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From a Bridk
"As a young houf
two and one-ha
perience I am gla
even we amatei
successfully if w
Baking Powder.'1
Absolut el
Contains No Alum I
Send for New Royal Co*
Royal Baking Powder Co., 13
Ami Other Subjects that li forest and
Al?ect farmers and All.
Raleigh, X. C., March JV. I'.'i'u.
Editor Koo wee urier:
Since you .so kindly published my
recent letter, I am tempted to try it
again, as you know Lt is human na
ture lo enjoy blowing one's own
horn onco in a -hilo, and ! will ad
mit that 1 secure a groat deal of en
joyment from seeing my name in
print, whether any one else does or j
not. And then J did have the satis-'
faction of knowing that at least one
good citizen of Oconee county en
joyed my letter, and would like to
have moro good lotters, as ho so very
kindly expressed it. I will return the
compliment and say that 1 enjoyed
his letter, and will say that it con
tained more good, sound common
sense than any article 1 have read in
a long time. If the farmers would
only take Mr. McDonald's advico and
rnlso their own food and foodstuff
for ?hpmcinivps and fond for Hie nnn
produe'ji's, tho' (a'rmov hud the uou
producei would both pro HI thereby,
and tho cry ot hard limos would soon
Ve u thing of ibo past.
Tho way to get a good price for
any commodity is to curtail tho pro
duction. Just as prohibition raised
the price on moonshine corn liquor,
so would tile production of all food
and feedstuff nt homo help to raise
the price on cotton and tobacco
the farmers' money crops-because
if the farmers raise all their feed
stuff at home they will naturally
have to redttco their acreage in cot
ton and tobacco, which will shorten
the production of those articles lo
such an extent thal they will gol n
fair price1 for what (hey do raise, and
then they will have their own home
raised food and will nol ho compelled
to run in debi al limo prices, as is
tho case now. Instead of going imo
debi thc farmer would have surplus
money to put in tho hank or buy
Kord automobiles, which, by the way,
1 think would |>o rt good investment
for any farmer after he has got hts
homo paid for, as the whole family
could enjoy it on Sundays and holi
days, and besides the enjoyment he
Will get out of lt he can save enough
time in going to town for necessary
supplies to soon pay for it. Hut first
got your homo paid for and get it to
running along in a smooth, business.
liko manner hy raising your own
food and somo to spare for your
non-producing city cousins; and
signing up with the co-operative
marketing movement and pulling to
gether with your neighbors to your
mutual benefit -then will be the
timo to begin planning to give your
family and yourself some of the
pleasures you so richly deserve.
And while wo are speaking of au
tomobiles I want to tell you of a
conversation I overheard in a cafe
ono day between tho proprietor and
n traveling salesman. Tho traveling
man said that ho would bo in sym
pathy with the farmer hut for the
fact thal during tho time that tho
farmer was getting a good price for
his cotton and tobacco ho went and
bought Ford automobiles instead of
laying up for the hard times that
were coming. And the proprietor of
the cafo said yes, that it did not
make any difference with tho farmer
whethor he got anything for his pro
ducts or not, as ho did not havo
senso enough to enjoy lt. I know
that tho proprietor hod a big, nico
car of his own, as I was personally
acquainted with him, and I guess
that tho traveling man had one, too,
ns most of them do, so I had to butt
In on their conversation with tho
question If they did not think that
tho farmor, who foods and clothes
ie wife of only
Jf years' ex
td to find that
irs can cook
re use Royal
Mrs. J. L. M.
y Pure
-eaves No Bitter Taste
ik Book-It's FREE
IO William St., New York
tho world, was ns much entitled to
ride ll) a Ford automobile as : non
producer was entitled to ride tn his
big, fine car? If there has to bo a j
di fte renco it seems to mo th.it it j
would bo nothing but fair and just j
to lei tho farmer ride in tho 1/ ; car !
and make tho middle-man walk, t?nt ;
thc fact remains that there was lot
of truth in their statements titler nil,
as wo all know a lot of farmer.-; did
bay automobiles and other things - .
luxuries-before they were able to
alford them, and now they are suf
fering from their over-con fidonco
that good limes had como lo stay.
Silt there is an old saying that there
is nothing so bad that ever happons
but that some good will come from
it, and 1 have come to believe it. So,
perhaps, this period of hard times
will teach us a lesson and show us
that if we want to be successful wo
must be more economical until such
limo as wo know beyond a doubt
that we can afford tho luxuries that
wo know we aro entitled *.o. Perhaps
it will bo the means of bringing the
farmers together in one big union,
I where li will !>?? "Ono tor all and nil
?or uno,." and it lt doo;, (hal li will [
bo 'o- ;v;s' tiling that h?3 svor tiap
i Why should not ibo farmci organ
izo? Almost every other class of
working peoplo havo organized to
their mutual bonefit. Tho merchants,
bankers, manufacturers and owners
of all big industries have their or
ganizations. Why? Because they
know that in union there is strength
-as individuals wo havo to take
what ls offered or doled out to us,
and pay tho price that is asked of
us. As a unit, in one big organiza
tion, we can demand a fair, price for
nur products and got it. And tho
way to got Into this big organiza- j
lion is to get. out and work for it. !
Don't sit down and say. "Well, I
will lot the other fellow do all the
work and the talking and organiz
ing, and If there is any benefit to bo
derived fruin ll, l will profil by it as
much as tho other fellow. And don't
think thai by just simply signing
your name on the dotted lino and
taking the obligation that there is
nothing else for you to do. You
must work for it and talk for it; got
up somo enthusiasm over it, and get
your neighbors enthused over it.
That is the way to make a success
of lt. If you want to raise a good
crop, you do not just go out and run
off your rows and put tho seed in tho
ground, and sit back and watch tho
stuff grow. If you do you will be
badly disappointed in the fall. And
so it. is with any kind of business or
organization. If wo want to make a
success wo must work and plan for
it in order that lt will go forward
instead of backward. And a good
farmers' union and co-operative as
sociation for marketing is so neces
sary to tho best Interests of the far
mers, as well as the balance of the
world, that wo should spend the
time and energy needed unsparingly
Even a sick child loves tho "fruity"
tasto of "California .Fig Syrup." if
tho littlo tonguo is coated, or If your
child ls listless, feverish, full of cold,
or has colic, glvo n teaspoonful to
cleanse tho livor and bowels. In a few
hours you can seo for yoursolf how
thoroughly it works all the consti
pated poison, sour hilo and waste
out of the bowels, and you have a
well, playful child again.
Millions of r othora keep "Califor
nia Fig Syrup" handy. They know a
teaspoonful to-day saves a sick child
to-morrow. Ask your druggist for
genuino "California Fig Syrup,"
which has directions for babies and
children of all ages printed on bot
tle. Mother! You must say "CALI
I FORNIA" or you may got an imita
tion fig syrup.-adv.
in order to make a uuocet'S. ?ifd If
at ilrst everything docs not go Just j
right-and lt will not, a?i there ls
bound to be some rough BUa?iug be
fore your organization i* el
do not become discouraged, pul just
work that much harder o-iid [>roflt
by past mistakes.
When l think of how rho ; -mer
is treated about buying his m pp I t?s
and in selling his product j ??ni re
minded of tho old story about tho
two negroes who worn Uah in ?j: o'ne
day. Ono of (.hem had boon to school
for a few days and tho ot hov id not
had that privilege; so at ter iii day's
catch had been piled Up on th bank;
John says to Sam, "Sam, \,\- ,". 30t
a better eddilicatlon than i i? o vou
divido tho fish." Sam was ? size
able to the proposition, sd h. !,'ot on
his knees and started rig;.! Hg in
tho sand, "Naught's a nan.- i and
Agger's a flgger, un' all do y her
fish belongs to dis nigger.'.' i'll tl is
about tho way tho farmer I >oen
treated heretofore, bu' tba:, nib ls
past, or at least it is p s sing Iglity
fast, because tho Carmor i-' ; egin
ning to roallze that lt l.i to t best
interest of himslf and ititi t'?. Hy to
do somo figuring for himself lien it
comes to dividing the ii-li, ad so
be ts not going to permit th ?liter
follow to do all his figuring : bim.
1 was very much lutero- sd in
tho editorial that appeared last
week's Courter and gb. ? .o that
Oconoo county is going aftei -tiers
for tho co-operative ir nli il ; lan
with a vim, and I hope a .trust
that every farmer in Ooo in will
sign up for it and push it Coi' ; is
worth-and not only (Ive loo
farmers, but tho Carmor) trer
tho State and United ! ;...'? .
I guess 1 had bettor britt: to
a close, as I am afraid now i on,
Mr. Kditor, havo gotten lit . it
and consigned it to the vvasti <et.
1 want to say, though, that ! ' for
Tho Keoweo Courlor each \ as
eagerly as 1 would for .? lei 'rom
borne, and I al Whys < nj?y ing
letters from tho farmers, au >? the
editor seems to be good nc rod, I
would like to urge moro of i mi
ers and others to writ" tin- i iews
and givo any, news they may ve.
Very truly, A. F. 'I'at y.
Every packago of
con till ns .li re >n > ;
m UTI T ,i.iv o
dress es, iki ri
irigfi, Hv/eatei
hangings, ov?
im\ t^i d> od
Dyes"-no other kimi
homo dyeing ls sure,
mond Dyes" aro gua
spot, fade, streak, or
druggist whether the
wish to dyo ls wool c
thor it is linen, coi
' >AT.
Dian bli ' ?yes''
m i so ?um?. . ... WO'
' int ber wo,??, ebal by
.v.tiat;'.. coWffi, stock
. overing -, draperies,
lt lng, a . f n If ?be li as
... .nond
then porteot
. o .usc Dl?
d not to
. u, Tell your
in iorlul yo>t
Ik, or whe
.? mixed
Local Notes from Ric
Walhalla, Route 2
Special: The Picket
closed a most suecos
closing having been c
Friday, tho 2-lth, wit
picnic There wore qi
ont, and all report a i
Harold Hubbard, \\
the hospital in Atlant
to his homo itero,
friends aro Riad to
them again.
Miss Sybil Chaml
boon teaching school
turned to ber home at
J. P. Voil rn th and
mers are spending thi
man, Nr. C.
Miss f? la dys Alexr
attending tho Walhall
spent tho wcok-end v
Miss M. F. Smith,
teaching tho primar;
has returned to Walli
her studios at tho Nt
Mrs. W. F. Orr was
of her sister, Mrs. R
of Walhalla.
Tho surprise party
of Mr. and Mrs. A. A
Thursday night was
goodly number.
il? ,0.
hool has
! torin, the
lied last
few ?tres
been in
n . trued
tis many
vit li
who has
ha? ro
II -ny.
liam Ohal
?'c at Ros
who is
<h School,
ho nefolks
i bas been
ides boro,
i to resume
o cut '-'.uest
tn el g rove,
ho borne
hibbard last
? yod by a
fbe Quinine That Doss No "Met thv? Head
Decnuae of ita tonic and lax
Quinine and doc* not cntis
ri'i^liiR In head. Rcinembci
'...ole for ?lie Blffimturc of li
. ; if cet. r.AXA
.hun . inn ry
.. \ nunnes' nor
'.ill na me and
G KO VB, 30c.
Hoy Dickerson, Des . rad?i Held,
Sealo, Ala., March i
ble-locked, hoavlly g
cell" of tho Russell c
sits Roy Dickerson, n<
and tho now positively
ber of tho Phoenix-C
Girard, which took pl
Dickerson was bro
night by Shorlff Ragli
ingham, whero ho w
connection with an a;
in Now Orleans. C. L
ident of tho Girard Bi
J. S. Williams accoinj
The bandit will pro
on trial next Monday
circuit court.
hi the dou
dud "ii ea th
. Jail hore
. i temperado,
liflod rob
rd Rank at
m !-?:?O.
t hore last
?1 dom iiirm
(irrcsted ia
i burglary
lulllns, pros
I; and .iadgo
.itod them,
ibly be placed
irning in the
Wa? Christian Woman and Devoted
Member of Church-d?ocal Notes.
South Union, March 29.-Special:
Mrs. W. L. Thomas, ^Miases Georgia
and Dor lio Thomas, Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Farr were in Anderson one day
last week shopping.
W. Wi West entertained his Illit
eracy class and a number of his other
friends last Saturday night, and a
most enjoyable time was had.
Mr. and Mrs. Bethel Thomas, Mr.
and Mrs. Melton Mauldin, ot Lavo
nia, Ga., vlsltod relatives and friends
hero Sunday.
Mrs. J. W. Allon and Miss Birdie
Harris were spond-lho-day guests of
Mrs. George Harris at Fair 'Play one
day inst week.
G. W. Shirley and family, of Sen
eca, woro recont guests of Mr. and
Mrs. W. L. Thomas.
Misses Mamie Hutto and Norma
Lommons attended tho Singing at
Oak way Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Clyde Allen has returned to
her homo hore, after a visit to her
mother In Anderson county.
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan McJunkin,
of Toccoa, Ga., wero visitor. In tho
homo of D. P. Tate recently.
Miss Veda Findley had as her
guests tho past week-end Misses Ver
non and Owen, of Westminster,
Mrs. Lillie Han by, of Anderson, is
on a visit to ber parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Do wis.
Tho friends of Mrs. IO. 13. Rich
ardson will be glad to lei rn that she
is improving, after a protracted ill
Miss Flora Callahan! spent the
past week-end with her parents here.
The public will be glad to learn
that the ferry boat is again in oper
ation at the McJunkin Ferry (She
lor's Kerry.)
Our community was deeply griev
ed on last Sunday morning when lt
was learned that Mrs. Charlie
Broom was dead. Mrs. Broom had
been in ill health for some time, hut
tho immediate cause of h or death
was pneumonia. She was a member
of thc Baptist church and a Chris
tian lady. She leaves her husband
and several children, together with
a host of relatives and friends, to
mourn her death. Uer remains were
leid to rest in the South 'Union bury
ing ground Sunday afternoon. There
r : mar" who will loin with us In
j i .tending lt >'io bereaved t nos elli
j ' e sympathy In their sorrow.
! Ur. and Mrs. D', lt. MciGulro ara
. ' ertaining new baby girl ?<? ? : i - -1 ?
homo here.
Proprietor of Maryland Hotel is a
"Powerful" Wood Chopper.
(Centerville, Md., Observer.)
Whisper it gently, for It will he
real news to the majority of his
friends and acquaintances that Mine
Host D. M. Alexander, genial pro
prietor of Heidi Alexander, of Cen
I treville, ls a "pow'ful" wood cutter.
Those who have viewed, with min
gled admiration and ouvy, tho court
i ly and polished demeanor of this 1m
. maculate gentleman at tho desk of
I bis popular hotel, probably never
! oven dreamed that beneath tho ex
terior of a diplomatic gentleman of
business there throbbed thc heart of
a genuine wood-chopper. And, hut
for an unusual circumstance, tho
world novor have known how well
j Mino Host Alexander could swing
I his trusty axe.
On Thursday tho county commis
sioners placed several men at work
i trimming tho trees In the court
house square the work required
that ono of tho trees, wrecked by a
recent storm, bo cut down. Mr. Al
enxader viewed tho operation from
his nearby hostelry. Probably there
Hashed through his mind visions of
those boyhood days In tho dear old
"So'th Caraliner," when he totod a
nasty axe and cut wood by the cord.
Anyhow, to make n long story short,
he solicited tho use of ono of tho
Quiet pedestrians were startled by
the fusillade of blows that were
rained upon tho treo's trunk. Thoy
looked, and Mr. Alexander was per
forming moro gymnastics with that
axe than a monkey could have exe
cuted on 100 feet of grape vine. For
almost two full minutes tho chips
flew Uko chaff from a threshing ma
chine. Mr. Alexander continued un
til ho saw tho other choppors turn
ing green with envy, and after 120
j sconds of arduous toll ho reluctantly
1 surrendered tho axe.
There Is no doubt but. that ho is
a "powerful" wood choppor. His
frlonds simply didn't know lt. And
that's that.
Tho number, of women who have
written autobiographies Is oxtromely
In tho recent examination al the
Paris Unlvorsity, women have won
moro litorary honors and prizes than
"Purina" Made t?
TTQUAL In laying ability.
right was fed a comme
tho other was fed Purina C
Purina Hen Chow. Grains
for yolks, but far too little i
can't lay yolks only, grain-fe
Purina Poultry Chows
form a complete radon, contain
ing material for on equal number
of whites and yolks. They get
tho most out of your hens, and
More-Eggs Guar anteo
You getyour mohoy back If Purina
Chicken Chowdor and Purina Hon
Chow, fed as diroctod, don't pro
duces uioro eggs than any other
T?tion. Why should you put off
a trial when v/o tako tho risk?
. Delivered promptly by
C. W. <SL J. E.
?K . r "f.J WALHAL
Card of Thanks.
Editor Koo woo Courier:
Wo wish to extend, through tho
columns of your paper, our sincere
thanks to our friends and neighbors
In our neighborhood and elsewhere, !
for showing so much sympathy, love '
and kindness to us during tho sick- ;
noss, death and burial of our darling .
granddaughter, Beatrice Phillips, j
and to those wo express our deepest
appreciation of their kindness in
lending a helping hand. May God's
richest blessings rest upon oach and
every ono is our earnest prayer.
M. L. Phillips and Family.
Mountain Rest, March 2G, 1922.
Lost His Nanto and Head at Once.
P?\rl3, March SOv-'Ilpnrt Delire
i iMuiru, guillotined on Feb. 28 ?>rj
the murdo) of ten A dmen md a boy, .
lost lila name when ho loni hts. head. ?
Tho man who astounded those who
watched his trial by his remarkable
desire for publicity is hurled in an
unmarked grave, where his daughter
and two sons havo been authorized,
at their request, to place a small
cross marked only "Henri Desire."
Tho children also have asked author
ity to chango their names to Rainy.
Prepared for B
DO YOU know that thous
suffer at child-birth? P(
many others that this should a
Let Mrs. Mattie Paul, of Ocllla, Go.,
tell you. She is one of thousands who
has demonstrated this fact:
"As I am a young mother of one
baby, I am writing for free booklet
to 'expectant mothers.' I used only
two bottles of Mother's Friend be
fore I was confined and had a quick
and easy time through labor. I can
recommend Mother's Friend to all
expectant mothers. I will never go
through pregnancy without it."
You, too, can have this booklet
for expectant mothers by sending
coupon below.
WARNING : Avoid using ph
they act only on the skin and mc
Usod by Expectant Mothers
for Three Generations
ie Difference!
But tho hon on the
m grain ration while
ihicken Chowder and
have lots of material
For whites. Aa they,
d hens lay fewer eggs.
. Checkerboard Bago
six Prisoners Escape, Two Hetaken.
.Florence, March 22.-Six members
of the city chalngang made tlieir es
capo this afternoon when Uamby
Harris, a convict, held tho guard at
bay at tho point of a pistol. Harris
had taken the guard by surprise and
disarmed him. Two of tho convicts
havo been recaptured. Ono decided
not to run and gave himself up. The
gang was working on tho outskirts
of tho city when tho negroes made
tho break for liberty.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
stops tho Cough and Headache and works off th?
Cola. E. Vf, CPOVF'S flUPntvro on each box. 30c
Asylum immure? liuitj?&t Himself,
(.'"lu rl 'n. March - - .? "George
Asho, member of a prominent fam
ily of York, committed suicide by
hanging himself at the Stato Hospital
for the Insane here to-day, whore ho
v/as a patient. Ho used his bolt and
a sash cord and suspended these from
the heat pipes against the ceiling. Ho
had thrco times before tried to end
his lifo.
~? ?-'..iii.i>-".'.y
>.->vI..>.?-.?. ?. ?.??./ .
.J\. \.''. ? .. .
?ands of women never reilly
?rhaps you have thought v.ith
lways be the case. But how?
It goes into thc features of maternity
and gives, in a plain, interesting manner,
information about what the mother
needs in clothing before baby is born;
what clothing will be necessary ?br the
baby; an interesting table on to the
probable date of delivery; simple but
necessary and helpful rules of hygiene to
follow, and much other worth-while infor
mation. This little booklet also tells
about Mother's Friend nnd the wonderful
good it is doing for expectant mothers.
Don't let. false modesty keep you from
performing this duty to yourself-your
family-and your baby.
Send for your copy NOW.
tin otis, greases and Substitutes
ry cause harm without doing good.
Dept. 20, Atlanta, Qa.
Please tend me without coat a copy of your
booklet on MOTHERHOOD and Tho BABY.
8t., R. P. D.,

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