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(Established 181U.)
Published Every Wednesday Morning
suitscititTiOK PHICE.
Ono VOJir .$t.oo
Six Months.55
Throe Months.SO
Advertising I tatos Itensonnble.
lly Stuck, Sholor, Hughs & Sholor.
Communications or a personal j
character charged for as advertise
Obituary notices, cards of thanks
and tributes of respect, either by
Individuals, lodges or churches, are
charged for as for advertisements at ;
rate of one cent a word. Cash must
accompany manuscript, and all such 1
notices will be marked "Adv." lu
conformity with Federal ruling on
SUCll matters.
WA MIA I,DA, s. C.
WU UNES DAY, AI'HIIJ .*",. 1022.
An Appeal <<> the Public Schools and
i<> Citizens for Conlribilltoiis
Clemson Collego, April :;. 1922. h
Editor Keoweo Courier: M
The schools and colleges ara call
ed upon to assis, iii raising Sont!'.
Carolina's Quota of $30,000 to iii"
Woodrow Wilson Foundation. The
appeal should be part'cu?arl/ strong
to tho school girls and bo. s of this
Stale, because Mr. Wilson spent a
purl of bis school days in South Car
olina. lt ls HOI tho amount contrib
uted which collins .-.ii inuch as tho
number of individu?is who show 1 -
teres) by giving evon sm;:ll amounis.
If tho nverago contribution from Ibo
school children of tho Stale were us
mueh as ton cents, their obligation
\ ould be fully met.
ll is proposed to raise one million
dollars as a permanent foundation.
With the income from this foumla-j
lion awards will bo made io Individ-j
Hals and groups who have rendered
distinguished service "to Democracy,
public welfare, liberal thought, or
peuce through justice."
i ! o vernor Cooper is the chairman
ol (lie foundation in South Carolina,
and writes nie thus in regard to it:
"lt seems to me the purpose of
this foundation ought to appeal to
very person who believes in peace
through Justice, My this means it
is hoped thal wo may keep con
stantly before iii" American pub
lic thc ideals for which Mr. Wilson <
stood during tho greatest, cris i. of i
(he world's history. !t giv? s an
opporl uniiy to every individa.il to
contribute some amount, ami to
thereby become a charier member
of this foundation."
The stale Supcrintendon! of Billi
onth u, J. E. Swearingon, to whom
the school system of South Carolina
is everlastingly Indebted, sends this
"Tho Woodrow Wilson Founda
tion is worthy of the cordial sup
port am) co-operation of all South
erners and Southern Democrats.
Public school teachers and pupils
can very properly take an active
Interest in the campaign for funds.
South Carolina cannot afford to
omi! her part of '-he work or her
contribution to Its success."
Bach school should organize a
committee to collect money and send |
it, together with tho names of Ibo!
subscribers, to Gen. Wilie Jones,
Palmetto National Hank Building,
Columbia, S. C. (?en. Jones is tho
treasurer of tUo fund for South Car
olina. Tho national committee will
send to each subscriber a certificate
or some other formal acknowledg
ment constituting* tho subscriber i.
c'narter ulembor in the foundation.
I cannot address an Individual let
ter lo each school in South Carolina.
.1 trusi thal this published appeal
will bo sufficient. I nm sure that
this effort to honor a man so well
known in South Carolina, and so
WOll loved, needs only to be men
tioned to get a prompt and generous
I hope that, every school teacher
who reads this notice will tako tho
initiative in organizing the work and
carrying it lo successful completion
within the n <xt ten days.
Send tho money and list of sub-,
?crib?is to Cien. Jones in Columbia -
not to me.
Very sincerely yours,
\V. M. Higgs,
President Clemson College. Chair
man Bdlicntionn] Section in South
Carolina, Woodrow Wilson Foun
Financial aid lo tho lews of Po
land ls assured by an American or
ganization With ;? I .oui).nun capital.
Quicksilver is an essential compo
nent in tho manufacture of muni
1 ions.
russet! Away in Chicago Hospital
Within Few Seconds Each Other.
Chicago, March 30.--Josefa and
Ro3u Blnzok, tho "Siamese Twins,"'
died at a hospital hero this morning.
Josepfa's death occurred first and
was followed in a few seconds hy the
death of hor sister. Physicians had
declared carly in the night that In
t'.io event of the death of ono of tho
sisters tho other would die quickly,
as their brother, Frank Blnzek, had
refused to permit an operation which
would sever their bodies.
The twins had boen In tho hospital
ten days. Josefa was ill with yellow
jaundice, and that was followed by
pneumonia. Shortly before her death
Rosa was alllicted with bronchitis.
Preparations had been made for the
severing operation, and tho physi
cians wore ready to make ever)' ef
fort to save the life of at least ono of
the women.
Hope of saving the life of Josefa
was abandoned at midnight, accord
ing to Dr. H. H. Breakstone, chief of
the surgical staff at the hospital.
"I tried to get the consent of tho
brother to operate to save the Ufa of
Rosa, bul be refused to give his per
mission." added the physician. Dr.
Breakstone explained that a delicate
operation would have been neces
sary. Before their dcuh he.had ex
pressed tho opinion that the physio
logical a Ul ll i ty of lh>; twins was so
vital that it one should die the other
might also succomb before the band
of flesh and bone that joined them
could be severed.
Although the twins possessed sep
arate respiratory and cardiac sys
tems, Dr. Breukston explained that !
they bad only one s, i of secondary
digestivo ami procreative organs
Tho operation, ho said, would have!
i<ecessilatod tho building up of al
part of tho digestive and oilier essen
tial organs to save the lifo of one
Rosa was once married, her name
being Rosa Blazek Dvorak. She ls j
survived hy a normal 1 I -year-old
boy. Uer husband was a captain in
the German army and was killed in
action in 1017. She was married fif
teen years ago. Josefa never mar
ried. The little son, Franz, has been
at the bedside of bis mother, who, j
until within the last few hours, was
less critically 111 than Josefa. The
twins wore tho second offspring of
a normal parentage In Czecho-Slo
vakia 42 years ago. ' There were four
other children, all normal, and all
still living. The falber is also said
to be alive, his ago being Sf> years, i
The mother died a year ago at the j
ago of 65 years.
Thu twins reached the United
.Slates in February. 1U21, and start
ed on a show (our.
They were born ll years ago In
Prague, Czecho Slovakia. For (he I
last twenty years they have toured \
the theatres of Europe.
Both were moderately wealthy,
good looking and well educated.
Each twin was fully developed and
free from deformity, save for tho
narrow flesh strip that joined them
at tho hip.
They enjoyed theatres, dinner par
ties and other amusements just ai
normal people do; but where one
wont tho other had to go also. When
they differed in taste they settled the
matter hy the flip of a coln.
Tlic two had gout to leading sur
geons on both continents, hut al
ways had been h>.iv ad against, an
operation to separato them. Doctors
told them that such an operation un
doubtedly would result in the death
of at least one of them.
Twins of this kind are called Si
amese twins because of the famous
case of Fag and Chang, Chinese,who
were born in Siam with their bodlc'j
Joined. They were born In 1811 and
died in 1874.
"Many Siamese twins have been
born, but they seldom live to reach
maturity," said one of thc hospita!
physicians treating Josefa.
During a tour of the world the
twins acquired considerable weall h.
They died without making a will, al
though their attorney. J. E. Triska,
visited at the hospital several times
in tho hope that they would be in
condition to dictate tho document.
As tho women grew weaker lau I
night physicians pleaded with the
brother to permit an operation, tho
hospital attendants stated. He was
the only adult relative capable under
(lie Illinois law of giving lils con
son t.
"No," the brother was quoted as
having said. "No not even if Rosa
li vi's for hours after Josefa's death.
There shall be no operation."
Dr. J. Otragovok, personal phys!
chin Of Ibo twins, appealed to th
brother without success. Their ftl
tornoy was asked IO intervene, but
he declined IO assume the responsl
bility. Two hours past midnight Dr
Breakstone said there was no need oi
prolonging the argument with th*
"It is useless," ho said. "Tho con-1
ditlon ot ouch ls now tho same-tho ;
condition that forooasts certain
death. An operation now would do ,
no good.1'
During tho illness of tho twins, j
physicians said, tho women reacted
differently to tito same medicine, al
though their Illness recently had
been tho same. > |
Other Siamese Twins.
Medical records recalled by physi
cians who have been Interested In j
tho case disclose a number of so- ,
called Siamese twins. Tho original
Siamese twins. Eng and Chang, lived
to tho age of G I years. They mar- j
ried sisters and Chang had six chil-,
dren and Eng live, all of them nor--'
mal. Eng died Bret and a .surgeon
separated them. Chang died soon I
Twins that have attracted world
wide fame include tho Hindu sisters,
who were joined faco to face, tho
connection being at the Vmest; tho
Newport Twins, somewhat similar to !
Hie Hindu twins; tho Orlssa'slsters,
Rudd lea and Doddicn, joined sile lo
side: tho Hlddenden maids, connect
ed shoulder to shoulder, with only '
two arms; tho Hungarian sisters, ?
Helen and Judith, joined back lol
back ai tho lower segment ol' thc
spine, and the North Carolina sis-;
tors, Millie and Christine, joined as
were the Hungarian sistors; and the
Bohemian twins. Roselia and Josefa,
connected in tho same manner as
wore the two sisters who have just j
died. Their connection was through
the pelvis, the right hip of one and '.
Hie left of the other being fused to-,
?I* "I* 'I- .I? 4? *i- .!? ?I? -h 4? ?I? 4?
* * * * * * * * * * * * ?fr *
Walhalla High School.
Following is the honor roll ?ii the !
Walhalla High School for tho sew
t nth m on t'a:
bMrsi Hrado - Helen Aull, Perry
Second Gr .o---Henrietta Brandt.
Sophie Melhurg, Edith Rogers. Linda
Rhodes, Frances Schumacher, Alof
Speares, Ola Saddler. *
Third Grade - Elizabeth Alexan
der, Mabel Aull, Annie Saddler,
Kathryn .Macaulay, Julian Humph
ries, Wade Milam, Walter Moss.
Fourth tirade - Margaret Aull,
Evangeline Barker, Emily Carter,
Thelma Ingrain. Norton Dendy,
Crayton Walker, Ella Frady, Bertie
Hughs, Estelle McCall, Bert .Watkins
Fifth Grade-None.
Sixth Grade-Dorothy Brown, Lil
lian Fant, Josephine Klaren, Loo
Hunt. Maud Simms, Edith Speares,
I Frances Watson, David Horsey. Ko
rie Earp, George Jeno?, Joseph Wal
I ker.
Seventh G-rr.de - .'ara Aull, V?r.o
Kur.t. George) Ansel.
Eighth Grade-Emma Dendy.
Ninth Crude - . ?'an.line D;.n.v,
Ethel Hunt, Anna Probst.
Tenth Grade- Ell/.?beth 'rhode.
Eleventh Grade- -None.
Rub It In for
Colds in the Chest,
Sore Throat? Grippe and
Infl&mmatioo o? Any Kind
The pure oils in Mexican Mustang Llnh
ment soothe instantly, penetrate quickly
and reduce swelling of Blands. Mustang
Is particularly effective in treating Croup,
Diphtheria, Rheumatism, Lumbago, Frost?
bites, Cuts, Burns, Piles-all ailments that
can possibly be reached by an external
C?^4Xv*VffiPU?jLn5 no alcohol-DOES
NOT SMART OR STING. 73 years'suc
cess. No home 6hould be without it.
Doctora Prescribo It- Read Thia
Dr. J. C. Compton, Ratliff, M?99., writes:
I have prescribed your Mexican Mustang
Liniment forbore throat,Chilblains, etc.,
and the results were entirely satisfactory.
I think very highly of it." 4
Till* luirTl^V011'""?" ''ut .n'l-T.ke-'TODDLH
Sold by Drug and General Stores
"Th* Good Old Standby Sine* 184Q "
Amputates R.v own Arin.
Sea tile, Wash.
\,? 11 a Unduei
ann a ! lier hom
a sub il li, to-di V,
rch L"J.- Mrs.
titou hoi' own
Iii hni?nd Beach,
uso," sbo told
ht i ! ti yo i -ol - H liter, "a spirit
i . ... .?i.ci i. . .." ."he was
i ii ki II ?o hosp: . : =?i a ci ;Kc/i >h?
dillon. The i'auf.l r was ;.'.. o taken
to tlie hospiti 1 ii taring from shock.
Got Prof orono? Under Civil Sorvico |
Commission's Huting.
Washington, March 27.-Widows
of honorably discharged soldiers and
sailors and marines who sorvod in
tho World War, and wives of Injured
soldiers, sailors and marines of that
war who themselves aro not physi
cally qualified to hold positions in
tho civil service, but whoso wives are
qualified, will be given tho santo
preference In examinations for post
masterships at first, second and third
class poslolllces that is given to the
men themselves under tho Civil Ser
vice Commission's interpretation of
tho executive order of Oct. l i, 1921,
lt is said in a statotnent issued hy
the commission to-day.
In other words, tho commission
Btates, under its Interpretation it will
apply tho executive order to tho same
classes of World War veterans, their
widows and wives, that ls provided
for positions In tho classified civil
servico bv the veteran preference act
of July ll, 1921.
Postmasterships at offices of the
first, second and third classes are not
classified under the civil service law,
although filled through competitivo
examination under executive order,
?un? such military preference as is
allowed in examinations tor such of
fices is also provided by executivo
Piles Cured In 6 to 14 Days
Drudglsts refund money if PAZO OINTMENT rails
fi cure hobin;! l>ii>x", r>I<;;ctin>4 or rVtrudlna Tiles.
Instantly relieves Itching Pile?, mit YOU cnn t!?t
reclUt woep ?'-n . ... tr-1) ...*.?.:.. Frico b
A Tributo of Dove.
On Sunday. .Feb. 26th, 1922, Cod
called Myrtle Littleton from our stu
dent family to come home.
Myrtlo was a volunteer, living a
Ufo of deepest consecration, and a
spiritual power in our school. Her
Influence will live on in the hearts of
her friends and those who loved her
A life so pure and consecrated.
'Ever ready to do her Master's will,
Dut Ile had a higher place above
Which she alone could fill.
Duty an* service were uer watch
words ;
Naught could influence her from
May that same zeal and courage
Inspiro us to push forward the
in Heaven, where all is peaco and
We have another treasure now;
Then, too, Christ gives us of that
When to His will we humbly bow.
Sometime.', we plan life's work for
tho future
Surely none could be nobler or
sweeter than hers!
Cod, also, has a plan for each of
"His own,"
And hers, through others, will live
in coming years.
-Ivong Creek Baptist Academy.
Mountain Rest, S. C.
Next Doso May Salivate, Shock Liver
or Attack Your Hones.
You know what calomel is. lt's
mercury!-quicksilver, Calomel ls
dangerous, lt crashes Into sour bile
like dynamite, cramping and sicken
ing you. Calomel attacks tho bones
and should never be put into your
If you leel bilious, headachy, con
stipated and all knocked out, Just
go to your druggist and get a bottle
of Dodson's l iver Tone for a few
cents, which is a harmless vegetable
substitute for dangerous calomel.
Take a spoonful, and if it does not
start your liver and straighten you
up better and quicker than nasty
calomel, and without making you
sick, you Just go back and get your
Don't take calomel! H makes you
sick the next day; lt loses you a day's
work. Dodson's Elver Tone straight
ens you right up and you feel great.
Xo salts necessary. Givo it. to tho
children because it is perfectly harm
less and can not salivate.-adv.
Rainfall and Temperature.
Holow ls a record of meteorological
observations taken by H. w. Brandt)
co-operative observer of tho Weather
Hureau of tho U. S. Department of
Agriculture, during the week onding
March 20th, 1922, at 7 p. m. (The
Instrumental readings aro from gov
ernment standard instruments ex
posed in tho marmor recommended
by the chiof of tho Woathor Huroau):
Character of
Mar. 20-Ptly cldy.! .25; 561 12
Mar. 21-Clear .... ....M r>3l 28
Mrr. 22-Clear ....-; GO' 30
Mar. 2 3-Clear ... .1_ C5 28
Mar. 21- Clear ... .j_'' 7C 36
Mar. 2.">-Clear "..j.... 70' 38
Mar. 26-Cloudy..) .02 07 48
Total rainfall ... : . 27',.... |... .
Habitual Constipation Cured
lu 14 to 21 Days
! "LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially
? prepared SyrupTonlc-Laxattve for Habitual
' Constipation. It relieves promptly hut
should he taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
lo induce regular action. It Stimulates ami
Requintes. Very Pleasant to Tnkc. 60c
tx r bottle.
Architecture began, lt is said, with
I he building of the pyramids.
Ono of tho largost storage bous?
and moving van concor . in New
York city is managed by a woman.
Here's you
Progressive Farme
$1.00 year,
The Keowee Oourie
$1.00 year,
Eith?r paper well v
Price of Both C
P "For years we have used I
Ra and I have never found any i
place," writes Mr. H. A. Stacy, <
g$ cy, who is a Rutherford Count,
Draught as a medicine that she
?fi hold for use in the prompt treati
?*?] vent them from developing into
"It touches the liver and
declared. "It is one of the be
cold and headache. 1 don't ki:
family if it wasn't for Black-Dn
dollars ... I don't see how ar,
out it I know it is a reliable ai
in "the house. ' 1 recommend E
never without it."
At all druggists.
Accept No
Kural Carriel' Examination at Sonoca j 1
The I'nited Slates Civil Service ' I
Examination has announced an ex-? '
animation to be bold al Seneca on i 1
May 13th, 1022, to lill the position j 1
of rural carrier at Mountain Rest ? ,
and vacancies (bat may later occur I
on rural routes from that poslolllec. |
Tito salary of a rural carrier on a
standard daily wagon route of 24:
miles is $1,800 per annum, with an1',
additional $:?0 per mile per annum j
for each mile or major fraction
thereof in excess of 2 4 miles. Tho
salary on motor routes ranges from
$2,4f>0 to $2,GOO per annum, accord
ing to length. Separate examinations
for motor routes and wagon routes j j
are no longer held. Tho examination |
will bo open only to citizens who are . |
actually domiciled In the territory of I
the postofflce where the vacancy ex- J,
ists, and who meet tho other require
ments sot forth in Form 1077. Doth
mon and women, if qualified, may
enter this examination, bul appoint
ing officers have tho right to specify
tile sex desired in requesting certifi
cation of eligibles. Women will not
bo considered for rural carrier ap
pointment unless wives of U. S. sol
diers, sailors or marines . who are
physically disqualified for'examina-1
tion by reason of injuries received in
the line of military duty. Form 1077
and application blanks may be
obtained from tho ofllees mentioned
above or from tho Uni fed States Civil
Service Commission at Washington.
D. C. Applications should be for
warded to the commission at Wash
ington, I). C., at tho earliest practi
cable date.
Tho Stato of South Carolina,
County of Oconce.
J, D. Slonecyphor, Mrs. Effie Harriss,
Mrs. Meta Allen, Mrs. Mattie
brown, S. li. B?rrigs, Mrs. Mando
Powell, Plaintiffs,
J. B. Mc.Tunkin, Mrs. Jane Cleveland,
Mrs. Pauline McJunkln, Pendleton
Barton, John Barton, Margaret
Barton, Mrs. Blancho McJunkln,
.lohn McJunkln, Morgan "H. Mc
Junkln, Clifford Shearer, Mrs.Kalo
(Benn, Mrs. Ellie Snipes, Wa rd law
Shearer, William Wells, David
Shearer, Hal Shearer and Ottie
Burriss, Defendants,
To the Defendants above na mod:
You, and each of you, aro hereby
t summoned and required lo answei
tho Complaint in thin action, which
j is on filo in tho office of tho Clerk
; of Court in and for Oconoo County,
j South Carolina, and lo servo a copy
of your answer to tho said Complaint
on the subscriber, at his office, at
Walhalla, S. C., within twenty days
after tho service hereof, exclusivo of
??* Chance
For 12 Months
vorth Combination
>rder yours now.
Slack-Draught in our family,
nedicine that could take its
of Brady ville, Tenn. Mr. Sta
ir farmer, recommends Black
mid be kept in every house
inent of many little ills to pre
serious troubles.
does me work," Mr. Stacy ||
st medicines I ever saw for a ni
low what we would do in our
lught. It has saved us many
ly family can hardly go with- i?3
id splendid medicine to keep Q
Hack-Draught highly and am Q
1.81 gg>
he day of such service; and if you
'ail to answer Lhe Compinia! within
lu; limo aforesaid, tho Plaintiffs in
.his action will apply to the Court,
'or thc rt lief demanded in (lie Com
Dlaint. J. R. EARLS,
Plain it Ifs' Attorney.
W. J. SCHRODER, (Seal.)
C. C. P. and G. S.
To tho above named John Hart?n mid
.Margaret Harton, Minors:
You will lake Notice: That unless
rou apply and have some person ap
pointed as Guardian ad Litern for
you in tho abovo onlitled action,
within twenty days after the service
hereof, exclusivo of the day of such
service, the Plaintiffs will apply and
have some suitable person appointed.
Dated Walhalla, S. C., this 16th
:lay of February, A. 1"). 1922.
Plaintiffs' Attornoy.
March 15, 1922. 1 1-14
ty ?J? ?J? ?J? ?|? ?J? ?J. ?J? ?J. ?J. ?J. ?J. ty ty
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
ty J. R. EARLE, ty
ty9 Attorney-nt-Law, ty
ty WALHALLA, S. C. .j.
ty State & Federal Court Pracitce. ty
ty FARM IiOANS. ' ty
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
ty ty
ty * E. L. ll ERNDON, ty
ty Attorney-at-Law, ty
ty Phone No. (il, Walhalla, S. C.ty
ty ty
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
ty J. P. Carey, J. W. Sliolor, ty
ty Plckens, S. C. W. C. Hughs, ty
ty Attorneys and Counsellors, ty
ty WALHALLA, S. C. ty
ty State & Federal Court Pracitce. ?J?
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ?J ?J. ?J. ?|?
.!. *
ty W. D. WHITE, ty
ty LAWYER, ty
ty . WALHALLA, S. C. ty
ty ty
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
Austin Bldg. - Seneca, S. C.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
and Metal Shingles.
B AN ?U (Soon*
Walhalla, S. C.

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