. Cary, of the
Southern Railway system, has an
nounced that the Southern will put
on round-trip tourist rates to all tho
mountain and seashore rosorts for
the coming season at 80 per cont ot
the double one-way fares, which ls
a very substantial reduction under
the tourist fares in effect for last
summer. For example, whore the
one-way faro Is'$10, the round-trip
rato this summer will be $16. Last
year the round-trip rate would navet
been $18, plus $1.44 war tax, mak
ing a total of $10.44. Those rates:
will apply from all stations to alL
mountain and Hon sh oro resorts that
are reached by the Southern, and am
expected to have a great effect la
stimulating tourist travel.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
stops th a Cough and Headache and works off that
Cold. E.w. GROVE'S signature on each box. soc..
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