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For Constipated Bow?
Sour Stomach,
The nicest cathartic-laxative in the
world to physic your liver and bow
els when you have dizzy headache,
colds, biliousness, indigestion, or up
set, acid stomach is candy-like "Gas
carets." One or two to-night will
Convenience Available in Various
Sizes; Can Be Unfolded jj
Away From Roots. ! \
- ! i
Arrangement of Container Oaves In.
Jury te Growth; Can Ba Plaoed In
Ground Under th? Most Fa
vorable Conditions.
No greater gardening convenience
has been devised in many years than
the paper flower pots now available
In various sises which can be unfolded
away from the roots of the plant when'
lit comes tune te transplant By the
nae sf these paper pots which are
fairly durable, plenty lasting enough
lo raise aeediyixs to sufficient sis?, great ;
advantages can be secured In growing!
?neb vegetables as peppers, egg plants;
and cucumbers ?nd melons fer an early
?tart One or two seeds to a pet of:
the two-inch als? may be planted and;
ttl? ?trongor of th? two ???diing? re
tained to grow ?long.
For plants which cannot b? trans
planted readily If th? root? ?re dis
turbed In the operation these paper
pots are ideal. If cucumbers can be
given two or three weeks start by thia
method, they are in much better shape
to withstand the ravages of Ute early
bug? which annually take heavy toll
of the seeding plants in the open
ground and make lt necessary to plant
more seeds te th? hill than could be
! grown should they all survive.
In the larger-sized paper pots, gladi
olus bulbs na well as tuberoses may
be sprouted and placed In the ground
with /in advantage of a month's
growth over the earliest dote lt would
be possible to plant them In the open.
The pots are so cheap in price that
(bey can be thrown away after using
with no real loss.
One precaution hi necessary in us
Name "Bayer" on Genuine
Warning! Unless you see the name
"Bayer" on package or on tablets,
you are not getting genuino Aspirin
prescribed by physicians for twenty
one years and proved safe by mil
lions. Take Aspirin only ns told In
tho Bayer package for colds, head
ache, neuralgia, rheumatism, ear
ache, toothache, lumbago and for
pain. Handy tin boxes of twelve
Bayor Tablets of Aspirin cost
few cents. Druggists also sell larger
packages. Aspirin is the trade mark
of Bayer Manufacture of Monoacetlc
acldestor of Salicyllcacld.-adv.
sis, Sick Headache,
Bilious Liver
empty your bowels completely by
morning, and you will feel splendid.
"They work while you sleep." Cas
carete never stir you up or gripe like
salta, pills, calomel, or oil, and they
cost only ten cents a box. Children
love Cascarots, too.
lng these pots. They should not be
allowed to stand in water or the bot
toms will rot out while the sides re
main Intact. It ls necessary to provide
drainage lu all but the smallest sites
with pieces of broken earthen flower
pots, crockery or a few pebbles.
Castor beans hiay be given a flue
start with these paper pots which will
bring them to majestic proportions
much earlier than if planted in the
open. Planting the seeds In these
little pots saves the work of trans
planting which will become Imperative
if tho seed is plnnted in the usual way
In a seed box Indoors or lu rows in a
hotbed or cold frame.-National Gar
den Bureuu.
One of the Earliest Products of the
Home Garden ls One of Easiest
to Grow.
The radish patch usually hi the first
to be planted by the majority of home
gardeners. The product In most In
stances ls the first to grace the fam
ily table. The United States Depart
ment of Agriculture ?ells how :
For the home garden, radish seed
should be sown In the open ground as
soon us the soil ls moderately warm.
Plant la drills 12 to 18 inches apart,
und us soon as the punts are up thin
them slightly in order to provent
crowding. Radishes require to be
grown on a quick, rich soil, and some
of the earlier sorts can be matured in
two or three weeks after planting. If
the radishes grow slowly they will
have a pungent flavor and will not be
flt for table use. For a constant sup
ply successive plantings should be
made every two weeks, as the roots
lose their crispness and delicate flavor
If allowed to remain long in the open
ground. As a rule a large percent
age of radish seed will grow, and lt ls
often possible by careful sewing te
avoid the necessity of thinning, the
first radishes being pulled as soon as
tiv y as? sufficient sice fer table ?we,
thus musing room for those that will
mature later.
Was Fought 00 Years Ago Between
Monitor and Merrimac.
New York, March 9.-Sixty years
ago this morning the Confederate
Inronclad Merrimac steamed away
from her anchorage in Hampton
Roads to attack what was expected
to be a defenseless Union fleet. In
stead she met the ?Monitor, later
called the "Yankee Cheesebox on a
Raft," and engaged In the first bat
tle between Ironclads, which changed
the whole navjal strategy sot the
world, and which has been described
as the most momentous sen engage
ment ever fought.
To-day tho cities of New York and
Stockholm, Sweden, united In doing
honor to John Ericsson, who de
signed the Monitor.
A tablet was to be unveiled under
the auspices of tho American Society
of the Swedish ?Engineers at the
house at 36 Beach street, whore the
noted (Ericsson lived, and lator an
other tablet was to be unveiled at
260 West street and the site of the
Phoenix Foundry, where the parts of
the Monitor were turned out, and
where Ericsson spont his last active
years. The latter ceremony was to
be In chargo of the General Society
of Mechanics and Tradesmen. The
Phoenix Foundry made the iron pipe
car vf ff water from the old Croton
Acii ct to New York, and built
the first iron and screw steamers.
Cold? Cause Grip and Influenza
cause. There li only ono "Bromo Quinine." E.W.
GROVE'S ettfnature on the box, SOo.
.. - ? -? . w
No snakes are found on the Ber
muda Islands.
Unknown Operator /esta os His Ship
Goos Down.
New York, March 8.-The grim
humor ot a wireless operator, who
laughed at death and slashed strik
ing bits of wit into the ether as his
ship, the Norwegian sti ".mer Gron
toft, wallowed and slowly sank dur
ing a mid-Atlantic hurricane last
Thursday, was recorded on the radio
log of the Danish steamer Estonia,
arriving to-day.
Each detail of the ship's plight,
oach call for aid, was supplemented
by the jesting comment of the radio
man, whose identity is still unknown.
?He talked as if he were going on a
lark in port instead of to the bottom
of the sea. 'His last message, a dis
jointed one, was a series of witti
cisms-with death as the butt of
the joke.
The Estonia, herself hard hit in
the 110-mile gale, made a valiant
but unsuccessful effort to reach the
Grontoft, which first sent out calls
for aid at 10 o'clock last Thursday
morning, reporting her position as
about 700 miles east of Cape Race.
The Estonia at that time was 48
miles west of the disabled Norwe
gian and steaming in an. opposite
direction. Capt. 'Hans Jorgensen or
dered his ship about, however, and
sho steamed toward the Grontoft.
Meanwhile Radio Operator Hansen
engaged the operator of the Grontoft
in conversation. The latter sent out
first the following - a stereotyped
irony of the seas:
"God pity the poor sailors on a
night like this." Then followed a
series of "Ha, Ha.!"
"And say," he continued, "the old
man thinks this calm will be over
by nightfall. We sure need some
An hour later an urgent call for
aid was sent out by the Grontoft and
her operator Jested again:
"Well, the steward ls making tho
sandwiches for the life-boats. Looks
like we are going on a picnic."
Again, a half hour later, he said:
"The old wagon has a Hst like
a rundown heel. This ls no weather
for a fellow to be out in without an
"Hold on," returned the Estonia's
wireless. "We'll he alongside soon."
The Grontoft did not reply until
forty minutes later. Then:
"We are sinking stern first. The
boats are smashed. Can't hold out
any longer.
"The skipper dictated that, lie
ought to know. Where did I put my
hat? Sorry wo can't wait for you
pressing business elsewhere-"
The Estonia's operator quoted in
reply these lines:
"What dam of a lances brought thee
To Jest at dawn with death?"
But there was no answer.
Six hours after picking up the first
call from the Grontoft the Estonia
reached her reported position, and,
though she cruised about for four
. hours, failed to find even a trace of
The Grontoft, from Galveston,
New Orlenas and Norfolk, was en
route for Esjerj. She had a crew of
To Cure a Cold lo One Day
stopa the Cough and Headache and works off the
Cold. E. W. GROVE'S signature on each box. 3(V
Marino who Killed Man is Freed.
?Pensacola, Fla., Mn|rch 9.-(Pri
vate Thos. M. Willis, of the Marine
Corps, who, while a mail guard, shot
and killed a man at Blanchard, La.,
in December last, has boen acquitted
and restored to duty. This informa
tion was given out from the naval
air station hero to-day after publica
tion of tho verdict In Washington.
Willis Insisted that he was carry
ing out orders of the Postofllce De
partment in protecting the mails,
and the "shoot to kill" order which
had been issued was carried out
when tho Blanchard man refused to
leave and continued to approach the
guard when ordered to halt.
Pigeons are used extensively in
forest fire fighting.
Your little ono will love the
"fruity" taste of "California Fig
Syrup" even if constipated, bilious,
irritable, feverish, or full of cold. A
teaspoonful never falls to cleanse tho
liver and bowels. In a few hours you
can see for yourself how thoroughly
it works all the sour bile and undi
gested food out of the bowels and
you have a well, playful child again.
Millions of mothers keep "Califor
nia Fig Syrup" handy. They know a
teaspoonful to-day saves a sick child
to-morrow. Ask your druggist for
genuine "California Fig Syrup,"
which has directions printed on bot
tle. Mother I You must say "Califor
nia" or you may get an imitation flg
.I* *J* ?H(^iSP'*i^ 4* 4* 4* *1* *l* *i* 4* *i* "I*
Cotton Acreago Plans.
? "'
Farmers lu this section who have
boen 'anticipating mild boll weevil
damage the coming year should con
sider th? following statements by
Prof. Conrad!, State Entomologist,
at Glenison :
"Even throughout this section the
weevil ls more numerous than we
expected, and than it will be in or
dinary yesT. The four mild winters
just passed have brought this about.
This does not mean, necessarily, the
Impossibility ot growing (a cotton
crop, because we may get weather In
June and July entirely unfavorable
to the weevil and yet make a crop.
However, with the present weevil
abundance and the possibility of fa
vorable weevil weather In June and
July, we may well look upon the cot
ton crops of 1922 with apprehension.
Far mois may well give serious con
sideration to the reduction of their
acreage to a minim um for 1922, ac
cording to the present outlook."
Farmers' plans for 1922 should by
all means include a strict "llve-at
home" policy, producing for home
consumption everything possible for
man and beast, so that if money runs
short there will be no hunger.
Other money crops of proven value
may be gone into on a limited scale
by community co-operation, such as
sweet potato storago houses, fall
crop of Irish potatoes, soy beans be
tween rows of corn, harvested with
a soy bean harvester. Also, the ship
ping of cream to near-by creameries,
where all feedstuffs are home-grown
?lu great plenty should provide some
ready cash along. More chickens and
more hogs could be raised, and the
co-operative plan of shipping used
to bring the markets to the produc
ers. Better pastures should now be
started and plans made for growing
a larger variety of feedstuffs.
Then the acreage of cotton should
be well handled, employing the best
means of growing lt under weevil
conditions, such as good preparation
of soil, good seed, planting as early
as safety will permit, using fertiliz
ers judiciously, according to soil
types in order to make each dollar
count most, getting a good stand and
leaving the stalks only about a hoe's
width! apart, and then rushing cul
tivation fast and often, on until the
crop humado. The picking of early
weevllrWhd' early punctured squares
should be done IF IT DOES NOT IN
OPERATIONS, and if it can be done
.For soil improvement as well as
for feed, velvet beans should be
planted in all corn. Velvet beans
have proven themselves over the en
tire South as one of the best friends
the farmer has found. Sudan grass
and other forage crops should be sub
stituted for "fodder-pulling.'?*'
Sweet Potatoes for Bedding.
Farmers interested In getting good
sweet potatoes for bedding purposes
should communicate with the County
Agent, who has a list of parties over
the State who have good seed stock.
Good plants from good potatoes are
necessary, especially where lt ls
planned to grow potatoes for the
. Lust CaR for Picric Acid.
Tho last order for picric acid for
farmers to use in stump-blasting,
etc., is expected to be made soon.
This material ls packed In 100-lb.
boxes, and not less than this amount
can be ordered. It will cost approxi
mately 9 % cents a pound, delivered
to Columbia from Edgewood, Md.,
where some of this government ex
plosive is now stored. This explosivo
ls made up in 6-ounce cartridges, one
of these cartridges being equal to
eight ounces of standard dynamite.
Directions for using can be obtained
from the government. Those inter
ested should not delay placing an
What Others Think of Co-operative
"Only a super-man could combino
within himself the functions of pro
ducer, salesman, merchant and finan
cier," according to a recent editorial
appearing in tho Atlanta Journal,
which paper has a special corre
spondent in Oklahoma and Texas In
vestigating the co-operativo market
ing of cotton which is hoing prac
ticed there this year.
The Journal goos on to state that
"Co-operative marketing, as exem
plified in the Oklahoma Cotton Grow
ers' Association, relieves tho produ
cer of these burdens and distractions
so that he ls free' for the important
and absorbing business that is pro
perly his-rthe business and the art
of farming. The rosult is that he
fares far better in the way of pro
fits, since he is represented by spe
cialists, who give their whole timo
Unusual C
for Progressiv
C Large automobile
wire merchant in tl
C. The line comprises 1
all over the world,
able, economical, k
try; the other a <
motoring at a medi
C The sales of both
increase from mon
right for a record y
C. The right type of b
izing ability and i
this an unusual o]
profitable business.
S*l*m Promotion
and talent to the sales end of his in
terests. Furthermore, the buyer, the
consumer, the commonwealth, are
better served in consequence of the
standardized products and ellmlna
natlon of wast.es."
"Readers of Ralph Smith's illumi
nating series of articles on the sub
ject have been impressed, we dare
say, by the steady force with which
the Oklahoma association has cleav
ed its way to undeniable success
through all manner of difficulties.
Tho times were truly 'put of Joint'
when that great experiment was
launched, and they grew more un
settled as it proceeded. Selfish inter
ests fought it; many for whose good
lt was Intended and undertaken dis
trusted lt; many more misunder
stood lt, and multitudes were indif
ferent and inert. Yet, In spite of all
adversities, it has handled some 91,
000 bales of cotton, and has con
ducted transactions Involving mil
lions of dollars, with results that not
only satisfy the rank and file of Its
35,000 members, but also commands
the admiration of business and bank
ing leaders. This, it should be re
membered, ls not hearsay, but THE
FACTS as ascertained through a first
hand and thoroughly critical investi
O. S. Weitzeuhoffer, vice president
and active head of the Security Na
tional Bank of Oklahoma City, stated
to the Journal correspondent: "The
banker is a -fool who doesn't
help the co-operative marketing
movement along." This banker ls
recognized as one of the keenest
bankers in Oklahoma.
Cet a contract to-day, study it and
you will sign it. It is the greatest
movement toward real business that
the Southern farmer has ever made.
Geo. R. Briggs,
County Agent.
... A Real
n the tombstone you are
CAN go farther-but yo
Monuments of rare vail
design, rare material ai
A Saving on Every
C. F. AD/
e Business Man
manufacturer wants live
ils territory.
two cars favorably known
One, the most comfort
>w-priced car in the coun
car that offers luxurious
um price.
these cars show marked
ith to month. Cars are
ear of business.
.usiness man, with organ
noderate capital will find
>portunity to establish a
Division: Toledo, Ohio
.?* ??* *!. .!* .!* *I* *l* 'i" *%* *2* ???
?I? HONOR KOLI;, ?{.
>J? ??? ??? ?j? ?J. .?? .J? ?J. ?J. ?J. ?J? ?J? ?J?
Flat Shoals Oradod School.
Following U the honor roll of the
Flat Shoals Graded School for tho
month ending March Sd:
First Grade-'None.
Advanced First Grade - Ellen
Whitehead, Dee Derry, J. B. Cowan.
Second Grade-George Cowan,
Eva Manning, Teacher.
Fifth Grade-Thelma Bell, Claude
Fourth Grade-Jessie Belle Bar
rett, Fred Brewer, (Rufus Head.
Third Grade - Lola Whitehead,
Ernest Bell, Bertha Brewer.
Myra <M. Loe, Teacher.
Eighth Grade-Leora Head.
Seventh Grade-Lloyd Bell, Wil
liam Hann, Bertha Sloan, Lula
Sixth Grade-Ila Tow, Ola Mae
Tow, Claude Brewer.
Ora Arve, Principal.
fte Quinine Ybtt DAM Hot ?fftet the Head
Became of ita toole and laxativa effect, LAXA
TIV? URO M o QUININIt iabettei than ordinary
Quinine and doea not cause nervouonea nor
ringing in head. Remember the full name and
look ior the alunature of H. W. GROV8. 30c.
Mall Stolen from Baggage Room.
Springfield, 111., March 9.-Two.
sacks of mail were stolen from the
baggage room of the Wabash depot
here early Thursday by thieves, who
opened tho cr.irp.nce door with a
pass key. Both pouches contained
first-class mail.
The aphis drops a fluid called
honey dew, much sought by ants,
who tend the Insects like we do our
milch cows.
intending: to buy. You
u CAN'T do any better,
ne, rare workmanship and
nd prices that suit your
Purchase You Make
i Us.
! Granite Works,
ia) S. O*
kMS, Prop.

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