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By Steck, Shelor Hugh* & Sholor.
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now arriving,
the largest and t
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C. W. & J. E
It Pays to Bi
Dentil of Harold Grant.
Earle's Grove, March ll-Special:
The sad death of Harold, the 15-year
old son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Grant,
occurred at their home near Earle's
Grove on March 4th. Ho had been
in bad health for about three years,
being a victim of tuberculosis, and
a few days before his death he con
tracted pneumonia, and' his suffer
ing ceased, and he was transported
to that happy home above. He was
a faithful member of the Sunday
school and a regular attendant at)
church services as long as he was
able to go. In his last hours he put.
his arms around his father's neck
and said, "Papa, you havo done all
that you can do, and now I pray
that Jesus will take me home." The
funoral was conducted by Rev. Jas.
Mason, aftor which his remains were
laid" to rest in Earle's Grove ceme
tery. The pallbearers woro his two
brothers, Leland and Lesley Grant,
and two cousins, Clay and Darris
Grant. The funeral was largely at
tended and the flori.1 offerings were
beautiful and extensive.
There are many in this and othor
communities who will join with us
In extending to the bereaved ones
sympathy in their hour of sorrow.
"Blessed aro the dead which die
in the Lord from henceforth, yea,
saith tho Spirit, that they moy rest
from tholr labors; and their works
do follow thom."-(Hov. 14:13.)
ng Goods
ty.-:1- a
ring Goods are
We have one of
>est assortments
own. Come in
I. Bauknight,
,L/V S. C. . , .
for Cash*
ts ? ?
j te i -
Mid. J. N. HopkbiB OaUed by D?ath.
vi ?uren m?u vmier nocitut?, .
Seneca, Marpb 14,-^-Sp??lal-(Mrs.
W. J. Lunney has been quito sick at
her home for ovor a woeY. ?t->will bc
a Bource of pleasure to her puiser
o us friends, however, to learn. tba)
she ls,Improving, and it ls sincerely
hoped, that, she, will soon be restored
to her usual health. ' ,
Mrs. J. N. ? 4 Iopk 1 ns. paasod a way
last Thursday afternoon- at hor late
r08l<V?ee 1 OiV^?th?Ua ?treet. - after
an ilLWbt^bo?t three week?. Tho I
kins leaves a husband and a large
family of grown children to mourn
her death, besides a large number
of other relatives and a* host of
friends. The sympathy -of the com
munity goes out to the bereaved ones
in their sorrow. Mrs. Hopkins was
a daughter of the late Thoa. Harper,
and was a native of the Lebanon sec
tion of Anderson county, though she
had lived the greater part of her life
In Oconee.
The Womam's Auxiliary of the
?Presbyterian church held the last
business meeting of the church year
last Wednesday afternoon. The most
important business of. this meeting
was that of electing officers for the
coming year, whifch resulted as fol
lows: ?Mrs. J. J. Norton, president;
Mrs. JJ. B. Bowie, vloe president;
Miss Carrie Smith, Auxiliary secre
tary; Mrs. C. N. Gignilliat, treasu
rer; Mrs. Leslie Strlbling, secretary
foreign missions; Mrs. S. K. Dendy,
secretary Assembly's home missions;
Mrs. J. R, Heller, secretary S. P. and
C. home missions; Mrs. B. A. Low
ery, secretary Christian 'Education
and Ministerial Relief; Miss Sue
I Gignilliat, secretary S. S. and Young
(People's work; Miss .Mamie Burgess,
secretary literature; Mrs. W. Z.
Whitmlre, secretary Pastor's Aid;
Mrs. E. C. Doyle, secretary social ac
The March meeting of the D.A.R.
Chapter will be held with Mrs. E. A.
Hines on Tuesday, the 21st, at 4 p.
m. Tho program for the day will be
as follows: Response to roll call, D.
I A. R. Activities. Paper, )Newberry
"District, Mrs. Thos. Seaborn; Politi
cal Topics, Mrs. J. J. Norton.
Mrs. S. K. Dondy was hostess to
the Once-a-Week Club at the last
meeting. This being the date for the
annual election of officers, there was
no literary program given. The re
sult of the election was as follows:
Mrs. J. H, Adams, president, (re
elected); Mrs. T. <M. Lowery, Jr.,
secretary; Mrs. W. J. Lunney, treas
urer. Program committee, Mrs. J.
S. Stribling, Mrs. John Edwards, Mrs.
Ralph Ra m HO ur. Executive commit
tee, Mrs. J. H. Burgess, 'Mrs. Leslie
Stribling, Mrs. L. W. Vernor. Ref
erence committee, Mrs. E. A. Hines,
Mrs. J. W. Willis, Mrs. J. L. Marett.
Reciprocity, Mrs. C. G. Barron. Af
ter adjournment a delightful social
hour was spent, during which time
the hostess served 'a tempting chick
en salad course, with coffee. In this
she was assisted by Mrs. Macaulay
and Miss Thain.
Miss Bernice Brown returned to
Columbia Monday afternoon, after a
delightful vacation of four days,
which were spent'with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Brown, and hor
; friends. Miss Brown is a member of
the student body of Chicora College.
Seneca school faculty was well rep
resented at the Tri-County Teachers'
Association, which mot at Clemson
College Saturday last. Tho Seneca
?schools have fifteen teachers, four
teen of whom attended this meeting.
Thoy will also havo a good represen
tation in Columbia this week at tho
State Teachers* Association.
Who WU1 8!io Bo?-Boost Ono of
Your Friends- for Ocohce's Rep- <
sentatlve and Candidate ?for
the Ro^al Queen.
Got busy in the matter ot voting
and working ".for your choice for the"'
Oconee representative at the great
Palmafesta Celebration in Columbia
next month. Th? young lady, whose
friends and admirers givo her the
most votes in the contest hot .only
give* her an opportunity to enjoy,
mighty pleasant trip as tho guest of
our Capital City, but she will also
haye an equal chance with, the rep
resentative of every, other county iii
the State to bo chosen Queen of the
Palmafesta Celebration-- and inoi-1
dentally to be the recipient af a .$6.0?
ring, the gift o? tb,e promoters ??
the Palmafesta Celebration.
Interest is picking up. We have
heard Of lots of people who are tak
ing in coupons wherever they can
get them. They are going to be used
for some one of Oconee's prettiest
and most popular young ladies. Are
you interested-directly or Indirect
ly? Get busy and use all the voting
coupons you eau get for the young
lady of your choice. Two Walhall*
young ladles have been nominated
by friends. Don't let the plum fall
Into the lap of one of the Walhalla
girls without making an effort to get
it for some young lady of your homo
town or community. Some, girl 'lu
the country might just as. weft have
this trip and this chance as one of
the girls of the. town. But nono of
them .can . have that, chance, untes*
thor o is an effort m ado in their bo
half. ; v. ..;>:..-..? ; -
' Oft|yVs^^%ominaUon? fc?Ve beett'
sont in-toth?t?oto^
Whi^^^^a?t' Garrie gar bj
Pal m af i
IOUB time
sent V
. %^t' lt
whQ?e names nave been
tjjf.;h?v?,- counting The C?u#M>.gj
yp$s, the f?llovtoK to th?ir. bVedlt:
ing out in coupons through The Cou
rier each week, and this week we
have doubled up on the coupon, mak
ing a possibility of clipping 44,000
votes for the girls ot Oconee. Lots
of these go away off, it is true, and
will never be gotten, but thousands
and thousands are obtainable "for
the asking" and by means of clip
ping. Get. yours and use them for the
young lady of your choice-and you
young ladles who are already in, see
that you get "all that's coming to
The prize is a handsome one, we
can assure you-one well worth try
ing for, even though you may not be
the winner all the Way through. But
the trip and the honor of represent
ing the best county in the State at
Palmafesta-don't you think that it
is well worth trying for? Somebody
is going to represent Oconee-that
much is certain. It might just as
well be YOU as some one else.
Each coupon clipped and sent in
will count teri votes. A renewal sub
scription for ono year to The Courier
gets you 100 votes, and a new sub
scription to The Courier for one year
gives you 200 votes. Lots of these
100 and 2 0 0-vote coupons are going
out every day. We do not know to
whom they will be given by the ones
who get them, but-SOMEBODY IS
THEM. You might Just as well be
looking after your shar?!
Tho native FIJI women refuse to
marry tho Indian immigrants.
p^waa thought by some^
ireh term of General Sji?
^uid 'O?cdpy largely the
l}V;We?k^ Wednesday even
'.{ne. Op?t'k ready to ad
|ii^le >yas done beyond the.
?Od bf and reported by
v Following ls the record
ainder of the session:
Jt?je vs. W. B. Edwairdft^
5"jpf property under liett.^'Npt
tt? ,, ' - , ~. \ , v ; '
mn'?nd Frank- johnson'
of prohibition laws. Both
guilty. Bensen! senteht.ed to
Us. on chain gahg;or,ln/;pen
; ?'??Sentence. to '"be/ .sfrBpehded
MB)of |10Ovflriei'-CT^e . Judgo
- Consideration tnh? d.efend
W nti?cfMin passing', son
rank Johnson was son tone
Ive months in penitentiary
m gang,,six months t?'l)?
; after/the service of six
,;>v:;.\ .
igins at?^J?h? Cash-Vio.r
prohibition laws. Both were
, Each was sontonced to
tbs on ohain gang br in
/six months to bo aus
ser vjqe ot six mon tho.
aham-r-rDisposihg of prop
lien./Fo^nd guilty, with
talion to. rnercy. Sentenced
He of $25 or serve' 15 days
??ng, Sontence suspended
Williamsr ftttd Charlie John
dst. Continued and ball In
Sv'Tl,000- each allowed. >
How in g > appeal cases from
M Courts V?re disposed of:>
nnd-Hattle -Hix-New
^Magistrate's finding
' iiaev dismissed.
re the final ad Jour n
XJourt the grand Jury
fc? ?roBoatment, as, toK
State of South Carolina-County of
Oconee. - Presentment of Grand
Jury, March, 1922, Term of Court
of General Sessions.
I To His Honor W, H. TownserU, Pre
siding Judge: .
As grand jury for Oconee county,
IS. C., we herewith submit our pre
sentment tor this term of the Court:
1. We beg to report that we. have
passed upon all bills that have been
handed out .to us at this term by the
2. We deplore the recent breaches
of the peace and other acts of law
lessness in connection with the carni
val recently held In Oconee county,
and we urge the peace officers to be
more active in enforcing tho prohibi
tion laws of the State and in keeping
all carnivals and other such danger
ous and evil shows from exhibiting
in Oconee county.
3. We recommend that the Magis
trates discontinue the practice of ap
pointing special constables to execute
criminal processes, as the. rural po
licemen, sheriff and deputy should
be sufficient for this purpose.
4. We recommend that Rev. Whit
man, superintendent of. the Oconee
Orphanage, be permitted to solicit
funds from the State at large for the
support of said orphanage,
5. Wo request and urge the Oco
nee county delegation in tho General
Assembly, now in session, to so
amend the supply bill for 1922 for
Oconee county as to provide a levy
sufficient to wipe out tho back in
debtedness of said oounty, said levy
to be determined by the County Au
We ask that the leak in the
county Jail be repaired Immediately.
We (hank* the Court and officials
for the courtesies extended us dur
ing tho performance of our duties,
and now ask to be excused from fur
ther attendance upon the Court at
this term.
Respectfully submitted,
P. I?. Green, Foreman.
Rainfall and Temperature.
Below is a record of meteorological
observations taken by H. W. Brandt,
co-operative observer of tho Weather
Bureau of the U. S. Department of
Agriculture, during the week ending
March 12th, 1922, at 7 p. m. (Tho
instrumental readings are from gov
ernment standard instruments ex
posed in the manner recommended
by the chief of the Weather Bureau) :
Charaoter of
Mar. 6--Ptly eldy..
I'Mar. 7-Ptly oldy..
Mar. 8-Clear
Mar. 9-Cloudy .
Mar. 10-Cloudy ..
Mar. ll-Clear ...
I Mar. 12-flPtly cldy,
Total rainfall .,,
4 5
They cannot last long* . tty
one brand ne w and guarani?
30 k 3 plain casing, '? ? !
:30 ? 3 "1-2 Usco Tread, !
30 x3 1-2 Chain Treads ?
32x3 1-2Chain;j&?ad, I
32 x 4 Chain Tread, . ? i
32 x 4 Nobby Tread, ? ? ;
33x 4 1-2" <??/, ... j
35 x 5 Nobby Tread, . ? :
If you are going to need a
these pri?es? They will be v
smobile ?
I Second Week of March Court Will
Open Monday?' March 27th.
, The. Jurors for the second. wjeek.of
the March term of Court, which will
? open Monday;. starch 2 7th, were'
I drawn s tlie - first of this week. The
I Mst ls .ns 'follows:' ?\
.% Abbott, S. P., Seneca.
?%. Allen, W. B., Townville R.F.?.
3. E. M. Barron. Seneca. - ..
4. Baker, Ji T., Westminster R;Pvb.'
5. Brewer, O; WI W^?nank.R.F.D.,
6. Carpenter Wi L MWnifri?He, Rt.3.
7. Cleveland, Grever, Seneca R.F.D.
8> Crane, J. H.. S?heca, R.F.D.
9. Clehahaw, W, O., Westminster,
R.F.D.. ,i ? ' .. - ?$$3 ' :
10. Corn, W. H., Seh.?ca. !R.pj(D, .
11. Davis, Dean. Seneca (R.P..D.
12. Dalton, V. N., Westminster.
.13. .Davie, J. M., weatmtnat?r R.F.D.
y/estminster. \ '
17. Duncan, B. C., Seneca R.F.D.
18. Hamby, fl. J., Mt. Rest R.F.D.
19. Hubbard, G. C., Seneca.
20. Jaynes, W. D., Seneca 'R.F.D.
21. Jones, H. O., Walhalla.
22. Johnson, W. A" WalhallaR.F.D.
23. Keaton, J. A., Walhalla.
24. Land, M. L., West Union R.F.D.
25. Martin, O. A., Newry.
26. Mqorehead, H. C., Westminster,
27. Morris, M. M., Pendleton, R.F.D.
28. McDonald, M. C., Richland.
29. MoMahan, J. B., Seneca R.F.D.
30. PeebleB, T. C., Seneca R.P.D.
31. Powell, L. J-, West Union R.P.D.
32. Rankin, J. C.Tamassee.
33. Ridley, S. K., West Union.
34. Simmons, J. J., Seneca R.F.'D.
35. Singleton, M. C., Seneca R.P.D.
36. White, D. T., Westminster R.P.D
Bo un ty Land Local Nows.
Bounty Land, March 13-Special:
C. E. Callaham, of Friendship, and
Thad Palmer, of Greenvllle,we re re
cent guests in the home of J. M.
Miss Oleo Haynes, bf Fairview, vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. Will Smith the first
of the week.
Mrs. George Mears and daughter,
of Fair Play, were in the vicinity on
Sunday and attended services at the
Rock Springs church, .,
Mrs. W. C. Foster will entertain
the W. M. S. next Sunday afternoon.
The members are looking forward to
this meeting and Lupe for a full at
Owing to bad "weather the 'B.L.I.A.
failed to bold its regular monthly
meeting last Friday, but hope to
have Miss Counts with us next Fri
day afternoon. The meeting will be
held at 3.3 0. All the community la
dles are urgod to be present at this
meeting, and visitors* from other
communities are always welcome.
H. E. Rogers, of Los Angol?s, Cal.,
stopped at the homo of M. E. Marett
Sunday. Mr. Rogers ls 8-4' years old,
and ls walking from California to
New York. He hos been walking 81
days and expects to reach his desti
nation in forty-one more days.
Claude Lynch has returned from a
"business" trip to Ervin,. Tenn.
Mr. and 'Mrs. J. R. Harrison and
family, of Seneca, were recent guests
in the home of J. >M. Adams.
Mrs. S. Y. Norton and daughters,
Misses Martha and Sue, of near Wal
halla, wore guests recently of Mr.
and Mrs. L. W. Wilson.
Mrs. E. O. McMahan and two chil
dren, who have been visiting at tho
homo of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. McMa
han, left Inst Monday for their home
in Lincolnton, Ga.
Dr. and Mrs. Edgar Pund, of Au
gusta, Ga.; Mn\ and Mrs/Oscar Doyle
of Anderson, and Miss Gary Doyle,
of Sandy Springs, were week-end
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Doylo.
We aro glad to report tho conva
lescence of Mrs. J. W. Shelor, who
recently suffered an attack of double
Mrs. Thomas Wyley's numerous
friends will regret to learn of her
Illness, and hopo that she will soon
bo well.
ited. States* Tires and every
f 8*80 Tube, $175?
9.90 u* Tube, S2.00.
J2.75 Tube, $2.75,
> Tube, $3.00.
j? Tube, $3.50.
j? Tube, $4.75.
ny tires take advantage of
withdrawn soon. .
la, S. C.
tat? the Pace."
. :1 .:? . ..1
Carload Fresh Ceroeni
Carload Linie, p
Carloed Uncle Si
Oats to BoM/^jrt
* or yNflww and
Hames*, Stalk Cutters, ?Iso
AU? I ask is that you como anti
let me show yon.,. My prices are
away down.
It wiJl be a pleasure to fill your
orders. 7
Remember: , Brown Has It or
Brown Gets Itt
W. ii Brown,
%> Two Big Meetings on Oo?Op
orativo Markotin?.
4? Meetings on the co-operativo ?J*
plan of selling cotton will be
.ii held Tuesday, March 21st, at .$?
4? Westminster at ll o'clock, and .???
at Seneca, in the Chamber of 4**
4? Commerce Hall, at 2.30 p. m.
One of the most enthusiastic ?f~
3? men in the South on this sub- ?.
> Ject, Alfred Scarborough, of ? L
? Eastover, will be the speaker. . w
4? 'Harold C. Booker, organiza- ? .
tion secretary, writes that . ?~
?every county that has been . ?
privileged to hoar Mr. Scar- .
borough has been delighted ?.
with his message and has ask- . .
ed for a return date with him. . .
It is the privilege and duty ?j*
of every man in the county to . .
come to one of these meetings
.j. on Tuesday, March 21st. Let's
4? make Oconeo have a big place . *.
on the co-operative ?market-* ?j .
lng map of the South. . *
It ls expected that a County- ?jj*
twide "Sign-Up Day" will bo
held on Friday, March 24th. .>
Geo. R. Briggs, . w
County Agent. '..
To French at High Falls.
Rev. Fowler will preach at High
Falls church on next Sunday morn
ing, March 19th, at ll o'clock. The.
public ls cordially invited to attend
and take part in the services.
J. H. Vaughn..
Wagoner Township Singing;
Tho Wagenor Township Singing:
Association will meet at Stocky Knoll
Baptist church on the third Sunday
evening, (March 19th, at 2 o'clock..
All singers and lovers of music aro?
invited. J. F. 'Morton, Pres.
Clyde 'Hale, Secretary. .
The greatost breadth of the Atlan
tic Ocean is 4,15o miles. Its Ipast ta

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